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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by ainieas

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    ABOUT IT (Ziffer Szmaza, from_hell54@yahoo.com). BUT YOU'LL IN NO WAY 
    © Copyright 2004-2005 Ziffer 'bad boy' Szmaza(from_hell54@yahoo.com)
    'bout me:
     I'm: Ziffer 'bad boy' Szmaza
     Home State: Assam
     ICQ: 220708558
     e-mail: from_hell54@yahoo.com
    As far as mailing me goes:
    1. You are free to mail me with queries, suggestions or corrections as 
    long as you mail me in English and form complete words.
    2. I am really bad in answering back (ask my alien masters, they still  
    haven't received my reply if there are any good games on Earth ) but I  
    do try to reply. Maybe instead of replying back directly I'll put up 
    the answer in some updated copy of this walkthrough. Please don't 
    lose heart.
    3. When you mail me, in the subject line, write who you think is the 
    SEXIEST video game character and from which game. e.g: Lady Kagami from 
    TENCHU 2. I'm writing this report on video game characters but am too 
    lazy to write a HTML voting code. You can write the code for me if you 
    want. I'll give you the due credit. And you'll also have my heart and 
    my soul.
    4. I've already had enough of dating biker gals. So, watch your 
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    6. Keep the fake messages to yourself.
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    9. Mail bombing/ Bulk mailing simply means I'll have to contact your ISP.
     Hi to all my punk rock brothers. 
    To see a World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
    And Eternity in an hour.
              - "Auguries of Innocence" by William Blake
    Call me stupid but sometimes when I have nothing to do I just read some
    game walkthrough, many a times of games that haven't even played. I know
    its a weird habit but its kinda fun. So, when I started writing 
    walkthroughs I tried to make them as much fun as I could. I wanted them 
    to be for people who wanted something more than just about the games. 
    Thats why in my walkthroughs you get so much more other than game stuffs. 
    There are song lyrics, at times poetry, funny quotes and just general 
    cribbings. These might bore someone. Please bear with me.
    It was hard with this document to put stuffs other than about the game. 
    So, most of you out there, heave a collective sigh of relief.
    Anyone who is been reading my walkthroughs or general game stuffs 
    would realize that I have this really bad habit of doing games that 
    are two-three years old. Its not actually a habit, its just some 
    bizarre co-incidence. Really. Swear. 
    A reason for doing the games late is that most of the people 
    have already played through the game and thus it is easier for me 
    cause then I don't have to reply to the questions of too many over 
    zealous gamers. This doesn't mean I hate replying to your queries, 
    I really like doing that, but just that some of the experienced 
    FAQ writers have told me that sometimes the questions these gamers 
    ask are really difficult. You always got to be weary of that.
    Now why am I doing this one on FIFA 2002? Thats cause I wanted some 
    tips and secrets of FIFA 2002 and when I looked at gamefaqs.com I 
    found FIFA World Cup 2002 but not anything more specific about 
    FIFA 2002. So, I thought there must be others who might face the 
    same problem as me. And this is for all of them.
    No matter what others say EA Sports' FIFA series is the best soccer 
    action out there. The others are good but they struggle to live up 
    to the standards set by FIFA. If you ask me although EA Sports is 
    developing FIFA with every year, FIFA 2000 will always be a classic 
    to me. It had something, upon which I can't put my finger on, but 
    really made the game work for me.
    But my favourite EA Sports' title forever will be NHL. I got NHL 2000, 
    NHL 2002 and NHL 2003. And the series is evolving with each of them. 
    The NHL series is light years ahead of EA Sports' any other title. I 
    mean, in even in NHL 2000 you should see the player likeness. I have 
    only seen games in 2004 achieving that kind of player likeness that 
    NHL achieved in 1999. Thats not all, you could even import your pic 
    and create yourself to play in the big league. In NHL 2003 you can 
    also import your favourite tunes into the game. From stimulation to 
    player stats to everything NHL rules. And the music in NHL is hell 
    lot better. Its mostly rock. If thats not all the player stats change 
    every season, increasing or decreasing depending on their performance 
    in the last season. There might be times in this document when I 
    compare EA Sports' NHL and FIFA series to show their technical 
    Another thing, I have just played the demos of FIFA 2003 and 
    FIFA 2004. So, any of my comments do not pertain to these games.
    Here is your first tip on FIFA 2002. Stop looking to unlock the 
    World Cup. Its not there. To play the World Cup you'll have to get 
    FIFA World Cup 2002. I was really anxious to play the World Cup 
    after I play all those qualifying matches and unlocking the 
    tournaments. Damn all those corporate giants who will scoop to 
    anything to make a few millions more. 
    And when the stars threw down their spears,
    And water'd Heavens with their tears,
    Did He smile His work to see?
    Did He who make the lamb make thee?
                   - "Tyger" by William Blake.
    Soccer Glossary: (courtesy-http://www.sayso.org/glossary.htm)
    18-Yard Box - (British) - the penalty area; the large box adjacent 
    to the goal mouth, extending 18 yards out into the field from the 
    goal line and 18 yards in each direction from the goal posts to 
    towards the corners
    3 Blind Mice - a derogatory term referring to the game officials 
    3 D's of Defense - deny, delay, and destroy
    6-Yard Box - the small box adjacent to the goal mouth, extending 
    6 yards out into the field from the goal line and 6 yards in each 
    direction from the goal posts to towards the corners
    Abuse - verbal (nonphysical) questioning, criticism, mockery, 
    disagreement, or characterization 
    Advantage - (1) when play is permitted to continue by the referee 
    following an infraction but the team on whom the foul is committee 
    maintains possession of the ball, and the official feels that the 
    team which has been fouled would be punished further by stopping 
    play; (2) when a team quickly advances the ball down the field in 
    an attempt to get its players near the opponent's goal before the 
    defenders have a chance to retreat; (3) where a team has possession 
    of the ball and outnumbers the opposition near the opposing goal
    Advantage Rule - a clause in the rules that directs the referee to 
    refrain from stopping play for a foul if a stoppage would benefit 
    the team that committed the violation.
    AFC - the governing body of soccer in Asia; acronym stands for 
    Asian Football Confederation; based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 
    founded in 1954; membership of approximately 41 nations
    Aggregate Goals - the total number of goals scored by a team 
    from more than one match
    Air Mail - (British) slang for a ball sent way over the head of 
    an intended recipient
    Arc - the half-circle at the top of the penalty box; alternatively, 
    the quarter-circle at each corner of the field in which the ball 
    is placed for a corner kick
    Area (The) - The penalty area (box).
    Attack - an attempt to score
    Attacker - (1) a player who is moving into position to score; 
    (2) any player on the team that has possession of the ball
    Attacking Half - the half of the field containing the opponent's 
    Attacking Team - the team that has possession of the ball
    Away (Game) - a game not played on a team's home field
    Back Door - the area on the opposite side of the goal mouth 
    from where a cross or corner kick is taken
    Back Header - a player's use of their head to direct the ball 
    Back Pass - a pass made to a player behind
    Back Tackle - an attempt by a defender to take the ball away 
    from a ball carrier by placing the defender's leg in front of 
    the ball
    Ball Carrier - a player that has possession of the ball
    Bench - the area or structure in which the coach and substitutes 
    remain during a game
    Bend the Ball - make the ball curve (around a wall) 
    Bicycle Kick - a play where a player kicks the ball in mid-air 
    backwards and over their own head, usually making contact above 
    waist level 
    Book; Booked; Booking - a term referring to a player's name being 
    written down by a referee for either a yellow or red card 
    Breakaway - when an attacker with the ball approaches the goal 
    undefended; this exciting play pits a sole attacker against the 
    goalkeeper in a one-on-one showdown
    Celebration (after a goal) - any action (removing one's jersey, 
    running to the sidelines, doing a flip, or the entire team making 
    a snake or chain) which is performed after the scoring of a goal
    Center Line - the line that divides the field in half along its 
    width, parallel to the goals
    Center Spot - the small mark inside the center circle that denotes 
    the center of the field from which kickoffs are taken to start or 
    restart the game.
