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    FAQ by hand of g0d

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/28/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                 /     \__\__  _  _____  __  ___  _____  __  ___  
                 \  ____|__\ \| \|  \  \|  \/  _\/   \ \/  \/  _\ 
                  \____  \  \        \   \\ \__  \ \\ \   _ \__  \ 
                  /______/\__\__\__\__\   __/\___/\___/\__\\_\___/ 
                   R    O    A    D    \__\   R    A    G    E 
                     FAQ/Walkthrough written by hand of g0da 
                           Platform: Nintendo Gamecube 
                                    vers 1.3           
    I.    Disclaimer 
    II.   Version History 
    III.  Introduction 
    IV.   Controls & Story 
    V.    The Cast 
    VI.   Drivers & Vehicles 
    VII.  Passengers 
    VIII. Modes of Play 
    IX.   Road Rage 
          A. Hints 
          B. Road Rage/Safe Trips 
          C. Rating System 
          D. Trip Timer 
          E. Progress 
    X.    Mission Walkthrough 
    XI.   Routes & Shortcuts 
    XII.  Extras & Goodies 
    XIII. FAQs 
    XIV.  Credits 
      Please note that this FAQ was written by a Simpsons fan. Let that be 
    your warning. The contents of this file are original material of the 
    author, hand of g0da. This file may not be altered, plagerized, or 
    modified in any way. It may not be reproduced, or published for 
    profitable gains. It may only be printed for personal use. It may not be 
    used in part, or whole, on any website which will do so for profit. 
    Webmasters, you MUST have my permission PRIOR to posting this guide on 
    your website. Plagerism is a crime! Thank you. 
    _/Version History\______________________________________________________ 
      I began work on this on 12/07/01, even though the release date for the 
    game is late December here in North America. I began work so early because of my 
    unsettling anticipation for the game. Well, thanks to that I got most all of the 
    not so important stuff out of the way so that on release day I was able to write 
    the core walkthrough with little distraction. I had gotten a lot of the 
    information from the Playstation 2 version such as the playable characters list. 
    12/07/01 - Pre-release version, worked out the ASCII contents listing, 
               design, and cast list. Later added Drivers and Vehicles list 
               as well as some passengers. 
    01/07/02 - Added introduction, FAQs, modes, extras, some tips, missions, 
               and some other small changes. Finally released it. 
    01/11/02 - Added sub-sections to the Road Rage chapter. Also added some 
               information on the missions. Hopefully next update will have 
               a walkthrough for each one, or at least some. Oh yeah, I also 
               added in a bit about the Head to Head mode of play, I can't 
               believe I forgot that!    
    01/14/02 - Huge breakthrough this weekend. Me and my friends discovered 
               12 new cheat codes this weekend! We heard a rumor about one 
               code for the PS2 version and we tried about a million things 
               and finally founds some, then some more, then some more! Look 
               in chapter XII. Extras & Goodies for the complete list.      
    01/28/02 - Added another 2 codes, as well as some more information on 
               the missions. New chapter added as well, Chapter XI. is for 
               Routes and Shortcuts. I will try to be as in depth as I can. 
               This guide is still nowhere near where I want it to be.   
      It seems throughout the years The Simpsons license has been attached 
    to some pretty bad games. In the early days on the NES we had some fun 
    with Bart Vs. The Space Mutants, but then Bart Meets Radioactive Man was 
    terribly dissapointing. Bart Vs. The World wasn't so bad, but it just 
    didn't seem to fill up my expectations cup. The Nintendo Gameboy had 
    many uncomfortable Simpsons ventures as well, that I'd rather not go 
    into, it's just too painful. When other systems came out, so did the 
    games, such as Virtual Bart, and Bart's Nightmare. I think it would be 
    safe to say that 'Nightmare' would be fitting for both titles, which are 
    nothing more than a collection of near impossible mini-games. There was 
    one beautiful ray of light that burst through the cloud of bad games, 
    and that was simply titled The Simpsons. It was an arcade release, and 
    sadly, it was never ported. Still, with the splendor of this game, I 
    grew new hope for America's Favorite Family in the world of video games. 
