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    FAQ by Buddaysh

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        The result of severe boredom presents...
                            ______     ______       ______    ______________   _____________
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                           ¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
       |\  | |  | |       /¯¯¯¯¯/    /¯¯¯¯¯/     /¯¯¯¯¯/       /¯¯¯¯¯/             /¯¯¯¯¯/
       | \ | |¯¯| |      /     /____/     /     /     /       /     /             /     /
       |  \| |  | |___  /                /     /     /       /     /             /     /
                       /                /     /     /       /     /             /     /___
                      /      /¯¯¯¯/    /     /     /       /     /             /          \
                     /      /    /    /     /_____/       /_____/             |____________\
                     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯
                             _______    ______       ____       ______     _______
                            |_____  |  |      |     /    \     |      |   |_____  |
                                 |  |  ||¯¯¯¯||    ||¯¯¯¯||    ||¯¯¯¯||        |  |
                            |¯¯¯¯   |  ||    ||    | ¯¯¯¯ |    ||    ||   |¯¯¯¯   |
                            |  |¯¯¯¯   ||____||     \||||/     ||____||   |  |¯¯¯¯
                            |   ¯¯¯¯|  |______|      \__/      |______|   |   ¯¯¯¯|
                             ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                    /                                                                 \
                   |     Xbox  -   NHL Hitz 20-02   -   FAQ/Manual  -  Version 1.0     |
                   |     By R. K. Raja  -  DaRkLoRdXThree  -  darklordx3@aol.com       |
                     Welcome all to the first and most likely only FAQ for NHL Hitz 20=02.
                     The only NHL game out for the Xbox, it sometimes can get confusing
                     for someone not used to Sports games. This FAQ will get you on your
                     feet and shooting goals in no time. Thanks and enjoy this FAQ!
                                                                          -- R. K. Raja
                       0.     T  A  B  L  E   O  F   C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S
         0. Table of Contents
         1. The FAQ
            a- Introduction
            b- Version History
            c- Legal Issues
         2. The Instruction Manual
            a- Controls
            b- Saving Games
            c- Main Menu
            d- Custom Team
            e- Custom Player
            f- Options
            g- Pregame
            h- On the Ice
            i- Hitz Credits
            j- Hitz Points
            k- Substitutions, Statistics, and Trivia
         3. Secret Codes
         4. Hints
         5. Closing
            a- Credits
            b- Farewell
                                    1.     T  H  E   F  A  Q
     a- Introduction
    Hey, I know what you're thinking. Why would someone write a FAQ on a Sports game. I really
    can't answer this question ^_^. I borrowed this game from a friend, and I guess I liked it
    because I was playing it like I couldn't stop. I realized that there were no FAQs for this
    game, and I was bored, so I decided to write it. The bulk of this FAQ is basically the
    Instruction Manual, or what they call the "Training" Manual. It's meant mostly for those that
    rented the game or bought a used game that didn't come with the instruction manual. Either
    way, I hope you enjoy it. I took a lot of time with that ASCII art at the top, no matter
    how crappy you think it looks, I like it. Well, go on and enjoy this FAQ!
                                                                              -- R. K. Raja
     b- Version History
    Version 1.0 - January 25, 2002 - The first version of the FAQ. I doubt I will make any revisions
    to it but there is a possibility if I find something new and/or if I'm really bored.
     c- Legal Issues
    Yeah, I really don't think anyone would waste there time trying to steal it for some strange
    reason, but there are some weird wackos out there. Follow the rules and you'll be set for life.
    If you want to use my FAQ on your site or something, please e-mail me at darklordx3@aol.com
    and ask me first.
    Here are the current sites allowed to host my FAQ(s):
      © Copyright 2002  R. K. Raja. This FAQ and everything   included  within
      this  file  cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form  (physical,
      electronical, or otherwise) aside from being placed on  a freely-accessible,
      non-commercial web page in it's original, unedited and  unaltered  format.
      This FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes (even  if  no  money  would
      be  made  from  selling it) or promotional purposes.  It  cannot be used
      in any sort of commercial transaction without written consent. It cannot
      be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase as this
      creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.
