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"Awesome multi-player game!"

Barbarian is a unique game that allows you and up to three other friends beat the holy hell out of eachother, along with up to 4 minor computer characters, making a total possible 8 characters in a battle at a time, now that's a brawl! Have you ever had the urge to go out and smack someone on the head with a 20 foot pillar? Although you could never do so in real life, you can in Barbarian. Barbarian has enough weapons, magic, and carnge to keep you up with your friends all night.

Storyline: 10/10
Every character has thier own story line, and they branch off in the quest mode. They're all quite deep and enjoyable, but who needs a storyline to break stone pillars over thier friends' heads and send them plummiting 100 feet off of a castle tower anyway?

Graphics/Sounds: 9/10
The graphics are awesome. All of the characters, especially Magnus, have incredibly fast and smooth movements. Dust and debris flies from rocks when they break against another player's head, wheelbarrels burst into splinters, and walls crumble away just before breaking. As for the sounds, they could have beem better. No character have a real voice, just grunts and screams. The music fits the stage you are playing on. In the sewers or prison, the music is dark and creepy. In the dessert stage, the music is kinda Egyptian like. You have sounds for trees uprootin. When someone picks up a multi ton pillar and swings it, you will know. It makes a big swoosh. The sounds and music are O.K.

Controls 10/10
This is about as simple as fighting games get. You have a jump button, two attack buttons, a grab button, block button, and two buttons for magic. This game is very easy to pick up and learn in your first battle.

Gameplay: 9/10
This is the best part of this game. Although the single player mode isn't so hot, you will never get bored of destroying your so-called friends on this game. You chose from 10 characters and many different stages. The object is simply to be the last man standing. Think of it as Gekido set in the dark ages. Many of the environments are large and detailed, they give you lots of room and things of different hights to fight on. So you may be on top of a high wooden mast while your other freinds fight below you. Most stages have multiple areas. Like in the ruins stage, there is a cracked wall. If you or your friends get sent through this wall, the screen will change and you will be in a lower area of the level. And you can send your friends flying off this area, bringing everybody down to the bottom. Nearly everything can be used as a weapon. Some weapons are so heavy that no one can pick them up unless they load a very strong character from Quest mode, which brings us to another point: Quest mode. Although it is relatively boring, it is the only way to find out about each character's storyline. You pick a stage to complete, and then you beat up the character in the stage in a one on one battle. If you win, you get points that can be used to make your character stronger. You can load this stronger character in multi-player mode to give you an advantage. Also in multi-player mode, you can add 4 mnor characters called thugs. The two reasons to add thugs are to make things more hectic and because you can use them as weapons, which is funny. This is a very enjoyable game to play with a friend.

Replayability: 3/10
The single player mode just isn't very fun at all. You'll probably only be playing this game with your friends.

Rent or Buy?
It's better to just rent it for a party or hang-out with your friends, but if your local video store does not have it, then borrow it from your uncle and as a last resort, buy it.

Awesome multi-player
Great graphics
Most levels have plenty of weapons and destruction
Characters are varied and unique
You can hit someone with a giant stone pillar
You can use minor characters as weapons

Computers can be cheap
Single player sucks
Not enough characters

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/16/05

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