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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Maul_

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    PrOJECT ZeRO(Fatal Frame)
    by Maul
    Table Content:
    1. Introduction
    2. Updates
    3. Controls
    4. Walkthrough
        -First Night
        -Second Night
        -Third Night
        -Final Night
    5. Contact Info
    6. Credits
    About this Walkthrough:
    This walkthrough was written by me, Maul, and it's my first time writing a
    FAQS/Walkthrough, I’ve been wanting to write one for a long time, now I finally
    made it! Please note that this Walkthrough was my work and can be found at
    Gamefaqs, Neoseeker.com and few other sites. Please inform me first if anyone
    want to post this Walkthrough somewhere else. Thanks!
    About the game:
    Project Zero was my most favorite horror-survival game. Tecmo has done a really
    great job creating this game. This game was different from other
    horror-survival. No more shotguns to blast zombies into pieces and no more
    zombies to be blast into pieces. The graphics and sounds were done greatly,
    while the gameplay was awesome. I highly recommend this game to every PS2
    Due to many complains about the password numbers, read the "ATTENTION" notes
    below. I'm not going to answer about the password numbers thing anymore after
    this so stop asking.
    Left Analog Stick = Character movement
    Right Analog Stick = Torch light movement
    X = Run
    Circle = Actions/Take picture (Camera Mode)
    Square = Menu
    Triangle = Turn ON/OFF Camera Mode
    R1 = Take picture (Camera Mode)
    R2 = Special Ability (Must be obtain first)
    L2 = Same as R2
    All Items and places name used in this walkthrough were made by myself and was
    not the official names. This is because I can’t read Japanese :P
    This walkthrough was for the Normal difficulty but I think it still can be use
    as a reference for the Nightmare mode.
    One more thing, please use this walkthrough as seldom as possible, this is
    because Project Zero is more enjoyable when u're playing it by yourself.
    Anyway, enjoy!
    The Japanese version and the US version got a different password numbers for
    the clock-like-locks! This walkthrough is for the Japanese version. For the US
    version, just change the first two numbers with the last two numbers. Ex:
    After the intro end, U’ll now in control of the character, there’s a 14film
    near a mask on the left corner, and on the right is the 1st Save Point. Now go
    through the only door there and through the corridor, there were doors on your
    both side, nevermind the left one because it was locked anyway, take the right
    door and U’ll be in the Clock room, go upstairs and U’ll find a note book.
    <CUTSCENE> After defeating the ghost, go downstairs and back to the corridor
    with the big mirror, walk through the corridor and end the introduction
    First Night
    Now U’ll be using Miku instead of her brother, after U got control of her, take
    the Brown Bottle Medicine(B.B.M) near the mask on the left, then go to the next
    corridor, while opening the door, a ghost will appear, take picture of him and
    after he disappear, there’s a notes left on the floor, pick it up and continue
    through the corridor. <CUTSCENE> Continue to the Clock room and there’s a B.B.M
    near the statue head and a 14film in the room next to the clock, then go
    upstairs and U’ll find that the door there was locked, there’s another B.B.M in
    the room at the end of the left corridor. Now go back downstairs, U’ll see a
    ghost walks through the wall, check out that wall. <CUTSCENE> Take picture of
    it then U’ll see a door behind it, check it out again then proceed through it.
    There's a B.B.M at the end of the corridor, grab it and proceed through the
    only door that wasn't unlocked there. There's a 37film near the window. U'll
    hear a weird scary sound coming out from the locker, open it. <CUTSCENE> Take
    the recorder and go through the door that just opened. Take the item near the
    window. <CUTSCENE> After defeating the ghost, take the item which was a
    cassette then walk back and u'll see the thing on the desk glowing. Take
    picture of it and u'll get a photo of the statue head at the Clock room before.