      Furthermore,  this  FAQ  cannot  be  used by the publishers, editors,
      employees  or  associates,  etc.  of  any  company, group, business, or
      association,  etc.,  nor  can it be used by game sites and the like. It
      cannot  be  used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any other form
      of  printed  or  electronic  media  (including mediums not specifically
      mentioned)  in ANY way, shape, or form (including reprinting, reference
      or  inclusion),  without  the express written permission of the author,
      myself.  This  FAQ  was created and is owned by me, R. K. Raja. All
      copyrights  and  trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not
      specifically mentioned in this FAQ.
      This  FAQ  was  written for GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) only. I don't
      want  it to be put up on any other web site and am not above explaining
      this  to  your ad banner guys or whoever else I can get ahold of if you
      decide to violate this disclaimer.
      To  continue, this FAQ and everything included herein is protected by
      the  Berne  Copyright  Convention of 1976, not to mention International
      Copyright  Law. Remember that plagiarism is a crime, and that this is a
      copyrighted work--stealing from this guide is putting yourself at risk,
      plain  and  simple, because the law is on my side. If you would like to
      contribute  to  this  FAQ  (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as
      well as any questions, comments, or corrections, to the address below.
    Thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines.
               2.     T  H  E   I  N  S  T  R  U  C  T  I  O  N   M  A  N  U  A  L
     a- Controls
    These are the default controls for Hitz. They can be changed at the Options menu.
    Any buttons on the Xbox controller that are not mentioned are not used in the game.
    Left Thumbstick - Move Player
    A Button - Pass
    B Button - Guard Puck
    X Button - Shoot
    Y Button - Deke-Spin
    Right Trigger - Turbo (Hold)
    Start Button - Pause Game
    White Button - Crowd Cheers
    Black Button - Crowd Boos
    Left Thumbstick - Move Player
    A Button - Select Player
    B Button - Body Check
    X Button - Stick Check
    Y Button - Deke-Spin
    Right Trigger - Turbo (Hold)
    Start Button - Pause Game
    White Button - Crowd Cheers
    Black Button - Crowd Boos
    Advanced Controls:
    Fake Shot - Hold Shoot, then press Guard Puck
    Fake Shot, Pass - Hold down Shoot, then press Pass
    One-Timer - Press Pass, then Shoot
    Fake Shot, Pass, One-Timer - Hold down Shoot, then Pass, then Shoot
     b- Saving Games
    Xbox Hard Disk:
    NHL Hitz 20-02 lets you save accumulated data to the console's hard drive. This will
    come in handy when you want to save your game data.
    Each time you start NHL Hitz 20-02 on your Xbox, the game will read the Xbox hard disk
    and load your saved settings and saved teams. This saves you from having to go
    through the menus to adjust the settings to your liking each time you want to play
    the game.
    NHL Hitz 20-02 also lets you create teams and players, so you'll definitely want to save
    that information, especially if you've accumulated stats, as well as credits you'll
    use to make purchases in the Hockey Shop. (More info on these options later).
    Load Settings -
    Load any saved settings you have saved on your hard disk.
    Save Settings -
    With Autosave disabled, you can manually save your game settings, so you can access them the
    next time you play.
    Delete Team -
    If you have saved a Custom Team, you can delete it using this option.
    Delete User -
    There may be a time you need to make some space or delete a user name you no longer use.
    Delete unused user names with this option.
    Auto Saving -
    Use this option to automatically have NHL Hitz 20-02 save your data to the hard disk.
    Each time the game auto-saves your data, a prompt will be displayed, warning you
    not to interrupt the saving process. If you disable Autosave, you'll have to manually
    save your data using the Save Settings option.
     c- Main Menu
    This section will explain the six modes of gameplay on the main menu of the game.
    Play a quick game and win credits to spend in the hockey shop. You'll choose sides
    (Home or Away), then choose teams and players to take on the ice.
    Pick an NHL team, beat all the other NHL teams and take home the Stanley Cup.
    More than one player can play, so have your friends join your team
    and help you out.
    At the Join Championship Screen, move your controller into the Home or Away
    window, then press the A button to enter your name. Press the D-Pad Up, Down,
    Left, or Right to highlight a letter, then press the A button to select it.
    Repeat the process to type out the name of your choice. You'll then pick
    a team, and hit the ice.
    NHL Hitz 20-02 lets you use your created team of players to take on all of the
    NHL and Fantasy teams to win the coveted Midway Cup.
