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    FAQ/Walkthrough by plumpwonton

    Version: 3.5 | Updated: 01/22/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              .-._                      .' .  `.                     _.-.
            .' .._ `-.._.---._______..-' .' `._ `--..____________..-' _. `.
           /  /    `.-' _.-._ `.____..-'        `-.._____________..-'   \  \
          /  /    .' .'      `-'        T  H  E                          \  \
         /  /    |  |                             _..            .--.     \  \
        /  /      \  \         .-. .-. ._  .'`. .'.-'      .-. .'.-._)     \  \
       /  /        `. `.       | | |  `' | | |)\| \  .-.  _ \ |' (          \  \
      |  |           `-.`-.    | |/  ._. |.' _.'`. \/ . `| `' |`. `.         |  |
      |  |              `-.`-. |.'`.'  |_|`.'  .'_.'`.__.'.-.' .'  /         |  |
      |  |        .------..`  )                               ‘._.'          |  |
      |  |        `----..___.'                                               |  |
      | .'.-------.._           _...._             __..---.    .-----.._     |  |
      '/             `.     .-'        `-.      .'         \   |         `-._|  |
      |                \  .'              `.   /            \  |             `. |
      |       _         |/                  \ /              \ |               \|
      |      \  `.      |                    |        .       \|                \
      |       \_.'     /|                    |       /_\       |      .--.       |
      |             .-' |       .'`.         |                 |      |   )      |
      |              `.  \      `..'        /                  |      `..'       |
       \        .       `.\                /         .-.       |                /
        \       \`.       `..            .'         /   |      |              .'
         \_______\ `...--'' `.`.._____..' `---..__.'    `-..___|__________..-'/
          \      |            \  /     \     .'       `-.  |            |    /
           \     |     _       |/       \   /            `.|     .__    |   /
            `.   |    \ `.     |     /\  \ /      .-.____.'|    | _. `--'  /
              `. |     \.'    //    `-'   |      / .---..__|        |    .'
                `|           /'            \     \_'-      |    __.'   .'
                 |           `|      .-.    `.             |   |__..--' \
                  \      .    |_____/   \_____`.         .'|             |
                  |      \`.     \              `-------'  |            /
                  |       \ `.___.'                        `-.._____..-'
                  `..___..' `._                          _..'
                                `-.._               _..-'
                                     `-._       _.-'
    Genre: Racing/Driving                                          
    Developer: Radical Entertainment                               
    Publisher: EA Games                                           
    ESRB Rating: Teen (Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence) 
    Price: $19.99 (US) (Greatest Hits)                                             
    Players: 1-2 
    Online Compatable: No                                                  
    FAQ Version: 3.5                                          
    Author: plumpwonton                                            
    Email: jascl22@hotmail.com                              
    FAQ Created On: 1/30/04                                        
    Last Updated: 1/18/06                                          
              a. Game Tips
              b. Notes & Observations
              c. Game Screen
              d. Picking Up & Dropping Off
              e. Bonus Trips
              f. Awards
              a. Playable Characters
              b. Unplayable Characters
    IX.   CHEATS
    X.    QUOTES
    XI.   FAQ
                                 I. INRODUCTION
    Thanks for reading! This is my first FAQ, so I apologize if it's a bit second-
    rate. Yeah, I know, the ASCII art is a bit embarrassing to look at. It was 
    pretty difficult to compose; I had to re-beat the game to get all the quotes, 
    characters, and maps. But it was all worth it, for the game and the FAQ. If you 
    have any questions, comments, corrections, or suggestions, please email me and 
    tell me about them, although please look over the FAQ and see if it's already 
    in here. If it is, I will not reply.
    The Simpsons are more than just a cartoon, it's a part of American Culture 
    itself (sadly enough). Of all the cheesy Simpsons games ever made, this is the
    first one that was actually worth buying. So here's the basic story line: Mr. 
    Burns has purchased the Transit System, converted them into nuclear buses, and 
    jacked up the bus fares. Now the citizens of Springfield must become cab 
    drivers and earn $1,000,000 to buy back the Transit System.
                               II. COPYRIGHT INFO
    This FAQ is copyright 2004-2006 Jason Lai. It may not be sold or used for 
    profit any in sort of way. If you would like to post this FAQ on your website,
    please email me at jascl22@hotmail.com. Only the following sites may host this 
    Feel free to print out this FAQ for your own personal use, save it, putting it 
    on your website with my approval, tell your pals about it, although include the 
    fact that I wrote it.
    Do not add anything, take anything, edit anything, plagiarize, or excerpt from 
    it without my permission. If you find this FAQ on another site that is not 
    listed, please email me. 
                              III. VERSION HISTORY
    1/18/06 - 3.5 
    Added the ASCII art.
    1/16/06 - 3.3
    So I wrapped everything up again. I put line breaks in the characters section
    to make it easier to read and find. The vehicle ratings were also tweaked. I
    added some content to the "Playing the Game" section. Resent it to the big 
    1/15/06 - 3.1
    Wow... it's been a while. I haven't touched this game in a long time. It's been
    raining 28 STRAIGHT DAYS here in Seattle, so entertainment is limited. I just 
    decided to go back and polish up some of my FAQ's, making them easier to read
    and add qestions and missing things, such as the quotes.
