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    FAQ/Walkthrough by idyoticwyzard

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/06/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
                                      Version 2.0
                                Created by idyoticwyzard
                             Copyright (c)2005 idyoticwyzard
    Table of Contents
    1. Legal Intro
       1.1 Version History
    2. Gameplay Tactics
       2.1 Characters
       2.2 Equipment
    3. The Missions
       3.01 Pandora Trigger
       3.02 Arctic Flare
       3.03 Sand Hammer
       3.04 Lost Thunder
       3.05 Perfect Sword
       3.06 Crystal Arc
       3.07 Silent Drum
       3.08 Feral Burn
       3.09 Diamond Edge
       3.10 Silver Snake
       3.11 Oracle Stone
       3.12 Temple Gate
       3.13 Sargasso Fade
       3.14 Majestic Gold
       3.15 Frost Light
       3.16 Hero Claw
       3.17 Ebony Horse
       3.18 Zero Gambit
    4. Closing
    1. Legalities
    This guide should only be available at the following sites:
    If you see this guide on another site, or would like to use this on your own
    site, or would like to contact me anyway, here is my info:
    Email: idyoticwyzard@hotmail.com
    AIM: idyoticwyzard
    Eric Fung/idyoticwyzard copyrights this document, so if you steal it *shakes
    fist* then screw you.
    1.1 Version History
    Version 2.0 (11/05/06): Retried and revamped strategies for all missions.
    Version 1.1 (10/04/05): Edited for clarity and corrected final mission.
    Version 1.0 (10/02/05): Covers the single player campaign.
    2. Gameplay Tactics
    --The HQ plans are trash. 
    --The AI easily gets shot, so in general, leave the computer only to move from
      point to point and to cover/snipe open areas with only a few guards.
    --Along the same lines, don't totally rely on the AI to watch your back. So a
      team with more than 2 people is unnecessary; most of the time, the last few
      members hardly get to shoot anyone anyway.
    --When rescuing hostages, the team you control should be the first into the
      room (after flashbangs, if needed).
    --Learn to love the heartbeat sensor and 3rd person view.
    --Do not continue the campaign with dead operatives; it's very unprofessional.
      If your characters are wounded, continue only if this mission is extremely
      frustrating AND you have a decent substitute for the next mission.
    2.1 Characters
    Leaders: Chavez (stealth team), Novikov, Bogart, Price, Walther, Noronha
    Assault Team: Every other member in the Assault category
    Stealth: Every Recon member
    Sniper: Any sniper, but I often use Johnston, Weber, and Galanos.
    2.2 Equipment
    For these missions, there is no standard issue kit, so I will detail each
    team's equipment before each mission walkthrough. But make sure everyone has a
    HB sensor and silenced pistols (unless noted otherwise).
    3. The Missions
    -EXT = extraction zone
    -INS = insertion zone
    -SAlpha, SBravo, SCharlie, SDelta = Snipe at [Go-Code]
    -CAlpha, CBravo, CCharlie, CDelta = Cover at [Go-Code]
    -I don't use Defend -_-
    Note: Mission plans are designed for Elite missions. However, they work just as
          well on Veteran and even Recruit. Adjust for the different number of
    3.01 Pandora Trigger
    -This is a pretty challenging hostage rescue for a first mission. HB Sensors
     are already set up. 1 recon operative/team, 1 assault team, and a sniper.
    MP5SD5 (JHP) / PSG-1 (JHP - Green sniper)
    HK .45 Mark23-SD (JHP)
    Frag Grenades
    Blue Team: Hold at the NE INS for Bravo. Bravo, blaze a path west through the
               museum and clear the majority of the 1st floor. Hold for Delta by
               the east door leading to the hostages. Make sure you approach the
               opening along the east wall so that the guard inside will not see
               you. Delta, flash the room and kill the tango, then escort the
               hostages to EXT.
    Red Team: Start from the SW INS and enter the museum. Head upstairs, looking
              for the patrol around this area. Walk through this hallway and
              continue across the balcony, shooting one guard. Enter the next room
              and kill the visible tangos on the balcony entrance to the SE. Then
              CCharlie where you can watch the north entrance of this room. Many
              guards will head in your direction. When all the tangos up here are
              dead, Charlie sends you west and down the first set of stairs you
              reach. Keep going west and clear the large exhibit hall, close to the
              SW INS. Hold for Delta outside the room just south of the hostages.
              Delta, rush in and help Blue secure the hostages, then return to EXT.
    Green Team: Using the NE INS, head up the stairs and hug the pillar on your
                right. Escort the hostage away from the door (only on Elite) and
                hug the pillar while you take him down to EXT. When he's secure,
                wait for Alpha. Alpha, go back up the stairs and slowly sidestep
                left, sniping inside. There are 3 1st floor tangos to take care of,
                plus 2 more that might come to see what's going on. As Red, check
                where the balcony guards are located. Then you can go through the
                western bathroom and slowly step out to snipe each balcony guard.
                Frag any remaining hard-to-reach tangos. At the NW corner of this
                room, by the bathroom door, SDelta towards the balcony. Delta, head
                back to EXT.
