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    Optional Boss FAQ by LegaiaRules

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 09/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VERSION 1.10
    by Angelo Pineda(rpger77@yahoo.ca)
    15-9-2004(1.10) - Added more tips, Universe and 4D strategy.
    1-9-2004(1.00) - finished all sections. Will add more tips soon.
    2. TIPS
    3. BOSSES
    -Gabriel Celesta
    -Fayt + ???
    -Ethereal Queen
    7. CREDITS
    This will cover how to beat optional bosses and how to obtain their Battle 
    Trophies and special Battle Trophy challenges. I highly recommend 
    fighting the bosses first before resorting to these strategies. Enjoy!
    2. TIPS
    -Make sure you are prepared with healing items. They will come in handy in the
    -Prepare your characters with sufficient equipment and don't forget to do the 
    same on the Battle Skill menu.
    -Use strategy. These are battles that simply CANNOT be won by brute force. 
    -Make use of MP damage attacks as they can finish these battles quicker than
    it would HP-wise.
    -When in doubt, use the "Uber-Fate" strategy.(see 5 on the table of contents)
    -Items such as Roe Tablets and Shielding Devices allow characters to survive
    attacks such as the Nibelung Valesti. Make sure you have some as they will 
    help in the battles to come.
    -Bombs, especially those that stun, are your best friend. Be sure to have some
    of each type.
    -Raising DEF helps greatly on all modes except 4D. This reduces the damage of
    extremely powerful attacks, which can be a lifesaver.
    3. BOSSES
    (W) indicates a weak type attack
    (S) indicates a strong type attack
    AAA indicates use of Anti-Attack Aura
    Gabriel Celesta - located in Maze of Tribulations, Floor 8
    HP: 1,000,000
    MP: 200,000
    Level: 114
    ATK: 1400
    DEF: 220
    AGL: 260 
    HIT: 980
    INT: 800
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.3 HP, x 2.8 MP
    EXP: 200,000
    Fol: 156,000
    Drops: Spirit of Lilith(100%)
    Special Attacks: Lightning Feather(W), Dragons(S), True Judgment(W)
    AAA: Standard
    All Elements are halved in damage.
    Those who are familiar with past Star Ocean or Valyrie Profile games should
    remember Gabriel Celesta. As with the aformentioned games, he is a deadly 
    foe. Though in Star Ocean 2 and Valkyrie Profile, he is the weaker version of
    Iseria Queen, Ethereal Queen in Star Ocean 3. However, he is harder than his
    superior in this Star Ocean. After defeating the 4 bosses in floor 8, heal
    and prepare to fight Gabriel. Gabriel moves fast and is unpredictable so be
    careful when fighting him. True Judgment can deal a considerable amount of
    damage, but since it is a weak type attack, it can be Guarded/AAAed. His 
    basic attacks are capable of paralyzing characters, so equip Amulet of 
    Freedom and have some Basil if some characters don't have it. The biggest 
    threat comes from Gabriel's 2 special attacks.
    Lightning Feather and Dragons both cover almost the entire field, making
    it difficult to evade. Lightning Feather though is based on Gabriel's 
    position in the field. If he is on one end of the field, the opposite end
    will not be affected. Also, Lightning Feather is a weak type attack so it
    can be Guarded/AAAed. Be prepared to revive fallen characters anytime, but
    after the attack is done. His other special attack, Dragons starts always 
    in the centre. To dodge the attack, try to have each character close to the
    edges of the map. Dragons is a strong type attack, so it cannot be countered.
    Gabriel uses Dragons when almost out of HP/MP.
    Universe - Gabriel is still the same except stronger and a slight improvement
    for his AI. Take care and victory is yours.
    4D - Gabriel is much tougher as his stats and AI are improved even more. He
    tends to use Lightning Feather and the occasional True Judgment while moving
    right next to your characters. While both are weak attacks, you might not be
    able to defend against those if you are on the move. Still, Gabriel is not as
    difficult as the other secret bosses. 
    HP Kill method - The preferred way of disposing the celestial being. Use 
    characters like Cliff and Mirage, who are capable of dealing great amounts
    of HP dmg with their attacks. Mirage's Aerial Assault and Nel's Divine Wrath
    are decent techniques in eating Gabriel's HP.
    MP Kill method -This will take longer to do, but it is doable. Fayt's Divine
    Blade, Nel's Flying Guillotine, and Maria's Energy Burst all deal good MP dmg
    and Increase MP Damage or Critical Hit MP on helps do the job.
    Preferred characters: Cliff/Mirage are good for HP Kill and Fayt/Nel/Maria 
    for MP Kill. I don't recommend spellcasters as healing items are better for
    this battle, but it's all up to you. 2 melees and a spellcaster/long-range
    fighter are decent enough to help you win.
    Fayt - located in Urssa Cave Temple
    VERSION 1(before completing Maze of Tribulations)
    HP: 700,000
    MP: 70,000
    Level: 160
    ATK: 2500
    DEF: 120
    AGL: 260
    HIT: 980
    INT: 700
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.15 HP/MP
    EXP: 100,000
    Fol: 350,000
    Drops: None
    Special Attacks: Air Raid(S), Ethereal Blast(S), Lightning Strike(S), Laser
    Beams(S), Side Kick(W), Blade of Fury(W)
    AAA: Star Guard
    Wind and Fire are halved in damage.
