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"The AC3 series is simply the best."

First let me tell you what Armored Core is all about. Armored core is a fully customizable mech game. This is an action game with lots of shooting (I mean lots) and a little adventure. You play the role of a hired mercenary, or a Raven as the game calls it, now lets break it down.

Game play: The game play says it all! You can run, slide, dash, hover, or fly! This is a third person shooter, but it's fast. The aid of a lock box makes aiming a lot easier so don't think it's to fast. This is the sequel to the PS2 Armored Core(2) series, which means no more loading up data, and new parts (frames and all). They added a new type of core also, in which 1 or 2 small ''orbits'' come out and freely shot. This game is broken up into about 50 missions, where you must protect, save, destroy, or find targets. In this one, your even allowed to bring a consort (or wingman)with you. This may not sound unique, but doing it in a fully customizable robot is certainly great. This means that it will take some trial and error since one mech will work one place, while another will fail. They also brought back the arena. Their are about 66 one on one battle, 100% fair and 100% fun. Also their is an extra arena with a 2 on 2. You also have a store to buy and upgrade your armored core. You lose money for getting hit (repair bills), using ammo, and doing things your not suppose to while you gain money from rewards and doing extra good (This only applies to the missions). Outstanding

Challenge: This is the part that kills me... The PS1 AC's were hard, but this new isn't that hard... My main still gripe is with projectile speed. They just move to slow and are easy to dodge... The game does have a hard setting, which only does a couple things to your lock box. The only thing that might make this game a little hard is getting a good rank... Good

Control: The one problem most people may have is the control. This game is easy to pick up from if your used to these type of action games, and if you started on Armored Core(1) you'll know these controls like the back of your hand and want all your first/third person shooters set up like this. It may take a while to get used to since some times it's a must to boost + move forward + turn + shoot your left arm weapon + shoot your right arm weapon + look up and down + putting your extensions on. Any ways, there's one thing wrong with the default controls, shooting with your right arm has always been [] and now you can shoot with O with X in the middle... It takes a while to get used to. With the new series they added 1 more function, Just a weapon drop feature (One for guns, blades, and extensions)... so it's nothing to fear. Great

Story: The story is about you and your role in saving the people of a ''layered'' underground world.You fight a AI called ''The controller'' and try and rid Layered of it. The Arena also has a small story, but is not incorporated in the missions at all. Good

Graphics: Being the games latest series of AC this game has the best graphics. There is now a lot of detail in everything. The laser blades leaves a sorta trail when you hit something, windows break, and spark fly when you dash. The one problem I see is how things blow up a tad bit worst than in AC2, but that's minor. Outstanding

Audio: This game sports great music. Most of it is Techno but it suits the game really well. But the effects have got a lot better... The blade noises are well done also. The main theme is also good in my opinion. Outstanding

Replayability: This game will keep you occupied for a very long time. You may only go through this game once or twice, but with all the different combinations (Head, Core, Arms, Legs, Firing Control System, Generator, Boosters, Radiators, extensions, and 6 types of weapons {That range from machine guns to bazookas on arms and core}). This game also has a very great two player versus. You and your friend (or up to 3 friends) can go head to head with your own armored cores (by a load up from a memory card) and battle in about 10 different levels. The arena will also keep you occupied for a very long time, about 66 AC's and a extra 2 on 2 arena. Don't forget about ranking, too. Outstanding

This game is a must buy if you like these type of games. But I would highly recommend playing and beating all the PS1 AC's and PS2 AC's for a better time. Rent this game only if you plan on getting the expansion to it and are low on cash as you can load up to it just like the PS1 versions.

I give this game a ten out of ten because it is perfect in almost every way. This game looks, sounds, play, and runs better than all the other AC's and is also the most balanced.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/06/03, Updated 07/06/03

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