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    Battle Trophies FAQ by EChang

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/02/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       (v1.0, 9-02-04)
    by Edward Chang (chang.459@osu.edu)
    Revision History
    v1.0 (9-02-04)
       Vastly revised strategies, extra tips section.
    1. Introduction
    2. Condition Listing
    3. Explanation/Strategies
    4. Tips
    5. Credits
    This is an FAQ for the PS2 RPG Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Director's
    Cut, AKA Star Ocean 3: DC. Specifically, it deals with the Battle Collection,
    AKA Battle Trophies in the North American Release.
    What is the Battle Collection? The Battle Collection is a list of 300
    conditions that you can fulfill as you play the game. Fulfilling a specific
    condition will add the date and time you did so to the Battle Collection
    screen, which can be viewed from the main menu. Completing certain
    percentages of the Battle Collection unlocks new things in the game.
    The Director's Cut version has a revised Battle Collection from the original.
    The two are not compatible and you cannot use the old BC save with the
    Director's Cut. The reason is that many of the conditions have been changed,
    and the percentage requirements for unlocking things have also changed.
    Completing 15% (45 Conditions) allows you to use each player's 2P costume,
    by going to the Status screen and pressing Triangle to switch. Completing 25% 
    (75 Conditions) unlocks Universe difficulty mode. Completing 40% (120
    Conditions) allows the use of 3P costumes. Completing 55% (165 Conditions) 
    unlocks the Music Test. Completing 65% (195 Conditions) unlocks FD (Fourth 
    Dimension) difficulty mode, the hardest mode in the game. Completing 80%
    (240 Conditions) allows the use of 4P costumes. Completing 95% (285
    Conditions) allows the use of Full Active Mode.
    In order to collect conditions for the Battle Collection, you have to 
    create the Battle Collection when you first start the game. Once you get
    to the Fight Simulator in the Resort Hotel, the game will bring up a menu
    of several options, including the tutorial, as well as the Battle Collection
    menu. If you don't create the Battle Collection, you won't be able to collect 
    any Battle Collection events throughout the entire game. After a lengthy 
    explanation of the Battle Collection, you'll be given a menu. Pick the first 
    one (バトルコレクション。). Another menu will pop up. Pick the first choice 
    again if you want to read the explanation of the Battle Collection again. 
    The second choice will create the Battle Collection on your memory card 
    (初期化を開始する。). If this is your second time through the game, pick 
    the third choice (バトルコレクションの データをロードする) instead to add 
    to the Battle Collection instead of overwriting it. The fourth choice 
    cancels. When you're done, go back to the main menu and pick the last 
    choice (実際にゲームを開始する) to begin the battle and continue the game.
    If you start a new game when save files are already on your memory card,
    the game will ask you if you want to "carry over" some data from the old
    save onto the new. This allows you to carry over conditions to save time.
    For instance, if you fought in 2500 battles in the first saved game, and then 
    loaded it for the second, you will only need to fight 2500 more battles in 
    order to get the "5000 Battles" condition. (If you didn't load it, you'll have 
    to fight the full 5000). Thus, I highly recommend that after finishing the 
    game once, you carry over the save (and also remember to Load the Battle 
    Collection as described above). 
    One other tip to remember is that the Battle Collection is saved
    independently from game save files. Thus, you do not have to save a game
    file in order to save to the Battle Collection. This lets you do things
    like save right before a boss, fighting the boss and getting a certain
    Battle Collection condition, and then reloading, fighting the boss again,
    and getting a different Battle Collection condition. This will cut down 
    on the time needed to fulfill all the conditions.
    Certain conditions are saved in the save file itself. Thus, even though
    the Battle Collection cannot be copied from memory card to memory card,
    certain BCs can be gotten by sharing save files. For example, if your
    friend has a save file in which he's had more than 50,000 battles (thanks
    to the previously described carry-over), if you copy that save file to your
    own memory card, the next time you play you'll trigger the 50,000 battle
    (and everything below) condition, which you can then save to your own
    battle collection.
    This FAQ will list all of the conditions in the Battle Collection, and more
    importantly, describe tips/strategies on how to get all of the conditions.
    Some are easier than others, and some have specific tricks that make them
    really easy to solve.
    001 100 Battles                         151 Defeat Universe Iseria No Damage
    002 1000 Battles                        152 Defeat Universe Iseria 15 Minutes
    003 5000 Battles                        153 Defeat FD Iseria
    004 10000 Battles                       154 Defeat FD Iseria No Damage
    005 50000 Battles                       155 Defeat FD Iseria 20 Minutes
    006 Defeat 2 Enemies Simultaneously     156 Defeat Lenneth
    007 Defeat 3 Enemies Simultaneously     157 Defeat Lenneth Taking No Damage
    008 Defeat 4 Enemies Simultaneously     158 Defeat Lenneth in 10 Minutes
    009 10 Hits                             159 Defeat Universe Lenneth
    010 30 Hits                             160 Defeat Universe Lenneth No Damage
    011 50 Hits                             161 Defeat Universe Lenneth 15 Minutes
    012 100 Hits                            162 Defeat FD Lenneth
    013 150 Hits                            163 Defeat FD Lenneth No Damage
    014 200 Hits                            164 Defeat FD Lenneth 20 Minutes
    015 250 Hits                            165 Defeat Freya
    016 300 Hits                            166 Defeat Freya Taking No Damage
    017 Kill 100 Kinds of Enemies           167 Defeat Freya in 15 Minutes
    018 Kill 200 Kinds of Enemies           168 Defeat Universe Freya
    019 Kill 300 Kinds of Enemies           169 Defeat Universe Freya No Damage
    020 Kill 400 Kinds of Enemies           170 Defeat Universe Freya 20 Minutes
    021 Kill 420 Kinds of Enemies           171 Defeat FD Freya
    022 Chain 3                             172 Defeat FD Freya No Damage
    023 Chain 10                            173 Defeat FD Freya 60 Minutes
    024 Chain 30                            174 Taunt Gabriel 10 Times
    025 Chain 60                            175 Taunt Iseria 10 Times
    026 Chain 100                           176 Defeat Serious Vox