    Order of Operations: Set up Red first, since the first two tangos sometimes
                         shoot faster than Red can. When they are covering at
                         Charlie, you can clear a few of the 2nd floor guards. Then
                         give Alpha and Green takes care of the entrance hall. You
                         may have to switch back to Red to locate all the balcony
                         guards. Then Bravo sends Blue to secure the 1st floor,
                         Charlie sends Red to finish off the exhibit hall, Delta
                         secures the hostages.
    3.02 Arctic Flare
    -If you use only silenced weapons, this mission may seem way too impossible (on
     Elite, that is). The trick is to alert the guards with sniper rounds oustide
     so that they fall into positions that are much easier to take on. A recon
     operative and a sniper.
    MP5SD5 (JHP) / PSG-1 (Red sniper)
    HK .45 Mark23-SD (JHP)
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: Start from INS and take the south path to the main part of the boat.
               On the way, you will help Red kill the 4 patrols outside. Before you
               reach the tower, head north and enter the main structure from the
               north entrance. Kill the 2 guards in the hall, then wait for the
               patrol to come downstairs and kill him too. Continue west and shoot
               the tango outside. Reload and head up the outside stairs, but pause
               on the 5th floor. Using 3rd person mode, check for the two tangos on
               the floor above - they are just oustide the hostage room. If they
               are looking away from you, so much the better. Slowly sidestep up
               the stairs and get as close to them as you can without them seeing
               you. When you're ready, let the sniper shoot while you take down the
               2 guards outside. Run in and secure the hostages from their guard.
               Watch the door leading to the bridge; a tango might try to come in
               and execute the hostages. Stop him as he comes in. Continue north
               through the bridge and go down the stairs on the other side. Stop at
               the landing and kill the two tangos below. Finally, secure the other
               pair of hostages, killing the hostage guard as well as the two
               tangos outside at the top of the stairs. Escort the hostages back
               across the bridge and pick up the other hostages as well. Return to
               EXT the way you came in.
    Red Team: Quickly run to the north path and SAlpha west. Remain standing since
              there's little time to aim. 2 patrols will soon come into your view,
              so dispatch both of them. Now snipe here until you know that 4 guards
              were killed: you shot 2 and more might come unless you hear Blue
              report their kills. Anyway, when all 4 are down, give Alpha and head
              to the north part of the bow (the tip of the boat). SBravo here and
              aim towards the bridge, where the detonator is. DO NOT FIRE AT THEM
              YET. When Blue is ready to rescue the first pair of hostages, open
              fire and try to take down all 4 tangos on the bridge. Bravo, go to
    Order of Operations: Start the mission as Red and execute the 4 outside guards
                         first. When they are all down, give Alpha and switch to
                         Blue for the rest of the mission. Once both pairs of
                         hostages are secure, you can look for the remaining guards
                         in the main part of the boat if you want to kill everyone
                         on board. To look for those guards, it's safer to check
                         the HB sensor on the outdoor staircase so that you won't
                         be surprised when you come down the central staircase.
    3.03 Sand Hammer
    -This mission is quite difficult because of the layout and the short range of
     your silenced weapons. You should probably let the computer snipe for you. A
     stealth team and an assault team.
    MP5SD5 (JHP)
    HK .45 Mark23-SD (JHP)
    Frag Grenades
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: Head north and CAlpha at a point east of the ladders. You will take
               out one guard on the north half of the balcony. Alpha, move to the
               corner of the building and check the HB sensor for the two patrols
               between the two main buildings. Don't move out into the area but
               shoot them when they come into view. Also, try not hit the north
               building's walls. Climb the north ladder and check the HB sensor
               again before you enter. Go in and clear the tangos already on the
               catwalk, then CBravo between the two computers (water tanks). This
               area shows up on the recon map where the east-west catwalk narrows a
               bit. You are aiming towards the ramps to the SW. Before Bravo,
               continue north up the catwalk and neutralize the tangos in the NW
               corner of the 1st floor. Bravo, keep going and shoot the tango on
               the bridge. SCharlie at the doorway to the balcony. Aim for the
               staircase to the far north. There are 4 patrols up here; make sure
               they all go down QUIETLY; let the computer snipe so that you don't
               accidentally shoot the walls and alert the guards. Before Charlie,
               slowly head out onto the balcony and eliminate any remaining guards.
               Head north to where you can see the hostages and snipe the hostage
               guard. Charlie, help Red clear the area from above. Return to EXT.
    Red Team: From INS, clear the small shack nearby and the other small hut
              attached to the south building. Then enter the plant through the
              south door and, while staying in the little entrance area, CBravo
              towards the SW corner. Once Blue gets into position and all the
              patrols are dead, head out (before Bravo) and kill the primary target
              in the center of this room. Bravo, head north and neutralize any
              stragglers left in this building. Head out and wait for Charlie just
              inside the NE door of the north building. There's a guard waiting by
              here. Before Charlie, peek around south to clear the 1st floor
              patrol. Charlie, head south and loop around to the NW corner to
              finish clearing this building. Escort the hostages to EXT.
    Order of Operations: Take Red through clearing the small buildings first. Then
                         give Alpha as Blue and take care of the outside guards and
                         the catwalk patrols. Check for any more building patrols
                         as Red, then eliminate them. Clear the rest of the
                         building with Blue, then switch back to Red and give
                         Bravo. Make sure sure the south building is empty, then
                         use the HB sensor to check where the tangos are in the
                         north building. Blue snipes the balcony guards as Red
                         sneaks in to make the initial kills. Charlie as Red to
                         finish up.