    Challenge - an attempt to strip an opponent of the ball
    Charging - a method of unbalancing (using one's shoulder and arm) 
    the player who has possession or is attempting to gain possession 
    of the ball
    Clinical Goal - a textbook goal scored that was shot and scored 
    Coin Toss - a method used by the referee to determine which of 
    two teams kicks off and the respective directions of the two 
    CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean 
    Football) - represents the region of North and Central America 
    and the Caribbean basin
    CONMEBOL - organization representing South American soccer region; 
    acronym drawn from full name - Confederacion Sudamericana de Futbol; 
    based in Asuncion, Paraguay; founded in 1916; membership of 
    approximately 10 nations
    Corner Arc - a quarter-circle with a radius of 1 yard located at each 
    of the 4 corners of the field; on a corner kick, the ball must be 
    kicked from inside this arc
    Corner Kick - a direct free kick taken by an attacking player from 
    the corner of the defending team's end of the field in an attempt 
    to score
    Counterattack - an attack launched by a defending team soon after it 
    regains possession of the ball
    Crossbar - the horizontal beam that forms the top of a goal and 
    sits on top of the two posts
    Dead Ball – stationary ball (stopped ball) such as a free kick or 
    corner kick
    Deep - close to the penalty area or goal
    Dive (to) - to fall to the ground, sometimes feigning injury, in 
    an effort to draw a foul or penalty kick on an adjacent player
    Dribble - running with the ball at the fee and playing it on every 
    step or every other step
    Ejection - An act (of showing the red card and requiring leaving the 
    field) taken by the referee against a player who has committed a 
    serious offense.  
    Extra Time - time added to the end of any period according to the 
    referee's judgment of time lost due to player injuries or intentional 
    stalling by a team
    Extra Time - (1) the additional two periods each of 15 minutes of play 
    and prior to any sudden-death periods added to a game that has ended in 
    a tie but must result in a winner; (2) any time (e.g., injury time) 
    added by the referee at the end of a game. 
    Eye Save - a (derogatory) description of a goal scored in which the 
    goalkeeper doesn't move but merely watches the ball go into the net
    FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) - world 
    governing body of soccer, founded in 1904 and based in Zurich, 
    Football - the name for soccer everywhere except in the USA
    Free Kick - a kick awarded to a player for a foul committed by 
    the opposition
    Ghost - (British) - an extra defensive player with no specific 
    side or position and that just wanders around the field
    Goal - The actual structure consisting of two goal posts and a 
    crossbar; a ball that crosses the goal line between the goalposts 
    and below the crossbar for which a point is awarded
    Golden Goal - where a game ends with the scoring of a goal in 
    overtime rather than by the expiration of an extra time period. 
    Half-Time - a period of rest between the two halves of the game
    Holding - preventing the movement of a player by obstructing with 
    the hands or grabbing parts of the uniform
    Illegal Slide Tackle - a tackle from the front "cleats up" and almost 
    any tackle from the rear
    Indirect Free Kick - a free kick that is awarded for other 
    less-serious fouls, requiring two players (of either team) to touch 
    the ball before a goal can be scored
    Injury Time - time added to the end of any period according to 
    the referee's judgment of time lost due to player injuries or 
    intentional stalling by a team
    Kickoff - the kick that begins the game at each half and restarts 
    play after a goal is scored
    Killer pass - a pass that sets up the receiver particularly well
    Lob - a high, soft kick, lifting the ball over another player's heads
    Long Ball - (1) a long pass, as from the backs to the forwards, 
    bypassing many players on the field; (2) a style of play using long 
    passes up the field, popular in England and other countries where 
    poor field conditions often prevent creative dribbling
    Obstruction - when a defensive player illegally uses his/her body 
    to prevent an offensive player from playing the ball
    Oscar - a term referring to a player who greatly exaggerates 
    an injury (e.g., "give him an Oscar for that performance) 
    Overtime - the extra periods played after a regulation game ends 
    Own Goal - a goal scored when a player accidentally puts the ball 
    in his/her own goal
    Pass - (v) to give the ball to another player in a controlled, 
    considerate manner; (n) the transfer of the ball from one player to 
    another in a controlled, considerate manner
    Pass Into Space - a pass sent ahead of a moving teammate
    Penalty Mark - a mark on the field from which penalty kicks are 
    Penalty Shot - a kick taken from the penalty spot by a player against 
    the opposing goalkeeper 
    Penalty Spot - the small circular spot located 12 yards in front of 
    the center of the goal line from which all penalty kicks are taken
    Punish - take advantage of a mistake
    Rebound - to hit an object (e.g., a goal post) and return to the field 
    of play
    Red Card - a card issued by the referee for a serious infraction
    Sandwich (to) - an illegal act of obstruction is which two players 
    from one team impede the movement of a player from the other team 
    with contact from two different sides at the same time
    Save - a block of a shot that would have resulted in a goal
    Sell Yourself - to act, move, or overcommit in a manner that allows 
    you to be beaten
    Substitute - a player  who is not playing at the beginning of the 
    Substitution - replacement of one player with another player
    Sudden Death - overtime in which the first goal scored by a team 
    ends the game and gives the scoring team the victory
    Sunday Shot - a hopeless shot from long out that remarkably results 
    in a goal
    Sweeper - a defender that plays between the defenders and the 
    goalkeeper, or in a triangle defense position, behind the stopper
    Tackling - the act of taking the ball away from a player
    UEFA - organization representing the European soccer region; 
    acronym stands - Union of European Football Associations; based 
    in Nyon, Switzerland; founded in 1954; membership of approximately 
    49 nations
    Volley - a kick while the ball of off the ground
    Worry the Goalkeeper - a tactic, punishable by a yellow card, of 
    bothering, distracting or interfering with the goalkeeper during 
    Yellow Card - a warning card issued by the referee; a caution
    Controls: You probably see the controls on your screen everyday, 
    still here they are:
    Pass/ Switch Player: S
    Shoot/ Consevative Tacle: D
    Lob/ Aggresive Tacle: A
    Sprint: W
    Player Runs/ Keeper Charge: Q
    Add Ball spin left: Z
    Add Ball spin right: C
    Special Moves: E
    1-2 Pass: Space
    Advanced Controls ( courtesy: http://www.fifa2002.com/controls/ )
    Shoot Volley: DD  
    Pass Volley: SS  
    High Volley: AA  
    Shot Header: D 
    Pass Header: S  
    High Header: A  
    Player Runs: Q  
    Skill Move 1: E  
    Skill Move 2: EE  
    Skill Move 3: TAP W then E   
    Fake Pass/Lob/Shoot: Hold Z and C then S/A/D  
    Fake Headers: Hold Z and C then S/A/D  
    Fake Volleys: Hold Z and C then AA/SS/DD   
    Player runs towards you: Hold Z and C then Q  
    Ballspin right for pass/lob/shot: Hold C then press S/A/D  
    Ballspin left for pass/lob/shot: Hold Z then press S/A/D  
    Onto the knee then clearance/shot (From air): Hold C then DD  
    Scorpion kick (From air): Hold Z then DD  
    Kick-ups: Hold Z and C then WW while stood 
    Keep an eye on your power meter. A strike too hard will definitely go
    over the bar and one too gentle will be pitied upon by the keeper.
    Press Z or C while you take a shot to curve the trajectory of your shot. 
    Its not too easy on a keyboard. Joystick maybe. Since I don't have 
    joysticks I just shoot them straight and hard. While with the ball 
    press E for your player to execute moves like Zidane, Figo or 
    Christiano Ronaldo. Yeah, it looks great. And 10 to 1 you'll lose the 
    ball to the opposition. These moves are nothing compared to the 
    360 degree turn of FIFA 2000.  
    In FIFA 2002, keyboard's 'Alt' and 'Ctrl' key have been disabled.
    This has caused me much problems. Hey EA, I got five fingers and
    its really difficult to get to the key for special moves and
    spinning the ball cause you have disabled the most important keys.