    If you've already created a team, you can select your team, jump on the ice
    and get the next scheduled game underway.
    To create a "New Team," go to the Customize Team Screen. (More info next section.)
    Yes, that's right! You haven't seen Skill games in any other Hockey videogame.
    Well, now you have. NHL Hitz 20-02 includes a handful of Skill games to challenge
    your friends and polish your skills.
    First, press the D-pad Left or Right to select a saved User (if one exists).
    Next, D-pad Up or Down to select a game you want to play. A brief description
    of each game is displayed in the window to the right. You start at Level 1,
    but once you win all the Skills games on Level 1, you'll move up a level. As
    you move up, the difficulty increases.
    Hockey Shop:
    When you play and win Exhibition or Championship games, you'll accumulate credits to
    use toward obtaining items at the Hockey Shop. You can accumulate credits by
    answering Trivia Questions correctly following each game (More info in later sections.)
    Your accumulated credits are displayed at the top of the screen.
    Highlight each category. then press the D-pad Left or Right to cycle items. The amount
    of credits needed for an item is displayed below as you cycle each item. Make sure you
    select Exit/Save to confirm any transactions and return to the Main Menu.
     d- Custom Team
    You'll have fun with this option. You can create your own team and even draft real
    NHL players. You can then use your team to win the Midway Cup, Stanley Cup, or play
    in Exhibition mode.
    To create your team, you'll need to use the following options:
    Name -
    Press the D-pad Up, Down, Left, or Right to highlight a letter, then press the A
    button to select it. Repeat the process to type out the name of your choice.
    Stadium -
    Press the D-pad Up or Down to select an Arena. If you've unlocked arenas
    in the Hockey Shop, those are also available.
    Logo -
    Press the D-pad Up or Down to select one of the available logos. Uniforms
    change, based on the logo you choose.
    Hot Spot -
    A Hot Spot is an area of the ice where your chances of scoring a goal increases.
    Press the D-pad Up, Down, Left, or Right to move the green circle to an area you'd
    like to use as a Hot Spot.
    Trade -
    If you have enough Attribute Points, this option allows you to select the players that
    will make up your team. You'll likely have to wait a while to trade for an NHL player
    until you've accumulated a good amount of Attribute Points, because NHL Players
    are quite expensive. When you're ready, you can chooce any NHL player. Go
    ahead and live it up by creating a powerful dream team of your own.
    Press the A button to select a player slot, then press the D-pad Left or Right
    to choose a team. Withing a team, you can choose your players. Press the D-pad
    Up or Down to highlight a player, then press the A button. Repeat this process
    to select the players you want.
     e- Custom Player
    You can view the attributes of the NHL players you've drafted or modify
    players you created. If you have an open roster spot ("New Player/Goalie"),
    you can create a new player using available Attribute Points.
    Attribute Points -
    Before you get started, you'll need to know just how to best use and acquire
    your Attribute Points. You're giving 60 Attribute Points to work with initially,
    but as you play and win games or answer Trivia Questions correctly, you'll be
    awarded more points to use toward strengthening your team.
    NOTE: Attribute Points are awarded in Franchise Mode Only.
    Customize Player:
    You can create your player using the following options:
    Body -
    When selected, body attributes are displayed. Press the D-pad Up or DOwn
    to highlight one of the several options, then press Left of Right
    to make adjustments. Press the A button when you're finished.
    Nickname -
    Press the D-pad Up or Down to select a nickname for your player. The play-by-play
    announcer will then use this name during the game.
    Attributes -
    This is the option you use to strengthen your player. Press the D-pad Up or Down
    to highlight one of the several options, then press Left or Right to decrease
    or add strength to an attribute. Numbers in the Red signify weak, yellow is fair,
    and green is strong. Make sure you pay attention to the Attribute Points you have
    remaining below. They diminish as you use them.
    Name -
    Give your player a name. Accumulated stats will be attributed to this name. Press
    the D-pad Up, Down, Left, or Right to highlight a letter, then press the A button
    to select it. Repeat the process to type out the name of your choice. Select DEL
    to back up and fix mistakes, then press END when you're finished.
    Number =
    Give your player a number. Press the D-pad Up, Down, Left, or Right to highlight
    a number, then press the A button to select it. Repeat the process to
    type out the number you want.
