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                           This document Copyright 2001 ThomasPuha
                                Words by Thomas Puha
                                     Version 1.1
                                       March 28
    This FAQ is written for personal use only. You are not allowed to 
    publish/copy/alter the contents of this FAQ without asking and 
    confirming from the author first. Use this FAQ to enjoy the best 
    football game in the world even more, keep it real, keep it Winning 
    The World Soccer Winning Eleven 5 FAQ can be found at:
    1.0 FAQ Updates and History
    1.1 Introduction
    2.0 Features
    2.1 The Stadiums
    3.0 National teams
    3.1 Club teams
    3.2 Special teams
    4.0 Menu translations
    4.1 Main Menu
    4.2 Pre-Game Menu
    4.3 Match Menu
    4.4 The Tactics/Strategy Menu
    5.0 Controls
    5.1 Standard Controls
    5.2 Attacking
    5.3 The One-Two
    5.4 Defending
    5.5 Free Kicks
    5.6 Corner Kicks
    6.0 Player Attributes 
    6.1 Normal Skills
    6.2 Special Skills
    7.0 Hints
    8.0 Hidden Stuff
    9.0 Differences between WE5 and previous Winning Eleven games
    9.1 Future of the Winning Eleven Series
    10.0 About Author
    11.0 Special Thanks
    Version 1.0 released on March 22
    Version 1.1 released on March 28
    Version 1.1 additions :
    The first version looked pretty bad, so I've tried to make this
    version look a lot nicer. I fixed all the problems caused by
    excess use of the TAB button and some other stuff as well.
    Renderware 3D Information added
    Information on 33 Bonus players available via the Master League added
    Fixed Olympic Team info ( ie there is no such teams )
    Added Hidden Stuff paragraphic which tells you how to get all the hidden 
    teams and players available in WE5
    Fixed the mistake with Palmeiras/Sau Paulo, sorry for all the Brazilian 
    fans for the  mistake, thanks to Bruno Marilda for the note
    Added the missing option to the Game Setup Menu explanation, thanks to 
    Snowball for the information
    Added the Game tactics/Strategies menu
    Also added another helpful hint, thanks to Snowball for these useful 
    advice regarding the practice mode
    Developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo ( aka KCET )
    Released on March 15, in Japan.
    CD-Rom format/PlayStation2
    Support for up to 8 players simultaneously with two Multitap's.
    The games lead programmer and producer is again "Seabass" Takatsuka, who 
    seems to be the key figure behind the WE series.
    World Soccer Winning Eleven 5 is the first WE game in the hugely popular 
    series that has been released on the PlayStation 2. Previous PS2 ISS 
    games have been based on the Perfect Striker Nintendo64 ISS games which 
    are produced by Konami's Osaka Studio and Major A, the series pales in 
    the face of Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo's Winning Eleven series.
    2.0 FEATURES
    32 Club teams
    53 National teams
    4 stadiums  
    ( + 1 Practice Stadium )
    FifPro license which enables 29 national teams to use real names. The 
    names are in Japanese but it's possible to rewrite them in the Team Edit 
    60 FPS graphics, twice as much animation as before
    Superb commentary from Jon Kabira and Katsyoshi Shintou
    Superbly realistic virtual recreations of famous football stadiums with 
    animated crowds, confetti, flags, smoke and lighting effects
    Lot of nice little details such as random camera angles during the 
    player and stadium introductions and absolutely superb lighting which 
    results in a very realistic looking pitch whether it's day, evening or 
    Many players such as David Beckhamn, Luis Figo, Roberto Carlos and Roy 
    Keane look almost exactly like their real-life counterparts. This makes 
    the game even more awesome as you really feel you are making that 25 
    metre freekick with David Beckham. Roberto Carlos still
    has his own specific camera angle when he takes free-kicks.
    Additional six hidden bonus teams. In previous WE games there were only 
    2 hidden teams which were the classic European and American All-Star 
    Teams. Konami has responded to the fan's requests and has blessed us 
    with four new classic teams in WE5. These are the German, English, 
    Brazilian and Dutch teams.
