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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mysticcat

    Version: 1.45 | Updated: 07/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      This FAQ is Copyright 2002 by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan
             | GAME NAME : Fatal Frame                         |
             | GENRE : Survival Horror Adventure               |
             | PLATFORM : Playstation2                         |
             | DEVELOPER : Tecmo                               |
             | PUBLISHER : Tecmo                               |
             | RELEASED : March 2002                           |
             | GUIDE : Fatal Frame FAQ/Walkthrough (for PS2)   |
             | WRITTEN BY : Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat"  |
             | CONTACT : fireaquarian@yahoo.com                |
             | VERSION : 1.46                                  |
             | DATE : July 16th 2002                           |
                        T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
      1. Introduction...........................................Complete
      2. Legal Stuffs...........................................Complete
      3. Updates/Revision History...............................Complete
      4. Basic Terms............................................Complete
         A> Configurations
         B> Status
         C> Battle System/Camera Usage
         D> General Tips
      5. Characters.............................................Complete
      6. Walkthrough............................................Complete
          Part One : Himuro Intro...............................Complete
          Part Two : 1st Night - Strangling Ritual..............Complete
          Part Three : 2nd Night - Demon Tag....................Complete
          Part Four : 3rd Night - The Calamity..................Complete
          Part Five : Kirie - Final Night.......................Complete
      7. Secrets................................................Complete
      8. Sidequests.............................................Complete
      9. Battle Mode walkthrough..............................Incomplete
     10. Item List............................................Incomplete
     11. Ghost List.............................................Complete
     12. Files..................................................Complete
     13. Extra Section..........................................Complete
         + Review
         + Contact Info
     14. Credits/Special Thanks.................................Complete
      1.  I N T R O D U C T I O N
      Hi Everybody ! Glad to meet you again !
      This time I continue my amateur writing FAQs schedule, with a new game I
    have just purchased : Fatal Frame.
      The reasons why I come to Fatal Frame, is not any remarkable. The first
    reason I get interested in Fatal Frame is that the game is created by Tecmo
    - the company who did develope and publish the infamous Deception III and
    the well-known fighting series Dead or Alive, which have been my faithful
    games. Besides, Tecmo did advertise pretty much for Fatal Frame, so I
    thought it was not a bad game. The second reason, is that Fatal Frame is a
    Survival Horror Adventure game. Survival Horror has been my most favourite
    genre, as I have been a big fan of Koudelka, Resident Evil and Silent Hill
    series. I heard that Fatal Frame is a bit like Silent Hill, so then I
    thought I should give it a try. In fact, getting Fatal Frame was just an
    accidental change of mine. I have played Dead or Alive 2 and Deception III
    of Tecmo, and I just consider Tecmo to be an average company, because :
    Deception III was okay for me. But it itself was not popular for most
    players; Dead or Alive was a good 3D fighting game series, but its fame
    still has no much compared to the giant Virtua Fighter, Tekken or Soul
    Callibur. I hadn't intended to purchase Fatal Frame. I came to the game
    shop. After an hour taking a look at the PS2 game list, Fatal Frame and
    Shadow of Destiny were in the list. But I did choose Shadow of Destiny
    first, for its story was a little interesting, while I hadn't known much
    about the plotting storyline of Fatal Frame. But after that, Shadow of
    Destiny did disappoint me, so then I decided to return it and got Fatal
    Frame. And Fatal Frame was NOT the same as Shadow of Destiny. It did
    satisfy me enough. And that's why I decide to make a FAQ/Walkthrough for
    it, as I'm doing now.
      Well, maybe I should begin now. There's no much time for long telling.
    Hope you enjoy this FAQ.
      2.  L E G A L  S T U F F S
      I put this part in the first after Introduction for that people can see
    and read it easily. I have done this with all of my previous FAQs.
      This guide is Copyright and owned by the author Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan
    "Mysticcat". As a guide posted on Websites, you may easily download it from
    the click name, use it on your sites, or sell, publish it in many ways. As
    the author of this guide, I just have some Disclaimer if you want to do
    anything with my property :
    - This guide can't be copied, altered or anything like that without having
    the author's permission. If you want to use it in your websites or doing
    anything on the guide, just email me at fireaquarian@yahoo.com and wait for
    my answer. I'm not a very mean guy, and I'm willing to let you use it if
    you can obey this rule.
    - Furthermore, this guide ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be sold, be repbulished as your
    guide, gift, magazine and so on. The author has made this guide for NON-
    PROFIT only, and so do you.
      Available sites, and only these sites can host my FAQ :
    - GameFAQs : Http://www.gamefaqs.com
      This is a very popular gaming site of the huge community of gamers. If
    you want to find cheats and guides, this site ABSOLUTELY has all what you
    - Neoseeker : Http://www.neoseeker.com
      This is a big gaming site about everything : News, Game Guides, Cheats,
    Hardwares, Screenshots, etc.
    - Playstation Cheats : Http://www.psxcodez.com
      An Europian gaming site about PSX and PS2 games.
    - Cheat Codes Central : Http://www.cheatcc.com
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    - IGN : http://www.ign.com
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    - Cheat Planet : http://www.cheatplanet.com
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    - http://www.supercheats.com
      Another high-qualified gaming site, worth a visit. 
    -*NOTES* ----------------------------------------------------------------
      Anybody or any sites who have used the guide with my permission, please
    frequently check and get the latest updates at www.gamefaqs.com. I don't
    have time to give the updates to all of you each time. Besides, GameFAQs is
    the site which put the best display of my FAQ. So please check there and
    get it. If you feel that you can't do this work, you shouldn't ask to
    use the guide.
      Thank you.
      I have made this guide by all my heart and my efforts. So you can't earn
    money for yourself on my work.
      Thank you for reading this. I really do not want to rude. But I myself
    have ever had my guide plagiarized or used illegally at least once. And I
    don't want it to happen again.
      3.  U P D A T E S / R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y
     - Version 1.45 (July 19th 2003)
       Change of email address.
     - Version 1.4 (February 8th 2003)
       Added link.
       Fixed mistakes.
     - Version 1.3 (August 16th 2002)
       Added missing item.
       Added and fixed some little episodes due to reader's request. Thanks to
    Matrix560 for correcting the mask mistakes in the walkthrough.
     - Version 1.28 (August 4th 2002)
       Added missing files and missing item descriptions.
       I'm playing this game the second time, and on the way to obtain
    Nightmare Mode. I have been trying to collect what I have missed in the
    previous game.
     - Version 1.27 (August 3rd 2002)
       I have just found out 10 first missions of Battle Game, and have added
    them into the Battle Game section. I have also fixed some mistakes though.
     - Version 1.25 (August 1st 2002)
       Added "Sealkeeper Ghosts" in Ghost List.
       Now I decide to take a break after beating the game once. Don't worry, I
    still keep working on Battle Mode and maybe, Nightmare Mode though. At
    least now, the guide is usable, as the main part - the walkthrough has been
     - Version 1.2 (July 31st 2002)
       "Ghost List" basically completed.
       Big Thanks to NuConcept and his Ghost List. Although it may not have
    been finished yet, it has helped me to find some ghosts whom I missed. I
    have basically completed my own. There are missing info also, but I'll try
    to fill them in my effort. I can't snap the so fast ghost children.
     - Version 1.0  (July 30th 2002, night)
       "Secrets" section added.
       Walkthrough completed.
       I couldn't believe that I have completed it this quickly. I have beaten
    the game once, and now I'm participating in the secret modes of the game,
    to complete the guide as much as it can be.
     - Version 0.83 (July 30th 2002)
       "3rd Night : The Calamity" completed.
       Phew, I have made it : beating such the nightmarish chapter 3rd Night.
    It has been harder than I had expected, but I did all pass (^_^). Now I'm
    going to final chapter soon. Look forward it.
     - Version 0.82 (July 28th 2002)
       More parts of walkthrough completed.
       The 3rd Night begins to be hard, and I'm trying to find the best
    strategies for the bosses before publishing them in the guide. I'm still
    very busy now. But I'll try to complete as much as I can.
     - Version 0.81 (July 25th 2002)
       Completed Extra Section.
       At first, I'm still pretty busy to play the game. So I'm trying to
    complete those co-sections first, then attempt to the walkthrough and
    necessary sections when I have time to continue the game. Really sorry !
    Besides, Cheatcc has just asked to use this guide, so I updated the site in
    my Legal Stuff though.
     - Version 0.8 (July 24th 2002)
       "2nd Night : Demon Tag" completed.
       Phew... I have just completed this difficult chapter. But I hear that
    3rd Night will be tougher. But I'll try at all cost.
     - Version 0.7 (July 23th 2002)
       More parts of walkthrough completed.
       Fix mistakes.
       I have just spotted some pretty important mistakes I made throughout the
    guide. So along with adding more walkthrough parts, I also fix those
    mistakes though.
     - Version 0.6 (July 22th 2002)
       Walkthrough 50% completed.
       This game is truly scary. I'm going to complete "2nd Night : Demon Tag"
    as soon as possible. Look forward next updates.
     - Version 0.5 (July 16th 2002)
       The game has just been bought. FAQ started.
      4.  B A S I C  T E R M S
       C O N F I G U R A T I O N S
      This game has a variety of controls. So let's see :
      Type  | View Type |      NORMAL MODE        |       FINDER MODE
     Type A | Normal    |-Direction buttons : N/A |-Direction buttons : Move
            |           |                         | the camera angle.
            |           |-Triangle : Menu         |-Triangle : Turn around.
            |           |-Circle : Finder ON      |-Circle : Finder OFF
            |           |-Cross : Search/Obtain   |-Cross : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-Square : Run            |-Square : Quick turn
            |           |-Left Analog Stick : Move|-Left Analog Stick : Move
            |           | the character.          | Move the camera angle.
            |           |-Right Analog Stick :    |-Right Analog Stick :
            |           | Flashlight              | Parallel Move.
            |           |-L1 : N/A                |-L1 : Special Functions
            |           |-L2 : N/A                |-L2 : N/A
            |           |-R1 : N/A                |-R1 : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-R2 : N/A                |-R2 : N/A
            |           |-Select : Map            |-Select : N/A
            |           |-Start : Skip cutscenes  |-Start : Skip cutscenes
     Type B | Normal    |-Direction buttons : Move|-Direction buttons : Move
            |           | the character.          | the camera angle.
            |           |-Triangle : Menu         |-Triangle : Turn around.
            |           |-Circle : Finder ON      |-Circle : Finder OFF
            |           |-Cross : Search/Obtain   |-Cross : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-Square : Run            |-Square : Quick turn
            |           |-Left Analog Stick : Move|-Left Analog Stick : Move
            |           | the character.          | Move the camera angle.
            |           |-Right Analog Stick :    |-Right Analog Stick :
            |           | Flashlight              | Parallel Move.
            |           |-L1 : N/A                |-L1 : Special Functions
            |           |-L2 : N/A                |-L2 : N/A
            |           |-R1 : N/A                |-R1 : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-R2 : N/A                |-R2 : N/A
            |           |-Select : Map            |-Select : N/A
            |           |-Start : Skip cutscenes  |-Start : Skip cutscenes
     Type C | Normal    |-Direction buttons : N/A |-Direction buttons : Move
            |           |                         | the camera angle.
            |           |-Triangle : Menu         |-Triangle : Turn around.
            |           |-Circle : N/A            |-Circle : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-Cross : Search/Obtain   |-Cross : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-Square : Run            |-Square : Quick turn
            |           |-Left Analog Stick : Move|-Left Analog Stick : Move
            |           | the character.          | Move the camera angle.
            |           |-Right Analog Stick :    |-Right Analog Stick :
            |           | Flashlight              | Parallel Move.
            |           |-L1 : N/A                |-L1 : Special Functions
            |           |-L2 : N/A                |-L2 : N/A
            |           |-R1 : Finder ON          |-R1 : Finder OFF
            |           |-R2 : N/A                |-R2 : N/A
            |           |-Select : Map            |-Select : N/A
            |           |-Start : Skip cutscenes  |-Start : Skip cutscenes
     Type D | Normal    |-Direction buttons : Move|-Direction buttons : Move
            |           | the character.          | the camera angle.
            |           |-Triangle : Menu         |-Triangle : Turn around.
            |           |-Circle : N/A            |-Circle : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-Cross : Search/Obtain   |-Cross : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-Square : Run            |-Square : Quick turn
            |           |-Left Analog Stick : Move|-Left Analog Stick : Move
            |           | the character.          | Move the camera angle.
            |           |-Right Analog Stick :    |-Right Analog Stick :
            |           | Flashlight              | Parallel Move.
            |           |-L1 : N/A                |-L1 : Special Functions
            |           |-L2 : N/A                |-L2 : N/A
            |           |-R1 : Finder ON          |-R1 : Finder OFF
            |           |-R2 : N/A                |-R2 : N/A
            |           |-Select : Map            |-Select : N/A
            |           |-Start : Skip cutscenes  |-Start : Skip cutscenes
     Type E | Reverse   |-Direction buttons : N/A |-Direction buttons : Move
            |           |                         | the camera angle.
            |           |-Triangle : Menu         |-Triangle : Turn around.
            |           |-Circle : Finder ON      |-Circle : Finder OFF
            |           |-Cross : Search/Obtain   |-Cross : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-Square : Run            |-Square : Quick turn
            |           |-Left Analog Stick : Move|-Left Analog Stick : Move
            |           | the character.          | Move the camera angle.
            |           |-Right Analog Stick :    |-Right Analog Stick :
            |           | Flashlight              | Parallel Move.
            |           |-L1 : N/A                |-L1 : Special Functions
            |           |-L2 : N/A                |-L2 : N/A
            |           |-R1 : N/A                |-R1 : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-R2 : N/A                |-R2 : N/A
            |           |-Select : Map            |-Select : N/A
            |           |-Start : Skip cutscenes  |-Start : Skip cutscenes
     Type F | Reverse   |-Direction buttons : Move|-Direction buttons : Move
            |           | the character.          | the camera angle.
            |           |-Triangle : Menu         |-Triangle : Turn around.
            |           |-Circle : Finder ON      |-Circle : Finder OFF
            |           |-Cross : Search/Obtain   |-Cross : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-Square : Run            |-Square : Quick turn
            |           |-Left Analog Stick : Move|-Left Analog Stick : Move
            |           | the character.          | Move the camera angle.
            |           |-Right Analog Stick :    |-Right Analog Stick :
            |           | Flashlight              | Parallel Move.
            |           |-L1 : N/A                |-L1 : Special Functions
            |           |-L2 : N/A                |-L2 : N/A
            |           |-R1 : N/A                |-R1 : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-R2 : N/A                |-R2 : N/A
            |           |-Select : Map            |-Select : N/A
            |           |-Start : Skip cutscenes  |-Start : Skip cutscenes
     Type G | Reverse   |-Direction buttons : N/A |-Direction buttons : Move
            |           |                         | the camera angle.
            |           |-Triangle : Menu         |-Triangle : Turn around.
            |           |-Circle : N/A            |-Circle : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-Cross : Search/Obtain   |-Cross : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-Square : Run            |-Square : Quick turn
            |           |-Left Analog Stick : Move|-Left Analog Stick : Move
            |           | the character.          | Move the camera angle.
            |           |-Right Analog Stick :    |-Right Analog Stick :
            |           | Flashlight              | Parallel Move.
            |           |-L1 : N/A                |-L1 : Special Functions
            |           |-L2 : N/A                |-L2 : N/A
            |           |-R1 : Finder ON          |-R1 : Finder OFF
            |           |-R2 : N/A                |-R2 : N/A
            |           |-Select : Map            |-Select : N/A
            |           |-Start : Skip cutscenes  |-Start : Skip cutscenes
     Type H | Reverse   |-Direction buttons : Move|-Direction buttons : Move
            |           | the character.          | the camera angle.
            |           |-Triangle : Menu         |-Triangle : Turn around.
            |           |-Circle : N/A            |-Circle : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-Cross : Search/Obtain   |-Cross : Shutter/Shoot
            |           |-Square : Run            |-Square : Quick turn
            |           |-Left Analog Stick : Move|-Left Analog Stick : Move
            |           | the character.          | Move the camera angle.
            |           |-Right Analog Stick :    |-Right Analog Stick :
            |           | Flashlight              | Parallel Move.
            |           |-L1 : N/A                |-L1 : Special Functions
            |           |-L2 : N/A                |-L2 : N/A
            |           |-R1 : Finder ON          |-R1 : Finder OFF
            |           |-R2 : N/A                |-R2 : N/A
            |           |-Select : Map            |-Select : N/A
            |           |-Start : Skip cutscenes  |-Start : Skip cutscenes
     * NOTES :
    - Normal Type is the 3D control, like you play Final Fantasy games,
    Parasite Eve, etc. You determine the directions by taking yourself as the
    character in the game.
    - Reverse Type is the Classic control, like you play Resident Evil games,
    Parasite Eve II, Silent Hill games, etc. You determine the directions
    directly on the screen.
       S T A T U S
      Your life is shown as a blue bar on the top in the Menu Screen, on the
    right of the character's picture. In Finder Mode, this lifebar is shown as
    a vertical blue bar on the right of the camera frame. Whenever you take
    damage, the blue part gets lost, depending on how strong the damage it.
    When the blue part is wiped out, you'll die = Game Over. In order to heal
    the lost health, you can use the healing items you collect during the game.
    Your lifebar is fulfilled when you step to another scenario.
      In this game there's no stat showing how strong you are as well as your
    vitality. So the damages you take from various ghosts are random though.
    But in my experience, one damage often takes 1/4 of your lifebar, and most
    are pretty strong. That means just some hits can kill you. But you can
    reduce the damage you get by defending from the enemies. To know how to
    defend, please read "General Tips" section.
      There's a way to continue playing, in case you lose all your health. In
    the game, there's an item called "Stone Mirror" which can be found around
    in the game. You are allowed carry only ONE Stone Mirror each time.
    Whenever you lose all your health, with the Stone Mirror in your inventory,
    your lifebar will be fully restored soon after that. Then the used Stone
    Mirror will be lost. If you want another revival, find another Stone Mirror
    and carry in in your inventory.
       B A T T L E  S Y S T E M / C A M E R A  U S A G E
     *Extracted from the game Menu.
      Each stat of your camera can be levelled up by using certain amounts of
    Spirit Points you collected by driving ghosts. The Max level is Level 4.
    - Range : Widens the capture circle - the range for capturing ghosts.
    - Speed : Speeds up the charge time for Mystical Power.
    - Max Value : Increases the maximum charge value of Mystical Power.
      While holding the camera, press the Circle button to take shooting
    stance, and to enter Finder Mode. You can take photos with Cross button or
    R1 trigger while in Finder Mode.
      While in Finder Mode, you can control the player's viewpoint with the
    Left Analog Stick.
      Square button : Move Finder quickly.
      Triangle button : Turn around.
      Use the Right Analog Stick to move around while in shooting stance.
      In Finder Mode, you can see things that can't be seen with a naked eye.
    Try taking a photo if the controller vibrates, or you hear stange noises.
      Hold up the camera with the Circle button, and press the shutter with the
    Cross button to attack ghosts. When the target is inside the circle, power
    (Mystical Power) accumulates. The damage you inflict on the ghost goes up
    as you accumulate more power in the camera.
      Shutterbug Moment
      While you have the ghost in your viewfinder, and the circle glows, take a
    shot. You can inflict heavy damage when you take a shot during a Shutterbug
      You can acquire Mystical Power by damaging ghosts. Select "Camera" from
    the Menu Screen to access the Power-up screen. You can unlock the seal on
    the camera with the accumulated Mystical Power, and power up.
      About Auxiliary Functions
      When you unlock Auxiliary Functions Seal, you enable many special
    attacks. To use the enabled Auxiliary Function, press the L1 trigger while
    in a shooting stance. The number of Auxiliary Functions you can use is
    limited to the number of Spirit Stones in your inventory, so be frugal.
    - Pressure : Push ghosts back.
    - Slow : Slows down ghosts' movements for a limited duration.
    - See : Make ghosts more visible for a limited duration.
    - Paralyze : Stop movements of ghosts for a certain duration.
    - Search : Searches for locations of ghosts and tracks them automatically.
      Special Functions, in fact, are born from Auxiliary Functions. At first,
    you have to unseal the Auxiliary Functions. Then in the next game you play,
    a Special Function will be born from the Auxiliary ones you have had.
    Special Functions can't be got in your current game. The cost to get them
    is pretty expensive though.
      //THE FILAMENT//
      The filament is the black box that always stays at the bottom right
    corner of the screen. This box informs you about the appearances of ghosts
    or hidden objects, by turning into different colours. There are two colours
    : Blue and Brown.
    - The filaments glows blue : There may be an immobile ghost, or some hidden
    objects which can't be seen by naked eyes. It glows more as you get closer
    to the ghost/object. To determine where exactly the target is, aim your
    camera and make a complete rotation. Rotate until the capture circle glows,
    as the filament on the top glows blue the most. That's where the
    ghost/object located.
    - The filaments glow brown/orange : There may be a moving ghost. You should
    pay attention to this signal, cuz some of the ghosts are mini-bosses who
    can attack you.
      Just like the filament, the capture circle in Finder Mode can glow either
    brown or blue, depending on what's in your frame :
    - Blue : You have been aiming at an important object needed to be snapped,
    or that can be a harmless ghost, or an immobile ghost who is cursed to be
    tied in the position. In battles, the blue circle shows you that your
    enemies have been in frame, as your power has been charged up enough to
    shoot them.
    - Brown/Orange : The circle turns brown when the enemies in your frame
    prepare to attack you, or when the camera has charged to its maximum power.
    If you press the shutter button in both cases, your camera will cause
    critical hits on enemies.
      //MY ADVICES//
      Perhaps you will wonder when you have got an amount of Spirit Points :
    Which should I level up first : Enhance functions (status) or
    Bonus/Auxiliary Functions ? My advice for you : Enhance your camera first
    of all. The bonus functions are just extra tools to help you beat the
    ghosts easier, but they are not always effective, while the status
    functions can be done anytime with enough Spirit Points, and they increase
    the general power of the camera, helping you to kill the enemies faster and
    more easily. This was also the advice I got from other veteran players when
    I first played this game.
