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    Puzzle Guide by Rally Vincent / NuConcept

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/30/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fatal Frame 
    Puzzle Guide
    By Rally Vincent (Alex Cercone) and NuConcept
    Version 1.0
    Assistance from NuConcept on the Fatal Frame Board, who also inspired
    me to turn my obsessive laziness in writing these codes down into a quick
    FAQ so everybody else can be lazy.
    Also, do not re-use this FAQ on any site without my express permission.  
    It's on GameFAQs because that's where I want it to be.  Just keep it for
    personal use, and that's more than enough. =)
    Okay, Fatal Frame, in my estimation, is the best Survival Horror game
    that I've ever run across, and it pleases me to help people with it.
    That being said, some of the puzzles in the game are entertaining in
    concept, but repeated far too often, and get non-satisfying quickly.
    While I enjoyed the mathematical logic behind some of them in particular,
    I can see how others wouldn't be quite so inclined.
    That being said, here are the solutions to all the puzzles in Fatal Frame.
    Consult at your own risk of spoiling it for yourself.  =)
    Number Door Puzzles
    Pentagram Seal Puzzles
    Wounded Buddha Puzzle
    Candle Puzzle
    Kaguro Doll Puzzle
    Mask Puzzle
    Strangled Buddha Puzzle
    Number Door Puzzles
    In Chapters 1, 2, and 3, there are two locked doors that you can get to
    in the mansion.  The first is the door into the storeroom that you can 
    reach in the square basement.  This room often contains battles you can
    screw around with to complete your ghost list.  It is only necessary to go
    into this room on Night One.  Otherwise, unless you're doing Ghost Hunting
    to complete your list, you have no need to go there.  The second is the door 
    that leads from the Fish Tank Room to the backyard, and you need to unlock to
    advance the plot.
    The locks on these doors are a circular arrangement of Japanese numbers.
    This is what often baffles people about these puzzles.  The solutions for
    these puzzles are below, but to enter the numbers, remember this:  The top
    of the wheel of numbers is Zero.  To Zero's immediate left is One, and so on
    counter-clockwise, until Nine, which is to the immediate right of Zero.  Use
    that to enter these codes. 
    Night One:
    Storeroom Door - 1312
    Back Yard Door -3669
    Night Two:
    Storeroom Door - 2611
    Back Yard Door - 7925
    Night Three:
    Storeroom Door - 1312
    Back Yard Door - 1347
    Pentagram Seal Puzzles
    Also present throughout the game are Pentagram puzzles on doors.  These
    consist of moving a set of seals around on a door, in a certain way, to
    get the correct configuration in order to place the missing seal there, in
    a set number of moves.  From what I hear, these are the most frustrating
    puzzles, and are often repetetive and frustrating.  I never had trouble with
    them, since I have a knack for mathematical puzzles, but I'm here to provide
    for you, so here you go.
    The arrangement of the puzzles, and the numbering system that I will use
    is like this:
        1      2
     3            4
    Or, to clarify just in case:
    1 - Upper Left
    2 - Upper Right
    3 - Lower Left
    4 - Lower Right
    5 - Bottom
    When reading the solutions, it will be a sequence of numbers.  You will 
    have a blank space, and can pick from certain other spaces on the seal
    to move.  So, if you see the number 1, it means that you should move the 
    item in slot number 1 to your blank slot.  Fairly simple.
    Night One:
    Black Seal - 3, 4, 5, 1
    Night Two:
    Blue Seal - 4, 1, 3, 5, 2
    Purple Seal - 3, 4, 5, 1, 3, 2, 4
    Gold Seal - 4, 3, 2, 5, 4, 3
    Night Three:
    Teal Seal - 1, 5, 4, 2, 3, 1, 5
    Wounded Buddha Puzzle
    At the end of Night One, you have to arrange 5 Buddha statues in order
    on a platform in order to unlock the first piece of the Holy Mirror.
    First, you need the fifth Buddha statue--Leave the Narukami Shrine, and
    go outside, and then go to the first Shinto gate, down the stairs and
    outside of the shrine, and look on the pillar that's on the left side
    of the gate.  The Headless Buddha will be there.