    Select Exit/Save to save the player and leave the menu.
     f- Options
    A big game like NHL Hitz 20-02 is bound to be deep in game options, so read below,
    then make some adjustments to your game settings. Make sure you select Exit/Save
    to keep any adjustments you make.
    Review the following Game Options:
    Skill Level -
    Select Rookie, Pro or All-Star, based on your skill level (easy, medium, and hard
    Game Speed -
    This option might take some experimentation on your part to get just right. If you're
    an experienced player, you can probably get away with speeding the game up
    considerably. Game intensity and CPU controlled players responsiveness will
    Fighting -
    Turn the game's fighting feature *On or Off. Default if On.
    Goalie Control -
    You can choose that each Human player takes control of a Goalie in posession of the
    puck by selecting *User, or you can choose CPU to let the computer control the
    goalie at all times.
    *default option
    To make adjustments to game sound, highlight a sound option, then press the D-pad
    Left or Right to decrease or increase the volume. You can adjust Sound Effects (FX),
    Menu Music, In Game Music, Crowd, and Commentator.
    Jukebox -
    Highlight this option and press the A button. The available music will be displayed.
    Highlight a type of music, then press the A button again. You can then press the
    D-pad Left or Right to turn a song On or Off.
    User Music -
    NHL Hitz lets you download your favorite songs into the Xbox for use when playing
    NHL Hitz. Select this option, then Consult your Xbox Technical Documentation for
    instructions on how to download music.
    Camera -
    Choose Ice, Side, or *Overhead camera angles.
    Zoom -
    Used in unison with the Camera option, this option lets you fine tune your camera
    angles by zooming in or our. Note: To get a preview as you adjust camera angles
    and zoom, try making adjustments from the Pause Menu.
    Auto Replay -
    You can let the CPU choose the replays during a game, or turn this feature Off to
    manually choose when to view a replay.
    Score Overlay -
    You can choose to *Show or Hide the Scoreboard during your game.
    Turbo Meters -
    *Show or Hide the Turbo Meteres during a game. You might want to add some mystery
    and play a game in which each opponent can't determine how much Turbo each
    player is using.
    Indicators -
    By default, players have colored circles that determine which human user is controlling
    which player. You can change the default indicator by selecting Player Name, Player
    Number, or User Name. The User Name option might be good when you have a large number
    of human controlled players.
    *default options
    Customize your controller the way you want. First press the D-pad Left or Right to select
    a saved User (if one exists). This will let you save a configuration to a specific user's
    saved setup.
    Next, highlight a control, then press the D-pad Left or Right again to make changes. Press
    the Y button to turn the Vibration feature On or Off. Repeat the process to make adjustments
    to other user controller configurations.
    Use the Records option to view saved statistics that have been accumulated over time.
     g- Pregame
    Choosing Sides:
    Prior to each game, you'll have to select whether you want to be the Away or Home team.
    Press the D-pad Left or Right to make your choice.
    The number of controllers connected to the game console are displayed between the Home
    and Away window. Each player must choose a side in order to play the game. Once
    all players have made their selection, the Choose Team Screen will be displayed.
    Choose Team:
    Once players have chosen a side, team selection is next. Press the D-pad Left or Right
    to highlight a team, then press the A button to make a selection. As you scroll through
    the teams, power ratings are displayed to help you decide which team you'd like to use.
    Note: Press the B button to select a random team.
    Select Players:
    Press the D-pad Left or Right to cycle through your team's available player, then press
    the Y button to select him. Be the same for the next two players you'll need to complete
    your three man team. Once the third man has been selected, you'll go to the Matchup
    Screen to enter any codes you want to use.
    Note: Press the Y button to "lock" a player. This will enable you to only control that
    "locked" player throughout the game.
     h- On The Ice
    Pause Options Menu:
    At anytime during the game, press the Start button to pause the game and display the
    Pause Menu. It contains the standard game options to make adjustments to your
    current game.
    Options displayed in grey are not available during a game.
    The Face-Off -
    Possession is everything, so you'll want to win as many face-offs as possible. As
    you're face-to-face with your opponent, press the A button, X button, or the B button.
    They will each do something different during the face-off. Whether you win or lose
    is based on the button your opponent selects.
    Basically, the A button beats the B button, the B button beats the X button and the
    X button beats the A button. If you both press the same button, the winner is
    determined by who pressed the button first. Simple enough?
