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Reviewed: 01/28/03 | Updated: 01/28/03

A great game... But for how long?

When I first played this game I was at my friends house I loved the game! i knew i had to have it so a week later I bought it. I thought the graphics sounds and everything else were outstanding I played it non stop through that weekend. When i finished it i was greatly disappointed not because of the game but because only 5 hours had passed. But before you make your decision read this careully

In this game there is a guy named Josh Callway (at least that’s how I think it is spelled) his girlfriend Elliel (last name is unknown to me) has had her soul fused with a strange metal called orichulum to create a powerful weapon called a legacy they created seven legacys with her (one is a secret to get) and one more. You start ouy with the sword and the rod. All of this evil doing was by an evil organization called wisdom who wants to rule the world the head of wisdom is a person called Agla who turns out to be the brains behind this idea. He got the idea from the antlantians who created legacys but they destroyed them selves. That is a rundown of the plot. I give the plot a ten out of ten

Absolutely stunning graphics sometimes the is a bit of clipping but almost all games have stuff like that. Some times it is a bit too colorful and bright and sometimes the characters look like they were laminated but other than that they are good. There is also a trail of colour behind all the legacys. I give the graphics an eight out of ten

The music is great butit dosent fit the plot like in one point in the game you are being shot at while they are playing happy music but the sound is completely different the vioces are great and the ''Whaps'' ot your legacies hitting the other presons body sounds very realistic. The sound gets a seven out of ten

Fun Factor
Three words Legacys Equil Fun. fighting with them is so cool I cant get over it only one thing i didnt like the action Movies were a bit annoying theyare little cutscenes where you have to press a certain button to get past if you dont usually you get hurt and fall to the beginning of the room. i give the fun factor a nine out of ten.

Replay Value
There is none unless you want to get all the action movies extra games and the secret weapon that it the one major flay that brings its grade down also beating it again wont take you long the first time will take you about four hours and the second mabey three. i give the replay value a 5/10

Over all this is a good game but it wont take you long to beat so dont expect it to.

Rent or buy
A definite Rent.
i hope you liked my little review

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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