       G E N E R A L  T I P S
      Mini-boss ghosts often give you many Spirit Points, so then it's good to
    try attacking them every time you encounter them, in order to obtain more
    Spirit Points to power up your camera. Sometimes they can give you items
    though. But in case you want to keep your health, you can flee, because the
    Spirit Points given by random ghosts are not so many.
      At times, fighting ghosts frequently doesn't do any good. If you feel
    that you need to save your films, or you don't have enough strength to
    fight, you may avoid the ghosts. But it's not very easy, since ghosts can
    get through every obstacle, and they can even attack you when you are
    opening a door. The more dangerous thing is that most of them can teleport
    to your front. But I think once you have decided to run, don't give up. Try
    to run like hell so that the ghosts won't have chance to stop you by
    teleporting. Although they may pursue you, due to my experience, they will
    stop at some limit, when you have run far enough.
      But... remember that there are some boss fights that you are obliged to
    fight, example is the fight against Man with Long Arms when you first
    encounter him. His appearance seals all your ways out, and your only choice
    is to kill him to unseal them. So that remember that you can flee whenever
    you want, but fleeing is not always usable, since you can be obliged, and
    moreover, you need Spirit Points to modify your camera.
      This case only happens when it takes you so long to get through the game
    in certain locations. Be sure to make it through quickly since random
    ghosts can appear to attack you anytime, and most of them have been mini-
    bosses. For instance (an experience of mine) : I have wasted a lot of time
    just to find the Sacred Water in the Storehouse. And the result was that a
    Bound Man dashed in to attack me. So then be careful about that, especially
    the Wandering Monks in 3rd Night : The Calamity. They are almost everywhere
    in the mansion and standing just some more few minutes (or even seconds)
    longer can make a "chance" for you to meet a Wandering Monk.
      There are Save Points around the game. They are just some kinds of camera
    put on a platform. These Save Points are usable when its light is blue.
    Sometimes you may see it turn red. That means there are some ghosts around,
    and you need to get rid of them (by photographing them or killing them if
    they attack you) or letting them disappear by themselves, until the light
    returns blue. Just examine the camera to access the Save screen. Then
    choose your Slot and where to save.
      //RANKING SYSTEM ?//
      Yeah, this game also has a ranking system, like you play Resident Evil or
    Devil May Cry. The ranks depend on your save times and your playing time.
    But I don't recommend you to try to get the high rankings, cuz they have
    nothing to do with unlocking secrets or any special things, besides the
    purpose to encourage you to play better. So just save as much as you can
    for convenience.
      There are many steps and many processes during the game. Especially when
    you are a new player, you can't guess what will suddenly happen and when
    you face bosses, and how strong they are, so saving always is my top
    solution. Try to save as many as files if you still have empty spaces, and
    restrict overwriting as much as you can.
      When you are still travelling in a night, and for some reason, you must
    fully restore your health, so using Sacred Waters is your only choice if
    you have stored them in your inventory. But I have an advice for you : try
    to save as many as Sacred Waters for the later battles, cuz the later
    enemies will be much stronger and more dangerous. If you lose your health
    seriously, try to protect yourself from damage and use Herbal Medicines
      Besides, your health is fully healed when you come to a new chapter/the
    next night. This is a rule.
      5.  C H A R A C T E R S
      Miku Hinasaki is the daughter of Miyuki Hinasaki who possessed the
    special ability : the sixth sense. Miku inherits that ability from her
    mother, so she can sense of what happened when touching objects. After her
    mother's death, Mafuyu Hinasaki is Miku's only family. She came to Himuro
    in search of this missing brother who had been away for two weeks. Her
    sixth sense told her that he was kidnapped by a ghost in white kimono.
      Miku is your playable character during 90% the game.
      He is Miku's missing brother. You have chance to play as him in the intro
    of the game, as he was in search of Mr. Takamine and his staff who had been
    missing in the Himuro Mansion. Unfortunately, Mafuyu himself was taken away
    by the ghosts though.
      The woman who was supposed to be the ghost in white kimono of the Himuro
    Mansion, who caused the deaths of its visitors. According to known info,
    Kirie might be the Rope Shrine Maiden who were strangled miserably in the
    Shinto ritual.
      This was the guy whom Kirie loved. He looks like Mafuyu Hinasaki very
    much, but they are NOT the same. His identity is unknown.
      6.  W A L K T H R O U G H
      In this walkthrough, I show you all the necessary steps to get through
    the game, all the ghosts you can catch, and my strategies to fight mini-
    bosses. This walkthrough has been written pretty carefully room-to-room,
    make it easier for you to watch the process. In order to know what room you
    are in, just open the map and see the text at the bottom of the screen. The
    name of the room is written there. If you want to know what rooms around,
    use directional buttons to move to the rooms whose name you want to know.
    The text will show them as you move.
      In this game, you can sometimes encounter random mini-bosses, which only
    appear when it takes you too much time to explore an area. As they are
    random, I can't list all of them. So if you want to get through this game,
    try to explore the areas quickly enough. Don't bother wandering to waste
    time if you want to be safe.
      The game begins with Miku Hinasaki's narrating the story. She tells us
    about his brother Mafuyu Hinasaki who has been lost for two weeks, since
    the day he came to Himuro mansion to find novelist Takamine and his staff
    who have been lost in the haunted place. Mafuyu came there alone, and you
    first take control of him. The screen is white and black, as this is an
    event in the past two weeks.
                    P A R T  O N E  : H I M U R O  I N T R O
                               Random ghost : None
      Mafuyu enters the mansion and you'll take control of him soon.
      First, go to Mafuyu's left a few steps until you reach a cage. You'll see
    that the filament in the bottom right corner nearly blows blue. That means
    there's some important object or some immobile ghost here. Press the Circle
    to draw up your camera and...
    **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Move your camera angle around the cage until the central circle glows
    blue at its peak, quickly take shot of your first ghost : Child Behind. If
    you move the angle to other position where there's no ghost, the circle
    gradually turns off. Remember to take shot when the circle glows, cuz the
    ghosts just show themselve within a very short moment.**
      After that, go upstairs, and take the glowing thing you see in the
    northeast corner. You'll some Type 14 films. In this game, always remember
    that films are your "ammunition". You need them as much as you need
    ammunition in Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Near here you can also find an
    angry-looked mask attached on the wall. But now you have nothing to do with
      Make your way to the left. You'll see a glowing camera on a platform.
    That's your Save Point. Save here if you need. Then go forward until you
    find a door. Get in it.
      Go along the hallway.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are going, a ghost passes by in front of you for a moment. Quickly
    draw up your camera and take a shot of Rope Hallway Man. If you were not
    fast enough, he would soon disappear into the darkness.**
      Go forward until you see a mirror. There's a fork road here. Examine the
    left side, you see a nailed door which has been locked inside. So take the
    right side and enter the door here.
      You can examine the pile of armors and antiques on the left if you like.
    Here you see a fire pit (some cooking things) on the center of the room.
    Just slowly pass it...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      I did remind you to pass the fire pit slowly. After you have just passed
    over, quickly draw your camera to the above balcony and take a "lovely"
    shot of Man Looking Down ghost.**
      Come forward til you see a staircase and a "dead" clock here. Your
    filament may glow blue this time, cuz there's an immobile ghost here.
    There's a small room beside the clock (on the left FROM the clock). Go in
    it. There are some bookshelves here.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As the filament turns blue, draw your camera to the left shelf from
    Mafuyu (the bottom shelf on the screen) to take a shot of the immobile
    ghost : Angry Man.**
      After that, go up the staircase. You'll see some glowing thing. Grab it
    and then you'll know it's note of Mr. Takamine. When you read it, the Bound
    Man will attack you from behind...
       As this is your first true battle against a ghost, the game will soon
    give you the tutorial about how to fight with your magical camera. This is
    your first boss, so it's pretty easy though. Just stand there, draw up your
    camera. Try to draw at the Bound Man until the captive circle glows blue.
    That's when your camera charges enough power to deal damage, so take shot
    at that time. Do the same action repeatedly until Bound Man is defeated.
    Bound Man's lifebar is given on the upper left of the screen as an orange
    bar. The damage you give is noted under the enemy's lifebar. Each time you
    deal damage, you receive Spirit Points. The blue vertical bar on the right
    of the screen is very your lifebar. So keep an eye on it in later battles,
    cuz they'll be more difficult. This fight is just a piece of cake.
      After killing Bound Man, you can travel around this place for a while
    before going down. There's a door on the left which has been locked, so you
    can't enter it. Walk to the left balcony of the floor.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!*
      This ghost just appears after you defeat Bound Man. As you are going
    along the balcony, it will wander below you. Quickly draw your camera DOWN
    and catch a correct picture of this ghost as soon as possible, cuz it shows
    itself for a very short moment.**
      Well, there's nothing to do here. You walk down and leave the Fireplace
      Just go along the hallway toward the entrance. But you won't be able to
    go out, because...
                                P A R T  T W O
                        1ST NIGHT : STRANGLING RITUAL
                           Random Ghost : Bound Man
      Something did happen to Mafuyu that he didn't come back. His sister -
    Miku Hinasaki feels worry, so she enters Himuro mansion to look for him
    herself. From now, you take control of Miku during the rest of the story.
      Miku has been locked in the mansion, so don't hope to go out. Just follow
    her brother's steps. In the position where you fought the Type 14 Films
    with Mafuyu, now there's a Herbal Medicine instead. Grab it. Use the Save
    Point if you like. Then enter the door to Rope Hallway.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are opening the door, a ghost looks from behind you. You can soon
    turn around to see him. But you can't catch him without a camera. But
    you'll pay attention that he disappears, turning into a blue wisp. Let's
    touch the blue wisp. You'll see the ghost of the Editor Ogata, saying
    something like "Another rope...", and you can collect a file though.**
      Just enter Rope Hallway.
      Walk to the mirror. Miku finds the camera left by Mafuyu. With her
    special ability, she recalls what has happened to Mafuyu, but the event
    wasn't completed. You have got the camera, and you can catch ghosts from
    now. After reading Mafuyu's note,...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
     ...make a 180-degree turn as soon possible, drawing your camera UP to take
    a shot of the "Man on a Beam".**
      Then enter the Fireplace.
      Check the pile of antiques, especially the lion mask. You'll find a
    Herbal Medicine beside it. Then make some steps to Miku's left to grab some
    Type 14 Films though. Then you enter the bookshelf area where you found the
    Angry Man to find some more Type 14 Films here. Then go upstairs.
      Make your way to the room on the far left of this floor. There you'll
    find another Herbal Medicine. Keep going to the fallen staircase...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!**
      A ghost will pass by below you under the fallen staircase. Quickly take a
    shot of him now : Hallway Man.**
      Besides, this place is just like when you explored as Mafuyu. So go
    downstairs, but...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      DO NOT RUN downstairs ! Just walk step-by-step. As you are walking down
    slowly, a secret ghost will soon pass by below on the left of the
    staircase. When the filament grows brown, don't turn to that left
    direction. Just quickly hold up your camera and draw at the walking man
    below, taking a shot of "Man at Screen".
      When you have gone down, examine the screens where the Man at Screen
    walked toward. There will be a cutscene that a female ghost appears in
    front of Miku, showing the screen to her. Then she disappears. After taking
    control of Miku, you'll learn a new function of the camera : Seeing the
    objects which can't been seen by naked eyes. And you, draw your camera to
    the screen until the captive circle turns blue, take a shot. Then an image
    of a secret door will be shown in the frame. After that, return to normal
    and press X button. Miku will find the door herself. Enter it to the new
      Go along the hallway. You'll find the blue dot again, with Ogata's ghost.
    He remains another file. You can grab it if you like. Then check the hung
    lamps for fun. Miku wonders why there are some lamps lit up, cuz there's
    nobody living here. Check the whole hallway. There's a nailed closet in the
    end of the hallway, and a locked door on the right beside it. So then only
    unlocked door is the left one on the way. Enter it to the Library.
      You'll grab a file (the glowing thing) on the shelf when you first enter
    here. Then enter the main portion of the room on your right.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      The Wandering Man will pass by as you enter. Take him soon.**
      Keep going and grab the glowing thing on the floor - the Type-37 Films.
    And then, try opening the slide door on the right. There's something here
    which makes Miku recall some events in the past, involved the object she is
    seeing - the Tape Recorder, including the White Tape 1...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      After the first scene ended, quickly draw your camera and take a shot of
    Dead Man's Body who is lying in the slide door for a while.**
      Take the White Tape 1. Then you see the door behind you opened by
    someone. Enter that door.
      There's a Herbal Medicine glowing on the floor, next to the kimono.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are going deeper to the kimono, Man at Window shows himself behind
    the kimono. Quickly take a shot of him though.**
      After that, pass by the kimonos and go to your right to find a kimono
    chest and a mirror stand (This is the south west corner of the room due to
    the map). Examine them if you like.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      There are two kimonos placed beside the mirror stand. If you stand near
    them, the filament glows blue. But it's hard to figure out as the kimono
    covers your sight. You try to stand at the narrow empty space between the
    two kimonos, where the filament still keeps glowing blue strongly. Then
    draw your camera to the area behind the kimonos, taking a shot of Women in
      Grab the glowing thing in the room - the White Tape 2. As you do that,
    Editor Ogata's ghost will come to attack you. Well...
      Ogata sucks ! He attacks you like the way the zombies in Resident Evil
    hurt you. One bite of him can take you 1/4 your lifebar, so be careful of
    that. At first, just draw up your camera and give him some hits. But when
    you see him get closed enough, escape Finder Mode and run to the other
    positions and continue shooting. The filament will turn brown if Ogata gets
    close to you. But I think if you want to have your life full, don't expect
    the filament to help you. Just run when you feel it's close enough. Ogata
    is a ghost, so that sometimes he can teleport. In normal mode, while you
    are running to find a better position, pay attention to the aerial waves
    that pursues you. It's Ogata, and if you were caught by the wave, Ogata
    would show himself and hit you. Just do the same strategy : Get a good
    position, then try to damage Ogata until he gets closed to you. Leave your
    current position and run to a better one, then repeat the action.
      Sometimes you can deal critical damage. When the filament glows brown, as
    the enemy is getting closed to you, if you press the X button promtly
    before the enemy hits you, you'll deal a bigger damage. But this is pretty
    difficult to do, since you must be very hard.
      After defeating Editor Ogata, take a shot of the small mirror stand. It
    makes you recall the lion mask you saw in Fireplace Room. So then make your
    way back to there.
      You must pass by this room. As you are opening the door to Lamp Hallway,
    Editor Ogata approaches you again...
       Nothing special. You just need to repeat the strategy I told you in the
    first fight with him. But if you feel that you are not strong enough now,
    avoid him and escape. You may ask me why I have to avoid in vain when Ogata
    is a ghost who can go wherever I go ? But if you really don't want to fight
    him, keep running and running. I assure that he will stop chasing you when
    you reach the Fireplace Room. But if you have some enthusiasm, just fight
    him as you wish.**
      Leave now.
      Keep going toward the Fireplace Room.
      Check the lion mask you saw among the pile of antiques on the left.
    You'll find the Red Handmirror, and a Black Notebook Scrap beside it. Then
    what to do next is bringing this thing to the mirror stand.
      Just go along the hallway, until you come to the turn...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Just walk slowly and turn left. As you are going, the Man in Closet will
    suddenly in the end of the hallway. Quickly snap him. If you like, after he
    disappears, you can come to that closet to examine. But Miku will confirm
    that there's nothing inside.**
      This time, you can turn to the right nailed door for a Herbal Medicine on
    the floor.
      Open the door to Library...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      When you have opened the door, the Standing Man soon appears in front
    you. Is that scary ? Be calm and take a shot of him.**
      Pass by this room to go to Kimono Room.
      Here you examine the mirror stand. Miku will find a strange photo of
    Editor Ogata and the Brass Key. Well, as you wish, Ogata comes again...
      Nothing much to say. You just repeat the same strategy I told you before.
    But this time, I advise you to try to defeat him. Cuz he will drop some
    Spirit Stones after being defeated. These things are important to modify
    your camera later. So please don't miss them. If you are still afraid of
    him, this time load the Type-37 Films to your camera, which can deal bigger
    damage than the Type 14 ones.**
      You have nothing to do here, so leave this room.
      Get out of this room to Lamp Hallway.
      Make your way back to Fireplace.
      Go upstairs to the second floor. You still remember the locked door here
    ? Use Brass Key to unlock it. You've come to Tatami Room.
      You may find some files here and a Herbal Medicine at the northeast
    corner. Remember to grab the Spirit Stone glowing here too. Then enter the
    door which is just next to the entrance.
      Observatory is the northdoor of Tatami Room. Enter it, turn right for a
    Herbal Medicine. Then go in.
      You can save here now. Find the Red Tape and some Type-14 Films on the
    boxes at the northeast. Then go back to Tatami Room.
      There are several doors in this room, as you see in the map. First, you
    enter the door in the end of the left corridor of the room. You've come to
      When you have just entered here, just attempt to open the closet on
    Miku's left first. You'll grab some Type-37 Films. Then just walk down the
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are advancing, take shot of the Woman at Mirror as she appears.**
      At the place where Woman at Mirror stands, you'll find another blue dot
    which is Assistant Hirasaka's soul. You'll find another Red Scrap Book.
    Find a Herbal Medicine on the way across the mirror. The white door has
    been forced, you can't enter it. So your only way is the staircase on the
    left of the mirror. Go down... and see a cutscene... Miku's brother
    disappears into the corner... while a monster welcomes you instead...
      Well, at first, this is not a good field for battle. So turn around and
    run upstairs as soon as possible. I have got a little experience : You
    first try to deceive the Man with Long Arms into the path across the
    mirror, by running to there and let him chase after you. Then you soon
    leave the path. It's strange that the boss never leaves the path anymore,
    no matter where I stand out of the path to wait for him. So then once you
    deceive him to the path, when you have been ready enough, come to the
    forkroad and damage him. I think Type-37 Film is better in this fight. If
    he gets close to you, just leave the forkroad to the right, he will stop
    attacking you and wander in the path again. Then just repeat the same
    tactic until he is defeated.
      Remember that you are forced to battle Man with Long Arms. Cuz when he
    appears, he has sealed all your ways out, so your only choice is to defeat
    him in order to keep going.
      After that, you get down the lower walkway where you met Mafuyu
    disappear, but he is not here anymore. Run along the walkway if you like.
    Due to the suitable arrangement, you should explore the north door first
    (it's the north door in the map).
      Here your filament may glow blue, but don't worry about that. First, come
    to the window on your right to grab some Type-37 Films. Then run left to
    grab some file glowing on the table. Keep turning right above the
     **Ghost Appearance
      Quickly take a shot of Wandering Woman as she shows herself.**
      Check the row of candles for a file and Spirit Stones. As the Wandering
    Woman noticed you about the next door, it was the reason of your blue
    filament. So take a shot of it. You'll see it's a Storehouse under some
    ladder. But before that, I recommend you to go to the north door first for
    some preparation.
      Here you can find a Herbal Medicine and tons of various files scattering
    on the ground. Use the Save Point if you need. Leave this room to Burial
      Leave this room to Walkway.
      Make your way to the central room of the Walkway (look at the map). This
    room has been locked by a dial code. You have found the Strangling Ritual
    file in Rubble Room, so look at it to have the solution : 1312 (December
    13th). But the dial is counter-clockwise, and the top number is zero. So
    begin to count the other digits from the left. Enter 1312 to get in the
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      You'll meet the ghost who has shown you the secret door to Lamp Hallway
    before. This time take a shot of her : Girl Pointing.**
      You can find some Type-14 Films in some box on the upper right, and a
    Herbal Medicine on the northwest. Also at this northwest corner, if you
    examine the stuffs carefully, you may find a Sacred Water and some Spirit
    Stones though. Remember where the Girl Pointing showed you : the ladder. As
    the filament glows blue, take a shot of the Seductress at the ladder. You
    have destroyed the talisman that sealed the door you saw in Burial Room.
    Climb up the ladder for some stuffs : Type-74 Film BEHIND the right box
    (the right side of the screen) from the ladder, the glowing Spirit Stone at
    the northwest corner, and a Research Scrap in the right drawer.
      After that, leave this room.
      Make your way back to Burial Room.
      GRAND HALL (Optional)
      You can go here if you like. It's the remaining room around the Walkway.
    Enter the room, turn left and grab the Red Notebook Scrap. At the position
    where you grab the file, open the sliding door and go inside. Here you find
    some Type-14 Films on either side. Then open the next sliding door to
    inside area, find stuffs. Just go forward to the end of the Grand Hall to
    collect stuffs : Herbal Medicine, Type-37 Films, etc. Get them as much as
    you like. But when you get back...
      When you turn back, you'll be attacked by Floating Woman. If you like,
    draw up your camera and attack her. Just repeat the general strategy to
    fight her : Charge up your camera and shoot. When it gets closed enough,
    you either deal critical damage or turn off Finder Mode and run to another
    position. The speciality is that Floating Woman often attacks in the air,
    so you often draw up your camera to catch her in the frame.
      If you don't want to fight her, just try to escape Grand Hall. She still
    keeps chasing you even you've come to Walkway. So try to reach Burial Room
    as soon as possible.
      Try entering the sealed door. Now it has been unsealed, so you can get in
      At first, you'll see some blood staining on the floor. Follow the
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Assistant Hirasaka hasn't given you up. Quickly take a shot of that ghost
    : the Woman on Porch. Then you can obtain another hint from Hirasaka.**
      Your filament is glowing blue. There's a door on the right of the
    staircase which you have pass the barrier to go to it. Take a shot of this
    door to get the picture of the Waterwheel. Then make your way all to the
    left side. Another door makes your filament turn blue. Take a shot of this
    door to obtain the photo of the dolls. Then go downstairs.
      From the stairs, turn right to find some Spirit Stone. From that point,
    you can be taken to a shrine which has been locked. Maybe your filament
    will glow blue at the northwest corner of Cherry Atrium...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      If your filament glows blue at the northwest corner, draw your camera to
    below of the shrine. You may take a shot of an immobile ghost : Woman in
      Here you can find some more Spirit Stones though. On the stairs to the
    shrine there is the Red Tape 2. Walk to the northeast area...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are going, that woman appears again, walking toward a door near
    the shrine. Catch her in your frame : The Woman in Atrium.**
      Follow that ghost to enter the door.
