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    Plot Analysis by Coolmik / PeckingBird

    Version: 0.4b | Updated: 12/06/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fatal Frame
    Plot Analysis Version: 0.4b
    By Coolmik Coolmik@animespider.com and PeckingBird
    (c) Copyright 2002 Coolmik & PeckingBird
    Table Of Contents
    I. Introduction
       A. Contact
       B. Foreword
       C. FAQ Permission
       D. Updates
    II. Questions and Answers
    III. Characters
       1. Hinasaki Family
          A. Miku Hinasaki
          B. Mafuyu Hinasaki
          C. Miyuki Hinasaki
       2. Novelist's Group
          A. Koji Ogata
          B. Tomoe Hirasaka
          C. Junsei Takamine
       3. Himuro Family
          A. Family Master
          B. Kirie (Rope Shrine Maiden)
          C. Shrine Priests
          D. Girl in White
       4. Munakata Family
          A. Ryozo Munakata
          B. Yae Munakata
          C. Mikoto Munakata
       5. Combined Information
    IV. Whole Correlation
    1.	Hinasaki Family
    2.	Novelist's Group
    3.	Himuro Family
    4.	Munakata Family
    V. In-Game Notes/Files
       1.  Mafuyu's Notes
       2.  Folklorist's Diary
       3.  Takamine's Notes
       4.  Hirasaka's Notes
       5.  Ogata's Notes
       6.  White Tapes
       7.  Blue Tapes
       8.  *Unknown Tape*
       9.  Red Tapes
    *More to be added*
    VI. Theories
        1. JuniperValkyrie's Theories
        2. Allan C Cybulskie's Theories
        3. David's Theories
    *Submit more theories please!*
    VII. E-Mail Questions
    VIII. All Together Plot Analysis
    *Coming Next Version*
    IX. Afterword
    X. Credits
    I. Introduction
     A. Contact
     If you would like to contact me about anything, (Mistakes on FAQ,
    Information, etc.) please e-mail me at Coolmik@animespider.com or e-
    PeckingBird at PeckingBird@hotmail.com
     B. Foreword
     Hello, this is Coolmik, I just wanted to say that this FAQ is not
    complete.  This Plot Analysis covers the game up to the 3rd Night.  May
    I also note that there will be, of course, *SPOILERS* in the analysis
    (Duh).  If anyone has any additional information about In-Game
    Notes/Files on or past the third night, please e-mail me or PeckingBird
    so that I can add them here.  Proper credit will be given accordingly.
     C. FAQ Permission
     This Plot Analysis may only be posted on GameFAQs. If you would like 
    To add my Analysis to your website, e-mail me or PeckingBird and I will
    consider it.  And please, if you see any other website have this FAQ, 
    e-mail us ASAP and we will take care of it.  If we do give you 
    permission to use my FAQ, you *MUST KEEP THE COPYRIGHT AND CREDITS* on 
    it.  We have spent much of my time arranging this for the people at 
    GameFAQs, please don't steal.
     So far these sites may use this FAQ:
     D. Updates
     We are aware that some things are missing from this Plot Analysis, if
    any of you have any information that is not here that is related to the
    plot or about any of the characters, e-mail us and we will put your 
    name in the credits section.
    Version 0.1
    Just started the Plot Analysis, put in the layout and TOC. Also added
    some Author Descriptions.
    Version 0.2
    PeckingBird added the rest of the character information and started the
    Version 0.3
    Finished the Correlation
    Version 0.4
    Changed the controls section and added some information on the files 
    characters sections.  I also changed some of the Correlation!  Thanks
    for the help that all of  you are giving!  Keep it coming!
    Version 0.5
    Sorry to everyone for neglecting this FAQ, but I haven't really been 
    able to get near my game for a while...  Unfortunately, I have nothing 
    new this time...but I'll try to work on it some more before updating 
    Version 0.6
    This is PeckingBird. I have help update this FAQs further and now, it 
    has covered up to final night. Note that the correlation is done.
    II. Questions and Answers
    Q. What's this game about?
    A. This game is based on a true story that took place in Japan.  The
    story (real-life) is about a cult that performed rituals inside a
    mansion.  The insides of the mansion were supposedly splattered with
    blood.  The story (In-Game) is about a girl named Miku, that enters the
    same mansion, looking for her brother, Mafuyu.  As Miku enters the
    mansion she finds out more about the mansion and the people who were
    there, living or otherwise...
    Q. What are the controls for this game?
    A. The controls are pretty basic.  There are two modes: Normal (Walk-
    Around) Mode, and Camera (Weapon) Mode.
    Normal Mode
    Directional Pad: Moves Miku around the mansion.
    Left Analog: Same as D-Pad.
    Right Analog: Aim the Flashlight.
    X: The action button, check, look, open doors, etc.
    Square: Hold down button to run. (Sprint, jog?)
    Circle: Enter Camera Mode.
    Triangle: In-game menu.  Lets you choose film, read files, etc.
    Start: Outside menu, lets you quickly quit the game. (Scared?)
    Select: Nothing.
    Camera Mode
    Directional Pad: Aim Camera
    Left Analog: Same as D-Pad
    Right Analog: Sidestep left, right, back, forward.
    R1: Take Photo
    X: Take Photo
    Square: Move Camera aim faster.
    Circle: Leave Camera Mode.
    Triangle: Quickly turn around. (180)
    Select: Nothing.
    Q. Should I rent/buy this game?
    A. It depends on what you like in a game.  If you like a good scare and
    want a good story to go with it, you should buy it.  But if you are
    looking for a game that has a lot of action (Fighting Games), you 
    should probably rent it and see if you like it.  If you do like it, 
    then buy it!
    Q. Who is...?
    A. Please look for the character that you are asking about it the
    appropriate section.
    Q. I know something that isn't in your FAQ, can I send you the info?
    A. Of course!  I am willing to take any information that I don't have 
    In this guide.  However, please look through the whole guide to see 
    Whether or not it is in here already.  And if you missed it the first 
    time, my e-mail is Coolmik@animespider.com . Credit will be given 
    Q. I'm stuck at... I can't find the... Can you help me out?
    A. This is a plot analysis...  So I can't really help you.  I might,
    sometime in the future, make a detailed walk-through for all of you, so
    please be patient.
    Q. I saw this FAQ on another site that wasn't listed on what sites you
    want it to be used on!  What do I do?
    A. Please tell me what site you found it on and if possible, the
    webmaster's e-mail. (If you really want to help, when you e-mail me, 
    try to convince the webmaster that he can't post my FAQ there. ^_^') 
    If you see this FAQ on another site, PLEASE CHECK the listed sites that
    can use it first!
    Q. I have a question that isn't listed here...
    A. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please e-mail me 
    The question and I will try to answer it ASAP.
    III. Characters
    1. Hinasaki Family
       A. Miku Hinasaki
    A young girl of about 15-18. She went to the Himuro Mansion in search 
    Of her brother, Mafuyu.  Inside the mansion, she discovers a lot about 
    the rituals that were held there.  All she has as a weapon in the 
    mansion is a camera that her mother left behind when she died, 
    (Actually, in the intro, Mafuyu has it, but Miku finds it later.) and 
    some special types of film.
    Author's Description:
    This is the main character of the game.  She wears a white top and a
    dark blue/black skirt.  She is actually pretty cute.  Looks kind of 
    like Kasumi from the Dead or Alive series.  Voice is pretty good when
    dialogue is actually happening...