    027 Chain 250                           177 Get Item from Serious Vox
    028 Chain 500                           178 Protect Against Serious Vox
    029 One-hit Kill                        179 Counter Aura Against Serious Vox
    030 Just Damage Kill                    180 Protect Break Against Serious Vox
    031 One-hit Just Damage Kill            181 Total 5 Hours in Battle
    032 Defeat 300 Enemies                  182 Total 50 Hours in Battle
    033 Defeat 500 Enemies                  183 Total 100 Hours in Battle
    034 Defeat 1000 Enemies                 184 Win Using Weak Attacks
    035 Defeat 5000 Enemies                 185 Defeat Lucifer Weak Attacks Only
    036 Defeat 10000 Enemies                186 Defeat Iseria Weak Attacks Only
    037 Defeat 50000 Enemies                187 Defeat Freya Weak Attacks Only
    038 Win in Under 30 Seconds             188 Win Using Strong Attacks
    039 Win in Under 20 Seconds             189 Defeat Lucifer Strong Attacks Only
    040 Win in Under 10 Seconds             190 Defeat Gabriel Strong Attacks Only
    041 Run 20 Times                        191 Defeat Lenneth Strong Attacks Only
    042 Run 100 Times                       192 Win Using Counter Aura
    043 Knocked Out 20 Times                193 Defeat Lucier Counter Aura Only
    044 Knocked Out 100 Times               194 Defeat Gabriel Counter Aura Only
    045 Win with Everyone Paralyzed         195 Defeat Iseria Counter Aura Only
    046 Win with Everyone Frozen            196 Win Using Items
    047 Paper-thin Victory HP 5             197 Defeat Arbel 1 Items Only
    048 Paper-thin Victory HP 4             198 Defeat Arbel 2 Items Only
    049 Paper-thin Victory HP 3             199 Defeat Arbel 3 Items Only
    050 Paper-thin Victory HP 2             200 Win Using Heraldry
    051 Paper-thin Victory HP 1             201 Defeat Lucifer Heraldry Only
    052 Press Buttons 10000 Times           202 Defeat Gabriel Heraldry Only
    053 Press Buttons 100000 Times          203 Defeat Lenneth Heraldry Only
    054 Press Buttons 1000000 Times         204 Win Using Charge
    055 Finish Attack 10                    205 Defeat Lucifer Charge Only
    056 Finish Attack 100                   206 Defeat Gabriel Charge Only
    057 Finish Attack 500                   207 Defeat Lenneth Charge Only
    058 Finish Attack 1000                  208 Win Using Battle Skills
    059 Reach Level 10                      209 Defeat Lucifer Battle Skills Only
    060 Reach Level 77                      210 Defeat Iseria Battle Skills Only
    061 Reach Level 120                     211 Defeat Freya Battle Skills Only
    062 Reach Level 255                     212 Win Alone
    063 Protect Break 10 Times              213 Defeat Lucifer Alone
    064 Protect Break 100 Times             214 Defeat Gabriel Alone
    065 Protect Break 500 Times             215 Defeat Iseria Alone
    066 Protect Break 1000 Times            216 Defeat Lenneth Alone
    067 Angered 10 Times                    217 Defeat Freya Alone
    068 Angered 100 Times                   218 Win Using Iron Pipe
    069 Angered 500 Times                   219 Defeat Norton with Iron Pipe
    070 Angered 1000 Times                  220 Iron Pipe 99999 Damage
    071 Over 1000 Damage                    221 Defeat Lucifer Iron Pipe Only
    072 Over 10000 Damage                   222 Defeat Lenneth Iron Pipe Only
    073 Over 50000 Damage                   223 Defeat Lucifer Naked
    074 Over 99999 Damage                   224 Evade Firebolt
    075 Win Taking No Damage                225 Defeat Metal Chinke
    076 Cancel Bonus 100 Times              226 Defeat Chinke Thief Lv 99
    077 Cancel Bonus 1000 Times             227 Encounter Monjaragora
    078 Cancel Bonus 3000 Times             228 Defeat Monjaragora
    079 Defeat Norton in 30 Seconds         229 Survive w/ Guts 3x Consecutively
    080 Defeat Norton Taking No Damage      230 Survive w/ Guts 5x Consecutively
    081 Defeat Larva Crab in 1 Minute       231 Survive w/ Guts 10x Consecutively
    082 Defeat Larva Crab Taking No Damage  232 Survive w/ Guts 15x Consecutively
    083 Defeat Shelby in 1 Minute           233 Heal 777 HP
    084 Defeat Shelby Taking No Damage      234 Heal 7777 HP
    085 Defeat Tsukikage Leader in 1 Minute 235 Heal 77777 HP
    086 Defeat Tsukikage Leader No Damage   236 Remaining 77777 HP
    087 Defeat Mudman in 1 Minute           237 111 Damage
    088 Defeat Mudman Taking No Damage      238 222 Damage
    089 Defeat Cockatrice in 1 Minute       239 333 Damage
    090 Defeat Cockatrice Taking No Damage  240 555 Damage
    091 Defeat Crystal Cerberus 1 Minute    241 777 Damage
    092 Defeat Crystal Cerberus No Damage   242 5555 Damage
    093 Defeat Demetrio in 1 Minute         243 7777 Damage
    094 Defeat Demetrio Taking No Damage    244 77777 Damage
    095 Defeat Aurora Ganash in 1 Minute    245 Get Lucky Star 10 Times
    096 Defeat Aurora Ganash No Damage      246 Get Lucky Star 30 Times
    097 Defeat Blue Dragon Zombie 1 Minute  247 10 Consecutive No Damage Wins
    098 Defeat Blue Dragon Zombie No Damage 248 50 Consecutive No Damage Wins
    099 Defeat Robin Wind in 1 Minute       249 100 Consecutive No Damage Wins
    100 Defeat Robin Wind Taking No Damage  250 50 Consecutive Battles Alone
    101 Defeat Crosel in 1 Minute           251 100 Consecutive Battles Alone
    102 Defeat Crosel Taking No Damage      252 500 Consecutive Battles Alone
    103 Defeat Biwig in 1 Minute            253 Evade Firebolt 10 Times
    104 Defeat Biwig Taking No Damage       254 Evade Firebolt 50 Times
    105 Defeat Daibensha in 1 Minute        255 10 Consecutive Finish Attacks
    106 Defeat Daibensha Taking No Damage   256 50 Consecutive Finish Attacks
    107 Defeat Azazel in 1 Minute           257 5 Consecutive Level Ups
    108 Defeat Azazel Taking No Damage      258 10 Consecutive Level Ups
    109 Defeat Danzaisha in 1 Minute        259 20 Consecutive Level Ups
    110 Defeat Danzaisha Taking No Damage   260 10 Consecutive Protects
    111 Defeat Dark Armor in 1 Minute       261 50 Consecutive Protects
    112 Defeat Dark Armor Taking No Damage  262 100 Consecutive Protects
    113 Defeat Crystal Statue in 1 Minute   263 200 Consecutive Protects
    114 Defeat Crystal Statue No Damage     264 500 Consecutive Protects
    115 Defeat Dark Eye in 1 Minute         265 5 Consecutive Back Attacks
    116 Defeat Dark Eye Taking No Damage    266 5 Consecutive Surround Attacks
    117 Defeat Chimera in 1 Minute          267 5 Consecutive Raid Attacks
    118 Defeat Chimera Taking No Damage     268 10 Consecutive Get Items
    119 Defeat Stone Golem in 1 Minute      269 10 Consecutive One Hit Kills
    120 Defeat Stone Golem No Damage        270 30 Consecutive One Hit Kills
    121 Defeat Spirit Trio in 1 Minute      271 50 Consecutive One Hit Kills
    122 Defeat Spirit Trio Taking No Damage 272 31 Consecutive Runs
    123 Defeat Gau in 1 Minute              273 30 Consecutive 0 Damage