      When you have just entered the door, there'll be a cutscene that Miku
    recalls the death of Assistant Hirasaka. Then grab the Red Tape 4 just in
    front of you, glowing on the ground.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Get closed to the waterwheel as your filament glows blue, and take a shot
    of an immobile ghost : Woman Pulled in. Along with this action, the
    talisman of Dollroom is unsealed.**
      There are several lanterns here. And a darkened lantern will make your
    filament turn blue again. Draw up your camera and find that lantern, then
    take its shot : You need to light it up. Then go around to the pier to get
    a Stone Mirror glowing. Then come to the southwest corner to grab some
    Type-37 Films.
      Exit Abyss.
      Make your way back to the door where you photographed and saw the image
    of the waterwheel : It has been unlocked since you destroyed the talisman
    by snapping the Woman Pulled in. Get in it.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      When you have just entered the room, quickly take shot of the Woman
      There are some Spirit Stones on the left doll shelf, and some on the
    right one. You can grab another file on the shelf at the northwest corner.
    There's nothing here, besides the doll. But if you walk around the right
    doll shelf, your filament turns blue...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As your filament glows blue, draw your camera and take picture at the
    right end of the shelf, where the catching circle turns blue. You'll obtain
    Child Onlooker. Along with this action, another talisman is burnt.**
      After that, Crawling Girl will attack you !
      This crawling child is not hard to fight, cuz she is pretty slow. But
    because of the fact that she crawls, it's often difficult for you to
    determine where she is whenever you take up your camera. When the fight
    begins, turn to the girl and draw your camera soon to find her. Once she s
    in your frame, try to damage her as much as you can. Type-14 Films are
    enough. Crawling Girl is slow and it will take her a long time to touch
    you. So take all that precious time to damage her. Once she is close, you
    should make choice : either run or deal critical damage when she attacks
    you. This is up to you and how good you are to execute a critical hit.
      After defeating Crawling Girl, leave Doll Room. The second room where you
    photographed has been unlocked.
      As you are turning out and go along the balcony...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are going, the Woman Who Jumps will immediately drop down. She
    just drops within a very short time, so be quick with your camera.**
      After the Woman Who Jumps drop down, another one is coming to you...
      At first, I thought this was very the Woman Who Jumps. But after taking
    the shots and see her name, I know that this is a separated ghost. It's
    pretty hard for you to catch her when she is still outside. So deceive her
    into a better area (with fewer obstacles and pillars) to fight. I think
    Type-37 Films may be better about speed. But if you want to save them, just
    load the Type-14 ones and be quick with your holding camera. Like you fight
    any other ghosts, don't let Broken Neck come close to you. The damage she
    deals is pretty heavy, and you had better not get it. It may take a big
    amount of time to defeat her by Type-14 Films, but it'll be pretty quick
    with Type-37 Films.
      Pass by the blood and forward the left door which has just been unsealed.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you get in the room, quickly take a shot of Man Turning who is
    standing in front of a mirror.**
      I think this ghost must be Mr. Takamine, cuz he also leaves the blue dots
    like Ogata and Hirasaka did. Touch the blue dot he remained to grab some
    file. Then get the Lighter glowing on the floor. First, ignore the left
    staircase and take the left path nearby.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you go along the left path, take a shot of Woman at Corner.**
      Go along the path until you come to the end with a door. Enter it.
      Pass over the first wooden bar to the next edge. Here try to find a
    Herbal Medicine before passing the second wooden bar.
      Once you pass the second bar, Tomoe Hirasaka will show herself...
      I think the weak Type-14 Films are enough for this battle. Hirasaka is
    just as slow as the Crawling Girl, or even worse. She often moves around
    you for a while before getting close to you. As she is flying, damage her
    continually. She is even less tough that I expected. Just keep attacking
    her. When she begins to get close to you, you can retreat some steps and
    then continue attacking, until she is defeated...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are going over the second wooden bar, draw your camera UP to the
    ceiling to find another immobile ghost : Monk into Dark.**
      You may find some more stuffs in this room, and then you end up by a
    locked door with dial code. But before entering this room, I ask you to
    make your back to Stairway.
      Back to Atrium.
      Get downstairs and forward Abyss.
      You have got the Lighter, so use it to light up the darken lantern which
    you did photograph. Then you'll get the Black Carving. Leave Abyss.
      (NOTE : Sidequest #1 is available. Refer to "Sidequests" section.)
      As you are entering...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
     ... Quickly take shot of Woman Hanging hung on the tree.**
      Sometimes you can encounter random Broken Neck if you make it through too
      Go to the door to Stairway.
      Try going upstairs...
      Nothing to say. This head is not as dangerous as it looks. Type-14 Films
    are enough to take over this damn thing. Aim at it and shutter. I don't
    think it's fast enough to touch you before you can kill it. Its defense is
    pretty weak, enough for the Type-14 Films to cause a good damage.
      Now try going upstairs for some goods. You can grab a Herbal Medicine
    near the small door to Anteroom (look at the map) and a Research Scrap near
    the south nailed door. Nothing major, so get down, and head to Fish Tank
      Pass over all the wood planks and come to the other door. This time,
    enter 3669 code to unlock the door. You get in. (The solution of the code
    can be found in the file "Strangling Ritual").
      Just run along the path until you come to the well area.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are heading to the well, a ghost is passing by the well. Quickly
    take a shot of him : Man in Backyard.**
      There's a Save point on the right of the well. You can save here, and
    check around for some Spirit Stones.
      Examine the well. You can't open it, but try to grab the Blue Tape on it.
    When you come to the other side of the well, your filament may glow blue...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Take a shot of the wall against the well : Girl Turning.**
      At the position where you caught the Girl Turning, you can find a Stone
    Mirror. Get it if you haven't got one.
      After that, just go deeper to the path, and you'll meet an old quest :
      She still doesn't give you up. This time her health is stronger. As I
    told you, if you can, try to save Type-37 Films and use the Type-14 Films
    you have by loading from Save Points. The Type-14 Film can damage Hirasaka
    about 10-30, which is not very bad. Just like the previous battle, Hirasaka
    is very slow in attacking, so you shouldn't let her get close to you, cuz
    her attack is pretty strong which can deal 1/3 to near 1/2 your lifebar if
    you couldn't prompt to defend. In my game, Hirasaka would rather move
    slowly behind the bamboos than attack, so it was pretty easy to take her
    over. Keep attacking her until she is defeated.
      After that, run along the path to the next door. Don't forget to grab the
    Blck Notebook Scrap glowing on the stone. Enter the door.
      Go along the path. There's a cutscene showing that Miku comes to the
    staircase of the shrine.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are going upstairs, snap the Standing Man.**
      When you have come to the Shinto gate, check around for some stuffs :
    Type-37 Films on the left and a Stone Mirror on the right. Then begin to
    open the door. Well, a pretty confusing puzzle now. The star has already
    had 4 stones at its sides, but the fifth one is missing. It's the Black
    Carving. You have four turns to move the stones, in order to find a
    suitable hole for the Black Carving you are having. This is it :
    1. Move the left stone.
    2. Move the right stone.
    3. Move the bottom stone.
    4. Move the upper left stone.
      Okay, that's it, and you enter the Narukami Shrine.
      Enter the Shrine. Take the Blue Tape glowing on the pedestal...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are heading forward, the filament glows brown. Draw your camera
    and aim at the ceiling, pressing Shutter button : Crucified Man.**
      After that, Miku suddenly recalls the death of Mr. Takamine. The
    crucified man, who is very the ghost of Junsei Takamine, dashes to attack
      This boss not only has long lifebar but also is dangerous. He moves very
    fast, and attacks very suddenly. His frequently attack is to dash into you
    by a pretty long range. Like any other ghosts, he can teleport, but his
    speed is incredible. If you have been able to get "Slow" ability, you may
    use it on him. At first, try to choose a good position, along with
    determining where Takamine is standing, then turn to damage him. Type-14
    Films are usable, but if they run out, use Type-37 Films next. Takamine is
    more active than Hirasaka : when he gets enough damage, he will disappear
    and move to another position which you cannot see. So that "See" ability is
    also needed if you have got it. Whenever he gets close to you enough while
    you are shooting, just turn off Finder Mode and run to a better position.
    Takamine's dash attack is fairly long-ranged, and one hit can damage 1/3-
    1/2 your lifebar, so be careful. Whenever he is dashing, you quickly run to
    ANOTHER direction which is OUT OF the opposite direction, cuz Takamine's
    range can be long enough to gulp you. Use Herbal Medicines when you lose
    health, and don't forget to press X button whenever you are attacked.
    Sometimes your quick defense can save much of your lifebar. It's better if
    you have got a Stone Mirror in your inventory.
      Finally, I have a suggestion : You had better get out of the shrine and
    fight Takamine along the staircase. This area at least is larger and it
    makes easier for you to move when you get attacked by Takamine.
      After defeating Takamine, look at the shelf of Buddha statues and take a
    shot, as your filament turns blue. You'll see a missing Buddha statue.
    Let's go back out to the gate of the shrine. You'll find a Black Notebook
    Scrap here. Besides, examine the right pillar of the shrine (it's on the
    left from gate camera angle)... a Headless Buddha Statue... hehehe...
     Well, take the Buddha statue to Narukami Shrine, and put it on the shelf
    of Buddhas to complete the row. Then you'll have to do another puzzle :
    Each Buddha has a body part damaged, and you have to put them into the
    square holes of the box to fit with the damaged limbs of the human body.
    Let's see :
    - Put the Buddha with left foot damaged into the bottom left hole.
    - Put the Buddha with right foot damaged into the bottom right hole.
    - Put the Buddha with left arm damaged into the upper left hole.
    - Put the Buddha with right arm damaged into the upper right hole.
    - Finally, put the Buddha with head damaged into the middle hole of the top
      You have completed the puzzle. But Kirie has come to play with you...
    Don't waste your film on her, cuz she will hurt you anyway...
                              P A R T  T H R E E
                            2ND NIGHT : DEMON TAG
                    Random Ghost : Broken Neck, Bound Man
      Miku finds herself placed in the Doll Room. Her arms were tied by the
    shadow of ropes, the same as Editor Ogata and Assistant Hirasaka before. So
    she had to reverse her fate...
      When the cutscene has just been ended, your filament glows blue. Take a
    shot of the wall on the upper left to get the Demon Tag picture. Search the
    room for some stuffs : A Herbal Medicine near the wall where you saw Demon
    Tag picture, Type-14 Films glowing on the northwest shelf, Spirit Stone on
    the long shelf of the Japanese dolls, and Mafuyu's Note glowing on the
    pillow on the center of the room. I hope that Mafuyu is still all right.
    You can also get the Lady's Diary Scrap on the smaller doll shelf.
     After finishing, leave this room. But be sure prepare your camera...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      When you are opening the door, a Child on Porch quickly runs through your
    sight for a very short moment. So if you desire to complete your Ghost
    collection, be quick at your aiming and FLASH !**
      You'll see the blood porch on the ground is no more. Just go along the
    balcony, then Miku's sensation will tell you that you are being attacked :
      Dammit ! I did die in the first time fighting her. The general speciality
    of blinded demons is that they can quickly teleport to your back and attack
    suddenly. This Blind Woman keeps crying :"My Eyes !..." when encountering
    you and she no doubt has that speciality. When the cutscene is ended, give
    her some hits now. In fact, Blided Woman's speed is as slow as Hirasaka,
    except when she dashes to bite you. So then you have enough time to deal a
    good damage on her while she is getting closer. But... if she disappears in
    your frame... Hey, she might be being behind you !!! At that time, turn off
    your Finder Mode immediately and quickly run forward, determining if she
    has truly been behind you. If that's true, make a 180-degree turn and
    damage her again. Defeating Blinded Demon is not very hard, but be always
    careful when she disappears in your frame. There are 80 percent that she
    has been behind you at that time. This time, I won't force you to use the
    Type-14 Films, because the enemies in Part Three have become harder. But if
    you can, try to save the stronger films as much as you can. You can use
    Type-37 Films at the beginning, then when you damage her enough, switch to
    the Type-14 ones to end her.
      Go to Burial Room.
      Head to Rubble Room.
      There are new stuffs here : A file (Blind Demon Ritual) near the wood
    planks and Type-37 Films on the southwest corner. Well, as your filament
    turns blue, take a photo of the upper left door in Rubble Room. It's
    similar to the gate of Narukami Shrine, but it's blue instead. The photo
    will show you a stone on the well in Backyard. After that, leave this room.
      Head to Cherry Atrium.
      Head left to Stairway.
      There's a Stone Mirror near the entrance. And you, try to go upstairs.
    Reach the stairs to the south locked door.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are reaching that door, your filament turns blue. Draw your camera
    at the wall where the captive circle glows, then take a pic of Monk out of
      After that, go downstairs. Turn to the left path from the mirror...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are turning, Kid Running Away is running away from you. You need
    to be extremely fast to snap him.**
      Go along the path, until a "lovely" guy appears to deal with you...
      I don't have much to say, he is just the same as you fought him the first
    time. Just damage him as usual, by any type of films (Type-14 is still fine
    now). Once he gets close enough, turn off Finder Mode, retreat and then
    deal with him again, until he is defeated.
      Go forward to the end of the path, where the door to Fish Tank Room is
    located. You can find some Type-37 Films on the right. As your filament
    glows blue, take a pic of the door which has been sealed : you see the
    image of the stairs foot. Return to the staircase again and check around
    its bottom...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      If the filament turns blue while you are checking, try to find the
    location and take shot of a ghost : Vengeance in Wall. Along with this
    action, the door to Fish Tank Room has been unsealed.**
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Kid Running Away agains runs away from you. This time is your second
    chance to snap him once you failed at the staircase. Just like the previous
    time, he passed by for a very short moment.**
      Grab some Type-37 Films on the left. Pass the first wood plank and grab
    the Herbal Medicine. Then go all the way to the next door. This time the
    dial code is different, as the Blind Demon Ritual will be held. The
    solution is 2611 (November 26th). Get in.
      You should save here before the next parts.
      Examine the well. This time Miku is able to open it. But let's see what
    the hell is happening :
      This girl is as sucking as the Blinded Demon. It teleports pretty fast
    and confuses you by moving to random position, within its invisiblity. The
    girl's attack is not slow though : She reaches her hand to scratch you. And
    one hit can take 1/4 your lifebar. Use the "See" ability to make it easier
    for you to observe the ghost, as you attempt to damage her. Whenever she
    reaches her hand, if your camera has already charged, don't hesitate to
    make a critical damage. But if you feel you can't, don't try to do it.
    Instead, QUICKLY turn off Finder Mode and stay away. If you have been
    experienced, use Type-14 Films. If not, give her some Type-37 ones.
      Well, after that, you take the Blue Carving on the edge of the well. Your
    filament turns blue at the well, so snap it. You'll get a picture of a girl
    who was pulled into the well by some spirit. After that, back to Fish Tank
    (NOTE : Sidequest #2 is available. Refer to "Sidequests" section.)
      Back to Stairway.
      Just make your way back to Cherry Atrium. But someone still wants to
    welcome you again...
      Dammit ! She again ! Maybe she is one of my most annoying boss. The
    Stairway is pretty dark and has many obstacles, while Blinded Demon is
    nearly invisible. When you have reached the staircase, Blinded Demon is
    going down. If you are good, damage her while she is being downstairs, but
    just once. Then quickly run pass her to larger area to find. I don't
    recommend you to avoid her, cuz she's still after you even you come to the
    Cherry Atrium, and she can teleport to your front anytime if you just run
    like hell. About strategy, just do the same strategy as you did with her
    before. But this time you are fighting her in a pretty small surface, so
    she may restrict teleport to your back. Instead, she often suddenly dashes
    into you in invisible state that it's hard for you to realize. So be very
    careful when she is off your frame. If she disappears, quickly turn off
    Finder Mode and move, determining where she is now. You can use "See"
    ability as a support tool to do this.
      Go to the Atrium.
      Make your way to the Burial Room.
      Go to Rubble Room.
      There you go. With the Blue Carving you have, examine the door and solve
    a familiar puzzle. You'll have 5 turns :
    - Move the right stone.
    - Move the upper left stone.
    - Move the left stone.
    - Move the bottom left stone.
    - Move the upper right stone.
      Then insert the Blue Carving, get in the new area.
      Go along the corridor.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      You'll see "Mafuyu" turn right in front of you. Quickly take a shot of
    Bro's Shadow.**
      Follow "your brother" to the end of the corridor. Well, you meet another
    similar door, with purple stones >:( . Snap the door to know where you have
    to go. The leave both Corridor, Rubber Room, Burial Room to go to Cherry
      You can grab Type-37 Film around in the courtyard. And there are Spirit
    Stone glowing on the left of the shrine. Go forward the door to Abyss.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      The Hanged Woman again appears on the tree as it's in your sight. Quickly
    take a shot.**
      Enter Abyss.
      The difference here is that the broken pier before has been completed.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Before checking the complete path from the pier, come to the southwest
    corner to take a shot of Burned Man (immobile ghost).**
      Go along the new path. There's a Sacred Water halfway. And the end of the
    path is a rock. Check the rock to grab a Purple Carving. Behind the rock
    there's a Stone Mirror. Grab it if you haven't had one. Then go back to
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      When you are going forward, the Observatory Man looks down to you on the
    Observatory of Tatami Room. Quickly snap him.**
      Go upstairs to the porch...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      The Girl Under Porch will crawl out from below you. Be very fast to snap
    her in your frame.**
      Get to Burial Room.
      Go to Rubble Room.
      Go to Corridor.
      Go to the end of corridor and solve the next puzzle with the purple lock
    to unlock the door :
    - Move the left stone.
    - Move the right stone.
    - Move the bottom stone.
    - Move the upper left stone.
    - Move the left stone.
    - Move the upper right stone.
    - Move the right stone.
      You've come to Demon Mouth.
      Step forward. Miku finds Mafuyu's shadow going down floor. First, round
    to the north side and descend the ladder. Then head left to descend another
    ladder. Run the right side and try to open the door there.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      After you examine the door, Man Before Door appears on your right back.
    Turn around and take a shot of him.**
      After the ghost disappears, your filament glows blue. Snap the position
    where Man Before Door has just stood, you'll get a picture of a mask. You
    have to find that mask to unlock the door. So now leave this area.
      As you climb up the ladder, Blinded bothered you again...
      Well, she sucks ! Now it's truly difficult since you have to fight in
    such a dark and obstacled room like this. First, use the "See" ability to
    observe Blinded Demon. If you have got those abilities such as "Paralyze",
    just use it when you see her. Like the previous times you beat her, be
    careful of her disappearance. Cuz this place is dark and there are many
    pillars around, it may be a pretty harder for you to defeat her. Just try
      After you banish Blinded, you see a picture of some candlesticks. They
    are in the Burial Room. So make your way back to Burial Room.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you enter the room, Girl Pointing appears beside a row of candlesticks
    to imply them for you. Take a shot of Girl Pointing as soon as possible.**
      Then you can snap the row of candlesticks where the girl has just stood
    beside. Examine the row to solve a puzzle : There are three red candles and
    three white candles. But only the red ones are lit. Your mission is to
    light up all the candles, in case that one candle rebels the others. This
    is the solution (assuming that the candles are numbered 1 to 6 from left to
    right) :
    - Light up the fourth candle.
    - Light up the second candle.
    - Light up the fifth candle.
    - Light up the fourth candle.
      After that, you'll grab the Demon Tag Scroll. Then... TAKE UP YOUR CAMERA
      She again !!!
      This time, she attacked you from behind. But if you have done the actions
    I told before the strategy, you'll have a very good chance to fight her. If
    you haven't prompted to turn around, you'll get troubles.
      As you are standing in front of the candle desk, Blinded won't have
    chance to attack your back. So just snap her quickly by Type-37 Films.
    You'll defeat her pretty easily.
      Open the door to Doll Room.
      As you are going into the room...
      "See" ability may be useful here, as it's hard for you to observe
    Crawling Girl on the floor. Using Type-14 Films to fight may be pretty
    difficult, but using Type-37 Films is easier. Use whatever you like, then
    just catch and damage her on the floor within the "See" effect. I recommend
    you to use this ability cuz once the boss turns invisible on the floor,
    it'll be hard for you to find where she is. That's all.
      As your filament glows blue, take a shot of the shelf in front you to get
    a picture of Girl Pulled through Door. Then you examine the left wall and
    use the Demon Tag Scroll to open a secret door here.
      You have returned to this room.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      If you get close to the left kimonos, a Kid Hiding runs past very
    quickly. So be fast and your taking schedule to have him in your
      Grab the glowing Spirit Stone at the northeast corner. As you are passing
    the kimono chest, it moves. But no matter how you check it, Miku sees
    nothing. Just enter the Library.
      You can find Type-74 Films in the closet where you found the Tape
    Recorder, a Spirit Stone at the southwest corner. Then enter the next door
    to Lamp Hallway.
      Turn left to the end of the hallway, check near the left locked door for
    some Type-37 Films. Then run to the other end of the hallway to enter
    Fireplace Room.
      Once you enter this room, try examining the clock...
      This child ghost sucks, as he is very fast and he is playing hide-and-
    seek (or Demon Tag ?) with you. At first, use either "See" or "Slow"
    ability if you have. I recommend you to use Type-37 Films. And then, try to
    damage him once. This first damage will stun the child for a while, and
    then you keep it up. Just keep attacking, some Type-37 hits will kill him
    quickly. The hardest part here is that you have to succeed your first
    damage on the child. Once you succeed doing that, the child is stunned, and
    that's your turn (^_^).
      After that, you'll grab the Holy Mirror Piece from the child. Then you
    snap the clock, as your filament glows. You'll see some picture of a boy
    pulled into the clock by spirits. Okay, now lets get upstairs and check the
    door to Tatami Room. It has been sealed by a talisman. Take shot now, and
    you'll get a picture of the ceiling of Rope Hallway - the beam.
      Hey, you'll pay attention that the staircase in the left room of the 2nd
    floor has been recovered, as if it were never collapsed like you saw in 1st
    Night. It takes you to the little library of Fireplace Room where you saw
    Angry Man.
      Leave this room for Rope Hallway.
      You may see that the nailed door on the left of the mirror has been open.
    If you enter, it takes you to Grand Hall. But now it's not time to go
      Go along the Rope Hallway until the filament glows.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Aim up your camera to the beam and take a shot of a "lovely" face :
    Vengeance. As you do this, the talisman of Tatami Room is unsealed.**
      ENTRANCE (Optional)
      Go here and check the right cage for a Herbal Medicine. You can check the
    cage where you found the Child Behind in Himuro Intro. There's something
    wrong here... Then try examining the angry-looking mask on the right wall.