    Go back there and u'll find a mirror in the statue head mouth. Bring it back to
    the glowing desk. <CUTSCENE> U'll get a photo and a key. Use that key to open
    the locked door on the second floor above the Clock room. Proceed in and there
    were 3 new doors awaits u (check map). The front one was a balcony, the one on
    your right has a 2nd save point in it, go there first. Take the red cassette on
    the cupboard and the 14film at the flower, u'll notice that there was a small
    door near the flower, just ignore it for now. Return to the room before and
    proceed through the door on the left corner. There's a big door on your left
    which was actually a cupboard. Open it and grab the 37film. Keep going, there's
    a B.B.M at the end of the corner, after grabbing it, go downstairs. <CUTSCENE>
    After the ghost has been defeated, check your map, there's a door on the north,
    west and south of the corridor, check out the south one first and u'll find a
    Holy Water and another 14film. Now return to the corridor and continue your way
    through the north door. There's a 37film on your right. Here u'll find another
    2 doors, one contains the 3rd save point, while the other was sealed with a
    spell-paper. Take the picture of that door and u'll get a photo of a cupboard.
    Remember the west door at the corridor before? Go back there. The door was
    locked with a clock-like lock with a japanese symbols on it. These symbols were
    actually a number. There's a notes explaining which symbol presents what
    number. Check the notes out and u'll know what number each symbols really are,
    then enter 1213. After unlocking the door, u'll find the cupboard just behind
    the ladder there. Take its picture then the seal will burnout unlocking the
    door before, proceed through it. Every doors here were locked. 2 of it were
    sealed, take both pictures and u'll should get a photo of a watermill for the
    first door and photo of dolls for the other. Now go through the only unlocked
    door there(the one beside the small house). <Cutscene> After taking the
    cassette <Cutscene>, now take the picture of the watermill and the first sealed
    door will be unlock. There's a few lamp near the watermill and one of it wasn't
    lighted and glowing, take its picture. Now go back to the door u just unlock
    and proceed in. Inside, take a picture of a ghost near some of the dolls and
    the other sealed door before will be unlock. <CUTSCENE> After defeating the
    ghost, proceed through the newly unlocked door. After u got a lighter, return
    to the watermill and lights the unlighted lamp and u'll get a Carved Stone. Now
    go back to the room where u got the lighter from and proceed through the north
    door, actually it's the only door that wasn't locked. <CUTSCENE> After the
    ghost been defeated, enter 3669 as a password for the locked door and proceed.
    Here u'll find the 4th save point. Pick up all item here and continue your way.
    <CUTSCENE> After the cutscene continue proceeding.  The temple door was locked
    with a star-like puzzle. All u need to do was match up all the symbols on the
    Carved Stone with the one on the wall. I will not help u solving this puzzle.
    Don't worry, it's easy! U'll be able to settle it in no time. Once inside the
    temple, picks up the cassette on the shelve and a ghost will fall slowly from
    above, quickly take picture of him. <CUTSCENE> After defeating him, take a
    picture of the glowing shelve and u'll notice there's a missing dool on the
    center. U need to find that doll. Just go outside and check out the big gate's
    left pillar and u'll find the doll. Put the doll back to where it belong. Then
    take the picture of the glowing shelve again and u'll get a photo of the dolls
    being place on it. In case u still haven't got the idea how to solve this one,
    put the doll with blood on its right hand on the blood mark's right hand, then
    the doll with blood on its right leg goes to the blood mark's right leg, the
    center doll goes to the head, the fourth doll goes to the left leg and the last
    doll goes to the left hand. <CUTSCENE> Just let the woman ghost catch u in
    order to proceed the game.