    Winning Eleven 5 uses the Renderware 3 3D engine, which is produced by 
    the British company Criterion. Konami licensed the engine over a year 
    ago and its certain that the quick development time of WE5 is very much 
    due to the Renderware engine. The problem has been that Renderware 
    doesnt really push the PS2 hardware very much, but WE5 is certainly the 
    best looking Renderware and sports PS2 game so far which bodes well for 
    the system. It also takes away a lot of pressure from KCET who can 
    concentrate more on gameplay than technology, which doesnt mean they 
    have neglected the programming aspect, far from it, WE5 is one of the 
    best looking games on the PS2.
    There are only four stadiums in WE5 which isn't much when compared to 
    the 15 of WE200. However, most of us only ever played on 2-3 favourite 
    stadiums in the previous games so it doesn't really matter. The four 
    stadiums of WE5 look amazing as they are modelled accurately and feature 
    some superb athmosperic effects, so it's no wonder that only a few 
    stadiums are represented as moddeling them accurately is an time-
    consuming process. The lighting of the stadiums during different times 
    of day is absolutely awesome looking.
    The home of the once mighty AC Milan in Italy. Also the home of one of 
    the best defenders ever, Paolo Maldini.
    The home of Ajax Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Built during Ajax's reign 
    in the mid-90's when Litmanen, Kluivert and the De Boer brothers played 
    like a dream, the stadium suffers from problematic pitch which has been 
    redone quite a few times.
    The home of FC Arsenal in the UK. A classic british stadium, with very 
    little space between the pitch and the crowds.
    The home of Barcelona in Spain
    One of the biggest and well-known stadiums in the world
    Ireland, Northern-Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Portugal, Spain, 
    France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, 
    Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, 
    Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, 
    Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Cameroon, 
    South Africa, USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, 
    Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Japan, South Korea, China, Iran, UAE, 
    Saudi Arabia, Australia  
    3.1 CLUB TEAMS
    Spanish Club Teams
    Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Deportivo La Coruna
    French Club Teams
    Olympique de Marseille, Monaco, Bordeaux, Parist St. German
    Italian Serie A Teams
    FC Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Lazio, Parma, AC Fiorentina, AS Roma 
    English League Teams
    Manchester United, West Ham, Leeds, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, 
    Newcastle United
    German Bundesliga Teams
    Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munchen, Leverkusen
    Argentinian Club Teams
    River Plate, Boca Juniors
    Brazilian Club Teams
    Vasco Da Game, Palmeiras
    Dutch Club Teams
    Feyenoord, PSV Eindhoven, Ajax 
    The special teams in the game are indeed very special and bound to 
    satisfy many WE fans. 
    They are as follows:
    European All-Stars, World All-Stars, European Classic team, 
    Dutch/Holland Classic team, German Classic team, Brazil Classic team and 
    Argentina Classic team
    Go to the Hidden Stuff part to see how to get these special teams!
    Winning Eleven 5 contains no English text option and there's quite a few 
    menus to go through. WE players should be pretty familiar with the 
    layouts of the various menus, but here's a brief look at the menus in 
    Theres quite a few options in WE5 that I have no idea what they do, so 
    all the fans who read and understand Japanese, please email me and tell 
    me what they are!!!
    4.1 MAIN MENU
    Exhibition Match
    -National team match
    -Penalty Kick shootout with National teams
    -All Star Match
    -Master League match
    -Penalty Kick Shootout with Master League teams
    -Load Master League Teams
    Standard League 
    -Begin League
    -Load from Memory Card
    Cup Mode
    -Begin Cup
    -Load from Memory Card
    Master League
    -Being New League
    -Load from Memory Card
    Practice Mode
    -Practice with National Teams
    -Practice with Club Teams
    Edit mode
    -Edit Player names 
    ( to get English alphabets, take the fourth option down on the left row 
    of symbols in the alphabet window )
    -Create/Modify current and new players
    ( Lists the new features of the game in Japanese )
    Match length in minutes
    Difficulty level 
    ( The shortest option is Medium, the Longest is the Hard and middle on 
    is Easy )
    Injuries On/Off
    The amount of substitutions allowed per match
    Extra Time Yes/No
    Golden Goal Yes/No
    Penalty Shoot-out Yes/No
    Stadium Select
    4.3 MATCH MENU
    This the Menu in the middle of the Match Set-up screen
    -Return to previous Menu
    -Change players
    -Set Free Kick/Corner Kick/Penalty takers
    -Set Captain
    -Game Setup
    --Change Formation
    --Set Defensive PLaying Style /Zone Defense/Man Mark
    --Set Arrows for players, this makes the player attack/defend more
    --Change Player position on pitch
    --Set Strategies
    --Set Attack Level /either Automatic, Semi-Automatic or Manual
    -Load Formation Data
    Access this via the Match menu, then choose Tactics and the the 
    upper choice . The Strategies seem to be the same as in previous
    WE games:
    -No Strategy
    -Center Attack
    -Right Side Attack
    -Left Side Attack
    -Opp. Side Attack???
