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    FAQ by Wolf Feather

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    Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather
    Initial Version Completed: June 8, 2002
    FINAL VERSION Completed:   July 3, 2002
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    GTC Africa combines rally racing with wheel-to-wheel racing
    action across the continent of Africa.  The settings are
    definitely intriguing, and some are eye-catching enough that
    it is very easy to focus on the scenery (such as Kenya's
    waterfall with a rainbow) and not the often-tricky race
    course itself.  In fact, if an area is particularly scenic,
    it is generally an indication that that portion of the
    circuit is very difficult.
    This game also introduces something rather novel in racing
    games: Team Status.  In many racing games, all that matters
    is that the player earn enough points in a championship to
    win the championship.  Team Status takes this a step further,
    so that the driver's skill - measured in the amount of damage
    a car receives during a race - is factored in.  Team Status
    is only used in Championship Mode.
    To begin playing, go first to Options and adjust all the
    settings if necessary.  Then go to Single Race and
    participate in both of the initially-available circuits; this
    will give the player a good feel for the game and also allow
    the player to test the various cars owned by each team.
    Championship Mode contains three championships: East Coast
    Championship, North-South Challenge, and African Tour.  It is
    especially important to win as many events as possible early
    in each championship, as it will become more and more
    difficult to perform well in the latter races of a
    In each championship, points are awarded ALMOST in FIA style:
       P1   10 points
       P2   6 points
       P3   4 points
       P4   2 points
       P5   1 point
       P6   0 points
    For comparison, FIA style is as follows:
       P1   10 points
       P2   6 points
       P3   4 points
       P4   3 points
       P5   2 points
       P6   1 points
    Thus, unless a driver has a significant lead in championship
    points entering the final races, simply finishing a race DOES
    NOT guarantee earning points.
    The East Coast Championship uses the following circuits:
       Cape Town
    The North-South Challenge uses the following circuits:
       Cape Town 2
    The African Tour uses all the circuits from the two previous
    At the beginning of Championship Mode, the player chooses a
    team, and starts with a Team Status of 50%.  As the player
    performs worse and worse in the championship and the car
    receives more and more damage, the Team Status drops; the
    better a driver's performance in each race and the less
    damage a car receives per race, the Team Status rises.
    Fortunately, teams do understand that some damage is likely
    to occur in a race; cars swap paint, the rear end swings out
    on tight corners and bangs a barrier, etc.  Thus, if the car
    takes less than 10 points of damage, this has no effect on
    the Team Status.  However, at 10 or more points of damage,
    the Team Status fluctuation per event receives a penalty,
    which can generally be offset by performing well in a race.
    In an extreme case, the car can receive 30 or more damage
    points in a race, which results in a penalty of -6% to Team
    Status; only a race win - which earns +8% to Team Status -
    will keep the driver's Team Status from dropping after that
    Team Status is also important for finishing each race.  In
    Championship Mode, the driver must complete each race within
    the time allotted.  If the Team Status is higher than 50%,
    the allotted time is slowly raised.  However, if the Team
    Status is lower than 50%, the allotted time is slowly
    reduced.  A higher allotted time obviously allows more time
    for race completion, thus slightly easing one of the driver's
    many concerns during a race.  However, as the allotted time
    decreases, this adds more and more pressure on the driver.
    GTC Africa boasts a total of nineteen circuits.
    Unfortunately, the game does not provide a circuit overview
    until that circuit is loading; a course map is not even
    provided until the race is underway.  Therefore, here are the
    nineteen circuits of GTC Africa, along with both what the
    circuit-loading screen states and my personal observations.
    Cape Town
       Loading Screen: Mainly tarmac road, with a short off-road
          hill climb, twisting down into a high-speed coastal
          run punctuated by fast bends.
       Personal Observations: This first circuit is fairly easy,
          but it is still possible to overcook corners and lose
          valuable race positions.  Extreme care must be taken
          along the coast, as several of the corners are much
          tighter than they at first appear.
       Loading Screen: Dry dirt track with wide sweeping bends,
          grit, sand, and a short tarmac section.
       Personal Observations: This is also a fairly easy circuit,
          but beware the banking on either side of the course, as
          it can easily cause the car to flip.
       Loading Screen: Fast, dry gravel track and a short tarmac
          road section with fast straights and tight challenging
       Personal Observations: Good power out of the corners is
          key here.  Take care in the final straightaway, which
          contains several jumps and a narrow bridge; coming off
          a jump somewhat askew is likely to destroy any chance
          of winning here.
       Loading Screen: Short tarmac section with dirt track
          descending into a twisting muddy gorge, then winding
          sharply through the countryside.
       Personal Observations: The twisty section between the
          mountains is an excellent place to pass by getting on
          the inside of an opponent and bumping the other car(s)
          off the optimal racing line.  Except the twisty
          mountain-floor section, the course is fairly well-
       Loading Screen: Fast, dusty track, twisting through a
          lush, populated valley.
       Personal Observations: This course is roughly in a
          figure-eight configuration.  Take extreme care with
          the final portion of the circuit, as the course is
          narrow with fences on either side; single-file is
          almost certainly preferable here.
       Loading Screen: High-altitude tarmac road snaking across a
          mountain, covered with ice and snow.
       Personal Observations: This is another course in a figure-
          eight formation.  If running in a pack, go through the
          tunnel single-file to avoid incurring A LOT of damage,
          as the tunnel is VERY narrow.  Also, brake well before
          exiting the tunnel, as the road takes a nasty left-hand
          perpendicular turn.
       Loading Screen: Slippery jungle track with tight bends,
          opening up onto a baked dirt track twisting across a
          sweeping dusty plain.
