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    FAQ by HansMoleman13

    Version: 3.1 | Updated: 01/26/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Simpsons
    RRRR                  DDD
    RR R AA AA GG    EE
    for PS2
    By HansMoleman13   Version 3.1  1/26/02
    Table of Contents
    1. INTRO
     b. Objective
    2. LEVELS
     b. Ratings on Speed and Turning
    8. FAQ
    If you have anything new on shortcuts or infinite routes or codes, have 
    a question or want to correct me email me at hansmoleman13@yahoo.com.  
    Please.  For you Simpson fans got to my web site at 
    http://members.fortunecity.com/mdm0. It is on The Simpsons and contains 
    this FAQ in an unprintable version and more.  
    Legal Stuff from the Offices of Lionel Hutz...
    This FAQ is copyrighted 2002 HansMoleman13.  Feel free to print out for 
    personal use. Only sites with permission to use this (besides GameFaqs) 
    is my site, http://members.fortunecity.com/mdm0, cheatcc.com, 
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    and you are putting in a website, FAQ, or Message Board credit me and 
    link to my FAQ.  DO NOT COPY from this I don't mind if you take an idea 
    or two but don't copy word for word nor should you even make it 
    CREDIT:  To Gamewinners.com for the codes and infinite route 1#.  
    Infinite route #3 is from Simpsonsforum.com. Everything else is my 
    original work so if you get info from my FAQ credit me or else Sideshow 
    Bob will come after you...  
    UPDATES: Version 2.0
             Added Infinite Routes, Objective, changed Level rankings, 
    added FAQ and Character rankings. Also added new codes.
             Version 3.0
             Started Quotes, and Glitches Sections, added GC and Xbox 
    codes, and added a shortcut or two and some more FAQ's.  I edited all 
    19 pages.  
    Version 3.1  Added more quotes, reformatted ASCII art and let 
    neoseeker.com use this FAQ.
        Best Simpson Game ever.
    B  OBJECTIVE: To get 1,000,000 dollars to buy back the transit system 
    from Mr. Burns and complete 10 missions to unlock a secret car.
    NOTE:  When I say Burnout in this FAQ I mean a donut.  To perform one, 
    while moving, hit left (or right) and square at the same time.
    2   The Levels
     This is a list of shortcuts and interesting facts and a ranking of how 
    good it is for money out of ten.  I do not factor in infinite runs.
    Evergreen Terrace
    Rating:  8/10
    Shortcuts:  Go under a billboard with dirt tracks, major short cut.  
    There is a dirt path behind buildings on the way to gas station, 
    Moleman's and the Grocery store.  Cut across lawns and through parking 
    lots.  There is a tunnel leading from the church to Lovejoy's house.  
    When going to the church cut through the water.  On the way to the 
    Retirement Castle, on the right is a sign that says TO ROOF.  Go 
    through the little alley onto the roof and ride it into the start of 
    another shortcut, near a Planet of the Apes billboard. When going to 
    Willie's shack, go through the school.
    Entertainment District
    Rating: 9/10
    Shortcuts: There is a truck ramp after Disco Stu's and Java the Hut on 
    the right side of the road.  It leads down to the area of Sir Putts-a-
    lot and the Googleplex.  Best short cut in the game but DO NOT use when 
    going to Planet Hype.  Go through the Duff Brewery, a Capitol City 
    Goofball is outside.  A dirt jump is outside of She-She Lounge.  Use 
    the side streets well.  A nice path is behind the Bowl-a-rama.
    Springfield Dam
    Rating:  6/10  
    Shortcuts:  Bear left after the start to take a grass path.  After 
    the Eat Deer sign go right on to grass to cut the turn.  When going to 
    places in the Kamp Krusty area go through the water.  Right after 
    crossing the gorge go to the left like you are going to run into a 
    wall.  You will cut through vines into a cave that ends at the 
    Springfield Dam.
    Power Plant  
    Rating 7.5/10
    Shortcuts:  A straightforward level.  I note that there is a path 
    leading out of The Runoff Stream.  It is often faster to cut through 
    the water.  You can go on the 2nd story of the mall.  Cut through the 
    Springfield Coliseum with the Truck-a-Saurus. Make your own short cuts 
    by cutting across parking lots. 
    Rating:  8.5/10
    Shortcuts:  In a fork in the grass there is the biggest jump, The 
    Escalator to Nowhere.  It lands you by the tennis and basketball 
    courts.  Behind the Sit and Rotate restaurant is a jump it takes you to 
    the runways of the airports. The airplanes have jumps but there arent 
    really helpful.  You can travel in the sewer and ride on the 
    train tracks.  On top of the parking garage are three jumps, very cool 
    but it takes too long to get to the top.  
    Springfield Mountains
    Rating: 3/10
    Shortcuts:  Small redundant level.  You can ride on the train tracks.  
    Go through Burns' mansion and garden.  Only about 10 destinations.