    Passing -
    No brainer, huh? Well, you'll find out that every pass doesn't find its destination.
    Look for open lanes to avoid having the puck stolen.
    Checking -
    If you don't have the puck, a nice hard Check could do the trick. Press the X button for
    a Stick Check or the B button for a nice Body Check.
    The One-Timer -
    When executed correctly, this is quite possible the most difficult shot for NHL goalies to
    stop. With a teammate open and rushing (or near) the net, press the Pass buttot, the n
    quickly press the Shoot button to execute a one-timer. You can perform this shot from
    anywhere on the ice but shooting closer to the net will give you a better chance to
    Blocking Shots -
    Take one for the team! Lay down or block an incoming shot by pressing the X button
    when a player is shooting a puck toward your net of passing.
    Fighting -
    It's part of the game! Yes, not everyone likes to see it, but we sure do! Every once in a
    while, you'll find yourself squaring off against an opponent. Controls quickly flash on-screen
    before the first starts to refresh your memory. They may not be long enough for you, so
    we'll list the controls here:
             Light Punch........A Button
             Grab...............B Button
             Heavy Punch........X Button
             Block..............Y Button
             Dodge..............D-pad Left or Right
    Remember, if your player loses a fight, he's out for the rest of the game.
    On Fire -
    Success has it's rewards. When you catch fire, all your attributes will increase
    slightly, so your success rate for scoring goals will also increase. You'll know
    your player is On Fire when flames and smoke trail him as he skates down the ice.
    A single player can become On Fire by scoring three goals in a game. To
    extinguish an opponent while he's On Fire, score a goal or beat him in a fight.
    Remember, a single player On Fire should shooting the puck. Take advantage of his
    increased chances to score.
    Team Fire -
    An entire team can catch on fire when you score three consecutive goals
    (uninterrupted) in a row via a One-Timer. At this point, any player on
    your team has a huge advantage over their opponent. The opposing
    team must score a one-timer to extinguish Team Fire.
    Turbo -
    Anyone who has played video games in the past knows the importance of Turbo. Use it
    sparingly, though. It diminishes fast, and you'll always want to have SOME turbo
    ready for use as the game progesses.
    Deke-Spin/Guard Puck -
    Every player on the ice is going to be hitting hard to get possession of that puck,
    so you'll need some moves to avoid hits. Try the Y button to perform a Deke-Spin
    move to avoid hits or press the B button to guard the puck ahgainst a Poke Check.
    Game Tipz-
    The load screens in NHL Hitz offer some helpful hints and tips for playing the
    game. Keep your eyes out for them.
     i- Hitz Credits
    Championship Mode:
    Beat all 30 NHL teams to win the most coveted trophy in pro sports; the Stanley Cup!
    You can play a single-player versus the computer or multi-player cooperativle versus
    the computer. (You can't compete against each other in multi-player Championship Mode.)
    Winning Championship Mode Games:
    Creds are awarded to the Bank and based on the relative difficulty in Championship Mode.
    Here is a breakdown of the credits:
          Games 1-10          Games 11-20          Games 21-30
          100 Credits         150 Credits          200 Credits
    Winning the stanley Cup deposits 4000 credits into the Bank. If you get this far, a
    screen will follow the 30th win, informing you that you've earned these points.
    How Trivia Works In Exhbition And Championship Modes:
    Credits are awarded to the Bank based on the number of players answering correctly.
    Here are the amount of credits you'll earn:
                                   Number of Players
                             1       2      3     4
               Difficulty  _________________________
                 Easy        30      15     10    7
                 Medium      60      30     20    15
                 Hard        90      45     30    22
    Example: Three players answer a Hard trivia question, potentially worth 90 points. Two
    of three players receive answer correctly. The Bank receives 60 points. Get it? Then go
    figure it out ^_^
     j- Hitz Points
    Attribute Points In Franchise Mode
    Take on the ultimate NHL Hitz challenge. Beat all 50 NHL teams to win the Midway Cup! You
    may play single-player versus the computer or a multi-player cooperatively game versus
    the computer. (You can not compete against a friend in multi-player Franchise Mode.)
    To begin playing in Franchise Mode, you must first create a new team. (Users can
    maintain up to nine franchises at a time.)
