Review by Slade Griffins

"OMG!! I think I'll just shut the game off now!"

This game is one of the most scariest games I've played in a long, long time. When I played RE for the first time I got scared and same with RE2 and RE3. After Silent Hill I didn't really think RE was that scary anymore...especially after RE:CV. After Silent Hill 2 I thought that was the scariest game ever. Well guess what, now there's even a more scarier game, Fatal Frame. It does give you a ''BOO!'' kind of scare, it gets into your nerves and wait for the right moment to get you. Your walking hear a noise. You can't find it, but when u look up with your camera you see a guy hanging from the ceiling and, knowing your instinct, you hit him with your only weapon...a camera. Yep that's your weapon, as said in earlier reviews, it is derived from an old tale whereby camera's can steal your soul.

Graphics 9/10:
What can I say one of the best graphics I've seen in a game in PS2 so far. It's better than RE:CVX if your just wondering. The textures are amazing and Miku's motions are fluent and great. Although Miku does look a bit dull, because there's not much detail on her as much like I would have (e.g. Silent Hill 2).

Gameplay 8.5/10:
Great gameplay and it's good if you don't use the run button a lot. Don't try and rush the game because you'll just end up ruining the game for yourself. It's a slow paced game people. It will take your a long time to finish the game. Not as much as an RPG but a lot more than your average RE game. Sometimes right when you open a door a ghost will be staring you in the face which WILL get your blood flowing if it hasn't already. You will freak out when the time comes but until t does it will keep you in suspense. Miku runs a little slow though but that's fine, I would suggest they have a running meter whereby it decreases when you run and fills up when you walk.

Sound 10/10:
GOD! This is where horror survival really shines. To scare you with sounds and whispers. Not knowing what's around the corner, you tend to take caution when you hear something suspicious. You hear whispers which gives you shivers down your neck. When a ghost is nearby you hear it, and better yet you can feel it as if you are in the game and not Miku.

Overall 10/10:
Why? because it scares the crap out of me! When you read the clipping people have left behind it WILL give you the creeps knowing that this is based on a true fact. Not exactly everything in the game happened in real life but the story is true and knowing this you most likely will freak out once in a while.

P.S. I just wished they would have kept the thing about it being a fact until you finished the game, when you do finish the game your ill just see.
''This game is based on a true story''
That would scare the crap outta me.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/10/02, Updated 03/10/02

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