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Reviewed: 05/07/02 | Updated: 05/07/02

If you have heart disease... don't play this game!

After the masterpiece, Silent Hill that was released by Konami way back in 1999, I hardly find any more surviving horror games that can really chill me just like Silent Hill did to me. Silent Hill 2 was a let down and it's not scary at all. Finally, Fatal Frame, released by Temco is one of the best surviving horror games I ever play. It good everything that can really scare you.

Graphics 9/10 - All I can say is, AWESOME. The backgrounds are very very detail and lighting effects are really good. Although it's not as good as Silent Hill 2 but it can still pleasing your eyes. The characters models are very detail and their movements are realistic. By the way, you can hardly see any jaggies in the game especially during cut-scene. It looks like Temco is putting a hard job in creating the game's graphics.

Sound 8/10 - Everthing sound good but by the time when listening to the cassettes that you found during the game, you will quickly be disgusted by the aweful voice acting. The main character's voice acting are pretty decent but still not very good. The sound effect does a nice job to freak you out and the music is good. All in all it's pretty decent.

Story 8/10 - It's good and it's still the same old occult things like Silent Hill. It's nothing revolutionary so don't expect too much. It's good but it can be better.

Control 6/10 - Arrrgg... why every survival horror games have to have horrible control. It's still okay while during normal play after once you enter combat with spirits especially those siprits that move really fast, you will feel that you really want to throw the controller. Sometimes while you are running away from them, you might accidentally got stuck in one place and you can really get away, the spirits will keep damaging you if you move out fast. All in all... we can't really complaint much. :(

Gameplay 8/10 - People with experience playing Resident Evil titles can easily get into the game. The game implemented a new system that help you solving puzzle which is the six-sense ability that Miku pocesses. Whenever you close to something, you will feel the controller vibrating and the camera on the lower right screen will flash. It means the you need to take picture for something. It's a ''little'' too helpful and it makes solving puzzle A LOT easier because usually it will tell you where you should go. By the way, this game makes you back tracking A LOT just like Resident Evil series.

Overall 8/10 - It's a very good title. If you really like survival horror games, this is not a game that you should ignore. It is a great title for your collection. It's short but very entertaining. I know in US or some Europe countries they can rent games, but I would suggest you to buy this game not just rent. If you really want to test it first then go ahead and rent it. You'll usually end up buying the game instead of just renting.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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