    -Change Sides
    -CB Overlap
    -Zone Press
    -Counter Attack
    -Offside Trap
    -Formation Changes 
     ( you can switch formations on the fly with this )
    5.0 CONTROLS
    Quick controls
    Attack                                            Defense
    X = Ground Pass                                   X = Follow ball
    O = High pass, Low pass                           O = Sliding Tackle
    [ ] = Shoot, Header, Special shots                [ ] = Header
    Triangle = Through Pass
    L1 + [ ] near/within the box = lob shot
    L1 = Run very slow
    R1 = Run fast
    R2 = Run at medium speed
    L1 + X then Triangle when the player receiving the pass gets the ball       
    = one-two pass
    START =Advance screens
          = Pause game
          =Bring up Options screen
    L2 & R2 with the directional pad = Change tactics
    Right Analogue Stick = 360 passing
    [ ] = Shoot
        = Clearing shot when near own goal
          ( Power depends on how long you hold down the button )
    L1 + [ ] near/within the box = lob shot
    [ ] + X = Feint, cancel shot
    [ ] + O = Feint, cancel shot
            ( When near the opponents goal, press [ ] and then press X very 
    quickly to do a           dribble and cancel the shot. You can also 
    "buffer" this move, by doing it just           before receiving a pass. 
    If you get the pass to a skilled player like Raul, you             can 
    get around the defending player quite often )
    X = Ground Pass
    O = Long pass
      = Centering when close the opponents goal
      = 2 x Medium height centering ( tap quickly! )
      = 3 x Quick low centering ( tap quickly! )
    Triangle = Through pass
    L1 = "Complex" dribbling ( tap quickly! )
    L2 = "Simple" dribbling ( tap quickly! )
    ( While you run with L2, you cannot do anything else except pass with 
    the X button. This is because you change tactics with the L2 button as 
    well )
    R1 = Fast running ( Hold down )
    R2 = Slower running ( Hold down )
         ( allows for better ball control, which in turn makes passing 
    quicker )
    L1 = Very slow movement ( Hold down )
         ( I'm really not sure whats the use of this movement method, the 
    ball sticks to your        feet but it doesn't seem to be a very useful 
    move )
    L1 + Triangle = High through pass
    L1 = Circle = High pass 
    ( not sure how this differs from standard Circle button passing )
    L2 & R2 with the directional pad = Change tactics
    R3 = Jump! 
    ( Press down on the Righ Analogue Stick to make a small jump while 
    dribbling to avoid tackles! )
    5.3 THE ONE-TWO
    This has been changed drastically from previous WE games so many WE5 
    players are having trouble with the 1-2 pass. KCET has made the 1-2 far 
    less useful and more difficult to use than before, which is only a good 
    thing as the move is far too powerful in ISS Pro Evolution 2.
    L1 + X, + Triangle = One-Two pass
    ( Press the Triangle when player you are passing to is receiving the 
    ball )
    L1 + X, + O = High One Two pass
    L1 + X, X = Fake One-Two pass
    You can control where the One-Two pass goes with either the D-Pad or the 
    Analogue stick.
    You know if you have produced a "real" One-Two pass, as the commentator 
    will yell out
    [ ] + X = Double-team opposing player carrying the ball
    X = Follow ball ( hold down )
      = Also steals the ball from the opponent  ( hold down )
    O = Sliding tackle
    Triangle = No function
    R1 = Run
    L1 = Switch player
    L2 & R2 with the directional pad = Change tactics
    5.5  FREE KICKS
    The free kick physics have continously been improved and in WE5 aiming 
    free kicks is far more difficult ( at first ) than in previous games. 
    It's also almost impossible to score from beyond 35 metres, which wasn't 
    the case in previous games.
