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    Secrets FAQ by Naru2005

    Version: 1.1b | Updated: 11/27/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Terminator: Dawn of Fate Secrets/Info FAQ v1.1b
    for the Sony PlayStation 2 System
    Produced by TimiAzN
    Written by Predator Hunter
    Last Update: November 27, 2003
    About Me
    1. About this Guide
    2. How to Unlock a Secret
    3. The Levels
    4. The Secrets
    	A. Easy Difficulty
    	B. Medium Difficulty
    	C. Terminal Difficulty
    5. Misc.
    6. Revision History
    7. What I need! Please help me!
    8. Frequently Asked Questions
    9. Credits
    A.) Real Name: Ask me by IM, ICQ, or find me in the forums. Or e-mail me.
    CodeName: AzNTimi
    B-Day: March 25, 1985
    ICQ: 78129469
    AOL/AIM: AzNxxGrL4u, HelenC173
    E-mail: AzNxxGrL4u@aol.com, HelenBabyGrL@juno.com
    MSN: None
    Yahoo: None
    Where you can find me: GameGossip Community Forums(Username: AzNBabyGrL),
    GameFAQs(Username: TimiAzN).
    B.) Where you can find Predator Hunter: Neotaku Forums(Username: AzNKiD), 
    XSiteClub Forums(Username: J-Kid)
    AOL: PLing19997
    ICQ: 35306201
    This guide is for those of you who wonder what the levels in the game unlock
    when you complete it. Be sure that I will be going in order as you are reading
    the guide. This guide is only for the secrets in the game, nothing else. Try
    following what I am writing. If you have any questions or suggestions, please
    e-mail me at AzNxxGrL4u@aol.com or HeLeNBabyGrL@juno.com
    Please do not copy this guide without my permission. Doing so will cause you to
    commit plagiarism.
    This guide is found posted at the following sites:
    	To unlock a secret, as stated in the manual, you will need at least 4(I
    repeat, FOUR!) medals at the end of each mission. Less than that will not
    unlock a secret, but more will stay the same. But make sure that when you
    unlock a secret, it's only for that difficulty. Playing on another difficulty
    will get you another secret. For example, Level 1 on Easy will get you the DATA
    on the H/K Recon, while on Medium in the same level will get you GAME INTRO
    Here is a list of medals in the game and my version of the descriptions. There
    are 6 total.
    1. Ground Pounder
    	- Killing a lot of enemies in a mission. Preferably EVERYTHING!
    2. Martial Arts Master
    	- Using Close up combat with the Plasma Baton and your kicks a lot. I think
    getting at least 70 swings & kicks will get you this medal.
    3. Raging Valor
    	- Using adrenaline in the heat of battle.
    4. Sharp Shooter
    	- Making every bullet count and not lose too much accuracy all the time.
    5. Speed Demon
    	- Completing the mission quick without being slowed down.
    6. Untouchable
    	- Avoiding damage, dodging huge firepower.
    	Getting 4 medals can be a pain in some levels. Kill enemies with martial arts
    to refill your adrenaline so that you can have a chance at getting Raging Valor
    and Martial Arts Master. If you want to/have to shoot, make every bullet count
    and dodge firepower coming from fakies. That should get you Untouchable and
    Sharp Shooter. Only kill what you have to if you're going for Speed Demon, or
    kill everything that is in your way for Ground Pounder. Any combination is up
    to you. Use your critical thinking and gut feelings of what you're planning.
    Get at least 4, no less than that.
    Level 1: Grave Introduction
    Level 2: Final Delivery
    Level 3: Mass Destruction
    Level 4: Enemy Withdrawal
    Level 5: Loading Zone
    Level 6: Cybernetic Surprise
    Level 7: Asylum Assault
    Level 8: Infiltration
    Level 9: Storming NORAD
    Level 10: Time Displaced
    Here are the secrets and descriptions of each one. As a TechCom soldier you are
    playing, you must get to know the enemy and it's characteristics(Threat Data
    NOTE: These are taken directly from the game itself. If you have anything to
    add, please e-mail me.
    A. Easy Difficulty
    Level 1:
    DATA: H/K Recon
    Description: Light survey vehicle assigned to transmit early battlefield
    telemetry in support of main attack forces. Generates a strong energy pulse
    while attacking. Difficult to target while engaged in high speed defensive
    Level 2:
    DATA: T-500 Endo
    Description: Combat unit upgrade currently serving as the enemy's preferred
    soldier. An armored battle chassis makes it far more durable. Enhanced weapons
    are synched with acquisition AI for a highly dangerous threat.
    Level 3:
    DATA: T-800 Endo
    Description: Deadliest of Skynet's forces. It's reinforced battle chassis is
    covered by fake skin and hair. The match makes them unrecognizable. Serves as a
    lethal infiltration unit able to penetrate all but the most secure of our
    Level 4:
    DATA: Auto Palette
    Description: Light worker robot used to haul supplies. It secures a payload
    using anti-gravity fields projected from its lifting arm. This bot has no
    weapons and is not a threat on its own, but it can alert nearby forces to your
    Level 5:
    DATA: Skynet Loader
    Description: Heavy lifter robot serving Skynet salvaging needs. Anti-Gravitic
    Drives allows it to lift massive weight. Has no known weapons. But crushing
    power allows it to easily smash humans. Wait for backup before engaging this
    Level 6:
    DATA: Skynet Initiate
    Description: Skynet has modified captured soldiers with cybernetic implants.