    Your filament will glow blue, as you'll be able to take a picture of a
    Furious-looking Mask. There's nothing here. You can save if you like. Leave
      Return to this room. If you pay attention carefully, you'll hear some
    koto melody while going upstairs. Once you reach the door of Tatami Room,
    you'll spot someone playing koto in the other side of the screens. But if
    you try to examine it, Miku keeps confirming that there's no one inside.
    Enter Tatami Room.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are going in, the Man in Study is walking past. Snap him. He'll
    remain a blue dot. I guess he may be Ryozo Munakata.**
      There's a Stone Mirror on the left of the entrance (the right of the next
    camera angle. It's glowing). There's a Sacred Water in the brazier. Go
    along the path and enter the empty room (which has been nailed in 1st
    Night). Grab the glowing Spirit Stone on the north side. Examine and take a
    shot of the light safe on the left, to get a picture of a key.
      After that, go out and enter the southwest door to Walkway.
      This time open the closet again to grab Type-37 Films. Head forward the
    fork road where the mirror stands...
      Well, Blinded will come as you touch the mirror. So turn around and fight
    her. First, try to snap/damage her the first strike, rounding the Right
    Analog Stick to retreat until your back touches the mirror. At that time,
    Blinded won't have time to attack you from behind. Use Type-37 Films to
    kill her. Just repeat the same strategy as previous battles.
      After that, take a shot of the door where Blinded came from, to see an
    image of some crack. Then walk down the below walkway. Turn to Miku's left
    and turn at the corner. Go along until you see the crack (where you found
    the first New Clipping). There's a Stone Mirror glowing here. Take it if
    you need.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As your filament glows blue, take a shot of Girl Hiding in the crack.
    Along with this action, the nailed door in the above walkway is unlocked.**
      After that, you come to the door to Burial Room. DO NOT go in it, JUST
    UNLOCK it.
      (NOTE : Sidequest #3 is available. Refer to "Sidequests" section.)
      Go up the upper walkway and enter the door which has just been unsealed.
      Grab some Spirit Stone glowing, and don't forget the Bronze Key at the
    northeast corner. There will be some cutscenes here. Then make your way
      Go to the safe room. Use Bronze Key to unlock the safe. Then you'll see
    some more cutscene.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Just after the scene is ended, Man Before Study passes by outside.
    Quickly capture him in your frame.**
      When you have just gone out...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Quickly take shot of the man who is going toward the Observatory :
    Observatory Man.**
      Enter the double door to Observatory.
      Go to the balcony. Miku will recall the image of Yae munakata, and then
    she sees something in the Atrium.
      After the scene, you enter Tatami Room AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If not,
    random Broken Neck may attack you.
      Go to Anteroom.
      I think you should save here. Then examine the small door in the corner
    of the room, get through it to Stairway.
      Go downstairs, sometimes random ghosts like Bound Man can attack you
    here. Then leave this room to Cherry Atrium.
      Remember the cutscene in Observatory ? Go to the cherry tree and examine
    the sparkling thing on the floor. As you examine it, Miku again recalls the
    past, and Yae's ghost attacks you...
       If you have felt frustrating with Blinded, Yae is much more annoying.
    She moves pretty fast and often attacks you very suddenly. She can turn to
    your back and switch position very quickly that it's hard for you to
    determine her. If you have got "Slow" or "Paralyze" ability, so I say
    congratulation to you : Just use those abilities to conquer Yae. If not,
    use the cheap "See" ability to watch her, then be quick at your aiming and
    shoot her by Type-37 Films. Try to keep Yae in the frame and move follow
    her whenever she moves. Don't let her go out of your capture and be calm
    while attacking. Hurrying and being frightened don't do any good in this
    battle. Be careful !
      When Yae is defeated, you take a shot of a row of Japanese Dolls. Then
    grab the sparkling thing on the ground again. It's just an album including
    photos of munakata family and... Kirie (don't know why she is here). Now
    you go up the porch and enter Doll Room.
      You can take a photo of the dolls on the right. Then examine the ones on
    the left. You have to choose one of the five dolls put on the platform. The
    right one is Kagome Doll which is on the top right. Grab it, and then put
    it on the dolls on the bigger right row. You'll get the Angry Mask
    (Remember the one at the Entrance ?). Leave this room and head to Burial
      Get out of this room to Walkway.
      Make your way to the south of the Walkway, then enter the door there, to
    Grand Hall.
      In an optional part of 1st Night, I have ever told you to try coming here
    for some stuffs. No matter if you have got stuffs in 1st Night or not, the
    stuffs are still here (^_^). So now, open the slide door to the next area,
    then another area. Here you find a Herbal Medicine. Then go in the next
    segment for some Type-14 Films on the right.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Does your filament glow blue ? She is somewhere on the right of this
    segment. Aim up your camera and find her : Evil Woman.**
      If you have caught Evil Woman, Floating Woman (which you met in the
    optional part) won't come here to joke you again.
      Forward to the end of the Grand Hall, until you find a door. Get in it,
    you'll return to Rope Hallway.
      Go back to the Entrance.
      As you come here, examine the mask on the right wall and put the Angry
    Mask on it to unlock the secret door, then get in to Hidden Passageway.
      When you have just entered, turn around and take the Angry Mask with you.
    Go ahead to the first fork road. Grab the Type-37 Films glowing at the
    corner, then turn and go to the next fork road.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Aim UP your camera to find Talking Ghost who is an immobile ghost.**
      Then simultaneously, take another shot of the left way to get a picture
    of the masks.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are heading forward, the Hall Wandered walks before you, getting
    through the Sad Mask door. Snap him soon.**
      Check the Sad Mask door where the ghost has just entered, this door
    actually takes you to Lamp Hallway. But now just choose to take out the Sad
    Mask. DON'T FORGET to go to the end of this path to grab the glowing Sacred
    Water. Then take the left path and check the two doors you see : The front
    door has a Joyful Mask and the left one has no keyhole. First, examine the
    Joyful Mask door and choose to take the Mask down. Then come to the path
    where you got the Sacred Water, find and GET THROUGH the Sad Mask door.
      Turn around to take out the Sad Mask here. Then run to the south for some
    glowing Type-74 Films. Go up and turn to your left. The door in front of
    you has been locked. Now get on the stairs on the left, you'll see the
    pillar of mask in the photo you have taken. Turn right to get the Research
    Scrap if you like. Go to the back of the pillar and examine the Happy Mask.
    Miku will recall the images of blinding ritual, and maybe it has explained
    to you about the Blinded Demon who has annoyed you several times. Then...
      She attacks you again. Just repeat the same strategy as previous battles
    you fought her. Nothing more.
      After that, take out the Happy Mask from the pillar. Then come to the
    locked door, attach the Happy Mask on the door and go through it to Square
      Turn south, go along to a corner, grab Herbal Medicine. Just keep going
    until the filament glows blue at a double door. Well, a similar puzzling
    door. Take a shot of it if you like. Then keep walking around the until you
    find the stairs to the below yard. Get down, check around the stone mound
    to get the Gold Carving. There's a Save Point, you should use it now. Then
    go up back to the double door to solve its puzzle :
    - Move the right stone.
    - Move the left stone.
    - Move the upper right stone.
    - Move the (left) bottom stone.
    - Move the right stone.
    - Move the left stone.
      Insert the Gold Calving and enter the double door.
      First, find Type-14 Films next to the Buddha statue whose left foot is
    damaged, at the southeast corner. Then examine the table in the center of
    the room, getting the Mask of Reflection. After that...
      I think he is even easier than Blinded, and he's a little slower. He
    won't attack you so suddenly, the only dangerous point of Folklorist is
    that he often invisibly moves here and there to confuse your aiming frame,
    even "See" ability couldn't completely conquer him. Just stay a safe
    distance away from him and keep shooting. Move the Right Analog Stick to
    retreat if he gets close to you. Try to keep him in your frame and nail him
    until he is defeated.
      After that, leave this room and make your way back to Mask Room.
      Turn around and take out the Happy Mask from the door. Then go to the
    pillar and put the Happy Mask on its old position. Along with this, you
    attach Sad Mask, Angry Mask and Joyful Mask on the other sides of the
    pillar. Then the door with no keyhole in the Hidden Passageway will be
    unlocked. Reach the exit door. As you don't have the Sad Mask to attach
    anymore, so use the Mask of Reflection instead.
      When you have just gone out, be sure to take down the Mask of Reflection
    which has been Sad Mask on that door. Then make your way to the door which
    has just been unlocked.
      This room is truly splendid. I guess it was very the room where the
    Blinding Ritual was held and the woman's eyes were destroyed, shown in
    Miku's sense. Get on the left platform to obtain the Blinding Mask. Then
    come to the upper right to grab the glowing Spirit Stone. Leave this room.
      Go to the nearby door (the door at which you grabbed the Joyful Mask),
    attach the Mask of Reflection on it and then get through. You've come to
    Lamp Hallway.
      Make your way to Library.
      Go to Kimono Room.
      I'm not sure if this is an official ghost or a random ghost. But I have
    met him in either Entrance or this Kimono Room. Because he is a rare ghost,
    I decide to make this strategy. He's pretty easy to fight, but you have to
    keep a safe distance. Wandering Man has two attacks : Scratch and Bite.
    Scratch hit just takes you a very little damage. But Bite can take you
    about 1/3 lifebar. But if you keep a safe distance and keep attacking
    correctly, you'll defeat him. I suggest you should use Type-14 Films for
    this boss to save the others.
      Enter the secret door (where you hung the Demon Tag Scroll) to Doll Room.
      Head to Cherry Atrium.
      Make your way to Burial Room.
      Go to Rubble Room.
      There's a Herbal Medicine near the left pile of wood. Then enter the
    double door.
      Run along the corridor and enter Demon Mouth.
      As you have just entered...
      He will soon appear on the left (Miku's right). Quickly aim at him, keep
    a safe distance and attack him, like you did in the previous fight with
    him. This battle is not very difficult. Keep an eye on his confusing
    appearance and deal critical hits whenever he dashes to attack you. He
    performs pretty slowly, and if you have enhanced the Speed of your camera,
    you can easily make critical hits.
      Run to the north edge of Demon Mouth, go down the ladder. Then get down
    the next ladder to below. Then come to the right pillar of the huge double
    door. You'll be interrupted by a cutscene, and...
      This is your final appointment with her. Repeat the same strategy and
    kill her as quickly as you can.
      After that, attach the Blinding Mask on that pillar, then enter the huge
    double door.
      Keep going into the path, until you find Ryozo Munakata's corpse. There
    will be a cutscene and you'll meet Kirie again. Don't waste your films to
    shoot her. Let her catch you and give you more... two ropes.
                              P A R T   F O U R
                           3RD NIGHT : THE CALAMITY
       Random Ghost : Wandering Monk, Broken Neck, Bound Man, People Killed
    ------ADDITIONAL PASSAGE---------------------------------------------------
      As Wandering Monk is the new random ghost here, I'd like to tell you some
    important things about them. In 3rd Night : The Calamity, it seems that
    Wandering Monks have nearly covered the whole mansion. They are everywhere
    in the mansion, as random ghosts. That means if you run around too much in
    some certain places, you probably meet them. You can meet them anywhere and
    anytime without being noticed. So if you try to kill them, it'll be a huge
    waste of films and you'll run out soon. So my advice for you is that to
    avoid them as much as you can.
      IF YOU DECIDE TO FIGHT : Fighting Wandering Monk is really hard, cuz they
    move too fast, and teleport too frequently. It's hard to keep them in
    frame, and easy to miss them. So if you don't want to waste your films,
    Type-37 is the weakest film for these once you desire to kill them. I have
    ever killed some Wandering Monks, so the only strategy I can tell you is :
    to move your frame to wherever he goes. Move and be firm at your aiming.
    Until the circles turns blue, QUICKLY shutter. If you shoot correctly, the
    Wandering Monk will be stunned for a while you just keep shooting. If not,
    he still moves and you should try again. Unlike regular ghosts, Wandering
    Monks are stunned for a very very short moment, sometimes they are not even
    stunned. So then they make it harder for you to handle them. If you have
    enough Spirit Stones, have "See" ability to support. I'm not sure if "Slow"
    and "Paralyze" can conquer these monks. But if they do, don't hesitate to
    try once you have got these abilities.
      Wandring Monk short-ranged attack is spinning kick. And he does this once
    he gets close to you. And his long-ranged attack is casting fireballs.
    These blue fireballs chase you whenever you go, even when you are opening a
    door. Each of them causes a small damage. But two or three of them are not
    safe. So be careful ! And the only to way to prevent these things is to run
    like hell. Run until the fireballs lose their power and disappear.
      IF YOU DECIDE TO RUN : So run like hell. Avoid Wandering Monk whenever he
    tries to stop you. One thing to get alert is the fireballs, if Wandering
    Monk casts them to you. Wandering Monk is pretty "lovely" though. He may
    keep chasing after you even after you have come to another room. But this
    is NOT always. He often lets you go. But if he does chase you to the other
    room, you try to run to some more other rooms (or even run around with the
    monk for a while and then get back to the door where you have entered)
    until he stops.
    --------------------------------END OF ADDITIONAL PASSAGE------------------
      You'll find yourself placed here. You can climb up the ladder, then climb
    up the next ladder and run around the square edge. There are Type-14 Films
    at the left corner from the corridor door. After that, descend to the
    bottom and enter the double door to Banned Path.
      You don't find Ryozo Munakata here anymore. Instead, you'll find his
    cursed ghost...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Go along the left side until your filament glows blue. Aim your camera
    and find the point until the capture circle glows. Take a shot of
      Then keep going and get down the stairs. As you are walking...
      If there were just one of them, the battle would be as easy as a piece of
    cake. But there are three, and while you attempt to damage one, the others
    may suddenly slap you from your either left, right side or even from
    behind. But if you want to save your strong "ammunition" (films), you can
    use Type-14 Films on these ones. Type-14 Films would be effective if you
    have levelled up the camera's Max Value and Speed to at least Level 2.
    Sometimes the three ghosts can gather. So have your Range enhanced enough
    though, aim correctly at the group and damage all of them. Especially, try
    to damage the ones who want to dash into you, by causing critical hits. If
    you let them dash as whatever they want, you'll get sudden attacks from
    unknown directions when you got confused. At first, when you meet them, I
    advise you to make a 180-degree turn and run to keep a safe distance. Then
    turn around to the ghost, determining them and begin attacking. Be careful
    with this one. Luckily that the damage People Killed often causes is not
    very big, and enough for you to survive long. But try NOT to take too much.
      After that, keep going to the path. Grab the Herbal Medicine glowing on
    the floor. As you are keeping forward, collect the glowing Spirit Stone and
    head to the end of the path : Miku sees Mafuyu again...
      Grab "The Calamity" file glowing if you like. Then make your way back to
    Demon Mouth. As you are returning, The Girl who is Kirie's childhood,
    appears to help you again. She points the Research Scrap glowing on the
    ground. Grab the file and read it if you want. It says about the Moon
    Shrine - which you saw in Cherry Atrium. If you stay here so long,
    sometimes random Broken Neck may attack you.
      Climb up the two ladders and enter Corridor.
      Here you face a new guy : Floating Face. You are forced to fight him, cuz
    he has sealed all your ways out.
      He is a pretty dangerous enemy now. He floats around within his
    invisibility which even "See" ability couldn't completely conquer. He can
    attack without getting close to you, by causing some black beams around
    you, and the damage is not small. I think the best tactic for this guy is
    killing as soon as possible, before he continues to damage you. Equip a
    strong type of films (Type-37 Films are recommended. But if you have high
    Max Value, Type-14 is all right). Aim and damage whenever you gets him, and
    try to restrict the damage as much as you can.
      Then enter the next door to Rubble Room.
      You can save here if you need. As the filament glows blue, take a shot at
    the door to Burial Room : It has been sealed. The photo shows a pile of
    cracks which is also somewhere in this room. To determine where it is,
    first, you stand at that door. Then turn around and walk forward the other
    side. Stop walking at the center. You'll see that you are standing next to
    the wood pile. Now draw your camera and turn to the direction of Save Point
    from the point you are standing, as the filament will glow blue...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      ...take a shot when the capture circle turns blue. You'll obtain the pic
    of Crushed Woman. Along with this action, the talisman of the door is
      Get in the door to Burial Room.
      There's a Herbal Medicine at the southwest corner. Then head to the door
    to Cherry Atrium.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are coming to the door, the Man in Atrium guides your way. Snap
    him soon.**
      Head to the Moon Shrine. As the filament glows blue, take a pic of its
    gate. Check the left pillar of the shrine for some Spirit Stone. Then enter
    the door to Stairway.
      Go pass the mirror to the path. Enter the first door you see in the path
    which goes directly to Buddha Room.
      ANTEROOM (Optional)
      I think you should save here before entering Buddha Room, cuz you'll be
    sealed inside and a fight a boss without being noticed. From Stairway, go
    upstairs and make your way up to the Anteroom and save there.
      If you need some more items, enter this room. Grab the Spirit Stone under
    the table. Then go to the Onservatory for some Herbal Medicine on the left.
    But if you choose to go here, you may be attacked by a Wandering Monk. The
    strategy for Wandering Monk will be mentioned in official battles. This is
    just an optional battle, which you can fight or not. If you don't want to
    get troubles, you are allowed to avoid him. Just run quickly and enter
    Anteroom. He won't chase after you.
      Once you have entered this room, you have no way out. Go to the north
    altar and grab the four Ceremonial Ropes. You'll attach these ropes on the
    four Buddha statues in this room, following this order :
    1- The northwest Buddha statue
    2- The northeast Buddha statue
    3- The southwest Buddha statue
    4- The southeast Buddha statue
      When you attach a rope on a Buddha statue, if the Buddha's neck was tied,
    causing blood around, that means you have done the right one in order. If
    not, you do wrong. Once you have finished, the door of altar will be
    opened. Check it to grab a Teal Carving. There will be a cutscene shown,
    and you have to fight that Himuro guy...
      This guy is truly a fatal guy. I think strong types of films may be
    better : either Type-37 or Type-74 Films. But try to save the Type-74 ones
    as much as you can. Himuro Master is similar to regular bosses, but the
    dangerous thing is his move. He teleports to various positions while coming
    to you, which confuses your sight very much. This is my strategy :
      Before the battle, equip your camera with Type-74 Films. Then when the
    cutscene has just been ended, quickly turn around and try to capture Master
    in your frame. He teleports very fast, so quickly snap him as he is shown
    and the capture circles glows. Deal a big damage on him by one shot of
    Type-74 film, accessing "See" ability simultaneously. This will help you to
    see Master more easily whenever he pursues you. About how to nail him and
    damage him within his teleporting, this is my experience : Let Himuro
    master come to you by a pretty close but safe distance. Then when he begins
    to slash you, quickly run away, trying to avoid successfully. With this
    attack, Himuro master will stop for a moment. And you, after quickly
    getting a safe position, turn to him and immediately damage him within that
    moment. After that, he may stop teleporting after the damage and slowly
    comes to you. Use this moment to give him more two and three Type-74 shots.
    Then if he has got close enough, IMMEDIATELY turn off Finder Mode and run
    away for a better position. This time, if you want to save Type-74 Films,
    open the menu screen and load your camera with Type-37 ones. Why did I tell
    you to run "IMMEDIATELY" ? Because when Himuro Master gets close to you, he
    begins teleporting again and begins to slash you though. Master's Slash can
    be considered to be long-ranged compared to Miku's running speed. So then
    if you didn't run promptly, it would be hard to avoid. And one slash takes
    1/3 your lifebar. After that, find a good position, turn to Himuro Master
    and keep attacking him. If your position has a safe distance from him like
    a previous time, Master may not teleport so much, until he comes close to
    you. Remember that and be careful. Keep this up until you defeat him.
      Leave this room to go to Stairway.
      Go to Cherry Atrium.
      Make your way to the Moon Shrine. Use the Teal Carving on the shrine gate
    and do another puzzle :
    - Move the upper left stone.
    - Move the bottom (left) stone.
    - Move the right stone.
    - Move the upper right stone.
    - Move the left stone.
    - Move the upper left stone.
    - Move the bottom (left) stone.
      Then enter the shrine.
      Open the cabinet at the front of the big pillar and grab Research Scrap.
    Then gradually take shots of the symbolized pedestals at the four sides of
    the pillar. Then leave. Now what you have to do is seeking the order of the
    four symbols you saw on the pedestals. And your destinations have already
    been shown by the photos : the tombstone in Cherry Atrium, the stone burial
    in Abyss, the monument in Square Garden and the bamboos in Backyard.
      First, get down and head to the tombstone. Some cutscene appears, as you
    have to face a new ghost :
      This first headless priest is not very difficult. Use Type-37 and Type-14
    Films to beat him are enough. Stay away from him, nail him in your frame
    and damage. Don't let him touch you. Once he gets close enough, turn off
    Finder Mode and run away for a better position. Then repeat the tactic.
    When you turn on Finder Mode, remember to move your frame to wherever he
    comes, if he does move around, and shoot him when the chances come. When he
    becomes headless and slowly flies to you, you CANNOT shoot him. Just turn
    off Finder Mode and run around until he returns normal.
      You'll get the first symbol after this fight, and the glowing Priest's
    Writings near the tombstone.
      Now head to Abyss. But before that...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Come to the tree where you saw Yae Munakata hanged. This time, stand at
    the position where the filament glows blue. Then aim up your camera around
    the tree branches until the circle turns blue. Take a shot of Yae.**
      First, head to the waterwheel and...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
     ...take a shot of Tomoe Hirasaka who is now, an immobile cursed ghost.**
      Get on the pier and go straight to the stone burial mound. As you
    approach it...
      This one is a little tougher than the first one : He moves much faster,
    and he often casts blue fireballs to damage you if you get away from him.
    Fireballs are the small blue wisps which keep chasing after you once they
    are cast. If you are touched by them, you'll get damaged. If the fireballs
    are cast, keep running around in empty spaces for a long moment, then the
    fireballs will disappear. But doing this is not easy. So the better way is
    to prevent their owner from casting them. As I said above, this guy moves
    pretty fast. So use high speed films to damage/stun him at first (Type-37
    or Type-74 Films). Then choose the films you want to use to continue
    damaging when the priest has been stunned after the first strike. But after
    some shots he will move again. Repeat the above strategy to kill him. You
    can have "See" ability support your eyes to catch him. Just like the
    previous priest, sometimes this one turns headless and comes to you. Don't
    shoot him then, just run away, waiting for him to return normal. Then
    continue the attacks.
