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    Bus Stop Locations by percy boi

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    July 2004
    The Simpsons Road Rage on PS2
    In depth-look at Locations of Bus stops by percy boi-
    Let's start the show...yeah
    Answer: Percy boi
    Version History
    1.00 Finshed guide and spellchecked.
    1.10 Added my new email address to the party
    Introduction to the game
    I am a huge simpsons fan but not that huge that I will have a tattoo of
    them on my ass or shout 'I LOVE THE SIMPSONS' in a libary. I just like
    the episodes so I think that classes me as a big fan. Anyway, the
    simpsons have realeased many games on different consoles. This is just one
    of many PS2 simpson games. The simpsons are a amercian animated show and
    in this game the story is that mr burns(the baddie) as just bought radio-
    active buses which will ruin the enviroment and put more money in his
    already jamed wallet of cash. The simpsons and all the other characters
    agree to buy the buses back and get rid of them by making there own taxi
    firm. Now they must earn a million dollars driving and collecting cash
    of people before the timer runs out ,got it.
    Words of Notice
    I have some things to say about this walkthrough. Firstly, if
    this has affected you in anyway then email me, if it has helped, enraged or
    anything else to you then I want to hear about it. If you spot a mistake, chat
    or even offend me then lets talk you loonies. Secondly, if you would like to use
    my information in this walkthrough then I expect credit in the FAQ made and
    an email about it. I would not want to give you a booking in court for
    copyright now would I?
    1a: Version History
    1b: Introduction
    1c: Words of Notice
    1d: Contents- The thing you are reading now dumbass
    2a: Controls
    2b: Locations of bus stops
    2c: About the author/ other FAQS by percy boi/Faqs/ copyright/ thanks
    3a: The end- don't cry
    3b: Secret message- ohhhhhhhh
    There are different controls for different areas in the game. So I may as well
    give them all. But two parts in the game have the same controls which are
    the menu and ratings screen, so without further a do...
    Menu and Ratings screen controls
    Direction buttons= Move sliders,cycle and Highlight options
    X Button= Select to next screen
    Triangle= Previous
    Driving Controls
    X button or Right analog up= Forward
    O Button or right analog down= Backwards
    Direction buttons or left analog left/right= Steering
    Square or R2= Handbrake
    Look behind= L2 (does not work in certain views such as bumper etc)
    Select= Reset level
    Start= Pause
    Triangle or L1= Horn
    Locations of Bus stops
    This guide will really look into the locations of the bus stops. These are big
    blue glass boxes with Mr Burns face printed on the glass. They are the bus stops
    for the green radioactive buses picking up helpless people off the streets of
    springfield. To stop this you must knock them down during your road rage mode.
    This will result in two things. The first is that less radioactive buses
    will drive around the city so you don't lose money or customers and the second
    is that you will be rewarded extra time on your clock to earn more money and/or
    customers. More money means you are getting closer to your goal which is buying
    new cars, chracters and areas for you which by putting them together you can
    have some serious road rage. When describing the location of these bus stops I
    will either start my describtion from a previous bus stop location or starting
    position so lets get cracking.
    Evergreen Terrace
    1: From the start position drive forward and on your right on the corner is the
    first bus stop.
    2: From the start drive forward over the bank then follow the road to the end
    and go left to the bottom of the hill passed the kwik-e-mart. At the bottom go
    left again and drive passed the school and you will see the stop under the 'eat
    deer' billboard by the lake.
    3: From the stop number two carry on going along the road taking no other routes
    until you come to the lawn and across it is the church. Next to the church is
    the stop.
    4: From stop 2 turn around so your rear is facing the bridge, then just drive
    straight up the road and bank and the stop will be in front of a nice small
    cottage house.
    5: From stop 3 there is a sewage pipe across from it. Drive through to be on
    a estate and this stop is infront of one of the house coloured in purple roof
    and bagae.
    6: From stop 5 drive further up the road until you find a up hill dirtway
    drive up here and the final stop is in front of one of the big apartment
    Entertainment district
    1: From the start point reverse a little face right. It is in front of Krusty
    2: From stop 1 reverse more and turn and you will see it in front of the petrol
    3: From stop 2 drive up the road and it's on the right side of the street by the
    lumber king sign.
    4: From stop 3 carry up the road and this stop is found in the 24/7 car park.
    5: From stop 4 drive through the brewery doors and out again and follow the road
    but don't go over the fence with the ramp. Ignore it and start to go down bank
    and it is next to moe's billboard.
    6: Just behind the ramp over the fence hidden from view. (ramp is mentioned
    in previous stop)
    7: Go over the ramp on the fence and on to the street and it is to right of
    Planet Springfield.
    8: Go passed sir putts a lot(pink castle golf course) near stop 7 then go passed
    the big car park and you can't miss it.
    9: Go along the straight road near stop 8 and then it is on the corner.