    2/23/04 - 3.0
    I finally finished. Added the Introduction, the rest of the quotes, FAQ's, and 
    the art.
    2/21/04 - 2.5
    I added the rest of the playable characters and decided to give each a letter 
    grade. I also completed the unplayable characters and added some more quotes.
    2/19/04 - 2.0
    I finished the Playing The Game section and threw in a few quotes from Homer, 
    Bart, Lisa, Marge, Grampa, Groundskeeper Willie, Krusty, and Apu.
    2/18/04 - 1.7
    I added the Mission Walkthrough section, and worked on the characters some 
    more. Also finished the Neighborhood Strategy section and started on the 
    Introduction section.
    2/17/04 - 1.2
    I added descriptions for some of the characters, as well as the copyright info. 
    I accidentally deleted my saved game where I beat it, so I'll have to beat it 
    again, *groan* to get the characters and maps.
    1/30/04 - 1.0
    I finished the strategies for Evergreen Terrace, Entertainment District, 
    Springfield Dam, and Nuclear Power Plant, as well as the controls.
                                  IV. CONTROLS
    Accelerate-------------------------- X or push up on Right Analog Stick
    Brake------------------------------- Square or R1
    Reverse----------------------------- Circle
    Turning----------------------------- Left Analog Stick or D-pad
    Horn-------------------------------- Triangle or L1
    Look Back--------------------------- L2
    Reset Vehicle----------------------- Select
    Pause Game-------------------------- Start
    Doughnut---------------------------- X + Square + Turn left or right
                               V. PLAYING THE GAME
    a: Tips
    - Run into the blue bus stops with Mr. Burns' picture on them to gain 2 extra 
    - Don't always choose the fastest car. Although it will definitely be 
      beneficial, on some neighborhoods the roads require cars with better 
    - When dropping off a passenger, try to stop in another passenger's loading 
    - Cut across parking lots, lawns, etc. to save time.
    - Try avoiding Mr. Burns and the nuclear buses.
    - The yellow finger does not always lead you in the best route. When you pick 
      up a passenger, look at the map and quickly decide what path you will take.
    - Even if you're a beginner, set the difficulty to hard. Even thought you get 
      less time, you earn more money. 
    b: Notes & Observations
    - When you crash into the statue of Jebediah Springfield outside the City Hall, 
      the head comes off, like in the episode where Bart steals the head.
    - Lisa drives standing up.
    - The blackboard inside the school says: "This is not a clue, or is it?"
    - The speed limit in the Springfield Mountains is 75 mph. 
    - The beer tanks in the Duff Brewery contain Duff, Duff Light, and Duff Dry, 
      from the episode where Homer sneaks out of work to go to the brewery.
    c: Game Screen:
    These icons appear on your screen when you are driving.
    Time Left
    The yellow timer at the upper-left corner displays how much time you have to 
    remaining in the game. In Mission Mode, it displays how much time you have to 
    complete the mission. If you have ten seconds or less remaining, it blinks and 
    you hear this annoying beeping sound.
    Money Counter
    Below the game time is the indication for how much money you have earned so 
    Area Map
    At the bottom-left corner is your map. Your vehicle is the arrow. Your 
    destination is the dot.
    Road Rage/ Safe Trip
    If you are doing Road Rage or Avoid Traffic, your status is indicated at the 
    upper-right corner. In Mission Mode, it tells you how many items you need to 
    knock over, if you are doing that type of mission.
    Trip Timer
    The time in the stopwatch at the upper-center is how much time you have left 
    to drop off your passenger. Once it hits zero, your passenger jumps out of your
    The Yellow Finger
    Yeah... the "yellow finger" at the top of the screen points in the direction 
    your destination is. Sometimes it can screw you up, since it does not take side
    streets into account. The map is a better reference. When you drive around the
    neighborhoods a lot, you can start getting places without looking at either.
    d: Picking Up & Dropping Off
    When you choose your neighborhood, you always start out in the same spot. 
    People you can pick up are surrounded a circle of blue lights. To pick them up, 
    just drive up to them and stop within the circle. When they hop in, they will 
    tell you where to take them, sometimes with a funny comment. Now a stopwatch 
    and finger will appear at the top of your screen. You have to get your 
    passenger to their destination before the time in the stopwatch runs out. As 
    you are driving, the amount of money you have below the game time rises, even 
    if you stop. If you do not drop off your passenger in time, you still keep the 
    money. It will continue to rise as long as a passenger is in your car. The 
    finger leads you to the destination. 
    e: Fast Trips
    Yellow lights that extend up into the sky mark the destination. Stop within the 
    lights and the passenger will get out and give you a tip, and you are also 
    awarded extra time. The tip amount depends on how fast you got them there. A 
    "Fast" time occurs when you get to the destination with 36%+ of the trip timer 
    remaining. You earn $100 and get 3 extra seconds. An "Average" time occurs when 
    you get to the destination with 21-35% of the trip timer remaining. You earn 
    $50 and 1 extra second. A "Slow" time occurs when you get to the destination 
    with 0-20% of the trip timer remaining. You earn $25.