       B. Mafuyu Hinasaki
    A young man of about 15-18. (Probably nearly the same age as Miku.)
    Mafuyu went to the Himuro Mansion in search of his mentor, Junsei
    Takamine.  Little is known about him, she is the brother of Miku and 
    The son of Miyuki Hinasaki.  While searching for Takamine in the Intro, 
    he disappears.
    Author's Description:
    This is the co-main character of the game. (If there actually is... You
    only play as him in the Intro.) Pretty cool, if he didn't look like a
    girl in the beginning... (I thought he was a girl in the Intro. ^_^') 
    He would be a great character if he was playable in the story.  Too bad 
    The Intro was black and white.
       C. Miyuki Hinasaki
    The mother of Miku and Mafuyu Hinasaki.  Not much is known about her.
    She had a kind of sixth sense, though.  When she died, she left her
    camera to her children.
    Author's Description:
    Believes to be the daughter of Mikoto. The camera in which Mikoto found 
    was passed down to her.
    2. Novelist's Group
       A. Koji Ogata
    This is the editor for the Novelist's Group. (Takamine) He was the 
    First one of the Novelist's Group to die, which had a LOT of effect on 
    Koji was a victim of the Strangling Ritual, which is roping around the
    neck, arms, and ankles.  His body was found mutilated.
    Author's Description:
    I can't really say that much but that in the tape recorder scene, he
    scared the stuffing out of me!  He only appears as a ghost in the game.
    The first one, that is actually challenging.  It's a shame on the way
    that he died... having his arms, legs, and head torn off... *Shiver*  I
    never found his body like the others though. (I wonder where it is...?)
    Koji's Body Found:
    LarethRackeon@aol.com says:
    It's strange that you say you don't know where his body is, because you
    mention the tape recorder scene in which he appears... Koji died in 
    what some people call the Library room. Here are accurate directions on 
    how to get to where his body lays (you get an interesting scene for it 
    if you check here on the first night, and you can nab a picture of him 
    as a still ghost on the third night). Go to the room with the firepit 
    in the middle (it has a grandfather clock with stairs nearby). Forward 
    and to the left, just before the stairs is a door that's hidden in the 
    early game by a partition. Go through it, turn right, move down the 
    hall until you're forced to turn left, then go through the door on the 
    immediate left into the Library room. Go around the rather large 
    divider, straight ahead onto the slightly raised platform between the 
    two wooden beams,  and then around the partitions to the right. 
    If you're early in the game, you'll hear this weird voice/noise that 
    sounds almost like a mechanical growl in origin. When you open the 
    door, a cinema plays where Miku starts to move towards the tape 
    recorder she see's and Koji's body falls. When you try to take the tape 
    recorder (shiny object that remains) another cinema plays where Miku 
    reaches for the recorder, Koji's ghost suddenly reaches out and grasps 
    her wrist, and his (almost)death scene plays out. This is indeed the 
    site of his death because, if you return here on the third night, as 
    you can with the locations the others died, you can get a picture of 
    his still ghost worth a large amount of spirit points (as all the still 
    ghosts are worth on that night). Anyways, hope that helps, though again 
    it seems as if you should have known this since you knew about the tape 
    recorder scene, so I wonder why you asked in your plot analysis.
       B. Tomoe Hirasaka
    This is the assistant of Junsei Takamine.  She has the sixth sense 
    Which is VERY bad in a place where there are many ghosts.  Before she 
    arrives at the mansion, she feels uncomfortable about going.  After 
    finding Koji's mutilated body, she loses hold of her sanity.  Tomoe 
    died by the ghosts of the mansion.  I think that they strangled her.
    Author's Description:
    Tomoe is one of those kind of characters in a game that really compels
    you to it.  The element of her losing her sanity is a point that made 
    me cling to the game.  It's a shame that she dies too...  Oh yeah, her 
    body was found in the Abyss.
       C. Junsei Takamine
    Takamine is the leader of the Novelist Group. He is already 42 and is
    looking for some materials in Himuro Mansion for his next book. 
    Takamine has been doing a lot of researches, gathering from library and 
    articles, even before heading to Himuro Mansion. Takamine is also 
    Mafuyu's benefactor. He trusts Tomoe to assist him. He came to the 
    mansion to find Ryozo's researches for more materials gathering.
    Author's Description:
    Takamine seems to be unafraid of his situation and knows what to do. He
    even volunteers to break the curse of Himuro Mansion by finding the
    mirror pieces, thanks to Tomoe's info. He finally dies in the Narukami
    Shrine at backyard when his body got lifted to the ceiling and came
    crashing to the ground.
    3. Himuro Family
       A. Family Master
    Little information is known as the Family Master. I do not know his 
    Real name but I know he is a head master of the Himuro Mansion. He 
    performs the ritual which probably eliminate the maiden of all worldly
    connections. He is involved in the Blind Demon Ritual and Demon Tag
    Ritual. The mask he wore is actually the mask of reflection. During the
    final ritual, the mask he wore symbolizes the demon. He is needed to
    perform the sacrificial ritual. He commits suicide after going on the
    murder rampage in the mansion.
    Author's Description:
    The Family Master looks like some kind of cult master when perform the
    ritual. He is also the one who cause the blindness of one of the lady
    who later turns to blind ghost you see in Night 1 and 2. The malice 
    must have driven him mad.
       B. Kirie (Rope Shrine Maiden)
    Kirie is the Rope Shrine Maiden who haunts the Himuro Mansion. All her
    limbs, heads and arms got separated during the ritual. No one knows the
    meaning of the ritual.
    Author's Description:
    Rope Shrine Maiden whom all are destined to be pure and innocent are 
    used as a ritual to seal the evil of the gates. 
       C. Shrine Priests
    Okay, those shrine priests are really the family members of Himuro
    Mansion. Only they are allowed to take part in the rituals. They later
    got wiped out under the katana by the Family Master.
    Author's Description:
    These Priests were part of the Blinding Ritual, after the Family Master
    went crazy, they were all murdered and on the third night. Their jobs 
    is to protect the shrine maiden from any contacts with the outside 
    world and to help with the ritual.
       D. Girl in White
    Believed to be the 2nd embodiment of Kirie(good entity)
    Author's Description:
    Kirie uses her last ounce of childhood memory to create another 
    duplicate of her before she was consumed by malice. That's why Kirie 
    appear to be in child form.
    4. Munakata Family
       A. Ryozo Munakata
    A folklorist who is obsessive in the research about Himuro Mansion, not
    only that he brought along his family too to reside and besides the
    fresh air in that secluded area helps in Mikoto sickness. He cares for
    his daughter a lot. He got killed by Kirie after opening the giant gate
    door in Demon Mouth.
    Author's Description:
    Another dude who's over-obsessive about Himuro Mansion's past,
    just like Takamine. Being a novelist, it's not that surprising that he 
    want to research on that mansion.
       B. Yae Munakata
    A folklorist's wife. She is very over-protective about her daughter,
    Mikoto and knows the dark secret about the camera and the mansion. She
    blames for her daughter's disappearance and hangs herself by the Cherry
    Tree in the atrium.
    Author's Description:
    Yae believes to be Miyuki's(Miku's mother) grandmother, also to be 
    known as Miku's great grandmother. The daughter's disappearance 
    believes to have driven her nut to suicide. It got nothing to do with 
    the ability of not resisting the power of Mikoto's camera.