    124 Defeat Gau Taking No Damage         274 50 Consecutive 0 Damage
    125 Defeat Belial/Beelzebub 1 Minute    275 Defeat Iseria 5 Times
    126 Defeat Belial/Beelzebub No Damage   276 Defeat Freya 5 Times
    127 Defeat Lucifer                      277 Defeat 'Princess and Knight'
    128 Defeat Lucifer in 5 Minutes         278 Defeat 'Crafty Tag'
    129 Defeat Lucifer Taking No Damage     279 Defeat 'Tiger Stripe Combo'
    130 Defeat Lucifer at Level 1           280 Defeat 'Beastmaster Girl'
    131 Defeat Universe Lucifer             281 Defeat Fate
    132 Defeat Universe Lucifer No Damage   282 Defeat 'Princess and Knight' Alone
    133 Defeat Universe Lucifer 8 Minutes   283 Defeat 'Crafty Tag' Alone
    134 Defeat Universe Lucifer Level 10    284 Defeat 'Tiger Stripe Combo' Alone
    135 Defeat FD Lucifer No Damage         285 Defeat 'Beastmaster Girls' Alone
    136 Defeat FD Lucifer 10 Minutes        286 Defeat Fate Alone
    137 Defeat FD Lucifer Level 10          287 No Damage 'Princess and Knight'
    138 Defeat Gabriel                      288 No Damage 'Crafty Tag'
    139 Defeat Gabriel Taking No Damage     289 No Damage 'Tiger Stripe Combo'
    140 Defeat Gabriel in 5 Minutes         290 No Damage 'Beastmaster Girl'
    141 Defeat Universe Gabriel             291 No Damage Fate
    142 Defeat Universe Gabriel No Damage   292 Defeat Universe Fate
    143 Defeat Universe Gabriel 8 Minutes   293 Defeat FD Fate
    144 Defeat FD Gabriel                   294 Auto Victory
    145 Defeat FD Gabriel No Damage         295 Hit Battle Sphere 5 Times
    146 Defeat FD Gabriel 10 Minutes        296 Battle Over 60 Minutes
    147 Defeat Iseria                       297 Battle Over 120 Minutes
    148 Defeat Iseria Taking No Damage      298 Don't Get Attacked for 1 Minute
    149 Defeat Iseria in 10 Minutes         299 Don't Let Enemy Within 5 meters
    150 Defeat Universe Iseria              300 Run 42.195 km in Battle
    What follows is a detailed explanation of each Battle Collection condition
    and suggested strategies on how to obtain them. These are simply how I
    obtained them. Different strategies may also work; this certainly is not
    001-005 X Battles
    A very easy condition, this simply means that you get into the specified
    number of battles. You don't have to win; entering battle and then running
    away counts as a battle. There are some extremely high numbers here (I
    estimate that playing through the game normally will get the average
    player 2000-2500 battles) so trying for the max will simply take a lot
    of time and should probably be ignored altogether.
    If you have a turbo controller, you can try going to the arena in Gemity
    and just setting O on turbo and talking to the registration girl. The
    downside to this is that you'll be forced to have Fate alone in the Rank
    D single battle, so if your Fate isn't strong enough to handle the D rank
    battle all by himself, repeatedly, you'll get wiped out (which will still
    count as a battle, and you won't get game over, but it's quite annoying
    all the same).
    From Chris Kern: The Final Guide mentions a method to do this using a turbo
    controller. Once you have the Dragon Flute, stand in front of one of the
    reliefs, then set the controller to turbo on the X button. Make sure your
    party has high enough defense to survive the attacks (around 400 should do it), 
    then just leave the game on. This also helps with the Defeat X Enemies and 
    Hit Buttons X Times conditions.
    006-008 Defeat X Enemies Simultaneously
    This means that in the same hit you must kill the indicated number of enemies.
    This is almost impossible to do early in the game - what you'll need to do
    is rely on the several wide-area battle skills, such as Maria's Magnetic
    Field or Cliff/Mirage's fist drop version of Aerial Raid (performed by 
    pressing the attack button a second time as they fly into the air). Once you
    have these, go to an area where a large number of enemies appear together, 
    such as the porcupines in Becquerel Mountain Path or the mini-dragons in
    the Bar Mountains, and perform the skill.
    009-016 X Hits
    As the name suggests, this means getting a certain number hit combo in
    battle. The combo count is located just to the left of the Heat Up Gauge
    in battle. Getting the low combos is pretty easy, but once you start
    getting to 200 Hits, this condition becomes a little more difficult. I
    suggest a moderately high level party of Cliff, Maria, and either Nel
    or Arbel. Cliff should have Flash Chariot and Maria should have Gravity
    Bullet. Both of these skills do approximately 20-30 hits in one shot and
    neither moves the enemy around much. Set them on those skills and let
    the computer handle them, and meanwhile control Nel/Arbel. If you're using
    Nel, you should use Kokuyousen or Fuujin; if you're using Arbel, Mugen 
    Kuuhazan is recommended. In any case, try to time it so that when Flash 
    Chariot and/or Gravity Bullet is not hitting the opponent, your battle 
    skill is. If your party is too strong, you may kill the enemy before 
    getting high hits; I suggest simply taking off your weapon for that battle. 
    A good enemy to use is the Persona (fencer-type enemies) in the Firewall; they 
    have high HP, but aren't that threatening, and don't Protect often.
    From Chris Kern: Another way to do this is to go to the Battle Arena in
    Gemity and fight in the Ranking Battle. Fight the first place team (Night
    of the Dragoon); in the battle, use a Super Bottle to petrify the Dragoon, 
    then hit away until you reach 300. You can even do it with one person
    by having Arbel perform his Mashouseki on the petrified Dragoon over and
    over again.
    017-021 Kill X Kinds of Enemies
    To get these conditions you'll just have to get in a lot of fights and kill
    as many kinds of enemies as possible. Remember to visit the totally optional
    areas such as the Sir Felious Underwater Garden and the Ancient Ruins of
    Mosel Depths; bosses also count toward this total. Certain areas in the game
    change their enemy population as the plot progresses, so try to be meticulous
    as you go through the game itself. It's possible to just barely get 420 in
    one playthrough, but if not, go through again and trigger the alternate
    bosses in the Urza Cave Temple (see the main walkthrough for details).
    022-028 Chain X
    Chain refers to winning consecutive Bonus Battles. Bonus Battles are
    achieved simply by filling the Heat Up Gauge. Once the Gauge is filled,
    getting hit may cause the Gauge to break, thus ending the Chain. This
    condition is relatively easy to fulfill, just tedious. First go to an area
    with relatively difficult enemies (you can tell what enemies are difficult
    by the "Rate" displayed to the left of the Heat Up Gauge when you begin a
    battle. A rate of 100% means the enemies are approximately just right.)
