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    FAQ by spidery_

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    This FAQ (c)  spidery 2002. All rights reserved
    Version 1.1
    This FAQ is the copyrighted property of the author, and cannot be 
    reproduced in any way without the written permission of the author. The 
    violation of this copyright will reduce to legal action, so don't steal 
     2.1 Evergreen Terrace
     2.2 Entertainment District
     2.3 Springfield Dam
     2.4 Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
     2.5 Downtown
     2.6 Mountains
     3.1 Playable Characters
     3.2 Pickup Characters
     3.3 Non-Pickup Characters
    1. Introduction
    Lets be honest here, there's never been a half-way decent Simpsons game 
    on a home console... until now. Although it may have got reasonably harsh 
    criticism from the so-called experts, to a Simpsons nut, this game is  
    everything they could have ever asked for. Its blindly obvious that the 
    developers were very much aware of the Simpsons world when they made this 
    game, which gives the game a good lot of depth in the different locations 
    you will come across. Sure, the absence of some peoples favorite character 
    may annoy them, but think of how many characters there are in Springfield. 
    It would take a year just to put them all in. Lets be happy with what we 
    have, and hope that the Simpsons Skateboarding lives up to the now higher 
    expectations. Anyway, that's enough, time to get on with the FAQ.
    The many locations of Springfield are split into 6 sections. Below is a 
    list of all the different locations in each level. I have intentionally 
    left out the unimportant throw away buildings, which repeat in a number 
    of levels, for example the RX drugs shop. Anywho, If you know of anywhere 
    I have left out, feel free to e-mail me at residentbioevil@hotmail.com, 
    and I'll gladly add it in the next update, with full credit to you.
    2.1 Evergreen Terrace
    The first level you are given access to in Evergreen Terrace. This is 
    essentially a warm-up level to get some practice in. Its an alright level, 
    but not particularly big, and there isn't much to see. Still, it gets a 
    solid 3/5.
    Barriers of the Level
    To prevent you from going to the next level, there are different types 
    of barriers in your way, in Evergreen Terrace, there is a wall made of 
    rubbish, similar to the one in "A Tale of Two Springfields"
    Sight-seers guide
    The Presidents Mansion
    Flanders house
    Burlesque house
    Kwik E Mart
    Java The Hut
    Patty and Selma's
    Principal Skinners house
    Jittery Joes Coffee Shop
    Joes Garage
    Springfield Elementary
    Willie's shack
    Water Hole
    1st Church of Springfield
    Springfield Retirement Castle
    Krusty Burger
    Springfield Grocery Store
    Gas station
    Waylon Smithers apartment
    Krabappels apartment
    Baby Sitters 
    Wiggum's house
    Lovejoys house
    Molemans house
    2.2 Entertainment District
    The second level features many well-known locations from the show, 
    including Moe's Tavern and Noiseland arcade, as well as shops only 
    die-hard Simpsons fans would remember. This level gets a 4/5 from me
    Barriers of the Level
    There are "Road Closed" barriers, nothing too special
    Sight-seers guide
    Moe's Tavern
    King Toots
    Krusty Burger
    Java the Hut
    Gas Station
    The Duff Brewery
    Duff Blimp
    Chez Guevara Placio de Dansa Cubana
    Barneys Bowlarama
    Nails 4 U
    Springfield Pet Shop
    Royal Majesty "for the obese or gangly gentleman"
    Taxidermy by Cletus
    Grandmas World
    Big Bad Brians Bagels
    Mellow Vibes Tea
    The Lucky Stiff Funeral Home
    Spuds Irish Cuisine
    The Lawn Depot
    Fancy Tire
    Princess Opal Potions, Hexes and Fax Machine
    Merry Widow Insurance Co.
