Review by Kualiti

"Half the moon"

I was really looking forward to getting this game because I had played other harvest moon titles and enjoyed it alot. After playing the game I found out that many of the old stuff is missing and finding this game very unsatisfying because it was very limited. The marriage was gone, the vegetables are only few, house updates are gone and few tools. I felt as If this game just stole my 50 bucks. If any of you out there enjoyed harvest moon, i recommend playing the other version cuz this one just literally sucks. Although the music and graphic and the environment effect was cool though. The gameplay was totally altered to a preschooler game.

Music 7/10
music was good and moving, it wasn't so bad and it was'nt so jumpy it was calm music as if you were really farming in a country somewhere.

Graphic 7/10
I am an anime fan and I really enjoyed the cell animation type 3d, it was very nice and very descriptive the characters however needed some work, they don't really capture my fullest attention. It was as if they were cheap remakes of the old characters from the previous harvest moons.

Control 7/10
The controls were ok but the main character runs too slow now and also that sometimes when i am reading text it there is just too many repeats of ''do you want me to guide you'' sort of questions over and over and you always answer yes and no, I mean if the game is routine you should be able to know what you're doing already after 2 routines. The text was also extremely slow

Game options 2/10
The game option was weak, there was only Vibration and Sound choosing between stereo and mono I mean where the heck is the place where you switch the controls for the people who ejoy using the buttons in thier taste?

Gameplay 3/10
There was only one part time job, all you do is literally run around and grow the same stuff except less of it and there are no freaking festivals. It just reeked and after you beat the game once you never want to touch it again EVER unless you were extremely bored or haven't played the game for 5 years. There are 9 endings and with all the money all you do is buy a buncha cakes and just sit

Overall 3/10
This was a totally altered harvest moon and whatever the heck they did, it really sucked I hope natsume would read the reviews we all made and start making those changes. Those of you who are reading this PLEASE RENT THIS GAME FIRST BEFORE BUYING. It was a total waste of 50 buck I could have brought Blood omen 2 instead DOH!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/19/02, Updated 03/19/02

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