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    FAQ by HIT

    Version: 1.90 | Updated: 06/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  N B A  2 K 2
                               P L A Y S T A T I O N   2
                              By: HIT
                              Email: Onimusha2990@aol.com
                              AOL Screen Name: Onimusha2990
                              AIM Screen Name: Onimusha2990
                              Version: 1.90
                              Last Updated 6.08.02
                              (c) HIT 2002
    T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
              i.   Legal Things
              ii.  Revisions History and Updates
              iii. Special Thanks
         I. I N T R O D U C T I O N
              A.  My Review
         II. C O N T R O L S
              A.  Menu Controls
              B.  Offensive Controls
              C.  Defensive Controls
              D.  Directional Passing
              E.  Icon Passing
              F.  Shooting
              G.  Pump Fakes
              H.  Crossover Dribbles
              I.  Turbo/Speed Burst
              J.  Pass to Player Closest to Basket
              K.  Backing Down the Defender
              L.  Calling for a Pick
              M.  Play Calling
              N.  Free Throw Shooting
              O.  Stealing
              P.  Shot Block/Jump for the Rebound
              Q.  Switch to Last Defender
              R.  Facing up the Ball-Handler
              S.  Defending Passes
              T.  Swapping Players
              U.  Defensive Sets
              V.  Intentional Foul
              W.  Double-Teaming
         III. P A U S E  M E N U
              A.  In-Game Coaching Moves
              B.  Time-outs
              C.  Substitutions
              D.  Stats
              E.  Cameras
              F.  Replay Controls
         IV. G A M E  M O D E S
              A.  Exhibition
              B.  Season
              C.  Practice
              D.  Tourney
              E.  Playoffs
              F.  Fantasy
              G.  Street
              H.  Franchise
              I.  Customize
        V. T E A M  C A P S U L E S
              A.  Atlanta Hawks Capsule
              B.  Boston Celtics Capsule
              C.  Charlotte Hornets Capsule
              D.  Chicago Bulls Capsule
              E.  Cleveland Cavaliers Capsule
              F.  Dallas Mavericks Capsule
              G.  Denver Nuggets Capsule
              H.  Detroit Pistons Capsule
              I.  Golden State Warriors Capsule
              J.  Houston Rockets Capsule
              K.  Indiana Pacers Capsule
              L.  Los Angeles Clippers Capsule
              M.  Los Angeles Lakers Capsule
              N.  Memphis Grizzlies Capsule
              O.  Miami Heat Capsule
              P.  Milwaukee Bucks Capsule
              Q.  Minnesota Timberwolves Capsule
              R.  New Jersey Nets Capsule
              S.  New York Knicks Capsule
              T.  Orlando Magic Capsule
              U.  Philadelphia 76ers Capsule
              V.  Phoenix Suns Capsule
              W.  Portland Trail Blazers Capsule
              X.  Sacramento Kings Capsule
              Y.  San Antonio Spurs Capsule
              Z.  Seattle Sonics Capsule
              AA. Toronto Raptors Capsule
              BB. Utah Jazz Capsule
              CC. Washington Wizards Capsule
       VI. R O S T E R / R A T I N G S
              A.  Atlanta Hawks Roster/Ratings
              B.  Boston Celtics Roster/Ratings
              C. Charlotte Hornets Roster/Ratings
              D.  Chicago Bulls Roster/Ratings
              E.  Cleveland Cavaliers Roster/Ratings
              F.  Dallas Mavericks Roster/Ratings
              G.  Denver Nuggets Roster/Ratings
              H.  Detroit Pistons Roster/Ratings
              I.  Golden State Warriors Roster/Ratings
              J.  Houston Rockets Roster/Ratings
              K.  Indiana Pacers Roster/Ratings
              L.  Los Angeles Clippers Roster/Ratings
              M.  Los Angeles Lakers Roster/Ratings
              N.  Memphis Grizzlies Roster/Ratings
              O.  Miami Heat Roster/Ratings
              P.  Milwaukee Bucks Roster/Ratings
              Q.  Minnesota Timberwolves Roster/Ratings
              R.  New Jersey Nets Roster/Ratings
              S.  New York Knicks Roster/Ratings
              T. Orlando Magic Roster/Ratings
              U.  Philadelphia 76ers Roster/Ratings
              V.  Phoenix Suns Roster/Ratings
              W.  Portland Trail Blazers Roster/Ratings
              X.  Sacramento Kings Roster/Ratings
              Y.  San Antonio Spurs Roster/Ratings
              Z.  Seattle Sonics Roster/Ratings
              AA. Toronto Raptors Roster/Ratings
              BB. Utah Jazz Roster/Ratings
              CC. Washington Wizards Roster/Ratings
         VII. F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S
         VIII. S E C R E T S  /  C O D E S
         IX. T E A M  R A T I N G S
              A.  Atlanta Hawks Team Ratings
              B.  Boston Celtics Team Ratings
              C.  Charlotte Hornets Team Ratings
              D.  Chicago Bulls Team Ratings
              E.  Cleveland Cavaliers Team Ratings
              F. Dallas Mavericks Team Ratings
              G.  Denver Nuggets Team Ratings
              H.  Detroit Pistons Team Ratings
              I.  Golden State Warriors Team Ratings
              J.  Houston Rockets Team Ratings
              K.  Indiana Pacers Team Ratings
              L.  Los Angeles Clippers Team Ratings
              M.  Los Angeles Lakers Team Ratings
              N.  Memphis Grizzlies Team Ratings
              O.  Miami Heat Team Ratings
              P.  Milwaukee Bucks Team Ratings
              Q.  Minnesota Timberwolves Team Ratings
              R.  New Jersey Nets Team Ratings
              S.  New York Knicks Team Ratings
              T.  Orlando Magic Team Ratings
              U.  Philadelphia 76ers Team Ratings
              V.  Phoenix Suns Team Ratings
              W.  Portland Trail Blazers Team Ratings
              X.  Sacramento Kings Team Ratings
              Y.  San Antonio Spurs Team Ratings
              Z.  Seattle Sonics Team Ratings
              AA. Toronto Raptors Team Ratings
              BB. Utah Jazz Team Ratings
              CC. Washington Wizards Team Ratings
              DD. West All-Stars Team Ratings
              EE. East All-Stars Team Ratings
              FF. 50's/60's Legends Team Ratings
              GG. 70's West Legends Team Ratings
              HH. 70's East Legends Team Ratings
              II. 80's West Legends Team Ratings
              JJ. 80's East Legends Team Ratings
              KK. VC Team Ratings
              LL. SEGA SPORTS Team Ratings
              MM. NBA 2K2 Team Ratings
         X. O U T R O
    i. 	L E G A L  T H I N G S
    This document Copyright 2002 HIT. This FAQ is a property of HIT. You are
    not allowed to print this and sell it. This is for personal purposes
    only. If you need help with things, you can go to this FAQ and print it
    ii. 	R E V I S I O N S  H I S T O R Y  A N D  U P D A T E S
    Version 1.0 (Started on 4.08.02) - Added INTRODUCTION, CONTROLS, AND
    PAUSE MENU. (Finished on 4.17.02)
    Version 1.1 (Started on 4.18.02) - Added GAME MODES.