    3.04 Lost Thunder
    -If you don't know what order to do things in this mission, you will easily get
     slaughtered. Even though it's a hostage rescue, you can use assault rifles. A
     stealth team and 2 assault teams.
    Enfield L85A1
    HK .45 Mark23-SD
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: Advance north up the road and CBravo in the hallway that leads to
               the big NE areas. Face northeast to take down a tango who comes to
               investigate the shooting. Bravo, head north and take the northermost
               stairs up. There is usually one tango at the bottom of these stairs.
               On the second floor, head directly into the church and flashbang the
               hostages in the NE room. Run in after the flash goes off and secure
               these hostages. Wait for Charlie in here. Charlie, escort all three
               nearby hostages to EXT.
    Red Team: Run NW to the run-down building here and climb the stairs. Check the
              HB sensor for a tango who is sometimes here. Kill him, then head down
              the stairs you just used and follow Green to the main road. Make sure
              there are no living tangos left. If you need to, hold your team in
              place and switch to Green to finish killing the patrols around the
              terrorist base. Once the area is clear, advance along the road,
              looking up at the sniper tower. You will be able to get an easy shot
              at his head without being noticed. With him down, enter the enemy
              base and make sure it's empty. Climb to the second floor and exit
              onto the road in front of the church. Snipe the patrol outside the
              church, then advance along the road. Check the HB sensor for one
              other tango along the road, then wait for a patrol to come by the
              front door of the church. Take him out and enter, clearing the
              entrance hall and anyone standing by the pews. Climb to the balcony
              and shoot anyone on the first floor still alive. Wait here for
              Charlie. Charlie, head to EXT.
    Green Team: Advance north up the road but turn left as it loops back around.
                Once you have full view of this road, CAlpha towards the terrorist
                base (landmark on the recon map) and the nearby stairs. You will
                shoot a guard out here, bringing all the patrols down the stairs
                and into your trap. Make sure not to set up too far down the road,
                or the sniper in the tower above will kill you. Alpha, head up the
                stairs and follow Red's path to the church. Instead of entering,
                though, head for the second sniping position--next to a staircase,
                east of the church's main entrance and just NW of the sniper tower
                on the map. Clear this area out and proceed to the base of the
                enemy sniper tower. Kill the last two guards here and wait for
                Charlie. Charlie, head to EXT.
    Order of Operations: Advance as Red first, then Green, and finally Blue. If you
                         are careful and advance slowly, this mission should run
    3.05 Perfect Sword
    -Hope you're not claustrophobic. This mission can be fun and frustrating at the
     same time since stealth is extremely essential here. A recon operative and a
    MP5SD5 (JHP) / PSG-1 (Green sniper)
    HK .45 Mark23-SD (JHP)
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: Wait for Alpha next to the truck. Once the truck starts moving, give
               Alpha and walk east alongside it. You need to hide from the guard at
               the top of the ramp on the NW side of the plane. Anyway, once you're
               out of sight of him (around EXT), run to the cargo bay entrance on
               the SE of the plane. Keep your gun pointed at it, since there may be
               a tango at the top of the ramp. Kill him, then enter the plane and
               clear four tangos in the cargo area. Climb the stairs in the middle
               of the cargo floor and pull out the HB sensor when you get to the
               top. There are two pairs of patrols as well as a stationary hostage
               guard. Wait for both patrols to head out of the vicinity. Once they
               have left, peek out and shoot the hostage guard, then proceed to
               carefully eliminate the patrols. Red Team can now fire on his
               target. This will bring tangos from upstairs, so hold in front of
               the stairs and let them walk into your sights. When they stop
               coming, head up and secure the hostages, waiting for Bravo. Bravo,
               bring all five hostages to EXT.
    Red Team: Head NE and follow the base of the south hill as it connects to the
              north hill. In between the two, SBravo at the tango directly east of
              you. Don't shoot until Blue's hostages are secure. Bravo, head back
              to EXT.
    Order of Operations: Control Blue for the entire mission, allowing Red to fire
                         only when the first set of hostages are secure. Try to
                         keep your shots in bursts to minimize any noise.
    3.06 Crystal Arc
    -The first recon mission. Rules: do not use your gun, close doors behind you as
     you go through them (in general), and live/die by the HB sensor. It really
     comes down to avoiding just three guards. You will probably restart many times
     until you really learn the patrol routes, so patience is key - the mission
     lasted 17 minutes when I eventually beat it. Dubarry and Sweeney.