    The Ear Piercery
    Moms G- Rated Video
    Springfield Duff Center
    Try 'N Save
    Circus of Values
    Low Expectations Dating Service
    Sugar Shaq
    Lard Lad Donuts
    Sir Putt A Lott
    Frying Dutchman
    24 Seven
    The Gutter Room
    She She Lounge
    Guilded Truffle
    Planet Hype
    Moe's house
    Fiesta Terrace for Single Living
    Box Factory
    Phineas Q. Butterfat Ice Cream Parlor
    Big T Burgers and Fries
    Noiseland Arcade
    Tattoo Parlor
    2.3 Springfield Dam
    The Dam is home to all of the out of town places the Simpson Family have 
    visited in the past, like Kamp Krusty and Rancho Relaxo. A fairly good 
    level, although initially hard to navigate. 3/5
    Barriers of the Level
    There are two lorrys blocking the road, one of which is a Duff lorry
    Sight-seers guide
    Stonecutters HQ
    Jittery Joes
    K- Radio
    Workers Shack
    Interesting Home
    Rancho Relaxo
    Quimby's Mansion
    Kamp Krusty
    TNT Storage
    2.4 Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
    Springfield Nuclear is in my opinion a very bitty level. The only main 
    attractions are the Plant and the Springfield Mall. Still, spotting all 
    the familiar shop names in the mall is interesting, but overall, the level 
    is a non- event. 2/5
    Barriers of the Level
    Again, just a lorry
    Sight-seers guide
    Gas Station
    Lard Lad Donuts
    Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
    Baseball Diamond
    Springfield Community Center
    Springfield Mall
    House of Hammers
    Granny's Burgers
    Blotto Gelato
    Happy Market
    Worthless Junk Under a Buck
    All Things Swedish
    Cost - Mo
    The Vast Waistband
    Philips Glass Emporium
    Shaylas Toys
    Ransom Notes
    Malaria Zone
    Greasy Hut
    Its a Wonderful Knife
    Nicks Bowling Shop
    All Creatures Great and Cheap
    The Left Banque
    Dr Nick Rivieras Clinic
    The Modest Tea Co.
    The Leftorium
    House of No Refunds
    Popular Books
    Canyon of The Dolls
    Plundering Petes
    Thongs 4 U
    The Eye and Toe Piercery
    Try 'N Save
    Plant Run Off Stream
    Sticky Lube
    2.5 Downtown
    Personally, this is my favourite level. Its a sightseers dream, with many 
    great references to "Marge Vs The Monorail" like the remains of the short 
    lived Monorail, as well as giant Simpson family balloons hanging from the 
    Sky. A definite 5/5 for this massive level
    Barriers of the Level
    Hehe, there's a fallen over sugar lorry blocking downtown. 
    "If food stuffs should touch the ground, said food stuffs shall be turned 
    over to the village idiot." Since i don't see him around, start shoveling!
    Sight-seers guide
    Monty Burns Casino
    Hermans Military Antiques
    Escalator to Nowhere
    50ft Magnifying Glass
    Popsicle stick Skyscraper
    Krusty Burger
    Channel 6
    Viva Los Vegan
    Cold Wardrobe
    Anywhere But Here Travel
    Meat and Video Shop
    Izzys Deli
    Cheque$ Ca$hed
    Pizza Mart
    House of Veal
    Area 51A
    Big T Burgers And Fries
    Springfield Plasma Center
    Helter Shelter
    Veterans of Popular Wars Hall
    The Russian District
    Painless Dentistry
    Klown Kollege
    Springfield Train Station
    Phineas Q. Butterfat Ice Cream Parlor
    Whacking Day Park
    Springfield Airport
    Popcorn Van
    Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
    Lard Lad Donuts
    Springfield Drive- In ( Playing "Steamboat Itchy" and "Hail to the Chimp")
    Singing Surloin
    Black Box Bar
    Legitimate Business Mans Social Club
    Town Hall 
    Springfield Palace of Fine Arts
    Jebidiah Springfield Statue
    Post Office
    Balloons  of The Simpson's
    Mr Vlads for Gangly Man
    Sit 'N Rotate Room
    Springfield Savings and Loan
    Country Courthouse
    Girls School
    Springfield Coliseum
    City Hall
    General Hospital
    Frinks Apartment
    Bay 64
    Androids Dungeon
    Sushi Yes
    2.6 Mountains
    The final level in the game takes us to such locations as CM Burns Estate, 
    and Springfield Gorge. An ok level, and being able to drive through Mr 
    Burns estate is a nice touch. 3/5
    Barriers of the Level
    Blocking off this level are rocks and trees, and a turned over lorry, 
    carrying trees.
    Sightseers Guide
    Springfield Gorge
    CM Burns Estate
    Worlds Largest Toilet
    Gold House
    Gas Station
    Tire Fire
    The Murderhorn
    KBBL Radio
    3. Characters
    There are over 30 characters in the game, some you can play as, some you 
    can pickup, and some you just run over if you are in a bad mood. Anyway, 
    here's a list of them all, as well as a notable episode they have featured 
    in on the show.
