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    Trivia FAQ by CSisk / JSiskJr.

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/23/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By: Chris Sisk and Jerry Sisk Jr.
    Version 1.0
    8:18 PM 4/23/02
    Chris Sisk     - <thetitan21@hotmail.com>
    Jerry Sisk Jr. - <thetitan21@hotmail.com>
    Copyrighted 2002
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    consent of the authors.
    This FAQ is composed of the Trivia Questions following any game played
    in NHL Hitz 20-02.
    A - 30 point questions
    B - 60 point questions
    C - 90 point questions
    30 point questions for NHL Hitz 2002
    Q:1. Joe Nieuwendyk has only one Stanley cup.
    A:1. False
    Q:2. In their first season the Columbus Blue Jackets tied the
         record for consecutive wins by a new team (4).
    A:2. True
    Q:3. What position did Wayne Gretzky play?
    A:3. Center
    Q:4. After Wayne Gretzky was traded the Edmonton Oilers never won the
         Stanley Cup.
    A:4. False
    Q:5. This "Ordinary Joe" was drafted first overall in 1997.
    A:5. Joe Thornton
    Q:6. What position does Paul Kariya play?
    A:6. Left Wing
    Q:7. Before the Rangers New York had a team known as the Americans.
    A:7. True
    Q:8. The Los Angeles play in the Eastern Conference.
    A:8. False
    Q:9. How many NHL teams are there in Manitoba Canada?
    A:9. None
    Q:10. Goalie Ed Belfour used to spend 15 minutes before every game
          sharpening his skates.
    A:10. True
    Q:11. The St. Louis Blues took their name from a famous song.
    A:11. True
    Q:12. Montreal once had an NHL team named the Wanderers.
    A:12. True
    Q:13. The Colorado Avalanche play in the Eastern Conference.
    A:13. False
    Q:14. Which of these teams is not an "Original Six" Team?
    A:14. Anaheim Mighty Ducks
    Q:15. The Tampa Bay Lightning was the NHL's second Franchise
          in Florida.
    A:15. False
    Q:16. Georges Vezina (Vezina Trophy) played 15 seasons without
          missing a Game.
    A:16. False
    Q:17. The Calgary Flames were originally an NHL franchise
          in Atlanta Georgia.
    A:17. True
    Q:18. In hockey the black disc used is called the
    A:18. Puck
    Q:19. He has a Stanley cup as well as Conn Smythe (playoff MVP)
          and Norris (Best Defenseman) Trophies
    A:19. Al Macinnis
    Q:20. Which team holds the record for most Stanley Cup Final Series
          appearances with 32?
    A:20. Montreal Canadiens
    Q:21. Name the team named after a Hollywood movie.
    A:21. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
    Q:22. In 2001, Alexel Yashin was traded to the New York Islanders from
    A:22. Ottawa
    Q:23. In 2001, Roman Turek was traded to Calgary from
    A:23. St. Louis
    Q:24. Martin Brodeur has won at least two Stanley Cups.
    A:24. True
    Q:25. In NHL hockey, a goalie's stick is the same size as a player's stick.
    A:25. False
    Q:26. The 1974-75 Philadelphia Flyers were the last all Canadian born
          team to win the Stanley Cup.
    A:26. True
    Q:27. How many NHL teams are there in Massachusetts?
    A:27. One
    Q:28. How many NHL teams are there in Idaho?
    A:28. None
    Q:29. He was drafted first overall in 1995 but suffered a career-ending
          injury in 2000.
    A:29. Bryan Berard
    Q:30. Which NHL Team was the first to win the cup its first year
          in a new city?
    A:30. Colorado Avalanche
    Q:31. Pavel Bure won the Calder Trophy (Rookie of the year) his first NHL 
    A:31. True
    Q:32. What NHL superstar announced his comeback from retirement in 
    A:32. Mario Lemieux
    Q:33. The St.Louis Blues were originally known as the "Fighting Falcons."
    A:33. False
    Q:34. Original NHL rules stipulated a puck could be lifted no more
          than three feet off the ice.
    A:34. False
    Q:35. How many NHL teams are there in Prince Edward Island Canada?
    A:35. None
    Q:36. Before the Canucks Vancouver had an NHL team called the Ravens.
    A:36. False
    Q:37. The pieces of equipment that protect the goalies legs are called
    A:37. Goalie pads
    Q:38. Radek Bonk was the first player drafted by the modern
          day Ottawa Senators.
    A:38. False
    Q:39. After Wayne Gretzky left the Oilers. He never won the Hart Trophy
          (League MVP) again.
    A:39. False
    Q:40. In his first full season with the Florida Panthers,
          Pavel Bure broke 21 team records.