    92FS 9-mm SD
    Lockpick Kit (Blue) / Electronics Kit (Red)
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: Advance forward and crouch by the nearby rock. On Elite, there is an
               extra patrol that comes by here, so this rock will give you enough
               cover. Once that patrol leaves, follow the west wall of the map,
               staying behind the patrol. When you get to the end of the wall,
               switch to 3rd person and watch for the driveway guard as well as the
               balcony guard. The driveway guard should be walking north while the
               balcony guard is just rounding the corner to patrol south. When that
               happens, climb up and follow the driveway guard at a distance. Don't
               worry about being seen since the other guards take a while to come
               back here. When you get to it, crouch in the alcove in the north
               wall  while the driveway guard goes into the guardhouse. Wait for
               him to pass your hiding place as he heads west, then run into the
               guardhouse. The patrol in here should be heading upstairs as you
               enter. Quickly deactivate the security and leave. Now hug the east
               wall of the map as you head south toward the dacha. There should be
               a guard in front of you, and he's patrolling east. As he gets to the
               corner of the house, stand and walk behind him, heading for the
               locked door. Check that no one is in the hallway inside, then pick
               the lock and enter. If someone is in the hallway, pray that he will
               not hear you open the door, since there's really no place to hide
               except inside. Close the door and check for the patrol that comes by
               the southern locked door (the door directly in front of you). If
               he's out of the way, unlock that door for Red. You can leave it
               open. Hide in the bathroom to the east as you wait for two patrols
               to leave the hallway. Once it's clear, head down the hall and enter
               the bedroom across from the phone that needs to be bugged. Wait for
               Bravo here to watch the 1st floor guards for Red. Bravo, exit the
               dacha using the SE door (where Red enters and exits). On Elite,
               watch out for the extra patrol and also the dacha's south door
               patrol as you return to EXT.
    Red Team: From the start, run west and around the wall, holding for Alpha near
              the ramp just north of INS. You will not be caught. Alpha, check in
              3rd person for the patrol that comes by the door that Blue unlocked.
              When he's walking away, quickly enter and close the door. When the
              hall is clear, hurry and bug the phone, then wait for the hall to
              clear again. When it's safe, head for the bathroom in the west part
              of the house. You can crouch between the sink and toilet in just the
              right position to hide. Wait for tangos to patrol out of your way,
              then run upstairs to the north. Make sure no one's up here and go
              plant the camera. Leave the bedroom door open to avoid making noise.
              Now wait in here and use Blue's map (press G) to check for the 1st
              floor guards. The path to the bathroom must be clear, and the guard
              that patrols the northern locked door must be out of the way, too - 
              this tango can see you through the windows. Once you see a path open
              up, blitz for the bathroom. Hide here for the area to clear, then
              head down the hallway and out of the house. On Elite, you should wait
              for the extra patrol to come by the rock before you attempt to get
              back to EXT.
    Order of Operations: Control Blue until he is in position for Bravo. Then view
                         the map for all teams (press G) and Alpha. Control Red
                         through planting the camera and getting back to EXT. Bravo
                         and get Blue back to EXT.
    3.07 Silent Drum
    -Back to rescuing hostages. The hostage room is extremely tricky to secure. You
     cannot shoot anyone in the studio prematurely or else the hostages will be
     executed. So, you have to take on all 6 tangos at the same time. HB sensors
     are set up. 2 assault teams.
    MP5SD5 (JHP)
    HK .45 Mark23-SD (JHP)
    Blue Team: Head west across the roof and help Red clear it; you should be
               looking for the patrol pair. Head downstairs via the east staircase
               and climb down the nearby ladder. Enter through the lobby and kill
               any tangos you see. Head east through an office, then head towards
               the central east-west hallway. Shoot the guard here, then wait for
               Bravo by the NE door to the hostages. Bravo, rush in and clear the
               room. Escort the hostages to EXT.
    Red Team: Follow the edge of the map as it curves SW and then west. Shoot the
              terrorist on the helicopter pad, then enter the building via the west
              stairs. Go down a floor, then head east into the catwalk area. CAlpha
              on the nearby catwalk so you can ambush anyone who comes down the
              main east-west catwalk. Sometimes there is a stationary tango on the
              far east end of the catwalk. If so, have Blue climb up the SE studio
              ladder and peek out to shoot him. Alpha, move forward and climb down
              one of the studio ladders to the 1st floor. Kill the guard by the
              south wall and hold for Bravo by the south door of the hostage room.
              Bravo, blitz in and help Blue clear the room. Return to EXT.
    Order of Operations: Control Blue for most of the mission. Once the catwalks
                         are clear, give Alpha to put Red in position. You should
                         let the computer handle the assault on the main studio
                         since it does a good enough job of quickly clearing the
                         room without the help of flashbangs.
    3.08 Feral Burn
    -Finally, a mission without hostages. The first part requires infiltration and
     will alert the leaders and they will escape. A recon operative, an assault
     team, and a sniper.
    MP5SD5 (JHP) / HK G36K (Red) / Barret Model 82A1 (Green sniper)
    HK .45 Mark23-SD (JHP)
    Frag Grenades
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: Advance north and head up the north staircase. There will be two
               patrols above you, but do not shoot them yet. They may hear you get
               out of the water, but don't worry about that either. Kill the tango
               in the garage above, then work on killing the 3 pairs of patrols.
               Take out the pair patrolling the west area first - they are the ones
               you saw earlier. Then, if you were perfectly quiet, kill the pair at
               the SE part of the map. Wait until they patrol east before coming
               out to shoot them in the back. Finally, deal with the NE patrols.
               The order is really up to your judgment, but you should use the
               walls of the garage as cover from the patrols. When all 3 pairs are
               down, then the outside areas are secure and you can give Alpha. At
               the T-junction south of the garage, CBravo east.