    [ ] = Shoot
    Pushing up + [ ] = Hard shot
    Pushing Down + [ ] = Slower, more accurate shot
    Holding down <- or -> after shot = Add curve/spin
    O = High Pass
    Pushing up + O = Hard and low pass
    Pushing Down + [ ] = Fast ground pass
    O = High Pass
    Pushing up + O = Hard highpass
    Pushing Down + O = Fast ground pass
    Holding down <- or -> after shot = Add curve/spin
    X = Ground pass
    WE5 features far more variables for players than ever before. We saw the 
    ratings from from 1-9 to 1-19 in WE2000. This made players more 
    individual. WE5 brings us even more variables and introduces special 
    skills, that some players have.
    Players can also represent three different positions, previously they 
    only played one position. So in WE5 players like Totti are OH ( 
    offensive-half ) and MF ( Mid-field ). This is a very good addition as 
    it makes players like Beckham, who is all over the midfield in ManU, to 
    play much more realistically.
    You can check out the Ratings/Skills in the pre-match screen where you 
    change your tactics etc. Press L2 to go through four pages of ratings 
    and special skills. 
    Press L2 to go through the 4 pages of player skills that are listed in 
    the Team Settings menu.
    Page 1/4
    Foot   (right/left)
    Body balance
    Pass accuracy
    Pass speed
    Long pass
    Shoot power
    Shoot accuracy
    Page 2/4
    Head accuracy
    Dribble speed
    Aggression (positive attitude)
    These are included in for the first time in the WE series. These skills 
    enable players to be far more individual than in previous WE games. Each 
    player can now represent three different positions. For example, David 
    Beckham is both OH ( Offensive-Half ) and MF ( Middle-Field ), before he 
    was just MF.
    These are a bit sketchy to say the least, so Japanese reading players, 
    please do
    email and explain the Special Skills better if you can!
    Page 3/4
    Dribbler = Player dribbles better
    Post Player = Great first touch with the ball
    Positioning = Player seeks open spaces better
    Running out = Probability of running into open space is high
    Striker = Deadly skillz in the box area
    Gamemaker = Creates situations for other players, makes other team 
    members seek open                    positions better
    Passer = Execptional passing skill
    PK Kicker = Very good at taking penalties
    Shoot on 1 vs 1 = Player is good at 1 on 1 situations against the 
    Long throw = Exceptional throwing skill ( ball, not body Klinsmann style 
    Direct play = Direct pass/shoot accuracy is higher
    Man mark = Marking players better
    Control of defence line = Creates off-sides better
    Sliding tackle = Slide Tackles better 
    Pass Cut = Pass interference and cutting better
    Feed kick ( GK only ) = Opening passes are better
    PK GK ( GK only ) = GK with execptional PK taking skill
    1 vs 1 ( GK only ) = GK is very good at 1 on 1 situations
    Injury tolerance = Player less prone for injuries
    7.0 Helpful hints
    Free kicks
    The free kick physics have been changed so those of us accustomed to the 
    previous games, need to learn the shotpower, curve and aiming again. 
    When you are within in 20 metres of the goal, press down when you shoot, 
    this will get the ball over the defensive wall but the shot wont be very 
    powerful. If you are beyond 25 metres, you'll have to press UP while you 
    shoot to give the shot more power. 
    Since it's very easy to lose the ball, it's advisable to mainly run with 
    the R2 button since it gives you more time to pass the ball, thus you 
    wont lose it quite so easily
    The L1 Dribble seems to be useless, but the quicker Dribble done with 
    the L2 button is helpful. If you have the ball and control a good 
    technical player such as Raul, he can get past defenders by doing the 
    quick dribble
    Practice mode
    In practice mode (as in all recent WE games) you can select to play 
    against your Bench Players. This way you're not obliged to play against 
    the keeper only. 
    Just pause the game, go into the players menu, press SELECT and choose 
    the players of your bench you'd like to play against. 
    You can play against your Defensive Line only in order to try out 
    dribbles and different attacking formations for example.
    One of the coolest aspects of WE has always been the hidden teams and 
    players. In WE5 Konami has gone overboard with bonus teams and players. 
    Seems that only Claudio Caniggia is missing...oh well, we cant have them 
    European All-Stars
    ( Win International Cup )
    World All-Stars
    ( Win League Mode )
    European Classic team
    ( Win European Cup with either Italy, England or Yugoslavia )
    Dutch/Holland Classic team
    ( Win European Cup with the Dutch )
    German Classic team
    ( Win European Cup with Germany )
    Brazil Classic team
    ( Win American Cup with Brazil )
    Argentina Classic team
    ( Win American Cup with Argentina )
    ( Win Master League )
    4 sets of players appear in a new team that you can browse through in 
    the Master League Team menu. Almost ALL the cool fan favourite players 
    are available here. These are mostly players who are currently playing 
    but their teams arent in WE5. So you get players
    such as Mario Jardel, Roberto Baggio and Denilson but also players like 
    Jean Pierre Papin and Michael Laudrup.