    B      General tips:
    Hit bus stops for an extra two seconds.  Use side roads and cut 
    corners.  Memorize routes that give lots of money.  Avoid the yellow 
    bus and Burns car.  Use burnouts to turn.  Do not hit select unless you 
    are stuck, it brings you backwards.  When dropping off a customer land 
    in the pick-up area of another customer.  Find side-streets and some 
    short cuts on the map in the lower left corner of the screen.  Play on 
    hard mode, it gives you less time but much more money.  The hand often 
    screws you up so don't follow it if you know where you are going.
    Little interesting observations
    Ram into the statue of Jebediah Springfield and his head will fall off 
    like in "The Telltale Head."  The chalkboard says 'This is not a 
    clue... or is it?' That is from "Who Shot Mr. Burns."  The duff tanks 
    in the Brewery are Duff, Duff Lite, and Duff Dry.  The scoreboard at 
    Sir-Putt-a-lot is from when Bart and Flanders play each other.  Many 
    non controllable characters are in the game, such as Gil, Dizzy Duff, 
    Crazy Old Man, and plenty more.  The horns on each car are different.  
    Many landmarks are not destinations.  Many people at the same pick-up 
    area are going to the same place. When playing as Smithers in the 
    beginning Mr. Burns rides in the little soapbox car/toy. The speed 
    limit in the Mountains is 75.  After/ or during the construction of the 
    quote section I might write the different signs and billboards out, 
    some are pretty funny. George Bush's house is across from the Simpson's 
    just like in the episode.
    3     CODES:  You little cheater....  ALL CODES ARE DONE AT THE OPTIONS 
    THEM OFF. For Holiday Characters, another way to unlock them is by 
    changing the date on your system.
    More money:  Press Square four times.
    Overhead:  Press circle three times and square once.
    Night Mode:  Press X four times.
    New camera views:  Press triangle four times.
    Flat people:  Press circle four times.
    Collision lines: Press triangle twice, and X twice.
    Soapbox car:  Press triangle twice, square once and circle once.
    Nuclear Bus:  Press triangle twice, square once and X once
    Smithers:  Press triangle twice and square twice.
    Stop the clock: Press circle, triangle, square, and X once. NOTE: Use 
    triangle to start, stop, and reset the clock.                                     
    Slow Mo: Press X, circle, triangle, and square once.
    Halloween Bart:  Play on October 31 OR press triangle twice, circle 
    once and X once.
    Christmas Apu:  Play on December 25 OR press triangle twice, circle 
    once and triangle again.
    Pilgrim Marge:  Play on Thanksgiving OR press triangle twice, and 
    circle twice.
    New Years Krusty: Play on January 1 OR press triangle twice, circle 
    once and square once.
    More Money: Press X four times.
    Overhead view: Press X three times and Y once.
    Night Mode: Press A four times.
    More Camera Views: Press Y four times.
    Flat Characters:  Press B four times.
    Collision Lines:  Press Y two times and A two times.
    Soapbox Car: Press Y twice, X, and then B.
    Nuclear Bus: Press Y twice, X, and then A
    Smithers: Y twice, and X twice.
    Stop the Clock: Press B, then Y, X, and finally A.
    Slow Mo: Press A, then B, then Y, and finally X.
    Halloween Bart: Press Y twice, then B, and lastly A OR play on October 
    Christmas Apu: Press Y twice, B, and Y again OR play on December 25. 
    Pilgrim Marge: Press Y twice, and B twice OR play on Thanksgiving.
    New Year's Krusty:  Press Y twice, B, then X OR play on January 1.
    More Money: Press Y four times.
    Overhead View: Press X three times, and Y once.
    Night Mode: Press A four times.
    More Camera Views: Press B four times.
    Flat Characters: Press X four times.
    Collision Lines: Press B twice, then A twice.
    Soapbox Car: Press B twice, Y, then X.
    Nuclear Bus: Press B twice, then Y, and finally A.
    Smithers: Press B twice, and Y twice.
    Stop the Clock: Press X once, B once, Y, and then A.
    Slow Mo: Press A, then X, then B, and lastly Y.
    Halloween Bart: Press B twice, X, and A OR play on October 31.
    Christmas Apu: Press B twice, X, and B again OR play on December 25.
    Pilgrim Marge:  Press B twice, and X twice OR play on Thanksgiving.
    New Year's Krusty: Press B twice, X once, and finally Y OR play on 
    January 1. 
    A difficulty rating is included.  1 is the hardest, 10 is the easiest. 
    ######If you are impatient you can fail any of the first 9 missions 5 
    times to skip it and never have to do it######.  It does not work on 
    Burns' Arena.
    Rating: 10
    Knock over 12 newspaper boxes.
    The first one is on the right side of the road.  So is the second one.  
    At the fork bear left and knock over the box on the left.  The next box 
    is on the right behind a bus stop.  The next box is on the right also.  
    On the left is the next.  You are halfway there.  Continue along the 
    road and the next two are on the right. After getting the next one on 
    the left turn left. The last three are, in order, left side, right 
    side, right side.
    Rating: 9
    Get to the Power Plant before Burns hits you.
    It's a straightforward mission.  Follow the hand and watch out for 
    Burns outside the drop off area. He will charge at you.  Stay to the 
    right of him and you will be fine.  
