Review by daJdawg

"Kinda Disapointing"

After scrounging up 50$ by begging and stealing I finally got my copy of Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. After a few hours I realized that I should have spent the money on something else.

Graphics: 9

I like the cell shading technique and everything looks great.(although Gwen's red eyes were freaky)I liked the movement of the character and the dog looked cute. But some other characters were just not charming at all. I thought Gina was an old woman and I disliked how the flower girl always had her eyes closed.

Sound: 8

No Problem here. In fact the sound on rainy days was so good it made me shiver.

Gameplay :6

Hmm... I looked at the other reviews which mentioned that there is no Marriage,there are fewer vegetables, no festivals, no mini games yet they still gave it a good review because of the other good qualities in the game. I often found myself jamming buttons to try to advance the text faster which scrolled extremly slowly. I feel differently, although the improved control system and simplistic farming may have improved the game the makers of the game fixed things that were not broken.

Replay value: 5

Here is my real gripe with the game, 1st of all it is too easy and there are not enough goals. What about the nine endings u say? I will get to that later. I did not work late everyday yet I still finished one ending by fall 3rd or so and by winter I had both house improvements and my horse. This seemed extremely quick and I found my self wondering what to do with all my money. As for the endings, I felt that they were kinda lame and loose ended. It was not really an ending but a bigger mini-event. One thing that I really did not appreciate was the fact that all of the characters revert to acting as though they do not know you. I had about 3 events going on at the time I had gotten my 1st ending and finding that I had to start over was very frustrating. It seems that this ending system has the same problem as marriages, after you get one u dont feel like playing anymore. Except with marriage I got the sense that I accomplished something.

Overall: 6

I grew bored of this game after I got my horse and I never got a 2nd ending. The lack of extra features (ONE part-time job!?!) really turned me off. I also would have like character portraits which would have given the characters more depth. All in all I felt that my money would have been better spent on another game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/15/01, Updated 12/15/01

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