    Red Team: Hold for Alpha at INS. Alpha, follow Blue's path upstairs and emerge
              from the garage through the eastern door. CBravo south, close to the
              SE corner of the garage. Bravo, move forward a bit and bounce a frag
              into the meeting. From this angle, it's quite easy to kill everyone
              inside. enter the room and kill the remaining tangos, then head down
              to the boat and clear that area as well.
    Green Team: Hold for Alpha at INS. Alpha, take the north staircase up, then go
                to the building in the SW part of the map. Enter and go to the top
                floor. Take out the sniper here and SBravo at the boat a few floors
                below you. You will take out any mafia leaders who try to get away
                via the boat.
    Order of Operations: Blue does all the work, so control that team. Remember to
                         shoot a tango only if there is no metal behind him. The
                         JHP bullets will help minimize sound, but they will also
                         make it harder to puncture the tangos' light armor. When
                         Blue has secured the outdoors, Alpha sends the teams into
                         position. Bravo as Red to clear the target areas.
    3.09 Diamond Edge
    -A simple assault mission that also involves capturing a tango. A good combo of
     long and short range action. An assault team and a sniper.
    M4 Carbine / Barret Model 82A1 (Red sniper)
    .50 Desert Eagle
    Frag Grenades
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: Hold for Alpha at INS while Red snipes the first four tangos. Alpha,
               go through the entrance area and head into the west part of the
               compound. When you get to the hallway connecting the two storage
               areas, CBravo to the north. Bravo, make your way over to the main
               complex and thoroughly clean it out. Watch out for a tango at the
               bottom of the stairs inside. Once you get to the bottom of the
               stairs, shoot the door and CCharlie facing the door. Tangos will
               come to investigate and you can slaughter them at the door. Red will
               take care of the escaping armored car. When it's quiet, Charlie,
               clean out the rest of the compound and follow the path that the car
               took. There will likely be a few escorts remaining by the car, so
               pick them off from far away. Give Delta once the colonel is secure
               and take him to EXT.
    Red Team: Head to a spot south of EXT and SAlpha towards the gates. You will
              kill two guards on the second floor and two coming out of the gate.
              Alpha, kill a guard left in the entrance area, then head for the east
              side of the compound. Shoot the two guards here and snipe up to four
              guards in the western storage area. Make your way to the SW corner of
              the storage shed. Reload and SDelta NW towards the ramp; the armored
              car will come this way. when it does, quickly shoot the driver and
              any escorts. Delta, return to EXT.
    Order of Operations: You can watch either team from the beginning. When Red has
                         killed 4 tangos, give Alpha and clear the outdoor tangos.
                         Once Red is done sniping everyone in sight, control Blue
                         for the rest of the mission.
    3.10 Silver Snake
    -You've been here before, so you should be familiar with the map. You'll follow
     roughly the same path as you did for the recon mission. Take Lofquist and a
     recon operative, with Lofquist leading the team.
    HK .45 Mark23-SD
    HB Sensor
    Follow the wall as it turns from west to north. Avoiding shooting until you
    climb up to the driveway. Wait for the 2nd floor balcony patrol to come, then
    take him down. Crouch and run up the ramp, looking forward for a pair of
    patrolling tangos. Shoot them without letting them see you. Head to the guards'
    station and shoot one of them through the window. That will bring three to the
    door; take each one out as he tries to open the door. Head upstairs and kill
    the sniper here. Head back down and approach the dacha's SE entrance. Take out
    the two patrols on the south side of the house before you enter through the
    south entrance. Clear this entire half of the house before proceeding. Move
    forward, clearing the rest of the 1st floor, then head up the north staircase.
    There is a tango patrolling the rooms and a stationary guard next to the 
    computer. Either kill the patrol first or let him wander out of sight before
    running into the bedroom and shooting the stationary guard. Download the files,
    then leave the dacha through the garage. There may be one guard left in the
    garage, or he may have wandered outside. Take him down and head to EXT.
    3.11 Oracle Stone
    -The other recon mission, so same rules apply. However, this may be a lot
     trickier and unpredictable because of the wandering guests and ridiculously
     long hallways. Still, there are less guards to avoid, so it should take you
     less tries than Crystal Arc. I finished the mission in 6:49. Sweeney.
    92FS 9-mm SD
    Electronics Kit
    HB Sensor
    Wait at INS and switch to 3rd person view. There is one patrol who will come to
    check this outdoor area. Once you see him come and leave, follow the south wall
    to EXT, then head north and enter the estate through the east door. Continue
    through this room and wait in the hallway as you check for tangos. There is one
    patrol in the long, major hallway to the north as well as a tango who sometimes
    visits the room in the NW. Once it is safe to go, run north and make your way
    to the room with the ladder. (Note: a guest sometimes comes here, so if you see
    her coming on the map, climb the ladder to the 2nd floor until she leaves.)
