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"How Photogenic are ghosts?"

Fatal Frame is the new contender in the Survival horror genre. And its the most different.

The gameplay is unique, in that instead of blowing monsters away with guns, you are capturing the ghosts on a speical camera.

Yes, I thought the premise was lame to when I first heard of it. But then I saw that Lugi captures ghosts with a vaccum cleaner and decided that a camera makes a bit more sense then that...

The story is that a young man, Mafuyu,is off on a search for his mentor, a famous novelist junsei Takamine, who vanished during a research mission.

Mafuyu decides to enter the mansion that was the last known sighting of Junsei, The Himuro Mansion.

You then play a bit with Mafuyu, its done in really stylish black and white, then something happens to Mafuyu.

You then become Mafuyu's sister,Miku,who is looking for her brother.

Thats all the story I want to give, because the game works better the less you know.

The thing that sells this game to me, other than a unique way to play, is the atmosphere of the game.

The rumble pack on the controller will start beating like a heart beat when ever you are near a ghost, you will hear noises all around you(another brillant thing, is that this game is in surround sound, even if you dont have surround sound)

The music is creepy, and the graphics and camera angles work for the maxiuim fear factor.

I dont get freaked out by games, I did this one.

It also looks like the replay value is high for those who care, there are over 100 speical ghosts to capture,diffrent endings, hidden coustumes, pretty much more hidden stuff then is normally placed into these kind of games.

In closing, and sorry for the mess this review is, its my first one, be gentle.

I think this game will appeal to anyone looking for a good survival horror game, but some people will be disappointed with the lack of action, but thats okay with me.

I see the big games in this genre like this:

Resident Evil is the ''Night of the living dead'' of the genre, not really scary, just action packed.

Silent Hill is the ''In the Mouth of Madness'', not as action packed, more of a freaky, mind-trap game.

and then there is this game, which is pretty much like an old tradional ghost story, like The Others are The Devils Backbone are.

If your not sure, rent it first, but let me tell you, put this game in, close the drapes and you will be freaking out.

And if you dont, then I guess Im a bigger baby then I thought.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/07/02, Updated 03/07/02

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