    f: Road Rage/ Safe Trips
    There are also bonus trips where you can earn extra money. After you pick up a 
    passenger, sometimes "Avoid Traffic For Bonus" will flash up on your screen. If 
    you drop off your passenger and hit less than three cars, you earn $250 and 5 
    extra seconds. The other bonus trip happens when you pick up a passenger and 
    "Destroy Stuff For Bonus" flashes on your screen. Your goal here is to destroy 
    as many items indicated before you drop off your passenger. Lamps, 
    streetlights, shopping carts, people, benches, bus stops, signs, trees, 
    mailboxes, etc. are what you'll be destroying mostly.
    f: After Your Run
    After your run, you are taken to a screen where Krusty will give you a rating 
    depending on how much money you earn. The ratings are:
    $0----------------------- Loser
    $1-$999------------------ Grandma
    $1,000-$2,999------------ Timid
    $3,000-$4,999------------ Destructive
    $5,000-$6,999------------ Reckless
    $7,000-$9,999------------ Insane
    $10,000-$12,499---------- Speak Freak
    $12,500-$14,999---------- Gazelle
    $15,000+----------------- Madman
    After your rating is shown, the High Scores List appears. To start, the list is 
    full of random letters. If you score higher than the tenth spot, you get to 
    enter your initials into the list. If you have two separate game files on your 
    memory card, ALL scores will appear. For example, if you and your sibling have 
    different game files, you will see the same list, and both your scores will 
    Now the Progress Screen appears. This screen tells you how much money you've 
    earned from your run, how much total money you've earned, how many vehicles, 
    neighborhoods, and missions you've unlocked, the money amount for your next 
    award, and how much money you need to reach that amount.
    Once you reach a certain amount of money, you get to unlock either a new 
    vehicle or a new neighborhood. You can choose any vehicle you like, but you 
    have to unlock the neighborhoods in order. The amount of money you need to make 
    goes from $1000, $10,000, $20,000, $25,000, and then $50,000 (remember, these 
    numbers are not the landmarks; they are the amount of money you need to get). 
    This goes on until you reach $300,000 where you then need to make $100,000 for 
    each award. Once you reach $1,000,000, you will unlock this really pathetic 
    money where Mr. Burns gives back the Transit System. It's really stupid.
                            VI. NEIGHBORHOOD WALKTHROUGH
    Evergreen Terrace
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Starting Place: Simpsons' House
    Shortcuts: Across the road from the church, there is a tunnel that leads to 
    Reverend Lovejoy's house. 
    When you are driving to the major fork near the Moleman's house, look to the 
    right before the dump truck to see a dirt path under the billboard. 
    Take it to get to the Retirement Castle. Across from the Babysitter's is a sign 
    that says "Roof." Take it to get to the dirt path explained above. 
    To get to Willie's Shack, go through the school. 
    When you're at the bridge, cut through the lake to get to the church.
    Near Lovejoy's house is a big lawn that you can cut through. Actually, cut 
    through every lawn you come across. 
    If you face Krabappel's apartment and look left, you will see a dirt path that 
    takes you to Reverend Lovejoy's house.
    Entertainment District
    Difficulty: 2.5/5
    Starting Place: Moe's Tavern
    Shortcuts: After your starting point is an alley that takes you to the other 
    side of the map, near the arcade.
    Past the Duff Brewery is a truck that you can jump off and land near the 
    Near the She-She Lounge is a dirt ramp that takes you to
    Cut through the lot by the Duff Brewery.
    Near the residential areas are dirt hills that you can go up and take you back 
    to the main road.
    Driving Here: This map is average: neither very hard nor very easy. Although it 
    is kind of large, there are a few shortcuts that will help you, most of them 
    jumps. A decent place to earn money, but not as good as Evergreen Terrace, it 
    is easier than a lot of the other places. 
    Springfield Dam
    Difficulty: 3.5/5
    Starting Place: Stonecutter's Lodge
    Shortcuts: Head up the road from the Stonecutter's Lodge and you'll see a 
    grassy hill. It lets you avoid the windy road to the Radio Station.
    You can drive through the water next to Kamp Krusty, as well as the dam.
    After going off the large jump, look ahead to see some vines. Drive through to 
    get to Quimby's Mansion. Don't take this while going to Rancho Relaxo.
    While on top of the dam, drive along the white part to avoid traffic.
    When going from the Builder's Shack to Rancho Relaxo, jump off the dam and 
    through the water, and then go up the dirt path.
    Driving Here: Normally this wouldn't be a very good place to earn cash, because 
    there are many windy roads that will cause a problem for the handling-impaired 
    cars. The map is split up into two sections that are connected by the dam and 
    the large jump. It can get annoying driving between them. There are some spots 
    that have very few or no people. I said this would NORMALLY be a bad place to 
    drive because sometimes you can get a little lucky and make heaps of money. In 
    fact, my high score was recorded here. If you use my infinite route while using 
    Lisa, Frink, Snake, or Chief Wiggum, you can get over $20,000 everytime.
    THE INFINITE ROUTE: Pick up the person closest to you in front, they will want 
    to go to K Radio. Drive forwards and up the grassy hill, and to the station. 
    Now pick up the person here, they will want to go to Kamp Krusty, or somewhere 
    near there. It doesn't matter. Take them there and pick up either person, in 
    Kamp Krusty or by the Interesting Home, and take them to the Builder's Shack. 