    Fight there until the gauge is full. Now, run back to the easiest area
    you can find, such as Pesotto Forest or Coffer Ruins. You should be
    ridiculously high levelled for the place and you should thus be able to
    breeze through the battles quickly. Just make sure not to get hit or
    run away, as that will break the Gauge. Condition 28 is getting a Chain of
    500, so this will take you awhile. While you're at it, you might as well
    try fulfilling some other Battle Collection conditions (such as X
    Consecutive No Damage Victories, X Consecutive Finish Attacks, and so 
    on and so forth.)
    029 One Hit Kill
    You simply have to kill an enemy in one hit. Easy enough, once you become
    030 Just Damage Kill
    This means you have to kill an enemy with a hit that takes them exactly
    down to zero HP or MP, no more, and no less. Since attacks are random, if
    you don't want to attribute this to luck, try using items, which have
    constant damage. Try creating the Electromagnetic Bomb MP, which does
    600 MP damage, and use it on the Tarantula in Cirlsour Cave, which also
    has exactly 600 MP. This bomb can be created by Fate, Cliff, Maria, Nel,
    Roger, Arbel, Invention King Dejison, Vanilla, Meryl, and Isaac, base cost
    610 (which means aim for a cost of around 61, plus or minus each individual
    creator's cost modifier).
    031 One Hit, Just Damage Kill
    If you follow the suggested strategy for 030, this will get you this
    condition as well.
    032-037 Defeat X Enemies
    Straightforward enough, this simply refers to the number of enemies defeated.
    To get the high numbers, you'll just have to keep playing the game. (Or see
    the X Battles condition for another trick.)
    038-040 Win in Under X Seconds
    Also easy enough, once you're high enough level. Most battles last fairly
    short anyway, but if you're having trouble, simply level up and then return
    to an easy area. You should be able to win a battle in under 10 seconds
    041-042 Run X Times
    Self-explanatory. You'll probably fulfill these conditions naturally over
    the course of the game.
    043-044 Knocked Out X Times
    By "Knocked Out" I mean "Death". In other words, get your HP or MP reduced
    to 0 X number of times. Again, this will probably happen naturally enough
    over the course of the game.
    045 Win with Everyone Paralyzed
    Since Paralysis doesn't last forever, I suggest trying this with only one
    person in your party. Go to the Bar Cave and get in a battle with the
    dragons, and then kill all but one. Try and weaken the last one as much
    as possible (use the tactical skill Enemy Search). Then purposely get hit
    by an attack and hope it paralyzes you - the goal is to try and get the
    dragon to be killed by getting hit with a rock and therefore dying
    while you're paralyzed. This will take a lot of patience and some luck.
    046 Win with Everyone Frozen
    The theory is the same as condition 45, though it's a little more dangerous
    since being hit while Frozen kills you instantly (unless you succeed with
    Guts). Again try using the Aqua Regia in the Bar Ruins, which can freeze you
    with their attacks. Alternatively, you can try the Rank S single battle in the
    Gemity Arena, which features the Tyrantfoot as the fifth battle. This
    big baddy's Ice Beam will more than likely freeze your character. Try using
    Maria and setting her slow projectile Gravity Bullet, then get the Tyrantfoot
    very close to death. As soon as you see the words "Ice Beam" appear at the
    top of the screen, set off a Gravity Bullet. With luck, the Ice Beam will
    freeze you (without killing you, hopefully!) and your Gravity Bullet will
    kill it.
    047-051 Paper-thin Victory X HP
    This means that at the end of the battle, the sum total of your party's
    HP must equal the indicated value. For a relatively easy way to do this,
    use the lava pools in Urza Lava Cave. Step on them until your HP goes to 1;
    then by winning a battle, this will give you 3 HP. Kill off a party member
    and then go for 2 HP, then kill off the last and go for 1 HP. For 4 and 5
    HP, it's a little trickier. The first thing you'll need to do is buy
    Ugomekumono from Santa in the Cave of Trials. When you equip this on Fate
    and go to sleep at in Inn, you'll have a chance of getting the Demon's
    Stone, which reduces your HP by 1 every second while in battle.
    Now have a single-member party and reduce their HP to 1 with the lava
    pools. Use an item that heals them for 20 HP, then go to a very easy
    area and start a battle. When their HP hits 5, open the item menu and use
    the item to win the battle. Repeat for 4.
    052-054 Press a Button X Times
    The game counts how many times you press a button during battle. Button
    presses outside of battle don't count. You'll fulfill this naturally, but
    sloooowly. You can increase this by using skills that respond to multiple
    button presses, such as Fate's Blade Reactor, or Arbel's Mugen skills.
    The game counts directional button presses as well as O/X button presses.
    See the "X Battles" conditions for an additional tip.
    055-058 X Finish Attacks
    A "Finish Attack" refers to your character (not a computer character)
    dealing the last blow in a battle. You'll know if you did a Finish Attack
    because the camera will zoom in on your character after the battle and
    they'll say something. In order to fulfill this condition, you'll have
    to make sure that your character is killing enemies a lot more rapidly
    then the other two party members. I highly suggest Nel; her Kokuyousen
    will massacre enemies from mid-game onwards much faster than anybody else
    059-062 Reach Level X
    Self-explanatory. Just keep playing... you'll need a LOT of experience to
    get to level 255.
    From Chris Kern: The best place in the game to level up is Sphere 211,
    around floor 180. The enemies here are easy to kill with MP damage, yet
    they give tons of experience. Combine this with the 3x EXP bonus battle
    for easy level gain; if you create 5 Learning Rings and refine them and
    synthesize them to a weapon, you can get another 100% EXP bonus.
    063-066 X Protect Breaks
    This refers to you Protect Break'ing the enemy, not the other way around.
    In order to do so, of course, you'll either have to use Strong attacks
    or Strong battle skills. Again, this one will be fulfilled over the course
    of the game, but you can improve your chances by using a character with
    good Strong attacks (Nel and Arbel come to mind).
    067-070 Angered X Times
    Anger is a condition in which a party member is killed, and the surviving
    characters get angry, get doubled attack power, and say something angry
    (clear enough?). This will happen naturally as you progress in the game,
    but an easy, albeit evil, way to speed this up is as follows. Take a strong
    character and two weak characters into battle. Have the weak characters
    equipping absolutely no armor, and set them to "Don't Do Anything!" in
    tactics. Now take this party to an area with enemies that are a lot
    stronger than the weak characters but a lot weaker than your own character.
    (This is easy if you're gearing up for the "Beat Lucifer at Level 1"
    condition...) Let the enemies kill your weak characters. Then use a
    Fresh Sage or Reviving Medicine to bring them back to life, only to be
    killed again. Repeat until you run out of items. This should get you a
    good 50 or so Anger conditions in one battle. Then go and restock and
    try again. To save time, you can try controlling Sophia/Adlai and using
    their Raise Dead spell, although eventually you'll still run out of MP.
    071-074 Over X Damage
    This refers to doing over the given amount of damage in one hit. These
    have become much easier thanks to Cancel Bonus. With Cliff or Mirage
    with an ATK of around 4000 (easy enough with an Orihalcon synthesized
    to your weapon), do a 200% Cancel Bonus Aerial Raid on an opponent
    with weak attack -> Charge -> Aerial Raid. This should get you 99999
    damage easily.