       C. Mikoto Munakata
    A daughter of Ryozo and Yae. She is a sickly child but gets better 
    After moving to Himuro Mansion. She also found the camera deep within 
    the mansion. When she saw something unclean in the photos, she got sick
    again. From her bio, it says she was kidnapped by the ghosts in Himuro
    Author's Description:
    Actually Mikoto did really get kidnapped by ghosts. Somehow, the ghosts
    released her and left her back in the mansion where she later be found.
    Apparently, she's one of the 4 children who got lost in Himuro Mansion
    while playing demon tag. She was adopted by Mr. Hinasaki, a close 
    friend of Ryozo.
    5. Combined Information
    Allan C Cybulskie (allan.c.cybulskie@sympatico.ca) says:
    Mikoto was Miyuki's mother.  The only thing she took from the house 
    When her parents were found dead and she was adopted was the camera, 
    which she passed onto her daughter, who then passed it on to her son 
    Mafuyu and daughter Miku.  It is implied that both Yae's death and 
    Miyuki's death were suicides caused by not being able to handle the 
    power of the camera.
    The camera contains the last piece of the holy mirror, which is 
    Probably why it can capture ghosts and probably why it has the powers 
    it has.
    The girl in white appears to be a younger incarnation of Kirie. When it 
    came time for the Binding Ritual, Kirie was torn between wanting to 
    live to be with her love, or fulfilling her duty to seal the Malice in.  
    It seems that the Girl in White is a portion of her soul that wanted to
    fulfill her duty, thus she is trying to help Mafuyu and Miku break the
    curse.  Kirie (Calamity) is a portion of her soul that was corrupted by
    the Malice, and she wants to make everyone she meets suffer as she did.
    Mafuyu looks like her lost lover, however, so she doesn't kill him.
    While Miku was wandering the mansion, Mafuyu was also wandering the 
    mansion.  They both see each other at various times, but it appears 
    that there was some time warping going on in the house, so they were 
    out of sync at various times and so couldn't interact with each other.
    Kirie was prepared for her role as a rope maiden for all of her life.
    She was well aware of her duty and how important it was, which led to
    the eventual development of the Girl in White.  However, when she say
    the man and they eventually fell in love, she had an attachment to the
    world, which led to the failure of the Binding Ritual.
    It was Yae who was ill, not Mikoto.
    The failure of the rituals drove the Family Master mad, and that's why
    he killed all of the priests, and then himself.  It's likely that he
    blamed himself and the priests for the failure and deemed that the
    punishment for the failure must be death (a fairly standard ancient
    Japanese idea).
    LarethRackeon@aol.com says:
    First, the Rope Shrine Maiden ritual. There is indeed a gate to a sort
    of hell underneath the grounds of the mansion. The ritual is actually
    used to try and keep that gate closed, so that the "Malice" (the evil
    force which possesses the Kirie ghost who kills people, and that has
    brought all the ghosts back and in strength) doesn't escape. The Shrine
    Maiden is stretched to an extreme by a mechanism (I don't believe
    anything is actually severed though) until death. The ropes are then
    bound crisscrossing between two pillars in front of the gate. They're
    supposed to hold the gate closed when it tries to open, but because of
    Kirie's obsession with the guest (who is supposed to look alot like
    Mafuyu) she became attached to this world, and after her death, when 
    The family attempted to use the ropes to bind the gate, the ropes 
    snapped, and the gate opened, releasing the Malice (which seems to have 
    then possessed Kirie's spirit). As for the girl in the white kimono who 
    Helps at times, this is indeed also Kirie. It seems when the spirit of 
    Kirie was possessed by the Malice, it divided, of a sorts, and formed 
    almost an alternate personality of itself that still possesses some of 
    the innocence of the truer spirit. That being why Kirie is younger, in 
    that form. It seems the reason Yae Munakata looks so much like Miyuki
    Hinasaki is because they're related. Yae is Miyuki's grandmother.
    Mikoto, who as you mentioned disappeared and was later adopted by Mr.
    Hinasaki, later gave birth to Miyuki Hinasaki, and thus Mikoto is Miku
    and Mafuyu's grandmother. The camera that Yae and Mikoto saw the 
    ghost's of the Mansion through is later passed on, through Mikoto, to 
    Miyuki and later to Mafuyu/Miku. That is why the camera holds so much 
    power over the ghosts of the mansion. It's bound to the curse of the 
    place, and that's why it allowed Yae/Mikoto and later the game's main 
    characters, to see the ghosts more clearly through it.
    IV. Whole Correlation
    |   Novelist's group   |
             ___________       ______________
            |Koji Ogata |     |Tomoe Hirasaki|
            |__cursed___|     |____cursed____|
               ^       business        ^
               |       partners        |
    business   |    _______________    |trust
    partners   |-->|Junsei Takamine|<--|
                               ^                                         |
                               |                                         |
                takes his life |                                         |
                               |                                         |
                               |          ---------------                |
      ---------------------    |  murder | Kirie's Love  |               |
     |     Himuro Family   |   | |------> |---------------|               |
      ---------------------    | |       |___murdered____|               |
       _______________         | |         ^                             |
      | Family Master |--------|-|         |                             |
      |---------------|----|   |           |attachment to                |
      |commit suicide |    |   |           |this world                   |
       ---------------     |   |           |                             |
    failure|of ritual      |   |           |        benefactor/looks for |
           |              _V___|___________|_____                        |
           |             |         Kirie         |                       |
           |murders      |-----------------------|                       |
           |             |the root of the curse  |<---------| want        |
           |              -----|------|-------|--          |to stop       |
           |                   |      |       |            |             |
       ____V_________          |      |       |   _________|_______      |
      |Shrine Priests|         |      |       |  |  Kirie (Girl)   |     |
      |--------------|         |      |       |  |-----------------|     |
      |   murdered   |         |      |       |  |want to stop self|     |
       --------------          |      |       |   ---------|-------      |
    ---------------------------       |       |            |             |
    |  ----------------------         | want him to        |             |
    | |    Hinasaki Family   |        | stay by her side   |wants        |
    |  ----------------------         |       |            |to help      |
    |            ---------------------|       |an eyesore  |             |
    |    ________V__________                  |            |             |
    |   |  Mafuyu Hinasaki  |<----------------|------------|-------------|
    |   |-------------------|<----------------|-------     |
    |   | breaks the curse  |---------------| |       |    |
    |    -------------------          sister| |       |brother
    |                                       | |       |    |
    |                                    ___V_V_______|____V
    |takes his life                     |  *Miku Hinasaki*  |
    |           ----------------------->|-------------------|
    |           | mother and the child  |   chases Mafuyu   |
    |           |                        -------------------
    |           |                                ^
    |    _______V___________                     |
    |   |  Miyuki Hinasaki  |                    |
    |   |-------------------|--------------------|
    |   |   Miku's Mother   |left a camera behind
    |    -------------------
    |   -----------------------
    |  |    Munakata Family    |
    |   -----------------------
    |Ryozo Munakata|
    |    cursed    |          daughter           |
     --------------                              |
           ^                                     |
           |                              _______V_________
           |                             | Mikoto Munakata |
           |                             |-----------------|
           |a married couple             |    disappears   |
           |                              -----------------
    |  Yae Munakata  |
    | commit suicide |
    *Note from Coolmik:  This correlation is taken from the third night.  
    you have any changes from the fourth night, please tell us.  Oh yeah,
    sorry if it's confusing! ^_^'
    *Updated by PeckingBird: This correlation is taken from 4th night.