    Player positions: (courtesy: http://allaboutsoccer.com/positions)
    GK - Goal Keeper
    LWB - Left Wing Back
    LCB - Left Center Back
    LB - Left Back
    CB - Center Back
    RB - Right Back
    RCB - Right Center Back
    RWB - Right Wing Back
    SW - Sweeper
    LCDM - Left Center Defensive Midfield
    LCAM - Left Center Attacking Midfield
    LDM - Left Defensive Midfield
    LWM - Left Wing Midfield
    LAM - Left Attacking Midfield
    LCM - Left Center Midfield
    LM - Left Midfield
    CDM - Center Defensive Midfield
    CM - Center Midfield
    CAM - Center Attacking Midfield
    RM - Right Midfield
    RAM - Right Attacking Midfield
    RDM - Right Defensive MIdfield
    RWM - Right Wing Midfield
    RCM - Right Center Midfield
    RCDM - Right Center Defensive Midfield
    RCAM - Right Center Attacking Midfield
    LF - Left Front
    LS - Left Striker
    CF - Center Forward
    RF - Right Front
    RS - Right Striker
    ST - Striker
    Some of the best players in the game:
    Okay, the list doesn't include them all. Someday I'll finish it to 
    the best I can but till now it includes most of the players that I 
    like to play with. Also I consider the attributes 7 and 6 to be very 
    good but if any player has either SPD, SHT or TKL (three most 
    important qualities) less than 6, I have indicated it. Keep in mind 
    that strikers don't need a perfect TKL while defenders will do without 
    high SHT points. Midfielders need both, while SPD is a must for all. 
    I'm not too sure when Fitness and Strength come into play. 
    I'm also planning to list the names of the teams they play for. Forgive 
    me if I have excluded names of much better players and included lesser 
    mortals. Here is the list:
    Goal Keepers:
    Oliver Kahn - 94
    Fabien Barthez - 92
    Iker Casillas - 83 (he's really good actually)
    Alesandro Nesta - 94
    Francesco Coco - 90
    Fernando Hierro - 94
    Ivan Ramiro Cordoba - 92
    Favio Cannavaro - 90
    Sol Campbell - 88
    Salio Lassissi - 84
    Bixente Lizarazu - 87
    Lilian Thuram - 78(With TKL:4 whatever you do don't use him in defense)
    Patrik Andersson - 87 (SPD:5)
    Paolo Maldini - 92
    Kakhaber Kaladze - 91 (SPD:5, SHT:5)
    Ze Roberto - 82 (PSS:3)
    Ivan Campo - 86 (SPD:5)
    Roberto Carlos - 94
    Michel Salgado - 86 (SPD:5)
    Jaap Stam - 90 (SHT:5)
    Alexander Mostovoi - 90 
    Jens Jeremies - 92
    No.9 - 86
    Emile Mpenza - 90
    Djalminha - 92
    Rivaldo - 88
    Gustavo Lopez - 90 (HDR:2)
    Stephane Dalmat - 87
    Juan Sebestian Veron - 87 (TKL:4)
    Fernando Redondo - 89
    Patrick Viera - 86 (SHT:5)
    Edgar Davids - 92
    Veleri Karpin - 88
    Giazka Mendieta - 88 (SPD:5)
    Ruben Bajara - 89 (TKL:4)
    Francisco Fran - 89 (TKL:5)
    Manuel Rui Costa - 88 (TKL:5)
    Ivan Helguera - 91 (SPD:5)
    Pavel Nedved - 90 (awesome player in reality)
    Luis Figo - 97 (a perfect 10!!)
    Zinedine Zidane - 94
    Pablo Aimar - 90
    David Beckham - 85 (SPD:5)
    Phillip Cocu - 85
    Roy Keane - 84 (SPD:5)
    Gerrard - 88
    Ivan Gennaro Gattuso - 90 (SPD:5)
    Steve Mcmanaman - 86
    Jose Maria Guti - 86 (SPD:5)
    Savio - 88
    Raul - 90
    Frencesco Totti - 93
    Andriy Shevchenco - 95
    Hernan Crespo - 91
    Henrik Larsson - 92
    Hasan Salihamidzic - 90
    Victor Agali - 90
    Thierry Henry - 88
    David Trezeguet - 80 (SPD:5)
    Javier Pedro Saviola - 91 (TKL:3)
    Patrick Kluivert - 87 (TKL:5)
    Roy Makaay - 88 (TKL:5)
    Gerald Asamoah - 86
    Fernando Morientes - 86 (SPD:5)
    Christian Vieri - 88 (SPD:5, SHT:5)
    Ruud Van Nistelrooy - 81 (TKL:4, FIT:3)
    Diego Tristan - 85 (TKL:5)
    Players I wish who could be included in the list or hope will be 
    there in future FIFA editions.
    Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
    Marcelo Salas (Chile)
    Fernando Torres (Spain)
    Ariel Ortega (Argentina)
    Wayne Rooney (England)
    Johnny Heitinga (Netherlands)
    Bastian Schweinstiger (Germany)
    Johan Vonlanthen (Switzerland)
    Arjen Robben (Netherlands)
    Brooke Burke (!!)
    Every FIFA guide that I have read says that the best 
    formation for soccer is 4-4-2. I'll admit that this is true for 
    FIFA 2000 but in FIFA 2002 the best formation is 4-3-3 or 3-4-3. 
    In these cases you'll have three forwards which will really help 
    you to score. And there is a little trick that you can do with 
    three forwards which you can read in the Offence part of this 
    Again, 4-3-3 or 3-4-3? That depends on you. Do you want 
    three defenders and four midfielders (3-4-3) or do you want four 
    defenders and three midfielders (4-3-3). If you ask me I'll you 
    that you might want to keep 3-4-3 for weak teams like 
    Estonia (think Carmen Kass!!) and then change to 4-3-3 for 
    stronger teams like Real Madrid. Ivan Ramiro Cordoba(92) has 
    SPD:7 SHT:6 and TKL:7. You can keep a player like him in 
    the team and when you change formations give him either the 
    newly vacant defensive position or a defensive midfielder role. 
    Works like a charm.  
    4-3-3 Formation:
    In this formation you'll have four defenders, three midfielders 
    and three forwards. In this case you can keep your defensive 
    strategy as 'pressure' or 'contain'. You'll have three choices in 
    the arrangement of your defenders:
    i. LB-CB-RB   
         ^          ^ 
    ii. LWB-LB__RB-RWB (notice the arrow marks over the wings)
    iii. LB-LCB__RCB-RB
    The first formation will allow you to have a sweeper. If the opposition 
    ST is really good then it will pay to have a SW between your CB and GK. 
    The second and third formations will check the wings better but will 
    leave a gap for the ST to attack freely. The second formation is bit 
    more attacking. I usually prefer the first formation. 
    Select your midfielders with care. Figo, Zidane, Pires, 
    Ronaldo (No.9, Inter Milan), Fran, Valeri Karpin, Mostovoi are my 
    usual choices. Again here you'll have three choices in the arrangement:
    i. LM-CM-RM
    ii.   LM   RM
    iii.     CAM
         LCAM   RCAM
    The third formation will be more attacking but might leave you 
    wanting in your defense. Choose with care.
    Forwards: Did you know that strikers are considered most 
    temperamental in the whole team? The slightest things and they 
    just walk off. Strikers are a coach's nightmare. And worst than 
    a striker - a striker's GF. So, choose yours with care. Both 
    strikers and GFs!! Larsson (Sweden) and Shevchenko (Ukraine) are 
    the best to choose from. Others include Totti, Crespo, Raul, 
    Saviola, Henry. And as far as choosing your GF goes, I won't 
    even comment!! 
    You can arrange your three strikers in the formations:
    i. LF-CF-RF
    ii.    ST
        LF    RF
    iii. LS     RS
    Each of the three work very well against all oppositions. But watch 
    out with the second formation. You might be offsided a bit too much.
    3-4-3 Formation:
    In an actual match this formation is rarely used. In this formation 
    you'll have three defenders, three forwards and four midfielders. 
    Its really good if you want to go all out attacking. But the success 
    of this formation will depend on how good defenders you choose. Since 
    you have only three of them choose wisely. With four midfielders pass 
    the ball around and let your strikers finish the job for you.