    Version 1.2 (continued on 5.3.02) - Added more things to GAME MODES.
    Version 1.3 (Finished on 5.3.02) - Finally finished with the GAME MODES
    Version 1.4 (Started on 5.3.02) - Starting to work on TEAM CAPSULES
    -Finished Atlanta Hawks Capsule
    Version 1.5 (continued on 5.10.02) -
    -Finished Boston Celtics Capsule
    -Finished Charlotte Hornets Capsule
    Version 1.6 (continued on 5.10.02)
    -Updated Table of Contents
    -Finished Chicago Bulls Capsule
    -Finished Cleveland Cavaliers Capsule
    -Finished Dallas Mavericks Capsule
    -Finished Denver Nuggets Capsule
    -Finished Detroit Pistons Capsule
    Version 1.7 (continued on 5.18.02)
    -Started Frequently Asked Questions Section
    -Updated Table of Contents
    -Updated Secrets/Codes Section
    -Finished Atlanta Hawks Team Ratings
    -Finished Boston Celtics Team Ratings
    -Finished Charlotte Hornets Team Ratings
    -Finished Chicago Bulls Team Ratings
    -Finished Cleveland Cavaliers Team Ratings
    -Finished Dallas Mavericks Team Ratings
    -Finished Denver Nuggets Team Ratings
    -Finished Detroit Pistons Team Ratings
    -Finished Golden State Warriors Team Ratings
    -Finished Houston Rockets Team Ratings
    -Finished Indiana Pacers Team Ratings
    -Finished Los Angeles Clippers Team Ratings
    -Finished Los Angeles Lakers Team Ratings
    -Finished Memphis Grizzlies Team Ratings
    -Finished Miami Heat Team Ratings
    Version 1.8 (Continued on 5.25.02)
    -Updated Table of Contents
    -Finally Finished with Team Ratings
    -Finished Golden State Warriors Capsule
    -Updated Frequently Asked Questions
    -Finished Houston Rockets Capsule
    -Finished Indiana Pacers Capsule
    -Revised the whole FAQ
    -Updated Controls Section
    Version 1.85
    -Updated Table of Contents
    -Revised the FAQ again
    -Started on Roster Ratings
    Version 1.90
    -Revised the FAQ for the third time
    -Finished Clippers Capsule
    iii. 	S P E C I A L  T H A N K S
    -The NBA 2K2 book for some information that I needed
    -Thanks to pouimette@sympatico.ca for correcting me on a FAQ question
    I. 	I N T R O D U C T I O N
    You see, I was very bored. I was looking at www.gameFAQS.com. There was
    lots of FAQs there, so I decided to make my own FAQ for NBA 2K2. I hope
    that this FAQ will help you in some way. By the way, this is my first
    FAQ. The FAQ is CURRENTLY under construction. I'm trying to update this
    FAQ everyday, so I can finish it.
    Note: Some parts may not be finished, BUT will be finished.
    _M Y  R E V I E W_
    This game is an excellent game. When I first when into Electronics
    Boutique, I was about to buy NBA Live 2002, but I didn't. I bought NBA
    2K2. First, I thought that Sega really sucks, now I know it is good.
    This game came out this year. This is a very, very fun game. It's way
    fun than NBA Live 2002. Now, let's begin the review for NBA 2K2.
    Gameplay- The one question people ask is ''how fun is the game?''. I'll
    tell you how fun this game is. You could call plays in the court. You
    could go and drive it in the basket. You could shoot three pointers. You
    could basically do anything to make the basket. This is a hard game. The
    computer shoots 95%, but don't worry. You will learn how to find the
    right time to shoot. Once you learn, you will be able to beat the
    computer. Next are the controls. The controls are good also. There's
    this new free throwing system. It's a little bit hard, but you will get
    used to it. You got to use the analog sticks for them. You got to bring
    them together at the same time and make the green arrows meet each
    other. The controls are actually solid. Gameplay 9/10
    Audio/Video - The graphics are freaking good. It has that Sega look, but
    so what. The players are fairly detailed. The shoes are not that good. I
    believe that the NBA Live 2002 shoes are better. The NBA 2K2 shoes don't
    vary that much. The arenas are very good and the street courts, too. VC
    even managed to put the ribbon on the jerseys and the courts. I think
    that VC really worked hard on the graphics. This game actually looks
    real. Video 9/10
     The sound is not that good. There is music when you first press the
    start button and you are on the menu screen. It's just the same tune all
    the way. I think that they should put more tunes than one tune. They
    didn't do a good job in sound. The players actually talk to each other
    while you're playing basketball. It's very cool. When you made a
    turnover, your coach will yell at you and it's funny, too. Audio 8/10
    Replayability- You could play this until NBA 2K3 comes out. There is a
    franchise mode. That takes a long time, but it's worth it. If you have
    buddies, you could play this all the time. Once you play this game, you
    will get hooked on it. Replayability 10/10
    Buy or Rent- If you like basketball and you can't decide which game you
    would buy. Buy NBA 2K2. I strongly suggest you to buy NBA 2K2. If you I
    were you, buy this at Electronics Boutique. If you don't like it, you
    could trade it in for a new game. Remember, if you are a big basketball
    fan, buy NBA 2K2! I guarantee you will love it!
    Overall 9/10
    II. 	C O N T R O L S
    This game is designed with analog in mind. You will need an analog
    controller to play this game. If you want the most of the analog
    controller, turn the vibration ON. To do this, go to the MAIN MENU and
    go to OPTIONS. Then, go to PRESENTATION and change VIBRATION to ON.
    A. _M E N U  C O N T R O L S_
    _Button_                             _Action_
    Left Analog Stick    Highlight menu options
    X                    Selects/Scroll forward through highlighted sections
    Circle               Scroll backward through highlighted sections
    Square               Access a HELP screen
    Triangle             Cancel/Return to previous screen
    B. _O F F E N S I V E  C O N T R O L S_
    _Button_                                          _Action_
    Left analog stick                   Control Player
    X button                            Pass
    Square Button                       Shoot/Jump for Rebound
    Circle Button                       Cross Dribble/Spin Move
    Triangle Button                     Call Up Pass Icons
    L1                                  Back Down Defender
    L2                                  Call for Pick
    R1                                  Turbo/Speed Burst
    R2                                  Pass to Player Closest to Basket
    Right analog stick                  Bring Up Play call Menu
    Right analog stick + X, square,     Call Play
    circle, triangle
    START button                        Pause Game
    C. 	_D E F E N S I V E  C O N T R O L A_
    _Button_                                          _Action_
    Left Analog Stick                       Control Player
    X Button                                Swap Players
    Square Button                           Block Shot/Jump for Rebound
    Circle Button                           Steal
    Triangle Button                         Control Player Closest to Basket
    L1 Button                               Square Up Ball-handler
    L2 Button                               Double Team
    R1 Button                               Turbo
    R2 Button                               Intentional Foul
    Right Analog Stick                      Bring Up Playcall Menu
    Right Analog Stick + 4 Main Buttons(X)  Call Play
    D. _D I R E C T I O N A L  P A S S I N G_
    To pass the ball you have to press the X button. Yes, it is simple as
    that. You have to face the player you want to pass to. If you are way
    back on the backcourt and you attempt to pass to a guy that is far away
    from you, the pass will most likely be an interception.
