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    Sphere 211 FAQ by EChang

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/02/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    SPHERE 211 FAQ
       (v1.0, 9-2-04)
    by Edward Chang (chang dot 459 at osu dot edu)
    Revision History
    v1.0 (9-2-04)
       First version.
    1. Introduction
    2. Floor Plan Listing
    3. Bosses
    4. Treasure Chart
    5. Credits
    This is an expanded version of the Sphere 211 (Sphere Corporation) section
    of my Star Ocean: Till the End of Time FAQ/Walkthrough. In my Walkthrough
    I only listed the basics of the dungeon, as well as a quick listing of the
    bosses in it; this FAQ will go into much more detail on the actual floor
    plan of each level, the treasures you can find, the bosses and better
    strategies on fighting them, and so on. Please note that there have been 
    minor changes to this dungeon from the original (non-Director's-Cut) version;
    a few treasures have been replaced, some of the items the bosses drop are
    different, and other treasures have been moved. 
    The North American release is based off the Director's Cut release, so this
    is the proper guide to consult if you are playing the North American
    How do you access Sphere 211? After defeating Gabriel Celeste in the Cave of 
    Trials, he'll tell you that "the seal has been broken". What this means is 
    that you can now head to the Sphere Corporation for the secret dungeon.
    (However, you might want to head to Urza Cave Temple first; there are some
    items there that may help, and it's a nice transition dungeon between the
    Cave of Trials and Sphere 211).
    Head to the Sphere Corporation by first warping back to Gemity by taking
    the warp point just outside Cirlsour in the Cirlsour Hills. Then take the
    Gemity transporter station to the Sphere Corporation. Now work your way up
    to the fifth floor. Whereas previously you could go to any floor from 6-100
    via the transporter here, now you'll be able to go to 6-101.
    You start at floor 101 and work your way up one floor at a time. As the name
    implies, there are 211 floors, meaning that there are 111 floors total in 
    the "secret" part of the dungeon.
    Unlike the Cave of Trials, the floors here repeat in pattern. Thus even though
    there are 111 floors, most of them will have the same pattern. Giving a
    floor-by-floor walkthrough would thus be pointless, so I'll just give a
    general description of the floors here and point out unique floors below.
    The enemies change every ten floors, starting with floor 112. Thus, from
    101-111 you'll encounter one set of enemies, then from 112-121 you'll
    encounter a different set, and so on. Obviously the enemies get MUCH harder
    as the floors increase in number, and towards the top you'd do well to
    consider pretty much every fight a boss fight. Running away is certainly
    key in many situations, especially once you start encountering the
    annoying Monjaragoras (similar to the boss you fought in the Cave of
    There are no save points in the dungeon save at the bottom. Luckily, once
    you activate an elevator, you can use that elevator up to the floor you
    were at. So if you take the elevator from floor 150 down to floor 6 (and
    then walk from 6 down to 1 to save), you'll be able to take the same
    elevator up as high as 150 again.
    Treasure Data in this guide comes from Enterbrain's Final Guide mook
    (ISBN 4-7577-1491-2), a highly-recommended strategy guide. Other information
    is of my own devising.
    There are eight general floor plans. In most cases you'll be able to
    determine which floor plan a floor follows as soon as you arrive, based on
    the surroundings of the entry point.
    Plan 1
    You enter into a cross-shaped hallway; the north corridor has doors
    going both east and west. There are four potential treasure chest
    locations: A - in the north corridor, going west; B - in the west 
    corridor, going south; C - right next to the exit point; D - in the
    south corridor, going south.
    Plan 2
    You enter into a room with an exit only going east. There are four
    potential treasure chest locations: A - right next to the exit; B -
    right next to the entrance; C - after leaving the entry room, heading
    south, then taking the southwest door and following the path; D -
    after leaving the entry room, heading south, then taking the south
    path and looping around noth.
    Plan 3
    You enter into a room with doors going both east and south. There are
    five potential treasure chest locations: A - right next to the entrance;
    B - going east two rooms from the entrance; C - going east two rooms, south
    one, then east again; D - going south two rooms from the entrance; E - 
    going south two rooms, then east once.
