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Reviewed: 01/13/03 | Updated: 01/13/03

Disappointing, but still enjoyable and fun...

Save the homeland still retains the same old Harvest moon formula of Gameplay. but in this harvest moon version for the PS2 everything has been stripped down, all the Gameplay features that the psx version Back To Nature had are all gone. No more Marriages, festivals, crops has been reduced to four, your livestock doesn't include sheep, you can upgrade your house only once, the town seems to be a lot smaller, and instead of having three years to get your farm back up again you only get one year. but, the one thing that still makes this game enjoyable and a lot more fun than the rest of the Harvest moon titles is the storyline. This game is more emphasize on building relationships with townspeople than farming. Every single person seems to be involve in the storyline which I found very refreshing. don't get me wrong you can still farm or raise you livestock. but as soon as you progress throughout the game farming seems to become a big pain in the behind since it hinders from you getting interaction with the rest of the townspeople. to keep matters more worse, the clock goes way to fast. I found myself prioritizing want I really need to do than what I really want to do.

Now, you have two different types of dog to choose from. and instead of just owning a dog at the beginning, you have to lure it by food. they also added a device to help you train your dog to herd your cows. this is really a must since it takes a lot of time if you decide to push your cow to the barn. there's no shipping bin in this game, you have to go to the town to sell your crops to different stores. you can also ride your horse around town to help you get there faster. all in all the gameplay has been a pleasure for me since day one.

STORY 9/10
the story is you have a year to save your family's town from becoming a Resort.

this game controls pretty well. before I played the game, I was expecting the same stiff controls that it had on the PSX Back To Nature. And good thing it didn't. there is really nothing wrong with the controls.

The graphics are cell shaded. nothing really special here. I know they could have been better, it kinds of look like the graphics of N64 zelda. but, still not bad, not that good either.

well, you only have one year to find a way to save the homeland. It has nine different endings. so every time you continue the game after you finish it, your things like you farm's crops and equipment are still there. but, the relationship that you have with the towns people will be reset.

Right now I will highly recommend that you buy this game since on some stores like in EB or Gamestop they're only twenty dollars. for people who played the Psx harvest moon. I suggest you rent it first since it is really disappointing when you find out that everything that made the past harvest moon games fun are all gone.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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