    Hit 12 Capital City Goofballs.
    The first mascot is on Barney's right.  Immediately cut diagonally 
    through the park to the next Goofball on his right.  Continue 
    straight/right.  The next Goofball is on the left.  The next two are on 
    the grass median in the middle.  Hit the Goofball on the right and turn 
    right.  Hit the Goofball on the left.  Again hit a mascot on the right 
    and turn right.  The next mascots are on the left and right 
    respectively.  The second to last is on the left in the parking lot.  
    The last Goofball is in the entrance of the Coliseum.  If you missed a 
    Goofball early on, never fear, three more are here.  Yep, don't go back 
    to get the one you skipped, inside the Coliseum is three mascots in one 
    blue ring.
    Rating: 7
    Hit fifteen light posts.
    This mission is easy because all targets are in a small area.  What I 
    do is immediately go right.  I then go up and back down the parking lot 
    for 10 of the posts.  I crossover and finish it off. 
    Rating: 4
    Hit twenty cans of nuclear waste.
    The first three are on the right among the bushes.  A fourth can is 
    also on the right but do a partial burnout into it to head left.  Now 
    that you have turned the next three are on the right.  Do not enter the 
    plant after getting the seventh can.  Instead go to the right of it.  
    Cans numbers 8 - 14 are in plain view here in somewhat of a line.  
    After that turn left (it's the only place you can go) the next ones on 
    the left, right and left.  You should turn left into a parking lot (If 
    you aren't in one already I'm not sure).  The next three cans of waste 
    will be right down the middle. 
    Rating: 5
    Hit 12 garbage cans.
    The first can is easy to miss it is on the right but nearly parallel 
    with the start.  Hit it and continue across the bridge.  Four cans are 
    in a line along the left of the bridge, run them over.  Before you turn 
    left hit the can on the grass median (preferably with a burnout so the 
    left turn is easier and to avoid ol' Burnsie).  The next two are on the 
    left.  One is one the right and another on the left.  Here you will 
    will lose if you miss the jump.  After landing it there is one trash 
    can on the left and the final can on the right.
    Rating: 8
    Get to City hall before time runs out.
    Simple mission.  Only obstacle is that Mr. Burns is on the highway to 
    stop you.  A last minute turn will avoid him and you're home free.
    Rating: 1
    Hit 8 bundles of three trees.
    I tried about 15 times before I got it, this is the only Mission I did 
    not get on my first try, the trick is all in this one back track.  
    Anyhoo...  The first bundle is under the billboard after you go up the 
    hill.  You will reach the Tire Fire and you will want take the right 
    fork.  A stack is on the right, after hitting that, turn left as 
    another one is on the left.  Now when the road merges do a partial 
    burnout left turn.  Burnout into the stack before you.  In case I lost 
    you, all we did was make  a U-turn and another U-turn, we are now back 
    on the route.  The next two piles are on the left and right.  DON'T GO 
    ON THE TRAIN TRACKS OR YOU WILL LOSE.  Now turn up the path on the 
    right and take a sharp left.  The final two are straight ahead.
    Hit 15 Krusty signs.
    The first sign is on the right.  The next two are on the middle and 
    right.  Turn right here and collect the next two signs on the left.  
    The following two are on the right. One more is on the left.  A sign is 
    in the middle of a fork.  Hit it and take the left path.  Two more on 
    the left.  Then on the right, left and right.  Here you should head 
    diagonally across the park to get the final one.
    Hit 20 pieces of statues.                  
    Head forward to enter the garden.  You might want to change the camera 
    view.  Don't press select unless you are positively stuck.  It brings 
    you out at the front of The Mansion.  Just drive around and hit the 
    statues, only reason it is hard is because of Burns' car.
    You have unlocked The Car Built for Homer!!!!!!!!  To use it choose 
    Homer.  It will ask which car you want.
    Playable, non-secret, characters:
    Homer - Family Car
    Marge - Canyonero
    Bart - Honor Roller
    Willie - Tractor
    Lisa - Elec-Taurus
    Flanders - Family Car
    Apu - Sports Car
    Moe- Sedan
    Barney - Plow King
    Grandpa - Shriner Car
    Krusty - Klown Car
    Frink - Hovercar
    Snake - Lil' Bandit
    Chief Wiggum - Police Car
    Rev. Lovejoy - Book Burning Mobile
    Homer - Mr. Plow
    Homer - Car built for Homer
    Otto - School Bus
    Apu- Speed (Acceleration Also): A-
         Turning (Donuts, also): C+
         FINAL GRADE: B 
    Barney- Speed: C
            Turning: F
            FINAL GRADE: D
    Bart- Speed: A-
          Turning: C+
          FINAL GRADE: B      
    Chief Wiggum- Speed: C+                       
                  Turning: C
                  FINAL GRADE: C+         
    Flanders- Speed: B-
              Turning: A+
              FINAL GRADE: B+/A-
    Frink- Speed: A-
           Turning: A+
           FINAL GRADE: A
    Grandpa- Speed: C+
             Turning: B-
             FINAL GRADE: B-
    Homer (Family Car)- Speed: D
                        Turning: C+
                        FINAL GRADE: C-
    Homer (Mr. Plow)- Speed: C
                      Turning: D-
                      FINAL GRADE: D+
    Homer (Car Built For Homer)- Speed: C+
                                 Turning: D-
                                 FINAL GRADE: C-
    Krusty- Speed: B
            Turning: B
            FINAL GRADE: B   
    Lisa- Speed: B-
          Turning: B
          FINAL GRADE: B
    Marge- Speed: B
           Turning: D
           FINAL GRADE: C
    Moe- Speed: B-
         Turning: C+
         FINAL GRADE: B-     
    Otto- Speed: D
          Turning: D-
          FINAL GRADE: D
    Rev. Lovejoy- Speed: C+
                  Turning: C
                  FINAL GRADE: C
    Snake- Speed: A-
           Turning: B-
           FINAL GRADE: B+
    Smithers- Speed: B
              FINAL GRADE: B-
    Willie- Speed: C+
            Turning: B
            FINAL GRADE: B-
    Note Secret Holiday Characters are the same stats as their counterpart.  