    A hope that I wouldn't let be burst by the fun, yet horribly short romp 
    through Simpson's Wrestling. I knew The Simpsons would prevail, and 
    unleash an entertaining hit for a console, and with this title, I am 
    glad to report I will be enjoying my Simpsons gaming desires at home, 
    not at the arcade! 
    _/Controls & Story\_____________________________________________________ 
    Analog Stick: Steering                    X: Stop/Reverse 
    D. Pad: Steering                          Y: Hand Brake 
    Start: Pause                              Z: Reset Vehicle 
    A: Accelerate                             L: Rear View 
    B: Hand Brake                             R: Horn 
    C Stick: (Up) Accelerate, (Down) Stop/Reverse                                   
      Mr. Burns has taken over the public transportation system and is using 
    nuclear buses. The citizens of Springfield must now taxi each other 
    around to raise the $1,000,000 needed to buy it back! Good luck! 
    _/The Cast\_____________________________________________________________ 
    No, they're not all playable, just those who appear in the game, full 
    names included.   
      Homer Jay Simpson                  Charles Montgomery Burns 
      Marjorie 'Marge' Bouvier Simpson   Waylon J. Smithers Jr. 
      Bartholomew 'Bart' Jo-Jo Simpson   Capitol City Goofball 
      Lisa Marie Simpson                 Principal Seymour Skinner 
      Apu Nahasapeemapetilon             Dr. Nick Riviera 
      Herschel Shmoikel Krustofsky  aka  Krusty the Clown 
      Police Chief Clancy Wiggum         Hyman Krustofsky 
      Bernard 'Barney' Gumble            Crazy Old Man 
      Nedward 'Ned' Flanders             Gil 
      Abraham J. 'Grampa' Simpson        Lurleen Lumpkin 
      Snake                              Jasper 
      Professor John Frink               Pimple-Faced Teen 
      Moe Szyslak                        Hans Moleman 
      Groundskeeper Willie               Ralph Wiggum 
      Otto Mann                          Nelson Muntz 
      Reverend Timothy Lovejoy           Milhouse VanHouten 
      Captain Horatio McAllister         Comic Book Guy 
      Pedro Bumblebee Man                Mayor "Diamond" Joe Quimby 
      Edna Krabappel                     Duff Beer Mascot 
      Hans                               Mrs. Glick 
      _______          ________ 
      Homer            Family Sedan 
      Marge            Canyonero 
      Bart             Honor Roller 
      Lisa             Electric Car 
      Apu              Sports Car 
      Krusty           Clown Car 
      Cheif Wiggum     Police Cruiser 
      Barney           Plow King Truck 
      Homer            Mr. Plow Truck 
      Ned Flanders     Family Stationwagon 
      Grampa           Shriners Car 
      Snake            Li'l Bandit 
      Prof. Frink      Hover Car 
      Moe              Hippie Daisy Car 
      Willie           Tractor 
      Otto             Schoolbus 
      Rev. Lovejoy     Book Burning Mobile 
      Homer     Grandpa  Willie         McAllister  Jasper 
      Bart      Marge    Lovejoy        Dr. Nick 
      Krusty    Lisa     Krabappel      Milhouse 
      Apu       Barney   Skinner        Nelson 
      Wiggum    Snake    Quimby         Ralph 
      Flanders  Frink    Comicbook Guy  Hans 
      Otto      Moe      Bumblebee Man  Geeky Teen 
    _/Modes of Play\________________________________________________________   
    Mmm... road rage. Here we have our main course. The mission, raise one 
    million dollars to buy the public transportation system back from C.M. 
    Burns. Taxi people around to make the money, but don't worry... it will 
    take you plenty of time to do this. You also get to unlock more areas 
    and drivers. 
    You cannot earn money, or unlock areas in this mode. But you can drive 
    around and learn the areas finding shortcuts, hidden routes, and the 
    such. Doing this may help you out significantly in Road Rage mode. You 
    know what they say... practice makes perfect. 
    10 missions, with different drivers. Once you complete them all you get 
    the reward of The Homer. See "Extras & Goodies" section for more on this 
    Set the goal of $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000 in this split screen race for fares. 