    Head into the next room and wait by the door for the long hallway's patrol to
    go out the front door. Once he does (and the west end of the hallway is clear),
    RUN east to the small alcove with the window in it. Pause here to check for
    tangos in the SE by the staircase, then continue to the library and place the
    camera. Sometimes 2 guests will wander into this room (from the 2nd floor) but
    it's highly unlikely that you'll meet them. Once you're done here, make sure
    it's safe and head into the NE room. It's much safer to head back west using
    the rooms along the north wall. Check for the hallway tango before going back
    to the ladder. This time, climb it and check for tangos in the hallway as well
    as in the bedrooms to the west. You may have to wait a while. When you are sure
    the area is safe, continue to the bedroom areas. It is probably more useful to
    enter one of the northern guest bedrooms and to climb the balconies outside to
    avoid the guards in the hallway here. Once no one is looking again, head out
    and bug the phone, then head downstairs. Let the driveway guard patrol east
    again, then quickly head back to EXT.
    3.12 Temple Gate
    -This mission requires methodical hunting. The tangos also don't seem to mind
     the noise from assault rifles, so bring weapons that pierce their armor. To
     make the guide easier to understand, rotate the recon map so that EXT is to
     the south. HB sensors are already provided. 2 assault teams.
    HK G36K
    HK .45 Mark23-SD
    Frag Grenades
    Blue Team: Start from the south INS (front door). There are 2 guards in the
               entrance area; you can frag and/or flashbang both of them.
               Infiltrate into the lobby with the grand staircase. The west hallway
               patrol should be close to you, so take a short detour and drop him
               with a silenced shot. If possible, also shoot the tango patrolling
               behind the audience area. Now head to the east door, returning to
               assault rifles. There are 2 tangos escorting a hostage to the
               bathroom. Wait until the first tango enters the bathroom, then open
               the door and shoot the two terrorists. Leave the hostage, continue
               north to the second staircase (by the opening to the stage), and
               hold your teammate at the bottom of the stairs. Head up to the
               balcony, staying crouched. Shoot the guard here with a burst before
               he runs down to execute the hostages. Go back down and rejoin with
               your teammate. A few patrols will now investigate, so CBravo in the
               hallway towards the north, where you can take down up to six at this
               choke point. When there is no one left, sneak up to the door to the
               stage and see if you can eliminate either of the two hostage guards
               still onstage. If not, don't worry about it since Red will have an
               easier time with them. Bravo, head for the SE entrance to the
               audience area and proceed to flush out the last few tangos. Take the
               hostages back to EXT.
    Red Team: Wait for Alpha at the north INS (back door). Alpha, clear the tangos
              in the back areas - anything north of the stage. Head for the west
              hallway and eliminate the west balcony guard, just as Blue did. Head
              south and to the second floor, where two guards are patrolling in the
              balcony seats at the top of the grand staircase. Eliminate both, then
              check Blue's map to see which first floor tangos you can take down
              from here. Shoot the ones on stage first because they will kill the
              hostages if they get a chance. Once you're done here, pick up the
              hostage still in the bathroom and escort him to EXT.
    Order of Operations: Take Blue through their objectives until they are holding
                         for Bravo. Then control Red until they're ready to escort
                         the bathroom hostage back. This leaves Blue with about 3
                         tangos hiding in the seats. You can either throw a frag
                         and rush in blazing, or you can get into a position to
                         shoot them in the back of the head. It's up to you.
    3.13 Sargasso Fade
    -The operatives you take into this mission are the ones who will do the next
     mission, too. Since I like to completely clear the map, I will detail how to
     kill every tango, though that's optional. An assault team and a sniper team
     (sniper leader).
    HK G36K / PSG-1 (Red sniper)
    .50 Desert Eagle
    Frag Grenades
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: Head up the east path and when it opens up to reveal the compound,
               CAlpha towards the second floor entrance of the southmost building.
               Several tangos will run out of here to investigate the noise. Alpha,
               snipe the guy in the NW tower, then head through the 2nd floor door
               and shoot the 2 tangos downstairs. Once this building is clear, go
               to the NE building. Shoot the one guard downstairs, then turn
               towards the northern staircase to kill the tango coming downstairs.
               Head up the south stairs and kill the 2 tangos outside. You can
               shoot the metal door if you want them to come to you. Once they're
               down, shoot the windows of the room north of you and toss a frag in.
               Rush inside and clear the rest of the tangos, then plant the
               explosives to finish the mission.
    Red Team: Head up the west path, following the west edge of the map. Once the
              path opens up to the rest of the map, snipe the tango by the closest
              building, by the door. Also snipe the guard on the NE tower. There is
              a mine near you that could go off, so stay crouched to protect
              yourself from the explosion. Remain sniping here to the NE in case
              any more tangos come. Alpha, follow the west wall some more until you
              are in view of the guard tower to the NW. SBravo towards it; you
              might have to take down one of the guards up there.
    Order of Operations: Control Red to kill the first two tangos. Once the bombs
                         go off (if they do), switch to observation mode and watch
                         Blue pick off their tangos. Once it gets quiet, take Blue
                         to clear out the two buildings.
    3.14 Majestic Gold
    -Now this mission may seem harder because of the closer quarters, but it still
     should give you no problems. An assault team and a sniper.
    Enfield L85A1 / PSG-1 (Red sniper)
    .50 Desert Eagle
    Frag Grenades
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: Head north and wait for Alpha by this boulder. Alpha, head into the
               compound and shoot the tango on the balcony between the two towers.