    Now back up a bit and pick up this next person. Drive down the road you came 
    from and down the dam and into the water. Drive up the dirt path and into 
    Rancho Relaxo. Turn back out and pick up the person by the barn, farthest from 
    you. They will want to go to Quimby's Mansion or TNT Storage. Take them there 
    via the path behind the vines. Now pick up either person here and take them to 
    the Stonecutter's Lodge. Repeat. If you do this with Lisa, Frink, Snake, or 
    Chief Wiggum, you should make at least $20,000.
    Nuclear Power Plant
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Starting Place: By Runoff Stream
    Shortcuts: You can drive through the mall. 
    If you fall into the runoff stream, there is a dirt path that takes you back up 
    to the road.
    Driving Here: This is not a good place to drive in if you're looking for big 
    bucks. Most of the time you will be inside the Power Plant's walls, and there 
    are many buildings, machinery, and poles that will block your way, so you have 
    to look for spaces. Going in and out of the Power Plant can be hard too. The 
    facility is walled, and there are tiny two-lane gates that you can exit 
    through, and there can be lots of traffic in these areas. Also, if a passenger 
    wants to go to the runoff stream, you have to go into the water, and there is 
    only one main path up.
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Starting Place: Freeway 
    Shortcuts: There is a small road that runs between the stadium and the parking 
    At the top of the parking garage, there are three jumps that take you to 
    different parts of the map. You may not find yourself up here often though.
    You can cut through the Springfield Coliseum.
    By Whacking Day Parks is a huge jump, Escalator To Nowhere. You land by the 
    basketball courts.
    In Whacking Day Park, there is a truck with a car on top that can be jumped 
    Behind the Springfield Library is a dirt path that leads to Springfield 
    You can drive in the sewers and on the train tracks.
    Behind the Sit-n-Rotate is a dirt jump that goes to the Airport.
    Driving Here: This place is big. That means there are a lot of places that you 
    can drop off people. Some times you will find yourself transporting folks only 
    a couple of yards (they're too lazy to walk). If you are driving long distance, 
    use the freeway. There's less traffic and less obstacles.  
    Springfield Mountains
    Difficulty: 4.5/5
    Starting Place: Near the Tire Fire
    Shortcuts: To get back on the other side of the gorge, look for a dirt path 
    left of the parking lot.
    You can drive on the train tracks.
    You can drive through Mr. Burns' mansion. 
    Driving Here: You shouldn't find yourself here too often. You shouldn't find 
    yourself here at all. This is the smallest map, so it has the fewest locations. 
    The roads are really small, and traffic can pile up (literally) really fast. 
    There are only about fifteen places that you can drop people off.
                             VII. MISSION WALKTHROUGH
    In Mission Mode, you are given a task to complete, which is usually knocking 
    over a certain amount of objects. You are given a time limit to do this, and a 
    character to use. When you complete all ten missions, you unlock the Car Built 
    For Homer. For each mission, I have given the name of the mission, the 
    difficulty out of 5 (1 being the easiest, 5 being the hardest), the goal you 
    need to complete, and a strategy for beating the mission. If you fail a mission 
    more than five times, you are given the option to skip it and move on.
    Mission 1: Willie's Paper Shredder
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Goal: Destroy 12/20 newspaper boxes in one minute.
    Strategy: Head forwards and knock over the box on the right. Keep going 
    forwards. At the fork, knock down the box in the middle and go left. On the 
    left of the road is another box. Behind Sideshow Bob's wanted billboard is 
    another box. Go over the bridge and you'll see a box in front of the tall 
    orange building. Follow the road down and hit the box near the billboard on the 
    left. Now move to the right side of the road and hit the two boxes by the 
    parking lots. Switch over to the left now and hit the box in front of the 
    opposite parking lot. Hit the box by the Bowl-a-Rama, switch to the right, and 
    hit the box by the right turn. Don't turn here though. Now go back over to the 
    left and hit the last box.
    Mission 2: Homer On The Run
    Difficulty: 1/5
    Goal: Drive Homer back to work without being hit by Mr. Burns in 25 seconds.
    Strategy: This mission is almost as, if not as easy as the last one. When Homer 
    hops in, drive out of the stadium and to the right, along the fence. Make sure 
    it is always on the left. Eventually you will get to an entrance to the plant. 
    Go in. This is usually where Mr. Burns shows up. When the drop-off zone is 
    straight ahead of you, he will appear out of nowhere and charge right at you. 
    My favorite strategy is to drive around the right side of the large gray box on 
    the right to drop Homer off.
    Mission 3: Barney's Rage 
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Goal: Knock over 12 mascots in 45 seconds.
    Strategy: Start out by knocking the mascot in front of you and to the right. 
    Cut across the grass and hit the mascot by the bushes. There is another mascot 
    right in front of you to the left. Now keep going straight down, and cut 
    through the center, where all the trees are. There are two mascots there. Now 
    turn right at the split and hit the mascot in the corner. 
    There are two more mascots in sight, one to your left and one at the next 
    corner. Hit them both. Next there is another on below the parking sign. Keep 
    going down here and turn left, hitting the mascot on the right here. Now there 
    is another one just outside the stadium. Now drive into the stadium, where 
    there are three more mascots. Run into them to complete the mission.