    You and a friend will race for a passenger. Passengers can be stolen from one 
    another by ramming your opponent. He who delivers the passenger gets the full 
    _/Road Rage\____________________________________________________________ 
    [A. Hints] 
    There's more than meets the eye. Look for paths not shown on the map for some 
    handy short cuts that will raise your fares and help with the time. 
    Take out Burns' bus stop vestibules to add 2 seconds to your time. 
    Learn your pickups. More often then not, passengers at the same location want to 
    go to the same destination. Learn where they want to go for some big money fares. 
    Although it's fun to try out the new characters, don't forget that unlocking new 
    locations can mean bigger fares. 
    Use the handbrake with the gas while turning to make fast, sharp turns, or to 
    turn around 180 degrees in a rush. Or get Homer and have some fun making donuts 
    on Flanders lawn. 
    Tire marks on the grass (not left by you) usually indicate a shortcut! 
    [B. Road Rage/Safe Trips] 
    Occasionally a passenger will request one of two things: "Avoid traffic for 
    bonus" (Safe Trip) or "Destroy stuff for bonus" (Road Rage) 
    Safe Trip: 
    Make it to the destination hitting no more than 2 cars and you will get a $250 
    bonus plus 5 seconds, regardless of your trip timer! 
    Road Rage: 
    Destroy 16 things (mail boxes, trees, lamp posts, etc) before the destination to 
    get a $1,000 bonus plus 5 seconds, regardless of your trip timer! 
    [C. Rating System] 
    After each round you are rated by how much money you earned. The rating system 
    is based on the following chart: 
    $0                 Loser 
    $1 - $999          Grandma 
    $1,000 - $2,999    Timid 
    $3,000 - $4,999    Destructive 
    $5,000 - $6,999    Reckless 
    $7,000 - $9,999    Insane 
    $10,000 - $12,499  Speed Freak 
    $12,500 - $14,999  Gazelle 
    $15,000+           Madman 
    [D. Trip Timer] 
    Each passenger has a set amount of time to get to his/her location. This is 
    indicated in the Trip Timer. You will recieve a rating and possibly a tip 
    depending on how much time is left on the trip timer. 
    SLOW    0% to 20% of the trip timer left, No reward 
    NORMAL  From 21% up to 35% of the trip timer left, Reward of 1 second 
    FAST    36% or better left on the trip timer, Reward of 3 seconds 
    [E. Progress] 
    Throughout the game, you have goals set. When you reach each goal you can unlock 
    your choice of another driver, or another location. You start off with 5 of 17 
    drivers, and 1 of 6 locations. To unlock your reward you must meet your goal. 
    Goals are set at: 
    $1K, $10K, $30K, $50K, $75K, $100K, $125K, $150K, $200K, $250K, $300K, then in 
    $100K incriments until you reach the final goal of $1,000,000. 
    _/Mission Walkthrough\__________________________________________________ 
    01: Willies Paper Shredder 
        Guide Willie through the streets of Springfield to take out all of 
        the 'Springfield Shopper' Newspaper stands you can find. 
    Driver: Groundskepper Willie 
    Targets: 12     
    02: Homer On The Run 
        Drive as Bart, sneeking Homer back to work at the Power Plant. But 
        you must avoid Mr. Burns at all costs. 
    Driver: Bart Simpson 
    Targets: 0, Passenger 
    03: Barney's Rage 
        Barney is drunk... again. For some reason, unknown to the sober, he 
        has to run over 12 Capital City Goofballs before time runs out. 
    Driver: Barney Gumble 
    Targets: 12 
    04: Otto's Driving Test 
        Put the pedal to the metal, because Otto needs to pass his driving 
        test. Knock over the light posts at the mini-mall before times up. 
    Driver: Otto Mann 
    Targets: 15 
    05: Snake's Day Off 
        Oh joyous parole. Snake's out again, and this time he's helping out. 
        Take out nuclear waste barrels that serve as bus fuel! 
    Driver: Snake 
    Targets: 20 
    06: They'll Never Take Me Alive 
        As time takes it's toll on old Abe Simpson, senility sets in. Help 
        him take out trash cans, before they take him out. 
    Driver: Abe Simpson 
    Targets: 12 
    07: Save The Hovercar 
        Help Prof. Frink prove how efficient his hovercar is to Mayor Quimby 
        by racing him to City Hall before Burns gets there. 