    075 Win Taking No Damage
    This means you must win a damage with your character (but not the
    computer-controlled characters) not taking any damage. Getting hit for
    0 damage, or triggering a Protect, does not count as "taking damage" for
    this condition. This is actually fairly easy to do, once you get
    two people in your party; simply let the computer beat up the opponents,
    and stay away from them so that you don't take damage.
    076-078 Cancel Bonus X Times
    Pretty straightforward, you'll get this naturally over the course of the
    game. Remember that if you successfully Cancel the words "Cancel Bonus
    X%" will appear on the screen.
    079 Defeat Norton in 30 Seconds
    It sound pretty tough, but it's not. If your Fate is moderately levelled,
    you should have no problem. You get Cliff starting in this battle, and
    Cliff is an absolute monster compared to Norton; the two of you together
    shouldn't have much problem taking him down. If you're really having
    problems, set Blade Reactor to a strong attack and take him down with that.
    080 Defeat Norton Taking No Damage
    Like condition 079, only this applies to the Norton fight. In this case
    I suggest running to the far edges of the screen in a circular pattern
    and letting Cliff take care of Norton. He should be able to handle
    Norton by himself; if he gets in trouble heal him with a Blueberry.
    080-126 Defeat X in One Minute, Defeat X Taking No Damage
    These conditions all refer to boss fights, just like Norton. The strategies 
    for most of these bosses are the same so I've lumped them all together. 
    Don't try getting both One Minute and No Damage at the same time; in most 
    cases it'll be very hard to do. For the One Minute condition, make sure
    your characters are as highly leveled as possible with the best possible
    equipment, and abuse MP Damage like nothing else. This means using
    Nel's Kokuyousen and Cliff's Aerial Raid. Most bosses have a lot lower
    MP than HP, so this method should let you kill most of them fairly
    quickly. For the No Damage condition, simply follow the same condition as
    080; let the computer-controlled characters take the boss head on while
    you run as far away as possible, avoiding all the boss's attacks. Again,
    Kokuyousen is great, as it will let you attack from quite a distance.
    Once you get to the midgame and recruit Misty Lia as a creator, you
    should be able to create an Orihalcon (Base Cost around 6000). With
    this you should be able to create a weapon with an ATK over 4000, which
    means that bosses like Crosel and Robin Wind will be no problem, 
    especially with a Cancel Combo of Kokuyousen -> 175% Kokuyousen ->
    200% Kokuyousen -> 250% Kokuyousen. 
    127 Defeat Lucifer
    All you have to do is defeat Lucifer (on any level difficulty). Easy
    enough, since he IS the last boss and everything...
    128 Defeat Lucifer in 5 Minutes
    They lengthened the time necessary from 1 minute to 5 minutes, which is
    an added plus. In any case, a Kokuyousen Cancel Combo chain should take
    him down within 1 minute anyway, so you should have no problem with this
    129 Defeat Lucifer Taking No Damage
    If you simply come back after clearing the bonus dungeons, Lucifer by
    and large will not be able to damage you except with Ray, which is 
    fairly easy to avoid. This should allow you to get this condition with
    no problems.
    130 Defeat Lucifer at Level One
    Rather tough. This means that the average level of your party must be 1;
    in other words, since you have six people in your party, you must use
    Fate, Sophia, and Souffle, and Fate must not have gained any levels at all
    throughout the course of the game. Since Fate only needs 10 XP to get to
    Level 2, you'll have to make sure he doesn't win a single battle. Run
    away from every battle in the course of the game; (the battles in the
    Fight Simulator and in the Emergency Shelter give no experience so don't
    worry about these). Follow this throughout Pesotto Forest and Coffer Ruins.
    The toughest part is the battle with the three Chinpira just outside of
    Norton's hideout; what you have to do is ensure that they all run away,
    thus netting you no experience. They will tend to run away when they have
    low HP, so just hit them, wait for awhile and see if they run away, then
    hit them again if they don't. If you accidentally kill one, reset the game.
    Once you get to Norton, Cliff joins your party. Set Cliff on "Don't Do
    Anything" and then purposely kill off Fate. Then switch to Cliff and beat
    up Norton. Now just take Fate out of the active party for the rest of the
    game. You will only have Cliff and Nel for a good portion of the game, making
    this condition pretty hard.
    Then we get to actually beating Lucifer himself, which is actually not quite
    as hard. Even though Fate, Sophia, and Souffle are all at Level One, you
    should be able to Item Create a number of useful things. Most importantly,
    you should create Stun Bombs via Machinery. These bombs do HP (and sometimes
    MP) damage, plus dizzy the opponent. Make as many of these as possible and
    simply spend the battle using them on Lucifer. It might also help creating
    a bunch of Reverse Dolls (refine them so that they have less chance of
    127-130 Defeat Universe Lucifer (with...)
    These conditions are basically the same as 132-135, just on Universe mode
    difficulty. You can have an average level as high as 10 for condition 135,
    but that doesn't help too much. Simply follow the same sorts of strategies,
    though you will probably have to be at a higher level than before.
    135-137 Defeat FD Lucifer (with...)
    Same as above, though on FD mode difficulty, plus you don't get anything
    just for beating him. He's tough enough to beat in his own right, much
    less with level 10 characters. However again I suggest that you take
    the time to work through the secret dungeons to build up your characters
    before taking him on to fulfill these conditions.
    138-146 Defeat Gabriel (with...)
    These are the same as the Lucifer conditions, just against Gabriel in the
    Cave of Trials; you don't have to beat him at low level either. However
    you will again have to beat him on the three different difficulty levels. 
    The toughest one to get is undoubtedly "No Damage"; Brutish Bolt covers
    nearly the entire screen and is hard to avoid. If you are dealing enough
    damage quickly enough, you can stop him from using Brutish Bolt; otherwise,
    I suggest using Machinery to create the "Invincible Unit" (must have either
    Vanilla or Meryl; base cost around 61). This will make you invincible for
    30 seconds, though you won't be able to attack. Not being able to attack for
    30 seconds is preferable to eating the damage of Brutish Bolt, so use it
    anyway. Or, you can use Stun Bombs to stop the animation of Brutish Bolt.
    Or even further, if you simply come back to the CoT after clearing Sphere
    211 (yes, you can fight Gabriel as many times as you want), your DEF
    should be so high that even Brutish Bolt does no damage.
    147-155 Defeat Iseria (with...)
    Like Gabriel. The only leeway you get is that you get progressively more
    and more time for the time-limited conditions, such that you have 20 minutes
    to beat Iseria in FD mode. The battlefield you fight Iseria on is much much
    wider than most of the other secret bosses, and so it should be COMPARATIVELY
    easy to get the No Damage condition just by running away. Use a battle
    step to avoid her strong attack where she fires a linear beam, and for
    Celestial Star, use the following strategy: stay near the bottom of the
    screen at all times. When Celestial Star starts up, make sure you're in the
    lower right of the screen; the first 'blast' will hit the lower left. As
    soon as it vanishes, immediately step towards the lower left, as another
    blast will come in on the lower right. This strategy should allow you
    to escape Celestial Star unscathed every time.
