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"** Fatal Frame**"

This game is certainly puts a twist on your average survival horror game. The graphics are excellent as is the game play.

I do have a problem however with the stairs however. It bothers me that you cannot move side to side on the stairs. You are only allowed to move up and down, but you are allowed to stop on them.

The Big Question:

Is the game scary?

Well that depends on your definition of scary.
The game at first may not come off as frightening but there are times when things will just creep you out. Such as the floating women heads, Jesus those things freak me out. Although the ghost detector seems to ruin most of the element of surprise but it will save your butt when it comes to a duel. To me the game is more disturbing then scary. If you go into the game expecting to jump out of your seat you won't, but it isn't the element of surprise that makes the game spooky. It is partially the ghosts themselves. Nothing freaks me out more then seeing that damn flying female head coming out of the wall right in front of me. That is another thing that will get the heart racing. When the ghosts vanish, especially through walls, you will not know where they will appear next. Most of the time it is right behind you so when your in camera mode and do a spin to try to find the thing you will most likely end up turning right around into its smirking face. The sound adds an all new element to the game as it adds more suspense to the already suspenseful plot and mysterious noises, such as the slow motion tape recorder playing in a room. It certainly works well with the environment.


In conclusion Fatal Frame is a great game by Tecmo (They are my favorite company) and I recommend that anyone looking for a survival horror that will beat the bad voice acting out of Resident Evil and the corny plot of Silent Hill 2. This game is a must have with replay value. There are many secrets to unlock such as a battle mode, various outfits, Sound tests, and more camera functions. I strongly recommended that once you beat the game you play it again. Who knows what might be different. It is certainly scary the second time around, because when just when you think you know where the next ghost will be, it is already behind you....

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/09/02, Updated 03/09/02

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