    These devices allow the enemy to control a human's actions by exciting pain
    centers within the brain. We think Gabriel Stone leads this growing hybrid
    Level 7:
    DATA: H/K Spider Tank
    Description: Sci/Tech analysis reports this machine is a modified version of
    the Ground H/K. Projected entropy shields allows the enemy to deflect most
    weapon fire. Nimble speed makes it a lethal opponent when fought on open
    Level 8:
    DATA: Alexander Stone
    Description: Troubled Private with TechCom, and younger brother to Gabriel.
    Alex rebels against leadership for the decision to leave Gabriel behind when
    Skynet ambushed his squad. Alax has gone awol and appears to be a genuine
    Level 9:
    DATA: H/K Ground Tank or Ground H/K
    Description: The Ground Hunter Killer is a massive enemy war machine. It
    remains one of the most difficult targets to defeat. Twin plasma turrets can be
    destroyed to weaken its attack capabilities. Placed explosives will pick it
    Level 10:
    DATA: Aerial H/K or H/K Flyer
    Description: Fast-flying vehicle use to support slow ground troops. Able to
    hover in place for saturation fire then acclerate to persure our fast assault
    squads. Attack with missiles or crossfire. Its two turbine engines are a
    B. Medium Difficulty
    Level 1:
    Game Introduction FMV
    Description: This basically gives a introduction to the game. Can be normally 
    seen by starting the game from Level 1.
    Level 2:
    DATA: Gabriel Stone
    Description: The famed TechCom Captain listed M.I.A. Presumed dead from attacks
    2 years ago. Now confirmed alive and known as the ultimate traitor. Has
    assisted Skynet in acquiring human conscripts to form a hybrid army that knows
    our tactics.
    Level 3:
    Level 4 Introduction FMV
    Description: This FMV is normally played right after you kill the Ground H/K on
    Level 3.
    Level 4:
    Soldier Skin
    Description: Seen the soldiers with helmets that give you fire support? You can
    now play as them.
    Level 5:
    Level 6 Introduction FMV
    Description: This FMV is normally played at the start of Level 6.
    Level 6:
    Game Prototype(Pre-Vis) FMV
    Description: This FMV shows the preproduction stage. Shows Kyle Reese running
    up to a wall then sidestepping and the Endo comes up the narrow space trying to
    shoot Reese. Reese blows its metal head off.
    Level 7:
    Concept Art Gallery
    Description: This is pretty straight through. Do not press any buttons while
    watching or it will cancel it.
    Level 8:
    Level 9 Introduction FMV
    Description: This FMV is normally played at the start of Level 9.
    Level 9: 
    Music Gallery
    Description: Contains 17 tracks from the game(except Credits and remixed
    Terminator theme).
    -Robert Daspit(from Artisan Sound)
    1. Skynet Ambient 1(default menu theme)
    2. Hybrid Action 1
    3. Hybrid Action 2
    4. Bybrid Ambient 1
    5. Hybrid Ambient 2
    6. Hybrid Boss
    7. Skynet Action 1
    8. Skynet Action 2
    9. Skynet Ambient 2
    10. Skynet Boss
    11. Urban Ruins Action 1
    12. Urban Ruins Action 2
    13. Urban Ruins Ambient 1
    14. Urban Ruins Ambient 2
    15. Urban Ruins - Boss
    - Fear Factory(Track 16-18 Duration submitted by Casa de Blink182)
    16. Full Metal Contact - 2min 30sec
    17. Hi-tech Hate - 4min 34sec
    Additional Tracks
    18. Remixed Terminator Theme - 2min 45sec
    19. Credits Theme - ??min ??sec
    Level 10:
    -Terminal Difficulty
    -Level 10 Ending FMV
    -Game Ending FMV
    Description: Gives you Terminal Difficulty and the ending FMVs.
    C. Terminal Difficulty(Must get 4 medals on Medium Level 10 to unlock this
    Level 1:
    Kyle Reese Skin
    Description: Lets you play as Kyle Reese in any level.
    Level 2:
    John Connor Skin
    Description: Lets you play as John Connor in any level.
    Level 3:
    Game Animatic FMV
    Description: Compares the final version with earlier version of the game(Level
    10 Ending FMV shown)
    Level 4:
    Justin Perry Skin
    Description: Lets you play as Justin Perry in any level.
    Level 5:
    -Catherine Luna Skin
    -All Guns
    Description: Lets you play as Catherine Luna in any level. You can now have all
    the weapons in the game on any level! Fire away!
    Level 6:
    Lethal Baton
    Description: Your baton becomes stronger in power and can take out any
    endo/initiate in a piece of cake.
    Level 7:
    Max Adrenaline
    Description: You have a infinite amount of Adrenaline. Never runs out... Kill
    them machines!
