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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by The Adman

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 08/26/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ToCA Race Driver™ guide
    { Title    }   ToCA Race Driver FAQ/Strategy Guide™
    { Platform }   PlayStation 2™
    { Version  }   v0.1
    { Author   }   The Adman - Adam Stevens
    { E-Mail   }   adhomer@yahoo.com
    { Updated  }   August 26th, 2002
      i. Legal Blurb
     ii. Version History
    iii. Introduction
      1. Pre-Game
       a. Characters
       b. Controls
       c. Menus
      2. Career
       a. Super Sports
       b. Power Racing
       c. World Championship
       d. Elite Class
      3. Free Race
      4. Time Trial
      5. Multiplayer
      6. Tracks
       a. Circuit Guides
       b. Fastest Laps
      7. Tips & Hints
      8. Credits
     i. Legal Blurb
    This FAQ is only allowed to appear on GameFAQs. [www.gamefaqs.com] If anyone 
    finds this FAQ on another site, please inform me by e-mail as soon as possible.
    © Copyright 2002 Adam Stevens. This FAQ and everything included  within  this 
    file  cannot be reproduced inany way, shape or form  (physical, electronical, 
    or otherwise) aside from being placed on a freely-accessible, non-commercial 
    web page in it's original, unedited and  unaltered  format. This FAQ cannot be 
    used for profitable purposes (even if no money would be made from  selling it)
    or promotional purposes. It cannot be used in any sort of commercial 
    transaction. It cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc, with a 
    purchase as this creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.
     ii. Version History
    Version 0.1 (26/08/02)
    •Everything you see here.
     iii. Introduction
    ToCA Race Driver™ is the fourth ToCA game to be released by Codemasters® and 
    the first to be released on the PlayStation2™. It is also the first in the 
    series to be plot-based. In my opinion it is by far the best game yet and one 
    of the best racing games to be released for the PlayStation2 so far.
     1. Pre-Game
     a. Characters
    Ryan McKane - The son of Kyle McKane and brother of Donnie. Has lived in 
       their spotlight all of his racing career and is resentful of Donnie for 
       leaving him and his Mum after their fathers death. This is who you play as 
       in the game, and as him, you must drive your way to the top and become World 
    Kyle 'Motor City' McKane - One of the most successful drivers there was until 
       he was killed in a spectacular crash, caused by a young English rookie 
       called James Randal. Father of Donnie and Ryan McKane.
    Donnie McKane - Successful race car driver, on the verge of entering the World
    Bobby Scott - Veteran crew chief. Looking for a new driver at the beginning of 
       the game.
    Melanie Sanchez - Sassy Latino lady that Ryan meets fairly early on in the 
       game. Daughter and assistant of a team boss.
    Paulie Satriale - Owner of a racing team, friend of Bobby and Donnie McKane.
    Jack - Good friend of Kyle McKane, and mentor of Ryan.
     b. Controls
    Analog Controller (Dualshock®2)
    D-pad/Left Analog Stick - Steer the car left and right.
    Right Analog stick up/X - Accelerate
    Right Analog stick down/Square - Brake
    Circle - Handbrake
    Traingle - Switch Camera View
    Start - Pause
    L2 - Damage Indicator
    R2 - Rear View
    L1 - Gear down (manual)/Look left (automatic)
    R1 - Gear up (manual)/Look right (automatic)
    Logitech Driving Force
    Steering Wheel - Steer the car left and right.
    Right Foot Pedal - Accelerate
    Left Foot Pedal - Brake
    Circle - Handbrake
    Traingle - Switch Camera View
    Start - Pause
    L2 - Damage Indicator
    R2 - Rear View
    L1/Left Paddle - Gear down (manual)/Look left (automatic)
    R1/Right Paddle - Gear up (manual)/Look right (automatic)
    Logitech GT Force
    Steering Wheel - Steer the car left and right.
    Right Foot Pedal - Accelerate
    Left Foot Pedal - Brake
    Right Paddle - Handbrake
    X - Switch Camera View
    Y - Damage Indicator
    Left Paddle - Rear View
    A - Gear down (manual)/Look left (automatic)
    B - Gear up (manual)/Look right (automatic)
     c. Menus
    Each of the menus in TRD is based on a room, with different items in the room 
    representing different submenus.
    Driver HQ
    Computer     -  Career: Manage your career and view your email offers.
    File cabinet -  Options: Alter the sound, graphics, controller and language
    Map          -  Pro Race Driver Map: A map showing the location of the worlds 
                    best drivers.
    Door         -  Free Time: Multiplayer races, time trial and free race options 
                    are available here.
    Free Time Menu
    Locker       -  Free Race: Race a championship in full or set up a custom race
                    on any track.