    VERSION 2(after completing Maze of Tribulations)
    HP: 1,000,000
    MP: 100,000
    Level: 170
    ATK: 3000
    DEF: 220
    AGL: 260
    HIT: 1600
    INT: 1600
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.3 HP/MP
    EXP: 160,000
    Fol: 340,000
    Drops: None
    Special Attacks: Air Raid(S), Ethereal Blast(S), Lightning Strike(S), Laser
    Beams(S), Side Kick(W), Blade of Fury(W)
    AAA: Star Guard
    Wind and Fire are halved in damage.
    Partners (based on who Fayt pairs up with or if he is alone)
    HP: 800,000
    MP: 200,000
    Level: 160
    ATK: 2900
    DEF: 155
    AGL: 150
    HIT: 1100
    INT: 2400 
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.2 HP, x 2.8 MP
    EXP: 80,000
    Fol: 450,000
    Drops: Rabit's Foot(100%)
    Special Attacks: Laser Beams(S), Deep Freeze(S), Sirocco(S), Titan Fist(S), 
    Chaos Tide(W), Sea Gate(W)
    AAA: Wide Homing
    HP: 940,000
    MP: 80,000
    Level: 160
    ATK: 2600
    DEF: 170
    AGL: 300
    HIT: 1200
    INT: 2000
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.27 HP, x 2.2 MP
    EXP: 70,000
    Fol: 220,000
    Drops: Rabbit's Foot(100%)
    Special Attacks: Air Slash(S), Hand of Doom(S), Dragon Roar(S), Explosion(S),
    Double Slash(W), Charge(W)
    AAA: 2-Way
    Fire is halved in damage.
    HP: 1,200,000
    MP: 36,000
    Level: 160
    ATK: 2800
    DEF: 200
    AGL: 260
    HIT: 1300
    INT: 950
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.4 HP, x 1.98 MP
    EXP: 80,000
    Fol: 300,000
    Drops: Rabbit's Foot(100%)
    Special Attacks: Max Shockwave(S), Fists of Fury(S), Electric Fists(W), Fiery
    AAA: Standard
    Fire is halved in damage.
    Luther(appears if ending shows Fayt alone)
    HP: 1,100,000
    MP: 800,000
    Level: 180
    ATK: 3000
    DEF: 150
    AGL: 260
    HIT: 980
    INT: 1000
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.35 HP, x 3.0 MP 
    EXP: 120,000
    Fol: 500,000
    Drops: Tri-Emblem(100%)
    Special Attacks: Insanity Prelude(S), Perfect Symmetry(S), Laser Beams(S),
    Expansion Force(W), Flaming Divide(W)
    AAA: Wide Homing
    All elements are halved in damage.
    HP: 700,000
    MP: 180,000
    Level: 160
    ATK: 2600
    DEF: 180
    AGL: 250
    HIT: 1500
    INT: 1540
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.15 HP, x 2.7 MP
    EXP: 70,000
    Fol: 480,000
    Drops: Rabbit's Foot(100%)
    Special Attacks: Gravity Bullet(S), Triple Kick(S), Deep Freeze(S), 
    Explosion(S), Laser Blast(W), Scatter Beam(W)
    AAA: Wide Homing
    Wind is halved in damage.
    HP: 900,000
    MP: 100,000
    Level: 160
    ATK: 2500
    DEF: 190
    AGL: 280
    HIT: 1200
    INT: 1500
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.25 HP, x 2.3 MP
    EXP: 80,000
    Fol: 420,000
    Drops: Rabbit's Foot(100%)
    Special Attacks: Avenger Charge(S), Blazing Cannon(S), Sphere of Might(W),
    Crescent Locus(W)
    AAA: Standard
    Fire and Wind are halved in damage.
    HP: 800,000
    MP: 144,000
    Level: 160
    ATK: 2500
    DEF: 170
    AGL: 350
    HIT: 1360
    INT: 2000
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.2 HP, x 2.52 MP
    EXP: 80,000 
    Fol: 280,000
    Drops: Rabbit's Foot(100%)
    Special Attack: Flying Guillotine(S), Divine Wrath(S), Laser Beams(S), Stone
    Rain(S), Shadow Wave(W), Lightning Chain(W)
    AAA: Homing
    Wind is halved in damage.
    HP: 760,000
    MP: 140,000
    Level: 160
    ATK: 2500
    DEF: 180
    AGL: 340
    HIT: 1370
    INT: 1920
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.18 HP, x 2.5 MP
    EXP: 70,000
    Fol: 340,000 
    Drops: Rabbit's Foot(100%)
    Special Attacks: Faerie Friend(S), Dream Hammer(S), Dark Sphere(S), Southern
    Cross(S), Kaboom(W), Instanto Beam(W)
    AAA: Regeneration
    Wind is halved in damage.