    I might add stats for the code cars.  
        If anyone is wondering how this crazy Simpson freak got the 
    ratings, well, I'll tell you how.  I first timed a certain stretch at 
    the beginning of Evergreen Terrace.  Almost everyone who got a B or 
    higher finished in 5 or less seconds, from C to B was 6 seconds and D+ 
    and below was 7 seconds.  I played around with turns and burnouts and 
    gave a bad, medium, or good ratings (With + or -).  I then converted to 
    Grades using this system:
    Good+ = A+
    Good = A-
    Good- = B
    Medium+ = B-
    Medium = C+
    Medium- = C
    Bad+ = D
    Bad = D-
    Bad- = F 
    For the final grade I averaged the two.  If it fell between I would 
    choose to round up, down, or choose both.  Please DO NOT email me about 
    whether you think I'm right or wrong on this I tried to be as fair and 
    mathematical as I could but my rankings are not 'official.'
    Ahh, quotes, the best part of the game. Please note I am omitting 
    quotes such as Hi,---- and Take me to the---- unless they are funny. 
    (Such as, "Take me to Grandma's World, I'm horny." - Grandpa) This list 
    is not complete, It takes about 1 and 1/2 hours to get 30 - 40 quotes 
    different quotes from one driver and the same time for 50-60 pick-
    up/hittable quotes.  I do this simultaneously but if you do the math if 
    I do one character a day it will take 18 days (or 27 hours) don't 
    expect me to be done very soon because I will have to type it up and 
    put it on the internet so it will be awhile.  I would be ever so happy 
    if you e-mailed me at hansmoleman13@yahooo.com and told me a few quotes 
    I don't have. I will credit you and if you tell me post your e-mail or 
    (Bart is playing video games when Homer steps in front of the TV.)
    Bart: Dad!!
    Homer: Quit playing those stupid video games, boy, I want to watch TV.
    (Marge hums as Homer changes channels.)
    Kent Brockman: (Kent Brockman is standing on camera) Oh, we're live in 
    front of City Hall as hooticrat Montgomery Burns is about to unveil his 
    nuclear powered.
    Mr. Burns: (Mayor Quimby and Smithers flank him) Behold Burns' atomic 
    megabus, faster, cheaper, and perfectly safe.
    Hans Moleman: (Hans Moleman is standing next to a nuclear bus, both are 
    glowing) Please kill me.
    Marge: (Back to the Simpson's couch where the family is sitting 
    watching the TV) That poor man, I hope someone does kill him.
    Lisa: Those buses are a threat to public health.
    Homer: Threat to public health, eh? That gives me an idea.
    Homer: (Homer is outside and has painted 'Homer 4 Hire' on his car) 
    What do you think?
    Marge: (Lisa is shaking her head) Hrmmm.
    Bart: Just get to the game already.
    Homer: Woohoo, Alright! 
    (Drives over the mailbox twice)
    Quotes from when you highlight a character at the character selection 
    Homer: (Normal car, drives into sight) Woohoo! I got the need for speed 
    and money.
    Homer: (Car Built For Homer is on a showcase, laughter is heard in the 
    background) The sticker price is... $82,000!!!! (Horn goes off, as 
    laughter gets louder.)
    Bart: (Drives into view) I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?
    Marge: (Canyonero drives up ramp after hitting telephone pole.) 
    Everyone better stay out of my way.
    Lisa: (Drives up in Elec-taurus) Get ready for electric speed. (Plug 
    pops out) Oh dear.
    Grandpa: (Rams shriner car into a fire hydrant) Buh, Buh, buh, look 
    where you're goin' ya idiot.
    Willie: (Drive up in tractor with Willy painted on it) Get ready for 
    some big Willie style.
    Krusty: (Drives up and hops out) Hey-Hey. Time to make some kablingy, I 
    mean mazoolians.
    Apu: (Drives in on two side wheels) Riding this car is more dangerous 
    than the night shift at the Kwik-e-Mart. But, what the heck?