    Level 8:
    Max Ammunition
    Description: You have an infinite amount of ammunition. Never runs out... OPEN
    Level 9:
    Iron Skin
    Description: This gives you a whopping 10000% health! Funny how you can still
    Level 10:
    First Person Move
    Description: You can now use First-Person mode permanently without holding the
     These are other things that need to be known.
    - Completing Basic Combat Training will get you the Data on the T-400
    Description: Invented during initial tests to mimic human autonomy. Served
    Skynet as impressive guards in early internment prisons. No longer a match for
    modern weapons. Only a few rusty units remain in service.
    - All Guns, Lethal Baton, Max Adrenaline, Max Ammunition, Iron Skin, and First
    Person Move can be enabled(once you unlock them) in the Extras->Cheats menu.
    - Soldier/Reese/Perry/Connor/Luna skins can be enabled(one at a time) in the
    Extras->Cheats menu down to Character Selection. It's hilarious if you play as
    any male in the 7th or 8th Level and hear them have Luna's voice.
    - FMVs can be viewed in the Extras->DVD Extras menu. There are only two
    preproduction FMVs and the rest are from the game.
    - All the data can be viewed at the Extras->Threat Data option.
    - Music Gallery and Concept Art Gallery are in the Extras option.
    - There are 34 secrets total in the game. Most levels only unlock one secret,
    with the exception of a couple.
    1.1b - Corrected Spelling/Grammar Mistakes, added some info..
    1.1a - Updated Contact Information, Section 8, and Credits List.
    1.0d - Added information in About This Guide, updated Credits List, a little
    FAQ added, and a profile about myself.
    1.0c - Added Desriptions, What I Need, Revision History, and updated Credits
    1.0b - Updated Credits List and secrets.
    1.0a - Started FAQ. Gave complete Extras.
    Want me to add your name in this FAQ? Help me get these things.
    1. Time duration of each music track.
    2. Suggestions and Additions if necessary.
    3. Any other info will be gladly appreciated.
    1. How do I get past the dark room on the first level: Grave Introduction?
    - Comments: This has been asked frequently. Since I'm not sure whether I'm
    planning to write a walkthrough, I will post it here just in case anyone else
    needs it.
    - Answer: If the room is dark and you're fighting endless endos, then that
    means you haven't turned on the power yet. Go back downstairs and find three
    switches. Hit the middle one first, then either left or right. Wait for it to
    turn green and then hit the other one. Now go back upstairs and the room is now
    lit and John Connor is there to assist you. (NOTE: Make sure John Connor is
    always there with you. If not, read #2.)
    2. But John Connor is not with me, what do I do?
    - Comments: People tend to leave John Connor behind so he can fight to his own
    - Answer: Go two rooms back from the power room to the orangey room that the
    endos were jumping down from above. Next to that hole, there should be some C4
    to the left. Grab it and go back to John Connor. Right before you reach him,
    there should be two barrels on your right. Use the C4 and blow it up and you
    should see TASK COMPLETE. John Connor should say,"FORWARD".
    3. What are some advices on getting medals?
    - Comments: You really should use your own methods. I have wrote the
    description of what the medals are and how to attain them. You only need 4 to
    get a certain secret unlocked. Make up your own combination.. it's your game!
    - Answer: Kill everything that gets in your way to achieve Ground Pounder. Make
    every bullet count to get Sharp Shooter. Do close-up combat a lot and get
    massive baton kills to achieve Martial Arts Master. Finish the level quick to
    get Speed Demon. Avoid and Dodge firepower to get Untouchable. And use
    Adrenaline in the heat of battle to get Raging Valor.
    4. Will there be a PC release?
    - Answer: I have no intention on knowing since I already have the Sony
    PlayStation 2 version. For now, there seems to be no info on a PC version being
    5. What systems is this game currently for?
    - Answer: For now, only PlayStation 2 and Xbox.
    6. When was this game released?
    - Answer: This game was released September 18, 2002 in North America and
    October 25, 2002 in Europe.
    *7. I am stuck here! Where do I go??
    - Answer: Read RMcGregor FAQ/Walkthrough for complete details. He covered all 
    the levels from 1-10.
    9. CREDITS
    - Thanks to Casa de Blink182(Casa de Blink182@aol.com) for contributing
    - Thanks to Predator Warrior(KYO940520@aol.com) for finding out the secrets for
    Easy Level 5 and 8, and Basic Combat Training stage(see Misc. for BCT info)
    - Thanks to Predator Hunter(PLing19997@aol.com) for helping me write and
    proofread most of it.
    - Thanks to RMcGregor for writing the FAQ/Walkthrough!
    - Thanks to Paradigm Entertainment for developing the game, and
    Infrogrames/Atari for producing and publishing it.
    - Thanks to Mario Kassar(C-2 Pictures, formerly Carolco..T2 only), James
    Cameron and his wife for making the Terminator movies!
    - Thanks Stan Winston Studios for creating the series of the T-800.
    - Thanks GameFAQs, Cheat Code Central, and IGN for posting my FAQ as I gave
    - Thanks to YOU for playing the game!
    The Terminator Dawn of Fate Copyright 2002 Infogrames, Inc.
    Copyright TimiAzN 2003

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