    HP: 1,020,000
    MP: 60,000
    Level: 160
    ATK: 3100
    DEF: 190
    AGL: 260
    HIT: 1300
    INT: 1600
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.31 HP, x 2.1 MP
    EXP: 70,000
    Fol: 160,000
    Drops: Rabbit's Foot(100%)
    Special Attacks: Star Fall(S), Fiery Fury(S), Thunder Flare(S), Fire Bolt(S),
    Raging Helmet(W), Shield & Cannon(W)
    AAA: Ring Wave
    Fire is halved in damage.
    HP: 560,000
    MP: 400,000
    Level: 160
    ATK: 2200
    DEF: 150
    AGL: 200
    HIT: 800
    INT: 2700
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 2.08 HP, x 3.0 MP
    EXP: 90,000
    Fol: 315,000
    Special Attacks: Blood Scylla(S), Deep Freeze(S), Lightning Strike(S), Laser
    Beams(W), Gremlins(W), Efreet(W), Meteor Swarm(W), Lightning Blast(W)
    Drops: Rabbit's Foot(100%)
    AAA: Regeneration
    The difficulty of this fight varies based on the ending received. These
    characters are basically stronger, better versions of your own so you
    should be familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. The following is how
    to beat them.
    Adray - Since magic ignores DEF, it's important to have some elemental
    protection such as tri-Emblems or refined Aegis Pendants. HP Kill or MP Kill
    are both good for the job so choose either one.
    Albel - The combo king is quite dangerous up close, but his weakpoint is his 
    low MP at 80,000. Again, MP Kill is preferred method.
    Cliff - With only a measly 36,000 MP, it is highly recommended to MP Kill him. 
    If not, expect plenty of HP damage and be prepared to heal and revive.
    Fayt - Take Fayt, give him a massive boost(including movement speed) and you 
    have a very deadly opponent. Fayt has access to most of his strongest
    Battle Skills, including Ethereal Blast and Air Raid. Avoiding him is very 
    difficult as his movement speed is the best of all secret bosses. MP Kill 
    is highly recommended as Fayt can shred characters VERY QUICKLY. 
    Luther - Unlike the other 2 fights, Luther is quite deadly alongside Fayt. He 
    has all of his previous attacks, but with improved speed and power. Due to his 
    high MP, HP Kill is the better choice.
    Maria - Quite dangerous and it shows. Maria can prevent characters from acting 
    while softening them for Fayt's attacks. HP Kill or MP Kill are both good so 
    again choose either method.
    Mirage - Basically Cliff except more MP and less HP: MP Kill.
    Nel - Another dangerous partner. Keeping her busy with AI characters is
    preferred while you attack her from behind. HP/MP Kill both work.
    Peppita - Nel except slightly weaker. HP Kill is preferred.
    Roger - 60,000 MP by this point is considered low so MP Kill is the way to go. 
    HP Kill is not recommended though Roger really lacks a truly dangerous 
    Sophia - same as Adray but be careful of the powerful Meteor Swarm. Go for an 
    HP Kill.
    Universe - Basically the same as Galaxy except more difficult and longer. Not
    much else to add, except characters like Cliff are still easy to MP Kill and
    ones like Maria are not.
    4D - You are in for a very difficult fight. Everyone becomes more nastier and
    it shows. Especially Fayt and Luther; their teamwork skills are even better 
    and both aren't afraid to use their Battle Skills when necessary. All tend
    to spam most of their Battle Skills, can dodge better, and are downright hard.
    It is vital to quickly eliminate Fayt as he moves lightning fast across the 
    field, allowing him to quickly dispose of each character. As on Galaxy and the
    harder Universe, he can be dizzied but be cautious as Fayt recovers much faster
    than usual. Speaking of his speed, Fayt can dodge almost every attack and spell
    with ease. Fayt can even dodge Lightning Strike, which almost never misses its
    target. Be warned if you intend to fight alone: this is the hardest fight due
    to having not 1 but 2 enemies swarming around the lone character.
    Preferred characters: Depends on who the partner is. Generally, it's a good 
    idea to have a long-range attacker(Maria) coupled with someone that has great 
    defensive abilities(Fayt). 
    Lenneth - located in Sphere 211, floor 210
    HP: 7,000,000
    MP: 700,000
    Level: 194
    ATK: 3500
    DEF: 100
    AGL: 460
    HIT: 2100
    INT: 1000
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 3.0 HP/MP
    EXP: 250,000
    Fol: 625,000
    Drops: Valkyrie Garb(100%)
    Special Attacks: Nibelung Valesti(S), Lightning Strike(S), Stone Rain(S)
    AAA: Star Guard
    All elements are halved in damage.