      You've got the second symbol, and grab the Priest's Writings glowing at
    the place where he came from. Now get back to Cherry Atrium.
      Enter the door to Stairway.
      Go to Buddha Room.
      Enter the double door to Square Garden.
      Get down to the yard, and remember to SAVE before coming to examine the
      Once you get close...
      This headless priest is a little wiser. When the battle has just begun,
    aim your camera and shoot the first strike to the priest who is still
    hiding behind the monument. Then RUN TO THE SQUARE GARDEN WALKWAY SOON !
    Why do I tell you to do this ? Cuz Headless Priest will be very dangerous
    when fighting in the yard : He won't show himself before your eyes. He just
    moves through  the ground and then rises up, pulling/damaging your feet
    whenever he likes. You can't see him move like this, and it would be
    difficult to damage him. So if you fight him on the walkway, he won't have
    chance to do that move, and become similar to the previous priests. Once
    you have got on the walkway, just find him and repeat the strategy as you
    did with the previous ones. Remember to stay away from him when he turns
      You'll grab the third symbol and Priest's Writings next to the monument.
      Exit through the door of Buddha Room.
      Go back to Stairway.
      Go along path to the north, then turn right to the door to Fish Tank
      There are Type-37 Films on the left (Miku's right). Then you realize all
    the doors here have been sealed... by a ghost :
      You are forced to fight her, although you have nothing to do with her. If
    not, you'll never be out of here. Longhair Woman, to me, is not a tough
    boss, since her moves and attacks are similar to most regular bosses. But
    the differences are that : You fight her in such a place like Fish Tank
    Room, where you can't move freely because of the water tanks; and Longhair
    Woman likes to play "Hide and Seek" with you. At first, try to avoid her
    dashing and find a chance to damage her, using "See" ability to keep her in
    your observation. Once she's damaged, like any other ghosts, she will be
    stunned for a while, and you just damage her as much as you can during this
    time. I recommend Type-37 Films for this one. Then after getting enough
    damage, she'll soon disappear into the dark. But you must fight her til the
    end to unseal the doors. When I fought her, she did play "Hide and Seek"
    with me for 10 minutes. The room was too dark, and the filament didn't glow
    either. Be patient, and wait until Longhair Woman shows herself again. Keep
    attacking and defeat her.
      Then enter the next door. The dial solution is 1347.
      Run along the path and head to the Save Point. Use it BEFORE coming to
    the well. As you pass the well, the final Headless Priest shows up...
      This is your final priest, so do your best. At first, when he is still
    around behind the bamboos, shoot him now. You have a little moment of
    attacking him before he gets out of the bamboo things to punish you. Once
    he is out, determine his action and have a suitable reaction. Aim and shoot
    him when he is in frame, and avoid when he turns headless. He's not very
    different from the regular priests, so I leave it to you. Just take him
    like you did before.
      Grab the Priest's Writings near the bamboo. Then make your way straight
    to Narukami Shrine to do sidequest if you want (See "Sidequest #4" in
    "Sidequests" section). Or if not, go back to Fish Tank Room.
     (NOTE : A bunch of small Sidequests can be done here. Refer to Sidequest
    #4 in "Sidequests" section.)
      Go to Stairway.
      Get all the way back to Cherry Atrium.
      Head to Moon Shrine and enter.
      This time, you'll have to push the buttons follow the order you fought
    the Headless Priests. I number the buttons from the left to right : The
    first button is pushed at the front side, the second one is at the right
    side, the third one is at the back side and the last one is at the left
    side. Once you've completed, a drawer is opened at the front side. There's
    nothing inside. But you examine it, and take a shot of it : You'll see
    blood surged out. Leave the Moon Shrine.
      The tracks of blood has scattered around to show you something. Once you
    get on the porch, you'll see one. Follow it and back to Burial Room. *Notes
    : A Wandering Monk may appear to joke you, but you can avoid him if you
    don't want to fight.*
      Here you find some more blood tracks. Follow them to Walkway.
      There are some more blood tracks though. They take you to Grand Hall.
      Finally, the blood tracks are ended up by a puddle of blood in the hall.
    Get to it and...
      Well, I have no idea about the tactic. Just fight him as you did in the
    last battle with him. I have explained the strategty pretty carefully
    there. One thing is different : This time Himuro Master will play combos of
    three slashes instead of one like before. His attack now is longer-ranged
    and stronger, so be careful whenever he gets close to you, and especially
    when he begins drawing up his sword. Use Type-37 Films against to save the
    better others. If you are too weak to fight him, use Type-74.
      After that, you'll get the Master's Seal from the boss. Now make a trip
    around the Grand Hall : The second room segment has Type-14 Films on the
    right. The last segment, near the door to Rope Hallway there are Sacred
    Water and Type-74 Films. Then go back to Walkway.
      Make your way to Burial Room -> Cherry Atrium -> Moon Shrine.
      Access the Master's Seal into the drawer. The pillar is moved aside,
    revealing the Moon Well. Get down it now.
      As the cutscene is ended, come to the cave with the mummy inside and grab
    the Holy Mirror Piece. Then Kirie rises up to "talk" to you again. But
    don't worry, little Kirie (The Girl in White) will save you from her mature
    form : "Please stop me !"...
                              P A R T   F I V E
                             KIRIE - FINAL NIGHT
      You find yourself waking up her, with the girl in white little Kirie.
    Kirie points the koto, then disappears. And you, search the room for a pile
    of pictures and grab the Koto Music Sheet. Then you play the Koto to unlock
    a secret staircase. Go upstairs to the Attic.
      This is a long path with many turns. Just keep going. When you are going,
    you see a hole on the floor. Try looking through it if you like, then...
      She is in front of you by a very far distance. When you have just stood
    up, aim your camera and you'll see her soon in your frame. Use the Type-14
    Films, I assure that you'll be safe. There's a very far distance between
    you and her, so I think that you can end her quickly before she comes to
    attack you. It'll be better if you have enhanced the Max Value and Range of
    the camera.
      Pass the hole and keep going...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Joe Williams' FAQ said that you can snap a pic of immobile Longhair Woman
    here, but I haven't found her yet and I'm trying to figure out. But it said
    that after you pass the hole halfway, turn around and aim your camera,
    you'll see her.**
      When you go to the next turn, grab the Herbal Medicine glowing at the
    corner. Then turn left and keep going. When you reach the next door, you'll
    find another hole on the right wall. Look throught it, Miku's sense will
    show you an image of crying Kirie.
      Enter the door to the beams above Buddha Room.
      Remember that you are standing on the beams, so Miku can't run here. Be
    patient to walk.
      At the first intersection, turn right for a Save Point if you need. Keep
    going forward and turn right. Go along this beam...
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      While you are going, try aiming your camera down to the below floor. Once
    the capture circle glows blue, take a shot of Truth Binder.**
      Keep going until you find the next door on the left beam. If you haven't
    got a Stone Mirror yet, turn to the right beam to get it.
      Get in that door.
      You'll meet up little Kirie again. After the cutscene, enter the cell
    (Look at the map to determine the door to the cell if you can't figure
    out). Check the left table and the bookshelf at the northeast corner to
    find Kirie's Diaries. Then check the glowing place where you saw little
    Kirie sitting to get Kirie's Hairpin and another Holy Mirror Piece. If you
    like, look out to the window : You'll figure out a truth... (I couldn't
    believe that Kirie is so beautiful like that. And the man she loved and
    mentioned in her diary... Mafuyu must be the copied version of him. They
    resemble each other so much. Maybe this is why Kirie let Mafuyu live.)
      Leave the cell, and enter the next door on the right.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you have just got out of the cell, turn right and quickly take a shot
    of Girl in White.**
      Once you open the door, the evil Kirie appears behind you. You may die
    after one touch of her. When the cutscene ends and the screens become gray,
    quickly enter the door and RUN LIKE HELL. The door will soon take you to
      Kirie hasn't stopped chasing you at this point. Keep running down the
    staircase, then reach the door to atrium.
      (NOTE : Sidequest #5 and Sidequest #6 are available. Refer to
    "Sidequests" section.)
      Enter the Moon Shrine.
      Go down the ladder to Moon Well.
      Here you find a Sacred Water glowing, and a Spirit Stone by the rope
    ladder. Put Kirie's Hairpin onto the mummy in the cave, then enter the door
    beside the Save Point to Hell Bridge.
      Grab a Herbal Medicine glowing at the corner.
    ------ADDITIONAL PASSAGE---------------------------------------------------
      This may be the last time you can save. So now make your way back to the
    Moon Well and save. Cuz once you pass the bridge and fight the ghosts, the
    door will be sealed and you can't go back again.
    -----------------------------END OF ADDITIONAL PASSAGE---------------------
      Go straight to the bridge. There's a cutscene Miku's sense recalls the
    image of the priests who are taking Kirie to the place where the ritual is
    performed. After that, some ghosts may attack you. Mine were Wandering Man
    and Floating Woman. They may be sometimes random ghosts though, but I still
    give you the strategy :
      When the cutscene ends, I have seen Wandering Man in my frame who is very
    far away from me. This distance is enough for me to end him before he gets
    close to attack me. Just take him by Type-14 Films enough, like you did in
    the previous battle with Female Head.
      This time she is just a piece of cake. But during the time you played
    with Wandering Man, she might get close to you now. So quickly dash away,
    find a better position and turn on your Finder Mode, nailing her in your
    frame. As you damage her, she'll be stunned. Then keep this up until you
    defeat her. Sometimes Floating Woman may attack you from the ground. So
    don't forget to check the ground if you don't see her in your frame or
      Go to the bridge. Get the glowing Type-37 Films glowing on the right
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      As you are passing the bridge, stand at the left side and aim down your
    camera to the below abyss, snapping Man on Bottom.**
      Reach the other side of the bridge, grabbing Mafuyu's letter and enter
    the double door to Rope Altar.
      As you are going, there'll be a cutscene showing you the Shinto ritual in
    which Kirie got killed. So miserable right ? After that, you'll get
    attacked by a Shrine Maiden...
      You won't see her at first. Now just run right around the rope-pulled
    dial until you see someone reaching your feet on the ground. It's her, the
    Shrine Maiden. Once you have seen her, make a safe distance between you and
    her and then aim to her, shoot. Shrine Maiden will be stunned during the
    damage and keep this up until she is defeat. Three Type-37 Film shots can
    kill her. But if you have Type-14 Films, feel free to use it.
      There's a Stone Mirror at either corner. Get it if you haven't got one.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
      Get on the bloodtstained altar, draw up your camera to the ceiling to
    find Six Vengeance.**
    Then enter the next double door to Baptism Path.
      When you first enter, there's a Herbal Medicine glowing on the right
    (Miku's left) and a Spirit Stone on the left (Miku's right - this can't be
    seen from your sight). Run along the path to its end. As you are going to
    reach the next door, turn around and...
      This Shrine Maiden is a little stronger than the first one. But you still
    can nail it easily. If you succeed your first strike, Shrine Maiden will
    get stunned, letting you attack until you defeat her.
      Near the exit door there's a Sacred Water and another of Mafuyu's Note.
    Then enter it.
      Pay attention to the megaliths/obstacle things you see during the path.
    Keep going to the Hell Gate, as Miku recalls some past events again. After
    that, check the back of the stone mound in front of the gate. You'll see a
    hole used to insert the completed Holy Mirror. But your time has come...
    Mafuyu has been drained into Kirie who wants to be together with her "love"
    forever, and she thinks that Mafuyu were him because of their
    ***FINAL BOSS FIGHT : ROPE SHRINE MAIDEN - KIRIE***************************
      Well, Kirie's only attack is draining, which instantly kills you if you
    don't have a Stone Mirror to keep you alive longer. So the only important
    thing is that you don't let Kirie touch you. Besides attacking, Kirie can
    teleport very frequently and suddenly to any random locations, except your
    back. And "See" ability or any other ones cannot conquer her, so don't care
    using them. Kirie usually causes earthquake to make you lose your aiming.
    So be careful. But Kirie also has a serious weakness : very slow. Just
    think that she has this weakness, you may get calm to fight her. The
    important thing is that you must be calm.
      The only way to damage her is shooting her WHEN THE CAPTURE CIRCLE GLOWS
    is not very easy. These are my strategies :
    - USING TYPE-74 FILMS : This film may be better than Type-14 and Type-37,
    but still pretty slow for Kirie, even if your charging Speed has come to
    max level. With this film, keep a safe distance between you and Kirie by an
    obstacle. Then turn on Finder Mode and try to aim at her. As the circle is
    charging, Kirie may teleport to another position suddenly. Then quickly
    rotate your frame to find her, with the help of Square button. Once you
    caught her, let your power continue to charge. Until it comes to its peak,
    TIME, or the circle will lose power if you're late. That's the weak point
    of using Type-74 Films. Once Kirie gets hit, she will disappear. You may
    think that she teleports to another position, may you not ? IT'S WRONG !!!
    In fact, she's still there !!! If you fix your frame at that position for a
    while, she'll show herself there again, and you just continue to charge up
    power and catch her, damaging her until she gets defeated.
    - USING TYPE-90 FILMS : Type-90 Films are stronger and faster than Type-74.
    With this type, you may not even need an obstacle to protect yourself from
    Kirie. Its charging power is fast enough for you to damage her BEFORE she
    could teleport to another position. Just do the same strategy as above. If
    you don't get an obstacle, you'll have to keep a safe distance from Kirie,
    okay ?
      If you can, use both films whenever you find them necessary to be cast.
    Kirie is not as hard as you expected, but just be careful with her attack
    and teleporting.
    ****END OF BOSS STRATEGY***************************************************
      As you defeat Kirie, your camera will be broken. But evil Kirie is still
    alive and she's coming to you. At that time, little Kirie will come to help
    you : She shows you the last Holy Mirror piece. After the cutscene ends,
    quickly run away from evil Kirie and grab the Holy Mirror piece glowing on
    the left of the stone mound. You'll get a completed Holy Mirror soon. Then
    quickly insert it into the hole on the stone to kill evil Kirie...
      Both "Kirie" and Mafuyu are alright, but Kirie still has to fulfill her
    duty. Sit and watch the ending yourself. (^_^)
      Hhheeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy !!!
      Don't forget to skip the credits and save the cleared game if you want to
    unlock new stuffs !!!
      7.  S E C R E T S
      Beat the game once. Then load the file, choose Story Mode with Special
    Costume. Miku will get a new costume, but Mafuyu won't.
      Beat the game once.
      Beat the game once.
      Nightmare Mode is hard mode, where all the monsters' strength are
    doubled. To unlock this mode, you have to complete Battle Mode and complete
    Normal Mode TWICE.
      Remember that once you save the cleared game and load it to restart the
    nest scenario, you'll have all the items from previous game carried over,
    in noth Normal Mode and Nightmare Mode. So one of the way to make it easier
    to beat Nightmare Mode is to carry all the stuffs you have got. Or you can
    redo Normal Mode several times to accumulate more stuffs and then save its
    cleared file again and enter Nightmare Mode with those accumulated items.
    Besides, with the next scenarios, you'll be rewarded an amount of scores
    depending on your rank, and your Menu Screen has some new functions too :
    Ghost List (ghosts which you have caught from the previous game) and
      Nightmare Mode is hard mode, where all your enemies' strength is doubled.
    I also hear that the story in Nightmare Mode is a little more confusing,
    and the ending is different though. But I won't tell you more details.
    Letting you find it by yourself may be much better (^_^).
      8.   S I D E Q U E S T S
      This sidequest list is not completely full, cuz there are some little
    subquests which I have already mentioned within the walkthrough, called
    "Optional". In this section, I just list the sidequests which are not
    around in your way. The optional ones in walkthrough are the ones which you
    can do soon and they are not very far away from where you are going.
      When : 1st Night
      Location : Rubble Room
      You can do this after lighting the Garden Lantern in Abyss in 1st Night.
    Get back to the Rubble Room. As you are coming to the pile of wood planks,
    the Blinded Woman will appear near there for a while. Quickly take a shot
    of her. This sidequest just fills up your Ghost collection. Besides,
    there's nothing major.
      When : 2nd Night
      Location : Narukami Shrine
      After you defeat the Girl in Well in 2nd Night, make your way straight to
    this place. At the gate of Narukami Shrine, there are Spirit Stone on the
    right and Type-37 Films on the left. Then enter the shrine.
     **Ghost Appearance !!!
       Get close to the mirror and take a shot of Tormented One.**
      Then get back to Backyard, or Bound Man will attack you if you waste more
    time here.
      When : 2nd Night
      Location : Storeroom
      Enter the Storeroom. This time, the dial code is 7925. Find the Spirit
    Stone glowing at the southeast shelf. Then examine the armor at the east
    for Type-14 Films in a chest and Spirit Stone. There's a red chest which
    will move when you pass. But don't get scared. After that, leave.
      When : 3rd Night
      This is a bunch of tons of little sidequests in the end of 3rd Night. You
    can access them BEFORE getting down the Moon Well and end the sidequest.
    Make your way to these rooms and find the extra stuffs. But BEWARE :
    -----ADDITIONAL PASSAGE---------------------------------------------------
      Do you remember the masks which you got in 2nd Night ? With all the doors
    attached with masks, you can only get through when the masks are attached
    on your current side. If they were attached on the other side of yours, you
    couldn't get through. Remember that, and don't go wrong, if you get chased
    by the random ghosts. Once you see a door with no mask, while IT SHOULD
    HAVE HAD, that means the mask did stay on the other side, and you soon know
    that you can't go in it.
    --------------------------------------END OF ADDITIONAL PASSAGE-----------
    - Narukami Shrine : From the Backyard, make your way through the Forest
    Path and enter Narukami Shrine. At the Shinto gate, there are a Stone
    Mirror on the right and Type-90 Films (cool !!!) on the left. Enter the
    shrine if you want to take a shot of immobile Junsei Takamine. But be
    careful with random enemies here.
    - Entrance : A Herbal Medicine is lying behind the north barrier, and a
    Spirit Stone is glowing near the entrance.
    - Rope Hallway : There's a Spirit Stone neat the cracks on the way.
    - Mask Room : There are Type-37 Films in the northwest corner, and Sacred
    Water lying behind the mask pillar.
    - Blinding Room : Go to the centre of the room and take a shot of Blinded
    who has been tied to this place after being defeated by you. Then get on
    the platform where you found the Blinding Mask to get Type-74 Films.
    - Fireplace Room : Around the fire pit there's a Spirit Stone. Go upstairs
    and head to the left, grab Type-37 Films from the cabinet. There may be a
    Floating Face and random People Killed though, so be careful.
    - Doll Room : There's a Spirit Stone somewhere on the left.
    - Kimono Room : There's a Spirit Stone at the northeast corner and a Stone
    Mirror glowing under the kimonos.
    - Library : Open the closet and take a shot of immbile Koji Ogata if you
    like to earn more spirit points.
      When : Final Night
      Location : Abyss
      Head to the Abyss to do this sidequest if you want to find the ghost of
    Kirie's Love and find tons of spirit points. At first, reach the Stone
    Burial Mound and stand at its northeast, facing the water. As the filament
    glows blue, you take a shot of Burdened Man. But this guy doesn't give you
    many spirit points. Now it's time to have a shot of Kirie's Love in your
    collection. Stand at the northwest ankle of the pier bridge and face the
    water. The filament turns blue, you take a pic of that Mafuyu-like man. It
    seems that he's got a miserable death.
      When : Final Night
      Location : Buddha Room & Anteroom
      If you want to find out more about the Himuro priests and Kirie, you can
    search for some more extra files :
    - From Stairway, enter the door to Buddha Room. Get the Priest's Mannuals
    on the central table and on the two sides of the altar.
    - Return to Stairway and go up, enter the door to Anteroom. On the doll
    shelf you'll find the other two parts of Kirie's Diary.
       9.   B A T T L E  M O D E  W A L K T H R O U G H
      I guess that Fatal Frame was made by the same team of Deception III - an
    old masterpiece of Tecmo. If you have played Deception III, Battle Game is
    similar to the Trap License tests of Deception III : You are given many
    missions to complete. Each mission has a different command. In Fatal Frame,
    each mission requires you to defeat an enemy with a certain film type and a
    limited amount of films. Fortunately, Battle Game of Fatal Frame doesn't
    have limited durations like Deception III's tests, that means what you have
    to do is to manage to kill the enemy. Don't worry about time. In Battle
    Game you have to pass 20 missions in order to unlock secret Nightmare Mode.
    The spirit points you get depends on how strong your shots are.
    - Try to use charged shots. As I said above, you are only given a limited
    amount of films, and the film type is often not very powerful. For instance
    : Mission 7 requires you to use the weakest 10 Type-14 Films to kill a
    dangerous enemy like Wandering Monk. Charged Shots can both deal big
    damages on enemies and can save your films. But it will take a moment to be
    charged to its peak, so what you have to do is trying to nail the enemy in
    your frame and charge. If the enemy leaves the frame, the charging will be
    temporarily stopped, and you must move your frame to catch the enemy to
    continue charging. During the moment the eneme is out of frame, the charged
    power will be gradually lost, so be fast to catch up the enemy.
    - When you are charging, DON'T TURN OFF FINDER MODE, especially with the
    slowly charging films like Type-14. If you do that, all your charged power
    will be wiped out. If the enemy leaves the frame and you need to catch it
    again, just let Finder Mode, use the Square button to find and catch him
    more quickly. Unless the enemy attacks you from behind or causes some
    dangerous attacks, try to keep Finder Mode and charge the power as much as
    you can.
    - Each mission you are given with a Spirit Stone along with the allowed
    films. To determine the Special/Auxiliary Function you want to use, enter
    "Camera Setting" to choose it, cuz you can't do this in the menu screen
    once you enter the mission.
    - "Zero" ability is always the best ability for you, cuz it helps you to
    deal critical damage without charging. Try to get it in the Story Mode
    before entering Battle Game.
    difference of each mission, I'll remind in below.
     Each time you are allowed to beat 5 missions. You can only get through to
    later missions once you have beaten the given five. The final mission of
    each five is usually hard mission, with long-life and fatal ghost. So be
    careful. But that's not the fixed rules. Sometimes other missions can be
    difficult too, depending how good you are.