    V. In-game Notes & Files
    *Mafuyu's Notes*
    Mafuyu's Notes 1-Himuro Mansion & the missing novelist
    <<Himuro Mansion Investigation>>
    Himuro Mansion was once the home of a large landowner that controlled
    vast areas of land. They also say that the site held some special
    significance that had to do with Shinto rituals of the region. (I
    couldn't find any detailed books about these Shinto rituals, though.)
    The last master of the Himuro family line massacred his entire
    household. Later, another family that tried to live there disappeared.
    Because of incidents like these, nobody visits the mansion today, and 
    It lies in ruin.
    Maybe that's why there aren't any accounts of the Shinto rituals, and
    why the exact location of the place isn't recorded anywhere.
    Sept 24th
    I've had a bad feeling ever since I came to this mansion. I'm leaving
    notes in this notebook just in case anything happens to me. I've got to
    find find Mr Takamine and the others fast...I hope it's not too late!
    Mafuyu's Notes 2-The mansion's curse
    I must have been passed out. I'm afraid it's too late to help Mr.
    Takamine...If only I had come to sooner! The spirits in this mansion 
    Are very powerful. The force behind this curse must be here 
    somewhere...And I'm going to start looking for it right now!
    Mafuyu's Notes 3-The mansion is changing
    The mansion has started to change. As far as I can figure out, the
    ghosts are trying to pull me back into the past. The spirits are using
    their power to make parts of the mansion revert to the way they were in
    the past. The ghosts of that era are beginning to stir/
    Just what exactly happened in this mansion, anyway? And just what do 
    The ghosts want me to do about it?
    Mafuyu's Notes 4-The woman in a white kimono
    I felt some especially powerful energy off of that woman in the white
    kimono. I think she's probably the one behind the mansion's curse. I
    have to appease her spirit somehow, before anyone else falls victim to
    this mansion!
    I have to find out what exactly is keeping her drawn back to this 
    world. And why did she let me go when she had me, I wonder? Maybe that 
    had something to do with it...
    Mafuyu's Notes 5-Ghosts of the women with the gouged-out eyes
    It looks like the ghosts of the women with the gouged out eyes react
    strongly to sounds. If I'm really quiet, I can get away without being
    *Folklorist's Diary*
    Folklorist's Diary 1-Moving to Himuro Mansion
    May 20th
    We've finally gotten through the move to Himuro Mansion. I had a hard
    time cutting through all the red tape with the local officials. But,
    just as I'd hoped, the air is fresh here! It should be good for Yae in
    her poor health.
    My daughter Mikoto seems to like this area, too. She's made friends 
    Here already, & is enjoying herself. Yae seems to think the old mansion 
    is spooky, but I plan to do some work on it. Make it easier for her to 
    Live in. (Once I get settled in my research.)
    The best thing about living here is that I don't have to go out to do 
    My research. It's all here in this mansion. I can be right by Yae's 
    side all of the time.
    Folklorist's Diary 2-Investigating Himuro Mansion
    June 2nd
    Since we moved to Himuro Mansion, my research is progressing even more
    quickly than I had hoped. The other day, I found some documents left by
    the last master of the Himuro line. They say he went on a murderous
    rampage, and then committed suicide...
    This mansion is filled with tricky devices and mechanisms. And there
    seem to be some rooms that aren't shown on the house plans...I'm
    absolutely certain there are many more documents hidden around the 
    place somewhere.
    June 5th
    I know people in this area are standoffish by nature, but the locals
    here are especially reticent when it comes to talking about the ritual.
    The Rope Shrine Maiden, the Holy Mirror, the Calamity...I'm sure the
    ritual must be the key to understanding all of these legends.
    Folklorist's Wife's Papers 3-The daughter disappears
    June 24th
    Mikoto is missing. She said she was going to play Demon Tag here in the
    mansion. I don't think she would have gone outside...She had that 
    camera with her...None of Mikoto's 4 friends have come home, either. 
    It's as if they've all been snatched up away by ghosts...
    June 27th
    It's been 3 days since Mikoto was snatched away from us. Everything has
    been so strange! Ever since we moved to this mansion...Ever since we 
    got that camera...If I lost my sanity now, too. I wouldn't have to 
    think about it anymore. I could be free...I can see them...I can see 
    them now even without the camera...
    Folklorist's Wife's Death Note-About the daughter vanishing
    Death Note
    Dear Ryozo, It's all my fault...It's all because I let Mikoto use the
    camera that day! And now evil spirits have gone and taken her away from
    us...It's all my fault. I'm sorry.
    Folklorist's Diary 3-The camera the girl found
    June 13th
    Mikoto found an odd camera. She said she found it in the mansion when
    she was playing demon tag. I tried asking her exactly where in the
    mansion, but she just keeps saying a girl in a white kimono gave it to
    her, I can't find out any more about it.
    June 14th
    I had a look at the camera Mikoto found yesterday, but I didn't see
    anything special about it. It was probably left here some time ago by
    somebody that came to investigate the mansion.
    June 15th
    The weather was wonderful today, and Yae seems to be feeling better. 
    The 3 of us decided to take a walk in the mountains. Yae hadn't been 
    out in a long time, & she really seemed to enjoy it. She had fun with 
    Mikoto's camera, taking pictures with it all day long.
    Folklorists Diary 4-Yae's illness
    June 18th
    These past few days, Yae has been taking pictures with Mikoto's camera
    all over the mansion. I asked her what she was taking pictures of, but
    she just kept mumbling, "I can see them." as if she were delirious. She
    wouldn't say anything else...
    June 19th
    Ever since the day we walked in the mountains. Yae hasn't been feeling
    very well. Today she's in bed and very ill.
    Folklorist's Wife Papers 2-The camera capturing things
    June 18th
    That camera seems to have some kind of uncanny power. It can capture
    things that aren't even there...Mikoto begged me to let her have the
    camera back.
    I don't understand the things that camera captures...But I know I can
    never let Mikoto see them! I have to protect her. Something terrible is
    going to happen, I can feel it.
    Paper with a Child's Handwriting-About a girl named Mikoto
    Isn't Mikoto ever going to come find me? We're playing Demon Tag, and
    she's supposed to be the "Demon". Did she quit, maybe? Hey, I wonder if
    Mikoto likes me? If she ever comes and finds me, maybe I'll ask her!
    *Novelist Takamine's Notes*
    Novelist Takamine's Notes 1-The mansion's lore; next work's plot
    <<Plot of My Next Work-Junesei Takamine>>
    A series of murders in a country village. Dead bodies turn up one after
    another. Murders that resemble cruel Shinto rituals of legend in the
    area. The acts of a man sworn to revenge, and the strange correlation
    between those acts and the folklore.
    The man is gradually more and more influenced by the legends. The work
    will be the story of this man, proceeding in parallel with the tales of
    the local lore. Records of the past discovered after an earthquake. The
    story gradually blurs the boundary between the present and the past.
    July 24th-About Himuro Mansion
    Himuro Mansion is known as the home of a large landowner that 
    Controlled this region. But they say it was originally the place a 
    shrine was built for performing a certain Shinto ritual, passed down 
    through the generations.