    Anyone here play Valkyrie Profile? I have, and I really enjoyed using Lenneth 
    and her deadly Nibelung Valesti. Lenneth makes a cameo in Star Ocean 3... as 
    a boss! Instead of watching Nibelung Valesti pound enemies, the vicious attack 
    pounds you instead! Those familiar with VP should be familiar with how she 
    inflicts pain. Those who are not, read on. Lenneth attacks with her spear, 
    which can deal Fury damage, Stun, and Confuse party members. These attacks 
    deal a great amount of HP and MP dmg so it's important to make use of AAA and 
    healing items. Her symbology spells are strong so try to avoid them. Stone Rain 
    has a great area of effect but is easier to dodge. Lightning Strike though is 
    very difficult to dodge as it almost never misses. Earth and Wind protection 
    can take care of her magic though. Lenneth tends to move a lot and can do so
    If you're wondering about Nibelung Valesti's potential strength, you should 
    be. Those familiar with VP, take the full version of Nibelung Valesti and add
    the ability to target the entire field. Quite scary don't you think? NV deals
    both HP and MP dmg and each hit is very painful. It's not uncommon to see a
    character getting hit for 20,000 HP dmg around 10-20 times. Best advice is to
    interrupt the attack or if not, hope that you lured her far from the center 
    as the attack is like Lightning Feather: based on Lenneth's position. If 
    not, use a Shielding Device or Roe Tablet to keep at least one person alive.
    Fury-revive is helpful if you have an Orichalcum on one of your characters. 
    NV is virtually impossible to dodge if done at the centre so avoid this at 
    all costs!
    Universe - Same as last time, except it's not possible to completely nullify
    Lenneth's attacks. 
    4D - Incredibly hard. Lenneth moves all over the battlefield, making it a bit
    difficult to hit her. Lenneth is so strong that she uses her energy to push
    back everyone around her, leaving them wide open for a Nibelung Valesti. This
    happens frequently so try to anticipate it. Make use of AAA as it will help
    conserve any stun bombs you might have. Lenneth can easily HP/MP Kill in 1
    hit so try your best to avoid her attacks, use AAA for her weak ones.
    HP Kill method - HP Kill takes quite a bit of time with Lenneth but it is
    effective if you wish to do so. Damaging Battle Skills such as Ethereal 
    Blast and Divine Wrath are the answers to dealing HP dmg. Cancel Bonus will
    help speed up the process if you are good at using the system.
    MP Kill method - MP Kill takes less time as HP Kill and it's a better way to
    take Lenneth down. Divine Blade, Energy Burst, and similar MP dmg techniques
    should do the trick. As with HP Kill, Cancel Bonus can end this quicker.
    Preferred characters - If you have been using Item Creation a lot, you will
    most likely be aware of Boots of Prowess. When refined and synthesized into
    someone's weapon enough times, it creates a powerful character and one with
    great defense to survive even the strongest attacks. Since Fayt has the best
    DEF stat of all characters, he can take down Lenneth without taking damage 
    from her attacks, save AAA and symbology. Albel and Cliff are great if they
    can keep Lenneth from acting, and as usual Nel and Maria are very useful. 
    Peppita and Roger are decent supports. Fayt and Mirage are good melees and
    can last longer than most. Spellcasters like Sophia and Adray are not much
    of a use, though can still be powerful used correctly. The strategy with Fayt
    ONLY works on Galaxy. Don't forget to protect against Confuse status!
    Ethereal Queen - located in Sphere 211, floor 211
    HP: 10,000,000
    MP: 2,000,000
    Level: 204
    ATK: 4000
    DEF: 100
    AGL: 460
    HIT: 2800
    INT: 1200
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 3.0 HP/MP
    EXP: 600,000
    Fol: 650,000
    Drops: Spirit of Lilith(100%)
    Special Attacks: Celestial Star(S), True Judgment(W), Blinding Field(W)
    AAA: Standard
    All elements are halved in damage.
    Ethereal Queen, or Iseria Queen as tri-ace fans know, is the stronger version
    of Gabriel Celesta. Though in Star Ocean 3, the Queen is rather lacking in 
    the difficulty department. Nonetheless, the Queen is still a formidable foe. 
    The Queen's basic attacks can Paralyze, Confuse, and dealing Fury damage so 
    prepare accordingly. These attacks are linear rather than circular so it's
    easy to dodge. True Judgment is the same attack Gabriel used and its still
    a weak attack so let AAA counter it. Blinding Field prevents characters from
    acting within its area of effect so try to spread your party out. If you do
    get caught, there's nothing you can do but wait until the effect expires.
    Celestial Star, like Nibelung Valesti, covers the entire field but it doesn't
    target the whole field at once. When CS is activated, go immediately to the 
    lower left side with all three characters. After the first wave hits, go to
    the lower right side with all three. This will allow you to come out of CS
    unscathed. The fight with the Queen is much easier than Lenneth and is even
    easier than Gabriel Celesta. Normal boss tactics work fine here. Lastly, be
    prepared with Petrify protection because each hit from CS can cause Petrify.
    Universe - Not that much harder, except longer to kill.
    4D - Even on this brutal setting, the Queen still tends to make some bad 
    moves. The Queen is pretty dangerous though and uses Blinding Light more than
    usual. Celestial Star is easy to deal with but revive if a character eats it.
    AAA and stun bombs are your friends to make this battle shorter.
    HP Kill method - Albel, Roger, Cliff, Mirage are all good for chomping down
    on the Queen's high HP count. Since this battle is much easier than Lenneth,
    you can battle with three of these melee fighters to make things quick. 