    Second Night
    After starting, take a picture of the glowing wall on your left and u'll get a
    photo of a scroll. There's 3 items around the room, grab all and then go
    outside. As soon as u open the door, a boy(the one that took your Magic Mirror
    piece) will passing by, follow him. He'll go to the well which was near the 4th
    save point. In your way there, there's a door sealed by the spell paper, take
    picture of it and u'll get a photo of the stairs just behind u. There's a ghost
    down the stairs, take picture of it and after the seal burned, continue your
    way. Now u need a new password for the next door, enter 1126. <CUTSCENE> After
    defeating the ghost, take the Carved Stone and make your way back to the 3rd
    save point room. There's a door locked  with the star-like puzzle. Unlock it
    then proceed through the corridor inside. The door at the end of the corridor
    was locked too. Take picture of it and u'll get a photo of a rock, it just near
    the watermill, go there. There's a bridge near the watermill and the rock just
    at the end of the bridge. Take the Carved Stone there back to the corridor and
    unlock the locked door. Now u're in the Sacrifice room. Go down and check out
    the big door, then a spirit of an old guy will appear beside u.After he
    disappear, take a picture of the glowing rock and u'll see a mask with a sharp
    things on its eyes. Go back up, there'll be a woman ghost on your way, defeat
    her and u'll get a photo of candles and a box of matches. Now continue your way
    back to the Candle room and check out the glowing candles there. Now u must
    lights only the red candles like the one showed in the photo u just got before.
    Here how to solve this one, light the red candle on the left, then the red
    candle on the right most, the the white candle on the right most and then the
    red candle on the right most again. That's it! U'll get a scroll, now bring the
    scroll to the Dolls room and put it on the wall where it belong(the wall on the
    left), then make your way back to the Clock room. <CUTSCENE> After defeating
    it, u'll get the Magic Mirror piece back. Take the glowing clock picture(not
    important anyway) then go upstairs. Take the sealed door's picture and u'll get
    a photo of of the ceiling on the corridor(the one with ropes hanging), go there
    and take a picture of the ghost on that ceiling. The seal will burnout then, so
    proceed through it. Go to the small room on the left and take the glowing box's
    picture and u'll get a photo of a key. Now proceed through the door that just
    next to the room. At the corridor, turn left and take the sealed door's
    picture. With the pcture u've got, go downstairs and take the left path and
    u'll see the place. Take picture of it and the sealed door will be unlock.
    Continue through it and u'll see another cutscene. <CUTSCENE> Take the key
    there and make your way back to the box and open it. <CUTSCENE> After that, go
    to the balcony that just next to the room. <CUTSCENE> Now go outside to that
    tree and pick up the item near the tree. <CUTSCENE> After defeating the
    ghost,u'll get a photo of dolls(again), pick up the item on the ground first
    and go to the dolls room. Inside, take a picture of the glowing dolls and u'll
    notice that one was missing. The missing doll was just on the rack behind u,
    check it out. U need to choose the right doll, just pick up only the dolls that
    facing u. After getting it, put it back where it belongs and u'll get a mask.
    Now make all your way back to the 1st save point room. After u reach there, put
    the mask back at its place(the wood with japanese symbol)on the wall. After
    entering through the wall, take back the mask(the second option). Now take the
    other on the north most door(check your map)and take the picture of the glowing
    mask nearby. Then proceed through the door on the east and take out its mask
    once u inside. Go to the square pillar on the center of the room and check out
    the only mask there. <CUTSCENE> After that, take out the mask from the pillar,
    proceed through the other door there. Now u'll see the 5th save point and check
    out the big rock near it for a Carved stone, then solve the next star puzzled
    door nearby. Once inside, pick up the fake mask and go back to the pillar and
    put all 4 mask there(including the one u just take out from the pillar). Now go
    back to the corridor where u got the first 2 mask and proceed through the newly
    unlocked door(the one with glowing mask before). Inside, open the cupboard just
    up the steps and u'll get the mask with sharp things on its eyes. Go back to
    the corridor and exit through the north door using the fake mask. Now return to
    the sacrifice room and use that new mask u just got. The big door will, so
    proceed in. <CUTSCENE> Just let the woman ghost with many hands catch u in
    order to end this chapter.
    Third Night
    After waking up, go back inside the big door and continue your way inside until
    a cutscene. <CUTSCENE> Then  make all your way back to the 3rd save point room.