    But the people of that time kept the ritual a deep, dark secret. They
    were even forbidden to speak its name aloud. Today, almost no accounts
    of the ritual exist, aside from a smattering of folklore legends.
    Novelist Takamine's Notes 2-Finding editor Ogata's body
    Sept 13th, 9:30 am
    We found Ogata's body. His head, hands and feet were strangled
    off...What happened to him is just like the strange deaths that 
    occurred here long ago. There was a photo of Ogata near him. In it, 
    there was something that looked like ropes on his neck, arms and legs.
    I wondered if it has anything to do with the Rope Shrine Maidens in the
    legends around here, the girls that had ropes tied to their neck, arms
    and legs, too...?
    Sept 13th, 12:10 pm
    Tomoe is acting strangely. She's been mumbling nonsense all morning.
    Something about ropes...And mirrors...I can't blame her for going to
    pieces, though, after seeing what happened to Ogata.
    Novelist Takamine's Notes 3-Hirasaka's condition getting worse
    Sept 13th, 3:00 pm
    Tomoe's condition is getting worse and worse. She can't stop shaking,
    and she keeps mumbling the same words over and over, I don't know if
    what's happening is anything supernatural or not. But in any case, I
    think we'd better leave as soon as possible.
    Tomoe is in such bad shape, she can't even move. I guess I'll have to
    look for a way out of here myself. Even if we waited for help, I doubt
    anyone would ever come looking for us...
    Novelist Takamine's Notes 4-The Rope Shrine Maiden and Kirie
    Sept 14th, 10:00 am
    That woman that Tomoe called "Kirie" looks just like the descriptions 
    Of the Rope Shrine Maiden in the legends. And there's a strong 
    resemblance, too, between the way Tomoe and Ogata died and the manner 
    of the deaths in the folklore.
    So that woman is the Rope Shrine Maiden, is she...?
    Novelist Takamine's Notes 5-Holy Mirror, mystery of the mansion
    Sept 14th, 8:00 pm
    In the materials Tomoe gathered for me, there's a paragraph about 5
    pieces of mirror passed down through the Himuro family for generations.
    These pieces were said to seal off the Hell gate and protect the region
    from a great disaster. They might have something to do with the current
    hellish situation.
    5 holy mirrors in shrines around the area all broke in a small
    earthquake the other day. When I heard about it, it gave me the idea 
    for this next work of mine. I think I brought a news article about it 
    with me when I come here. It says there were only 5 holy mirrors in
    But according to some legends, there is another--the True Holy Mirror.
    The folklorist also mentions this in his research documents, the one I
    found here in the mansion. (I think I dropped the research when I was
    trying to escape that cursed woman.)
    Here are my theories. I think that the 5 mirrors that were destroyed in
    the earthquake the other day had the role of "watching over" the True
    Holy Mirror. I don't think it was the earthquake that broke the 5 holy
    mirrors in the shrines.
    I think it was the signal that the seal on the Hell gate that the 
    Himuro True Holy Mirror provides had broken for some reason. The 5 
    mirrors were trying to warn us.
    Novelist Takamine's Notes 6-Takamine's last hope
    I'm about to go to the shrine deep within Himuro Mansion, where they 
    Say a piece of the true holy mirror is kept. The curse has already left 
    its mark on my 4 limbs. There's no escaping it. About the only thing 
    left now that I can do is try to reseal the Hell Gate. It's my last 
    I've already found 4 of the Buddha statues I need to get a piece of the
    mirror. And I've managed to find an old document that tells of the
    location of the 5th statue.
    "Make observance to the Buddha." At the base of the large gate, "So 
    that the souls of the piteous maidens," Can reach up to the heavens."
    If all goes well, no one will ever have to read these notes, and I can
    use them towards the content of my next book. In closing, I would like
    to thank my assistant and my partner, Tomoe Hirasaka.
    If it weren't for the words she left with me, I wouldn't have been able
    to complete this, my final work. If I don't return, please give her a
    decent burial.
    Signed, Junsei Takamine,
    Sept 15th
    *Assistant Hirasaka's Notes*
    Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 1-Existence of book about mansion
    Aug 20th
    It seems a folklorist named Ryozo Munakata was studying about the
    various rituals passed down at Himuro Mansion. He supposedly left a 
    book of research, but I can't find it anywhere. I wonder if there's a 
    copy in a library somewhere?
    Aug 30th
    I still can't find the book. I'll have Koji Ogata from the editing
    department do a search for it. I doubt he'll be able to find it, 
    Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 2-Anxiety about Himuro assignment
    Aug 27th
    The more I find out about Himuro Mansion, the creepier it gets. I'm 
    Sure it's the perfect subject matter for Mr. Takamine's next book, but, 
    to be perfectly honest, I don't like this assignment one bit. It gives 
    me a bad feeling...
    There's no way I want to go to that mansion. But it's my job, right? I
    guess I'll have to go. And I wouldn't want to waste the chance to work
    with Mr. Takamine just because of a little bit of uneasiness, either.
    It doesn't help I have this 6th sense for the supernatural, either.
    There's such as a thing as knowing TOO much, sometimes...
    Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 3-Seeing the woman in a white kimono
    Sept 10th, 8:00 pm
    I clearly saw the image of a woman, in front of the mirror near the
    entrance. She had long hair and a white kimono. There were ropes to her
    arms and legs, and she dragged them along when she walked. I think I
    heard Koji talk about something like that too. There's something VERY
    wrong about this mansion.
    Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 4-The kimono woman's name
    Sept 11th, 6:30 am
    I saw that woman in the white kimono again. She knows I have this
    special sense for ghostly things...The woman's name is...Kirie. So, 
    it's Kirie, huh? I shouldn't get any closer than this. I don't want to 
    get any closer...I'm scared.
    Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 5-Looks like hallucinations she had
    Sept 12th, 1:45 pm
    My 6th sense is telling me some children are playing here. I can't see
    them, but they kept calling to me. Are they playing tag? Or hide and
    seek, maybe? They might be the children in that photo.
    Sept 12th, 4:30 pm
    There were human heads in that room...so many of them! They were cut 
    Off by the Himuro family master...They were all trying to tell me 
    something. I never should have come here. I should have trusted that 
    6th sense of mine.
    Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 6-Looks like delirious nonsense
    The mirror is breaking...Smash! A broken mirror...People on the floor,
    all over the mansion. So many people. All those people! What are they
    running from? And then at the end, with such desperate looks on their
    Something's coming this way! From deep within the mansion...A
    coldness...It's colder than anything I've ever felt! I don't know
    anymore if this is a dream or real...
    Assistant Hirasaka's Notes 7-Wants to tell Takamine something
    A little girl in a white kimono keeps pleading to me. I can't keep my
    mind focused, but her voice rings in my head and won't leave. But what
    does she want me to do for her? I can't even get out of this mansion
    Broken. 5 pieces...The Mirror...! Tell Mr. Takamine......the way to
    break the curse...
    *Editor Ogata's Notes*
    Editor Ogata's Notes 1-About folklorist that lived in mansion
    Aug 20th
    Mr. Takamine needs some background material for his next work. There's 
    A book about Himuro Mansion by a certain folklorist, and I'm supposed 
    to look for it. A book about Shinto rituals and legends from every part 
    of the country. Author: Ryozo Munakata.