    Defense: You can arrange your defenders in two formations:
    i. LB-CB-RB
    ii. LB    RB
    In your defense you have to make the choice between having a centerback 
    or a sweeper. I'd rather recommend a centerback but change according 
    to the way the game progresses. Remember to keep your defensive 
    strategy as 'withdrawn' cause with only three defenders you don't 
    want them on the other side, leaving your keeper open.
    Midfield:Your midfield will be very important in this formation. 
    Following are the ways to arrange your midfielders:
    i. LM-LCM__RCM-RM
         ^             ^
    ii. LWM-LCM___RCM-RWM
    iii. LCAM   RCAM
         LCDM   RCDM
    iv.      CAM
           LM   RM
    v.   ^  CAM  ^ 
        LWM     RWM
    The first formation is more conservative while the wings on 
    the seconds mostly play as your forwards. The third and fourth 
    are okay and then with the fifth again the wings play as your 
    forwards. Its good to have wings but it pisses me off to see 
    my forwards behind and my wingers as forwards. So, I basically 
    avoid second and fifth formation. The third never works for me. 
    So, I usually go with the first or fourth formation. With the 
    first one, if your forward's shot has been deflected by the 
    keeper away from the goal then your wingers would zoom in and 
    send it to the back of the net before the goalie can collect 
    his wits. So, select only those with speed to be your wings 
    (Figo, Pires). In the fourth formation you'll already have a 
    center defensive midfielder, so you can have a sweeper in your 
    defensive formation.
    Forwards: Did you know that strikers are considered most 
    temperamental in the whole team? The slightest things and they 
    just walk off. Strikers are a coach's nightmare. And worst than 
    a striker - a striker's GF. So, choose yours with care. Both 
    strikers and GFs!! Larsson (Sweden) and Shevchenko (Ukraine) are 
    the best to choose from. Others include Totti, Crespo, Raul, 
    Saviola, Henry. And as far as choosing your GF goes, I won't even 
    You can arrange your three strikers in the formations:
    i. LF-CF-RF
    ii.    ST
        LF    RF
    iii. LS     RS
    Each of the three work very well against all oppositions. But watch 
    out with the second formation. You might be offsided a bit too much.
    And I'm done with the two formations that I consider the best. Maybe 
    someday I'll do the other formations but not today, not today....
    The formation that I consider the most unhelpful is 5-3-2. What will 
    you do with five defenders? And what team are you playing against with 
    such a weak offence?
    And I also find it unhelping if you have two forwards and they are 
    arranged as:
    This will leave your left and right sides totally bare. Barcelona plays 
    with this formation with Saviola and Rivaldo being the forwards.
    So, now you are ready with your team with just the perfect formation 
    that you want. Now onto the game. Here are a few tips and tricks that 
    might help you win. I'm not saying that you'll become a good player 
    if you s--ked before but with these tips and tricks you might just 
    learn to love the game.
    Cameras: You have 10 different camera views but the best view is 
    when you get to see the most of the field. It should allow you to 
    see the positions of your players as well as your opposition's. The 
    one I find best is the tower camera (num key 2, default PC), with 
    the zoom at the minimum and height at the maximum. Its not important 
    if you get to see the player's faces or not but sure is important to 
    plan your moves perfectly and you'll not be able to do that if you 
    can't see all the players' positioning, both of the opposition and
    your own.
    Sound: Basically its your call what you want to do with the sound options 
    but here is something that I like to do. Go to the sound menu. Change 
    SFX Mix from 'commentary' to 'On the Pitch'. Now make the Game SFX volume 
    maximum. Turn off all other sounds eg: Menu SFX vol., Menu Music vol, 
    Game Music vol. So, what do you think? Like the way the game sounds now. 
    Thanks to Korben for liking this tip. So, this one's dedicated to Korben.
    Tackles, Injuries and Cards: 
    This should be probably written under three different headings. But 
    I'll do this in just one cause they are just interlinked. I don't 
    know whats wrong with FIFA 2002 but injuries and cards are very, 
    very uncommon. Unless you bring down the keeper. Thats a sure red 
    card. In FIFA 2000 there was a key for definite rough tackle. Most 
    of the times it would mean injury to the opposition player and card 
    for yours. I loved it. In FIFA 2002 not only are injuries rare but 
    the injuries also don't last long in a season. In the NHL series 
    injuries can last upto months and may also force a player to retire. 
    Thats called reality.
    However bad you tackle cards are rare and injuries even rarer in 
    FIFA 2002. So, I just go on making rough tackles. Many a times I 
    tackle from behind. Yeah, sometimes my players are carded but most 
    of the times I get away with it. In fact the last season I played 
    was a custom season and each team had to play 46 games and in 46 
    games I was carded 3(!!) times. Thats counting the numerous fouls 
    that I had committed. And just so that you know the ref strictness 
    was user defined at the highest. But NEVER tackle inside the box. 
    That will end up as a penalty shot. Read Goalkeeping to learn about 
    saving penalty shots. 
    When I get carded I usually shout, "He barely touched him!" and when 
    my players get tackled," You're letting him get away with THAT?" I 
    think I might just have a career in coaching.
    Basically, you want the ball? Then tackle.
    Set Pieces: 
    Corners, Free Kicks, Spot Kicks all seem like child's play. Yeah, 
    they are if you know how to work them to your advantage. Free Kicks 
    and Spot Kicks more or less depend on chance. If you get a Spot Kick 
    or Free Kick just outside the box then instead of passing to another 
    of your player try aiming for the far end of the goal post closest 
    to you, farthest from the keeper. Try to curve the ball around the 
    wall of players in front of you. It will take practice to make perfect 
    and I'll admit that I have done it only a few times but its a charm. 
    Or you can simply be traditional an pass to the player closest to the 
    goal line and pray that the keeper is slow enough to allow him to head 
    it home. 
    With Free Kicks half way between the kick off line and the box also you 
    can go for the ends of the goal post. If you perfectly curve and time 
    it right your team will be celebrating a goal. I totally miss the 
    training mode of FIFA 2000. All these could have been made perfect 
    in the training mode instead of trying in an actual game.
    Corners: "Hey, Ziff, how do you score with a corner kick?" This is 
    something that my friends ask me a lot. Really a lot. I really don't 
    know if you can actually curve the ball into the goal with a corner 
    kick but a perfect pass to your player will definitely see it home. 
    The perfect corner kick depends on two major things:
    i. Your formation
    ii. Kick Taker
    Most of you must be thinking that I'm out of my mind ("what has 
    formation got to do with it?") but let me elucidate my point. To me the 
    perfect corner is when you are able to pass the ball to your player 
    closest to the goal and the keeper doesn't rush out to catch it. In that 
    case you can surely head it home. Or even if the keeper rushes out he 
    doesn't catch the ball but punches it away. Then your player in the 
    midfield will head it back to one of your forwards. And send it home 
    marked "Return to sender!!" And how to do that??
    I know this for sure with only two formations. 
    With 4-3-3 formation have your LM to take the kick. In that case W will 
    be the key to pass to the player closest to the goal. He can head it 
    home. Or if the keeper punches it away your RM will be in the center 
    field to head it right back to one of your forwards. Whats you waiting 
    for. Shoot!!
    With 3-4-3 formation (midfield arrangement no.i, refer to formation 
    section above) again have your LM take the kick. Scenario will mostly 
    be same as above but I'm not too sure if there will be someone of yours 
    in the center field.
    Okay, the above two kick taking techniques are not fully disaster proof. 
    I mean there will be times when the keeper WILL grab the ball or you 
    won't be able to pass to one of your players closest to the goal post 
    or something like that. It will work with some teams but maybe won't 
    work with others but in a match these arrangements may be your last hope.
    Even with the same kick taker the field arrangement for left and right 
    corners are different. So, things will not always be the same.
    Also avoid taking corners with your defenders. Cause if the keeper 
    punches it away to one of his forwards and your defense has one man 
    missing then you'll be in deep trouble. Never take kicks with your 
    keeper, unless its a penalty shot.
