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"A very nice change for survival horror!"

Well Fatal Frame tries to take the genre of survival horror in a new direction. I feel that it does making your only chance for survival a camera with the power to trap ghosts. Sort of like a ghost busters but with an Asian twist on it to give the story a different type of charm. I really enjoy survival horror games so as a fan I can appreciate what Tecmo has done. It has a really strong audio quality that seems to be missing from a lot of games lately, I would have to say the sound mixed with the good solid graphics is what makes this game actually spooky.Well it's time to take a more in depth look at a spooky game.

Gameplay/Control 6/10

Well I feel that this is the games overall main weakness. the control of your character is like Resident Evil but only slower. It's like you can't really run or move quickly in the game, which is a drag since the ghosts are agile and unforgiving. So expect some frustration of being to slow in a lot of instances. However if you keep with the game it's possible to get used to it with time as well as patience. I just wish the character controlled more smoothly in third person view as well as a little bit more quickly. The game play is what I would expect from ghosts cruel and very fast to attack our young character Miku. Also sometimes it will feel like the AI is very aggressive especially trying to complete all of the mini challenges the game has to offer. but damn sometimes these ghost are blazing fast with incredible accuracy but then again I guess we are dealing with ghosts here after all.

Graphics 8/10

Man! the graphics are top notch in this spooky survival horror thriller. Really scarce lighting and pale and gloomy colors. I really feel like the ghosts are truly authentic and this is what helps the game really work. When you look in a mirror and see a ghost flash for a second you may be looking over your shoulder. The Himuro mansion is also a place that looks authentically real and is a great ghost house. This game has a lot of graphic atmosphere and shows the power of the PS2 early on.The setting textures have a sort of grainy look that people who play Silent Hill may recognize, however it doesn't seem as prominent which I feel is a good thing, it does feel like you are in a horror film.

Sound/Music 10/10
This game has the most creepy sound effects/ music that I have ever experience in a survival horror game. The music is spooky conveying an uncertainty through out the game while the sound effects are the most ghost like sounds, they couldn't have done any better in this department. These effects will have you think your house is haunted very convincing and very authentic, this game actually gave me a nightmare, I was in Miku position very errie.The sounds are exactly what I imagine a ghost would sound like and this is my favorite area of the game.

Plot/Story 7/10

I really would have gave this an 8 but the original ending was sort of a let down and the special ending is anything but special, not even worth the time and effort only for completionists. You platy the Role of Miku is investigating this historical haunted mansion in hopes of finding her lost brother. However further along in the story Miku uncovers the Mansions evil past dealing with cults and murders,very interesting material indeed.


Well to do everything like beat it with both endings and do all the mini challenges takes I would at least say about 30 hours I really took my time with it and enjoyed everything except for the two endings of course.

There is some really tuff parts to this game that you will have to try many times in order to progress, although its tuff it's not impossible. You just have to try and approach situations differently every time.

Overallfun 8/10

I'd have to say This is a game to slowly enjoy. I was very addicted to this game only playing this game for about a week and a half or so pretty much non stop. I think it's a great late night game to play alone in the dark with the sound turned up. that's the best way to get the full experience that this game has to offer. I would highly recommend this game to fans of survival horror this game makes a great edition to your collection with a less then $20 dollar price tag and has a lot to do to keep you entertain for a while, I plan on checking out the the second one eventually hopefully the control will be a little bit smoother/quicker.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/24/04

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