    Blazing Cannon, Air Slash of Fury, or Aerial Assault all do great damage. Even
    better if you can creat Cancel Bonus combos with them.
    MP Kill method - Nel and Fayt are as usual great MP Killers, and Maria isn't
    that bad either. Energy Burst, Radiation Bots, Divine Blade, Flying Guillotine
    are all great, all except Divine Blade can be safely used from afar. Bombs that
    deal MP damage are more than welcome, especially the Umai-Bo Stun Bomb-R3.
    Preferred characters - anyone is capable of getting the task done as the Queen
    poses not much of a threat as long as you keep moving. Just make sure they're
    properly equipped.
    Freya - located in Urssa Lava Caves
    HP: 20,000,000
    MP: 3,000,000
    Level: 244
    ATK: 5000
    DEF: 200
    AGL: 460
    HIT: 5600
    INT: 2000
    Universe: x 1.5 HP/MP
    4D: x 3.0 HP/MP
    EXP: 500,000
    Fol: 1,500,000
    Drops: Sacred Ether(100%)
    Special Attacks: Ether Strike(S), Lightning Strike(S), Stone Rain(S)
    AAA: Standard
    All elements are halved in damage.
    VP players should have fond memories of Freya. The only character that could
    surpass Lenneth in terms of strength, Freya's Ether Strike demolished enemies
    very easily. As with Lenneth, Ether Strike now demolishes you instead! Freya
    is the strongest secret boss. Do you have what it takes to defeat her?
    Freya is capable of launching attack after attack in quick succession so be
    careful. Her basic attacks can take a long of HP and MP, plus can Paralyze, 
    Confuse, and damage Fury so prepare with the right defense. Speaking of special
    attacks, Freya's own version of Lightning Strike and Stone Rain are much 
    stronger than Lenneth's version. Still, those spells pale in comparison to her
    trump card, Ether Strike. Ether Strike is similar to NV, but it has less range
    and overall damage potential than Lenneth's special attack. Aside from that,
    Freya is quite difficult to interrupt and can survive for a very long time. 
    Take a quick glance at her HP and MP stats and don't tell me it's going to be
    a quick fight. 
    Universe - Same as Galaxy except even higher stats and more Ether Strike use.
    4D - Though Freya is the hardest secret boss, on 4D, she is not as frightening
    as Fayt + ??? fight. Still very hard though; Freya mixes her weak and strong
    attacks, plus the occasional spell and Ether Strike. Freya is quite resistant
    to being interrupted on 4D, so have some Roe Tablets/Shielding Devices to save
    characters from Ether Strike. Freya moves very fast, but doesn't always move
    as much as Lenneth and not quite as deadly. As for the duration of the fight,
    it is VERY long as Freya has 60 million(yes, 60 million) HP and 9 million MP. 
    One of the reasons players lose is because they are unprepared for this war of
    attrition and don't bring enough healing and support items.
    HP Kill method - Due to her astronomically high HP, it's a better choice to
    simply take out her MP. If you still wish to HP Kill her, Aerial Assault, 
    Divine Wrath, Ethereal Blast and other high HP damaging attacks are what should
    be used. Be sure you can use them effectively in Cancel Bonus combos otherwise
    you are in for a long fight.
    MP Kill method - It's a lot easier to MP Kill Freya, but it will take a long 
    time as well. Divine Blade, Dream Hammer, Splitting Sky and other good MP
    damage attacks are recommended. Increase MP damage and Critical Hit MP are
    decent as well so equip those if you have enough Capacity Points. Again,
    Cancel Bonus plays a big role in quickly deal tremendous MP damage.
    Preferred characters - The ideal team is one melee(Albel, Cliff, Mirage), a 
    spellcaster(Sophia, Adray), and a support attacker(Fayt, Maria). Good luck
    with Freya! 
    This section will cover the Battle Trophies that most of the bosses covered.
    If you want more on BTs, I suggest checking out another FAQ or the official
    Brady Games guide.
    Beat x boss - simple enough. All you have to do is beat each boss on any 
    difficulty setting.
    Beat x boss in x minutes - For this tactic, MP Kill is the preferred way. The
    focus is non-stop attacking and bomb-using. You cannot let the boss get too
    many attacks in as that only wastes time. For Freya though, HP Kill is quicker
    in this case.
    Beat x boss alone - Hard to do. I suggest using Boots of Prowess to strength a
    character and have a tri-Emblem to further increase their effectiveness. Since 
    there is no specified difficulty setting, you can simply use Fayt. Just boost
    his DEF to 5000 synthesizing 8 refined Boots of Prowess and equipping another 
    2. It's also good to have a 255 lv Fayt to maximize the effect. If done all 
    the above, Fayt can destroy all the bosses unscathed save AAA and symbology on 
    Galaxy. Maria and Nel are also good candidates, though Maria moves quite slow.
    Beat x boss without damage - This applies ONLY to the character you control. 