    Aug 22nd
    I can't find the book, but I did some checking on the folklorist. I
    found out he moved into Himuro Mansion to do research on it. But after
    some certain event. he and his whole family disappeared. I couldn't 
    find the book, but I found a new article from that period about it. 
    It's a small missing-persons story, but it might be helpful as 
    background material.
    Editor Ogata's Notes 2-Himuro Mansion and Takamine's next work
    Sept 10th, 11:00 am
    It looks like the earthquake last month and the murders in that village
    have something to do with Himuro Mansion. This stuff is probably all
    going into Mr. Takamine's next book. He really seems to be into this
    subject matter! His output rate should be good.
    Sept 10th, 4:00 pm
    The entrance door is broken. When in the world did that happen? It 
    won't open. I'll have to find another way out.
    Editor Ogata's Notes 3-He doesn't feel well
    Sept 11th
    I haven't been feeling well since 2 nights ago. Actually, it's more 
    Like ever since Tomoe took my picture...What in the world does the rope 
    in this photo mean, I wonder?
    Editor Ogata's Notes 4-Looks like delirious nonsense
    Sept 12th
    Now there's another rope! And another rope...!
    Editor Ogata's Notes 5-Chart of numbers for mansion's devices
    Sept 10th, 1:10 pm
    There seem to be a few devices in this mansion that are engraved with
    old characters. When I asked Mr. Takamine about them, he said they
    correspond to numbers. I understand the first few. They're the old
    characters for the numbers 0 through 3. But I don't get the rest.
    They're characters that have the same reading as 4 through 9, but means
    something different.
    "decoding kanji to numbers text"
    I guess each one has a special meaning. I'll figure out the rest later.
    *White Tapes*
    White Tape 1
    Sept 9 5:40 pm
    The mansion was nowhere to be seen on the map. So we finally have to 
    Ask the locals how to find it. They told us that Himuro Mansion has 
    been empty for several decades now. The same one who told us where it 
    was also warns us not to come here which is quite disconcerting.
    White Tape 2
    Sept 9 9:40 pm
    It seem dangerous to walk into the mountain at night. So we decided to
    spend the night here and continue our work. I've been through several
    rooms already, unlike the exterior, the interior is still in quite good
    shape. A little earlier, I thought I saw the white shadowy figure of a
    woman in the hallway near the entrance. I'll keep track of such 
    sighting and publish in my later account.
    *Blue Tapes*
    Blue Tape 1
    Sept 12 3:20 pm
    I know this sound crazy but there's something here besides us in this
    mansion. I seen it myself. It was the woman in the white kimono.
    Something is definitely happening here. Have we unknowingly awaken
    something or perhaps we've been lured here to die?
    Blue Tape 2
    Is she the one causing this disaster? All of those earlier death, Koji,
    Tomoe, all of them, am I the next to die? The rope shrine maiden ritual
    has told of the legend. both arms, legs and neck, when said all 5 have
    been marked, the curse has been complete. The rope has appeared on my
    photo, I'm running out of time.
    *Unknown Tape?*
    Unknown Tape
    Hey, hey, hey, if you're listening to this, you'll probably die just
    like me. Who are you, what are you? The weird distortion at the 
    entrance has been awakened. All will be appeased in the midth of
    time...Hahahahaha....the final ritual will begin....*moaning of ghosts'
    (Note from Coolmik:  I don't know anything about this tape. Hmm...)
    *Red Tapes*
    Red tape 1
    Sept 10th 10:20 am
    We discover some disturbing photos in the chests of drawer. Could this
    be the folklore children mentioned in Koji's notes? The photo is quite
    old and shows some kids playing tags. In the corner of the photo, there
    is the faded image of the young girl in white kimono. Her finger
    pointing this way, and her eyes looks as though she was making some
    final dedication.
    Red Tape 2
    Sept 11th 8:16 pm
    We look all over the mansion but we still can't find Koji. Well, true,
    that this mansion is huge, but certainly we would have found him by 
    now. Could he have left? He has been saying more ropes, since 
    Red Tape 3
    Sept 12th 9 am
    I found Koji. His death was just like the one in the mountain village.
    His head was severe off. I can't believe what was happening.
    Red Tape 4
    Since we met that girl, I've seen many strange visions. All the ghosts
    in the mansion screams and howls at me. I think they will never let me
    out of this mansion. I don't even know how long I can hold on to my
    sanity. Anyway, I'm leaving this tape. If ever someone listening to
    this, please tell me what was happening to me. But still, I hope it was
    just a dream.
    VI. Theories
       1. JuniperValkyrie's Theories
    Fatal Frame: My Theories
    Oh boy, where to begin? This game has a beautiful storyline, and I
    just want to analyze a few of those things that catch my attention...
    1. Kirie - Kirie is the "main bad guy" of the game. But is she truly a
    bad guy? The answer, in my opinion, is no. Kirie is much like a lamb at
    Passover, she was raised to be sacrificed. But the difference between
    Kirie and the lamb is that Kirie is a human, a living and feeling human
    being. Not to mention she's a woman. Kirie knew she was raised to die,
    but when she fell in love she didn't want to die. That is why the
    sacrifice didn't work.
    I heard someone's theory that, "Ghosts don't know they are dead, they
    think they are still living." Perhaps this is so in Kirie's case. Maybe
    Kirie DOESN'T want to touch the people that enter the mansion, maybe 
    only wants human companionship....
    2. Miku - Miku is fascinating to me, because it appears to me that 
    there are few parts in the game where she is really scared. Miku is 
    extremely brave, and the reason this counts as a theory? I don't know, 
    I just thought my opinion should get out there about her.  I think (and 
    this is kinda far out) that Kirie and Miku are someway psychically 
    linked. This could be because of the sixth sense, after all Tomoe could 
    see her and hear her too, but I don't think Tomoe ever saw child Kirie. 
    I might be wrong, I didn't like Tomoe that much so I didn't pay alot of 
    3. Family Master - This guy is scary, and pretty hard to beat I might
    add. But anyways, is the Family Master really that cruel for conducting
    the Rope Ritual and the Blind Demon Ritual? Well the reason why this
    rituals were conducted was to seal Hell's Gate. Now if you ask me, I
    really don't want a bunch of demons and Malice running around. Doesn't
    sound too fun. But I really don't know, my opinion is no, he's not 
    The reason is being that if he didn't perform the cruel rituals Malice
    would be released, and even more deaths would follow. I believe that 
    the Family Master did what he had to do to keep all Hell from breaking
    loose. But he is pretty evil after Malice touches him....
    2. The Rope Ritual - Now this has to hurt. Just so you all know, The
    Rope Ritual (in this game) is a ritual where a chosen maiden is tied in
    five places, both wrists, both ankles, and around the neck. She is
    pulled apart at all limbs, but more then likely she is strangled to
    death first (unless you can hold your breath long enough for your head
    to pop off). I read somewhere that this rituals was original done with
    oxen, but in our beloved game, it's done with wheels. The Four Headless
    priests and the Family Master all turn these wheels. And when the 
    bloody deed is done, they take the ropes, stained with blood, and tie 
    them in front of the Hell Gate. Normally, the maiden is brought up in 
    solitary confinement so she has no ties to the outside world and wants 
    to die. But in Kirie's case, she was tied down to the outside world and 
    she didn't want to die. So the spiritual ropes weren't strong enough to 
    keep the door shut, and Malice escaped. I just thought I'd help to 
    explain this Ritual in depth, because I find it gruesomely fascinating.
