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"You've Gotta Save The Homeland!"

OK. This is my first review in GameFAQs. This game is COMPLETELY 3-Dimension. Yeah, 3D. It's also the first HM Game on PS2. Farming is just a little part of the game. This game has ONLY 4 Crops. Yeah, ONLY 4 Crops. Sheeps aren't in the game. There are less extensions. And Marriage has been taken out. BUT this game is still great. You have to Save Your Homeland from being turned into a resort. You can teach your dog tricks by using a flute and you get to choose from two kinds of dogs! You can get one of the five coloured horses. The chickens lay golden eggs if you take god care of them. The cows can produce grand milk!


There are 5 girls in the game but you can't marry them. You can get them to like you! The girls are usually involved with the endings to save the homeland.

STORY (9/10)

You have 9 WAYS to Save Your Homeland. But there's a timelimit. You have to do this within a Year. You have to befriend the villagers and the animals to save the homeland.

The Village

Your farm has a pasture, a dogdish, a chicken coop, a house and a barn. Next to the stable is a small cave. You can enter it and it's where the Harvest Sprites live. The Sprites are Nic, Nac and Flak. Nic is the leader of the Harvest Sprites. Sadly, they can't help you out in your farm. =( When you walk out of your farm, you can see Ronald's Supermarket and his chicken coop. Turn right and you'll see the carpenters'. Continue walking and you can see the Maple Lake and next to the Maple Lake is the bar. To the left, you can see the Harvest Goddess Lake. The Tool Shop, Flower Shop and Brownie Farm are on the other side of Ronald's Supermarket.

MUSIC (8/10)

Excellent. The music depends on the events and I love them alot.

GRAPHICS (10/10)

The graphics are INCREDIBLY good. The graphics are cel-shaded and you can see the details of the walls, houses clearly.

Back To Nature or Save The Homeland

Well, some people who don't have both games might ask this question. BTN or STH. Well, you should rent both games and try them out. BTN has festivals and lots of events. You can marry in BTN but not in STH. If you ask me BTN or STH, I'll recommend you STH. Yep!

Overall (9/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/21/01, Updated 12/21/01

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