How do i play the playful sound on the dragon bone flute?

  1. I can play every sound but that one i need help bad.

    User Info: middle4

    middle4 - 9 years ago

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  1. Here's how to do all of the sounds, although I don't know which type of button press is what sound...

    Long hold / Hard Press --- Easy. Just hold down O hard for a few seconds.

    Short Hold / Hard Press --- Tiny bit harder. Put your thumb on O. Press very hard for as short a time as you can.

    Long Hold / Light Press --- Tricky. Put your thumb on O. Start pressing very lightly, not enough to actually press the button though. Keep going until you feel the button activate (you should still be pressing pretty lightly), and hold your thumb at that pressure for a couple of seconds.

    Short Hold / Light Press (I think this one is "Playful"...) --- Okay, this can be pretty hard if you haven't played the game before. Put your thumb on O. Press down very lightly, and similar to the last type of button press, don't quite activate O. Keep pressing very lightly, while gradually getting a tiny bit harder. As soon as you feel the O button go down, let go immediately.

    I hope these tricks for the Dragon Bone Flute help.

    User Info: OdinOurSavior

    OdinOurSavior - 9 years ago 4 0

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