       MISSIONS    |
          1        | Location : Doll Room
                   | Enemies : Editor's
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Easy
                   | Strategy : He's pretty easy to fight. Use the General Tips
                   | and remember to kill him by charged shots.
          2        | Location : Entrance
                   | Enemies : Broken Neck
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Easy
                   | Strategy : This is easy too. Try to fight her upside.
                   | Don't get down the stairs of it will slow you down while
                   | you are avoiding Broken Neck's attack. She is slow, so use
                   | charged shots to beat her.
          3        | Location : Forest Path - Narukami Shrine
                   | Enemies : Floating Woman
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Easy
                   | Strategy : Use General Tips and charging snap her. Keep an
                   | eye on her moves, cuz of her great invisibility.
          4        | Location : Tatami Room
                   | Enemies : Assistant's
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Easy
                   | Strategy : Hirasaka is famous with her slow speed. Snap
                   | her until she is defeated. Keep an eye on her moves , cuz
                   | she won't stay at one place for you to damage.
          5        | Location : Backyard
                   | Enemies : Novelist's
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Fairly Hard
                   | Strategy : Novelists's is always my nightmare in both
                   | main game and Battle Game. His attack is very tough :
                   | rushing and bite, screaming loudly. He moves confusingly
                   | to joke your frame and it's hard for you to do strong
                   | charged shots. But YOU MUST TRY, cuz 10 Type-14 Films are
                   | not enough for 650 life of Novelist's, if you can't make
                   | some full charged shots. At first, try to catch him and
                   | damage him by a mediocre shot. Sometimes he may get
                   | stunned. Once he's been nailed there, aim at him and
                   | charge. Don't take to much time, cuz Novelist's may leave
                   | that position and all your effort to charge is in vain.
                   | Just make a powerful charged shot enough to deal 100 or
                   | 110 life of Novelist's. Then repeat the strategy again
                   | until you succeed.
          6        | Location : Corridor
                   | Enemies : Longhair Woman
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Medium/Hard
                   | Strategy : This is truly a female devil, cuz she plays
                   | "Hide & Seek" with you just as she did in main game. The
                   | corridor is a very good place for her to hide herself
                   | behind the walls, and you can't see her in this state. As
                   | she is an expert of invisibility, you have to use your
                   | ears to hear static and use your eyes to observe the
                   | filament's changes when you are searching for her. Once
                   | you find her, quickly aim, charge and damage her. She may
                   | be stunned and let you keep shooting, but she'll soon
                   | disappear into the wall. Find her again and repeat.
                   | Whenever you are attacked, don't forget to press the X
                   | button to avoid damage, cuz her attack is slow.
          7        | Location : Abyss
                   | Enemies : Wandering Monk
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Hard
                   | Strategy : Finally I have found a good tactic for this
                   | frustrating guy. It's better for you to fight him on the
                   | bridge than on the lantern yard. Get on the position where
                   | you took the photo of Kirie's Love, then fight Wandering
                   | Monk there. First, this guy continues moving around you.
                   | And you, DO NOT snap him now. Sometimes he may stop, but
                   | just for a while. Your BEST chance is when he REALLY STOPS
                   | TO EXECUTE CASTING FIREBALLS. The monk will stay longer,
                   | doing some action like praying. And you, snap him now.
                   | As he is going to attack you by fireballs, you may deal
                   | a critical damage if you shoot him fast. This shot not
                   | only causes critical damage but also stops the fireballs.
                   | If he gets stunned, keep damaging him until he teleports.
                   | Then just repeat the tactic. Sometimes he can stop to make
                   | spinning kick, if you are too close to him. At that time,
                   | stay away to avoid the hit. If you are fast, turn around
                   | after that and give him a sweet shot. Wandering Monk's
                   | life is not very high now. As he is a fast enemy, so I
                   | estimate you should try to deal 50-80 damage per shot to
                   | make sure that it's in your limited given films.
          8        | Location : Grand Hall
                   | Enemies : Blinded
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Fairly Easy
                   | Strategy : You have faced Blinded several times in the
                   | main game, so I think this battle won't be very hard for
                   | you. Just have a wall behind your back (to prevent being
                   | attacked from behind) and be alert whenever Blinded
                   | disappears in your frame. She cannot attack your back, but
                   | she can get you from any other directions.
          9        | Location : Entrance
                   | Enemies : Broken Neck + Editor's
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Fairly Easy
                   | Strategy : Both enemies are easy to fight. But to get them
                   | quickly, you can run around for a while to make them go
                   | together (if you are good at avoiding). Then stand at a
                   | good position, draw your camera. As both Editor's and
                   | Broken Neck are slow, you have enough time to charge and
                   | cast and great shot that can deal damage on both at the
                   | same time. If your distance is still far, you will have
                   | enough time to deal a secong shot. Broken Neck may be
                   | killed first. Then just beat Editor's as usual.
         10        | Location : Backyard
                   | Enemies : Folklorist's
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Hard
                   | Strategy : Folklorist's in Battle Game is not as easy as
                   | Folklorist's in main game, cuz you are forced to use
                   | charged shots with the weak 10 Type-14 Films. I have found
                   | the better strategy for him : Lure him into the path next
                   | to the Fish Tank Room door to fight, cuz this narrow path
                   | will prevent Folklorist's to move confusingly around you.
                   | Try to keep Folklorist in your front and nail him. As he
                   | can't move freely here, you can easily determine where he
                   | goes even though he disappears. Have "See" ability to
                   | support your view. Try to damage 90-130 damage per shot,
                   | since Folklorist's health is very high.
          11       | Location : Cherry Atrium
                   | Enemies : Headless Priest
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Medium
                   | Strategy : This guy is not very hard to fight if you are
                   | careful. But beware of the obstacles around the atrium.
                   | Headless Priest can attack you by biting or dashing down
                   | when you are too far away from him. Keep a safe distance
                   | from him and gradually snap him. Headless Priest will keep
                   | coming to you. You can only charge when he has head. While
                   | going he can turn to headless mode. At this time, if the
                   | distance is still safe now, just move Right Analog Stick
                   | to retreat and charge/shoot when he returns to normal. If
                   | has been to close, run away soon. He is easy to damage.
                   | You just need to be careful with his headless mode.
         12        | Location : Entrance
                   | Enemies : Longhair Woman + Crawling Girl
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Hard
                   | Strategy : This fight is truly a nightmare. I have won
                   | it mostly because of luck, when Longhair Woman doesn't
                   | annoy you too much. Longhair Woman is the true problem
                   | here. When the mission begins, I advise you to go down-
                   | stairs, run away for a distance and turn around. Aim your
                   | camera at the stairs where Crawling Girl could have come.
                   | The atmosphere is too dark, so if the capture circle has
                   | glown, that means Crawling Girl has been in frame. Try to
                   | deal 130 damage on her by charging your shot, cuz you have
                   | to save your films for the tough Longhair Woman. If you're
                   | LUCKY, Longhair Woman may not annoy you while you are
                   | killing Crawling Girl. If you're not, I'm sorry. If you
                   | can deal 130 damage per shot on the girl, she'll die after
                   | three shots. And the remaining seven are for the tough
                   | lady. As I said, this place is too dark to observe
                   | Longhair Woman, so you can have "See" cast on her once
                   | you catch her. But if you attempt to kill her quickly,
                   | cast Paralyze on her to freeze her. Then make a 130 shot
                   | to her. The pity is that she'll be freed after the shot.
                   | So in the rest of the battle, you have to keep her in your
                   | frame always and shoot her with 70-130 damage per shot. It
                   | it really not easy, but please try. This battle will be
                   | much easier if you have "Zero" ability equipped.
          13       | Location : Abyss
                   | Enemies : Blinded
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Fairly Easy
                   | Strategy : Well, I have no idea, just want to remind you
                   | that Blinded now has a very strong health, and you should
                   | try to deal 100 damage per shot. I think you have been too
                   | familiar with her, so just fight her as usual. Except when
                   | attacking, Blinded is usually very slow, and that's enough
                   | for you to charge and deal strong hits on her. Have "See"
                   | ability support, cuz this place is pretty dark.
          14       | Location : Backyard
                   | Enemies : Crawling Girl + Girl in Well
                   | Films allowed : 10 Type-14 Films
                   | Difficulty : Fairly Easy
                   | Strategy : Well, I assure that this mission is as easy as
                   | regular missions, although it has two ghosts. Both ghosts
                   | are pretty slow. So you can snap them easily, and apply
                   | the general tips for them. Kill annoying Crawling Girl
                   | first, then the Girl in Well. The path near the Fish Tank
                   | Room is a good place too, since Girl in Well can't confuse
                   | you in such narrow place.
      10.   I T E M  L I S T
                       M A I N   I T E M  L I S T
      These items are randomly scattered around the mansion. They are used to
    support your exploration. The max amount of Stone Mirror carried is 1, and
    the others are 99. You can't carry more than this limit.
         Name            |                   Description
     Herbal Medicine     | Herbal pill medicine, restores a little energy
     Sacred Water        | Water from sacred mountain springs. It fully
                         | restores energy.
     Spirit Stone        | Stone with hidden powers. Enables the camera's
                         | Auxiliary Functions.
     Stone Mirror        | A polished, mirror-like stone. A protective spirit
                         | dwells inside.
     Camera              | Mom left it when she died. Shows thing unseen by the
                         | naked eye. Used as a weapon to deal with ghosts.
     Type-90 Film        | Specially-sanctified film. Has the very highest
                         | exorcismal power.
     Type-74 Film        | High-speed film. It has very strong exorcismal power
     Type-37 Film        | Regular film. It has fairly strong exorcismal power
     Type-14 Film        | Old, beat-up film. It doesn't have very strong
                         | exorcismal power.
                       K E Y  I T E M  L I S T
          NAME       |     LOCATION      |            DESCRIPTION
     Red Handmirror  | Fireplace         | A small, red hand mirror. It seems
                     |                   | very old. It's a little cloudy.
     Brass Key       | Kimono Room       | An old-fashioned key made of brass.
     Bronze Key      | Koto Room         | A key made of bronze, used for some
                     |                   | chest or drawer.
     Lighter         | Stairway          | The lighter found deep inside the
                     |                   | mansion. Not much oil left.
     Matches         | Demon Mouth       | Old box contains matches. They seem
                     |                   | dry enough.
     Kagome Doll     | Doll Room         | Its hands cover its eyes, hole in
                     |                   | bottom. Fits over something ?
     Black Carving   | Abyss             | A black stone with strange
                     |                   | character. It has a plug.
     Blue Carving    | Backyard          | A blue stone with a strange
                     |                   | character. It has a plug.
     Purple Carving  | Abyss             | A purple stone with a strange
                     |                   | character. It has a plug on its
                     |                   | reversed side.
     Gold Carving    | Square Garden     | A gold stone with a strange
                     |                   | character. It has a plug.
     Teal Carving    | Buddha Room       | A teal stone with a strange
                     |                   | character. It has a plug on its
                     |                   | reversed side.
     Angry Mask      | Doll Room         | A big mask, painted red. It has a
                     |                   | furious expression.
     Joyful Mask     | Hidden Pass       | Old mask made of polished, black
                     |                   | wood. Has a rapturous expression.
     Sad Mask        | Hidden Pass/ Mask | Old mask made of plain, unpainted
                     | Room              | wood. It looks sad.
     Happy Mask      | Mask Room         | A female mask, painted white. It
                     |                   | looks like it's having fun.
     Mask of         | Buddha Room       | An eerie, white mask. Its expression
     Reflection      |                   | is unknown.
     Blinding Mask   | Blinding Room     | Looks like an eye mask. Huge stakes
                     |                   | pierce through the eyes.
     Scroll          | Burial Room       | An old scroll with a picture of
                     |                   | Demon Tag painted.
     Master's Seal   | Grand Hall        | Lacquered wood with character.
                     |                   | Himuro family master's.
     Kirie's Hairpin | Dungeon           | A hairpin ornamented with gold.
                     |                   | It has two wrongs.
     Mirror/Piece    | Fireplace         | Piece of the legendary Holy Mirror.
                     |                   | From Narukami Shrine.
     Mirror/Piece    | Banned Path       | Piece of the legendary Holy Mirror.
                     |                   | The folklorist's.
     Mirror/Piece    | Moon Well         | Piece of the legendary Holy Mirror.
                     |                   | From the Moon Well.
     Mirror/Piece    | Dungeon           | Piece of the legendary Holy Mirror.
                     |                   | From Kirie's prison.
     Mirror/Piece    | Hell Gate         | Piece of the legendary Holy Mirror.
                     |                   | From the Hell Gate.
     Ceremonial Ropes| Buddha Room       | Ceremonial ropes used for some
                     |                   | ritual.
     Tape Recorder   | Library           | A small, portable tape recorder. For
                     |                   | playing audio tapes.
     White Tape 1    | Library           | An audio tape with a white label.
                     |                   | It was in the tape recorder.
     White Tape 2    | Kimono Room       | An audio tape with a white label.
                     |                   | It's been used halfway though.
     Red Tape 1      | Anteroom          | An audio tape with a red label.
                     |                   | It says "Research -1" on the label.
     Red Tape 2      | Cherry Atrium     | An audio tape with a red label.
                     |                   | It says "Research -2" on the label.
     Red Tape 3      | Abyss             | An audio tape with a red label.
                     |                   | It says "Research -3" on the label.
     Red Tape 4      | Fish Tank Room    | An audio tape with a red label.
                     |                   | It says "Research -4" on the label.
     Blue Tape 1     | Backyard          | An audio tape with a blue label.
                     |                   | Got it from on top of the well.
     Blue Tape 2     | Narukami Shrine   | An audio tape with a blue label.
                     |                   | From pedestal at Narukami Shrine.
      11.   G H O S T  L I S T
      Regular ghosts are the ghosts wandering around you. These are often the
    ghosts of those visitors who have just got killed in the mansion. And their
    ghosts appear as they recall the past, what happened to them. You'll see
    several of these guys during the exploration, but I assure that the true
    identities of those ghosts are just these people : Junsei Takamine, Koji
    Ogata, Tomoe Hirasaka, Ryozo Munakata, Yae munakata, Girl in White (Kirie's
    divided form) and a few of others like the children who played Demon Tag
    with Mikoto munakata. I think there are just those people, but the reason
    why you see several of them cuz they are trying to perform what they did in
    the past, when they were still alive. (But I'm just wondering about Bro's
    Shadows. Mafuyu did not die, but how would there be his ghost ? Or is it
    just an illusion created by either Kirie or Miku's sense ?)
      These ghosts are harmless, as they just pass by you to recall their
    pasts. Their appearances are informed as the filament glows brown. Then
    once they are shown, just snap them. The filament turns off when you are
    currently far away from them, or when the ghosts have already disappeared.
    These ghosts just show themselves for a very short moment, and those are
    the only moments for you to catch each of them.  I have shown you very
    carefully how to snap them in the walkthrough, so here I just make a short
    flashback about necessary things to catch them.
     *SP means the Spirit Points you gain after catching the ghosts.
     *The identities are just extra, and they are just what I guess. You can
    email me and explain to me if you don't agree.
    |      GHOSTS        | NIGHT |     LOCATION        |  SP   |  IDENTITIES  |
    | Rope Hallway Man   | Intro | Rope Hallway        | 200   | J. Takamine  |
    | Man Looking Down   | Intro | Fireplace Room      | 250   | J. Takamine  |
    | Man at Partition   |   1   | Entrance            | 550   | Koji Ogata   |
    | Man on a Beam      |   1   | Rope Hallway        | 200   | Koji Ogata   |
    | Bro's Shadow       |   1   | Fireplace Room      | 600   | H. Mafuyu    |
    | Hallway Man        |   1   | Fireplace Room      | 800   | Koji Ogata   |
    | Man at Screen      |   1   | Fireplace Room      | 1650  | Koji Ogata   |
    | Wandering Man      |   1   | Library             | 275   | Koji Ogata   |
    | Deadman's Body     |   1   | Library, closet     | 1000  | Koji Ogata   |
    | Man at Window      |   1   | Kimono Room         | 400   | Koji Ogata   |
    | Man in Closet      |   1   | Lamp Hallway        | 400   | Koji Ogata   |
    | Standing Man       |   1   | Library             | 800   | Koji Ogata   |
    | Man Behind         |   1   | Kimono Room         | 1175  | Koji Ogata   |
    | Woman at Mirror    |   1   | Walkway (upper)     | 250   | T. Hirasaka  |
    | Wandering Woman    |   1   | Burial Room         | 200   | T. Hirasaka  |
    | Woman on Porch     |   1   | Cherry Atrium       | 200   | T. Hirasaka  |
    | Woman in Atrium    |   1   | Cherry Atrium       | 300   | T. Hirasaka  |
    | Woman Turning      |   1   | Doll Room           | 300   | T. Hirasaka  |
    | Woman Who Jumps    |   1   | Cherry Atrium       | 500   | Broken Neck  |
    | Man Turning        |   1   | Stairway            | 200   | J. Takamine  |
    | Woman at Corner    |   1   | Stairway            | 200   | T. Hirasaka  |
    | Woman Hanging      |   1   | Cherry Atrium       | 300   | Yae Munakata |
    | Blinded Woman      |   1   | Rubble Room         | 300   | ???          |
    | Female Head        |   1   | Stairway            | 1000  | ???          |
    | Man in Backyard    |   1   | Backyard            | 300   | J. Takamine  |
    | Girl Pleading      |   1   | Backyard            | 1600  | ???          |
    | Standing Man       |   1   | Forest Path         | 250   | J. Takamine  |
    | Crucified Man      |   1   | Narukami Shrine     | 700   | J. Takamine  |
    | Child on Porch     |   2   | Cherry Atrium       | 1300  | ???          |
    | Kid Running Away   |   2   | Stairway            | 1000  | ???          |
    | Kid Running Away   |   2   | Fish Tank Room      | 600   | ???          |
    | Bro's Shadow       |   2   | Corridor            | 600   | H. Mafuyu    |
    | Hanged Woman       |   2   | Cherry Atrium       | 700   | Yae Munakata |
    | Observatory Man    |   2   | Cherry Atrium       | 450   | M. Ryozo ?   |
    | Girl Under Porch   |   2   | Cherry Atrium       | /     | ???          |
    | Man Before Door    |   2   | Demon Mouth         | 450   | M. Ryozo     |
    | Girl Pointing      |   2   | Burial Room         | 400   | Kirie        |
    | Kid Hiding         |   2   | Kimono Room         | /     | ???          |
    | Man in Study       |   2   | Tatami Room         | 400   | M. Ryozo     |
    | Man Before Study   |   2   | Tatami Room         | 400   | M. Ryozo     |
    | Observatory Man    |   2   | Tatami Room         | 200   | M. Ryozo     |
    | Man in Hall        |   2   | Hidden Passageway   | 400   | M. Ryozo     |
    | Man in Atrium      |   3   | Burial Room         | 1000  | Himuro Master|
    | Turning Mask Man   |   3   | Cherry Atrium       | /     | Himuro Master|
    | Girl in White      | Final | Dungeon             | 1500  | Kirie        |
      Cursed Ghosts are the ghosts who were cursed to be tied firmly to certain
    places where they got killed. These ghosts become immobile forever.
      These ghosts are 100% harmless. Once you get near them, you hear static
    and your filament may glow blue. At that time, draw your camera around
    until the capture circle glows blue. Then take a shot : the invisible
    ghosts will be shown in the photographs. Sometimes you neither hear static
    nor see the filament glow, maybe because the ghosts are not be able to be
    caught in sight, and you yourself have to be active to do that.
    |      GHOSTS        | NIGHT |     LOCATION        |  SP   |
    | Child Behind       | Intro | Entrance            | 500   |
    | Angry Man          | Intro | Fireplace Room      | 500   |
    | Woman in Kimono    |   1   | Kimono Room         | 1500  |
    | Woman in Pain      |   1   | Cherry Atrium       | 750   |
    | Monk into Dark     |   1   | Fish Tank Room      | 1000  |
    | Girl Turning       |   1   | Backyard            | 750   |
    | Warped Man         |   1   | Forest Path         | 1250  |
    | Monk out of Dark   |   2   | Stairway            | 1250  |
    | Tormented Ones     |   2   | Narukami Shrine     | 2500  |
    | Burned Man         |   2   | Abyss               | 1250  |
    | Evil Woman         |   2   | Grand Hall          | 1750  |
    | Talking Ghosts     |   2   | Hidden Passageway   | 2000  |
    | Munakata           |   3   | Banned Path         | 3000  |
    | Yae                |   3   | Cherry Atrium       | 3000  |
    | Hirasaka           |   3   | Abyss               | 3000  |
    | Takamine           |   3   | Narukami Shrine     | 3000  |
    | Ogata              |   3   | Library             | 3000  |
    | Blind Demon        |   3   | Blinding Room       | 3000  |
    | Family Master      |   3   | Grand Hall          | 3000  |
    | Longhair Woman     | Final | Attic               | 3000  |
    | Truth Binder       | Final | Buddha Room         | 108   |
    | Kirie's Love       | Final | Abyss               | 4000  |
    | Burdened Man       | Final | Abyss               | 1213  |
    | Six Vengeance      | Final | Rope Altar          | 4000  |
    | Man at Bottom      | Final | Hell Bridge         | 4000  |
      I call them sealkeeper ghosts, cuz they are the keepers of the talisman
    sealing the doors around the mansion. They are immobile and extremely
      Whenever you find a sealed door, the door will be marked by having the
    twirling air around. Just aim at the twirling area and take a shot. The
    positions of the sealkeepers will be shown in the photos. Then go to the
    area in the photo to find and snap the sealkeepers to break their seals.