    Driver: Professor Frink 
    Targets: 0, Passneger 
    08: Not The Trees 
        Join Lisa in her crusade against the loggers by ramming their log 
        piles with her electric car before time runs out. 
    Driver: Lisa Marie Simpson 
    Targets: 24 (Each pile (8) counts as 3 logs) 
    09: Krusty's Escape 
        Help Krusty outrun the tourists by knocking down street signs that 
        direct them to his house. 
    Driver: Krusty The Klown 
    Targets: 15 
    10: Burns' Arena 
        The final showdown, in which Homer infiltrates Burns' backyard to 
        take out as many statues as he can before Burns can stop him! 
    Driver: Homer Jay Simpson 
    Targets: 20 (Each statue is at least 2 peices) 
    _/Routes & Shortcuts\___________________________________________________ 
    In this area I will try to list all of the shortcuts for each level, as well as 
    routes, which you can go in a sort of loop, getting the same pickups over and 
    over for huge scores. I will try to be as in depth as I can. 
    Evergreen Terrace: 
    Information coming soon. 
    Entertainment District: 
    Information coming soon. 
    Springfield Dam: 
    ROUTE: At the start of the level, drive over to the far right and make your 
    first pickup. They should want to go the Jittery Joes, otherwise you got the 
    wrong one. Now, go up the road a bit and make cut left underneath the billboard 
    to go up a hill. At the top you will want to go left to the dropoff. Pickup the 
    nearest passenger (if you stopped right they should just get in.) They will 
    either want to go to the dam (cont. A), the home for the interesting (cont. B), 
    or kamp krusty (cont. C.) So head up the hill from Jittery Joe's and then cut 
    right at the fork and... GOTO CONT. A, B, or C. 
    CONT. A: After you stop at the dam, pick up the nearest passenger, they will 
    want to go to Rancho Relaxo, so turn left off of the dam and into the water. Now 
    go up the hill on the left and into the dropoff, make sure to spin out so you 
    are facing the exit. GOTO CONT. D. 
    CONT. B: Drive to the end of the dam, and make the dropoff. Pick up the person 
    standing on the corner, they will want to go the Builders Shack, so make a fast 
    U-turn and head back across the dam, and make sure to go RIGHT at the fork, up 
    the hill and to the dropoff. Pick up the nearest passenger who will want to go 
    to Rancho Relaxo. So back down the hill and once on the dam, drive off to the 
    left, and into the water. Now take the hill on the left up and into the dropoff, 
    make sure to spin out so you are facing the exit. GOTO CONT. D. 
    CONT. C: Drive across the dam and make a sharp right and pull up to the dropoff. 
    Now make a quick U-turn and pick up the person on the corner near the dam. They 
    will want to go to the Builders Shack, so go across the dam, and make sure to go 
    RIGHT at the fork, up the hill and to the dropoff. Pick up the nearest passenger 
    who will want to go to Rancho Relaxo. So back down the hill and once on the dam, 
    drive off to the left, and into the water. Now take the hill on the left up and 
    into the dropoff, make sure to spin out so you are facing the exit. GOTO CONT. D. 
    CONT. D: Drive out and pickup the passenger on your RIGHT. They will want to go 
    to TNT Storage, so now, turn a sharp left and back into the water. Drive UP the 
    dam, diagonally toward the right, when on top, make sure to take the LEFT fork 
    for the dropoff. The next passenger should just get right in. They will want to 
    go to the Stonecutters Lodge, so from here continue up the road and it will 
    merge into another road at the top of the hill. Go around a few turns and after 
    you pass Jittery Joes (on your left) you will make a right, but just keep going 
    straight heading toward the billboard and you will probably take a huge drop 
    (unless you go slow enough to go down the hill) now just continue down the road 
    'til you get to the lodge. Pull into the driveway so it's easier to pickup your 
    next passenger, who is the same one as the first. Now just continue with this 
    route until you run out of time. 
    Nuclear Power Plant: 
    Information coming soon. 
    Information coming soon. 
    Springfield Mountains: 
    Information coming soon. 