    E. _I C O N  P A S S I N G_
    To do an icon pass, press the TRIANLE BUTTON. Use icon passing to
    guarantee that your pass goes to the right teammate. While you have the
    ball, simply press TRIANGLE. Then, press the corresponding button to
    immediately send the pass to the teammate you choose.
    You want to pass the ball to your center and you don't know where he is?
    Then, look down to see how.
    X                       Point Guard
    Circle                  Shooting Guard
    Square                  Small Forward
    Triangle                Power Forward
    R1                      Center
    To shoot the ball, press and hold the SQUARE BUTTON. When your player
    reaches the top of his jump, release the SQUARE button to release the
    shot. This is like the real NBA. The timing IS CRUCIAL! If you let go of
    the button before the player reaches his peak, he'll likely short-arm
    the shot. Similarly, if you release the shot while the player's on his
    way down, he'll be more likely to have the shot drift on him or have it
    blocked. Releasing the shot at the top of the player's jump gives you
    the greatest likelihood of draining it.
    To perform a pump fake, tap and release the SQUARE BUTTON in an attempt
    to get the defender to jump into the air. If he bites, you'll have a
    good chance to drive around him into the lane. At the very least, you
    may be able to freeze the defender and create a little space, enabling
    you to get a cleaner look at the basket.
    Players like Tim Hardaway and Stephon Marbury have made a career out of
    faking one way with the dribble then breaking their defenders back by
    crossing over in the other direction. If you catch a defender flat-
    footed as you dribble toward him, press the CIRCLE BUTTON. To cross over
    and zip past him.
    New this year is a special crossover move. If you press the CIRCLE
    BUTTON while your player is dribbling in place, he will swing his arms
    in a wide crossover motion. Then, press the LEFT ANALOG in any direction
    to have the player fake his crossover and blow past his man.
    I. _T U R B O / S P E E D  B U R S T_ : R1 BUTTON
    By pressing the R1 BUTTON, you'll kick your player into overdrive so
    that his speed  and energy pick up a notch. Use turbo to get that extra
    step past the defender or gain a bit of extra oomph when you're backing
    down a defender down low. Be careful not to overuse this however, as
    your player will tire too quickly if he's continually sprinting up and
    down the court. If you see him languishing with his head down, it's
    probably time to get him out of there.
    J. _P A S S  T O  P L A Y E R  C L O S E S T  T O  B A S K E T_ : R2
    This is new to this year's version of the game. This is for one-button
    passing to get the ball to the open man nearest the basket. If you see a
    player break free down low, simply press the R2 BUTTON and your player
    will whip a pass to the man closest to the hoop. You will still be able
    to pass to that player using the traditional directional passing or icon
    passing icon options.
    K. _B A C K I N G  D O W N  T H E  D E F E N D E R_ : L1 BUTTON
    Do you have a size advantage over your defender? If so, press the L1
    button to drive him back into the paint, then release the button and
    press the left analog stick in any direction to create space for the
    shot. If you press left or right, your player will attempt to spin
    around the defender and get to the hole, or he will perform a drop step.
    If you pull back, he'll attempt a classic fadeaway. If he's underneath
    the basket, press forward and press the SQUARE BUTTON to slam it. Don't
    forget the three-second violation or the newer five-second "back-to-the-
    basket" rule.
    When in a post-up battle, both players' physical size, strength and
    post-up skill will determine whether you back your man down or bang
    against a brick wall. If you find yourself squaring off against an equal
    opponent, try pumping the R1 BUTTON to give yourself a little extra
    L. _C A L L I N G  F O R  A  P I C K_ : L2 BUTTON
    To have your teammate set a pick for you, press the L2 BUTTON. Doing
    this will cause the teammate nearest to you to create a wall for you to
    step around and get you an open look at the basket. It sometimes fail,
    Each team has sixteen plays in its offensive playbook, of which four
    plays can be used during the game via in-game playcall menu. If you like
    to customize the four plays currently in use, select COACH from the
    PAUSE MENU, and select OFFENSIVE PLAYS(you can also set your offensive
    plays in Customize Mode). To access the playcall menu during gameplay,
    press the right analog stick to call up the Plays Overlay, then press
    the corresponding button to run a specific play.
    N. _F R E E  T H R O W  S H O O T I N G_
    Making free throws is the hardest thing to learn in this game. It can be
    a little trickier. To shoot a successful free throw, you nee to line up
    BOTH green arrows directly over the basket. To do this, press both the
    left analog stick and the right analog stick at exactly the same
    pressure to line up the arrows, then press any of the four buttons (L1,
    L2, R1, R2) to release the shot. Press the analog sticks very gently. If
    you don't line them up, you won't make it. If you take too long, a clock
    will appear.
    It takes practice to get the hang of the free throw shooting. I had
    trouble when I first started, too. Then, I got the hang of it and could
    shoot very good free throws. If you need work on it, go to PRACTICE
    If you want to steal, press the CIRCLE BUTTON. Be careful not to over
    use the steal button. You have to have a good angle to steal the ball
    way. If you press circle lots of times, the referee will call a reach-in
    foul on you.
    P. _S H O T  B L O C K I N G / J U M P  F O R  R E B O U N D_ : SQUARE
    To swat the ball out of the air, time your jump with that shooter's by
    pressing the SQUARE BUTTON. Be sire to get to the ball while it's on the
    way up--if you touch it while it's on the way down, you'll be whistled
    for goaltending.
    If you are in defense, don't try to overuse the button. If an offensive
    player pump fakes you, and you jump, he will get a clear path of shot.
    If the shot has already been released, and you're moving into position
    to clear the rebound, press the SQUARE BUTTON to leap into the and
    snatch it. If you leap to snare the rebound and then tap continually on
    the CIRCLE BUTTON, your player will swing his elbows in effort to clear
    out the opponents around him.
    Press the TRIANGLE BUTTON will put you in control of the defender
    closest to the basket. This is useful when you need to defend against
    the fast break, and is also helpful when you need to get control of one
    of your post defenders in a hurry.
    R. _F A C I N G  U P  T H E  D E F E N D E R_ : L1 BUTTON
    When an offensive player attempts to back you down, your only thing is
    to try to hold your ground. Do this by pressing the L1 BUTTON. To get
    more power, press the R1 BUTTON.
    A good way to steal the ball is by closing the passing lanes. Jump in
    front of passes by utilizing the SQUARE BUTTON to deflect them away from
    their target and into your own possession.