    156-164 Defeat Lenneth (with...)
    Again the same conditions apply. However, when Lenneth gets low on health,
    she'll start using Nibelung Valesti, a move that covers virtually the entire
    battlefield, making the "No Damage" condition VERY hard to get. You can try
    using the Invincible Unit trick (described under Gabriel), but she uses the
    move fairly often so you will have to have a very high stock. Another
    alternative is to try and shoot for a DEF of about 4000. To get this,
    level up Fate with a fully refined Valiant Mail, then have 10 ATK/DEF +30%
    factors on him (8 synthesized to a weapon, and two Battle Boots equipped);
    this will make it so he takes no damage from any of Lenneth's attacks.
    Also unlike Gabriel, Iseria, or Freya, you cannot fight her more than once
    in a given save game file. Thus, you'll have to use the save-the-BC-but-not-
    the-game method a lot.
    165-173 Defeat Freya (with...)
    Same sort of conditions again. The battlefield you fight Freya on is much
    wider than most others, and Ether Strike doesn't cover nearly the range
    Nibelung Valesti does (however unlike the original, it now counts as a
    strong attack and therefore cannot be Protected against). Thus the No Damage 
    result is much easier to get. Try controlling somebody like Nel or Arbel and 
    attacking from afar with skills like Kokuyousen or Mugen: Kuuhazan.
    174-175 Taunt Gabriel/Iseria 10 Times
    Very easy to get, just use the Tactical Skill "Taunt" 10 times against
    Gabriel or Iseria.
    176-180 Serious Vox Series
    A crapload of Battle Collections against Serious Vox, whom you will fight on
    Floor 6 of the Cave of Trials. Encounter Serious Vox and Defeat Serious
    Vox are straightforward; Get Item from Vox is (I believe) also assured
    because he drops a 1/1 Bunny. Protect/Counter Aura against Vox just
    requires that you stand still and let him hit you. The other conditions
    that used to be in the original have been removed, so don't worry about
    181-183 Total X Hours in Battle
    Straightforward but very slow. If you're desperate, get into a battle
    with the Kizokumen that don't attack, and just leave the PS2 on overnight.
    184-187 Win (vs. ...) with Only Weak Attacks
    As it sounds, the character you control can only use weak attacks (i.e.,
    the circle buttons); NO BATTLE SKILLS. The easiest person to do this with is
    Maria. Your other two characters can do anything they want to, so just run
    around and use Weak Attacks. For the "Win with Only..." conditions, you
    MUST NOT CHANGE CHARACTERS. Using recovery-type items is okay, as are
    using Tactical Skills and Changing Equipment. Also, you must use it
    a certain number of times so if you're too strong, you might not pass the
    quota and therefore not earn the condition. If this happens, lower your
    ATK power or find a stronger opponent. You must do at least 50 attacks (not
    hits) in order to trigger this condition against the special bosses.
    189-191 Win (vs. ...) with Only Strong Attacks
    Ditto. Maria is again a good choice, but in this case, so is Nel. Again
    your two other characters can do anything they want to so just let them
    do the majority of the damage to the opponent. The same warnings apply.
    192-195 Win (vs. ...) with Only Counter Aura
    Same vein as above; however, unlike above, your other two characters must
    not do anything other than Counter Aura either. Set all your characters
    to "Do Nothing!" in Tactics and set them to use the Wide Aiming Counter
    Aura. Keep in mind that the damage done by Counter Aura is proportional
    to the damage that would have been done by the opponent; thus, you can
    remove your armor and have the Counter Aura do more damage. Just watch
    out for strong attacks. You must do at least 50 hits with the CA to trigger
    this condition (Wide Aiming is 4 hits) against the special bosses.
    196-199 Win (vs. ...) with Only Items
    Use bomb-type items to win. For the specific battles, "Arbel 1" refers
    to the boss fight with Arbel after clearing Becquerel Mines. Arbels 2
    and 3 are applicable only if Arbel is not your 5th character. Once
    returning from the FD World, go to Cirlsour and talk to Walter there.
    He'll tell you Arbel went to Urza Lava Cave. If you go there before
    clearing the Sphere Corporation, this will trigger the Arbel 2 fight;
    if you go immediately after, this will trigger Arbel 3. (If you go after
    obtaining the Sephira, it will be Arbel 4 so be sure you go as soon as
    you can). Be prepared to have a large stock of attack items as Arbel has 
    lots of HP; those items that cause MP damage are preferred. Arbel 1 has
    26000 HP and 2600 MP; Arbel 2 has 50000 HP and 10000 MP; Arbel 3 has
    120000 HP and 60000 MP.
    200-203 Win (vs. ...) with Only Heraldry
    Straightforward enough. Like the Weak and Strong conditions, your other
    two characters can do anything, so just pick Sophia or Adlai and cast 
    Explosion  (from the Heraldry menu, NOT as a Battle Skill) over and over 
    again. Some of Adlai's skills do not count as Heraldry, so be warned; if
    the spell does not show up in the actual Heraldry list, don't use it.
    From Chris Kern: Evidently, Meteor Swarm counts as magic, even though
    you can't cast it from the Heraldry menu. You need 50 hits to trigger
    this condition, but since Meteor Swarm hits so many times anyway, you
    should have no problem.
    204-207 Win (vs. ...) with Only Charge
    Perhaps some of the trickiest ones to do, your characters must not use
    anything other than Charge. Since there's no way to force the computer
    to use Charge, you just have to set the other two characters to "Do
    Nothing!" and do it yourself. If the opponent has low MP, Maria's or
    Nel's Charge is recommended as it does MP damage; otherwise, Arbel's Charge 
    does the most HP damage in the game. You must do Charge at least 50 times 
    in order to trigger this condition.
    208-211 Win (vs. ...) with Only Battle Skills
    Again fairly straightforward; just use somebody like Maria and use Gravity
    Bullet over and over again. You must do at least 50 hits, but with a multi-hit
    battle skill this should be no problem.
    212-217 Win (vs. ...) Alone
    By "Alone", this means that the other two characters must be dead throughout
    the battle. Thus you cannot just let your other two characters die before
    finishing the opponent off. For the special bosses, this will take a LOT
    of work; you'll need to be vastly higher level than recommended since the
    enemy will be coming after you and you only. Use your strongest weapons
    and armor and you should be able to make it with a high enough level. A
    recommended character is either Nel (who has great hit-and-run capabilities
    with her battles skills) or Maria (who can almost always knock down an
    opponent with Gravity Bullet).
    See the extra tips section below for more on this.
    218-222 Iron Pipe Series
    A series of conditions centering around the Iron Pipe, Fate's initial
    weapon and yes, his worst possible weapon. The "... Only" conditions must
    have Fate fighting alone, so follow the suggestions in 212-217 about those.
