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"Farming at it's best, with only few minor problems to it"

As I am a great harvest moon fanatic, I had to pick up a copy of save the homeland when I first saw it. When I popped in the disc and starting the game, I was hooked for good and couldn't stop playing. Who knew farming was so fun?

Graphics 7/10
It sets the right mood for the game but It's nothing spacial. With the facial expressions very few but with good character animations it looks good for the type of game it is. Things can get blocky at times and some draw in can occur rarely. But all in all it does the game well and you won't really notice much bad with it.

Sound 7/10
4 different songs for 4 different seasons, with some new tracks in special places. Helps you get into the game for while but once your done with that it kind of gets repetitive and you'll want to just plain turn it off. Some tunes are enchanting like the harvest goddess music which I enjoy.

Control 6/10
This is what hurts the score right here, there are too many buttons for too many things and there in odd places. In the beginning you'll be really hitting yourself after dropping your 50th berry due to clumsy moving, and some of the controls are in odd spots which make it even tougher to do things effectively. It will easier as you go along but It's a real pain at the first few parts.

Gameplay 10/10
This is what sucks you right into the game right here, It's so damn addictive you'll never want to put the controller down until the wee wee mornings. There's so many things to do and so many options you can choose you'll be basking in gaming glory. so many added features which expand on the gameplay like you can cook your own recipes and get a part-time job. You'll be trying to figure what out what I should be doing today all the time since there are so many things! Although you can't get married it expands dating a lot more which is a treat.

Replay Value 8/10
I didn't like the way the company set up the length of the game, being as you only have one year to save the homeland it can speed by very fast. You could probably do it if you tried in a week or so which isn't very long. But with 9 different endings to the game and lots of tools you need to save up for you can keep playing the game over and over again trying to unlock all the endings.

Rent or Buy:
Well from my experience playing it, this is very addictive and leave you playing for a while, which always isn't a good thing. I'd say if you love harvest moon than buy it, but if you don't rent the game first and see how it is. I just wish they used the same premise in HM64 in which you had 3 years to get the farm in shape.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/15/01, Updated 12/15/01

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