    T. _S W A P P I N G  P L A Y E R S_ : X BUTTON
    Swapping allows you to control the defensive player closest to the ball-
    handler. The purpose of swapping is to always give you a chance at
    making the defensive play by selecting the player with the best chance
    of stopping the man with the ball.
    U. _D E F E N S I V E  S E T S_
            _Button_                          _Action_
              X                   Man-To-Man - The standard defensive set.
              CIRCLE              Half Court Trap - Defender try to trap the
                                  ball-handler at the half-court line.
              SQUARE              Full Court Man-To-Man - Defenders pick
                                  their man in the backcourt.
              TRIANGLE            2-3 Zone - New to the NBA in 2002-2002.
                                  Two men guard the perimeter while three
                                  men defend the low post.
    Note: You can also select from 3-2 Zone, a 1-3-1 Zone, or a Box-1 Zone
    in your defensive playbook.
    V. _I N T E N T I O N A L  F O U L_ : R2 BUTTON
    Need to stop the clock at the end of the game? Press the R2 BUTTON to
    have the closest defender shove his arms out at the ball-handler and
    commit the intentional foul.
    W. _D O U B L E  T E A M I N G_ : L2 BUTTON
    You can call for a double-team by pressing the L2 BUTTON. The nearest
    teammate will switch from his man over to yours and help tighten the
    defense on the ball handler.
    III. 	P A U S E  M E N U
    A. 	_I N - G A M E  C O A C H I N G  M O V E S_
    From the main menu, you can take control of your team. Select COACH to
    set your defensive pressure, assign your defenders to guard certain
    people, or call a double team. By selecting SETTINGS, you can decide
    whether you'd like to be in complete control of time-outs and
    substitutions, or whether you'd like the CPU to remain control. Also,
    you can set at what level of intensity you'd like your team to keep the
    game tempo, run fast break, and crash boards.
    B. 	_T I M E O U T S_
    When you sense the momentum begin to shift, or when you notice your
    players are becoming fatigued and running with their heads down, call a
    time-out to regroup and gain some energy. Press the START BUTTON, then
    select TIMEOUT in the lower right corner.
    C. 	_S U B S T I T U T I O N S_
    Use your reserves to help keep your lineup fresh and out of foul
    trouble. You can make single player moves, change a couple of players,
    or sub out the entire team. Also there are specific types of lineups.
    Like there are three pointer specialists and more. You can do this by
    pressing L1 and R1 BUTTTONS at the substitutions screen.
    D. 	_S T A T S_
    Current game stats as well as an updated injury report can be accessed
    E. 	_C A M E R A S_
    NBA 2K2 offers five different camera angles to choose form, as well as
    six different modifications you can make each. You can preview each of
    them to make sure you have everything exactly as you want it.
    F. 	_R E P L A Y  C O N T R O L S_
                _Button_                       _Action_
            X                               Play at real time speed
            CIRCLE                          Zoom out
            SQUARE                          Zoom in
            TRIANGLE                        Replay controls overlay ON/OFF
            L1                              Rewind
            R1                              Fast-forward
            DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS             Move aim indicator
    IV. 	G A M E  M O D E S
    A. 	_E X H I B I T I O N_
    Choose any two teams in the league and take it out on the court.
    B. 	_S E A S O N_
    Play a 14, 28, 56, or 82-game regular season, followed by the playoffs
    (assuming you're good enough to make it to the playoffs). It's a long
    season. Do you have what it takes to guide your team all the way to the
    NBA Finals?
    Once you've selected your team(s), you can access the Season Play
    screen. From there, you can begin playing games, set your options, or
    customize your plays, players, and teams.
    C. 	_P R A C T I C E_
    Practice mode helps you a lot in the game. You can work on your jumpers
    or your free throws. The Shot Rater will help you perfect your form and
    timing you how early or late you're releasing your shot.
    Here are all possible ratings:
    Bad Release
    Good Release (slightly early)
    Excellent release
    Good release (slightly late)
    My advice for you is aiming for the Excellent area. If you practice a
    lot, most of your shots will fall into the excellent category.
    D. 	_T O U R N E Y_
    Choose to either play in a new tournament or load a previously saved
    one. Select your teams and determined human or CPU control for each of
    the 4, 8, or 16 teams that are participating in your tournament.
    E. 	_P L A Y O F F S_
    Are you one of the people who don't like playing in the season? If so,
    you can skip the season and automatically be in the playoffs. If you
    choose this mode I have one question for you. Can you survive the
    competition and make it to the NBA Finals?
    F. 	_F A N T A S Y_
    Create your own fantasy tournament or full fantasy league with this game
    mode. All available players will be placed in a giant free agent pool,
    then it's off to the draft. Once you've selected a team, you can take
    part in a 4, 8, or 16-team fantasy tournament, or play a full fantasy
    league season.
    Note: You can either draft the entire team yourself or press the START
    button to have the CPU automatically complete the remainder of the draft
    for you.
    G. 	_S T R E E T_
    In NAB 2K2, not only can you play in all the 3-D rendered arena, but you
    can play ball out in the streets. The courts are the most famous courts
    in the country. On the MAIN MENU, select STREET, select the number of
    players you'd like to have on the court (from 2-on-2 to
    5-on-5), and select the court you wish to play on.
    You can choose the following:
     - Rucker Park (New York City)
     - The Cage (New York City)
     - Goat Park (New York City)
     - Franklin Park (Chicago)
     - Fonde Rec Center (Houston, TX)
     - Hank Gathers Rec Center (Philadelphia, Pa)
     - Mosswood Park (Oakland, CA)
     - Run N' Shoot (Atlanta, GA)
     - Venice Beach (Venice, CA)
    H. 	_F R A N C H I S E_
    Guide your team through season after season in your quest to build an
    NBA dynasty. Select you team, choose your roster(standard or fantasy
    draft), and get started. You'll be in complete control of your roster,
    so you'll have to think like an NBA general manager does. That means
    potentially dealing with salary caps, contract demands, free agency,
    retirements, the NBA draft and trade offers.
    After the first season of your franchise, each additional season will be
    followed by a nine-week re-signing period in which you need to decide
    whether or not to renew the contracts of any players on your team,
    followed by the NBA DRAFT and a nine-week signing period for free
    agents. From there, it's on to a three-week preseason schedule, followed
    by the 26-week regular season and four rounds of playoffs. You can
    either play the games yourself by selecting SCHEDULE or you can let the
    CPU simulate all or parts of the season by selecting NEXT WEEK.
    This screen will become your friend and your worst enemy. Yes, it's
    true. This is where it all takes place, but this is behind-the-scenes.
    I'll give you a quick rundown of the options available on this screen.
    You can have up to 15 players on your roster, but can have only 12
    active players at any time given. Select those players here.
    Set your starting lineup, as well as your specialized lineups such as
    big, small, defensive, third string, etc.
    If someone's not doing any good for you team, then you can cut him. If
    you have 15 players, and want to sign a player, someone's gonna have to
    go. You can keep less than 15 players on your roster if you wish, but
    you must always have at least 12 on your team during the season.