               Go through the fence by the west tower and look to the north;
               sometimes three tangos will come investigate the noise through this
               path. When they're down, open the door to the guard tower and shoot
               the tango as he is climbing down the ladder. Cross to the other
               tower (staying on the ground floor and close to the towers) and do
               the same. Head NE and clear this room, then head up to the next
               floor using the ramp. Though it doesn't show up on the recon map,
               there is a staircase on the north wall of this area. Head down it 
               and clear the rooms in the north of this building. Now go back
               upstairs and head down the south staircase. Kill the tangos by the
               entrance to the complex, then head over to the room with your
               objective. Frag and secure it. Plant the explosives and leave via
               the ramp that heads down. Before you get to the bottom of the ramp,
               aim down the tunnel, where there is a handful of guards. Take them
               all down and head through the tunnel, emerging in one of the side
               buildings. Carefully head outside and kill all the patrols out here.
               You may want to shoot through the windows in the first room to your
               left as you come up the stairs. Anyway, clear the other building,
               then go and plant the other explosives.
    Red Team: Jump down and head to the south side of the road, where you can head
              west under cover of the hills. When it's possible, SAlpha the tango
              in the small guardhouse to the west of the entrance to the compound.
    Order of Operations: Controlling Red at the beginning is optional, but fun
                         nonetheless. Obviously, you are controlling Blue for most
                         of this mission.
    3.15 Frost Light
    -Just as you had an assault mission on the first recon map, you get to fight
     through the other one too. The layout will be familiar and should be pretty
     easy to complete. One assault team.
    MP5SD5 (JHP)
    HK .45 Mark23-SD (JHP)
    HB Sensor
    From INS, snipe the outdoor guards to the north. There is one on each floor.
    Then head into the driveway area and kill the two guards here. Enter the house
    and climb the spiral staircase. Shoot the four guards near the first hostage,
    then locate and shoot the patrol pair - they patrol the main hall and the
    balcony above the casino. Head for the second hostage, then clear the area
    around him. If you'd like, kill the balcony guard, but keep in mind that doing
    so will alert guards below. Escort this hostage down the south stairs and clear
    the entire first floor while you head back west. It's really your choice
    whether you want to clear the outdoors too. Head back west via the rooms along
    the north wall. Anyway, once you get back to the west side of the house, go
    upstairs again and pick up the first hostage. Take both of them to EXT.
    3.16 Hero Claw
    -This mission is extremely fast-paced, and it can be very frustrating. With
     good planning, however, the AI can handle the majority of the mission. 3
     assault teams.
    MP5SD5 (JHP) / M-16 A2 (Green)
    HK .45 Mark23-SD (JHP)
    Frag Grenades
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: From INS, head west in between the two trains. Shoot anyone you see,
               then after passing the first car, head north and CAlpha next to the
               small tower structure. Aim towards the center of the trainyard; 2
               tangos are patrolling and they MUST go down before they can run to
               the building and alert the others. Alpha, continue to the east side
               of the building and climb both ladders to the roof. Shoot the sniper
               on the NW corner of the roof. For safety's sake, you can climb back
               down to the ground and watch the nearby door until Charlie.
    Red Team: Follow Blue west in between the trains, but continue west to a point
              south of the circular structure. SAlpha towards the SE corner of the
              roof and kill the sniper there. Alpha, continue to the SW corner of
              the building and wait for Bravo there. Bravo, enter the building
              through the NW door and CCharlie east away from the door of this room
              (before you reach the main part of the room). From this position, you
              have a good view of any tangos trying to escape. Charlie, head in and
              eliminate anyone left.
    Green Team: Infiltrate west a few feet and hold for Alpha by the ladder. Alpha.
                join Blue at the SW corner of the building (you can switch to
                rifles now) and hold for Bravo. Bravo, run to the NW corner of the
                building and frag the 2 tangos near the cars. You killed the west
                car's driver, so head around the corner and CCharlie east towards
                the other two cars. Shoot anyone inside the cars or anyone who even
                tries to get in. Be alert, since the guard on the roof above may
                jump down to investigate. Charlie, climb the west ladder up to the
                roof I just mentioned and make sure the tango up here is dead.
    Order of Operations: You can easily observe the computer do the whole mission.
                         After the 4 outside guards and the roof sniper are down,
                         give Alpha and control Blue to kill the other sniper.
                         Bravo as Green and trigger the tangos to try to escape.
                         Charlie, take control and mop up the survivors.
    3.17 Ebony Horse
    -The terrorists have the advantage of terrain; it is quite hard to sneak up on
     most of the tangos. You will need to use door frames as cover by sidestepping
     around them until you see the tangos. 2 assault teams.
    M-16 A2
    .50 Desert Eagle
    Frag Grenades
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: Head down the mountain path on the west of the castle and wait for
               Alpha outside the basement gate. Alpha, pick the lock and kill the
               tangos down here. Climb to the ground floor, where two tangos have
               come down to investigate by now. Kill them both, then head outside
               and kill the 4 outdoor tangos that have gathered by the doors. With
               them down, head upstairs to the room with the ramp. A few tangos
               will be in this room; either frag or shoot them. While having your
               teammate guard the staircase in the corner, 3rd person check and/or
               crawl up the ramp with the HB sensor out. You are looking for maybe
               2 tangos in these rooms. Since it's hard to take them out, make sure
               they're not looking at the stairs behind you so that you can climb
               them safely. Otherwise, try to frag them. Anyway, climb the stairs
               that your teammate was guarding. Shoot the tangos on the ramp, then
               frag the top floor if you can't reach all the tangos. Your primary
               target may be in the southmost room at the top floor, so frag him
               too. Then head down the stairs to the south and head through the
               lounge to check it one more time for tangos.