    Plan 4
    You enter into a cross-shaped hallway with the south corridor branching
    into southeast and southwest doors. There are five potential treasure
    chest locations: A - in the west corridor, heading north; B - taking
    the southeast door, then heading south, west, and north again; C -
    taking the southwest door, then southwest again, southeast, then going
    northwest in the next cross's west corridor; D - same as C, only going
    east in the second cross's east corridor; E - going southeast from the
    beginning, then south, east, and east again.
    Plan 5
    You start in a cross-shaped hallway with the north, west, and south
    corridors all having doors going west. There are three potential treasure
    chest locations: A - taking the west door in the north corridor and
    following it; B - next to the exit; C - taking the west door in the south
    corridor and following it.
    Plan 6
    This plan is indistinguishable from Plan 8 at first glance. You start
    in a cross-shaped hallway, with the west corridor having a door going
    southwest. Upon entering the door, if there are no enemies, the floor is
    Plan 6. There are five potential treasure chest locations: A - from the
    entrance, going: southwest, north, nortwest, northeast, north, west, south,
    west, south, south; B - going southwest, then north, the chest is in the
    west corridor; C - immediately north of the entrance; D - after going
    southwest, going east in the next hallway; E - taking either the south or
    east doors in the first cross-shaped hallway.
    Plan 7
    This floor starts in a single room with doors going west and south. There
    are four potential treasure chest locations: A - going one room west; B -
    going west, south, then south again; C - going south then south; D - 
    going west, south, south, south, then west.
    Plan 8
    This plan is indistinguishable from Plan 6 at first glance. You start
    in a cross-shaped hallway, with the west corridor having a door going
    southwest. Upon entering the door, if there are enemies, the floor is
    Plan 8. There are five potential treausre chest locations: A - going
    southwest, north, northwest, northeast, north, west, at the end of the
    hallway; B - one room south from A; C - going southwest, north, northwest,
    northeast, then southeast; D - going southwest, then east; E - immediately
    north of the entrance.
    Here are the quickest routes to get to the next floor. Keep in mind
    that this may skip some treasure chests, so if the floor you are on has a
    unique treasure (see below) you may want to comb the floor to find it.
    1. Upon transporting in, check where you are.
       A. If you are in a room:
          I. If you can go west, take that door, then go west again, south, 
             then east. (Plan 7)
          II. If you can go east and south, take the south, then south again,
             then east, east, east, south, west. (Plan 3)
          III. If you can only go east, take that door, then go northeast, south,
             northeast, west. (Plan 2)
       B. If you are in the center of a cross-shaped hallway:
          I. If the hallway to the south splits into southeast and southwest,
             take the southwest, then southwest, southeast, and then east in the 
             next cross's southern part. (Plan 4)
          II. If the hallway to the north has a door going east and west, take 
             the east, then go south, and then loop around east again. (Plan 1)
          III. If the north, west, and south hallways all have doors going west,
             take the west hallway's west door, then go north, east, then loop 
             around west. (Plan 5)
          IV. If the hallway to the west has a door going southwest, go in.
              a. If there are enemies here, go north, northwest, northeast, north,
                 west, south, then west. (Plan 8)
              b. If there are no enemies here, go north, north, east, and then
                 east. (Plan 6)
    3. BOSSES
    Approximately every ten floors or so, you will face a boss as you head
    towards the exit. Some of these are unique bosses, and some are buffed
    up versions of bosses you have faced before. In general they are all
    rather tough, having both high HP and MP, but in exchange they leave
    great items when dropped (by and large leaving the Ultimate Weapons for
    each character - see my Item Creation FAQ for details).
    Boss: Returned Norton 帰ってきたノートン
    500000 HP, 100000 MP
    Drops: Lilith's Kin
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Beat Norton with Iron Pipe Only
    Norton's attack patterns haven't changed at all, although his wild shooting-
    type attack now does MP damage, so you may want to leave characters like
    Roger and Cliff out. His attacks in general are fairly easy to avoid, and
    he has no real wide-area attack capabilities, so just spread your characters
    out and fight him normally. He does have 50% protection against elemental
    attacks so stick to non-elementals and Heraldry like Ray. He'll go down
    really quickly with a cancel combo'ed Kokuyousen chain.
    To get the Battle Collection associated with this fight, you'll have to
    equip Fate with the Iron Pipe (yes, his weakest weapon in the game) and
    take on Norton with only Fate - the other two party members must be dead.