    Clipboard    -  Time Trial: Race against the clock.
    TV           -  TV and Video: View Ryan's video collection.
    Couch        -  Multi-player: Challenge your friends in a one off race or 
                    custom championship.
    Door         -  Driver HQ: Career management, your trophy cabinet and the game 
                    options are available here.
    Race Menu
    Garage Door  -  Race: Start the race
    Monitor      -  Championship Progression: View your championship status and 
                    the current track layout.
    Whiteboard   -  Grid Positions: View the grid for the upcoming race.
    Laptop       -  Car Setup/Test Drive: Alter your car's setup.
     2. Career
    This is where the bulk of the game is to be found. It starts with a race from
    15 years previous, as Kyle McKane wins a race at the Ronkonkoma Speedway in 
    Michigan. Hot on his tail as he crosses the finish line is a young rookie by 
    the name of James Randal. As they cross, Randal fishtails McKane, sending him 
    into a series of uncontrollable barrel rolls before the car explodes, killing
    McKane, as his two young sons, Donnie and Ryan look on.
    15 Years later and we see Paulie Satriale and Bobby Scott walking down the pit 
    lane. Bobby needs a new driver, so Paulie suggests Donnie. Donnie refuses, but 
    suggests his younger brother Ryan, and so the game begins.
     a. Super Sports
    The first thing you have to do is prove that you're worthy of a drive in next 
    season's TOCA Tour (British Touring Car Championship). Your challenge is to 
    complete one lap of the  Brands Hatch Indy circuit in less than 1:20:00 using a 
    Lexus IS200. If you  complete the lap in that time you get a drive with ABG 
    Once you're done, Paulie Satriale offers to manage you, and 'take you to the 
    top'. The first championship you race in is the TOCA Tour. The tracks you race 
    on are:
    •Brands Hatch Indy - 3 Laps
    •Oulton Park       - 3 Laps
    •Silverstone       - 3 Laps
    •Donington         - 5 Laps / Mandatory Pits
    •Knockhill         - 3 Laps
    •Brands Hatch GP   - 3 Laps
    All the races in this championship are 3 laps, apart from Donington. Mandatory
    pit stops don't really add much to the game, but does allow you to repair some 
    damage if you want. If you don't pit, you will be disqualified, so it's 
    important you do pit, at the end of lap 2 or 3 ideally.
    Your opponents in this first championship should be fairly easy to beat, so you
    should use this as a warm up for things to come, as the other championships on 
    this tier will be harder to do well on. The more points you can get here the 
    better, as you'll need a combined total of 132 to advance to the next tier.
    If you finish in the top 3, you will receive your first Pro Race Driver 
    Challenge, from Paul Craven. In this race you have 1 lap to beat him, using the
    same car as him, in this case an Austin Mini Cooper S, on the Brands Hatch Indy 
    circuit.If you win, you get their car, if you lose then you can just race them 
    until you do win. These races can be fairly hard to win, but if you muscle the 
    other car into a gravel trap, you can make your life a lot easier.
    At this point you will receive offers from every championship available on the
    Super Sports tier, so I will cover each one separately.
    At the beginning of your second season, Ryan meets Melanie Sanchez, but she 
    quickly blows him off. Just after he meets 'Cannonball' Jack Johnson, who 
    offers a few words of encouragement.
    Alfa GTV Cup : Alfa Romeo GTV
    •Monza       - 3 Laps
    •Vallelunga  - 5 Laps / Mandatory Pits
    •Catalunya   - 3 Laps
    •Monza       - 3 Laps
    •Catalunya   - 3 Laps
    •Vallelunga  - 3 Laps
    With all the cars in this championship being identical, you won't be able to 
    rely purely on your speed for this one. Good braking and cornering is vital, 
    and slipstreaming the opposition will gain an extra few mph which is important 
    on long straights like those in Monza.
    After your second season is done, a cutscene between Bobby Scott and Ryan takes
    place in his office. Bobby wants Ryan to get his story straight for the press
    and asks him a few questions. Ryan says he doesn't always want to be 
    overshadowed by his brother or the reputation of his father. He wants to win 
    the World Championship for himself and no one else.
    Silvio Cruz then challenges you to a duel on the Vallelunga circuit using a 
    1978 Chevrolet Corvette. As with all Corvettes it's very powerful and rear 
    wheel drive, which means it will oversteer on every corner, so be careful not 
    to accelerate to hard while turning, otherwise it'll send you into a spin.
    After your second season is complete you will receive your first single day 
    event offer. These are one off races that can add up to 10 points to your 
    points total. The first of the Super Sport offers comes from Brembo, who want 
    you to race their MG ZR Turbo around the Vancouver circuit. It's a 3 lap race
    but if you screw up you can't restart, so be careful. Don't get spun on this 
    very thin track.
