Review by Orcahi Iori

"Fatal frame is not for faint heart...."

Tecmo is not only good at making fighting game.Fatal frame proved that Tecmo has what it takes to make scary game,too. Before I buy this game,I thought this game is kinda like silent hill, resident evil type horror game.I expect
this game at least live up average horror game level,but I find out that this game is all that and then some...

Storyline: Miku is the main character in this game.She is 17 years old high school female student.Her mother has special ability like ''sixth scene'',When she give born to her children,she also pass down her ''sixth scene'' to Miku and Miku's brother.That is the reason why sometime Miku and her brother see something that other people can't see. Couple weeks ago, Miku's brother went to old,haunted mansion to look for old famous novelist.Unfortunely,he was disappeared since then.So Miku decided to look for her brother by herself,and poor Miku is about to find out that there are ''something'' inside the mansion...

Gameplay:The Camera is the only weapon in this game,you will also find different type of film in the process. There are 108 ghosts in this game,oh yeah,I am sure that you won't get bore to capture all 108 ghosts.You will get point after you defeat each ghost,once you collect enough point,you'll be able to upgrade your camera's stat,and special ability.You can choose to use Analog stick or d-pad for movement.The control is easy to learn,and you will get hang of it in no time.

Sound/Music:Do not play this game at night,and turn up the volume,otherwise you will regret know why,because the surround sound will freak you out,beside while you are searching for clue,you always hear moaning,scream from
nowhere.This is one of the reason why fatal frame is one of the best horror game.

Bonus:After you clear the game once,you can load from your clear saved data,your camera,items,notebook and scarp book will remain the same as previously.You can also unlock
the Nightmare mode,in that mode you'll have hard time to handle your camera and ghosts become stronger.There are also unlockable customs for Miku,and a lot of bonus in this game.This game will keep you busy for while,there are endless fun to unlock all these bonus.

My conclusion:This game is not for faint-heart gamer.If you enjoy game like silent hill,or resident evil then you should give this game a try.This is probably one of the best
horror game of the year.Beside you can unlock many bonus in this game.It definitely worth $50.If you never play any horror/adventure game before,then at least rent this game first.If you like it,then go out and buy it.I am sure that nobody will regret to buy this game.By the way,I want to say that Tecmo did great job about this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/08/02, Updated 03/08/02

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