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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by IcyFlamez

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    Fatal Frame No Spoiler Walkthrough/Speed Guide
    by IcyFlamez
    version 1.1
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    a) Quick faq
    II. Guide
    III. Contact
    IV. Version history
    V. Copyright notice
    I. Introduction
    Fatal Frame is one of those games where exploring is key, and in turn 
    exploring will reward you generously by giving you pieces of the story, more
    items, more spirit points (allows you to upgrade). However, with this comes
    frustration, if not due to just some ghosts but some things are well hidden.
    It is also one of those games where you are timed (in the sense the game clocks
    the amount of time you put into the game) and gives you a rank. This is what
    this guide will do - give you a basic outline for both types of people. If you
    are a first time player and want to just know where to go for key things and
    explore yourself and get all the spirit points you want, find all the items
    yourself, be surprised by all ghosts and everything like that, or if you have
    played it before and just want to know key points to do a quick playthrough or
    the like. That being said, this lists no hidden ghosts (unless absolutely
    required to pass), no items, no scraps, no clues, nothing about the story.
    It doesn't even list attacking ghosts. This is for a few reasons, if you've
    played you probably know how to beat them or know where to find them, they
    appear randomly and there are tons of other resources abailable to find out
    how to beat them.
    I've seen people beat the game under an hour, I have never been able to do
    that. My best time is 2 hours 30 minutes. 
    This should work for both xbox and ps2 versions.
    A) Quick faq
    Q: Why such a barebones walkthrough?
    A: When I first played there was no walkthrough that didn't have spoilers or
    let me explore myself, which sucked, because quite frankly if I'm stuck at one
    part, I just want a solution for that. I don't want to be hand fed what will
    happen or where exactly to go for one item, especially in a game like this or
    osilent hill. I hope that you think the same way, it is the best experience in
    in the world to go through a whole survival horror game without any guidance
    with puzzles or anything and nothing being spoiled to you, but everyone gets
    stuck at one point or another.
    Q: Are you going to do the other 4 games?
    A: Probably eventually. My PS2 is broken right now and I need a new laser
    assembly if I want to do the third. If you want to donate, I accept paypal hehe
    Q: I can't beat a ghost, have any quick tips?
    A: Wait until your charge is full, get as many core or special shots
    as you can, upgrade your camera
    Q: I need help with sliding tile puzzles, can you make videos?
    A: No, I don't have any way to capture video anymore, but there are other
    videos out there for the same intent.
    Q: Are you going to do similar guides with other games like silent hill or
    resident evil?
    A: I will probably do the silent hill games up to origins at one point (I
    still have yet to beat 5, actually) and probably won't do Resident Evil games,
    I never beat one before and I think they are kind of boring/too hokey.
    Q: I'm a first time player and I keep dying and I'm stuck on a night. What
    should I do?
    A: Hold onto a stone as often as you can, upgrade your camera. It took me 3
    restarts the first time I played because I kept dying and using up all my
    health items which is why I can type up to calamity by heart.
    Q: I hate blinded and broken neck.
    A: Yeah, me too.
    Part I
    -Go up porch, through the only door you can.
    -Go forward, take a right and through the door
    -Go up the stairs in this room, pick up the item in the middle of the
    floor (battle)
    -Go back to hallway (cutscene)
    Night I
    -Go to the room with the stairs you were just at
    -Go up the stairs, try to open the door
    -Go down the stairs, take a picture of the thing next to the stairs
    -Go through the new door, go down the hallway and to the door on the left
    -Look in the closet, get item
    -Go to the door that is open with the kimono and pick up item in room (battle)
    -Take a picture of area next to chest
    -Go back to the room with the stairs, get red handmirror
    -Go back to kimono room, put the handmirror on the chest, get items (battle)
    -Go back to main room with stairs, go up stairs and unlock door
    -Go to the back of this room and through the door
    -Go down the stairs (battle)
    -Go to northernmost room
    -Take a picture of talisman on the door
    -Go back to previous hallway, go to door with the keypad. 1312.
    -Take a picture of the back
    -Go back to room with talisman, go through the door. In the porch take a
    picture of both doors
    -Go to the open area and to the back door (abyss)
    -Take a picture of the unlit lantern, take a picture of the waterwheel
    -Go to the door near the burial room and enter.
    -Take a picture of the child in corner (battle)
    -Go outside to porch area (battle)
    -Go to the other door, get lighter.