    Barney: (The truck has a bunch of snow in the back and Homer is 
    standing behind the truck) Whoa, its my turn to drive already? (dumps 
    snow on Homer) Homer: D'oh
    Moe: (Drives up and trunk opens and a Panda appears) Vamoose. Get out 
    of here. Scram. (Trunk closes) Hey, it isn't mine, I swear.
    Otto: (Drives around) Alright, Alright. This is way better than driving 
    those stupid kids.
    Chief Wiggum: (Pulls up with siren on) Never fear Chief Wiggum is... 
    (eats a donut) around.    
    Ned Flanders: (Drives into a holy light) Ned Flanders at your ser-
    Homer: (Mr. Plow plows through some snow singing) Oh, Mr. Plow, that's 
    my name, that name again is Mr. Plow.
    Reverend Lovejoy: (Drives in as the book, Little Women, flies out of 
    the Book Burning Mobile and hits the camera) Come and ride in the 
    Lord's chariot.
    Snake: (Chief Wiggum is in pursuit of Snake) Chief Wiggum: Freeze, 
    hairball. (Both cars go off screen, a car crashes and a wheel rolls by) 
    Snake: Alright, let's go smash things.
    Frink: (Floats around and a jet on the back of his car falls off) 
    Glavin, Glavin, mulhavin-glavin. That monkey is going to pay.
    Quotes from Playable Characters (Secret Characters do not talk :-()
    1. It's time f0r some road rage, Bart Simpson style.
    2. Fine by me.
    3. Cooool!!
    4. Whoa, got him.
    5. Get out of the car man.
    6. Don't have a cow man, I'll get you there.
    7. Cowabunga, dude.
    8. Don't forget to write.
    9. Bart Simpson at your service.
    10. So glad to be of service.
    11. No problemo.
    12. You said it.  
    13. Bingo!
    14. Glad to be of service.
    15. What the...
    16. I didn't do it. 
    17. Safe and sound.
    18. Ooops.
    19. Yeah!!
    20. Thanks for riding with Bart Simpson Incorporated.
    21. Welcome to your destination. 
    22. Let's go mac, haven't got all day.
    23. Get out of my way.
    24. Alright, alright, chill man.
    25. And where to?
    26. And here we are.
    1. USA, USA
    2. Take that.
    3. (Menacing voice) Get in, I've got candy.
    4. So long suckers.
    5. Please don't sue.
    6. I feel bad about myself.
    7. Woohoo!
    8. Eat my dust.
    9. D'oh.
    10. That was too easy.
    11. Bo-oring.
    12. Where to Mac?
    13. Mistakes were made.
    14. Want a receipt? Too bad!!
    15. (Whisper) I'm not a very good driver.
    16. The what now?
    17. Seatbelt Shmeatbelt.
    18. Touchdown.
    19.(Nervous) Oh, Chief Wiggum, how can I be of law-abiding service.
    20. Tip please.
    21. Get in boy.
    22. Aw, I swallowed my gum.
    23. Do you have a barf bag? I don't feel so good.
    24. That's a spicy meatball!!
    25. OK, I didn't ask for your life story.
    26. Now that's driving.
    27. Ooh, can I come?
    28. Don't sit on my nachos.
    29. Thank you.
    30. Hope you didn't puke.
    31. What part of get in don't you understand? 
    32. Let's do this thing.
    33. Damn straight.
    34. Did I do great or really great?
    35. Whatever.
    36. It's crashing time.
    37. Let's see you do better.
    38. Ow, my head.
    39. (Nervous) Uh, Chief Wiggum, what are you doing here?
    40. Homer for Hire at your service.
    1. So happy to be on the road with the driving, steering, and the cell 
    phone related mishaps.
    2. Oh good lord!
    3. Aw, My glasses need tape.
    4. Welcome fellow earthling.
    5. Alright then.
    6. Professor Frink rides again.
    7. I have pain, pain in the glavin.
    8. Uhoh, that wasn't supposed to happen.
    9. Zoig.
    10. That was Frinktastic if I say so myself.
    11. Hey-Hey. Where can I take you.
    12. See you later silly person. 
    13. Where to land traveler?
    14. If we go any faster my car might go back in time.
    15. Whoa, that was incredible.
    16. I broke my flux capacity.
    17. Owh, I didn't mean to hit a person.
    18. Hum hayvin!!
    19. Excelsior!
    20. Superior technology breeds superior results. gah-hey!
    21. Why you worthless hunk of junk!!
    22. Save me from the pain.
    23. Muh-Glavin.
    24. Now why would you do that to a person?
    25. Thank you for riding.
    26. Hey watch it buster.
    27. Great Akkam's razor.
    Characters you Pick-up or hit (This includes playable characters when 
    you pick them up)
    I have never seen him but I swear I've heard him say Yee-hee!!