    To make this possible, you'll have to upgrade your Iron Pipe considerably.
    You'll probably want to put on several ATK +500 factors by Synthesizing
    Orihalcon to it; in battle stick to non-elemental skills like Divine
    Weapon or Vertical Airraid.
    Boss: Enraged Crosel 激昂のクロセル
    700000 HP, 100000 MP
    Drops: Tenken: Ama no Ohabari
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    Crosel was tough, but this guy's not that much tougher. Like all the Sphere
    Corporation bosses he's got a lot of HP and MP to whittle down, but he
    doesn't have much you have to watch out for, especially if you have fire
    protection, such as the Reflex armor from the Cave of Trials. Like Norton,
    he has 50% protection from elemental attacks. He doesn't really do much other
    than normal attacks, so try to keep your distance and attack with long-range
    battle skills. He's also very very slow, so you should be able to take him
    down (again, a cancel-combo Kokuyousen chain is easy enough) without taking
    any damage. Also new from the original, he now drops the Tenken: Ama no
    Ohabari, Adlai's ultimate weapon.
    Boss: Shadow Dragon シャドゥドラゴン
    1000000 HP, 200000 MP
    Drops: Valor Gauntlet
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He has two separate attacks (Fire Blessing and Aerial Blessing) that are
    fire-elemental, so come prepared with armor or accessories that nullify,
    or preferably absorb, fire-elemental attacks. Other than these two, the
    other attack to watch out for is Doom Howling, which does a fair bit of MP
    damage and also has a Sudden Death property. This attack can be Protect'ed,
    so try to keep your Guts high. If you have a Tri-Emblem, you can cut down
    fire damage and guard sudden death attacks at once, so he shouldn't
    be much problem at all. He's not much faster than Crosel (despite his
    boasts), so again a hit-and-run strategy is recommended. Although both
    Cliff and Mirage equip the Valor Gauntlet, don't worry about trying to get
    two from him with Get Item - Azazel and Beelzebub will drop another one
    later. (However, if you get two now you won't have to wait for another
    60 floors.)
    Boss: Revenge-seeking Shelby 復讐に燃えるシェルビー
    1500000 HP, 200000 MP
    Drops: Death Bringer
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    Shelby almost exclusively uses close range attacks, so using Nel and Maria
    to attack from afar is preferable. His Ice Breath is the biggest attack
    to watch out for, as it causes large amounts of HP and MP damage, though if
    you have protection/absorption against water-elemntal it's nothing to
    worry about. He has 50% protection from all elements. Though he can move
    somewhat quickly, just keep him busy with one party member while you snipe
    at him afar with the others.
    Boss: Frenzied Biwig 狂-垂フビウィグ
    2000000 HP, 300000 MP
    Drops: Kirakuten Shell
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    The opposite of Shelby, he focuses on long-range attacks. You'll want to
    keep close to him and keep him busy so he can't do much. He's no longer
    weak against Earth like his previous incarnation, and indeed he now is
    protected against all elements 50%. Once his HP dips below 60%, he'll start
    using Enchant Rifle, which gives elemental effects to his attacks; however,
    if you have protection against elements, this makes him actually weaker,
    plus the fact that he's a total sitting duck while he uses the move. Just
    keep on him and he won't be able to do anything. Not much to watch out for.
    Boss: Monjaragreen モンジャラグリーン
    2500000 HP, 400000 MP
    Drops: Cross Helm
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He's basically Bigfoot from the Cave of Trials with a different color. He
    has the same sort of attack patterns; a close-range whirlwind that's quite
    dangerous, and a long-range ice beam that can freeze your characters. Come
    prepared with protection against water-elemental and/or freeze effects.
    Conversely, he's weak against fire-elemental attacks, so come in with
    Sophia's Explosion or similar attacks. Have at least one character at long
    range that won't get caught up in the whirlwind in case you need to heal.
    Though a little tough, he still goes down easily enough with some Cancel
    Bonus comboes.