    -Go to abyss and light the lantern, get item.
    -Go back to the previous door, go to the back and to the door
    -Go inside (battle). 3669 is code for door inside.
    -Go to the garden (battle)
    -Go through back, up the steps, do puzzle *enter puzzle answer*
    -Cutscene. Go outside (battle)
    -Go to newly revealed area (near steps) get item
    -Go inside, go to altar, do puzzle (head at top, left arm left to head, right
    arm right to head, right leg at bottom right, left leg at bottom left)
    -Get caught by ghost.
    Night II
    -Take picture of wall
    -Go to the abyss, and get carving at end of "bridge"
    -Go to fish tank room, 2611 code for door
    -Get carving on well
    -Go to rubble room
    -2 door puzzles
    -Go to bottom center, check out stone next to huge door (battle, get item)
    -Go to burial room to altar with candles, get candles 4 2 5 4
    -Go to the children room, put tag on wall
    -Head to the main room with the stairs (battle)
    -Go up stairs, take picture of door, go near entrance hallway, take
    picture of hidden ghost
    -Go to entrance, take picture of opposite side
    -Go through new unlocked door, go through library take picture of safe
    -Go to door across from library, go to end of hallway (battle probably)
    -Take picture of door, go down stairs, go to side with crevace, capture
    hidden ghost.
    -Go through the door, (cutscene), get key
    -Go to library, unlock safe
    -Follow ghost to observatory (cutscene)
    -Head to cherry atrium (battle)
    -Head to doll room (puzzle), select doll in top right corner, then go to other
    side of room and put the new doll there
    -Head to entrance, put angry mask on and go through sliding door, take it
    off once there
    -Go to the side of that hallway with mask on the end, take it down, go to
    other door go inside, take mask down
    -Go onto the center elevated and check out the mask (battle)
    -Take mask down, go through other door in the room. Go to center of
    garden and pick up carving
    -Go to door and do sliding puzzle, go to altar and pick up mask (battle)
    -Go back to mask room and put all masks on the pillar
    -Go outside to hidden pass, take down mask of reflection, go through
    new unlocked door pick up blinding mask
    -Go back to the hidden pass, get to demon mouth, (battle)
    -Check out area near door (battle)
    -Put blinding mask on area, try go through door
    -Get caught by ghost
    Night III
    -Go through door, end to tunnel (required battle here) and look through hole
    -Go to long hallway to rubbel room (battle)
    -Take picture of door, find area in that room to catch ghost go out
    -Go to buddha room, get rope, put on right arm, left arm, right foot left
    foot, get carving (battle)
    -Go to moon shrine (in atrium) and do sliding puzzle
    -Go up to altar and check out, take picture of all sides when you can
    -Go to atrium, abyss, square garden and backyard for battles
    -Go back to shrine, counterclockwise and press in 1 2 3 4th button
    -Take picture of altar and footprints will appear
    -Go to grand hall (the huge room with all the sliding doors) (battle)
    -Go to moonshrine, place scroll at foot, go down hole
    -Pick up mirror (cutscene)
    Final Night
    -Get sheet music, play on intrument on floor
    -Go up the stairs look in the hole in the floor (battle)
    -Go further look on the hole in side of the wall
    -Go through door, make your way to the only other door you can get
    through (cutscene)
    -Go in cage, get hairpin, go out
    -Run through the door, down stairs, out the door (don't get caught)
    -Go to moon shrine and down the hole, go where mirror piece was and put
    hairpin to unlock door (recommended you pick up items, especially film if
    you are low in high strength and save)
    -Battle in next few rooms
    -Go to end of the long room and put mirror in the stone (battle)
    -Grab mirror (don't get caught) and put in
    -Cutscene, credits, congratulations!
    You can contact me at etiucb@gmail.com about anything.
    Sometimes it takes a while for me to respond to emails.
    I appreciate any errors/mistakes caught or ways to condense time
    by removing uncessiary actions, but I think I gave just a barebones
    walkthrough. There are probably spelling errors.
    IV. Version history
    1 - Barebones guide finished, should be complete
    1.1 - Put in line breaks, fixed a couple of errors
    This guide is copyrighted. I appreciate if you don't use it for any
    publications (unless contacted otherwise) either printed or electronic. 
    The only site this will ever be allowed on is gamefaqs.com

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