    You CANNOT take 1 HP/MP of damage to get the BTs. An easy way to do this is 
    on Galaxy where you can do the aformentioned trick above about Fayt. To make
    this even easier, refine an Aegis Pendant to absorb all elements. Now only a
    non-element magic attack or AAA can harm you.
    Beat x boss in Universe - Same as beat x boss, except the task is harder. Take
    more precautions when fighting a boss.
    Beat x Universe boss in x minutes - Same as beat x boss in x minutes, except 
    given more time and the task is more harder. Cancel Bonus plays a big role in
    getting these BTS.
    Beat x Universe boss without damage - This one is harder as Fayt's 5000 DEF 
    and refined Aegis Pendant will not work for every boss. You can still try the
    strategy but you will have to make use of Shielding Devices and Roe Tablets. 
    Beat x boss in 4D - This one is going to be a bit frustrating. 4D enemies not
    only gain an even greater stat boost, but their AI is more smarter and yours
    aren't. Shielding Devices and Roe Tablets play a role here in ensuring someone
    survives to keep the battle going. If you think this is hard...
    Beat x 4D boss in x minutes - ... this one requires even more preparation and
    stronger characters. The time added will help but the real difficulty is to
    stay alive in this setting. Cancel Bonus is crucial in order to get these BTs
    so make sure you know how to get to 300% Cancel Bonus easily. Still, there are
    Beat x 4D without taking damage - ... as in battling alone. Shielding Devices
    and Roe Tablets help, but both do not allow you to attack. You will have to 
    be able to act quickly to deal damage then using one of the two items. Be 
    very careful around using weak type attacks, as you may end up triggering enemy
    AAA and rendered vulnerable to a quick, HP/MP Kill. Best characters are Fayt
    (for his excellent defensive skills) and Maria.(for long-range attacks) 
    Taunt x boss x times - Easy enough. Just do this whenever you need a damage
    magnet to maximize effect.
    Beat x boss only using weak attacks - Only applies to the character you 
    control, everyone else can do whatever they want. NO Battle Skills. You must
    use weak attacks at least 50 times to get the BT, so weaken ATK if you end
    up killing the boss before getting the BT.
    Beat x boss only using strong attacks - Same as above except this time it's
    strong attacks. Others can do whatever they want. 50 hits are needed to get
    the BT.
    Beat x boss only using AAA - This is different from the other 2. ALL must
    use AAA and ONLY AAA. To do this, set AI to "Do nothing!" and leave it that 
    way. Since AAA damage is directly related to how much it would have done,
    de-equip armor to speed up the process. Again, 50 hits are needed so make
    sure you don't end up killing the boss. Wide Homing does 4 hits, so use that
    to make the task easier.
    Beat x boss only using Symbology - Same as the weak/strong only BTs. Except
    this time you need to use only magic. Sophia, Adray, and Fayt/Nel should be
    in your battle party to make this easier. Also, Meteor Swarm counts as a 
    symbology spell so consider using this devastating spell to your advantage.
    In addition, since Meteor Swarm hits so many hits, it will be easy to attain
    the needed 50 hits for the BT.
    Beat x boss only using Charge - Same as AAA only BTs. This is tougher than 
    AAA as you can only use Charge. Albel's Charge deals plenty of HP damage, while
    Fayt's Charge deals good MP damage. Again, 50 hits are necessary so it may be
    necessary to weaken ATK.
    Beat x boss only using Battle Skills - EASY. Just attack with Battle Skills. 
    Shouldn't be too hard to get these BTs; 50 hits are needed.
    Beat x boss with Metal Pipe - This requires using Fayt's weakest weapon, the 
    Meta Pipe ONLY. Synthesize as many Orichalcums to boost ATK and use Fayt's
    strongest Battle Skills.
    Beat x boss x times - Self explanatory. Good way accumulate EXP and Fol too.
    Okay, if you still have trouble with some of the BTs, I suggest using the 
    "Uber-Fate" strategy. As the name implies, the strategy relies on using Fayt
    or Fate in the Jp. version to get the BTs. Now why use Fayt? While he seems to
    be a balanced character, his true strength lies in his incredible defense. For
    starters, he is the fastest character, allowing him to easily evade attacks. 
    Also, he has the highest DEF stat at level 255, usually past 800. With those
    two things in mind, synthesize 8 Boots of Prowess. Make sure these are refined
    to 30% ATK/DEF beforehand. Next, equip 2 more Boots of Prowess, or 1 and a 
    tri-Emblem. At max level, Fayt should have a DEF stat of around 5000 or very
    close to it. With this in effect, Fayt will not receive damage from even Freya
    who has the highest enemy ATK. Only Symbology and Anti-Attack Aura will damage
    him. Next, give him whatever skill you want, but make sure you have No Guard
    and Common Support Symbols on, only have Healing on and turn the other spells
    off. Set his AI to "Act in a well-balanced manner!" and switch to someone else
    and watch him destroy the boss. This strategy is guaranteed to work on Galaxy,
    and Universe to some extent. However, this will only work on Luther final form
    and Gabriel Celesta on 4D; every other secret boss has too high ATK for their
    attacks to deal 0 damage. Hopefully, this will help some of you players.