    For "Defeat Norton Alone", since Cliff automatically joins you in the first
    fight, you'll have to succeed in this condition against Returned Norton
    on Floor 101 of the Sphere Corporation. To get 99999 damage, synthesize
    powerful ATK + factors to your weapon, then equip an Atlas Ring to get
    Fate's ATK to 9999. Then bind Icicle Edge to a strong attack, and get
    into the D rank single battle in the arena in Gemity, in which almost
    all the enemies are weak against water. Perform Icicle Edge and then
    Fate's long-range strong attack, which is his most powerful basic attack.
    With a little luck you should get 99999. If not, try activating skills
    such as Berserk, Critical HP, and HP Damage Up to help things.
    223 Defeat Lucifer Naked
    This means you must defeat Lucifer without any armor or accessories
    equipped. Since weapons are okay, this isn't that big a deal as it's
    easy to put defensive factors on weapons; if you come back after the bonus
    dungeons it'll be even easier.
    224 Avoid Firebolt
    You must avoid the spell "Firebolt". The Magma monsters in Urza Lava
    Cave cast it a lot; they also appear as the third battle in Rank D
    Single Battle in the Arena at Gemity. Firebolt homes on you, so your
    best bet is to lure the Magma Man towards you so that you are very close
    to the wall. As soon as they cast the spell, run upwards along the wall.
    As long as the Magma Man is close enough to the wall, the Firebolt will
    hit the wall before it can home in on you, therefore earning you this
    225 Defeat Metal Chinke
    The Metal Chinke is a regular enemy found on Floors 2 and 3 of the Cave of
    Trials. They have a tendency to run away if low on health so be sure to
    hit them fast and hard.
    226 Defeat Chinkethief Lv. 99
    This guy is found from floors 152 to 161 of the Sphere 211. Like the Metal
    Chinke he may run, so don't give him a chance to.
    227-228 Encounter/Defeat Monjaragora
    He's the boss of the 7th floor of the Cave of Trials, easy enough. When low
    on health he MAY try to self-destruct; if he does, you will NOT earn the
    Defeat Monjaragora condition, so be careful and hit him as hard and fast
    as possible.
    229-232 Survive with Guts X Time Consecutively
    A condition you'll have to rely on some luck for. You can increase the
    chances of surviving with Guts by equipping items such as the Green
    Talisman and Bunny Charm, or by synthesizing Orihalcon's Survive w/
    Guts 50% factor to your weapon. To increase your chances, see the tips
    for 260-264; evidently if you get hit with fatal damage from the
    tarantula's spike attack described there, it counts as getting hit
    several times, so if you succeed the Guts check once, it counts as
    surviving many times consecutively.
    233-235 Heal X HP
    You must heal the exactly indicated number of HP to earn these conditions.
    For 777, as soon as you get Arbel in your party level him up once in his
    HP status skill, then cast a Level 2 Healing on him. For the others, you'll
    just have to rely on math.
    236 Remaining 77777 HP
    This means that when you end the battle a character must have an HP of 77777.
    You're not going to get an HP above this without some Luna Talismans or the
    like, but once you do you can use the Demon Stone trick described in 047-051
    to fulfill this condition.
    237-244 X Damage
    These conditions require a lot of luck. In a single blow, you must deal
    the exact amount of damage listed. You'll have to earn these over the course
    of the game. If you play through cautiously it shouldn't be too hard to
    get most of these, it'll just take a lot of patience.
    For 77777 damage, here is a tricky strategy. With Souffle, Sophia, or Cliff,
    get their ATK to 9999. Now if they do a critical hit with their short range
    strong attack, they'll do around the neighborhood of 77777 damage. Go to
    Sphere 211 and fight the Red Dragon from around Floor 207-210. This dragon
    absorbs earth. Now what you should do is have your characters equipped with
    an earth-elemental weapon. Dizzy the Red Dragon with a CA, and petrify them
    with a Super Bottle. If you do so, they'll remain petrified, and they will
    always take critical hits (sincee damage done to a dizzied opponent is
    always critical). Now your characters can attack. You won't have to worry
    about killing the Red Dragon since the earth elemental will heal him. Just
    have your characters use short range strong attacks by not equipping
    battle skills in that slot (you still can't stop them from using other
    attacks though...)
    245-246 Get Lucky Star X Times
    Lucky Star is a support skill learned from a book (created by Sage Oseman,
    base cost 15000). When it is equipped, there's a small chance that when 
    your character is hurt, a star will fall onto the battlefield. To fulfill
    this condition, you must catch the star as it falls the indicated number
    of times. Equip Guardless so that you won't get stunned when you're hit,
    to improve your chances.
    247-249 Win X Consecutive No Damage Battles
    Like the No Damage conditions for the bosses, your primary character cannot
    take damage for X number of battles consecutively. This is easily
    accomplished by just going back to a really easy area where the enemies
    will do 0 damage to you at most anyway. It would be wise to try and
    accomplish these conditions at the same time that you do the "Chain 500"
    250-252 X Consecutive Battles Alone
    Again "Alone" means that the other two members in your party must be dead.
    Subsequently the easiest way is to once again kill off your other two members
    in a hard area, then return to the easiest area in the game where you have
    little chance of dying. Running counts as a battle in this case, so you
    can just run from everything to speed the process up; alternatively you
    can just accomplish these at the same time that you do "Chain 500" and
    "Win 100 Consecutive No Damage Battles".
    252-254 Avoid Firebolt X Times
    Just use the exact same strategies as for condition 224. There is no need
    to do this all consecutively so it's really easy to get.
    255-256 X Continuous Finish Attacks
    Again, Finish Attack is defined as your active character dealing the last
    blow in battle. This is easy enough if your other two characters are set to
    "Do Nothing", or dead. This is yet another one you can accomplish at the
    same time as "Chain 500", "Win 100 Consecutive No Damage Battles", and
    "500 Consecutive Battles Alone".
    257-259 X Continuous Level Up
    This means that in ONE BATTLE your character must gain the specified number
    of levels. The easiest place to do this is at the Moonbase with either
    Souffle or Sophia (who both start at Level 1). Fight until you have a "300%
    Experience" Bonus Battle, then stick them into your party. Get into a battle
    with two of the giant robot-type enemies and beat them; or, take them
    to Sphere 211 and try the same thing. Activate Training and equip Learning
    Rings to bump up your EXP even further. If you're worried that it won't be
    enough, let the robots kill off one or both of your other teammates so that 
    the experience is divided among fewer people.
    260-264 X Continuous Protects
    A tough condition to get because it requires focus. However there's a
    tricky way to get this. The tarantulas in the Cirlsour Cave dungeon tend to 
    use a radial attack that shoots out spikes everywhere. If you happen to be 
    standing RIGHT BEHIND them when it goes off, ALL of the spikes will hit you. 