    This "franchise" starts out with a roster of basic players. Custom players may be
    customized with names, body attributes, and skill attributes. Names can be any word
    up to ten characters long. Body attributes describe the physical appearances of players
    and don't cost any points. Skill attributes describe the playing abilities of the
    players and are limited only by the total number of attribute points the team has.
    Each new team consists of six skaters and one goalie with attribute ratings of five in
    each of the six attributes categories. Now teams also have 60 attribute points free
    of users to customize their players. Attribute points can be added to or taken away
    from any players' categories (anywhere between a minimum rating of one and a maximum
    rating of 20).
    You may also use attribute points to trade in custom players for NHL players. NHL players
    come ata steep cost because of their relatively high skill ratings. Users can't edit
    the skill attribute ratings of NHL players.
    Warning: Trading away a custom player for an NHL player will make the custom player
             unnavailable forever.
    Winning Franchise Mode GamesL
    The franchise is awarded six attribute points for each win. Winning the Midway Cup bu
    winning all 50 games deposits 5000 credits in the bank to spend in the Hockey Shop.
    A screen following the 50th win explains this reward and what they can do with it.
    How Trivia Points Work In Franchise Mode:
    Attribute points are awarded if at least one player answers correctly.
                   Difficulty       Points
                      Easy            1
                     Medium           2
                      Hard            3
     k- Substitutions, Statistics, and Trivia
    Period Stats -
    Between periods and the end of the game, a statistics screen will appear. The Game
    User Stats Screen displays cumulative stats from the previous period(s). Each user's
    stats are displayed using they're assigned name or an abbreviated NHL team name.
    Substitutions -
    Between periods, you'll have an opportunity to substitute one or all players. You won't
    be able to change teams, so you'll have to choose players from your current team.
    At the Substitution Screen, press the D-pad Left or Right to cycle through the available
    players, then press theA button. If needed, repeat this process for all players.
    Final Game Stats -
    Once the game has ended, the Game Stats Screen is displayed. It displays the breakdown
    of final stats for the game. A final rundown of the Game User Stats Screen will follow.
    Trivia -
    In Exhibition and Championship Mode, you can play Trivia after viewing the Statistics
    screens to accumulate credits. Use these credits in the Hockey Shop to obtain Fantasy
    Arenas, teams, etc.
    In Franchise Mode, answering Trivia Questions correctly awards Attribute Points. There
    points can be used to increase your "Custom Player" attributes or "Trade" for real
    NHL Players.
                            3.     S  E  C  R  E  T   C  O  D  E  S
    Where To Enter The Codes:
    When all of the players have been selected (and all of the players have pressed the
    A button), the Match-Up Screen will appear.
    The Matchup Screen displays the names and logos of the two comparing teams. At the top
    and/or bottom portion of the screen, you'll see one set of code icons (one for a 1 player
    game, two sets for a 2 player game, etc).
    You can enter codes by pressing the X button (first icon), the Y button (second icon),
    or the B button (third icon). When the icons you want are displayed, press the D-pad
    Up, Down, Left, or Right to enable the code.
    To input more than one code, repeat the process. The codes you entered first will flash
    and remain on-screen. At this point, you can enter another code before the game starts.
    This screen appears only for a short period of time, so you'll have to be quick to
    input multiple codes (not all combinations will enable codes).
    How To Find Codes:
    After scoring a goal, the player that scored the goal will skate around the rink. If
    you look closely at the crowd, they will hold signs indicating the code numbers. They
    are very easy to see in Replay mode.
    The Codes:
    Use the instructions above to enter these codes at the Versus Menu.
    All of these codes are exlusive with rights to GameWinners at http://www.gamewinners.com
    and its contributors. I abosuletly take no credit whatsoever for these codes.