    Here's the fun part. You'll need to decide in the offseason which free
    agents to pursue and whether or not to re-sign or extend the deals of
    the players already on your roster. Use R1/L1 buttons to select either
    your team or the available free agents, highlight the player you'd like
    to come to the table with, and press the X button.
    You'll see the player's rating, and the agent will make his initial
    contract demands in the OFFER and YEARS column (so if the columns say
    "offer 50" and "Years 4" the agent is asking for a contract paying that
    player a salary of 50 for each of the next four years, or 200 total).
    It'll be up to you to decide if the agent's demands are reasonable or
    not. You can also use your shrewd skills to bargain with the agent
    (perhaps offering the player only 45 per year). If the agent tells you
    that "your generous offer has been accepted," you probably could've
    gotten a better deal. Conversely, if you try to low-ball  your potential
    sign, the agent might stop negotiations with you about a contract for a
    week or so if he feels you're not making a genuine, serious offer.
    You'll only have seven weeks in the offseason to create your roster, so
    try not to upset the agents too much!
    Obviously, this is the place where you trade. You'll be able to offer or
    receive as many as five players and one draft pick. Remember though,
    you'll have to deal with the salary cap implications of every move you
    make. During the season, other teams may offer you deals. Check the
    Trade screen to accept or decline any trades.
    Check out the salaries and years remaining on the contracts of all
    players in the NBA. It's a good idea to start targeting potential free
    agents early.
    Read about the league's transactions here.
    This screen will break down the players you have on your roster in each
    position and will highlight in yellow the positions you should be
    targeting via free agency, trades, or the draft.
    This screen tracks your progress as a GM, including your career record,
    playoff victories, and championship appearances.
    NOTE: Once you exit FRANCHISE MODE, you will need to reload Franchise
    data from the Main Menu to resume.
    I. 	_C U S T O M I Z E_
    Whether you want to create a 7-foot, shot-blocking, slam-dunking
    monster-in-the-middle, re-create a hot college prospect, or perhaps put
    yourself and your friends into the game, you can do it here. You'll be
    able to scale and size each individual body part, shape the face any way
    you want, add any accessories you'd like, and distribute the player's
    attribute points to crate the perfect player for your team.
    VC made things easier for you. They created three types of players for
    each position. For example, if you're looking for a specific type of
    point guard, you'll be able to select from a distributor, a shooter, or
    defensive specialist. Once you've selected the pre-set player type,
    you'll be able to modify his attributes however you like.
    Once you've created that player of yours, you'll need to assign him on a
    team. From the PLAYER CREATE screen, press the CIRCLE BUTTON TWICE to
    back out to the CUSTOMIZE MAIN MENU. Then select TEAMS, and select SIGN.
    Your newly created player will appear at the bottom of the available
    FREE AGENTS LIST. Press the R1 or the L1 buttons to scroll to the team
    you wish to sign the player to, scroll down to your player and press the
    X BUTTON to add the player to that team. (Note that if an existing team
    already has 15 players on its roster, then you'll need to back out to
    the CUSTOMIZE TEAMS screen, select WAIVE, and remove a player from the
    team to open up a roster spot.)
    To make sure you player is on the 12-man roster, back out to the
    CUSTOMIZE TEAMS screen and select LINEUPS. From there, you can select
    SET ACTIVE PLAYERS to place him on the active roster, or select CREATE
    LINEUPS to insert him into the starting lineup.
    From the TEAMS MENU in CUSTOMIZED MODE, you can create a brand new team
    using any of the ten available custom logos, or simply make a few roster
    modifications to any existing NBA team. Here you can make trades, adjust
    you lineup, import players and teams from a friends, and set your team's
    offensive and defensive plays.
    V. 	T E A M  C A P S U L E S
       Head Coach: Lon Kruger
       Internet Site: http://www.nba.com/hawks/
       2000-2001 Record: 25-57 (7th place, Central Division)
    TEAM OUTLOOK: An aging, dormant club just two seasons ago, the Hawks
    appear ready to turn things around in 2001-2002. A flurry of trades have
    brought fresh faces such as Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Theo Ratliff into
    the fold, and second-year man Jason Terry is an emerging star. If the
    Hawks can get decent production out of their bench, and can stay
    reasonably healthy, the postseason is an obtainable goal.
    #3 SF Shareff Abdur-Rahim
    A local high school hero, Abdur-Rahim returns from the NBA oblivion in
    Vancover and brings 20-point/10-rebound production with him. He's one of
    the top five small forward in the NBA, and he's only getting better.
    Definitely the kind of guy you want to build a team with.
    #31 SG Jason Terry
    After running the point in college and in his rookie season, Terry is
    expected to see time in the two spot this year. Only 6'2", he may be
    small for a shooting guard, but he has great court awareness and is
    developing into a pure scorer.
       Head Coach: Jim O'Brien
       Internet Site: http://www.nba.com/celtics/
       2000-2001 Record: 36-46 (5th place, Atlantic Division)
    TEAM OUTLOOK: This long-proud franchise boasts one of the best one-two
    punches in the league in Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker. These two are
    dynamite, but to win, the Celtics will need to count on #1 picks Joe
    Johnson and Joseph Forte to be big pieces of the puzzle. The green and
    white still have the consistent Kenny Anderson running the point,
    lending fuel to what could be an exciting season in Beantown.
    #8 PF Antoine Walker
    A fantasy-player's delight, Walker can score, rebound, and dish out
    assists. On top of that, he finished 10th in the NBA in steals, and his
    221 three-pointers were tops in the NBA last season. He can indeed do it
    all, but unfortunately his Celtics have missed the playoffs in each of
    his five seasons.
    #34 SF Paul Pierce
    Pierce is the type of player that gives opposing coaches fits, as he can
    light up the scoreboard both from the outside and from close range.
    After finishing 8th in the NBA in scoring a season ago, it wouldn't
    surprise anyone to see Pierce on the All Star Team in 2002.
       Head Coach: Paul Silas
       Internet Site: http://www.nba.com/hornets/
       2000-2001 Record: 46-36 (3rd place, Central Division)
    TEAM OUTLOOK: In 2000-2001, the Hornets may have their best team since
    the LJ/Mourning days of the early 90's. The backcourt is terrific, and
    the front line has nary a weal link. If the development of Baron Davis
    continues at its accelerated pace, and if Jamal Mashburn can continue to
    be a big-time scorer, it's not out of the question to think the Hornets
    can be serious contenders for the Central Division Title.
    Key Performers
    #1 PG Baron Davis
    One of the most exciting young point guards in the league, the #3 pick
    in the draft of 1999 made great strides in his sophomore season. He has
    an explosive first step, and can leap out of the arena. He and Wesley
    form perhaps the most dynamic backcourt in the Eastern Conference.
    #24 SF Jamal Mashburn
    After a blistering start to his career in Dallas in the mid-90's, many
    saw scoring titles in Mashburn's future. A trade to Miami cooled those
    thoughts somewhat, as his per game averages dropped noticeably. However,
    an offseason trade to Charlotte a year ago rejuvenated his career, as he
    topped 20 points per game(PPG) for the first time in five years.