    They are completetly invisible and also marked by twirling areas.
    |      GHOSTS        | NIGHT |  GHOST LOCATION   |  SEAL/UNLOCKED |  SP   |
    | Seductress         |   1   | Storeroom         | Cherry Atrium  | 500   |
    | Woman Pulled in    |   1   | Abyss             | Doll Room      | 500   |
    | Child Onlooker     |   1   | Doll Room         | Stairway       | 500   |
    | Vengeance in Wall  |   2   | Stairway          | Fish Tank Room | 750   |
    | Vengeance          |   2   | Rope Hallway      | Lamp Hallway   | 750   |
    | Girl Hiding        |   2   | Walkway           | Koto Room      | 750   |
    | Crushed Woman      |   3   | Rubble Room       | Burial Room    | 1000  |
      Attacking ghosts, here I mean the ghosts who have been turned evil by the
    Malice to get revenge with life. These ghosts seem to have desires with
    life, and they did get unclean deaths. So after they died, they again
    appeared in the earth as ghosts, to get revenge with life, and to make the
    others suffer like them.
    | NIGHT |      GHOSTS         |     LOCATION        |
    | Intro | Bound Man           | Fireplace Room      |
    |   1   | Bound Man           | Random              |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Editor's            | Kimono Room         |
    |       |                     | Library             |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Assistant's         | Fish Tank Room      |
    |       |                     | Backyard            |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Novelist's          | Narukami Shrine     |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Man with Long Arms  | Walkway (lower)     |
    |       |                     | Stairway            |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Broken Neck         | Cherry Atrium       |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Female Head         | Stairway            |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Floating Woman      | Grand Hall          |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Crawling Girl       | Doll Room           |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Kirie               | Narukami Shrine     |
    |   2   | Bound Man           | Random              |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Broken Neck         | Random              |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Wandering Man       | Random              |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Floating Woman      | Grand Hall          |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Blinded             | Cherry Atrium       |
    |       |                     | Stairway            |
    |       |                     | Walkway             |
    |       |                     | Demon Mouth         |
    |       |                     | Burial Room         |
    |       |                     | Mask Room           |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Girl in Well        | Backyard            |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Boy Hiding          | Fireplace Room      |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Woman Hanging       | Cherry Atrium       |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Folklorist's        | Buddha Room         |
    |       |                     | Demon Mouth         |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Kirie               | Banned Path         |
    |   3   | Bound Man           | Random (once)       |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Broken Neck         | Random (once)       |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | People Killed       | Random              |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Wandering Monk      | Everywhere          |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Floating Face       | Corridor            |
    |       |                     | Fireplace Room      |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Longhair Woman      | Fish Tank Room      |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Headless Priests    | Square Garden       |
    |       |                     | Cherry Atrium       |
    |       |                     | Abyss               |
    |       |                     | Backyard            |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Master's            | Buddha Room         |
    |       |                     | Grand Hall          |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Kirie               | Moon Well           |
    | Final | Female Head         | Attic               |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Wandering Man       | Hell Bridge         |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Floating Woman      | Hell Bridge         |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Shrine Maiden       | Rope Altar          |
    |       |                     | Baptism Path        |
    |       |---------------------|---------------------|
    |       | Kirie               | Hell Gate           |
      12.   F I L E S
                              N O T E B O O K S
      While I was looking out the window today, I saw somebody walking in the
    garden. He didn't notice me. He was just walking around leisurely, gazing
    at the trees and hills.
      I saw him again today, walking in the garden. He saw me once, too, and
    waved to me. I don't know why, but my face got hot, and I ducked out of
      When I told the chief priest about it, he was terribly surprised. He told
    me I wasn't to look out the window again for a while.
      Today is the day I get to walk outside. I was walking in the mansion's
    atrium when he suddenly appeared from out of the guest room.
      It's the first time I've talked to an outsider since I came here. It was
    so much fun !
      He came to see me. He let me out of the room, and we went outside. He
    taught me the names of all the flowers.
      Everything about this is so new to me ! My face got hot again today. But
    I didn't want to hide this time...
      He came to see me again today. The chief priest said we mustn't go out
    into the garden, so we just stayed in the room and talked.
      He told me so many interesting things about the outside world. I feel so
    happy when I'm with him...! So very, very happy !
      I walked in the garden with him today. How beautiful the cherry blossoms
    are !
      He's taught me so much since we've met.
      I never even feel lonely anymore.
      It's been five days already since he stopped coming. When I asked about
    it, the chief priest told me he'd gone back to his home village. Why would
    he leave all of a sudden like that...? Especially now, when I soon won't be
    able to see him anymore at all...?
      I had a dream about him.
      He was looking at me with sad eyes. Such sad eyes ! His eyes looked like
    they wanted to tell me something...
      He didn't go home. The priests did something to him... But why ?
      The priests hid him because they thought I wouldn't have been able to
    properly be the Shrine Maiden otherwise...
      What did I get him into...?
      It's all my fault !
      I just wanted to be with him...
      I wanted us to be together forever and ever !
      That's all I wanted...
      I didn't want him to get hurt !
      The Strangling Ritual will be held soon. The master and the priests are
    performing their ablutions. And it looks like the whole family has gathered
    here at the mansion for the ritual. This mansion is usually so lonely...
    But for today, anyway, it's bustling with life.
      One of the priests was staring at me today. He looked so sad.
      I'm the Rope Shrine Maiden...
      I have a very important obligation to fulfill...
      But how can I perform my duty as the Shrine Maiden now, feeling the way I
    do ?
      Now that I've found out the true joy of living ?
      And now that I've gone and gotten that poor man involved...?
      Himuro Mansion Investigation
      Himuro Mansion was once the home of a large landowner that controlled
    vast areas of land. They also say that the site held some special
    significance that had to do with Shinto rituals of the region. (I couldn't
    find any detailed books about these Shinto rituals, though.)
      The last master of the Himuro family line massacred his entire household.
    Later, another family that tried to live there disappeared.
      Because of incidents like these, nobody visits the mansion today, and it
    lies in ruins.
      Maybe that's why there aren't any accounts of the Shinto rituals, and why
    the exact location of the place isn't recorded anywhere.
      September 24th
      I've had a bad feeling ever since I came to this mansion. I'm leaving
    notes in this notebook just in case anything happens to me.
      I've got to find Mr. Takamine and the others fast... I hope it's not too
    late !
      I must have been passed out. I'm afraid it's too late to help Mr.
    Takamine... If only I had come to sooner ! The spirits in this mansion are
    very powerful. The force behind this curse must be here somewhere... And
    I'm going to start looking for it right now !
      The mansion has started to change. As far as I can figure out, the ghosts
    are trying to pull me back into the past. The spirits are using their power
    to make parts of the mansion revert to the way they were in the past. The
    ghosts of that era are beginning to stir.
      Just what exactly happened in this mansion, anyway ? And just what do the
    ghosts want me to do about it ?
      I felt some especially powerful energy off of that woman in the white
    kimono. I think she's probably the one behind the mansion's curse. I have
    to appease her spirit somehow, before anyone else falls victim to this
    mansion !
      I have to find out what exactly is keeping her drawn back to this world.
    And why did she let me go when she had me, I wonder ? Maybe that had
    something to do with it...
      It looks like the ghosts of the women with the gouged-out eyes react
    strongly to sound.
      If I'm really quiet, I can get away without being noticed.
      Dear Miku
      I know it's weird, but I see you sometimes here in the mansion. I run
    after you, but I always end up losing sight of you... There must be some
    kind of warp in time here now. We'll probably never be able to find each
    other... Were you worried about me ? Is that why you came ?
      I hope you get this note, I need you to help me. The force behind the
    curse of Himuro Mansion is a woman named Kirie. She was sacrificed in a
    ritual, and her sad spirit was exposed to the Malice that spilled out of
    hell when the Calamity happened.
      Now she's a miserable creature that taunts everything she comes into
    contact with.
      Apparently, I remind her of the man she was in love with. I somehow just
    knew that when she touched me... I plan on going to see her now. If I
    don't, this mansion will keep right on claiming victims...
      Kirie laments her ill-fated life but, at the same time, she also regrets
    not having been able to fulfill her duty as the Shrine Maiden. I saw the
    image of Kirie as a child. She was looking for somebody to help her-- to
    help her other, tortuned self.
      Kirie is like a person divided in two...
      Miku, I want you to help Kirie if you can.
      You have to seal off the Hell Gate with the Holy Mirror...
      I've been thinking about the camera Mom left us. I know it was Mom's, and
    she left it to us when she died. But it used to belong to Grandma Mikoto.
    They say it was the only thing Grandma brought with her when she was
    adopted by the Hinasaki family.
      In some documents I found here in the mansion, there were notes about a
    little girl named "Mikoto" -- the same name as your grandmother--finding a
    camera with an uncanny power. And then I found out that Mikoto's mother,
    the folklorist's wife, died the very same wau Mom did.
      Mom was no match for the ghostly power of that camera. It drove her mad,
    and she had to leave this world. Now, if that camera is the same one
    Mikoto's mother had... ! Anyway, I don't know all the specifics, but I'm
    pretty sure that camera is strongly connected to the curse on this mansion.
      Kirie has been acting strangely ever since she met the young guest. I do
    not suppose she is attracted to him... ? If she becomes too deeply involved
    with this world because of him, she may lose her potential as a proper
    Shrine Maiden. We will have to do something, and quickly.
      We followed the master's orders and hid the guest. I told Kirie our guest
    had gone home. We will have to carry the body far, far away, so that Kirie
    never finds out. I felt sorry for the poor man, but what else could I do ?
    We priests must protect the Rope Shrine Maiden at all costs.
      I believe now that the master's decision was a poor one. Kirie has
    realized that we hid the guest.
      Kirie is depressed and anxious. The day of the ritual is fast
    approaching. I hope and pray everything goes well...!
      The ritual failed. The mansion is filled with the Malice. And that Malice
    has made the master lose his sanity. Who would have thought this Calamity
    would happen... ? It is all over now. There is no telling what will happen
    unless we find a way to close the gate before it opens completely !
      June 10th
      Mikoto really seems to like this mansion. She's playing Demon Tag here
    with her neighborhood friends again today. I guess a big mansion is the
    perfect place for kids to play. But for people in my sickly condition, it's
    a little bit too big...
      June 15th
      Today was a wonderful day. My husband, my daughter and I took a walk in
    the mountains. I'm feeling pretty good these days, and I was even able to
    walk quite a distance today.
      I had so much fun !
      June 24th
      Mikoto is missing. She said she was only going to play Demon Tag here in
    the mansion. I don't think she would have gone outside... She had that
    camera with her... None of Mikoto's four friend have come home, either.
    It's as if they've all been snatched up away by ghosts...
      June 27th
      It's been three days since Mikoto was snatched away from us. Everything
    has been so strange ! Ever since we moved to this mansion...
      Ever since we got that camera... If I lost my sanity now, too, I wouldn't
    have to think about it anymore. I could be free...
      I can see them... I can see them now even without the camera...
      Death Note
      Dear Ryozo, it's all my fault... It's all because I let Mikoto use the
    camera that day ! And now evil spirits have gone and taken her away from
    us... It's all my fault. I'm sorry.
      Isn't Mikoto ever going to come find me ? We're playing Demon Tag, and
    she's supposed to be the "Demon". Did she quit, maybe ? Hey, I wonder if
    Mikoto likes me ? If she ever comes and finds me, maybe I'll just ask her.
      Plot of My Next Work
           - Junsei Takamine
      A series of murders in a country village. Dead bodies turn up one after
    another. Murders that resemble cruel Shinto rituals of legend in the area.
    The acts of a man sworn to revenge, and the strange correlation between
    those acts and the folklore.
      The man is gradually more and more influenced by the legends. The work
    will be the story of this man, proceeding in parallel with the tales of the
    local lore. Records of the past discovered after an earthquake. The story
    gradually blurs the boundary between the present and the past.
      July 24th - About Himuro Mansion
      Himuro Mansion is known as the home of a large landowner that controlled
    this region. But they say it was originally the place a shrine was built
    for performing a certain Shinto ritual, passed down through the
      But the people of that time kept the ritual a deep, dark secret. They
    were even forbidden to speak its name aloud. Today, almost no accounts of
    the ritual exist, aside from a smattering of folklore legends.
      September 13th, 9:30 am
      We found Ogata's body. His head, hands, and feet were strangled off...
    What happened to him is just like the strange deaths that occurred here
    long ago.
      There was a photo of Ogata near him. In it, there was something that
    looked like ropes on his neck, arms, and legs.
      I wonder if it has anything to do with the Rope Shrine Maidens in the
    legends around here, the girls that had ropes tied to their necks, arms and
    legs, too...?
      September 13th, 12:10pm
      Tomoe is acting strangely. She's been mumbling nonsense all morning.
    Something about ropes... And mirrors... I can't blame her of going to
    pieces, though, after seeing what happened to Ogata.
      September 13th, 3:00 pm
      Tomoe's condition is getting worse and worse. She can't stop shaking, and
    she keeps mumbling the same word over and over. I don't know if what's
    happening is anything supernatural or not. But in any case, I think we'd
    better leave as soon as possible.
      Tomoe is in such bad shape, she can't even move. I guess I'll have to
    look for a way out of here myself. Even if we waited for help, I doubt
    anyone would ever come looking for us...
      September 14th, 10:00 am
      That woman that Tomoe called "Kirie" looks just like the descriptions of
    the Rope Shrine Maiden in the legends. And there's a strong resemblance,
    too, between the way Tomoe and Ogata died and the manner of the deaths in
    the folklore.
      So that woman is the Rope Shrine Maiden, is she...?
      September 14th, 8:00 pm
      In the materials Tomoe gathered for me, there's a paragraph about five
    pieces of mirror passed down through the Himuro family for the generations.
    These pieces were said to seal off the Hell Gate and protect the region
    from a great disaster. They might have something to do with the current
    hellish situation.
      Five Holy Mirrors in shrines around the area all broke in a small
    earthquake the other day. When I heard about it, it gave me the idea for
    this next work of mine. I think I brought a news article about it with me
    when I came here.
      It says there were only five Holy Mirrors in existence.
      But according to some legends, there is another--the True Holy Mirror.
    The folklorist also mentions this in his research documents, the ones I
    found here in the mansion. (I think I dropped the research documents
    somewhere when I was trying to escape that cursed woman.)
      Here are my theories. I think that the five mirrors that were destroyed
    in the earthquake the other day had the role of "watching over" the True
    Holy Mirror. I don't think it was the earthquake that broke the five Holy
    Mirrors in the shrines.
      I think it was a signal that the seal on the Hell Gate that the Himuro
    True Holy Mirror provides had broken for some reason. The five mirrors were
    trying to warn us.
      I'm about to go to the shrine deep within Himuro Mansion, where they say
    a piece of the True Holy Mirror is kept. The curse has already left its
    mark on my four limbs. There's no escaping it. About the only thing left
    now that I can do is try to reseal the Hell Gate. It's my last hope.
      I've already found four of the Buddha statues I need to get a piece of
    the mirror. And I've managed to find an old document that tells of the
    location of the fifth statue.
     "Make observance to the Buddha," At the base of the large gate, "So that
    the souls of the piteous maidens", "Can reach up to the heavens."
      If all goes well, no one will ever have to read these notes, and I can
    use them toward the content of my next book. In closing, I would like to
    thank my assistant and my partner, Tomoe Hirasaka.
      If it weren't for the words she left with me, I wouldn't have been able
    to complete this, my final work. If I don't return, please give her a
    decent burial.
      Signed, Junsei Takamine,
      September 15th.
      August 20th
      It seems a folklorist named Ryozo munakata was studying about the various
    rituals passed down at Himuro Mansion. He supposedly left a book of
    research, but I can't find it anywhere. I wonder if there's a copy in a
    library somewhere ?
      August 30th
      I still can't find the book. I'll have Koji Ogata from the editing
    department do a search for it. I doubt he'll be able to find it, though.
      August 27th
      The more I find out about Himuro Mansion, the creepier it gets. I'm sure
    it's the perfect subject matter for Mr. Takamine's next book, but, to be
    perfectly honest, I don't like this assignment one bit. It gives me a bad
      There's no way I want to go to that mansion. But it's my job, right ? I
    guess I'll have to go. And I wouldn't want to waste the chance to work with
    Mr. Takamine just because of a little bit of uneasiness, either.
      It doesn't help I have this sixth sense for the supernatural, either.
    There's such a thing as knowing TOO much, sometimes...
      September 10th, 8:00 pm
      I clearly saw the image of a woman, in front of the mirror near the
    entrance. She had long hair and a white kimono. There were ropes tied her
    arms and legs, and she dragged them along when she walked. I think I heard
    Koji talk about something like that, too.
      There's something VERY wrong about this mansion.
      September 11th, 6:30 am
      I saw that woman in the white kimono again. She's trying to tell me
    something. She knows I have this special sense for ghostly things... The
    woman's name is... Kirie. So, it's Kirie, huh ?
      I shouldn't get any closer than this. I don't want to get any closer...
    I'm scared.
      September 12th, 1:45 pm
      My sixth sense is telling me some children are playing here. I can't see
    them, but they keep calling to me. Are they playing tag ? Or hide-and-seek,
    maybe ? They might be the children in that photo.
      September 12th, 4:30
      There were human heads in that room... so many of them ! They were cut
    off by the Himuro family master... They were all trying to tell me
      I never should have come here. I should have trusted that sixth sense of
      The mirror is breaking... Smash ! A broken mirror... People on the floor,
    all over the mansion. So many people. All those people ! What are they
    running from ? And then at the end, with such desperate looks on their
      Something's coming this way ! From deep within the mansion... A
    coldness... It's colder than anything I've ever felt ! I don't know anymore
    if this is a dream or real...
      A little girl in a white kimono keeps pleading to me. I can't keep my
    mind focused, but her voice rings my head and won't leave. But what does
    she want me to do for her ? I can't even get out of this mansion anymore...
      Broken, Five pieces...
      The mirror...!
      Tell Mr. Takamine...
      ...the way to break the curse...
      August 20th
      Mr. Takamine needs some background material for his next work. There's a
    book about Himuro Mansion by a certain folklorist, and I'm supposed to look
    for it. A book about Shinto rituals and legends from every part of the
      Author : Ryozo Munataka.
      Title : Unknown.
      August 22nd
      I can't find the book, but I did some checking on the folklorist. I found
    out he moved into Himuro Mansion to do research on it. But after some
    certain event, he and his whole family disappeared.
      I couldn't find the book, but I found a news article from that period
    about it. It's a small missing-persons story, but it might be helpful as
    background material.
      September 10th, 11:00 am
      It looks like the earthquake last month and the murders in that village
    have something to do with Himuro Mansion. This stuff is probably all going
    into Mr. Takamine's next book. He really seems to be into this subject
    matter ! His output rate should be good.
      September 10th, 4:00 am
      The entrance door is broken.
      When in the world did that happen ? It won't open. I'll have to find
    another way out.
      September 11th
      I haven't been feeling well since two nights ago. Actually, it's more
    like ever since Tomoe took my picture... What in the world does the rope in
    this photo mean, I wonder ?
      September 12th
      Now there's another rope !
      And another rope...!
      September 10th, 1:10 pm
      There seem to be a few devices in this mansion that are engraved with old
    characters. When I asked Mr. Takamine about them, he said they correspond
    to numbers. I understand the first few.
      They're the old characters of the numbers 0 though 3. But I don't get the
      They're characters that have the same readings as 4 though 9, but mean
    something different.
      (The characters are shown here.)
      I guess each one has a special meaning. I'll figure out the rest later.
                                  S C R A P S
      Bury the Rope Maiden's spirit.
      Place the five Buddhas with her damaged limbs.
      Give thanks to the five gods' protection.
      Place the stone, representing the five mirrors, in the correct location.
      Show the maiden no mercy.
      Cast the rope on her limbs from right arm, then the other.
      From the right foot, then the other.
      On the 26th day of the 11th month, in preparation for the Strangling
    Ritual 10 years later, choose a maiden with holy power.
      She should be past the age of 7 years, 9 months, and 25 days.
      On the 13th day of the 12th month, a maiden, cut off from the outside
    world for 3669 long days, shall be torn apart to provide power to the rope.
      In the year 1837, on the 13th day of the 12th month--
      The Strangling Ritual failed and caused the Calamity.
      Malice escaped, and 1347 souls were lost.
      The gate is the entrance to the land of the dead. It has been feared and
    revered since ancient times. If the gate's seal fails, the Calamity will
    occur, and the Malice will pour out from hell.
      The souls of those touched by the Malice are bound to this world and
    cannot be saved.
      We must prevent the Calamity at all cost. That is the duty of the Himuro
      No document records the history of the gate in the mansion's basement.
    The Himuros have been given the duty of protecting the gate. They built a
    shrine on this land and performed the "Rope Ritual".
      We must prevent the Calamity at all cost. That is the duty of the Himuro
      The mirror, blessed with the five gods' protection, repels disaster. When
    the gate opens, stand before the "mirror rock", which is in front of the
    gate, and point the mirror at the gate, then seal it with the maiden's
    rope. All elements mentioned above must be present for the ritual to
      We must prevent the Calamity at all cost. That is the god-given duty of
    the Himuro family.
      Secret Rituals of the Himuro Family.
      Many rituals and customs have been passed down through generations of the
    Himuro Family. Most of them are lost. The only things we have left now are
    some documents that record these rituals as a legend.
      Hardly any of the oral history remains. This is because all Himuro family
    members are dead, and those who were close to the family have kept quiet
    about the ritual.
      One ritual in particular, performed on December 13th, is shrouded in
    mystery. People who lived near the mansion stayed inside on that particular
    day, and even now, it is considered bad luck to leave the windows open on
    that date.
      I can only assume that this is due to the cruel nature of the ritual, but
    the truth remains unknown.
      The Mystery of the Rope Maiden
      Among the few documents found on the ritual, mention of the "Rope Shrine
    Maiden" is made many times. Her arms, legs, and neck are bound by five
      However, no documents discuss the role she plays in the ritual.
      One theory is that she is a sacrificial lamb, but I find it hard to
    believe that such a cruel ritual was practiced.
      The Disaster Called the Calamity
      Long ago, great tragedy struck this region. One legend calls this event
    "The Calamity", but reveals no detail regarding the disaster which
      A brief description of the event is as follows : "The mirrors, kept in
    the five shrines broke, and the dead returned from hell." I wonder what
    sort of disaster it must have been, because the passage can't be literal.
      The Legend of the Holy Mirrors
     (The Mirrors of the Five Gods)
      The Holy Mirrors, held in five shrines in this region, are most commonly
    known as "the Mirrors of the Five Gods". The legend tells that the five
    gods, before leaving this land, created these mirrors as a means of
    protecting the village.
      Some legends mention another mirror. The story is that all five mirrors
    were used together in a ritual to fend off a huge disaster (whether this
    was the Calamity or not is not known.)