    1. Ol' Gil is going to need another operation.
    2. Aw, I think you broke something there.
    3. This looks bad for old Gil.
    4. Aw, Gil's gonna sue... I'm gonna be on an easy streak.
    5. Aw, Gil's really done for. 
    Man in blue suit
    1. (Accent) Look out 
    2. Nine (or Nide I can't tell but nine is German for No)
    Crazy Old Man
    1. Oof!!
    Rabbi Krustofski
    1. Hey!!
    2. Ooof!!
    Capitol City Goofball
    1. (Male voice) Look Out!
    2. (Male voice) Oog!!
    3. (Male voice) I regret nothing.
    Dizzy Duff
    1. Oof!!
    1. Take me to my store I hope that shoplifters didn't steal too many 
    2. Little Bart, I do not hink you are old enough to drive, but what the 
    3. Vishnu frowns upon your recklessness.
    4. Please refrain from crashing the car like that.
    5. Whoa, No!!
    6. What are you trying to pull with this crazy driving?
    7. Oh dear.
    8. That was so fast, take this jerky as a tip.
    1. Take me to the church, I think I did something last night but I 
    can't remember what.
    2. I think I ate a bug.
    3. Get us killed, why dontcha?
    4. That hurt.
    5. Thanks little buddy, you're the best.
    6. Hurry up already, I'm going to be late.
    7. Hey, where are you taking me anyway
    8. What? I don't know what I'm doing here.
    9. Whoa, a ride I promise I'll try my best not to throw up.
    10. Can't you go any faster than this.
    11. Whoa, I don't feel so good. 
    12. (Burp)
    1. Dude, where are you going?
    2. Hurry up already, I'm gonna be late.
    3. Oh-ho, that was the coolest.
    1. Alto! (Stop!)
    2. Ay YAY ay! Por que ????? el mundo. (Why ?????? the world 
    3. No es facil. (Don't yield)
    4. Ay me agahon.
    5. Aye Yay aye.
    6. Adelante!! Adelante!! (Forward!! Forward!!)
    7. Mas rapido por favor! (Faster please)
    8. Gracias, I guess. (Thank you, I guess)
    9. Mi horvia, muchas gracias. 
    Email me if you know anything else at hansmoleman13@yahoo.com
    1. Can you give an old seabird a lift?
    2. That was uncalled for, methinks.
    3. Can' this landlubber machine go any faster?
    4. Could you please stop running us aground now?
    5. That was 40 knots over the speed limit.
    6. Thar she blows.
    7. Ahoy, maties.
    1. Drive. With extreme prejudice. 
    2. Can you take me home? Thieves stole my police car.
    3. Hurry up, I won't give you a ticket.
    4. The law says you're not supposed to go that fast, but, what the 
    5. Smashy Smashy. 
    6. Whoa, that was a big one.
    7. Ow, my tushie.
    8. That's a moving vioation.
    9. Ow sat on my gun.
    10. I don't think you know where you're going.
    11. You sure know how to speed.
    1. Worst videogame ever.
    2. You did that at warp 10.
    3. Require burgers for a ????????? marathon.
    4. Warp speed.
    5. Will you hurry up I'm going to be late.
    6. That was the greatest ride in history.
    DR. NICK
    1. Take me to the Retirement Castle, please, I need a cadaver to 
    practice on.
    2. Hi everybody!
    3. Stop!!
    4. You drive as well as I practice medicine!! 
    5. You need to drive faster.
    6. You're da best, If you're in an accident and need to live, just call 
    Dr. Nick.
    7. Why isn't anybody stopping?
    8. Uh oh this is going to be a bumpy ride.
    9. Why do you keep crashing into things?
    10. Enough with the crashing.
    11. Thanks, stop by my clinic for a free nose job.
    1. Over here, dummy.
    2. Stop.
    3. Grocery store please, another microwave meal for one.
    4. You don't answer to me, I don't answer to you.
    5. What's the big idea, Buster?
    6. Well, you sure drive better than Seymour. 
    1. Can you take me Rev. Lovejoy's house, I want him to bless my new 
    2. Oww.
    3. Woo-ho, that was quick.
    1. The primary reason you are picking me up is according to the laws of 
    physics gah-hoy I cannot occupy two places at the same time.
    2. Ow, the collision, it hurts.
    3. Ow, my glasses need tape.
    4. More velocity. I'm going to be late.
    5. Whoa.
    6. Save me from the pain.
    7. You must have had Flubber in the gas tank.
    8. It was like I was cryogenically frozen without the heartbeat and the 
    ceasing of the aging process gah-hoy.