    Mission 4: Otto's Driving Test
    Difficulty: 3.5/5
    Goal: Knock over 15 street lights in 30 seconds.
    Strategy: This is actually a bit harder than most of the other missions. When 
    you get control of Otto's bus, do a 180 doughnut and knock over the four lights 
    behind you. No do another 180 and knock over the street lights in front of you. 
    An easy and fast way to do this is to smash down one row, then do a doughnut 
    and knock over the other row. Now drive across the street and knock down one 
    Mission 5: Snake's Day Off
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Goal: Run over 20 barrels of nuclear waste in 50 seconds.  
    Strategy: Begin by going right and knocking down the barrel by the entrance. 
    Now drive down the line of trees, knocking over three barrels. Quickly maneuver 
    around the pink building and drive down the parking lot, knocking over three 
    more. Turn right here and you will find a barrel in front of a blue building. 
    Knock it over and turn left. Hit the two barrels you see here and drive through 
    the gray structure. 
    Now turn right when you exit out of the structure and hit this barrel. Now 
    drivethrough the lawn behind the two large gray buildings, knocking over all 
    the barrels you see. Cut right into the pavement on the right of the white 
    structure, hitting the barrel. Now drive forwards and hit the last two barrels
    in sight.
    Mission 6: They'll Never Take Me Alive 
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Goal: Knock over 12 garbage cans in 40 seconds.
    Strategy: Drive down this hill and knock over the can on the right. Do a 180 
    doughnut and knock over the can on the side of the dam. Now drive down the dam, 
    knocking over all the trash cans you see. There are a total of six cans on the 
    dam. Now knock over the two trashcans in the grassy area in the middle of the 
    intersection. Turn left and knock over the trashcan by the gas station. Keep 
    driving down this road, knocking over three more cans. After jumping over the 
    gorge, look to the left of the road for you last trash can.
    Mission 7: Save The Hovercar
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Goal: Drive Mayor Quimby to the City Hall in 32 seconds.
    Strategy: Actually, it takes a second for Mayor Quimby to get into the 
    Hovercar, so you only have 31 seconds. In this mission, you'll need all the 
    time you can get. Head straight forwards and get onto the freeway. Follow it 
    down until it ends, which is at the City Hall. While you're on the freeway, Mr. 
    Burns will try to crash into you. To avoid him, swerve left or right at the 
    last second. If you run into Burns or other cars, you will probably run out of 
    time. Even without running into Mr. Burns, I finished with about a half a 
    second to spare.
    Mission 8: Not The Trees
    Difficulty: 5/5
    Goal: Knock over 24 piles of wood.
    Strategy: I know what you're thinking. 24 pieces. That's a lot. Fortunately, 
    they appear in groups of three, so you only need to find eight piles. Still, 
    this may be the hardest mission, period. Drive up the hill first, on the left
    side. Under the billboard is a pile. At the fork at the fire, take the right 
    one. After the bridge is an overlook, on the right. Slow down just a bit and 
    hit it. DO NOT go up the hill on the right. Take the left fork, but stay in the
    left lane and hit the pile when you come to it. 
    When you get to the toilet, do a 180 doughnut and take the path that you DID
    NOT come from. Hit the pile and do another 180 and continue along the road, 
    hitting the pile next to the toilet. Now you will be on a road next to a 
    railroad track in a ditch. If you fall in, you'll be in trouble. Luckily, 
    Lisa's Elec-Taurus is one of the best vehicles in the game in terms of 
    handling. Hit the pile next to the gold house and at the fork, go right, which 
    is a hill leading to Mr. Burns' mansion. On this road lies the last two piles.
    Mission 9: Krusty's Escape
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Goal: Knock down 15 signs in one minute.
    Strategy: For the second to last mission, this one is pretty easy. At the 
    bottom of the little hill you start out on is a sign. Knock it over and 
    continue down. Another sign is in the middle of the street, in the grassy area 
    up ahead. Prepare to make a sharp right turn. At the split, hit the sign at the 
    corner. On the left of the road is another sign. The next sign is by the bus 
    stop in front of the Driving Department. Do a doughnut and hit the sign on the 
    other side of the street. 
    Head towards the park and knock the sign by the gas station. The next sign is 
    in front of the Drive In. Drive into the park and hit the sign at the fork. 
    Drive through the park and hit the sign at the base of the escalator. Keep 
    going down the left side of the road, and hit the sign. Now go back to the 
    right side and hit the sign at the corner. This is where Mr. Burns comes to 
    disrupt your progress. Hit the sign in front of the City Hall. Now drive left
    and hit the sign at the corner, between the hospital and the City Hall. Keep
     going down this road. The last sign is by the Channel 6 Studio.
    Mission 10: Burns Arena
    Difficulty: 3.5/5
    Goal: Knock down 20 pieces of statue in 45 seconds.
    Strategy: To start off, drive around the mansion and into the backyard, where 
    the statues are. When you enter the backyard, the camera view changes and Mr. 
    Burns tries to crash into you. Just drive around, knocking over the statues and 
    try to avoid Mr. Burns. Don't reset your car unless it's absolutely necessary, 
    because it takes you back to the front of the mansion.
