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"One of the best Harvest Moon yet? You decide!"

When I first heard of Harvest Moon Save the Homeland for Ps2 I was very excited. But then I started to hear things like you can't get married, there are no more festivals, there are only four crops, etc. and I started to feel less of the game day by day. As a veteran of the Harvest Moon series (having played 6 out of 7) I was left wondering why Natsume would degrade the game so, and boy was I wrong. After playing the game for two days straight I am safe to say this is the best Harvest Moon yet! The addition of part-time jobs, 2 different dogs, and other special surprises made me change my mind in a heartbeat. This is a must buy for the upcoming Christmas Holidays!

Graphics are very good and I love the cell shading (Makes the characters look animated).I also liked the skyline (which can be sunny, cloudy, or hazy depending on the weather) and the passage of time (the sky and day light changes during the day or night). Everything is 3D in the game and the detail to the houses, tress, etc. is wonderful. You can even see leaves float to the ground from a tree!

Story- 8/10
You have to Save your Homeland from land developers in HMStH. You have as long as you like: 1 year, 2 years, 10 years to win the game which doesn't stress you as much. There is nine different paths to Save the Homeland which leads to nine different unique endings. The only bad thing is that you can't get married anymore and the festivals are gone also.

Myself I enjoy cheery music which HMStH has plenty of and also I found myself humming the music at times which means that the music isn't boring or too repetitive. The music changes in most of the places and areas you go to so it is always different. You can even hear the win drops fall when its raining!

All the controls are silky smooth and react great. You can even use the analog stick to control your character.At no time did I think I had a Ps2 controller in my hands!

Though it may not be for everyone, Harvest Moon is for young and old, newbie and veterans alike. I highly recommend the Harvest Moon series and I think that anyone should get all four games!

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Final Score 9
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Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/22/01, Updated 11/22/01

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