        Effect:                         Code:
          Big Head Player                 2-0-0 Right
          Huge Head Player                3-0-0 Right
          Big Head Team                   2-2-0 Left
          Huge Head Team                  3-3-0 Left
          Big Hits                        2-3-4 Down
          Late Hits                       3-2-1 Down
          Hitz Time                       1-0-4 Right
          No Crowd                        2-1-0 Right
          Pinball Boards                  4-2-3 Right
          Show Shot Speed                 1-0-1 Up
          Show The Team's Hot Spot        2-0-1 Up
          No Fake Shots                   4-2-4 Down
          No Puck Out                     1-1-1 Down
          No One-Timers                   2-1-3 Left
          Big Puck                        1-2-1 Up
          Huge Puck                       3-2-1 Up
          Bulldozer Puck                  2-1-2 Left
          Tennis Ball                     1-3-2 Down
          Snow Mode                       1-2-1 Left
          Rain Mode                       1-4-1 Left
          Domino Effect                   0-1-2 Right
          Turbo Boost                     0-0-2 Up
          Unlimited Turbo                 4-1-3 Right
          Win Fights For Goals            2-0-2 Left
          Skills Versus                   2-2-2 Down
          First To 7 Wins                 3-2-3 Left
          More Time To Enter Codes        3-3-3 Right
          Hockey Ball                     1-3-3 Left
          Disable Previous Code Entered   0-1-0 Down
    Codes were contributed by THEGAMECFH, Joe Kov, and Gcnthunderbird at GameWinners.com.
                                       4.     H  I  N  T  S
    All of these hints are exlusive with rights to GameWinners at http://www.gamewinners.com
    and its contributors. I abosuletly take no credit whatsoever for these hints, but I
    have slightly altered them to better fit this FAQ.
    Easy Credits -
    Play a game with the difficulty starting at the rookie setting. Before the game ends and
    displays your total stats, enter the pause menu and change the difficulty to All-Star. You
    will now get All-Star credits which can be used to buy things.
    Easy Goals -
    When creating a team, make one player left handed. When picking your hot spot, make it on the
    right faceoff circle. When playing a game enable the "Show the team's hot spot" code, put the
    left-handed player as your defense, win the faceoff, and get it to your defender. Skate up and
    shoot from where the hot spot is located. You will make it in 9 out of 10 times.
    Hint contributed by Garrett Casey at GameWinners.com.
    Go around your opponent's net and pass the puck to the player that is on the other side of the
    net. Pass it to him, and shoot immediately. The goalie will not be on that side, so it is easier
    to score.
    Hint contributed by SStreetFighter0 at GameWinners.com.
    When on one side of the net, cross over to the other side. When you reach the other post, shoot
    a slapshot or a normal shot.
    Hint contributed by LoGiBeAr and MuShRoOm at GameWinners.com.
    Easy Fights -
    When playing the game with a friend, check the CPU player and not the one that your friend is
    controlling. This may get you into a fight.
    Hint contributed by SStreetFighter0 at GameWinners.com.
    More Skill Competition Levels -
    Successfully complete all of the skills in a competition level to unlock an additional level.
    Get Faceoffs -
    Faceoffs are somewhat like a Paper, Rock, Scissors game, where one move beats another. In the game, A
    is similar to Paper, B is similar to Rock, and Square is similar to Scissors -- A beats B, B beats X,
    and X beats A. You can tell what the other person does by watching their stick. When they press A,
    their stick will twitch. When they press B, their hand will come off of the back of the stick. When
    they press X, they will hold their stick up high.
    Crowd Sounds -
    Press White during a game to make the crowd cheer. Press Black to make the crowd boo.
    Hint contributed by Jerry N at GameWinners.com.
    Better Created Team -
    Create six players and remove all of the last three players' experience points. Give them to the first
    three players. That should give the first three players all the experience they need.
    Hint contributed by Sharpkid5000 at GameWinners.com.
                                  5.     C  L  O  S  I  N  G
     a- Credits
    A FAQ wouldn't right without thanking everyone who made it possible. So here it goes...
    CJayC - For having an awesome site and putting this FAQ on it!
    Hitz Instuction Manual - Where the bulk of this FAQ's information came from.
    GameWinner.com - Where the codes and hints came from.
    Midway - For dishing out such a cool game.
    And finally....
    Me - For spending the time to write this pathetic FAQ. ^_^
     b- Farewell
    And thus, the FAQ comes to a close. My second FAQ for the Xbox (the other one being for Halo),
    I hope to write a lot more. Be sure to give me a holla if you see me on the boards
    as DaRkLoRdXThree. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, and above all, contributions,
    please send me a nicely put e-mail at darklordx3@aol.com. And I beg of you to use good grammar
    and spelling or else I simply will delete it. I hope you enjoyed this and got something
    out of it. Cya around!
                          NHL Hitz 20-02 FAQ/Manual Version 1.0 By R. K. Raja

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