                                VIII. CHARACTERS
    Playable Characters/ Vehicles
    These are the characters that you can use in Road Rage mode. Homer (Family 
    Sedan), Bart, Marge, Lisa, and Grampa are the only characters available to you 
    when you start. The others must be unlocked. I described each vehicle's 
    attributes and gave it an overall grade.
    A  = The best of the best. Watch as other cars follow in its "footsteps."
    A- = One tweak or modification to greatness.
    B+ = You can't go wrong with these. Better than most.
    B  = Average. Not very bad nor very good.
    B- = You need to be a Road Rage expert to master these.
    C+ = You must be a bit confused if you're driving with one.
    C  = Only fools dare to wander further back from here.
    C- = Eh... what? Stay away!
     RATING: B+
    The sedan is an average car that will get you some pretty good bucks. The 
    turning could be a bit better, and the speed is just good enough.
     RATING: C-
    This handles like any other large car for me at least. Okay speed, horrible 
    handling, slow acceleration. My suggestion: stay away.
     RATING: C+
    Simpsons fans will remember this car from the episode where Homer met his long-
    lost brother. This car is only available when you have beaten all ten missions. 
    This car is like the Mr. Plow. It's bad, but not as bad. The turning is 
    horrendous, and it lacks speed to get you lots of money. 
     RATING: B- 
    This is the "woman's car" that Homer gave Marge. It comes complete with a 
    lipstick holder. The Canyonero is a bit sluggish in terms of speed. The turning 
    is not that great, so it's a good idea to use a doughnut on turns sharper than 
    100 degrees. Rating: 
     RATING: B+
    Bart's Honor Roller is one of the best cars to use for a beginner. It is faster 
    than most other vehicles, but the turning needs some attention. A glaring 
    drawback is that you will get pushed around a lot by bigger cars. 
     RATING: A-
    This is the best starter car. It's one of the best in the game. The speed is 
    better than most other vehicles, and it accelerates really well. The turning is 
    great. Ideal for Springfield Dam. 
     RATING: B
    Grandpa drives the pathetic Shriners Cart. As wimpy as it might look, it is 
    actually not that bad. The speed will get you from A to B, only slower. The 
    turning is not that bad either, although it can get too sensitive. The big 
    problem here is the weight. If a bus or Mr. Burn' car slams into you from the 
    side, be prepared to fly a few yards.
     RATING: C-
    What can I say? He drives a tractor. He is slow. Willie's top speed is about 
    half that of Lisa's. His handling rivals that of Barney's. It's not good to 
    rely on this, uh, tractor often. Rating: 
     RATING: A-
    Apu should be among the first vehicles that you unlock. Apu uses up a lot of 
    time getting to his top speed, but when he does, things pass in a blur. You can 
    blitz by things like crazy, but watch out for turns and crashes. Although the 
    handling is in the middle of the pack, if you crash, you will go very slowly 
    until you reach top speed. Rating: 
     RATING: C-
    For me Barney has a huge flashing red warning sign above him. I do horrible 
    with the Plow King. There really is nothing special about him. The speed and 
    acceleration can usually match some other vehicles, but what makes Barney hard 
    to work with is the handling. It is one of the worst in the game. Some of my 
    friends though, find they can be really productive with him. Try him out and 
    see for yourself. Rating: 
     RATING: C
    When I first tried this car, I hated it right when I pushed my thumb on the X 
    Button. Krusty is too slow, and the handling is... ugh. Krusty's voice gets 
    annoying to make it worse. 
     RATING: B+
    Some of my highest scores were made by using Moe. Which is quite strange, 
    because when I use him on Sunday Drive, I was a bit surprised by the results.
    For it's small size, the sedan is quite slow. Probably because it's so old. You 
    may need to do a lot of doughnuts for turns. 
    It's actually quite good... really. 
     RATING: C-
    Most buses are slow and, well, slow. Otto is no exception. The handling, like 
    all the other heavy vehicles in the game, is sorry. The good part about Otto? 
    It really feels like you're driving a bus, if you just happen to want that
     RATING: A-
    Chief Wiggum's abilities are similar to Snake's except for the fact that Snake 
    is a bit faster. Since Snake is a great character, that means Chief Wiggum is 
    great as well. He is. The Cop Car has superb acceleration and, the speed ranks 
    among the top, and you the turning isn't a problem. Note that instead of a 
    horn, the Cop Car has a siren. It doesn't do anything to help, though.
     RATING: B
    Average, average, average. That basically describes Ned Flanders. He is 
    averaged out on everything. Speed, handling, and acceleration can't be more 
    normal. This is an okay choice for experienced players. 
     RATING: C
    To sum things up, this is just a box of burning books with wheels on it. Don't 
    expect much from Reverend Lovejoy. Bad handling, below average speed, and bad 
    acceleration. I hope you don't use this much. 
     RATING: A-
    This is one of my most-used vehicles. Although the acceleration is a bit low 
    for such a great car, the top speed and handling will make up for it. It will 
    be productive for everyone. 
     RATING: A
    The pros? It's the fastest car, the best accelerating car, the best handling 
    car, and the best car overall. The cons? Um... let's see... well... can't think
    of any. 