    _/Extras & Goodies\_____________________________________________________ 
    Holiday Characters: Set your Game Cube's internal clock to the following 
    dates to unlock Holiday Characters! 
      Date:             Character:   
      01/01             Happy New Year Krusty 
      10/31             Happy Halloween Bart 
                        Bart dressed as Frankenstien, Honor Roller painted 
                        w/ jack-o-lanterns, Horn: Witch Laugh 
      11/2*             Happy Thanksgiving Marge 
                        Marge dressed as pilgrim, Canyonero painted w/ 
                        turkeys, Horn: Gobble 
      12/25             Merry Christmas Apu 
    *Note- Since Thanksgiving falls on a different numbered day each year 
    you'll have to set it accordingly. For the year 2001 set it for 11/22. 
    Bonus Vehicle: Complete all 10 challenges to unlock The Homer: The Car 
    built for the Average Man! The car is playable in any mode, simply click 
    on Homer's picture in the car selection screen. 
    Wimp Challenge Mode: If you want to be a wimp, you can skip any of the 
    first 9 missions by losing them 5 times. Doing this will not stop you 
    from unlocking The Homer. 
    CHEATS: Go to the options menu and hold in the L and R buttons and press the 
    following button combinations for the desired results. If done correct then you 
    will hear a sort of honking noise, if not you will hear a bird call. All codes 
    are compatible with each other except the 'drive as' codes, which it only 
    accepts the first one you enter (or was it the last?) Also when using the new 
    car codes just choose any driver, your car will be replaced as the one for the 
    code entered. 
    X,X,X,X    -    2D or 'flat' characters who sort of wobble around. 
    Y,Y,Y,Y    -    Earn lots of extra money. 
    Y,B,B,X    -    Turn off the map. 
    A,A,A,A    -    Enter nighttime mode. 
    B,B,B,B    -    Get new camera angles (selectable when paused.) 
    B,B,A,A    -    Enter a sort of debug mode. 
    B,B,X,X    -    Use Thanksgiving Marge, no matter what the date. 
    B,B,X,Y    -    Use New Years Krusty, no matter what the date. 
    B,B,X,A    -    Use Halloween Bart, no matter what the date. 
    B,B,X,B    -    Use Christmas Apu, no matter what the date. 
    B,B,Y,Y    -    Use Burns' car, drive as Smithers. 
    B,B,Y,X    -    Use 'box' car. Burns uses it when you drive as Smithers. 
    B,B,Y,A    -    Use the Nuclear Bus! 
    A,B,B,A    -    I have no clue. 
    Q:Is ______ a playable character? 
      A:Check the drivers list. 
    Q:Is ______ in the game? 
      A:Check the cast list. Most of them are also passengers, but not all 
        so, compare the cast list to the passenger list to see who you can't 
        pick up. 
    Q:How do I unlock the "?" character? 
      A:See Extras & Goodies section- Holiday Characters. 
    Q:What is the difference between the easy/medium/hard settings? 
      A:The easier the setting, the more time you get. BUT, the harder the 
        setting, the more money you earn per person. 
    Q:I'm stuck on _______ mission, can you help me? 
      A:See the mission walkthrough section. 
    Q:Are there any cheat codes? 
      A:YES! 13 to be exact. These were actually discovered by me and my 
        friends. I heard a rumor about a camera angle cheat for the ps2 
        version, that had something to do with the shoulder buttons, so 
        I figured we could mess around with that and we started getting 
        sounds. Just took a while before some things started happening such 
        as nighttime mode, and driving as Smithers. 
    All names, companies, and products are trademark and/or copywritten 
    property of their parent companies. This file is in no way endorsed or 
    sponsored by any company. Written by a fan for the fans. Enjoy. 
    I would like to thank my friends Dave and Frank for helping me discover the 
    cheat codes. Without them I probably would've only found 2 or 3. 
    I would like to thank CJayC of www.gamefaqs.com for hosting my and many 
    others helpful FAQs, Walkthroughs, Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Reviews. 
    Another big thanks goes out to Keyz of gamefaqs.com messageboards for 
    all of his help. 
    I would also like to thank all of those from gamefaqs.com message boards 
    who helped me out with any info. 

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