    Red Team: Run to the east part of the front gate and look up to the west. There
              is a window here and part of the arm of a tango. Shoot him so that
              you can enter the castle safely. Head up the eastern stairs and
              continue to the top floor. Frag/shoot the tangos at the top and crawl
              along the top of the wall. You should stay crouched because guards on
              the ground could see you. Anyway, clear the top of the walls and
              head down to the 1st floor using the SW stairs. The 2nd floor walls
              should be clear already, so you can skip them. Make sure the 1st
              floor walls are clear and head back to the front entrance.
    Order of Operations: Control Red to clear the walls first and to put patrols
                         into a better position for Blue. Most of this mission is
                         just advancing slowly and fragging where you have to. Once
                         the walls are secure, switch to Blue and clear the main
                         part of the map. Try not to use the HB sensor often, since
                         tangos could easily peek out and shoot you while you're
                         checking. Keep trying; it's not as hard as it seems.
    3.18 Zero Gambit
    -There are two targets to eliminate, and they must die within one minute of
     each other. You need to stay quiet until both are dead, since some tangos can
     radio to the leaders, who will melt down the reactor and fail the mission.
     After both targets are dead, then the rest of the mission is easy: tearing up
     the power plant with your assault team. A sniper team (sniper teammate), a
     lone sniper, and 1 assault team.
    UMP 45SD (Blue leader) / PSG-1 (Blue and Red snipers) / Steyr Aug (Green)
    HK .45 Mark23-SD
    Frag Grenades
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: Head south around the parking lot and wait for Alpha behind the
               concrete barrier. Alpha, head sneak behind the parking lot guard and
               follow him inside. He will stop at the fork that leads into the rest
               of the plant, so when he leaves, turn right and head down that
               direction. Climb the stairs and bring up your scope to scan the east
               end of this room. One guard is on patrol and another is crouched by
               one of the blue turbines. Wait for the walking guard first and take
               him out with a burst of fire, then go hunt the stationary one down.
               Continue east and wait by the south door. Using the HB sensor, wait
               until the two tangos come by and patrol away, then enter the room
               and quickly take both down. Wait by here and scan the catwalks above
               for one guard up there who will cause problems. Take him out and
               continue east. Check the HB sensor one last time for tangos in the
               next room, then SBravo in the little alcove towards the middle
               window to the east. After your sniper kills the target, Bravo sends
               them back west a bit and CDelta north to watch the openings to the
               eastern area.
    Red Team: Follow Blue south to the parking lot, but continue forward to the
              lamppost. Turn north to the entrance and wait in this corner for a
              patrol to come outside, then climb the ramp and sneak in behind him.
              Head west into the office area of the plant while avoiding the single
              tango patrolling inside. Make your way to the NW staircase and hold
              for Bravo at the top of the stairs. Bravo, wait for a tango to come
              to your end of the hallway. As he walks away, come out and shoot him
              in the head with your pistol. Now enter the 2nd office on the left.
              From here, you have a clear shot at the other target on the 1st
              floor. But first, take out the patrol on the yellow catwalk across
              from you. Then climb on the NE corner of the table and snipe the
              target's head; that's all that will be showing. Quickly run to the
              room across the hall and CDelta towards the door.
    Green Team: Wait at INS for Charlie. Charlie, sweep the area that Red went
                through. So kill the parking lot guard as well as the other 1st
                floor guard, then head up the stairs to the north. Kill anyone left
                in the hallway and offices here, and try to kill the catwalk tangos
                from the offices' windows. Head back downstairs and enter the main
                room from its SE door. Clear this room and the catwalks above, then
                climb up to the 2nd floor. Head east through the small room and
                secure it, then continue east to the turbine room. Head downstairs
                and continue east, shooting any patrols left here. Keep going east
                and climb the stairs at the far east end of this area. You will
                emerge on a catwalk system; continue east and frag the three guards
                in the area overlooking the reactor. Make your way farther east to
                the offices, then frag and clear the 3 areas.
    Order of Operations: Take Red inside, and once they are past the two guards,
                         give Alpha and switch to Blue. The timing should be right
                         so that you can follow the parking lot patrol as he goes
                         back inside. Now take Blue all the way to shooting the
                         first target. In the catwalk room, you may want to set up
                         temporary Cover commands (num pad 8) and let the AI shoot
                         the other tangos for you. Once Blue has shot the leader,
                         Bravo and switch to Red. Don't worry about the time limit
                         and focus on sniping the other target. Charlie and control
                         Green for the cleanup.
    4. Closing
    If you still have problems, use the invisible cheats (theshadowknows or
    teamshadow) and take a look around. Now you can explore the level and find out
    where all the terrorists are. Of course, you could kill them all, but why would
    you need a guide then? Hopefully, you can tweak your plans with this new info.
    Of course, you can ask me if you have still any further questions.
    Thanks to Red Storm Entertainment.
    Copyright (c)2005 idyoticwyzard

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