    Boss: Archdemon アークディーモン
    3000000 HP, 500000 MP
    Drops: Dragoon Laser
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He's got wide-ranging HP and MP damaging attacks, and his Yami no Maken
    also has a chance for Sudden Death, so be sure you have protection against
    that. He has protection against all elements, 50%, like most bosses, so try
    to snipe at him from long range with non-elemental attacks. This is easier
    said than done, since he can teleport as well, so make sure you keep moving
    no matter what you do. Regardless this is where the bosses in Sphere 211
    really start to get challenging. He drops the Dragoon Laser for Maria - if
    you have the patience, I suggest trying to get an extra copy of it (via
    Get Item) so you can have one as Maria's 'real' weapon, and use the other
    to refine the Enemy Attack +100% / Fol x 10 factors onto it - this way
    you'll have an easy way to make Fol for your future item creation.
    Boss: Angered Azazel and Furious Beelzebub ご-ァ のアザゼル&憤怒のベルゼベル
    Azazel: 261030 HP, 11865 MP
    Beelzebub: 3000000 HP, 500000 MP
    Drops: Valor Gauntlet
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    Azazel is ridiculously weak; just hit him with a few Kokuyousens to get him
    out of the way so you can focus on Beelzebub. Beelzebub has several nasty
    tricks, including poison, petrification, and freeze-inducing attacks, as well
    as a tendency to start sucking up your HP and MP when his health gets low.
    You should probably be around level 200 by this point if you don't want a
    long protracted fight, and make sure you have protection against status
    ailments. Nevertheless, I didn't find Beelzebub as threatening as the
    Boss: Reckless Belial -メ進のベリアル
    3000000 HP, 500000 MP
    Drops: Angelic Cape
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    He's not paired with Beelzebub, thankfully, but his missiles still hurt, 
    a lot. He'll also try to run away from your characters, so have at least
    two melee characters to try and pin him down. He's lost his vulnerability
    to wind-elemental attacks, unfortunately, so you'll just have to focus on
    regular attacks. Have a third character at range that can heal, but make
    sure it's a fast moving character (Nel or Fate) that can outrun the homing
    missiles. He also has a tendency to do a quick invincible step, so stay
    away from the multi-hit battle skills like Uraouka: Sakkou/Infinity Arts,
    as he has a nasty tendency to just sidestep them and shoot missiles at you
    while you attack empty air. 
    Boss: Super Brea ブレア超人
    4000000 HP, 600000 MP
    Drops: Demon Sword Levantine
    Battle Collection Opportunities: None
    She's got plenty of radius attacks around her, so try not to get too close,
    or at the very least make sure whoever is is buffed up protection wise; Cliff
    or Roger might want to use Balance Condition to preserve their MP. She uses
    Thunderstruck a lot so you'll want to invest in something that'll absorb
    wind-elemental attacks. Using Stun on your attacks is preferable as she
    doesn't really stagger; Gravity Bullet is also great for lock-down purposes.
    She's got protection against all elements so stick to non-elementals.
    Boss: Lenneth レナス
    7000000 HP, 700000 MP
    Drops: Valkryie Garb
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Lenneth, Defeat Lenneth Taking No
    Damage, Defeat Lenneth in 10 Minutes, Defeat Universe Lenneth, Defeat Universe
    Lenneth Taking No Damage, Defeat Universe Lenneth in 15 Minutes, Defeat FD
    Lenneth, Defeat FD Lenneth Taking No Damage, Defeat FD Lenneth in 20 Minutes,
    Defeat Lenneth Using Only Strong Attacks, Defeat Lenneth Using Only Heraldry,
    Defeat Lenneth Using Only Charge, Defeat Lenneth Using Iron Pipe Only,
    Defeat Lenneth Alone
    Hey, it's Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile, only in ultra-cute chibified form.
    Ridiculously tough. She uses both Rock Rain and Thunderstruck so you'll
    want elemental protection of some sort. Nibelung Valesti's range is 
    ridiculously large; if she uses it in the middle of the battlefield, there's 
    almost nowhere to stand to avoid it. Come prepared with Stun Bombs, and try 
    to lure her to the edge of the field, so that Nibelung Valesti will leave 
    some open areas. On the plus side, she drops Valkyrie Garb, the strongest
    armor in the game, equippable by Nel, Souffle, and Maria. If you're not
    in a totally fatal fight against her, try equipping Get Item so you can
    get two-three of them. You'll need to be pretty close to maximum level with
    maxed out refined weapons to stand much of a chance, so return to the level
    170s or so to level up if you need to.
