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"Specters, Specters Everywhere"

Fatal Frame came out, so I went to Blockbuster to rent it. I didn't play it at the daytime. I played it at the night in my room. I turned off the lights and no one was in the room with me. I also turned the sound up. I turned it very high. As I played I thought it was just another crappy game out in the market, but I was wrong. The controller thumps like a heart beat when there is a specter around. You have only one weapon. A camera. This is a RPG style game.

Gameplay- This is a very, very, very fun game when you are playing in the dark. It gets very creepy at that time. This is an easy game at the beginning, but once you beat some specters, it will eventually get harder and harder. The controls are a little bit easy. The good film gets harder to find when you are far in the game.

Story- The story. This is about a young woman named Miku. Her brother disappeared in a mansion. She wanted to find him in the mansion. She walks in a finds a camera. That's her weapon, and only weapon. You get to take pictures of the specters. The more advanced your film, the stronger your attack.

Audio/Video- The sound. Are they any good? Yes, they are. There are lots of sounds in the game. The sounds vary from specter to specter. When it gets silent, it gets very creepy when you are wandering in the mansion. The specters' cries are very good and creepy.

The video is next. The graphics are excellent. The specters are scary ( and beautiful -- when the ghosts moves and their highlights). The specters are well made. The specters move freely through the environment. The shadows are also well made too. The fighting style is cool, too. When you open the doors, it doesn't load like the Resident Evil games did. This game has fast loading times when you are going in the doors. I think that it is important in a game. The specters are the most important thing in the game.

Replayability- Once you beat the game, you will continue playing because it is fun. You can keep on playing and playing until you PS2 is broken. Well I didn't because I beat the game already, and I didn't feel like playing again.

Buy or Rent- I recommend that you RENT the game. Just RENT it! You won't be sorry. Like I always say, RENT a game BEFORE you BUY it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/23/02, Updated 05/03/02

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