Review by Silver Kaktus

"Undeniably the worst Harvest Moon ever"

After playing Harvest Moon GB and Harvest Moon 64,I was excited to hear about the Harvest Moon series heading to the PS2.I was expecting,like everyone else,for the same great gameplay that the previous Harvest Moon games provided,with the awesome graphics that the PS2 could make possible.

Boy was I wrong.

Sure,the graphics were really nice,but a pretty game doesn't necessarily make it a good one.Save The Homeland was lacking the gameplay that had made the Harvest Moon series one of the most popular,and fun,to play.Everything that had made the series entertaining was missing from Save The Homeland.

Remember falling in love and getting married? Gone.

Growing the grass for your cattle and having more than 4 crops to plant? Gone.

Remember the festivals and all the fun competitions,like swimming? Pretty much gone,with the exception of a very minimal amount of horse racing.

Heck,theres not even sheep anymore!Even the entire farming aspect of the game has become pointless.There's only 2 upgrades you can make to your house,so even growing crops is pointless.The animals serve mostly as novelties,you can ride around the town on your horse,pet the cows(milking them is pointless),and have chickens running around the farm(as eggs are also pointless).

The last negative comment I have to add to this review may seem small but it adds largely to the feel of the game.There's no snow in Winter!Instead of having that Christmas time feeling in the Wintertime,you get rain.Yes,rain.Actually all the seasons feel pretty much the same with the exception of Summer.It's either sunny,raining,or stormy.Autumn feels like Spring,which in turn feels like Winter.I really wish they at least kept the snow in the game.

Finally I would like to explain why I gave this game a 2/10 rather than a zero.I find the ability to choose your own dog and horse pretty neat.Also,instead of just having your horse run right away,and also having your dog be your best friend right away,you actually have to gain their trust.Which adds to the realism.The sound in the game was also good,especially the music for each season.Hey,there might not be any snow in Winter but at least there's appropriate music.

To conclude,Harvest Moon:Save The Homeland is a rental at best.After spending around $70 on this game and ending up playing it for about 20 minutes in the entire 3 months I've had it,tells you that Harvest Moon:Save The Homeland is


Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 03/24/02, Updated 03/24/02

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