    This is only for those who truly want a challenge. Be warned: the challenge
    may be too much for you to handle! Here are some examples of players doing
    some of the hardest multi-BT challenges in the game. You may create your own,
    just remember to e-mail once the challenge has been created and/or finished.
    Beat Freya, on 4D, without damage, alone, in 60 minutes - contributed by Niu
    S.Weak - 
    L.Weak - Magnetic Field(5)
    S.Strong - 
    L.Strong - Energy Burst(8)
    Support - Critical Hit MP(2)
    Tactical - Berserk
    Anti-Attack Aura - Standard
    Maria should have around 9000 ATK, 2000 AGL, and a refined Aegis Pendant
    with all elemental protection and 1% chance of breaking.
    Now this is how the battle goes. Open the battle immediately with 
    Magnetic Field/Energy Burst combo. Afterward you stand still and let Freya 
    come near you. Don't worry, Fury will fill in time, and she'll almost use 
    Critical Flare every time if you stand waiting at long range. Critical Flare 
    will trigger AAA and get Freya dizzied. Now pull away again and throw the 
    Magnetic Field/Energy Burst combo at her again, then repeat.
    Stun bomb her when she's charging Thunder Sword and Ether Strike, Maria, no 
    matter how hard you tweak her speed, can run away in time. And conserve 
    bombs here, since this includes Battle Skill only, meaning you can only use 
    bombs that do not do damage. When she's chanting magic, run away from her as 
    far as possible, as sometimes she leaves her spell stance early and pounds 
    you when you are stuck in the spell. (I died a few times this way). But that 
    is also a good time to recharge your HP when she is casting spell as long as 
    you are far away enough.
    Freya usually throws multiple spells consecutively, so don't try to counter 
    attack too fast. But once she stops, unleash the combo again, no movement 
    trick binds her too even it is a magic attack. The combo will automatically 
    pull you into the range where Freya will want to use Critical Flare.
    And there is the reason not to use Max Fury, it recharges your Fury too fast 
    that Freya would choose to use Thunder Sword more then Critical Flare, 
    and you so need the Critical Flare to trigger the AAA to stun her.
    Beat Fayt, on 4D, alone, without damage - contributed by Niu
    Set up!
    S.Weak - 
    L.Weak - Magnetic Field(5)
    S.Strong - 
    L.Strong - Energy Burst(8)
    Support - Critical Hit MP(2)
    Tactical - Berserk
    Anti-Attack Aura - Standard
    Maria should have around 9000 ATK, 2000 AGL, and Berserker's Pendant.
    Now here comes the strategy. First prepare yourself with Duck-Duck Bombs, you 
    are going to need a lot of them. Secondly, get a lot of Roe Tablets and 
    Shielding Device, you know those item that allows you to be invincible for 30 
    seconds but forbids you to attack. The item is very, very crucial, the 
    challenge is almost impossible without it. Since you have two enemy in this 
    fight, you can stun them both with the bombs at same time, so instead you 
    yourself are temporarily invincible to avoid their attacks.
    And battle begins, first thing to do is to stun Fayt immediately and pull your 
    distance apart with the enemy to use Energy Burst (do not combo with other 
    skill). And find your timing to use the Roe Tablets and Shielding Device.
    And what to do with the 30 second invincibility is very important, that is when 
    you recharge Fury and heal. Crucial, only recharge Fury under the invincible 
    frame, don't ever stop moving in normal times, as even no movement tricks can 
    only lock one person, but as long as you don't begin an attack and only running 
    around, you still can lock both enemy down, just one of them will break free 
    once you attack. 
    Another use of that 30 second is adjusting the position of Fayt and Luther. 
    When the item wears off, stun them with bombs individually to have one of them 
    to move at time, and adjust their position in to having Luther standing behind 
    around 5 person space behind Fayt. And enough distance between you and Fayt 
    for you pull a long range attack. The reason of this set up is that since one 
    character will break free in attack, and it is always the one who you are not 
    targeted to attack, and Luther's attack animation and speed is much slower 
    than Fayt. So you keep Luther at back and targets Fayt, this let you get a lot 
    more hits then attacking Luther, and Fayt is much easier to MP Kill. Use 
    Energy Burst, don't hit too much, 5 hits only, hitting too long only makes 
    the enemy catch up to you, and make sure Fayt is not stance broken by the 
    attack, as that frees him from the no movement trick.
    If after the attack, both Fayt and Luther is close together and is before you, 
    use ranged stun bomb on Fayt and must be Fayt, that will have Fayt stunned and 
    cut Luther out of his attack. Don't stun Luther though, as Fayt recovers from 
    the cut a lot faster and can immediately attack again, while Luther is slow to 
    If you run into a situation that is the reverse of the above, which is Luther 
    in the front of Fayt and you can adjust it otherwise, you have two options. Use 
    the items again and re-adjust, or attack away on Luther, but don't make Burst 
    Emission deal over two hits, that way you have a chance to dodge Fayt's attack 
    and also make Fayt run in front of you, reversing the position.