    1 HIDDEN STADIUM ( the practice grounds )
    "Researching" this one but you probably get this by winning the Konami 
    Cup as in the past
    9.0 Major changes in Winning Eleven 5 when compared                                     
        to Winning Eleven 4 & World Soccer Winning Eleven 2000  U-23
    WE5 is clearly a KCET game as it is very similair in all aspects to the 
    earlier WE/ISS Evolution games. The gameplay, the various playmodes and 
    style are very familiar to the fans of the series. The graphics have 
    taken a leap forward and now bring us to the next-generation. However, 
    the rendering technology and level of detail will be far, far
    better in WE6.
    Some of the differences I've noted while playing the game are as 
    One-Two doesn't work by the L1 + X button combination anymore and the 
    new One-Two is far more difficult and less effective than before
    The shooting method is again refined and getting of good shots is more 
    difficult than before as the AI so much tighter and blocks your 
    The goalkeeper AI is perhaps the weakest aspect of the game. Shots from 
    a good open place usually go in very easily, which didn't happen in 
    WE2000 which had the best goalkeeper AI of the series so far. This is 
    rather strange since WE2000 had such tremendous GK AI.
    2001 September - October 
    WE5 PAL/ ISS Pro Evo 3? / ISS 2001?
    The release of Winning Eleven 5 ( ISS 2001? ) in Europe for the 
    PlayStation 2. KCET will be making many improvements to WE5's PAL 
    release, so it will be like WE5 ½.It's a similair situation was it was 
    with WE3 which was converted to ISS 98. ISS98 had many improvements over 
    the Japanese WE3, so Konami released WE3 France Final Edition which is 
    basically the European ISS Pro 98.
    2001 4th Quarter
    J League Winning Eleven ?
    The usual KCET release of WE with only Japanese Club teams. It's highly 
    likely that many improvements made to this version are the ones that 
    will be found in the PAL WE5 as well.
    Winning Eleven World Cup 2002 
    Winning Eleven 6 
    ( Both on PlayStation 2 thankfully! )
    Konami is working on Online support for the future WE games but there is 
    no official word
    yet on when and which game.
    Freelance writer for several US game magazines and websites. 
    EIC/Producer of videogame programs at a Television channel
    This will be a long list since I love to write Special Thanks and 
    Credits kinda lists, so here goes :
    "Seabass" Takatsuka & KCE Tokyo WE team  
    For creating the best football game series in the world. Whereas EA 
    produces a lacklustre un-football like experience every year, Konami 
    IMPROVES it's football games every time.
    Special Thanks for Jun Miura, his help in compiling this FAQ was very 
    crucial. The Special Skills and Hidden Teams information was based on 
    information supplied by Jun. 
    Check out his superb Winning Eleven site Fantastista located at 
    Snowball, Bruno and Fowler for FAQ contributions and hints
    To my boys and girls at Konami for the support, you know who you are.
    My man K-Dogg and videowrestling.com for inspiration
    ps2.ign.com, dc.ign.com, games.dk, www.issonline.com, 
    for help on the Stadium details, awesome site.
    Hifi, Stubbette, Rudds, Skip, TorgoX, Slim, SamK, Gergle, Hazama, 
    III_Demon, Starfall, , Prisoner, Jesper Kyd, DaveZ, Fury, Dangohead, 
    Statix, Paul at Paragon5, hardcore ISS fans Soren and Jacob in Denmark
    To my local ISS homies, Johnny K,  DN Green, J.O and Rapping Martinez
    ALL the Winning Eleven/ISS fans across the world, keep it real, keep it 
    Useless Bonus Trivia
    I listened to the following artists/bands while writing this and the 
    Roster List FAQ :
    Limp Bizkit "Rollin", Crystal Method "Bad Stone", 3 Doors Down "Loser" , 
    XSupermodels "Get'em up", HIM "Right here in my arms", Mark Morrison 
    "Return of the Mack" and Ice Cube "Ask about me"

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