    Unplayable Characters/ Vehicles
    These are the characters and vehicles that are not controlled by you (unless of 
    course you use cheats). 
     MR. BURNS: He is the richest and oldest resident of Springfield. He is the 
    antagonist of the game, the one who bought the Transit System and raised the 
    prices. His assistant Smithers drives him around in his limousine. He is 
    specifically targeting you and tries to ram into your vehicle. When he is near, 
    you'll hear him say "Get him, Smithers." When facing him, try doing a doughnut 
    at the last second or use other traffic and obstacles to avoid him.
     NUCLEAR BUSES: These are the buses that were taken over by Mr. Burns. In the 
    game, they are always out of service. They are yellow, with red bumpers and 
    tinted windows. They aren't hunting for you specifically like Mr. Burns. They 
    just go around trying to create as much havoc as possible, crashing into 
    traffic and scenery. Apparently, nuclear buses are hollow.
    The following characters, along with all the playable characters, can be picked
     EDNA KRABAPPEL: She is Bart's teacher. Wears a green dress, and has brown 
     PRINCIPAL SKINNER: He's the principal of Springfield Elementary School. He 
    wears a blue suit and a pink tie and has grayish hair.
     DR. NICK: He is a doctor. Wears a white lab coat, has black hair and an 
     NELSON: The bully at school. He is a bit chubby, and wears a blue vest over a 
    pink shirt. Has brown hair.
     RALPH: Chief Wiggum's son. He has short black hair in the game and has a 
    squeaky voice. 
     BUMBLEBEE MAN: A Spanish actor. Wears a bumblebee costume and speaks Spanish.
     HANS MOLEMAN: He's the old guy with glasses you see in the opening cutscene. 
    He talks rather slowly and has a horrible memory. He has no hair.
     PIMPLE-FACED TEEN: He's a pimple-faced teen. Wears a red hat, purple shirt, 
    and a white apron and has blonde hair.
     MILHOUSE: Bart's best friend. He wears small glasses and has blue hair. Wears 
    a white shirt and red shorts
     JASPER: He is very old and bends over. He has white hair and a beard, and 
    wears a gray vest and blue pants.
     MAYOR QUIMBY: He is the, well, mayor of Springfield. He wears blue clothing 
    and a sash that says "MAYOR."
     SEACAPTAIN: Bah, I forgot what his name was. He wears a white sailor's hat and 
    a blue coat.
                                  IX. CHEATS
    Why are you even here? If you are reading this, you should be ashamed. But for 
    those people who can't live without cheating... knock yourself out.
    To use the codes, go to the options screen and hold down L1 and R1 while 
    pressing the code given. Enter the code again to reverse.
    Burns Transit Bus: Triangle, triangle, square, X
    Collision lines: Triangle, triangle, X, X
    Flat people: Circle, circle, circle, circle
    More money: Square, square, square, square
    Mr. Burns' Limo: Triangle, triangle, square, square
    New camera views: Triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle
    Night mode: X, X, X, X
    Slow motion: X, circle, triangle, square
    Soapbox Car: Triangle. Triangle, square, circle
    Stop the clock: circle, triangle, square, X (use triangle to start, stop, and 
    reset the time)
    Christmas Apu: Triangle, triangle, circle, triangle, or set your system clock 
    to December 25
    Halloween Bart: Triangle, triangle, circle, X, or set your system clock to 
    October 31
    New Years Krusty: Triangle, triangle, circle, square, or set your system clock 
    to January 1
    Pilgrim Marge: Triangle, triangle, circle, circle, or set your system clock to 
    the fourth Thursday in November.
                                   X. QUOTES
    Ah, the quotes. This game wouldn't be anything without them. Here, I put down 
    my favorite quotes from the game, under who said them. I did not put every 
    single one down here because I don't want to drive around for hours and listen
    to people yap all day about sandwiches and cows.
    1.	USA! USA!
    2.	Seatbelt shmeatbelt
    3.	Alright, alright, I didn't ask for your life story.
    4.	Tip please.
    5.	Get in. I've got candy...
    6.	Ow! My ass!
    7.	Get in boy
    8.	Do you have a barf bag? I don't feel so good.
    9.	Oh, Mr. Plow, yes that's my name; the name again is Mr. Plow.
    10.     Did I do great or really great?
    11.     Damn straight
    12.     What part of get in don't you understand?
    13.     Would you like a receipt? Too bad!
    14.     Careful, don't sit on my nachos!
    1.	I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?
    2.	Don't have a cow man, I'll get you there.
    3.	It's time for some road rage: Bart Simpson style.
    4.	No problemo
    5.	Thank you for riding the Bart Simpson Incorporated
    6.	Cowabunga dude!
    7.	Welcome to your destination
    8.	What the!?
    9.	Cooool
    10.     Don't forget to write.
    11.     Get out of the car man.
    12.     Bart Simpson at your service
    13.     Alright, alright, chill man.
    1.	Watch your keister, meister!
    2.	I hope the traffic's nice.
    1.	Electric cars only go so fast.
    2.	How do you like my Elec-Taurus?
    3.	You maniac!
    4.	No not the precious life giving trees
    5.	Don't sit on my handheld.
    6.	Hello fellow citizen.
    1.	Back in my day, we used to call sandwiches Flat Freddy. It cost four 
            playing cards a bite.