    10: From here at stop 9 drive up the next road and it is in front of the barneys
    11: Just passed barneys bowl-a-rama in stop 10 is a huge mall with a lot of car
    parks and you will find the stop in one of them on the right.
    12: After the mall car parks in stop 11 there is a choice of which way to go,
    up the bank or under the bridge/estate. Take the first choice and go up the
    bank and
    along the bridge after that it is on the left.
    That is it for this level but I forgot to mention that if you see any stops
    out then email me and let us know.
    Springfield Dam
    This has no bus stops though I have checked several times, tough luck.
    Nuclear Power Plant
    1: From the start drive down the bank and take the left road, don't drive into
    nuclear plant but instead carry along the road and the stop is just in front of
    baseball stadium.
    2: From Stop 1 carry up the road this one is in front of the community centre.
    3: From stop 2 Drive round the curve, through the plant, over the bridge,
    passed the petrol station and it is on the right side.
    4: From stop 3 it is just across the road from it.
    5: From stop 4 carry along the road and it is on another side of the car park
    6: Along another side of the car park from stop 5.
    1: From the start drive down the right bank and follow the right road here you
    will find a lawn and across it the stop.
    2: From stop 1 drive along the straight road over the tracks and around the
    is the stop on the right side.
    3: From stop 2 carry on driving until you see an alley on your left. Take it and
    drive down the ramp and on to the street again. When there go right and it is
    on the left.
    4: Just further along the street from stop 3
    5: From stop 4 just take a right and drive on up the bank and past the cathedral
    and you can't miss it on the corner.
    6: Carry up along the street of stop 5 and it is on another corner on the right.
    7: From stop 6 carry along the road taking turns until you reach the the multi
    storey, billboard and stop.
    8: Just a bit further along from the previous stop 7
    9: Another further along the street from stop 8
    10: From stop 9 take a right, drive down the end of the street, go left and and
    is on your right by the revolving tower.
    11: From stop 10 go left and it is on the corner further down.
    12: From stop 11 this is found if you go right, drive to the end of the street
    and go
    right again to find it near the hospital.
    13,14 and 15: Turn around follow the road upwards and you will see them on the
    parts of the park.
    16: Near one of the previous stops is the springs museum and libary which this
    stop is
    17: A bit further along from stop 16 is this one on the opposite side.
    18: Next to a hedge fence near the escalator to nowhere which I down the road
    stop 17.
    19: From stop 18 drive really fast up the escalator to Nowhere to land on a
    grassy road where the stop is.
    20: A bit further down the street by the springs drive in from stop 19.
    21: A bit more down the street from stop 20 in springs car park.
    What a big level, anyway springs mountains it is?
    Springfield Mountain
    1: Just drive forward at the start and it is in front of the tire fire.
    2: Take the right route from stop 1, over the bridge, past the trees etc
    until you reach the world biggest toilet along with the stop
    3: From stop 2 carry along the road to the golden mansion and the next
    4: From stop 3 drive along the straight road and ignore the bank until
    you reach the old house and stop.
    5: From stop 4 drive along the straight road again, pickup big speed and jump
    bank and the stop is in the car park.
    6: From stop 5 drive up the dirtroad, bridge and rocks until your back on the
    road again. Drive up the tunnel and this stop is outside the graveyard.
    That is it for the guide but there are a few more things to do.
    Legal Stuff
    1. This can only be posted on www.gamefaqs.com (THATS IT)
    2. This should not be changed in any way shape or form unless you email me and
    3. More info is on Words of Notice on the top of the page.
    About the author (Hey that's me)
    Percy boi AKA Josh Pearce. I am 14 years of age and I am interested in sports
    and as you guessed games. I would describe myself as funny, silly and err
    really silly. I like punk music. I would type more but I don't won't to lose
    track of anything else. Let me point my other FAQ which is Gran turismo
    concept 2002 GENEVA AND Robot wars arenas of destruction.
    I thank only four people and one thing, they are...
    The inventor of the PC
    My friends
    My parents
    Myself and GAMEFAQS
    -PERCY BOI ,2004
    FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
    Is there a way you can travel from one level to the other without quiting the
    No, there is a blockade or something in the way between the levels and havent
    found a ramp or anything to get passed it.
    Can you reccomend any other simpsons game?
    Yes I can, I'm affraid all accept two games from the simpsons have been
    rated rubbuish and I have to agree. The two games are this game and
    the simpsons hit and run.
    Are the chracters voices actually from the show?
    You bet yer.
    Do you bite your nails?
    No I trim them (only joking)
    The End
    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it is that time again. For me to close
    the curtains, shut the door or end the show. I hope this has helped you in
    someway. Cheers. Goodbye, bon voyage, Auf Weidersen or See ya later.
    Can you crack my puzzle? I don't think so.You can find the answer to my
    secret message in Robot wars on Ps2 at the top of this FAQ.
    Gordan meets me at rob's everynight and we play good sport's
    -   -  --  -    -  -     -----                  ----
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