"Scary? No way!"

What on earth is Tecmo thinking? Trying to make a horror adventure game that's not even scary? My foot! When I first play this game, I immediately know it's a total letdown, a waste of time making this game that's not even half as scary as Resient Evil or Silent Hill series. Tecmo sure never even think of making one but alas, there it is, lying restless in the store with this seducing cover art of Miku lying on ground, somehow hynoptised me to BUY this game.

Anyway, you are mostly to explore this mansion unafraid, yeah, that's right, no jumping scene, blood or gore or anything. Just the simple looking mansion that's look deserted. And it sure look dull if you tell me, when you investigate further into the room, mostly look bland and same to me. So scare factor equals zero aka Project ZERO! I buy this game to be scared, not to see cheap imitation of the bad mansion layout.

What's about the originality of this game? Let me tell you, it is by no way original at all. Some people thinks the camera thing is somehow unique and original into killing ghosts. Guys, you've being fooled. It's just a cheap disguised. It's just like any other scary game where the hero arms with weapons like melee or guns where they shoots down random monsters on sight, only its being cleverly disguised as a mere camera. Don't even start me on how the camera is able to kill ghosts! I simply do not know.

Let's talk about graphics, to me graphic does not play an important factor but mostly modern people will still aim for graphics anyway. Okay, the graphic blows. It definitely look better than Final Fantasy X but less appealing than MGS2. The character design looks cute(I was tempted and fooled by her look). Tecmo, you're a genious.

Now on to gameplay, gameplay? What gameplay? This game doesn't even have gameplay. I'm feel like, hey, I'm playing the action RPG game than the survival horror. Why is that?
you're granted spirit points for your everytimes the ghost is ''capture'' on film.....depending on how well you shot the ghost, gain enough points and you can upgrade this camera into a serious fighting battle camera. You can do many things, from ''slow motion'', to ''paralyze'', and ''Back off'', and even ''Find'' (if you want to take a quick shot at fast moving ghosts~DUH!). Hello there.....I feel like the game ''Parasite Eve 2'' coming to me. Yes, folks, this game plays like Parasite Eve where you earn battle points to purchase & upgrade weapons. It's a same stuff. And what with Miku? She can't even run. Even the non-heroic guys like Harry & James from Silent Hill can run better than Miku. It's hard to run away from fast moving ghosts and you're forced to stand like a idiot, snapping the ghost to death. Sounds lame to me. Where's the strategy?

As for replayability, you don't even need to replay the game at all unless you want to earn more points, learning every single ability and overhauled the power of the camera which can be done after you save the game and play any chapters. But it's just a repetitive task. Also there are 108 special ghosts for you to snap to earn new ability but even that doesn't warrant as a scary game.

Be glad I didn't give it a zero as the game implies.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/29/02, Updated 01/29/02

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