       Personal Observations: Whenever possible, straightline the
          consecutive tight S-curves.  Also, keep the eyes on the
          road, especially around the waterfall.
       Loading Screen: Slippery dirt and mud track with many
          tight corners.
       Personal Observations: This dusk race has reduced
          visibility, so intimate knowledge of the circuit is
          key to success here.  The course itself is lined with
          high, steep banks and occasional boulders, so keep to
          the racing surface at all costs!!!!  Also, on the
          approach to the tunnel, it appears that the tunnel is
          essentially non-existent, like the fake tunnels in
          Warner Bros.' Wile E. Coyote cartoons; however, keep
          powering on through, as the 'fake' appearance is simply
          an illusion created by the upward slope of the dirt/mud
          road through the tunnel.
       Loading Screen: Fast tarmac road climbing from a village
          into coastal hills, descending into a sandy, twisting
          beach section.
       Personal Observations: It is VERY easy to slip off the
          road here, especially in the sandy section at the end.
       Loading Screen: Dusty, tarmac road with sandy sections and
          many sharp bends.
       Personal Observations: It is VERY easy to overcommit to
          the many consecutive hairpin corners.  Also, this race
          takes place at dusk, so visibility is fairly poor.
       Loading Screen: Hot, dry and barren desert section on
          tarmac road, twisting over sand into the cool shadow
          of the hills before emerging again onto baking tarmac.
       Personal Observations: It is IMPERATIVE to stay on the
          racing surface, otherwise, the sand will slow the car
          to a snail's pace and allow the competition to quickly
          catch up and make easy passes.  In the final third of
          the circuit, the road runs directly into the blazing
          sun, making visibility difficult.
       Loading Screen: Largely tarmac roads, with a high-speed
          dash past beach-front hotels and a twisting section
          past a Roman amphitheater in the desert sands.
       Personal Observations: Drivers who get caught out in the
          sand here will lose speed, but not nearly as much as in
          Libya.  Beware the boulders, lampposts, and palm trees
          along much of the circuit.  Intimate knowledge of the
          course is key to success here, as many corners are
          unsighted on approach.  Shortly after passing the
          hotels, the road narrows with fences on either side.
       Loading Screen: Tarmac road winding through a fortified
          town, then dirt road snaking upward into the
          surrounding hills.
       Personal Observations: This tiny venue is extremely
          tricky.  There are several points where the road
          briefly diverges, which - if used judiciously - can
          allow for easily passing a pack of cars.  However, the
          many trees and lampposts provide constant obstacles all
          along the circuit.  Also, there is a section of
          consecutive hairpin corners - all on an uphill slope -
          which will make players wish they were attempting to
          pass the Complex String Time Trial in the Arcade Mode
          of Gran Turismo 3!!!
       Loading Screen: Cracked earth road skirting a lake before
          climbing into a twisting hill section.
       Personal Observations: Climbing the mountain is made very
          tricky with the position of the sun.  Excellent
          cornering will be required descending the mountain.
       Loading Screen: High-speed circuit with tarmac and dirt
          track sections, circling a volcanic crater lake.
       Personal Observations: This almost perfectly circular
          circuit is highly unique in that it also offers a split
          in the course; however, the Start/Finish 'Line' is
          actually two Lines as they are located about two-thirds
          of the way along this split!!!  Perhaps the best path
          to take at the split is to the right, as this provides
          the best possible racing line when the two paths
          rejoin at the entrance of a narrowed corner.
       Loading Screen: Deep jungle mud track with fast bends
          and straights with jumps.
       Personal Observations: To quote JP from SSX Tricky, 'Le
          retour de la jongle!!!'  The road is certainly wide
          enough for two-wide racing; some sections may even
          accommodate three-wide racing.  However, there are
          barriers on both sides of the road almost the entire
          way around the circuit, so there is no recovery area
          in case a driver overcooks a corner.  It is also quite
          interesting seeing the birds fly by :-)
       Loading Screen: Fast dirt track, with a sweeping desert
       Personal Observations: This course has several jumps, some
          of which can be treacherous because - if taken at full
          speed - the landing zone is directly against a barrier.
          Some corners are better approached as wide U-type
       Loading Screen: Dirt track and tarmac through narrow
          gorges and across wooden bridges.
       Personal Observations: Due to the narrowness of the
          circuit, expect passing here to be extremely difficult,
          almost as difficult as passing at the Grand Prix of
          Monte Carlo in F1 racing.  Fences and rock cliffs line
          most of the circuit, with several large boulders also
          providing incentive to keep using the brakes.
    Cape Town 2
       Loading Screen: Inner city, street driving on tarmac with
          many tight bends.
       Personal Observations: This is even more annoying than the
          Complex String circuit in Gran Turismo 3 :-(   This
          course is almost entire comprised of right-angle turns
          which double back on themselves.  Even worse, the brief
          straightaways between the corners are too long to treat
          these as wide U-type corners.  Also, plenty of fencing
          blocks any possibility of shortcutting a corner, so
          passing to the inside of an opponent on braking will be
          quite difficult here.  Driving on the cobblestone
          streets feels really weird if the vibration function is
    Since race venues are only unlocked by performing well in
    Championship Mode, drivers should be permitted the
    opportunity to take a few practice laps at each new venue in
    Championship Mode.  This would be FAR better than 'forcing'
    drivers to participate in races with no prior knowledge of
    the venues in their first time through the Championships.
    Qualifying would be a nice addition to the game :-)
    It is very easy to forget how many laps have been completed
    and how many remain; having a lap counter, or a message
    indicating Final Lap, would be greatly beneficial.
    Since accumulating ZERO damage points in a race is rare, this
    should be rewarded by the team by raising Team Status,
    perhaps by 4% or even by 6%.
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