    A:40. True
    Q:41. Despite treatment for cancer Mario Lemieux won the Hart Trophy
          (League MVP) in 92-93.
    A:41. True
    Q:42. Who did the Colorado Avalanche beat to win the 2000-2001 Stanley Cup?
    A:42. New Jersey Devils
    Q:43. The Stanley Cup is the only pro sports Trophy with inscriptions of
          the names of every member of the winning team.
    A:43. True
    60 points questions for NLH Hitz 2002
    Q:1. Which team did Scott NieDermayer first play with?
    A:1. New Jersey Devils
    Q:2. The Stanley Cup has been
    A:2. All the answers are true
    Q:3. They share the record for Fewest Home Wins in a season with the
         1954-1955 Chicago Black Hawks with six.
    A:3. 75-76 Capitals
    Q:4. Who won the 2000-2001 Presidents Trophy (Best regular season)?
    A:4. Colorado Avalanche
    Q:5. Which player is nicknamed "The Cat"?
    A:5. Felix Potvin
    Q:6. When did the Detroit Red Wings win their first Stanley Cup?
    A:6. 1936
    Q:7. Name the first European to win the Hart Trophy (League MVP).
    A:7. Sergei Fedorov
    Q:8. When did the Edmonton Oilers win their last Stanley Cup?
    A:8. 1990
    Q:9. He was the first Polish-Born Polish-Trained player to go
         to the NHL All - Star game.
    A:9. Marius Czerkawski
    Q:10. What division do the Phoenix Coyotes play in?
    A:10. Pacific Division
    Q:11. In what NHL city would you find the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum?
    A:11. Union dale Long Island
    Q:12. By the end of the millennium I had three Stanley Cups.
          I'm not a scoring machine but I am the 9th player in NHL history
          to rack up over 2000 penalty minutes.
    A:12. Joey Kocur
    Q:13. Pavel Bure was born in
    A:13. Russia
    Q:14. How many Stanley Cups have the Nashville Predators won?
    A:14. None
    Q:15. What division do the Detroit Red Wings play in?
    A:15. Central Division
    Q:16. In 1998-1999, He had 429 shots on goal. At the time the
          second - highest total behind Phil Esposito.
    A:16. Paul Kariya
    Q:17. Gnash is the Mascot for which NHL team?
    A:17. The Nashville Predators
    Q:18. In 1993 - 1994, this team tied an NHL record for most wins
          by a first year team with 33.
    A:18. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
    Q:19. Which team did Keith Primeau first play with?
    A:19. Detroit Red Wings
    Q:20. Born in England but raised in Canada. He's the first born
          since 1938 - 1939 to get ten shutouts in a season as well as
          a goals - against average under 2.00.
    A:20. Byron Dafoe
    Q:21. Who scored the Minnesota Wild's first ever short  handed goal?
    A:21. Wes Walz
    Q:22. Which team did Ron Tugnutt first play with?
    A:22. Quebec Nordiques
    Q:23. Who won the Vezina Trophy (Best Goalie) in 2000 - 2001?
    A:23. Dominik Hasek
    Q:24. How many Stanley Cups have the San Jose Sharks won?
    A:24. None
    Q:25. He scored on Columbus first ever penalty shot.
    A:25. David Vyborny
    Q:26. When did the New York Islanders win their last Stanley Cup?
    A:26. 1983
    Q:27. One of the Fan names for the Montreal Canadiens is
    A:27. Les Habitants
    Q:28. He once got 17 penalty minutes in one game. He's also won
          the lady Byng Trophy (Gentlemanly Play) Twice.
    A:28. Paul Kariya
    Q:29. Tampa bay is called the "Lightning" because the GM
    A:29. Was nearly hit by lightning
    Q:30. What record did Patrick Roy set in 2000 - 2001?
    A:30. Most career wins
    Q:31. In 2001, Anaheim traded Teemu Selanne to
    A:31. San Jose
    Q:32. Which player is nicknamed "Lord Byron"?
    A:32. Byron Dafoe
    90 point questions for NHL Hitz 2002
    Q:1. Who was the first Washington Capital to Vezina Trophy (Best Goalie)?
    A:1. Jim Carey
    Q:2. In 1997,I became the 4th Islander in NHL History to win
         the Calder Trophy (Rookie of the Year).I later was traded
         to Toronto for Felix Potvin.
    A:2. Byran Berard
    Q:3. In 1991, the Pittsburgh Penguins Defeated which team in the finals
         to win the Stanley Cup?(Under a different name they won the cup in 
    A:3. The Minnesota North Stars
    Q:4. As of 2000-2001, which goalie held the record for most minutes
         played in the playoffs.
    A:4. Patrick Roy
    Q:5. In 1992, the Chicago Black Hawks lost the Stanley Cup finals
         to which team?
