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"RAWR! Hoe's can kill!!!"


This game DOES sound very different than the rest, doesn't it? Many things have been taken out, and many things have been added. And opening so many events without even trying to is extremely fustrating.
Note;; this –“///” means I'm staying in the same subject, but with another idea.


In this game the graffix are great, but since I'm writing this... 6 years after it came out, I've seen MUCH better. Such as the Xbox 360 and the Wii. /// The cel shading is great but give some of the characters a creepy look (ex. Lyla in her flower shop). This game has a very nice 3-D look to it, but so does every game nowdays. Yes, I do like how leaves fall, how wind blows, and people walk around outside with you, but that doesn't exactly make it a great game. I still think the graffix, themes, scenery, etc. fit into farm life very well, and make you feel like you're there, but unfortunately, it has been surpassed.

GAMEPLAY: 3.2/10

This game's gameplay is very different than past harvest moons, such as no marriage, no sheep, no festivals (which is actually my favorite part of the harvest moon games), less tools, pre-grown grass, etc. Which I think sucks monkey… butt.

The game play in this game is VERY disappointing (unfortunately). You usually have a shipping bin, and collect your money, but in Save the Homeland, you… you sell it yourself! You grow your (cheap) produce, of a variety of only FOUR, and go to the stores YOURSELF and sell it yourself and hope to make a little, if any, good profit. Now that's just not right! And the prices you get for your produce are oddly and extremely low! /// This game is repetitive, but so are many other harvest moons in the past… and future… o.O… jk! Lol. People do say different things each day, but it's like a week schedule, Monday, they say this, Tuesday they say this, and so on, and so forth. But what they say depends on what time it is, where you are, how much they like you, and what condition your in. Like is it's late, Dia says, “It's rude to visit someone so late in the day.” (mutters- little wench), or when you're in Gwen's house, she'll talk about the dog that roams around near her house, but the next day, about how busy they get. Or When Gwen likes you more, Woody will say, “Just curious, but what do you think of Gwen?” . And if you're in bad condition (low stamina, fatigue, sick, etc.) They'll say stuff like “You look pale.”, and Ronald says, “You don't look too good. You should go to bed early.” /// And another thing that grinds my gears (yes, I know that's what your parents probably say, but I FELT like it, OKAY?!) , the time passes WAY too fast, and you get tired too easily. I always tend my crops in the morning (even though growing crops is next to pointless), go to the Harvest Goddess every day, then I have to head STRAIGHT to Brownie Farm, talk to nobody on the way there, do my part-time job, then quickly run to the stress and sell thing I picked up while GOING to the harvest Goddess, and by then it's nighttime, and if I don't go to bed RIGHT when I'm finished with that, I have fatigue and low stamina the next day. T.T… -sigh- Natsume can do much better with this, especially if they spent about a year or two more on it. /// Oh, and the fact that there's no festivals make me sad. :(

STORYLINE: 8/10 but at the same time a 4/10

The storyline is a tricky one. I love it, yet I hate it. /// GOOD: I like how they changed it. Added a bit more spice (if only they kept more of the old spice). I DO like how there are events and cuts scenes ( I LOVE cut scenes SOOOOO much for some reason). I like how you have to complete an objective in the game to, well, “beat it”. And how if you don't, you don't get a super happy ending (BUM BUM BUM!!!). /// BAD: But I don't think you should be able to “beat” a Harvest Moon game. You're supposed to live out a great farm life, with festivals, and a wife, and a kid, and farm, and keep your farm growing, buuuuuut, apparently Natsume doesn't. I don't like how RIGHT when you complete something that'll save the homeland, that year automatically ends right then and there (even if it's summer or fall!) and you start off a new year, expected to play again but do a DIFFERENT happy ending. I think that's a load of poopie!

Yeah, it's cool to have something you ACTUALLY have to do, but when you're done with that, POOF, your game and year and relationships are gone. Yeah, you keep your stuff, and building and animals, but then it only leads you to having to talk to people and have nothing else to do, ,Raising a farm at that point is useless. You don't even have to raise a good farm, as long as you complete an event!


As long as you know how to work a playstation controller and read the manual on the buttons/controls, you're pretty much good to go. It takes about two days in the game to get used to it. The controls in general are fairly easy. Joystick and pad to move. R1, items, R2 tools, square, use your tool, easy as cake.


Eh, they pretty good. The music fits into farm life (but when did farm life get it's own music?). It's soothing, yet beaty, happy, but calm. Although, I think the sound EFFECTS, such as picking something up, or putting something away, are FAR too loud for the action. Putting something in a bag should NOT be as loud as starting a car. And picking something up doesn't even make a sound! And another thing that makes VERY little sense to me is how the music changes from where you are. You leave you farm, and there's nice town music playing, then when you go in to the forest, it stops, or when you go to the Brownie Farm it starts playing hick music. I mean seriously, WTF? Not ALL farmers are hicks, and in this case the farmer of that farm is… Asian somewhat. In general, the music was good, but the choices for some, were just plain weird.


I'd say don't buy (especially if you get bored easily, then you'd HATE it). But it depends, some would love it, some would hate it, I say rent it first then decide after a week or two of playing.


+Friendly, soothing game
+Entertaining when you're bored
+Actually trains your hand for the playstation controller
+You can actually talk to the Goddess and get wishes
+You can get a part-time job for x-tra Cash money

-When the event you do is finished, so is that year, even if you're not done!
-Repetitive themes, music, and dialogue
-Storyline repeats every year
-Low wages
-You sell you produce yourself
-Money is pretty much useless
-You can “Save the Homeland” without even doing a single THING on your farm. Such as the weasel.
-There are more CONS than PROS!!!


This game is okay if you are VERRRRY easily entertained, but if you are not VERRRRY easily entertained, you WILL be pull your hair out, then grab the Wii and play Zelda. Hey, who wouldn't with this game? I know I did! This game is the worst Harvest moon ever I'm sorry. But it's right next to Another Wonderful Life.
Luff Dianna!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/07/07

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