    2.	Move outta the way you idiot.
    3.	No talking when I'm driving. 
    4.	Do you have my pills?
    5.	I'll handle the pedals and you steer.
    6.	There's my pelvis.
    1.	Who's Willie now?
    2.	Get in. And don't sit on my hedge clippers.
    3.	Hold on to your kilts!
    4.	Now get your stinkin arse out of me tractor.
    5.	I'm so happy. I'm gonna play my bagpipes til' they burst.
    6.	Where to you pile of puke?
    7.	Get out. Or I'll rip your face!
    1.	What are you looking at? Ain't you ever seen a drunk clown before?
    2.	Don't be frightened by my appearance; I'm a trained professional 
    3.	Uhh, I nailed a groupie there once. 
    1.	Hopefully the Kwik-E-Mart does not get robbed more than five times when I 
            am away today.
    2.	The meter has been running since I saw you.
    3.	Get in please, I have many places to go today.
    1.	I sold my driver's license for a box of wine.
    2.	Sure thing, madam president.
    3.	Hi, I'll be your driver today.
    4.	Why is everyone is such a rush?
    5.	The same thing happened when I took my driver's test.
    6.	(Burps)
    7.	Ow, the hurt!
    8.	Get in the car. Both of you.
    9.	I can take you there.
    1.	Moe money, Moe money.
    2.	Another day, another money pile.
    3.	Yoink!
    4.	And away we Moe!
    5.	I'll smash your spine!
    6.	Alright, get out of the car now.
    1.	Chill dude, we'll get there on time.
    2.	Welcome to the mysterious magical bus.
    3.	Whoa! Where'd that come from?
    4.	This is way better than drivin those stupid kids.
    1.	Aw, don't take my badge, I need it for stuff.
    2.	Lucky for you I didn't answer that 911 call.
    3.	I speed pretty good for a cop.
    4.	I'd tell you to buckle up, but someone stole the seatbelts.
    5.	Say no to drugs, stay in school, yada yada yada.
    6.	Sometimes I keep a sandwich in my holster. 
    1.	I'm coming to join you Maud!
    2.	Okely dokely doo.
    1.	Come and ride in the Lord's Chariot.
    2.	Hallelujah!
    3.	Repent your sins and ride with God, friend.
    1.	Dude, you better not have scratched my car.
    2.	Oh, like, no!
    3.	Alright! Let's go smash things.
    4.	This is so much better than being in prison.
    1.	That monkey is going to pay.
    2.	Hey hey, where can I take you?
    3.	Welcome, fellow Earthling.
    4.	Excelsior! 
    5.	Pwow! That was incredible!
    1.	I've had enough of those kids!
    2.	Well, you sure drive better than Seymour. 
    DR. NICK
    1.	Hi everybody!
    2.	If you get in an accident and need to live, just call me.
    1.	The leprechaun tells me to burn things.
    2.	When I eat paste, my mouth sticks together.
    3.	Ruff ruff ruff! Ruff ruff ruff!
    1.	Smashy smashy.
    2.	Shut up and drive, Simpson.
    1.      Mois Pacilas!
    2.      Ayaya!
    1.	Take me someplace happy.
    2.	Uh oh, I forgot where I wanted to go.
    1.	Please don't tell my manager you saw me. I'm supposed to be cleaning out 
            urinals at the movie theater.
    1.      Take me home. I have to regroup from a wedgie!
    1.	Hmm, I'd say that was a new record.
    2.	Take me somewhere to eat; I don't care where.
    1.      Vote Quimby.
    1.	Yar, can you give an old seabird a lift?
    2.	Yar, that was 40 knots over the speed limit.
                         XI. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
    Here are some questions that some people have asked me, and questions that I 
    made up that may answer most problems. Please ask, there's no such thing as a 
    stupid question. 
    Q: I'm not a Simpsons fan. Should I still buy this game?
    A: What!? Nobody likes the Simpsons. You must buy!
    Q: What is your highest score?
    A: Please don't email me about his being high or low. $24,853.
    Q: I've unlocked every character, including the Car Built For Homer, but the 
    question mark is still at the character select screen! What haven't I unlocked? 
    A: That box is for the Holiday Characters.
    Q: So, where is the best place to earn money?
    A: It differs for everyone. I personally like Entertainment District By a 
    fraction over Evergreen Terrace. However, if you use the Springfield Dam 
    infinite route, then that's the best place.
    Q: You forgot to put the difficulty level for Krusty's Escape.
    A: That's not a question. But thanks.
                                 XII. CREDITS
    - First and foremost, I'd like to thank you, the reader. This is the reason 
      people write FAQ's. Keep on gaming. Keep on reading.
    - Thanks to gamefaqs.com and CJayC for hosting this FAQ
    - Thanks to GhostOfLegault for the ASCII art
    - Thanks to ign.com
    - Thanks to cheatcodes.com
    - Thanks to Matt Groening and (ugh...) FOX for creating one hell of a show
    - Thanks to Radical Entertainment for developing the game
    - Thanks to Sony for the PS2, the best gaming console on earth (for now)

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