    Bring it back to the Pedestal, and set it with the other 4.  Now, you'll
    have to arrange them on a 3x3 grid.  Assume the grid is numbered 1-9, like
    a telephone.  Or, to visualize:
    1  2  3
    4  5  6
    7  8  9
    Arrange the statues as follows:
    1:  Damaged Left Hand
    2:  Damaged Head
    3:  Damaged Right Hand
    4:  Nothing
    5:  Nothing
    6:  Nothing
    7:  Damaged Left Foot
    8:  Nothing
    9:  Damaged Right Foot
    Candle Puzzle
    On Night Two, there's a fairly simple puzzle that requires lighting up 
    all of the red candles, and putting out all the white ones, from a 
    starting point of all the white lit, and all the red put out.  These
    puzzles are very common, but for completion's sake, here's the solution.
    The numbering for this puzzle is like this:
    Candle Arrangement
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    The solution for this puzzle is to light the candles in this order:
    4, 5, 4, 2
    Kaguro Doll Puzzle
    During Night Two, in the doll room, you have to unlock a drawer which
    is underneath 4 dolls.  You do this by picking up the Kaguro doll that's
    on the opposite side of the room from this drawer--the Kaguro dolls are
    the little ones sitting down dressed in red kimono.
    This puzzle is very simple -- Just pick up the doll in the back right of
    the configuration.  You take her, and then continue with the game.
    Mask Puzzle
    This is probably the most intricate puzzle in Fatal Frame, but is fairly
    easy to solve.  It also occurs during Night Two.
    Once you get the Angry Mask from the Doll Box, take it back to the 
    entrance to the manor.  Put it on the right wall.  As soon as you go 
    through, take the mask back.  Go down the hallway, and as soon as you 
    hit the fork, take the first left.  Go to the END of the hall, and pick 
    up the Joyous Mask. 
    Go back to the fork, and go straight instead of left.  Go to the door 
    with the Sad Mask.  Go through, and as soon as you go through, take the 
    Sad Mask.
    Go up to the pillar, and place the three masks you have on the pillar.  
    A door will unlock, but ignore that for now.  Attempt to take the Happy 
    Mask.  Watch the scene, and kill the Blinded that comes.
    After she's dead, take the Happy Mask, and put it on the wall down the 
    hall from where you came in.  You'll be in the Square Garden.  Leave the 
    mask there, go and solve the Gold Pentagram Seal Puzzle, go in the room, 
    and get the Mask of Reflection.  
    After you kill the Folklorist, go back to the room with the mask Pillar.  
    Take your Happy Mask back, and put it on the pillar.  Then put the Mask of 
    Reflection on the wall where the Sad Mask originally was.  You'll be able 
    to go through the unlocked door.  Take your Mask of Reflection back, and use 
    it to get out after you have the Blinding Mask.  Then continue with the game.
    Strangled Buddha Puzzle
    During Night Three, at one point, you will be sealed in the Buddha Room.  
    You're going to have to fight the Himuro Master to get your Teal Seal, but 
    you have to open the cabinet to summon him first.
    Go up near the cabinet at the North end of the room, and get the Ceremonial
    Ropes.  There's a document in the Northeast corner of the room that explains
    what to do here, but for simplicity's sake, I'll post it here, too.
    Once you have the ropes, there are two buddhas on each side of the room.  
    First go to the upper-left Buddha, and use the rope on him.  Then the upper-
    right, then the lower-left, and finally the lower-right.  The cabinet will
    unlock.  Grab your prize to trigger your fight.
    This is a fairly brief FAQ, but I hope it helps solve some problems you may
    have been having with this fantastic game.  
    I'd especially like to thank NuConcept for suggesting to write this down as
    an FAQ, and also for reminding me to include the non-numerical puzzles in
    the FAQ, (and for supplying some of the answers for those as well).  Then
    again, NuConcept is well-known as a much better FAQ writer than myself, so 
    I'll can the extolling now.  =)
    Thanks also go to Tecmo for giving us this fantastic game, and also for 
    deciding to bring it to the US, CJayC for providing the best FAQ site on
    the web, and everybody who uses this, since you're what it's all about.

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