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Reviewed: 08/09/02 | Updated: 08/09/02

3 words: Camera's Are Evil

Ahh! Nothing like a new Survival Horror game for the PlayStation 2. ''This will probably be another Resident Evil or Silent Hill clone. Boring! guess, I'll get something else'' WRONG! This game is currently to date, the scariest game I ever played in my life. This game is 100% not for the faint, and it scary for every second that game is in play. Get your teddy bears and blankets boys and girls, it's gonna be a scary review (well, maybe not, but that just sounded cool.)

Story 10/10
Are you sure this is based on a true story? O_O. I would not want to live something like this! You briefly take part of a boy named Mafuyu who is searching for his lost teacher or something. Everything seems really quiet at first, but you can notice something strange is going on. Like ropes hanging off the ceiling, and doors opening when you shut them. As it seems Mafuyu strangely disappears within the mansion. Then, you finish the game as a 17 year old girl, Miku. Who is searching for her brother, Mafuyu. Every single step you make in that mansion, the hair on the back of your neck will stand up, fearing what will happen next.

Music/Sound 10/10+
I felt I really needed to address this soon. The sounds are SCARY!! Resident Evil could never hit creepiness like this. The sounds are always at a scary level. The music is also having a creepy feeling. If this game lacked on sounds, it probably would of scored lower. The sounds GREATLY affect the games overall factors.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics in this game was also very nicely done! I'd say it is better than Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X. Maybe the same, or a bit of a smoother version of Silent Hill 2's graphics. The area's are very smooth, and contain mostly no jaggies. The characters faces never decrease in polygons, it always looks the same, even when a cutscene is over. Thats hard to achieve, I believe only Metal Gear Solid 2 got something like that good. One thing I liked well was no black screen or door animations when entering a new room. You would just open the door, and go into the next room. So it has very small loading times.

Game Play 9/10
Lets get this straight. There is no zombies or demons like in the Resident Evil, Silent Hill or Onimusha series. You are always going to fight ghosts, always. So, how do you fight a ghost in this game? Well, guns go right though. Think about it...'FATAL FRAME' Fatal...meaning deadly....Frame, meaning a proportion of something. Did you guess a camera? Well, your correct. A camera is what you use. By taking snap-shots of ghosts, it damages them to a certain extent. Depending on your 'magic build up' to cause more damage, and where you manage to land the shot. When you kill a ghost, you get Spirit Points. Which you can use to upgrade your camera to make it faster, tougher, and stronger. When you first start out, ghosts are rarely there, but as you progress further. Ghosts are in almost every room. The most scariest thing for me, is if you stand around in a room, a ghost will attack you out of no where! Scary!

Control 8/10
The controls surely could of used some touching up if you asked me. Miku doesn't run very fast first of all, and the staircases are glitchy in movement. As well as some incorrect, or not very quickly responding controls. Other than that....the controls are alright.

Replay Value
I'd give this game maybe 2-3 replay values. Once you beat it, you an get a bunch of sound tests...and battle mode...a new difficultly mode. All those stuff you can do to get even more bonuses from them! So, overall, it has some fine replay value. I don't think it's any higher than Resident Evil or Silent Hill replay though. I felt this game was longer than the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games though. As well as it was split into 4 nights.

Theres 3 games I would mainly recommend for people who bought this game first, or will buy this game based on other ones. The fear factor is probably higher on this than Resident Evil, so Resident Evil veterans will love this game. Silent Hill 2's environment, with using a flashlight, and dark areas. Onimusha's point system. Using the Spirit Points to upgrade your camera. So as you can see, if you liked any or all of those 3 games, you'll should definitely get Fatal Frame!

Rent Or Buy/Final Words
Well, I pretty much explained it in the Recommendations section. If you own Resident Evil, Silent Hill (2), Onimusha (2). You should definitely consider BUYING this game, if your scared easily, they uh, maybe you should rent, but this game is definitely worth your buck.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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