    1. Retirement Castle and step on it, I'm missing Matlock, MATLOCK!
    2. I left a mannequin in my bed.
    3. Buh: buh, we're here already.
    1. That was the best ride of my life.
    2. Take me somewhere happy.
    3. Take me... Oh, I forgot where I needed to go.
    4. Anyone there? Hello?
    5. Your driving scares me.
    6. Oh, are we here already?
    7. All I know is pain.
    1. You drive like I think... Slowly.
    2. Stop, taxi.
    3. Over here.
    4. Take me to Barney's I'm late for an intervention.
    5. Learn to drive dumbass!
    6. OK, that's a law suit. 
    7. Retirement castle please, Grandpafound a treasure map.
    8. Ow, I bit my tongue.
    9. Hurry up, I have to pee.
    10. Way to ignore the speed limits.
    1. I'm gonna be late, hurry up.
    2. Can you drive faster?
    3. You're driving to slow.
    4. Saw that coming.
    5. Why did you do that.
    6. Would you stop that?
    7. Whoa, I'm getting dizzy.
    8. UH, I'd say that's a new record.
    1. Hey-Hey. Now shut up and drive.
    2. Lucky for you I left my seltzer bottle at home.
    3. Ahh! I can't feel my clown nose.
    4. Ixnay on the ornographpay.
    5. You drive worse than Mr. Teeny. 
    6. Hoo ha ha. You're faster than Joey Heatherton.
    1. Although I'm morally opposed to the use of fossil fuels, I really 
    need a lift.
    2. Hey those people have feelings.
    3. Ow!
    4. Hey!
    5. I hope you have airbags.
    6. You maniac!
    7. You have a gift for speed.
    1. Be careful.
    2. Oh. My tushie.
    3. Why do you keep hitting everything?
    4.Thanks so much, you're fast.
    5. Can you take me to the grocery store, the are having a sale on 
    6. Oh my goodness, that was so fast.
    1. Stop, the car or I'll punch you in the neck.
    2. Just get me out of here, no questions, I'll pay handsomely.  
    3. Oh, I'm getting a lot of brain swelling.
    4.That was fast, you ever consider working as wheel man?
    1. Time for some mass destruction.
    2. Smashy Smashy.
    3. Ha Ha!
    4. Hey, I can drive better than this.
    5. You suck, man.
    6. That was pretty good... For a lamewad.
    7. Stop!!
    8. Shut up and drive, Simpson!
    9. Time for some mass destruction dude!!
    10. I've had better.
    11. That was fine as fresh huckleberry.
    1. Oh yeah!
    2. Dude, put the heavy metal to the petal!!
    3. Whoa, spilled my pudding.
    4. Don't harsh my mellow man.
    5. Hurry up, I'm going to be late for something.
    6. Whoa, where did that come from?
    7. Hey, that trip went all the way to eleven.
    1. Take me to the box-factory. Yay boxes!!
    2. (Barking sounds)
    3. Take me home, Leprechauns tell me to burn things.
    4. Wait for Ralph.
    5. I choo, choo, choose you.
    6. My teeth came out.
    7. I'm scared.
    8. My tummy doesn't like your driving.
    9. The happiest day of my life was when doctor said I didn't have 
    10. Why are you driving so slow?
    11. My daddy's gonna put you in jail.
    12. It's OK I'm not good at things either. Miss Hoover says I'll get 
    used to it.
    13. Go banana.
    14. Can you drive faster?
    15. Thanks, you're the bestest driver ever.
    1. Take me home, it's tiring being so righteous all the time.
    2. I command you to stop.
    3. I'm soaring with the angels.
    4. Why don't you watch where you're going.
    5. Hey, watch where you're going.
    6. Now that was unnecessary I think.
    7. Praise be the glory of God.
    8. If it isn't the spawn of Satan?
    9. What in God's name are you doing?
    10. It's the pedal on the right, friend. 
    11. Whoa!
    12. Halleluiah!!
    1. Alright a car.
    2. Take me to the Flanders' I've got my eye on their big screen. 
    3. Hurry up I'm going to be late.
    4. Dude, you're more reckless than me.
    5. Oh, like, no.
    6. Bummer dude.
    7. Way to go dude.
    8. Dude, do you have to drive so slow? 
    9. Whoa, you're going to get us killed dude.
    10. Awesome dude, you're the best. 
    11. Stop, dude!
    1. Stop!!
    2. I'd give you a piece of my mind but I'm afraid to.
    3. What? You're the best driver I've ever seen.
    1. Auch, someone pick Willie up for crying out loud
    2. Willie needs a lift.
    3. Can you take me to my shack, I need some Willie time. 
    4. Aye, you turned that guy into haus.
    5. Aye, I think I punctured me bagpipes.
    6. That was the best trip I ever had.
    These routes are controversial but are the fastest way to beat the game 
    (definitely not the most fun).
    1.	In Evergreen Terrace take the first customer to the Kwik-E-Mart 
    then go to Smither's Apartment. (Take the laft fork after the Kwik-e-
    Mart. it is on the right.)  Across the street is an alley. Go to the 
    end of it and do a burnout into the blue pick-up area.  The person 
    (Barney, Sea Captain, or Squeaky-voiced Teen,) will want to go to 
    Smithers' take them through the alley and repeat the process.  
    Eventually the person will disappear.  Just pick up another person and 
    comeback to it after that run.  You WILL have 15 minutes on the clock.
    2. Also in Evergreen Terrace a person (Flanders, Bumble Bee Man, 
    Reverend Lovejoy) outside the cement tunnel will want to go to 
    Lovejoy's.  Take the tunnel to go there and go back and keep picking up 
    the person.  