    Also experiment with different kick takers. Sometimes, with some kick 
    takers the players don't stand too near to the goal but a bit away, 
    just outside the 6 yard box. I think this happens if your kick taker 
    is a forward or CAM. But I'm not too sure. Just experiment with different 
    kicktakers with two things in mind. You need to have a player near the 
    goal and if the keeper punches the ball away you need someone in the 
             |      |  |         |  |       |  
             |      |  |         |  |       |
             |      |  ___________  |       | 
             |      |               |       |
             |     ____________________     |
             |                              |
             |                              |
             |                              |
             |                              |
             |           ,'" "',            |
             |          /       \           |
             |__________|   x   |___________|
             |          \       /           |
             |           `.___.'            |
             |                              |
             |                              |
             |                              |
             |                              |
             |     ____18 yrd_________      |           
             |      |               |       |
             |      |  ___6 yrd___  |       | 
             |      |  |         |  |       |
             |      |  |         |  |       |  
             R------------Goal line----------
    The whole diagram you see above is a soccer pitch. Doesn't look like it, 
    but don't argue with me. I did the whole thing in Notepad. Didn't use any 
    ASCII software, so appreciate the effort. I did it all for you. See, I made 
    you feel special :-}
    Okay, back to topic. You'll see two marks on the diagram (X and R). When you 
    take corners from the 'X' position press downward key and left direction key 
    together, then D to surely head the ball into the net. This can be done if you 
    followed the above stated corner taking rules. 
    On taking corners from 'R' position press down key and right key.
    Doesn't work on the other two sides. Ball will go wide.
    And what to do when a corner is being taken against you? Let your players 
    come into position. Keep pressing the S key to bring the pointer over your
    best defender. Now bring this player in front of the opposition player 
    closest to the goal mouth. Keep pressing D to head the ball in the opposite 
    direction. This is where Nesta's height scores over Roberto Carlos'. Taller
    players have better chances of clearing the ball for you. Still this method 
    is not full-proof. There will be times when the opposition players will jump
    over yours to score.
    Also not always the ball is passed to the player closest to the goal mouth
    with a corner kick. Sometimes the ball is passed on to a player further away.
    In that case, keep pressing the S key while the ball is in air to bring the 
    pointer over the player closest to the landing point of the ball.
    Sometimes when the opposition players converge in on your ball carrier 
    it plays to quickly press the left and right direction keys. This makes 
    your player weave the ball out of danger.
    Fatigue is caused when you keep running a lot. Even though player 
    fatigue is not visible here as much as in NHL yet try switching 
    quickly from one player to another. Pass the ball around. Replace 
    a severely fatigued player. To get to see player fatigue let the 
    opposition have the ball and keep a player of yours running about. 
    See his fatigue meter. Let it fall to the lowest. Still don't stop. 
    He'll bend over with fatigue and get horribly slow. This is a real 
    fatigued player. All this time remember NOT to switch players. I 
    like to this with the GK. With the ball I make him run around inside 
    the 6 yard box. The opposition player can't tackle him and he just 
    keeps on going till he almost drops. Then CPU makes a suggestion for 
    you to substitute the player. Okay, I'll admit, I switch sides and do 
    this to the opposition GK not mine!!
    In NHL I used to put my favourite player in all the four lines and 
    then wonder why he was getting slow towards the end of each period!!
    Shots, Shots on target, ball control% are all statistics and mean 
    squat in the game outcome. I usually control about 30-40% of the 
    ball in a game. In the only game I controlled 85% was one I lost. 
    I take multiple shots on target yet when I proudly see the Stats 
    I'm shocked to see only 2 or 3 shots have been counted. Thats cause 
    there are definite guidelines about counting the shots. If you take 
    a vicious shot but it deflects from the goal mouth hitting a 
    defender's body then it won't be counted and things like that.
    The only stat that might matter is percentage of action on each part 
    of the field. Keep this minimum in your half and max in the opposition 
    goal area.
    I usually find it rewarding for long lobed passes to pass them 
    diagonally across the field. That means from my left defensive back 
    to my right wing or from my right wing to my left forward. Straight 
    lobed passes for me somehow don't reach who they are supposed to. 
    Pass the ball exactly to fall IN FRONT of a player making a run so 
    that he doesn't have to slow down to collect it and definitely not 
    stop, turn around and chest it down (and be tackled). Slide passes 
    (ground passes) are great for small distances.
    Get the injured player out as soon as you can. Kick the ball out 
    of play quickly. There is no use keeping an injured player unless 
    you might want to sing - "...and they say that a hero could save us, 
    I'm not gonna stand here and wait..." - "Hero" by Chad Kroeger and 
    Josey Scott. I only did that once. I mean score with an injured player. 
    With Owen. And it felt real good. Did you know even when an INJURED 
    player scores the celebration video shows him celebrating without an 
    injury. EA, listening??
    But when an opposition player gets injured try to keep the ball in 
    play as much as you can. Try to take advantace of his injury by 
    finding an opening for yourself.
    During seasons players can be traded. But most of the time the 
    teams do not have enough funds if the team is not a big name. So, 
    this is what you do. Before starting the season go to team 
    management menu and get the costliest players into the team that 
    you'll be playing as. While trading in the team management your 
    funds are not affected. Now start the season with your team. Now 
    go to team management here and then trades and sell your costly 
    players and get the players that you want. Remember to get fresh 
    blood after every season. And the original team management would 
    remain unaffected because you haven't changed the changes. And 
    you'll have players like Shevchenko, Nesta playing in 
    BSC Young Boys (Switzerland).
    Suppose your ball carrier is moving in to score and you see an 
    opposition player coming in to intercept. If you are able to turn to 
    the direction that he's moving in from (eg: east-west, whatever) and 
    the defender attempts a slide tackle then he will just brush the 
    ball a bit away from you. By the time he gets up on his feet you 
    can get the ball and score!!
    Its not always your best players will be on the pitch. Argentina starts 
    with Saviola on the bench. In Inter Milan's starting line-up there is no 
    Ronaldo (No.9) even in the starting 15. Get your best players off the 
    bench and onto the starting line-up.
    Know the away goal rule? An away goal is worth two at home. If you 
    are playing in a tournament where you have to play each teams twice 
    in the play-offs then this rule will be very important. Try to be 
    more defensive when you play at home, stop the opposition from scoring. 
    But when you play away games, go all out. You have got to score. First 
    criteria is always the number of goals scored to determine who advances 
    to the next round. If the number of goals scored is same then the away 
    goal rule comes into play. And if even that is equal then the outcome 
    is determined by penalty shoot-out.
    In 2003 Champions league AC Milan and Inter Milan met in the semi-final. 
    Since AC Milan and Inter are both based in Milan they share the same 
    stadium. It was decided that the first game would be home for one team 
    and away for the other while the other game will be away for the 
    previously home team and home for the previously away team. Both 
    AC Milan and Inter scored 1 goal each but Inter were ejected out of 
    the tournament on the away goals rule. It was heartbreaking for Inter 
    to lose on the away goals rule in their home turf. This was irony of 
    the Gods.
    GOALKEEPING: Goalkeeping is an art. Its really great that you don't 
    actually have to control the goalkeeper in FIFA. Except for the goal 
    kicks and passes. 
    i. After catching the ball the keeper usually makes a slow 360 turn. 
    Heavens know how many times impulsive that I am, I have put the ball 
    in my own net. The keeper makes the turn very slowly but keep this in 
    mind, wait to turn the direction you want to face only then press the 
    key. Pressing the key before will send you my way, with the ball in 
    your own net.
    ii. When a wing or the Left or Right strikers is charging in alone then 
    press the Q key for the keeper to rush out. Doing this usually makes 
    the player shoot the ball wide. But it doesn't work every time. Keeping 
    in mind that if your keeper stays rooted to his position its more often 
    than not a sure goal, so the above tactic could be a definite gamble. 
    Also remember to try this only if your keeper is fast (Kahn), the attack 
    is from the left or right side not the front and that the opposition 
    player is on a breakaway (that is he is alone, looking for glory). If 
    you rush out to a striker who is not alone he will pass to his partner 
    on the other flank and with your goal keeper down, things don't look too 
    good. Don't rush out if the attack is from the direct front. You'll 
    almost never stop that. This very often works with weak strikers. With 
    someone like Larsson its a rarity but not complete failure.
    iii. Scoring with goalkeepers is hard but not impossible. To do this when 
    the ball is in the GK's hands press Q to drop it now head along the left 
    or right side lines. Take it slow because it is a long way home. Press E 
    for skill move. Tapping W along with E helps. Mind you, your keeper will 
    be attacked. So, if you keep close to the side lines even if you are 
    tackled the ball goes usually for a throw-in and also a tackle on the 
    keeper (however mild) usually is a free kick. So, it is a win-win 
    situation for you. Well, not actually. Firstly your goal is unguarded. 