      It is not known whether the ritual mentioned above is related in any way
    to the one performed by the Himuro family, but there is the correlation of
    the mirrors.
      However, the actual existence of the legendary Holy Mirror, one complete
    mirror, has not been confirmed, and it is not known what the legend is
    based on.
      The Ritual Masks And Their Meaning
      In the Himuro rituals, masks play a very important role. One of them is
    called the Blinding Mask, which is used in the Demon Tag Ritual. Two stakes
    pierce through the eyes of the Blinding Mask. It is used in the Demon Tag
    Ritual as a blindfold.
      The legend goes, "While the demon is blindfolded, enter the rope altar
    and perform the ritual." This might mean that the Blinding Mask is a key to
    the rope altar.
      Mask of Reflection.
      The mask worn by the Himuro family master is called the "Mask of
    Reflection." The legend goes, "It can become the face of an angel or a
    demon," meaning its facial expression reflects the nature of the one who is
    wearing the mask.
      Inside Himuro Mansion is the Mask Room, where all the masks used for the
    rituals are kept, and the Mask of Reflection serves as its key. The
    document mentioned that the mask, when worn by the master, turned into the
    face of a demon at the last ritual.
      The Masks and Their Significance in Rituals
      The Blinding Ritual and the Demon Tag Ritual are performed by the Himuro
    family master.
      The master wears a mask when he performs the ritual. This is probably to
    eliminate the maiden of all wordly connections.
      All participants of the ritual are family members.
      Meaning, "The one who is sacrificed and the one who performs the
    sacrifice" may be directly related.
      My theory is that the mask serves to eliminate the maiden's attachment
    toward her family. Gouging out the eyes of the demon in the Blind Demon
    Ritual may have similar meaning.
      Moon Shrine
      The small shrine in the atrium of Himuro Mansion is called the Moon
    Shrine. It enshrines the maidens who were sacrificed in rituals. Inside the
    Moon Shrine is an empty well called the Moon Well. The moonlight shines
    down to the bottom on the night of the ritual.
      The Rope Shrine Maiden is supposed to purify her body with moonlight at
    the bottom of the well. The bottom of the well is connected to the
    basement, and only the Maiden uses this path to reach the basement.
      According to the legend, the first Rope Maiden was buried in the Moon
    Shrine. However, nobody or documents were found inside. I wonder where the
    first Rope Maiden has been enshrined...
      The Mystery of the Cabinet and The Moon Well
      The Moon Well, inside the Moon Shrine, is hidden with a trick mechanism.
    The cabinet moves and opens up the entrance to the Moon Well when a certain
    routine has been performed, but I have no idea how this is done.
      There is only a vague description of the trick device. "Acquire the
    symbols from the four rope-pullers, and show the Himuro family master's
      This must mean that opening the door requires the symbols carried by the
    four priests participating in the ceremony, and the Himuro family master's
    seal. However, now that the family has ceased to exist, there is no way of
    knowing how to acquire either ther symbols or the seal.
      The earthquake the other day destroyed all five mirrors (the Holy
    Mirrors) which were artifacts kept for the centuries in the five shrines.
    These mirrors represent the five gods' protection over this region.
      Most commonly known for the "Five Gods Festival" held every 10 years,
    when all five mirrors gather in one shrine.
      The priests of the shrine hope that this isn't a bad omen.
      Late yesterday, a human body with no limbs was found in Himuro Mountain,
    located in the southern region of the prefecture. The body's hands, feet,
    and head were all torn off. The police is investigating the case as both a
    murder and accident.
      The body has not been identified, but it is believed to be a man around
    the age of 30. The police is also taking into consideration the fact that a
    body, mutilated in the same manner, was found in the same location 15 years
      There was a report yesterday that a star novelist, Junsei Takamine (age
    42), has been missing since the 8th of this month.
      Mr. Takamine's assistant, Tomoe Hirasaka, and his editor, Koji Ogata, are
    also missing.
      Mr. Takamine last made a phone call to his publishers on September 8th,
    regarding his research trip, and has not been heard from for 14 days. The
    publishers first assumed that the research was taking longer than expected,
    but since there were no calls from Mr. Ogata, they decided to file a
    missing person's report.
      On the night of 3rd, the police received a report that four children
    failed to return home after 9pm. There is an old superstition in the
    surrounding villages about children being snatched away by ghosts, and some
    villagers indeed suspect that this is what has happened to the four kids.
      The girl who has been missing for three days in the Himuro Mountain area,
    and rumoured to have been snatched away by ghosts, has been found by a
    local man. She is fatigued, but in good health. The police plan to wait for
    her recovery and ask her about the other three children.
      The girl's parents have also been missing the day after her
      The police is looking for a foster home for that girl.
      The girl, who has been found after three days of mysterious
    disappearance, has been adopted. Mr. Hinasaki, a close friend of Mr. Ryozo
    Munataka (also missing) will adopt the girl.
      The girl's parents were missing even after she returned, so the police
    was looking for a foster home or adoptive family. The girl does not
    remember anything from her disappearance, and the three other children are
    still missing.
                                 P H O T O S
    - Huge Altar
      Atrium shrine door photo.
      It shows something like a huge altar.
    - Mask on the Pillar
      Hidden passage door photo. There's a mask hanging on the pillar.
    - Shinto Gate in Photo
      Photo of Junsei Takamine's ghost. It shows a Shinto gate on a path.
    - Storehouse
      Door in Candle Room. It shows someplace with a row of chests.
    - Japanese Doll Shelf
      Atrium porch door. It shows a shelf with a row of dolls.
    - Foot of Staircase
      Staircase hall door photo. It shows the foot of some staircase.
    - Waterwheel in Photo
      Atrium porch door. The photo shows something like a waterwheel.
    - Girl pulled into Well
      Backyard well. A girl is being pulled in by a spirit.
    - Stone on the Well
      Well photo. There's a stone on the edge of the well.
    - Stone Burial Mound
      Door in connecting corridor. A pile os stones. A burial mound ?
    - Row of Candlesticks
      Photo of row of red and white candles. Only red candles are lit.
    - Girl pulled through Door
      Doll Room door. Girl in red kimono being pulled through be spirit.
    - Boy pulled into Clock
      Broken clock in Fireplace Room. Boy is being pulled into a clock.
    - Key in the Photo
      A photo of the library safe. A key shows in the photo.
    - Light through Crevice
      Second floor hallway door photo. It shows some crevice somewhere.
    - On the Beam
      Fireplace Room second floor door. Something in on top of the beam.
    - Rubbish Heap in Photo
      Photo of Rubble Room door.
      It shows a trash pile near the door.
    - Some Stone Monument
      Door of square garden walkway.
      A stone monument in square garden.
    - Row of Japanese Dolls
      Ghost of the Folklorist's wife. It shows a row of Japanese dolls.
    - Lit Garden lantern
      The garden lantern that wasn't lit. It appears lit in the photo.
    - Ornamental Lion Mask
      A photo of a mirror stand. It shows an ornamental lion mask.
    - Stone Monument in Photo
      Left side of cabinet. Some stone monument shows in the photo.
    - Stone Burial Mound
      Photo of the back of the cabinet.
      Pile of stones, like a burial mound.
    - Huge Stone Monument
      In front of cabinet. Looks like a huge stone monument in the photo.
    - Gravestone in Photo
      Right side of cabinet. Some gravestone somewhere shows in photo.
    - Photo of Character?
      Ghost of priest of square garden.
      Looks like a strange letter.
    - Photo of Character?
      Photo of the ghost of backyard priest, with a strange letter.
    - Photo of Character?
      Photo of the ghost of burial mound priest, with a strange letter.
    - Photo of Character?
      Photo of the ghost of the atrium priest, with a strange letter.
    - Furious-looking Mask
      Photo of entrance wall decoration. It shows a furious-looking mask.
    - Demon Tag Scroll
      Wall of room with row of dolls. Scroll with a Demon Tag picture.
    - Editor's Photo
      A photo of the editor, Ogata.
      Rope shows on neck, arms, legs.
    - Demon Tag Girls photo
      Photo of girls playing Demon Tag. Somebody shows behind the girls.
    - Family Photo
      A photo of the folklorist's wife, Yae, and their daughter, Mikoto.
    - Kirie Photo
      Photo of folklorist's daughter, Mikoto, and girl in white kimono.
      13.  E X T R A  S E C T I O N
       R E V I E W
      Want to test your bravery ? Fatal Frame is your choice !
      I have just purchased this game after returning another disappointing
    game. At that time, I wasn't sure if Fatal Frame could have satisfied me or
    not. So I didn't hope too much at this game. But once I tried it, I have
    realized what was the real horror. This game seemed vulgar at first look,
    but now I think it's not vulgar anyway. "The scariest game ever..." - I
    agree with that idea. Fatal Frame, not only its first look, but its
    gameplay characteristics aare vulgar and simple as well. But you couldn't
    describe the true feeling when playing it if you didn't play it. This game
    was advertised to be a survival horror game like Silent Hill's style, but
    when you play it, I think you'll find its own style. I have played the game
    and I don't feel any sense of Silent Hill. It's completely different. The
    official horror of Silent Hill is not the same with the mystical horror of
    Fatal Frame. That's my opinion, and I don't agree with those who say that
    Fatal Frame is Silent Hill's clone. Besides, I also see that Fatal Frame is
    a great game about graphic. Let's analyze it step-to-step :
      Gameplay 9/10
      It has been a long time since I last saw a game with pretty high
    gameplay: Devil May Cry. But now Fatal Frame has appeared to show me that
    there's still something interesting in my game world. I'm a gamer who likes
    to try my bravery with horror games, and I have done this tons of times
    with Resident Evil series, Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill series. And
    now my collection is added with Fatal Frame. As I said above, Fatal Frame
    has an own style of survival horror. The more I try it, the more I am
    attracted to the mystical story of the game, along with the fear of ghosts
    and demons. Although I love horror games, I am myself not very brave
    against ghosts. But all my fears are wiped out when playing this game, no
    matter how terrible the ghosts look. The horrors come when you suddenly see
    ghosts passing, or they appear just in front of you when you are opening
    door, or they pursue behind you... Various kinds of horrors are all
    gathered in this game. Sometimes it's just a shaking object when you walk
    past it, which is enough to scare or startle some players. Along with this,
    you can also hear the plaintive cries of the ghosts who need your helps, as
    they have ever been living, which increases the horror of the game. Most of
    the ghosts are related to the storyline, so they often leave clues whenever
    they pass over you, which pulls out your curiosity though. It's hard to
    describe the feeling to play this game. I just want to replay the game to
    find out if I were still scared. And I'll do it. Besides, Fatal Frame was
    also done along with secrets and sidequests. You find and do sidequests to
    grab extra stuffs and extra ghosts to fulfill your ghost collection. You
    can unlock new modes and secrets after beating something. That means it
    make you have more reasons to replay the game, but in the new environment
    of the secrets you have unlocked. In addition, the design and images of
    this game are pretty good-looking : the colours are clear and true, while
    the images and menu screen design are very good, which attracts my eyes
      Storyline 10/10
      At first, Fatal Frame's storyline was said to base on a true story
    happened in Japan. This has proved for us the creation of the authors to
    make a fantastic game like this on a base of a true story. In my opinion,
    this "true story" is not bad compared to Resident Evil series or Koudelka,
    because of its mystery, its logical events and finally, there are still
    some puzzling events for us players to think of the solutions by ourselves.
    That means the author has made the story not only to make the game more
    exciting, but also challenge us players and give us some lesson as well,
    just like Silent Hill's storyline gives you different choices in life by
    the different endings. The whole story is covered by the mystery of Himuro
    Mansion and strange bloody rituals in which a woman was killed to be
    sacrificed. It was truly a sudden that the ghost of that woman was very
    your ultimate boss and you are guided to her by very your brother. Then
    those whose deaths are related to the rituals, all became ghosts who haunts
    the Himuro mansion and... you. Most parts of the storyline are not shown
    clearly, as you learnt them from files. But that's so enough for you to
    recall the horrible events happened. I really like this story. Good job,
    Tecmo !
      Characters 9/10
      The characters' designs in Fatal Frame are good-looking and pretty
    lively. But the faces of some female characters are fairly similar, and
    Mafuyu looks so feminile. They are the weak points of this game's drawing.
    But in general, it's good. Kirie's design is really cool to me !
      Battle System 9/10
      This battle is so called simple, but unique : Your life is measured by a
    lifebar, and your only weapon is a magical camera.  I say "unique", because
    have you ever thought that a camera could be a weapon before playing this
    game ? Besides, the idea to use various type of films as "ammunition" is
    strange and interesting though. Ghosts - your enemies - are afraid of flash
    light, and you use cameras to get rid of them. Besides the function to
    battle, the camera can be used to take shots of wandering ghosts to fill up
    your ghost collection. Is that fun ? This also partly increases the quality
    of gameplay. About your camera, you can also level it up and enhance it
    like you do with the weapons in common RPGs. You can even cause "status
    abnormalities" on ghosts with your lovely camera. So funny right ? In spite
    of simple battle system, that doesn't mean this game is "kidding" like some
    people say. You may think that the given lifebar is too spare to die. But
    let's try with some more attacking ghosts, you'll realize that even the
    simplest ghost can kill you though. One of their attacks can take at least
    1/4 your lifebar. That's AT LEAST. Well, want to try ?
      Enemies 9/10
      One of the reason why I'm fond of Fatal Frame, cuz it's one of the rare
    game whose enemies are traditional ghosts : the spirits risen from the dead
    people, especially those who have got unclean deaths. This kind of enemies
    is very familiar with us in tales. But it's hard to show this invisible
    enemy on game. But Fatal Frame has succeeded in doing it, and these enemies
    became very lively and scary in the game. Ghosts in other games I have ever
    played don't scare me even a little, but it seems that the ghosts in Fatal
    Frame has been able to do that. Besides, Tecmo was talented to decide the
    main ghosts to be very the characters involved in the story, along with
    some random ghosts of the mansion, then partly build up the great
      Scare Level 10/10
      Yeah, it's the scariest game ever... I agree with that review. Before
    trying Fatal Frame, I did think that Silent Hill series may be the scariest
    game in the game world. But once I play Fatal Frame, I know that Silent
    Hill has no match with Fatal Frame about scare level. Although both Fatal
    Frame and Silent Hill were created from the dark background and frustrating
    enemies, Silent Hill's mystery can't be compared to Fatal Frame's. The
    fantasy in Silent Hill is realistic and modern, but the one in Fatal Frame
    is mysterious and belongs to old time. Mystery is always my favourite style
    of games, so then Fatal Frame must attract me more. The startling you get
    in in Silent Hill, I assure, is not as tough as the one you take from Fatal
    Frame. Don't believe ? Just try it. In Fatal Frame, even a child ghost who
    doesn't look any horrible can scare you though, and sometimes that one who
    scares you can be Miku's brother too (Don't understand ? Just play the
      Graphic 10/10
      This is one of the best things I saw from Fatal Frame. I have already
    known the fact that Playstation2 console is worse than GameCube and Xbox at
    the full anti-aliasing ability. But look at Fatal Frame, and show me where
    the aliasing is. I have never thought that an average company like Tecmo
    could create a clear and beautiful game like that. The graphic and the
    sceneries are very nice and bright. The characters, Mafuyu, Miku, and even
    long-haired Kirie, are drawn very sharply and lively, and there's almost no
    aliasing or hard drawing on them, and so are their actions. We mostly
    control Miku during the game, and I can see how lively she is : Whenever
    you face ghosts or you pass some objects, Miku automatically turns her head
    and pays attention to them like real person does. When she gets hurt too
    much, she breaths quickly with the injury, and walks more slowly. The
    characters in Fatal Frame don't look inconsiderate and dispirited like the
    ones in some other games. The sceneries are perfect, and I have nothing to
    approve about the graphic of this game. The colours are mixed very
    suitably, creating the horror but beautiful backgrounds. I think Fatal
    Frame's graphic is even more realistic than the "fancy" Final Fantasy X.
    Final Fantasy X is just beautiful, but not very realistic, while Fatal
    Frame is not only lively but also beautiful enough. The characters in Final
    Fantasy X still have a long way to go to become as lively and realistic as
    the ones in Fatal Frame. I do feel Deception III's sense in Fatal Frame,
    but I couldn't believe that Fatal Frame has made a far jump like this,
    especially the graphic. Deception III's graphic was not very good and it
    has no match with Fatal Frame's, but now Fatal Frame has satisfied me more
    than I expected. Besides, the mansion design in Fatal Frame is also very
    cool and mysterious, as great as Resident Evil or Devil May Cry, or even
    better about mystery level.
      Sound 9/10
      The sound in this game is not so excellent as Resident Evil's, but great
    and realistic enough to create the survival horror. The sounds of footsteps
    and devices are correct, lively and various. Your footsteps' sounds usually
    change in different areas, depending on the what the floors are made of.
    The starting music sounds good too. That's so great to me. But what I adore
    most is the way Tecmo creates the sounds. In other survival games I have
    played, the horrors can be expressed by many ways, mostly background music
    and the monsters' footsteps. But in Fatal Frame, background music is not
    the main reason of horror, and the enemies' footsteps are completely not
    (Ghosts can't make sound on footsteps). The cries of dead spirits, the
    anger of ghosts, the curses of the characters, etc covering the mansion are
    the elements creating the horror. Some ghosts may not scare you, but their
    cries may, among the dark background. Whenever you face a ghost, a noisy
    and terrible sound suddenly appears that increases the scare too. One of
    the things I like of Fatal Frame's sound system is the voice though. The
    voice actors and actresses have performed very well. The narrations of the
    characters are expressed pretty clearly and beautifully. The English
    speaking of the actors/actresses are truly standard.
      Secrets 9/10
      At least, the secrets in Fatal Frame are not stupid like some of the ones
    I saw in some other games. You can get extra stuffs and even capture extra
    ghosts, which you do not often pay attention to in the first try. Then once
    you complete the game once, you unlock a new costume, a battle mini-game
    and harder mode, and you can have choice to start the game with the stuffs
    you have collected in the first try. I think that's so enough for a game
    like Fatal Frame.
      Replay Value 8/10
      As I told you, you are never true Fatal Frame player if you have just
    completed the game once. As I wrote in the "Secrets" part, you should test
    your skills in a different environment, and try your effort in a harder
    mode. And besides, sweep all the subquests, items and ghosts during the
    game to become the expert of Fatal Frame. There you have more reasons to
    replay this game, and it's completely worth.
      Fatal Frame is a great masterpiece of Tecmo, made for Playstation2
    system. The game belongs to Adventure/Survival Horror genre. It'll give you
    many funs as well as fears during the adventure, as many previewers have
    said : "The scariest game ever...". That's a correct idea. I can make sure
    to you that many people I know have despised Silent Hill to be kidding, but
    their fears have to wake up when they play Fatal Frame, and it's true.
    Let's take control of the Hinasaki brother and sister and find out the true
    fear of Fatal Frame.
    - Has high scare level and can cause very high fear.
    - Excellent storyline and events.
    - Unique and good battle system.
    - Graphic is very impressive and realistic.
    - Cool mansion design.
    - Sounds are lively and be able to cause fear effect.
    - Good secrets and extra subquests.
    - Pretty high replay value.
    - There should be more places to visit :)
      Gameplay : 9
      Storyline : 10
      Characters : 9
      Battle System : 9
      Enemies : 9
      Scare Level : 10
      Graphic : 10
      Sound : 9
      Secrets : 9
      Replay Value : 8
      Overall Score : 9/10 (not an average)
      Overall sentence : Fatal Frame is the game that determines your true
      C O N T A C T  I N F O
      If you have anything needed to talk to me, just email me at
     *Things you can do :
    - Send emails to ask questions about the game that are not answered clearly
    in the FAQ. The questions must be : Not answered in the guide, or at least
    not answered CLEARLY in the guide. Why do I have to remark this point ?
    Recently, I've got an email from a reader, blaming me that my guide didn't
    mention about an important episode in the game. But I did write that part
    in another section which it truly belongs to. Then he was sorry that he
    hadn't checked that section, he had attempted to the walkthrough only. So
    that's it. I remind you should check the guide carefully for what you need,
    before emailing me.
    - Chat with me politely.
    - Need help on playing game.
    - If you can, please drop a line saying how good my guide is. I really need
    your critics (^_^)
     *Things you SHOULDN'T do :
    - Send me emails written in foreign languages which are not English or
    Vietnamese. Sorry that I don't know any more languages besides English. I
    can write smoothly in English or Vietnamese. I have received many emails
    that asked me in other languages that I can't answer. I really apologize
    for those I haven't replied because of this reason, and notice about this.
    Thank you for your sympathizing.
    - Ask me about Game Shark Codes. For me, using Game Shark Codes is not any
    fair. I never use Game Shark Codes to play games. You can ask me about the
    cheats of the game ITSELF. But restrict asking me about Game Shark Codes or
    codes accessed by extra hardware. I know nothing about them.
     *Things you MUSTN'T do :
    - Send flaming, hate emails, or advertisements.
    - Send viruses.
    - Talk about stupid topics. I hate those.
      I thank you very much if you can do those rules. Please sympathize me if
    I have made you unpleasant.
      Well, you can refer to other works of mine at :
      Mysticcat Contributor Page
      14.  C R E D I T S / S P E C I A L  T H A N K S
      I'd like to send my special thanks to those who have helped me to make
    this FAQ/Walkthrough. Thanks to :
     + Tecmo - for developing and publishing this game Fatal Frame.
     + Joe Williams - your walkthrough has helped me to get through this
    interesting game. Their helps are great ! Please take a look at his guide
    at www.gamefaqs.com.
     + NuConcept - your Ghost List has helped to refill mine with missing and
    secret ghosts.
     + Jeff "CJayC" Veasay - for creating a great gaming site and posting my
    guides to your site. Thank you for accepting to post my continuous updates
    although I have bothered you a lot. Big big thanks to you, CJayC.
     + All webmasters who have published my guides legally - for giving up my
    guide to gamers.
    - GameFAQs message board members - for helping me to play the game and
    replying my problems. They are all very cool !
    - All readers who have read this guide and have ideas about my guide - for
    sparing your time to take a look at my FAQ and having ideas/contributions
    to make it better.
      Again, thanks everybody.
                                   THE END
                    This is "Fatal Frame" FAQ/Walkthrough
                  owned by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat".
                        (c) 2002 All Right Reserved.

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