       Head Coach: Tim Floyd
       Internet Site: http://www.nba.com/bulls/
       2000-2001 Record: 15-67 (8th place, Central Division)
    Team Outlook: With one of the youngest and most experienced squads in
    the NBA, the Bulls will have to rely on youthful enthusiasm to get by
    this year. They'll be buoyed by the return of former Bull Charles
    Oakley, who adds an instant credibility to the front line. They also
    have a solid bench full of role players and a couple of young first-
    rounders who figure to bring much-needed energy to the club.
    Key Performers:
    #5 SG Ron Mercer
    Playing for his fourth team in four years, Mercer may have found a home
    in the Windy City. His 19.7 PPG were a career-high, and he figures to be
    even more of a go-to guy this season in the absence of Elton Brand.
    He'll be asked to take on more of a leadership role this year as well,
    and should be able to push his scoring average over twenty a game.
    #3 C Tyson Chandler / #2 PF Eddy Curry
    It will be trial by fire for these two teenagers taken with the #2 and
    #4 picks in this year's draft. You can bet they didn't run a lot of guys
    like Karl Malone or Robert Tyler in their high school leagues last year.
    Still, both patrol the paint for the Bulls for years to come.
    E. Cleveland Cavaliers
       Head Coach: John Lucas
       Internet Site: http://www.nba.com/cavaliers/
       2000-2001 Record: 30-52 (6th place, Central Division)
    Team Outlook: The Cavs have never seemed ready to have that breakout
    season in recent years, but things could finally be looking up to
    Cleveland. Point guard Andre Miller is developing into one of the best
    in the Eastern Conference, and the frontcourt combination of Lamond
    Murray, Tyrone Hill, Michael Doleac and Chris Mihm is improving. The
    Cavs should have enough weapons to play with the most of the teams in
    the Central Division.
    Key Performers:
    #24 PG Andre Miller
    Few realized that in just a second season, Miller led all Eastern
    Conference point guards in assists a year ago. On the agenda this year--
    improving upon his scoring average. His quick hands and good court
    awareness stand out, but he'll need those points per game to increase
    significantly if this club hopes to be playoff contenders.
    #11 C Zydrunas Ilgauskas
    Sure he's injury prone--you'd be too if you had screws in both of your
    feet. But when this Lithuanian big man is in the lineup, the Cavs are a
    markedly different team. Few players in the NBA clog the lane better
    than this 7'3", 269-pounder.
       Head Coach: Don Nelson
       Internet Site: http://www.nba.com/mavericks/
       2000-2001 Record: 53-29 (Tied-2nd place, Midwest Division)
    Team Outlook: Things are definitely on the up swing in the Big D. Not
    only is the logo and arena new, but so the belief that this team has the
    capability to go a long way in the playoffs. With just the right mix of
    emerging youngsters, stars coming into their prime and a bench full of
    proven veterans, the Mavs may be the favorite to overtake Utah and San
    Antonio in the Midwest Division.
    Key Performers:
    #41 SF Dirk Nowitzki
    In just his third NBA season, Nowitzki established himself as one of the
    premier scorers in the league. A 7'0", he may be the tallest small
    forward in the league history, which creates all sorts of matchup
    problems. The floppy-haired German can beat you both with his jumper and
    by driving to the basket and at 23 years of age, he's only going to get
    #4 SG Michael Finley
    An all-star two years running, this six-year vet is coming into his own
    as one of the most outstanding all-around players in the game today.
    Underrated no longer, count on Finley to have his hands on the ball if
    the game's on the line.
       Head Coach: Dan Issel
       Internet Site: http://www.nba.com/nuggets/
       2000-2001 Record: 40-42 (6th place, Midwest Division)
    TEAM OUTLOOK: Like the Cavaliers, the Nuggets seem to be a player or two
    from really making a difference in their division. As their near .500
    record indicates, Denver has the ability to play with the majority of
    teams in the Midwest Division. Adding to an already veteran-heavy club,
    they're rolled the dice this offseason hoping that veterans such as
    Scott Williams and Avery Johnson can provide production off the bench.
    Key Performers:
    #24 PF Antonio McDyess
    Some were suprised when he was drafted with the #2 overall pick in 1995,
    but McDyess has developed into one of the top power forwards in the
    Western Conference. His incredible quickness to the rim and nose for the
    ball down low make him a complete player on both ends of the floor, as
    his 20.8 PPG and 12.2 RPG last season attest.
    #31 PG Nick Van Exel
    "Nick the Quick" came into the NBA with a "shoot first" mentality, but
    as he's grown older, the left-hander has developed into one of the
    leading assist men in the NBA. He'll still let fly a few three pointers
    (leading the team with 135 last year), but has playmaking skills and
    quick first step are what set him apart.
       Head Coach: Rick Carlisle
       Internet Site: http://www.nba.com/pistons/
       2000-2001 Record: 32-50 (5th place, Central Division)
    TEAM OUTLOOK: A perfect marriage of team and city, the Pistons rely on
    their blue-collar ethic on the boards to outmuscle and outwork other
    teams. The frontcourt defense is solid with unheralded Ben Wallace, and
    the team has a true drawing card in high-flying scorer Jerry Stackhouse,
    but Detroit will need other players to pick up some of the offensive
    punch if this team is to make a serious playoff run.
    Key Performers:
    #42 SG Jerry Stackhouse
    This former college player of the year is rapidly developing into a bona
    fide NBA superstar, His slashing and leaping abilities rival those only
    of fellow UNC alum Vince Carter, and his 29.8 points per game last year
    trailed only league MVP Allen Iverson. He IS the offense for Detroit, as
    just about every offensive possession funnels through him.
    #3 C Ben Wallace
    It may be hard to envision someone that averages 6.4 points per game as
    a "key performer," but Wallace is as sensational a defensive players as
    there is in the league. At 6'9", he doesn't have the height to match
    most power forwards and centers in the NBA, yet his 1,052 total rebounds
    were more than any other player in the league last year.
       Head Coach: Dave Cowens
       Internet Site: http//www.nba.com/warriors/
       2000-2001 Record: 17-65(7th place, Pacific Division)
    TEAM OUTLOOK: Sure, every team looks back at "what ifs" at the
    conclusion of the season. For the Warriors, the song has been the same
    for a number of years now: "what if we could stay healthy?" With a solid
    front line Antwan Jamison, Danny Fortson, and Erick Dampier, and an
    explosive backcourt of Larry Hughes and rookie Jason Richardson, this
    team has the talent to improve markedly over their 17-win season a year
    Key Performers:
    #33 SF Antawn Jamison
    Jamison can make it look easy. His sift hands, smooth touch and ability
    to snake his way to the basket make him a threat on every offensive
    possession. He may not get a great deal of national recognition just
    yet, but All-Star Games are clearly his future.