    3. Pick up the person (Lisa, Bart or Nelson) in front of the Stone 
    Cutter Lodge. They'll want to go to Camp Krusty. Take the shortcut on 
    the left, cut down to the Quimby's mansion, then go across the lake to 
    Camp Krusty. Drop them off, then drive out to the little island and 
    pickup the person there (Lovejoy, Bumblee Bee Man or Marge). They will 
    want to go to Rancho Relaxo. Drive through camp Krusty, onto the dam, 
    then drive off the dam into the water. Drive up the hill at the end, 
    and right into Rancho Relaxo. Now drive out and pickup the person 
    (Ralph, Dr. Nick or Krusty) on the left near the crashed truck, and 
    take them to the Quimby's Mansion. Drive back down the hill, up the dam 
    and jump it to land in the lake on the other side, then around to the 
    front of the Quimby's Mansion. Pick up the person there (Frink, Sea 
    Captain, Mayor Quimby, or Homer) will be waiting. They'll want to go to 
    the Stonecutters Lodge. Take them there, and repeat.
    As more Infinite Routes come I will post them.
    8. FAQ 
    Who is the best character?
    A: Frink (SEE Characters, above)
    What is the best money making level?   
    A: Evergreen Terrace (SEE Infinite Routes above) 
    How do you unlock the secret characters?
    A: Unlock the special car for Homer by beating the missions. Go to 
    Codes Section for more secret characters. 
    What systems is this for and how much does it cost?
    A: Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2.  It is 49.99 but you can get $10 off with a 
    box of Homer's or Bart's cereals. 
    What do I get when I beat the game?
    A: A crappy video.
    Is there a difference between the games for the different consoles?
    A: Besides the controls, I think the ending video might be different, 
    otherwise, no.
    Why are Barney and Homer's Names in black?
    A: Because the background is snow and white lettering wouldn't show up. 
    What are the ratings for money in the game?
    A:  From best to worst:
       Madman $15000+
       Gazelle $12500 - $14999
       Speed Freak $10000 - $ 12499
       Insane $7000 - $9999
       Reckless $5000 - 6999
       Destructive $3000 - $ 4999
       Timid $1000 - $2999
       Grandma$1 - $999
       Loser $0 
    What is your best score and where was it?
    A: $112,000 at Evergreen Terrace (SEE Infinite Runs #1).
    What if I have another question? 
    A: Email me at Hansmoleman13@yahoo.com and I will answer it and post it 
    on the FAQ.
    Should I buy or rent this game?
    A: BUY, Buy, buy.
    I'm not a Simpsons fan, when you refer to characters I don't know who 
    you mean.  Could you clarify that?
    A: OK that's hard but here goes.  First learn the driver's their names 
    are at the character selection screen.  Mr. Burn's is the Bad Guy.  
    Smithers is his assistant.
    Gil is a man in a blue suit with gray hair, he cannot be picked up. 
    Principal Skinner is the same appearance as Gil, but can be picked up. 
    Hans Moleman is a short old man wearing green pants and white shirt.
    Jasper is a short man old wearing gray and green. 
    Edna Krabapple is a whiny lady wearing green.
    Mayor Quimby wears a sash that says 'Mayor.'
    Squeaky Voiced Teen, I just described him.
    Ralph, a short boy in blue.
    Milhouse a short boy in Orangish.
    Bumble Bee Man, a Mexican in a Bumblebee Bee suit.
    Comic Book Guy, a fat man in red.
    Dizzy Duff is a guy dressed like a beer.
    Crazy old Man is in pink.
    Capitol City Goofball is a yellow mascot.
    Rabbi Krustofsky is a man in black and gray.
    Nelson is a brown haired boy with pink and blue clothing.
    Moe, a bartender with an apron.
    Captain McAllister/Sea Captain, man in blue sailors uniform.
    Dr. Nick, a doctor in a white smock with an accent.
    This game is pretty unglitchy, but many accuracy mistakes. ;-) but 
    there are some I have found.  UNLESS SPECIFIED, these glitches WILL NOT 
    screw up the game or your systen or anything else.
    1. Go to any basketball court (There are 3 in ET, one by the school and 
    two behind some apartment, one in Downtown, and one in ED near the 
    start) and ram slowly into the pole supporting the basketball net and 
    backboard.  If done right the pole will come out and the backboard will 
    float in the air.  This also can work for trees and billboards but not 
    nearly as well.
    2. When being rammed by the nuclear bus in an alley or against a wall 
    you can see inside the bus.  All that is in there is a purple floor.
    3. A lot of accuracy mistakes were made.  Some stores like Jittery 
    Joe's are in two levels and a lot of places are in the wrong spot.  
    Besides, the streets in Springfield are grid-like not every which way.
    4. Often the character you pick up will go through cars.              
    5. When doing infinite route #1 by going so fast the character quotes 
    get backed up, so for example when you pick up Barney, you might hear 
    Captain McCallister thanking you.
    6. In Head to Head mode when you hit a person it often doesn't count as 
    you hitting them, always hit them hard.
    7. This glitch is a good glitch, after someone hops out of the car 
    because you are slow, the drop off zone remains for a few seconds, stop 
    in there and you will get "Fast" rating.

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