     3. Free Race
    When you select the Free Race option, you will be presented with a list of all 
    the tracks currently available to you to race on. As you progress in Career 
    Mode, more tracks will become available to use in Free Race.
    You can put up to 7 tracks into your custom championship. However, you cannot 
    pick tracks from different championships for your custom championship. If you 
    wish to race on tracks from different championships you must select them from 
    the Freestyle area beneath. Each time you select a track you can alter the 
    number of laps (from 1-60), the weather (a choice of Drizzle,Rain, Storm, 
    Sunny, Sunset and Very Hot) and whether a mandatory pit stop will be required 
    (only available if the race is 5 laps or longer).
    Once you have put together your championship, you will be able to pick your 
    car. However, your choice will be limited depending on where you choose to 
    race. If you choose only tracks from the ToCA Championship, then you will only 
    be able to race with the cars used in that championship. If you choose 
    Freestyle tracks, then you will be able to choose from a wider range of cars, 
    including any that you win during the game.
    Once your car is chosen, you can adjust the livery for it, what transmission 
    you use and the difficulty of your opponents. You can also adjust what cars you
    race against, although this can easily cause unbalanced races.
    When the Championship starts, you are provided with the same options as you 
    would be normally in Career Mode.
     4. Time Trial
    Coming Soon!
     5. Multiplayer
    Coming Soon!
     6. Tracks
    There are 38 tracks in total for you to race on in TRD, here I will hope to
    have a small guide to each track, so you know what to expect. Tracks are listed 
    in alphabetical order. I will also provide my best lap time for each track, and
    any laps from readers of this FAQ that beat mine (I'll assume you guys will be
    honest, no fun in lying is there?).
     a. Cicruit Guides
    •A1 Ring:
    •Brands Hatch GP: 2.6 Miles          
    •Brands Hatch Indy:                   
    •Bristol Speedway:                    
    •Catalunya: 2.9 Miles
    •Dijon Prenois:
    •Donington: 2.0 miles
    •Eastern Creek:
    •Hockenheim Long:
    •Hockenheim Short:
    •Knockhill: 1.3 Miles
    •Las Vegas:
    •Magny Cours:
    •Mantorp Park:
    •Monza: 3.6 Miles
    •Nurburgring Long:
    •Nurburgring Short:
    •Oran Park:
    •Oulton Park:
    •Philip Island:
    •Rockingham Oval:
    •Rockingham Road:
    •Sears Point:
    •Silverstone: 3.2 Miles
    •T1 Circuit AIDA:
    •Valelunga: 2.0 Miles
     b. Fastest Laps
     Track           | Time  | Car                           | Racer
    A1 Ring          |1:27:62|TVR Cerbera Speed 12           |
    Adelaide         |1:19:36|Ford Falcon AU                 |
    Bathurst         |1:53:39|TVR Cerbera Speed 12           |
    Brands Hatch GP  |1:13:10|TVR Cerbera Speed 12           |
    Brands Hatch Indy|0:37:74|TVR Cerbera Speed 12           |
    Bristol Speedway |0:12:31|TVR Cerbera Speed 12           |
    Canberra         |       |                               |
    Catalunya        |       |                               |
    Charlotte        |       |                               |
    Dijon Prenois    |       |                               |
    Donington        |       |                               |
    Eastern Creek    |       |                               |
    Fuji             |       |                               |
    Hockenheim Long  |       |                               | 
    Hockenheim Short |       |                               |  
    Knockhill        |       |                               |
    Las Vegas        |       |                               |
    Magny Cours      |       |                               |
    Mantorp Park     |       |                               |
    Mexico           |       |                               |
    Monza            |       |                               |
    Norisring        |       |                               | 
    Nurburgring Long |       |                               |
    Nurburgring Short|       |                               | 
    Oran Park        |       |                               | 
    Oschersleben     |       |                               |
    Oulton Park      |       |                               |
    Philip Island    |       |                               | 
    Rockingham Oval  |       |                               |
    Rockingham Road  |       |                               |
    Sandown          |       |                               |
    Sears Point      |       |                               |
    Silverstone      |       |                               | 
    T1 Circuit AIDA  |       |                               |  
    Valelunga        |       |                               | 
    Vancouver        |       |                               |
    Zandvoort        |       |                               |
    Zolder           |       |                               |
     7. Hints & Tips
    This area is where I'd like some thoughts from all you readers. If you have a 
    hint or tip worth putting on here, email it to me, and I'll add it and give you
    credit for it.
     8. Credits
    Thank you to Codemasters for making such a great game, and to Sony for the
    console to play it on. Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting my FAQ, and thanks to me
    for writing it (why not? My FAQ, hehe).

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