    3. The Blind Demon Ritual - The part of the game dealing with the Blind
    Demon ritual is what spooked me out the most, and also gave me the most
    questions. The cinema explaining the ritual showed a young girl, held 
    by two priests in front of the Family Master. The Master held a mask 
    with two spikes shoved into the eyes. He then thrust the mask on the 
    Now in one of the ancient scrolls it says "In preparation for the
    Strangling Ritual... Pick a maiden with holy power..." So was the girl
    with her eyes poked out the Rope Shrine Maiden? Apparently not. Kirie 
    in the last scenes is showed with her eyes intact. Even in her memories
    that Miku has visions of, she still has her eyes. And don't forget that
    Kirie writes diaries and meets Mafuyu with her eyes. More then likely, 
    I think this is a plot hole, or I interpreted it wrong. My second, way 
    Out theory is that Kirie doesn't want to be seen eyeless. This doesn't
    explain the Mafuyu thing or the diaries, but maybe she did have her 
    eyes put out, but she doesn't want to remember it like that. She 
    envisions herself with her eyes. I don't know, I'm open for 
      ~* JuniperValkyrie (Tabitha) *~
       2. Allan C Cybulskie's Theories (allan.c.cybulskie@sympatico.ca)
    1)  The Girl in White is a result of the split in the soul of Kirie as
    she was torn between her wanting to live and wanting to die.  My guess
    is that because part of her soul wanted to live, it was possible for 
    the Malice to corrupt it (perhaps it just wasn't dedicated enough to 
    the task of the Rope Maiden, or perhaps it was simply bitter over the 
    entire turn of events).  However, the part of her that was dedicated 
    was left untouched by the Malice, causing the split in her.  Thus, 
    Kirie/Calamity wanders the house trying to hurt people, while 
    Kirie/Girl in White wanders the house trying to break the curse.  The 
    Girl in White is younger because it reverts to a time when Kirie 
    understood her role and was dedicated to the cause.  It could also be 
    that the Girl in White is less powerful and the age reflects that.
    2) The Blinding Ritual:  It does not seem to be something that was done
    TO a Rope Maiden, but something that had to be done to prepare for the
    Rope Ritual.  We know that Kirie was not blinded because she saw the 
    Man she came to love from the window, thus she could see.  None of the 
    Other Rope Maidens in the game were blinded.  So this is not done to 
    the Rope Maiden, at least not normally.  What was gained by this 
    3) The camera:  The holy mirror was placed in the camera by the Girl In
    White and given to Mikoto.  It drove Yae mad and when Mikoto took it 
    The one day she disappeared.  She took it with her out of the mansion 
    and handed it down to her daughter, and so it eventually got to Miku 
    and Mafuyu.  It seems that Yae couldn't handle the camera, and so 
    couldn't break the curse, and Mikoto either wouldn't or couldn't do it 
    either, so it eventually came down to Miku and Mafuyu.  Now, for a wild 
    theory here, the camera had to get to that family because Mafuyu would 
    be someone who would resemble Kirie's former lover, and thus would
    distract/weaken Kirie/Calamity enough for Miku to survive the mansion
    long enough to defeat Kirie/Calamity.  Kirie/Calamity does not kill 
    Miku outright, even though Mafuyu suggests that she could probably do 
    so (he wonders why she let him go).  Kirie/Calamity would be unlikely 
    to kill Miku if Mafuyu cared about her.  At the end, the Malice and the 
    part of the soul that wanted to live would both want to eliminate Miku 
    as a threat, thus the final fight is not unbelievable.
    4)  The folklorist:  Mafuyu suggests that he was drawn to the mansion.
    It is possible that the folklorist was drawn to study the story of the
    mansion so that the camera could be created and "given" to the right
    family.  Takamine would then also be drawn to the story of the mansion
    so that Mafuyu would either go along or be drawn there after his 
    mentor, thus setting up Miku to follow him.  So was it the Girl in 
    White who did this?  Was it destiny?  Just how powerful are these 
    things, anyway?
       3. David's Theories (blankpage0000@cox.net)
    I think that Mikoto Munakata is Miku's grandmother. The name of the man
    who adopted her has the same last name as Miku. And seeing that the
    camera that Yae found was given to Mafuyu by his mother....well, you 
    get the point.(The info about the adoption was in a Old News Article) 
    Also, I think that Kirie may be mistaking Mafuyu as her lost lover. I 
    think that is why he was kidnapped but not killed. Since Mafuyu is 
    sisters with Miku, I think Kirie is only slowly killing her because of 
    that bond. (I say slowly killing her because of the ropes that appear 
    on a different part of her body after every night, and the attacks that 
    don't end up killing her) I believe that at the beginning of the fourth 
    night, she awakes with a rope around her neck. If she doesn't get out before 
    the fifth night, she's dead.
        4. Grace Ng's Theories (missygee57@hotmail.com)
    Mikoto was adopted by the Hinasaki's and therefore her name would be
    "Mikoto Hinasaki". She...produced a daughter named "Miyuki Hinasaki".
    How is THAT possible? Unless Mikoto married someone from that family to
    keep her surname. AND...Miyuki produces 2 offspring with Hinasaki
    surnames. How is THAT possible? Unless Miyuki marries within the family
    as well. Maybe that's why their bloodlines has such a strong sixth
              5. A. Zachow's Theories (akzachow@gbctc.net)
    I actually have an answer for all the questions, but they mostly come 
    from the fact that I recently beat the game and did try to get some 
    more information about this mysterious Shinto ritual (which I had 
    previously heard nothing about before) and found some interesting facts 
    about the religion.
    These are some answers I came up with for Allan C. Cybulskie's 
    1.) The wandering monks were probably Shinto monks from the surrounding 
    area. It could be that they came to see what exactly had happened at 
    the mansion after the Himuro Family master went psycho, or it might be 
    that they were actually present after Malice was released into the 
    household and were subsequently killed by the rampaging Family Master.
    2.) Mafuyu looking like Kirie's lost lover is simply luck, it has 
    nothing to do with the fact that he can see spirits. But as the game 
    progresses, the fact that Mafuyu is attached to Miku keeps Miku alive. 
    3.) The mirror piece in the camera may have released the spiritual 
    power of the Hinasaki family, but it isn't because of the camera that 
    they have it. It seems that the ability was blood related, and not just 
    the Hinasaki's seem to have this 6th sense. There are obviously others 
    (Tomoe, for instance) and possibly the folklorist himself, as he was 
    drawn to the house by some power. Miku stopped seeing things because 
    her task was completed, and the ability was indeed tied to the camera, 
    though it wasn't for all people. Miku's abilites seemed to have been 
    created for the sole purpose of sealing Malice in permanently and 
    easing the curse of the Himuro mansion. 
    And here are just some of my theories about the family... 