    #20 PG Larry Hughes
    It's hard to believe he's still just 22 years old! Much of the team's
    fortunes will revolve around how Hughes can handle the move from
    shooting guards to point man this season. He's excellent at creating his
    own shot, but if he learns to create shots for others, this team could
    be an instant playoff contender.
       Head Coach: Rudy Tomjanovich
       Internet Site: http//www.nba.com/rockets/
       2000-2001 Record: 45-37 (5th place, Midwest Division)
    TEAM OUTLOOK: For the first time since 1984, Houston fans will not see a
    fella named Olajuwon roaming the paint for their club. The Rockets must
    hope that diminutive scorer Steve Francis can grab the torch from Hakeem
    and become the heart and soul of the franchise. He and Cuttino Mobley
    provide a good 1-2 scoring punch in the backcourt, but players such as
    Kenny Thomas and a rookie-first-rounder Eddie Griffin will need to
    prosper down low if this team is to contend for a playoff berth.
    Key Performers:
    #3 PG Steve Francis
    The 6'3" came into the league as a showman and hasn't disappointed. His
    incredible leaping ability makes him one of the league's great dunkers.
    Aside from the flash and flair, Francis has become a first-rate point
    guard as well, averaging nearly seventeen rebounds and seven assists per
    #5 SG Cuttino Mobley
    Little was expected from this former second-round pick, but Mobley's
    first three seasons have seen him blossom from the bench fodder to NBA
    Sixth-Man Award runner-up to start shooting guard. His 19.5 points per
    game last year merely hint at his big-time ability.
       Head Coach: Isiah Thomas
       Internet Site: http//www.nba.com/pacers/
       2000-2001 Record: 41-41(4th place, Central Division)
    TEAM OUTLOOK: On paper, the 2001-2002 Pacers seem to have all the
    ingredients to make one more big playoff push. They have talented
    scorers in Reggie Miller and Jalen Rose, fast-rising youngsters in
    Jermaine O'Neal, Al Harrington and Jamaal Tinsley, and a coach that
    wears two championship rings from his playing days. The Pacers were
    doomed by a mediocre regular season last year, but they look to be one
    of those teams you'd definitely want to avoid come playoff time this
    Key Performers:
    #31 SG Reggie Miller
    It's easy to use the terms like "veteran war-horse" when describing
    Miller. Though he still lacks the championship ring he covets, the 14-
    year vet can still light up the scoreboard in stretches with his long-
    range bombing. He's remarkably durable as well, missing just four
    regular season games in the past five years.
    #7 C Jermaine O'Neal
    For his first four years in Portland, O'Neal never averaged more than
    4.5 PPG. Since coming over to the Pacers, his statistics have roughly
    tripled across the board, leading many to believe that he has the
    potential to develop into one of the top three centers in the Eastern
    Conference as early as this season.
       Head Coach: Alvin Gentry
       Internet Site: http://www.nba.com/clippers/
       2000-2001 Record: 31-51(6th place, Pacific Division)
    TEAM OUTLOOK: What's this year we hear? Actual, genuine optimism coming
    for the Clippers? Believe it - this years' Clippers club seen by many to
    be the most likely to see their win total increase by double-digits. The
    draft-day trade acquire power forward Elton Brand was pure genius, and
    as young front lines go, the future trio of Brand, Lamar Odom, and
    Darius Miles is dynamite. Good times are definitely ahead.
    Key Performers:
    #42 PF Elton Brand
    He may not be the flashiest player in the game, and he doesn't show up
    on the highlight shows making incredible plays every night. All he does
    is score 20 points a night and pull down 10 rebounds. He's solid, and on
    a team loaded with young, unpredictable players, Brand will be a rock of
    #7 SF Lamar Odom
    It's hard to believe that a guy six-feet, ten-inches tall can be so
    smooth handling and distributing the ball. Odom is developing into one
    of the best young inside/outside players, and creates matchup problems
    wherever he plays. He should join Brand as a 20-point per game scorer
    very soon.
    VI. 	R O S T E R / R A T I N G S
                           A. ATLANTA HAWK'S ROSTER
    |#11 PG Jacque Vaughn              |  68  | 35| 80| 68| 70| 60|
    |#31 SG Jason Terry                |  80  | 40| 90| 84| 77| 56|
    |#7  SF Toni Kukoc                 |  76  | 40| 70| 79| 72| 76|
    |#3  PF Shareef Abdul-Rahim        |  87  | 25| 70| 91| 83| 88|
    |#32 C  Theo Ratliff               |  85  | 5 | 65| 80| 90| 78|
     BENCH:                            |------|---|---|---|---|---|
    |#15 PG Emanual Davis              |  73  | 35| 85| 71| 77| 61|
    |#1  SG Dermarr Johnson            |  71  | 25| 80| 69| 72| 76|
    |#2  C  Nazr Mohammed              |  79  | 5 | 65| 76| 82| 76|
    |#4  SF Chris Crawford             |  67  | 25| 70| 68| 65| 71|
    |#5  SG Dion Glover                |  62  | 20| 75| 60| 65| 59|
    |#44 PF Alan Henderson             |  79  | 5 | 65| 78| 79| 78|
    |#13 PF Hanno Motalla              |  63  | 5 | 65| 62| 65| 55|
    |#2  C  Cal Bowdler                |  67  | 5 | 60| 67| 67| 65|
    VII. 	F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S
    These are frequently asked questions that I had to answer.
    QUESTION: How do you get the Practice Mode Unlocked?
    ANSWER: Well, there are options to that question.
    1. 	If you have a controller that has NO Analog, then take it
    out. It will then be unlocked. You need Analog controllers to
    play this game.
    2. 	Your second controller might be broken, so buy a new one or
    get it repaired.
    QUESTION: The CPU is too hard!
    ANSWER: You need to practice! You need to guard your player very tight.
    If you are playing as a team that totally stinks, then pick a good team
    like the 76ers or the Lakers.
    QUESTION: How do you do a manual Alley-oop?
    ANSWER: Well, you can't do that. The computer does it for you. If you
    pass the ball to a wide open player and he will do the Alley-oop
    QUESTION: Can I you play as two or more teams in franchise mode?
    ANSWER: No, you can't, but you could do that in the Season Mode.
    QUESTION: Should I buy NBA 2K2 or NBA Live 2002?
    Answer: My answer for that question is NBA 2K2. NBA 2K2 is better and
    that's why I bought it.
    QUESTION: How come my regular controller don't work in this game?
    Answer: You need ANALOG controllers to play this game. Remember the key
    words YOU NEED. You need the ANALOG for the playcalling and the free
    QUESTION: How do you shoot free throws?
    ANSWER: It depends how good the players are. It also depends how good
    you are. My tip is to bring the ANALOG sticks together at the same time.
    It will take a while until you get used to it. When I first played it,
    it was hard then I got used to it.
    QUESTION: How do you injure another player?
    ANSWER: One way is when you are getting the rebound, repeatedly press
    the circle button. That is only one way, but there are more ways, like
    driving into someone's face.