    Once there, u'll see the door to the candle room has been sealed. Take picture
    of it and u'll get a photo of something  inside a collapse, the place was just
    behind u, take the picture of that thing and the seal will burn. Then continue
    your way to the room where u got the fake mask before. Here's the shortest way
    to go there, go outside to the backyard, then take the door on the east(check
    map) and then take the door that next to the stairs. Once u're inside the room,
    check the big cupboard there and u'll get a bangle. Put the bangle on the first
    statue on the left, then the first one on the right, then the second one on the
    left and lastly the second one on the right. After putting it on all four
    statues, the big cupboard will open. Check it out and u'll get another Carved
    stone. <CUTSCENE> Now go outside to the backyard, and go to the small house
    placed on the left side of the yard. Solve the star puzzled door then proceed.
    Check out the cupboard  on the center, and all four plates around it will glow.
    Take pictures of them all and u'll get pictures of four rocks at different
    places around the mansion. Visit all four of it and defeat each rock's ghost
    and take the books near each of it. The first rock just outside the house at
    the yard. The second one was at the end of the bridge near the watermill. The
    third was near the well at the 4th save point. There'll be a door locked with
    the clock like lock in your way to the third rock, just put in 1347 to unlock
    it. The fourth rock was at the 5th save point. After defeating all four ghost,
    return to the small house. Now check the first plate(the one just in front of
    u), there were four buttons on the plate, press the first button for the first
    plate, the last(4th)button for the second plate(the one on your left), the
    third button for the plate behind the cupboard and the for the last plate,
    press the second button. Then something will happen to the first plate, take
    picture of it and u'll see a blood. Now go back outside and follow the blood
    trace. It will end at the south-west most room on the map. After defeating the
    ghost inside the room, u'll get a black Carved stone. Now return to the small
    house and place the black Carved stone. <Cutscene> Take the mirror near the
    statue. <CUTSCENE>
    Final Night
    Take the music notes on the table and play the instrument and go through the
    opened door. On your way u'll see a small hole on the floor, check it out.
    <CUTSCENE> After defeating the ghost continue your way. U'll find another hole
    nearby, check it out too. <CUTSCENE> Continue your way and u'll see the 6th
    save point soon after. There're two items around, grab it and continue your
    way. <CUTSCENE> Go inside the cage like room and take the item left on the
    floor. <CUTSCENE> Exit the room and follow the girl. <Cutscene> Don't fight the
    ghost, just run as fast as u can to the small house at the backyard. Once
    inside, go down the hole. Then put the hair pin on the statue. A door will be
    unlock, proceed through it. <CUTSCENE> Just continue all your way to the next
    room. <CUTSCENE> Defeat the ghost and continue your way. <CUTSCENE> After
    walking a while, u'll see a rock, check it out and prepare for the last boss!
    After defeating her <CUTSCENE> now quickly take the last piece of the Magic
    Mirror near the rock, then place it on the rock.....Congratulation! U've finish
    Project Zero! Enjoy the ending.....
    Contact Info
    If u got any questions regarding to this game or this walkthrough, u can email
    me at fatrice@hotmail.com or u can find me at Project Zero board here at
    Gamefaqs. Thank you!
    -  A really big thanks to Tecmo for making this awesome game. Although i didn't
    like horror-survival games before, but this game really got my attention.
    Hopefully there'll be a sequel for this game in the near future.
    -  Thanks to AB Lethal for helping me finishing this walkthrough, really
    appreciate it.
    -  Thanks to some other people at Project Zero board for helping me
    understanding this game more, especially to cmazinger, thanks u guys!
    -  Thanks to Gamefaqs for posting this walkthrough at the site for everyone to
    check out.
    -  Thanks to Neoseeker.com for posting this walkthrough at their site too.
    -  Thanks to few other sites that involved in posting this walkthrough.
    Copyright 2002 Maul

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