    It's obvious that Mikoto is Miku and Mayfuyu's grandmother, but what 
    was the reason that the ghosts let Mikoto live after she and the other 
    children got lost playing demon tag? It may have been because they knew 
    that she had powers, and knew that she might have a chance of relieving 
    Kirie of her curse, though that would imply that the ghosts of the 
    mansion were good, which it was clear that they weren't when Miku faced 
    Also the voice on the unknown tape is the voice of a ghost, I believe, 
    possibly the novelist's voice. He seemed to know about what the ritual 
    included, and he did try to relieve the curse of the house. He may have 
    been possessed by Malice as well, as it was present throughout the 
    entire household. Mayfuyu did notice that about the ghosts, at least 
    the evil ones, that they were all trying to make others suffer as they 
    The long armed man is the father of some or all of the children that 
    were playing demon tag, that much is obvious, but how exactly did he 
    become so...well..elongated? I thought that perhaps he was also a 
    victim of the strangling ritual, that he was "stretched" by the same 
    means that Koji was ripped apart, and the means that Kirie died. It 
    does mention that he has some relation to the dolls in the doll room, 
    the ones that seem to be crying blood.
    The blinding ritual happened to another girl, as it is obvious that 
    Kirie can see, and that she and the one that attacks and screams "my 
    eyes!"  are two different spirits. There were others besides Kirie that 
    had holy power, since there were other Rope Shrine Maidens before her. 
    What I wonder about the blinding mask though, is how was it used, and 
    how would anyone force themselves through such a thing. Obviously the 
    person had to be very devout, but even so, the blind woman seems to be 
    angry about loosing her sight. I wondered also if you could make Miku 
    use the mask in the game, and what would occur if she did? I never 
    wanted to try it, for fear I would be disgusted by what I saw, but I 
    wanted to know if anyone tried it?
    Also when Miku sees Mayfuyu walking around, she is not actually seeing 
    him, but rather, she is "feeling" that he was there at some point. It 
    isn't because there is a time distortion or anything, but Miku senses 
    that Mayfuyu is still alive, and therfore, she sees something that 
    resembles him. It shows her what he did, because with her 6th sense, 
    she indeed sees the past (the main reason that she can connect with the 
    ghosts to see what happened at the mansion in the past, and to see how 
    they died. The house itself wants to be free of the curse, and 
    therefore, it gives away its secrets to Miku as she wanders around, 
    (rather aimlessly in the first day). Also, when she sees a still ghost, 
    or a floating ghost, she is not actually seeing a ghost, but a shade, 
    again the house is showing her what happened. It can be noted that she 
    never interacts with anything but the hated ghosts, which are in that 
    way, true ghosts, while the others are not. The hated ghosts are oni 
    (demons or evil spirits) and when you actually think about it, when the 
    word "ghost" is used, it means reckless or evil spirits.
        6. Hunter's Theories(riotgearswinger@hotmail.com)  
    First off, in quite a few movies, they say a ghost is "a dead person 
    with unfinished business". Notice you stop fighting certain ghosts 
    after certain points? For example, you stop fighting Blinded Demon 
    after you put the Blinding Mask in place. Perhaps she just wanted to 
    see it returned to it's place so it could be used again, to dispel the 
    curse. Or, she wanted to see it put up so it WOULDN'T be used again, so 
    nobody would have to go through the whole misery. Or with Tomoe, her 
    dying wish was to get the info to Takamine on how to lift the curse, 
    and she continues to haunt you until you fight Takamine. I think the 
    ghosts follow you silently until they can't bear it anymore, and want 
    to get involved, thus "nudging" or fighting you, in the right 
    direction. So when she followed Miku to the Shrine and saw the Takamine 
    had died, she just gave up.  
    Secondly, The whole idea that Mikoto is Miku's grandma doesn't really 
    hold up. If she married to have children, it would have to be to a man 
    who was the same last name as her, in order to have another one. 
    However, there may have been a horribly twisted relationship in which 
    Mikoto actually married her adoptive father...but then, it would have 
    to happen again, with Miyuki, which I doubt. Illegitimate births were a 
    big nono in Japan during that time.  
    Thirdly, a few ingame relationships. It says that a _______ Hinasaka 
    was found, maybe Mikoto, adopted by Mr. Hinasaka. However, who are the 
    other three children? This is a stretch, but here is a theory. The last 
    names of the other three children were "Hinasaki" "Hirasaka" and one 
    other child, not sure who it might be. The holy Mirror seems to act 
    like radioactive material, instilling a person with a sixth sense, and 
    in some cases, actually fusing with their genetics, passing it down. It 
    never said WHEN the Munakata family disappeared, only that it was quite 
    a while back. So Tomoe Hirasaka's mother played with Mikoto as a child, 
    who took the camera on one of their games. That would infuse all of 
    them with some of it's power. When she returned from their game, three 
    days later, Yae flipped. She saw something in the camera, and 
    afterwords could see ghosts. When Mikoto realized her mother had seen 
    her camera, she wanted to get rid of it, by giving it to one of her 
    best friends, Miyuki, who then passes it down to her children.  
    Finally, Kirie. This will be brief, but I think I know why she favors 
    Miku. When Yae drops the pictures of her family, Kirie is in it. Could 
    Kirie have a sense of smell, or something, that let her see that Miku 
    was Miyuki's daughter? If it does, maybe Kirie was the last child who 
    was missing, and wanted to entrust the job of lifting the curse to one 
    of her oly friends, or the offspring of her.
    VII. E-Mail Questions
    Allan C Cybulskie's Questions (allan.c.cybulskie@sympatico.ca)
    1) I have an idea of who most of the ghosts are, but who was the
    Wandering Monk?  Someone who participated in the rituals?  Someone who
    came to try to lift the curse and failed?
    Answer: Anyone have an answer?
    2) Is there any reason why Mafuyu resembled so closely Kirie's lost
    Answer: Anyone have an answer?
    3) Did the power to see spirits come from something in Hinasaki family,
    or from their possession of the camera with the mirror?  Miku implies
    that she didn't see things anymore after the events in the mansion and
    the freeing of the spirits.  Was this because the camera is no more?
    Yae implies that she first started to see the spirits with the camera,
    and then developed the ability to see them without it.  Or was the gift
    a family trait that either was lost because of the events in the 
    (for Miku, at least) and will appear in her children again, or was it a
    family trait that was developed solely to deal with this thing?  If it
    was because of the camera, why did the assistant also have it?  If it
    was not, then why does Miku no longer see them after the game?
    Answer: Maybe because the spirits souls were at peace at the end of the
    game.  There is no use for them to haunt anyone anymore.
    VIII. All Together Plot Analysis
    *Coming Next Version*
    IX. Afterwords
    Coolmik:  Well, that's the Plot Analysis!  I hope that it helped at
    least one person!  I'm here to remind everyone again that this is based
    on the 3rd Night.  If you have information about the 4th Night, please
    e-mail us the info!  You WILL be added to the Credits Section.  Thank
    you for reading the whole FAQ.  Plus if you have any questions or
    comments, please e-mail me at Coolmik@animespider.com
    X. Credits
    Coolmik:  One of the two authors that bring you this Plot Analysis.
    PeckingBird:  The second author that supplied all of the In-game
    JuniperValkyrie:  A supplier of the first theory.  Thanks!  This may
    help some people as well as share what you think!
    Allan C Cybulskie:  Added lots of information, made his own theories,
    AND asked questions! Thanks a bunch!
    David:  Made some theories that might have cleared some stuff up!
    Grace Ng:  Stated some questions that can be answered!
    KrillinVegeta:  Helped with some of the controls!
    LarethRackeon:  Added some combined information and also the location 
    Koji Ogata's body!
    A. Zachow: theories posted
    Hunter: theories posted
    ~*This document is (c) Coolmik & PeckingBird*~ 2002

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