    A:5. The Pittsburgh Penguins
    Q:6. He was the first player to score 100 points his rookie season.
    A:6. Peter Stastny
    Q:7. I grew up in the same town as Teppo Numminen. We won Bronze at
         the 1998 Winter Olympics together and played on the same NHL team.
         We're both defense me.
    A:7. Jyrkl lumme
    Q:8. In 1996, Teemu Selanne was traded to the Mighty Ducks in exchange
         for Oleg Tverdovsky and
    A:8. Chad Kilger
    Q:9. I was the first player ever drafted by the Edmonton Oilers and
         I scored their goal in the NHL.
    A:9. Kevin Lowe
    Q:10. Who get the first playoff penalty for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim?
          (He was traded in 1998 to Colorado.)
    A:10. Warren Rychel
    Q:11. What inspired the NHL to flood the ice between periods?
    A:11. It was being done in curling
    Q:12. Name the third NHL'er to score 70 goals in consecutive seasons.
    A:12. Bret Hull
    Q:13. In June of 1999, this team had no less than four first
          round picks in the entry draft.
    A:13. The New York Islanders
    Q:14. Who was the first captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning?
    A:14. Paul Ysebaett
    Q:15. I'm only the second goaltender in Islanders history to shutout the
          same opponent three times in one season. I did it in 1997-1998.
          I'm usually a backup.
    A:15. Wade Flaherty
    Q:16. In 1995, I went to the Islanders as part of a package for
          Pierre Turgeon and Vladimir Malakhov. I was a cup-winning
          captain with Montreal.
    A:16. Kirk Muller
    Q:17. He was the first goalie to be drafted first overall
    A:17. Rick Dipietro
    Q:18. In 1999-2000, The Phoenix Coyotes acquired Mikael Renberg
          from Philadelphia for
    A:18. Rick Tocchet
    Q:19. As of 2000-2001 which team had the unfortunate modern - era
          record of fewest points in a season with 21?
    A:19. 74-75 Capitals
    Q:20. In 1999-2000, I won my fourth Art Ross Trophy (most points)
          and my Third in a row.
    A:20. Jaromir Jagr
    Q:21. As of 2000-2001 who holds the record for all - time career
          shutouts (103)?
    A:21. Terry Sawchuk
    Q:22. They were the first brothers to each score five goal games.
    A:22. Cy and Corb Denneny
    Q:23. Name the country team USA defeated to win the 1980 Olympic
          Gold medal.
    A:23. Finland
    Q:24. He was Nashville's first ever draft pick.
    A:24. David Legwand
    Q:25. I won the Jennings Trophy (fewest goals allowed) with Marin Brodeur
          in the 1996-1997 season. I was then Nashville's goalie in their
          first season.
    A:25. Mike Dunham
    Q:26. I was a first round pick of the Detroit Red Wings in 1990.
          I left them as part of the deal for Brendan Shanahan.
    A:26. Keith Primeau
    Q:27. What team was not part of NHL expansion in 1976.
    A:27. Cleveland Barons
    Q:28. He holds the record for most Stanley Cups won by a goalie (6).
    A:28. Plante and Dryden share it
    Q:29. This noted tough guy scored the final goal at the Maple Leaf
    A:29. Bob Probert
    Q:30. I was in goal for the first win and overtime win in Nashville
          Predators history. (I was Martin Brodeur's backup in New Jersey.)
    A:30. Mike Dunham
    Q:31. He was the first NHL player to win the Hart Trophy (league MVP)
          four years in a row.
    A:31. Wayne Gretzky
    Q:32. In 1998, two other players and I were traded from Pittsburgh to
          the Rangers. My previous trade was from the Rangers to Pittsburgh
          in 1995.
    A:32. Petr Nedved
    Q:33. The Philadelphia Flyers were the first expansion team to win the
          Stanley Cup, who did they beat?
    A:33. Boston Bruins
    Q:34. I'm only the second New York Ranger to score more than 70
          assists in a season.
    A:34. Sergel Zubov
    Q:35. Who was the first NHL goalie to win 30+ playoff games with two
          different teams?
    A:35. Mike Vernon
    Q:36. They were the first expansion them to eliminate an original six
          team in the playoffs.
    A:36. Philadelphia Flyers
    Q:37. Patrick Roy was the starting goalie for team Canada at the 1998
          winter Olympics. His backups were Curtis Joseph and
    A:37. Martin Brodeur
    Q:38. Name the captain of team Belarus at the 1990 winter Olympics.
    A:38. Alexander Andrievsky
    Q:39. As of 2000-2001 who holds the record for most assists in a season
          by a defenseman with 102?
    A:39. Bobby Orr

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