    3.1 Playable Characters
    Character: Homer Simpson
    Notable Episode: Homer Defined
    C: Marge Simpson
    NE: Life in the Fast Lane
    C: Bart Simpson 
    NE: Bart The Daredevil
    C: Lisa Simpson 
    NE: Lisa the Vegetarian
    C: Grandpa Abe Simpson
    NE: Old Money
    C: Barney Gumble
    NE: Days of Wine and D'oh'ses
    C: Chief Clancy Wiggum 
    NE: Who Shot Mr. Burns? PT2
    C: Otto Mann
    NE: The Otto Show
    C: Professor John Frink  
    NE: Last Tap Dance in Springfield
    C: Ned Flanders 
    NE: When Flanders Failed
    C: Moe Szyslak  
    NE: Flaming Moe's
    C: Apu Nahasapeemapetilon 
    NE: Homer and Apu
    C: Groundskeeper Willie 
    NE: Radio Bart
    C: Krusty The Klown   
    NE: Krusty Gets Busted
    C: Reverand Timothy Lovejoy 
    NE: In Marge We Trust
    C: Snake AKA Jailbird 
    NE: Hunka Hunka Burns In Love
    C: Mr Plow Homer variation
    NE: Mr Plow
    3.2 Pickup Characters
    All of the Playable characters apart from Mr Plow Homer you can pickup, 
    as well as the following:
    C: Ralph Wiggum 
    NE: This Little Wiggy
    C: Hans Moleman 
    NE: Burns Heir 
    C: Captain McCallister 
    NE: New Kid On the Block
    C: Comic Book Guy 
    NE: Worst Episode Ever
    C: Pimple Faced Teen 
    NE: Homer Bad Man
    C: BumbleBee Man
    NE: 22 Short Films About Springfield 
    C: Jasper
    NE: Who Shot Mr Burns PT2
    C: Dr. Nick Riviera 
    NE: 22 Short Films About Springfield 
    C: Edna Krabappel 
    NE: Bart The Lover
    C: Seymour Skinner 
    NE: Grade School Confidential
    C: Milhouse Vanhouten 
    NE: A Milhouse Devided
    3.3 Non- pickup Characters
    Finally, here are the characters you can just bash about if you are in 
    a mood, including two generic men in suits, although one could be from 
    "Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk":
    C: Gil  
    NE: Natural Born Kissers
    C: Man in blue suit 
    NE: ????
    C: Man in green suit 
    NE: ????
    C: Dizzy of "The Seven Duffs"
    NE: Selmas Choice
    C: Lurleen Lumpkin 
    NE: Colonel Homer
    C: Dr Zweig
    NE: Fear of Flying
    C: Rabbi Krustofski 
    NE: Like Father Like Klown
    4. Interesting stuff worth mentioning:
    The developers included the Mansion opposite 742 that George Bush lived 
    in, something the actual show often forget ever existed post "Two Bad 
    The "This is not a clue...or is it?" lines written on the blackboard of 
    Springfield Elementary
    Jebidiah Springfield's head falls off if you bash the statue 
    The remains of the Monorail littering Downtown
    The UFO in the Area 51A hanger
    Willie has very freaky eyes, they keep flashing green, unless its only 
    in my copy....
    5. Cheats
    New Camera Angles:
    Hold down L1 and R1 on the options screen, and press triangle 4 times. 
    a sound will confirm entry. Now, when you are playing the game, when 
    selecting your camera angle, there will be new views, including a top down 
    Grand Theft Auto style one.
    "The Homer"
    Complete all the missions in Mission mode to unlock Homers new vehicle
    Seasonal Clothing
    Depending on the date the console is set to, you can get new vehicles or 
    designs for certain characters. try putting in Halloween, New Years Day, 
    Thanksgiving and Christmas day.
    6. Credits
    Greatly appreciated help from:
    All the people at Gamefaqs
    The guys at www.simpsonsforum.com
    And the highly recommended FAQS and episode capsules at www.snpp.com
    7. Thanks
    Big old thanks to Jonny Friend for the ?4 I was short the other day
    CJayC for maintaining the best games site on the Internet
    Paul, Clive, Jonny again and everybody from GNVQ Int Business 2000/2001 
    the Isle 

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