    Anything goes wrong you are done for. Secondly, its a long way. Avoid 
    running at first. Fatigue factor. Tap the skill moves whenever necessary. 
    But run like hell when you reach the opposition goal. Shoot!!
    iv. Saving penalty shots: Even though I mentioned above to read this 
    space about saving penalty shots I'll admit I have no idea, like hell,
    how to save penalty shots. Don't let your jaws drop and say," I thought 
    FAQ writers knew everything." Yeah, I spent a lot of time with FIFA 2002 
    but so what, I also spent a lot of time with girls that doesn't mean I 
    understand them either!!
    Seriously, about saving penalties, well, I'm not even sure which key to 
    use. Its either A or S (default PC). Press the direction you want the 
    goalkeeper to dive and then try either A or S. And pray. During penalty 
    shootout what I usually do is keep my GK rooted to the same place. 
    Amongst five opposition shooters at least there would be one who would 
    shoot straight. Thats at least one definite save. I usually lose in 
    penalty shootouts.  
    DEFENSE: Always get the best defenders. All defenders need good TKL 
    and SPD points. Nesta is by far my favourite defender. I'll place him 
    above Roberto Carlos because of his height, it helps in some cases.
    i. Main job of the defense is to get the ball out of the danger zone. 
    If you are able to pass to one of your forwards with a perfect pass he 
    might be open to the goal because most of your opposition players 
    might be stuck in your half.
    ii. No question about it, when your defender has the ball and your 
    half is covered with opposition players use the D key to get rid of 
    the ball quickly. No time for a long shot. Don't take chances.
    iii. I find this rather amusing. Whenever you are close to the 
    opposition ball carrier and you slide on the ground, 
    press A key (aggresive tackle), even if you don't make contact the 
    opposition player passes the ball prematurely. I do this a lot in 
    the defense zone. This makes them shoot the ball wide. It actually 
    works. But inside the box be careful. Do this if only you have no 
    chance of making contact. Cause contact would mean a card and penalty 
    shot against you. Even you are some distance away from the opposition 
    ball carrier just slide, he'll either pass or shoot prematurely. It 
    works all over the field - defense, midfield, offence. A premature pass 
    has more chance of being intercepted by your players. But in the 
    offensive zone take care cause here making contact might mean a shot 
    at the goal but not making contact would mean that the opposition 
    defense would pass the ball to the midfield.
    iv. I usually keep my defensive strategy as 'withdrawn'. This strategy 
    keeps your defenders within your half and you are not open to breakaways.
    v. When you have a SW (Sweeper) take care, because if the opposition 
    has a ST (Striker) then the opposition striker can be deep inside your 
    half without being off-sided, not that FIFA 2002's off-side judgments 
    are always perfect. Seems like the CPU always gets away with off-sides.
    vi. Sometimes you might have to sacrifice a player for the greater good 
    of the team. Like when the opposition player is on a breakaway. Bringing 
    him down is a sure red card but not bringing him down a sure goal against 
    you, so what do you do? I say tackle him. Maybe from behind. Sacrifice 
    your player (red carded, most of the time). Save a definite goal. But 
    it would s--k if you get red carded and the opposition scores. Don't 
    try this inside box.
    vii. When you have a fast defender and are chasing a player on a 
    breakaway, try overtaking the player before you slide tackle 
    (pressing A) him. Or when you are just adjacent to him slide forward. 
    This way you'll win the ball without being carded of giving away a 
    free kick.
    Midfielders: Midfielders need to pass the ball around. Not look for 
    glory themselves. How do you think Zidane, Nedved made their names 
    as playmakers - by setting up excelente goals.
    i. When the ball is with you midfielder and you need to pass to your 
    forward, look for an opening and then send a ground pass (press S). 
    Don't lob unless the forward is on a run. But usually leave the lobbing 
    to the defenders to pass the balls to the forwards. Ground passes are 
    more prone to interception but they are faster and the reception is 
    more definite.
    ii. Remembers your midfielders are there to set up your forwards with 
    sweet passes but when the opportunity comes just score. Usually when 
    the forward takes a hard shot from the front the goal keeper deflects 
    to the right or left and falls down upon impact. This is the cue for 
    your wing to rush in and send the ball home.
    iii. Try to intercept as many opposition passes as you can. Keep 
    sliding along the ground in front of an opposition player just 
    before he gears up for a pass or a shot. You might just win the 
    Forwards: This is where your 80% of goals are going to come from 
    (16% from midfielders and 4% from defenders). When the midfielder 
    passes on the ball don't wait, take a well timed shot.
    i. I wrote in the formation section to read this section about a 
    trick with 4-3-3 and 3-4-3 formations. To tell the truth this is 
    also possible with other formations only you need to have a CAM in 
    your team, I think. Okay, lets concentrate on 4-3-3 and 3-4-3. With 
    this two formations along with the kick takers in the center circle 
    you'll have another player (two incase of 3-4-3) on the central 
    line. As soon as you kick off the ball pass it to this player (or 
    one of the two player on either side). If you passed the player 
    to the left side of the field, go ahead and a bit right trying to 
    be parallel to the goal post closest to you. With the right player 
    go a bit left. From here take a shot at the goal. Yes! this is 
    possible. And its my most favourite scoring habit. This will take 
    practice. First you'll shoot over the crossbar, into the goalkeeper's 
    hand, but know that you are on the right path when the keeper punches 
    the ball away for a corner kick. Soon you'll be scoring masterpieces. 
    You'll have to time the ball just right with just the perfect power 
    for it to into the goal over the keeper's head. The keeper can only 
    make an eye save. The goal scored is spectacular. This way if a goal 
    is scored against you, you can have your sweet revenge just as soon 
    as kick off takes place to restart the game. 
    To score in this way the ball has to be shot with just the perfect 
    trajectory. The ball rises, attains greatest height and the starts 
    its descent. And for you to score the ball has to descent over the 
    GK's head and into the net.
    You can also shoot the ball diagonally aiming for the far post of 
    the net. This too will fly over the GK's head if shot perfectly.
    This happened to me only twice but sometimes when you don't power 
    the shot enough it bounces just in front of the keeper and through 
    under the keeper's legs end up at the back of the net. Both times 
    it happened to me the opposition goalkeeper was Seaman.
    Taking this shot is really great cause you'll be creating a scoring 
    opportunity within the first five mins of the game. In a real game 
    this has a devastating effect on the opposition morale. Good luck!!
    ii. I should have included this in the midfielders section but I 
    wanted you to read the above portion first. You can have a midfielder 
    take a shot at the goal from the between the center line and the goal 
    line and perfectly timed it will be a goal. Just don't try this from 
    straight front but from the left or right fields. I have created this 
    midfielder (height 170 cm and weight 70 kgs) who scores from outside 
    30 yards midfield. I think his height has much to do with this. 
    iii. When you're on a breakaway run parallel to the goal post closest 
    to you, just enter the 18 yard box and then shoot hard. Very hard. Just 
    not too hard. The keeper is never able to save this goal. The diagram 
    shows the path you take with your left forward:
                   ! <- Follow this path 
    ____18 yrd_____!___               
    |              ! |
    |  ___6 yrd___ ! |
    |  |         |   |
    |  |         |   |  
    -----Goal line------ 
    The exclamation marks(!) show the path you should take. The ball goes 
    diagonally towards the goal no matter how far you are from the goal 
    iv. Its best to score with a left or right forward from closest to 
    the endlines. The goal keeper can almost never make a save. Here 
    is a diagram to show the path you should take with your left 
    ____18 yrd________/               
    |               |/ <- Don't go to the other side of this diagonal line
    |  ___6 yrd___  |
    |  |         | /| 
    |  |         |/ | <-close in from here
    ----Goal line-----
    You can also run along the diagonal line shown.
    v. When your forward is being chased and the opposition defender runs 
    alongside your player try to side step little by little till you're 
    open to score. If you slow down or go too close to the defender you'll
    be tackled.
    vi. Whenever an opposition defender tries a conservative tackle 
    (not sliding) on you just stop in your tracks. Your player will shield 
    the ball and the defender will go just past. Then run ahead. Stopping 
    in your tracks inside the box while the opposition was trying a sliding 
    tackle might just earn you a penalty shot. 
    vii. I can't curve the ball. At least not to perfection. CPU players 
    do this a lot. Playing against Roma and Real Madrid is my nightmare. 