    QUSETION: Can you change the minutes while you are in FRANCHISE MODE?
    ANSWER: The answer is a big NO. You only can change it in season. I
    don't know why, but just in season, but you can change the difficulty
    and other things, too. -Thanks pouimette@sympatico.ca
    VIII. 	C O D E S  A N D  S E C R E T S
    Unlock the "CODES" Menu:
    Go to the Options Screen. Then go to Gameplay. Then, move your right
    keypad to your right and then with your left analog stick, move it to
    the left.
    Hidden Teams:
    Once you unlocked the menu, type in "MEGASTARS" and you will get VC,
    SEGA, and the NBA2K2 team.
    Make the crowd soot balloons:
    Just press Square when the CPU is shooting the free throws. It won't
    effect the CPU, though, but it adds a little realism to the game.
    There are more codes, but they didn't tell us yet, so check out this
    section because everyday I am trying to figure out codes.
    IX. 	T E A M  R A T I N G S / T E A M  A R E N A S
    A. 	_A T L A N T A  H A W K S_
    Arena: Philips Arena
    Offense: 74
    Defense: 75
    Overall: 75
    B. 	_B O S T O N  C E L T I C S_
    Arena: Celtics Arena
    Offense: 82
    Defense: 82
    Overall: 82
    C. 	_C H A R L O T T E  H O R N E T S_
    Arena: Charlotte Coliseum
    Offense: 83
    Defense: 76
    Overall: 82
    D. 	_C H I C A G O  B U L L S_
    Arena: United Center
    Offense: 60
    Defense: 67
    Overall: 64
    E. 	_C L E V E L E N D  C A V A L I E R S_
    Arena: Gund Arena
    Offense: 70
    Defense: 69
    Overall: 70
    F. 	_D A L L A S  M A V E R I C K S_
    Arena: American Airlines Center
    Offense: 92
    Defense: 69
    Overall: 87
    G. 	_D E N V E R  N U G G E T S_
    Arena: Nuggets Arena
    Offense: 77
    Defense: 76
    Overall: 77
    H. 	_D E T R O I T  P I S T O N S_
    Arena: Palace of Auburn Hills
    Offense: 84
    Defense: 74
    Overall: 80
    I. 	_G O L D E N  S T A T E  W A R R I O R S_
    Arena: Arena in Oakland
    Offense: 69
    Defense: 72
    Overall: 71
    J. 	_H O U S T O N  R O C K E T S_
    Arena: Rockets Arena
    Offense: 76
    Defense: 69
    Overall: 74
    K. 	_I N D I A N A  P A C E R S_
    Arena: Conseco Fieldhouse
    Offense: 83
    Defense: 74
    Overall: 82
    L. 	_L O S  A N G E L E S  C L I P P E R S_
    Arena: Staples Center
    Offense: 84
    Defense: 67
    Overall: 72
    M. 	_L O S  A N G E L E S  L A K E R S_
    Arena: Staples Center
    Offense: 92
    Defense: 88
    Overall: 90
    N. 	_M E M P H I S  G R I Z Z L I E S_
    Arena: The Pyramid
    Offense: 72
    Defense: 74
    Overall: 72
    O. 	_M I A M I  H E A T_
    Arena: American Airlines Arena
    Offense: 66
    Defense: 86
    Overall: 72
    P. 	_M I L W A U K E E  B U C K S_
    Arena: Bradley Center
    Offense: 88
    Defense: 73
    Overall: 87
    Q. 	_M I N N E S O T A  T I M B E R W O L V E S_
    Arena: Target Center
    Offense: 92
    Defense: 73
    Overall: 85
    R. 	_N E W  J E R S E Y  N E T S_
    Arena: Continental Airlines Arena
    Offense: 77
    Defense: 85
    Overall: 82
    S. 	_N E W  Y O R K  K N I C K S_
    Arena: Madison Square Garden
    Offense: 67
    Defense: 85
    Overall: 79
    T. 	_O R L A N D O  M A G I C_
    Arena: TD Waterhouse Centre
    Offense: 86
    Defense: 75
    Overall: 84
    U. 	_P H I L A D E L P H I A  7 6 E R S_
    Arena: First Union Center
    Offense: 70
    Defense: 94
    Overall: 87
    V. 	P H O E N I X  S U N S_
    Arena: America West Arena
    Offense: 83
    Defense: 79
    Overall: 82
    W. 	_P O R T L A N D  T R A I L  B L A Z E R S_
    Arena: Rose Garden
    Offense: 81
    Defense: 81
    Overall: 81
    X. 	_S A C R A M E N T O  K I N G S_
    Arena: Arco Arena
    Offense: 94
    Defense: 86
    Overall: 89
    Y. 	_S A N  A N T O N I O  S P U R S_
    Arena: Alamodome
    Offense: 85
    Defense: 84
    Overall: 85
    Z. 	_S E A T T L E  S O N I C S_
    Arena: Key Arena
    Offense: 88
    Defense: 72
    Overall: 78
    AA. 	_T O R O N T O  R A P T O R S_
    Arena: Air Canada Centre
    Offense: 82
    Defense: 86
    Overall: 83
    BB. 	_U T A H  J A Z Z_
    Arena: Delta Center
    Offense: 83
    Defense: 60
    Overall: 74
    CC. 	_W A S H I N G T O N  W I Z A R D S_
    Arena: Wizards Arena
    Offense: 70
    Defense: 66
    Overall: 68
    DD. 	_W E S T  A L L - S T A R S_
    Arena: First Union Center
    Offense: 100
    Defense: 100
    Overall: 100
    EE. 	_E A S T  A L L - S T A R S_
    Arena: First Union Center
    Offense: 100
    Defense: 100
    Overall: 100
    FF. 	_5 0 ' s  /  6 0 ' s  L E G E N D S_
    Arena: Legends Arena
    Offense: 100
    Defense: 100
    Overall: 100
    GG. 	_7 0 ' s  W E S T  L E G E N D S_
    Arena: Legends Arena
    Offense: 100
    Defense: 100
    Overall: 100
    HH. 	_7 0 ' s  E A S T  L E G E N D S_
    Arena: Legends Arena
    Offense: 100
    Defense: 100
    Overall: 100
    II. 	_8 0 ' s  W E S T  L E G E N D S_
    Arena: Legends Arena
    Offense: 100
    Defense: 100
    Overall: 100
    JJ. 	_8 0 ' s  E A S T  L E G E N D S_
    Arena: Legends Arena
    Offense: 100
    Defense: 100
    Overall: 100
    KK. 	_V C_ (Enter "MEGASTARS" to Unlock)
    Arena: VC GYM
    Offense: 100
    Defense: 100
    Overall: 100
    LL. 	_S E G A  S P O R T S_ (Enter "MEGASTARS" to Unlock)
    Arena: Playground
    Offense: 100
    Defense: 100
    Overall: 100
    MM. 	_N B A  2 K 2_ (Enter "MEGASTARS" to Unlock)
    Arena: Playground
    Offense: 100
    Defense: 100
    Overall: 100

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