    What you should do, then, is stand directly behind the spider and let your 
    Guts go to 100. The spikes should all hit you, and this counts for 
    approximately 10-20 hits ALL AT ONCE. Thus it should be relatively quick 
    getting 500 Continuous Protects. Just watch out for the spider's other 
    attacks; they're not too hard to avoid but don't lose concentration.
    From Chris Kern: Alternatively, get into a battle with the "Huge Spider"
    enemy (found in the front part of the Cirlsour Cave dungeon). On Galaxy
    difficulty these enemies pretty much do not use Strong Attacks. So, wipe
    out any other enemies that may be around, set all of your characters on
    "Don't Do Anything", then leave the game on. It'll take several hours to
    rack up 500, so you might as well go for the "Battle Over 120 Minutes"
    condition while you're at it.
    265-267 5 Continuous Back/Surround/Raid Attacks
    This is pretty easy, actually. You can save and reload for this condition,
    so trigger a back attack (or surround, or raid), then save. Then trigger
    another battle. If it's another back attack, great - win and then save
    again. If not, reload. It should be easy getting 5 continuous ones in this
    268 10 Continuous Get Items
    The easiest way to do this is to get into a battle with one of those fat
    enemies with the powdered wigs early in the game. If you damage them 
    enough, they will start crying and occasionally drop a Treasure Chest.
    This will give you an item after the battle is over. They are REALLY SLOW
    so you'll have to just hit them and then wait for awhile to see if they
    drop anything. If not, hit them again. Patience is the key for this one.
    269-271 X Consecutive One Hit Kills
    This is pretty easy; like the Chain and No Damage conditions, just go back
    to a very easy area and have a field day.
    272 31 Consecutive Runs
    Just run 31 times in a row. Set formation to Escape Shift and go to an
    easy area to make it as easy as possible. No, this is not a typo - the
    condition really has changed from 30 to 31 in the Director's Cut.
    273-274 0 Damage X Consecutive Times
    This means that you must take 0 damage for the specified number of times.
    This is pretty easy if you just go back to an easy area, but a quicker
    way is to use the Regeneration Counter Aura. Regeneration is proportional
    to the damage that you would've taken, so if you get hit by a really
    weak enemy each of Regeneration's 5 orbs will only heal you for 0 damage.
    Thus you can speed it up by just getting hit by Regeneration often.
    275 Defeat Iseria 5 Times
    Since you can fight Iseria as many times as you want, you should be able
    to fulfill this condition naturally as you work for the other Iseria
    276 Defeat Freya 5 Times
    Ditto. You can fight Freya as many times as you want, so this won't be
    too big of a deal.
    277-293 Urza Cave Temple Series
    These BCs all refer to the special bosses you'll meet in Urza Cave Temple,
    the new bonus dungeon in the Director's Cut. On the first and second floors
    you'll encount bosses based on which two characters (out of Nel, Souffle,
    Roger, and Arbel) you did NOT recruit in the game; on the third floor
    you'll meet up with Fate. Thus, to get all of these conditions you'll have
    to play through the game at least twice, recruiting different people each
    time. "Princess and Knight" is Nel's team; "Crafty Tag" is Arbel's; 
    "Tiger Stripe Combo" is Roger's; and "Beastmaster Girl" is Souffle's. The
    regular teams are fairly easy, but Fate is a challenge - I suggest coming
    back after clearing Sphere 211 so you'll have a much easier time.
    294 Win Auto Battle
    An Auto Battle is one conducted ENTIRELY by the computer. To get this, as
    soon as you enter the battle you MUST NOT MOVE AT ALL. No pressing buttons,
    no nothing. Just set the controller down and let the computer-controlled
    characters win for you.
    295 Hit Battle Sphere 5 Times
    The Battle Sphere can be created by Machinery (Fate, Cliff, Roger, Dejison,
    Vanilla, Meryl, or Isaac), base cost 3010. "Hit 5 times" means that you
    must release a Battle Sphere such that it is hit 5 times by the rocks
    that sometimes roll over the battlefield in areas like Bar Mountains or
    Becquerel Mines. Since the Battle Sphere only lasts for 6 seconds, your
    best bet is to wait until two rocks are close to each other, then trying
    to fire the battle sphere between them so that it ricochets between the
    two. This condition will take a lot of patience.
    296-297 Battle Over X Minutes
    This means that a certain battle must last for the specified amount of time.
    Two hours is a long time; just get into an easy battle where the enemies
    have no chance of hurting you, set the controller down (and your allies to
    "Do Nothing"), and walk away from the game for two hours.
    298 Don't Get Attacked for 1 Minute
    This means that during battle, you are not attacked. This is easiest with
    the fat men described above, as they do not attack your characters at
    299 Don't Let Enemy Within 5 Meters
    The enemy must not get close to any of your party members. Once you get a
    long-range skill such as Touga, return to an easy area where you can kill
    the enemies in one hit, set your party members to manual (so they won't
    move), then take the enemies out with your long-range skills.
    300 Run 42.195 km in Battle
    You'll fulfill this naturally and fairly early - nothing to worry about.
    4. TIPS
    Here's a collection of a few general tips that will help you on several BCs.
    For the No Damage ones, including bosses, if you can raise your defense
    high enough, all attacks will do 0 damage. For Lenneth on Galaxy, having
    your defense around 3500 will nullify all her attacks. For Freya, having
    a defense around 5000 is suitable. To get this high, you can use Fate's
    naturally high DEF. Give him a fully refined Valiant Mail, and synthesize
    8 ATK/DEF +30%s to a weapon and have him equip it. Equip another Battle
    Boots with ATK/DEF +30%, and for the last accessory (to guard against
    spells), give him a Blaze Symbol or Holy Symbol that has been refined to
    absorb all elements. For 5000, you will likely need the spell Protection,
    which Sophia, Adlai, or Maria can provide. With a defense this high, you
    should be able to go through Universe without any trouble. FD requires
    another tactic...
    For an odd reason (perhaps a bug, or perhaps a deliberate attempt by the
    developers to make things easier for you), bosses tend to act strange
    in one-on-one situations. Basically, if you are alone (your two allies
    are dead), once a boss finishes an attack, as long as you keep moving
    and don't attack them, they will generally not attack again. Thus, you
    can charge up your most powerful attacks. 
    Basically, set your characters with powerful, high-charge attacks (Fuujin
    Seiraiha for Nel, Burst Emission for Maria, Iserial Blast for Fate, etc.).
    Alternatively, you can use Fuujin for Nel, since you can perform that
    without hitting the enemy. Being alone, continually run around until
    Lenneth/Freya/whoever does an attack. Now keep moving, and they shouldn't
    attack again. Perform your battle skill (cancel bonus if possible, but
    don't damage them). Once they take damage, they will again come after
    you, so quickly run away, use a stun bomb to stop them, or whatever you
    need. Repeat the process until they die.
    5. CREDITS
    Thanks go to:
    Chris Kern for many helpful tips on completing BCs
    tri-Ace and Enix for the best RPG I have ever played.
    This FAQ Copyright 2004 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
    including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
    permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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