    These players do this a lot. They take a curving 30 yard shot and kill 
    me with it. Since I'm not too good with curves(!!) I just try to shoot 
    straight and fast.
    viii. When you run ahead to the opposition goal and the goalie rushes 
    out you can press A very quickly to send the ball over the goalie's head. 
    But try this if only there are none of your players around otherwise 
    your player will pass the ball to the other guy no matter how far he 
    is. Also keep the direction key (which way you want the ball to go) 
    firmly pressed. Still many times my player ends up passing the ball 
    instead of lobbing it in.
    ix. Again when the keeper rushes at you, you can quickly pass the ball 
    to another of your player on the other flank. Take care that the defense 
    doesn't intercept the ball. With the keeper down if you are quick enough 
    you'll score.
    x. Again when the goal keeper rushes out at you just stop in your 
    tracks before the keeper can reach you. The goalkeeper will be down
    on the ground and an empty net infront of you. Side step the goal 
    keeper and put one in.
    xi. When you approach from the front, and the goalkeeper rushes
    at you don't stop or anything but as the goal keeper starts to
    dive for the ball send a fast one home. 
    She heard the dead man say,
    I'll come to thee by the moonlight,
    Though Hell should bar the way.
             - "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes
    The unethical:
    I wasn't sure if I really wanted to include this but I just wanted 
    to include everything so here it is. These are the unethicals that 
    might make playing the game more fun. Definitely not for those with 
    strong sense of honour and equality and all those stuff. For them I 
    would like to say - you know when I'm two down and Raul scores a 
    curving 30 yard goal, it just kills all the ethics for me. All these 
    are most fun when you increase the half-time length to 4-6 mins. Thats 
    perfect to execute all these moves.
    i. EA has allowed the switching of sides during a game even in 
    season and tournament mode. Thats a major no-no, EA. But you might 
    as well exploit it. Every time your team is losing switch to other 
    team and put in some goals for you. Or stand rooted and just watch 
    as your team put in some goals for itself. But even for someone 
    as unethical as me this is unacceptable. I never do this.
    ii. This one is more fun. Switch to the other team then go to team 
    management, here change all the kick takers to the goal keeper. Make 
    the goalkeeper take all the kicks (corners, spot kicks and free kicks). 
    Now switch back to your team. 
    Everytime you are down, just kick the ball for a corner. When the 
    opposition goal keeper takes the corner remember that his net is 
    unguarded. Get the ball to your forward and take a 30 yard kick at 
    the yawning net. Score!! This more or less becomes a timed run like 
    in the Tomb Raider games. Just like you have to reach the door on 
    the other side before it closes in TR, here you have to score before 
    the opposition goalie takes position.
    But sometimes the joke may be on you cause the GK might make a perfect 
    pass resulting in an opposition goal. And sometimes after changing 
    the opposition team management when you switch back to your team, CPU 
    automatically reverts the opposition setting to the defaults. 
    iii. Read fatigue part above about fatiguing the opposition goalie. 
    But remember that this requires time and patience and if the opposition 
    team has two goalies you might have to work on both of them. But later 
    just relax. You'll have a much slower GK to deal with. Remember that 
    in time the goal keeper will recover but till then enjoy. All the much 
    better if you make the fatigued goalie take a corner. Its fun to see a 
    tired GK running towards his net.
    You can change the captain of your team in the team management menu. 
    Select a player in the starting line-up and click captaincy. Its one 
    of the least important part of the gameplay but its nice to see the 
    captain's arm band on your chosen player. In a real match when the 
    captain is substituted he ties the band around another player before 
    leaving the field. In FIFA 2002 if you substitute the captain the arm 
    band automatically goes to the next eligible player. Its small things 
    like this that makes the FIFA series so great. And its the small 
    things that all of us should notice and appreciate.
    BTW, captaincy can't be changed by you during a game.
    Man of the Match:
    FIFA 2002's MoM awardees are unquestionable. It always goes to the 
    most deserving player. In a match where I scored two goals against 
    a nil score line the MoM went to the opposition GK because he had 
    made 17 saves. And I don't grudge him that. Rather I'd like to 
    applaud EA Sports.
    i. Sometimes when you pass the ball to a player who isn't making a 
    run (but the pointer is upon him) he'll run towards ball half way 
    but then suddenly stop in his tracks even if he is open to the goal. 
    No matter how much you tap on W he'll not run. Or he'll just not run 
    towards the ball. That pisses me off big time.
    ii. Injury: The lack of injury to players is something unrealistic. 
    Pires didn't play the 2002 WC due to injury. Same with many other 
    players. In NHL 2003 if you keep the injury frequency at the highest 
    then by the end of the game half of your team will be battling injury. 
    Okay, I really hate to see players injured in a real game but in a VG 
    these can be allowed. Otherwise I usually stick to my usual line-up and 
    my benchers don't get a chance at glory. Even incase of injury, the 
    injury doesn't last long.
    iii. Stimulation: Stimulation will always be a FIFA issue. But its worse 
    in FIFA 2002. If you are playing a created team and you stimulate the 
    next game there is 10 to 1 chance that you'll lose the game, no matter 
    who you have in the team. Whereas if you severely deplete a Real Madrid, 
    AC Milan team and stimulate still these teams will win. I think 
    stimulation in FIFA somehow depends on the team name rather than the 
    team strength. Create a team with the best players. Put it in a league. 
    But play as another team. The performance of the team you're playing as 
    will depend on you but your created team will be near the bottom of the 
    league if not the last. This is no matter how strong your team is. 
    Whereas in NHL if you put all the good players in a team and all losers 
    in another the former will win all stimulated games while the latter will 
    lose all its (give and take some).
    iv. User created teams: If you are not playing as an user created team, 
    it stands squat chance of winning a league championship on its own no 
    matter how strong a team it is.
    v. Keeper Charge: Some of the keeper tackles are vicious and in a real 
    game the keeper would be promptly red carded. But here the keeper just 
    gets away with it. Specially when you're on a breakaway the keeper 
    rushes forward to dive for the ball. Whether he gets the ball or not 
    is secondary but more often than not he brings down your forward with 
    a vicious tackle. This should amount to red card for the keeper and a 
    penalty shot for your team.
    vi. The option to switch teams and restart matches in a season mode and 
    tournament mode should be removed. These just bring down the competitive 
    spirit and make it all too easy. One should learn to live with one's 
    performance. Sometimes there are no second chances. But these options 
    can be retained in exhibition mode.
    vii. User Tournament Progress: In a user created tournament, in 
    the second round, the first match is always between the teams 
    advancing from the same group and not against teams advancing from 
    other groups as the law of FIFA states. In the second round you'll 
    meet teams from other groups unless you have four teams advancing 
    from your group in which case again in the second round you'll face 
    a team from your group. 
    viii. CPU trading should be allowed. There should be trading between 
    CPU teams also. Its no fun if only you get to make the trades. This 
    feature is there in NHL and its great because without your knowing 
    some teams get stronger and that always surprises me.
    ix. In user created seasons trading of players cannot be done. Thats 
    no fun. And also players from user created teams cannot be traded.
    x. Both CPU and my players make conservative tackle (pressing D) but 
    why do my players take much more time to recover from a CPU tackle 
    than CPU players take to recover from my tackle?
    xi. If the ball hits the goal post and then hits the goalie to end up
    inside the net its an own goal in the name of the goalie but if this 
    happens in FIFA 2002, the striker walks away with all the honours.