    And repeat the above pattern until Fayt dies. When Luther is alone, he 
    shouldn't be too hard, as no movement trick gets him easy now. And you can now 
    combo Energy Burst with Magnetic Field as now Luther is easily locked. But 
    don't let it hit over 6 or 7 hit, as that'll stance break Luther. And enemy 
    breaks free from the trick once stance broken like I said previously. (It 
    doesn't happen to Freya as Freya lacks ranged attack to resume attack 
    immediately, and unless enemy resumes attack immediately, Energy Burst can 
    catch them on spot. Luther has the privilege of ranged attack unlike Freya.)
    Oh a side note, the trick on adjusting the position:
    Once you enter the invincible frame, first thing is run in between Fayt and 
    Luther, making the comes close (best at corner). Then lock them in no movement 
    trick and run to other corner. And now, the two can break off the trick about 
    in 15 seconds, so be sure to stun them, and stun Fayt like I said, as Luther is 
    too slow to react and usually gets caught in no movement trick again. And once 
    you find the invincible frame is about to run out, take a stun bomb and stun 
    Luther, yes Luther, as that frees up Fayt making him run toward you without 
    having Luther coming together with him, and with Fayt coming your way you now 
    will get the position of Luther in the back and Fayt at front. Of course, 
    dodging Fayt's coming attack can be dangerous at time, especially when he uses 
    Side Kick or Air Raid, so your HIT is very important here to help you dodge it, 
    but it is best that your are skilled enough to dodge manually.
    Beat Fayt, on 4D, alone, without damage - contributed by LegaiaRules(myself)
    S.Weak - 
    L.Weak - 
    S.Strong - Increase MP Damage(4)
    L.Strong - Divine Blade(8)
    Support - Max Fury(2)
    Tactical - Berserk
    Anti-Attack Aura - Standard
    Fayt should have around 8000 ATK, 2000 AGL, and plenty of stun bombs.
    *This method does not use Shielding Device*
    At the start of the fight, try to quickly AAA one of them. Chances are it will 
    be Fayt since he tends to rush you more often. Once you AAA him, put some 
    distance between you and Fayt. Then, activate Divine Blade. If Luther is close 
    to you, AAA him too. Once you're done, use DB. Now start pounding Fayt and try 
    to deal as much MP damage on him but stop once Fury reaches around 20-30% and 
    move back. Let Fayt come to you and hopefully your Fury should be at 100%, if 
    not, hope Max Fury kicks in. 
    Pay attention to Fayt; if you see purple aura, you should use a stun bomb. If 
    not, let him activate your AAA which renders him temporarily stunned. Luther 
    should be up and running by now. Activate DB again unless Luther's about to 
    attack, then do what I said above or throw a stun bomb at him. Don't be afraid 
    to use stun bombs when either one starts moving again. If you're good, you 
    should by now have taken off around 80K MP from Fayt. Keep this up twice more 
    and take another 70-100K MP from AF. Now w/ Fayt low on MP, they change their 
    Fayt starts to go Air Raid/Ethereal Blast spamming and Luther will go Insanity 
    Prelude/Perfect Symmetry spamming, both will try to alternate their attacks. 
    Air Raid is quick and has range so quickly stun Fayt. Luther's Perfect Symmetry 
    should be easy enough to dodge, but gets difficult if you let him do it 
    repeatedly. Just make sure you have enough room between you and Fayt. When Fayt 
    does EB, Luther tends to use PM; same when Luther does IP, Fayt will do AR. 
    Ethereal Blast is rather easy to dodge so don't bother interrupting that. 
    Insanity Prelude though is worth a stun bomb or two. 
    Keep moving because these two will spam their favorite attacks a LOT; I've seen 
    them spam their best moves as much as 21 times in a row. And be prepared to AAA 
    or stun bomb when you are too close. Max Fury is your friend here. At some 
    point, expect Ethereal Blast and Insanity Prelude being done at the SAME 
    TIME. If and when this happens, stun Luther and outrun Fayt. While it is 
    possible to dodge the 2 altogether, it's hard to avoid the big blue beam and 
    bloody pillars that cover the whole field. Try to pull off a DB and deal as 
    much MP damage to take down Fayt; it might require a second DB though. It's 
    more beneficial to use some Umai-Bo Stun Bomb-R3s on AF when stunning him to MP 
    Kill him quicker.
    Once Fayt's out of the way, Luther will fall fairly easily. Insanity Prelude 
    will cause problems if you can't act quick enough, but the remainder of the 
    fight is MUCH easier w/ the speedy, crazy Fayt dead.
    For their attacks, let AAA take care of their weak ones and stun bomb their 
    strong ones. Side Kick can catch you off-guard so watch out. When attacking, 
    keep a close eye on the one you're not attacking. I've died a lot of times 
    because I forgot that Fayt or Luther sneaked up behind Fayt.
    7. CREDITS
    Thanks to:
    -GameFAQs obviously
    -Square Enix and tri-ace for this wonderful game.
    This FAQ copyright 2004 to Angelo Pineda. Redistrubition in any form, 
    including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express permission
    of the author is strictly forbidden. 

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