    [xii]. I'm including this in glitches part because I want everyone to 
    notice it and it seems nobody skips the glitches part. Its not that 
    I hate FIFA 2002 that I compare all its little details with NHL. Its 
    just that I see that FIFA could be so much better and I want EA Sports 
    to know that and get it on. FIFA is already amazing. The team detailing, 
    the uniform details are unbeatable.
    I have had FIFA 2002 a year more than NHL 2003. Even though I just love 
    both games I score more than 10 goals in NHL in every game now no matter 
    what settings, what team whereas sometimes I still struggle to break the 
    Real Madrid defense or lose against Austria Memphis in FIFA. So, 
    replayability of FIFA is much higher. Actually I loved FIFA 2002 
    so much that I promised myself that I wouldn't get FIFA 2003 and 
    FIFA 2004. And I didn't. Now I can't wait for FIFA 2005. 
    i. I really wish the keeper could be red carded.
    ii. Hand balls should be introduced. Hand balls inside box should be 
    penalty shots.
    iii. EA Sports should also turn to women soccer. Or just include a 
    women team in the FIFA series. It would be really nice to see 
    Mia Hamm (she's retire after 2004 Olympics) score against 
    Van der Saar. The team must also include Heather Mitts, Maren Meinert, 
    Birgit Prinz, Briana Scurry (GK), Abby Wambach, Julie Murray, 
    Tiffeny Milbrett, LaKeysia Beene (GK) and while they are at it 
    Tara Dakides and Gretchen Bleiler. Hell, they can also include 
    Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, Jenna Jameson and Paris Hilton 
    for all I care. Just have a team, EA.
    iv. Indirect free kicks should also be introduced. These require two 
    players touching the ball before a goal.
    v. VOILA (very obscene or insulting language abuse) could be introduced.
    It would be nice to hear the players swear. There is no need to go 
    overboard EA, but just a little swearing. C'mon don't tell me pro soccer 
    players don't swear. 
    vi. As long as I'm wishing for the almost impossible I might as well 
    wish for a FAQ/Walkthrough on girls. Yeah, that would be most helpful 
    to all mankind. Specially about the times when they say no and mean 
    'yes' or say yes and mean 'no'.
    Me: God, I wish for world peace.
    God: Son, thats impossible.
    Me: Then I wish that men may understand women.
    God: Let me try on world peace.
    Creation Center:
    Seems like I have told you all that I have learned. One last thing.
    Here is how to create Ziffer Szmaza in FIFA 2002(!!)  >;-)
    Go to the creation center, create new player. Enter the fields as 
    Name: Ziffer Szmaza
    Nationality: Asy. (thats why withhelded)
    Age: 19
    Position: RWM
    Number: 20
    Foot: Right
    Height: 172
    Weight: 54 
    Face Type: 4
    Hair Style: 9
    Facial Hair: 7
    Boots: 39 (Adidas, please)
    Hair Colour: 4
    Skin Colour: 2
    Sleeves: No
    Fitness: 4
    Speed: 7
    Shot: 6
    Pass: 5
    Strength: 4
    Header: 4
    Ball Control: 6
    Tackle: 6
    Overall: 81
    The List:
    Aki told me the only way she'd proof read this document is if there
    was something of special interest to her. And I spent days searching 
    for the perfect thing. And I found it in one of those teen girlie 
    mags (not telling you which one) [the name is a number. Hint! Hint!], 
    so here goes nothing, specially for Aki and all the hot chicks out 
    there, the list of sexiest soccer players 2004. :-)
    The numbers indicate their score. 
    List I: Of the young and beautiful.
    1. Fernando Torres (Atletico de Madrid, Spain) - 8/10
    2. Rafael Van der Vaart (Ajax, Holland) - 7.5/10
    3. Stilian Petrov (Glasgow Celtic, Bulgaria) - 7/10
    4. Christiano Ronaldo (Manchester United, Portugal) - 7/10
    5. Sebastian Deisler (Bayern Munich, Germany) - 6.5/10
    6. Maris Verpakovskis (Dynamo Kiev, Latvia) - 6.5/10
    7. Angelo Charisteas (Werder Bremen, Greece) - 6/10 
    List II: Of established stars who depend more on their playing
    abilities than their looks.
    1. David Beckham (Real Madrid, England) - 9.5/10
    2. Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus, Italy) - 9/10
    3. Christian Vieri (Inter Milan, Italy) - 8.5/10
    4. Luis Figo (Real Madrid, Portugal) - 8/10
    5. Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid, France) - 7.5/10
    6. Fernando Morientes (Real Madrid, Spain) - 7.5/10
    7. Raul Gonzalez Blanco (Real Madrid, Spain) - 7/10
    8. Thierry Henry (Arsenal, France) - 6.5/10
    To all the hot chicks: If I left out your fav. player then don't lose 
    heart and write to me. Maybe I'll include the name in an update. Also
    send the score you think he deserves. Another thing, you may not be able 
    to play with some of them, of list I, thats cause this list is the latest 
    while the game is two years old. You'll definitely get all of them in 
    FIFA 2005. Good luck with that.
    World Cup 20-- Final:
    "....and the ball has been passed on to the young forward. She/he 
    dribbles it past the defenders. The whole world watches. This is 
    her/his one chance at immortality. And she/he shoots...."
    Writing this document literally kept me alive. While writing this 
    document I was battling acute manic depression. So much so that the 
    docs had put me on the strongest anti-depressants and a 24 hr watch. 
    But I didn't give up on me and saw this to the end. Sometimes even 
    aiming for the smallest things feel like Hell.
    If you ask me, I don't want to live forever, just till I receive the 
    first mail that someone read this document and liked it.
    I'm finally done. Now for all the people I've to thank.
    - my foster parents for adopting me and giving me a new life.
    - my sisters Saima, Nabeela and Nida. You always believed in me 
    and proved that some relationships are thicker than blood.
    - Irshad, cause you believe that one day I'll make it to the list 
    of sexiest men of RANK™ and also into Juiciest Hookups™!!
    - Im, Dee and Jo. We did make an awesome foursome, didn't we? Especially 
    Jo who believes I have the raunchiest love-live ever except that she 
    calls it corrupted!!
    - Akash, who loves Lara Croft and Wonder Woman, for always being there 
    for me. 
    - Korben (Mexico City), for being the first (and the last?!) person to
    read this doc.
    Everything I write will always be a tribute to Aphrodite, Goddess of 
    love and beauty cause she seems to have some greater scheme in the 
    tapestry of existence for me. 
    To you, my Goddess.
    Zeya once asked me, "What is there to live for, if you don't 
    live for your dream?" 
    Today I can say to her that I did live for my dream. 
    She changed my life. But all I can say to her this moment 
    is - sleep well, sweetheart. 
    In the end its dedicated to the girl I'll never have. I'll happily 
    live a lifetime if only just to stare at her from afar.
    Her boyfriend, he don't know anything about her
    He's too stoned,
    I wish I could make her see,
    She's just the flavour of the week.
                      -"Flavor of the Week" by American Hi-Fi.
    Also dedicated to:
    Paula Malai Ali - my favourite VJ.
    Evanescence, Blink-182, Amorphis, Archenemy - Music that kept me going.
    Rogue - I wish I could...
    Christiano Ronaldo - Cause he's the same age as me and has proved his 
    worth to the world. Defines poetry in motion.
    Gautam - If Ukraine has a sudden population explosion, then he'd be
    the cause of it!! Miss you, bro.
    Coming from a boy who wasted half of his life in rehab, trust me, 
    stay away from drugs. You'll be only letting down everyone who 
    ever believed in you. Peer acceptance is not worth enough living 
    through Hell. I have watched my best friend whither away.
    I found a reason for me,
    To change who I used to be,
    A reason to start over new,
    And the reason is you....
              - "The Reason" by Hoobastank
    This document is still far from complete. My mind is mosaic and I can 
    still see the pieces falling into places. I add things as they come to 
    mind. I'm still trying to catch that song in my head....
    The only place you might catch me-http://imdb.com/user/ur1447533/comments
    This walkthrough is also available at: http://geocities.com/from_hell54
    © Copyright 2004-2005 Ziffer 'bad boy' Szmaza( from_hell54@yahoo.com).

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