    Boss: Iseria Queen イセリアクイーン
    10000000 HP, 2000000 MP
    Drops: Lilith's Kin
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Iseria, Defeat Iseria Taking No
    Damage, Defeat Iseria in 10 Minutes, Defeat Universe Iseria, Defeat Universe
    Iseria Taking No Damage, Defeat Universe Iseria in 15 Minutes, Defeat FD
    Iseria, Defeat FD Iseria Taking No Damage, Defeat FD Iseria in 20 Minutes,
    Defeat Iseria Using Only Weak Attacks, Defeat Iseria Using Only Counter
    Aura, Defeat Iseria Using Only Battle Skills, Defeat Iseria Alone, Taunt
    Iseria 10 Times, Defeat Iseria 5 Times
    I actually found her a lot easier than Lenneth. For one thing most of her
    attacks are linear, not circular, so they're a lot easier to avoid. Also,
    her super technique (Celestial Star) doesn't have nearly the range Nibelung
    Valesti does, and she can get hit out of Shin no Sabaki easily with a
    Counter Aura. Watch out for Lunatic Field, which can trap your character's
    in a gold aura that cannot be escaped or protected against. Nevertheless 
    she does have more HP and MP than Lenneth so it will take you awhile. You
    can fight Iseria as many times as you want by coming back, so don't feel
    the pressure to get as many battle collections as possible.
    After defeating Iseria Queen, you're done with Sphere 211. Just like the
    Cave of Trials, the building will now be cleared of enemies and you can roam
    around as you wish. (Once you exit though, the monsters will be reset).
    Iseria also drops a gem, which you can take to Crosel's Lair back in Urza
    Lava Cave to find...
    Boss: Freya フレイ
    20000000 HP, 3000000 MP
    Drops: Divine Weapon: Ether Frozen
    Battle Collection Opportunities: Defeat Freya, Defeat Freya Taking No Damage,
    Defeat Freya in 15 Minutes, Defeat Universe Freya, Defeat Universe Freya
    Taking No Damage, Defeat Universe Freya in 20 Minutes, Defeat FD Freya,
    Defeat FD Freya Taking No Damage, Defeat FD Freya in 60 Minutes, Defeat Freya
    Using Only Weak Attacks, Defeat Freya Using Only Battle Skills, Defeat Freya 
    Alone, Defeat Freya 5 Times
    She uses her special attack, Shinki: Ether Strike right off the bat, and it
    hurts, a lot. Unlike the original, Ether Strike now counts as a strong
    attack, meaning you'll have to be very careful and try to interrupt it at
    all costs. She moves very fast, and also uses Thunderstruck and Rock Rain 
    like Lenneth, so come with items that'll soak that damage. Again, Stun Bombs 
    are the key to interrupting her special attacks.
    After defeating Freya, she'll drop the Divine Weapon: Ether Frozen, a great
    weapon for Sophia. (Too bad you couldn't get it earlier!) You can come back
    and fight Freya as many times as you want, though you get nothing new for
    it other than one BC, and as many Divine Weapon: Ether Frozens as you want -
    you can Synthesize them to whatever you want for ATK +1000, though it's 
    a little late for that if you can defeat Freya in the first place.
    This chart will tell you what treasures are on what floor, and in what
    location. Refer to the Floor Plan section above for what the Floor Plan 
    numbers and the Treasure Chest location letters mean. Many treasure chests
    in the Sphere 211 dungeon are empty; I've left these off the list
    completely. Finally, unique or excessively rare items are in ALL CAPS,
    and new items that weren't present or have changed location since the 
    original version are in ***ALL CAPS AND WITH ASTERISKS***
    Floor    Plan    Treasure
    001      -       -
    002      -       Very Ripe Berry, Cooking Materials
    003      -       Ripe Berry, Resuscitation Medicine, ***TRAPPING CARD EX 2***
                     12000 Fol, Synthesis Materials, Mind Stimulator
    004      -       Vitality Stimulator, DRAMERA TOOL SET, Wind Fairy
    005      -       Synthesis Materials, Ceramic Guarder, Ripe Berry, 
                     ***TRAPPING*** CARD 2, Laser Weapon, Mind Stimulator
    006      1       B: Synthesis Materials
    007      2       -
    008      3       -
    009      4       -
    010      1       C: Synthesis Materials
    011      5       -
    012      6       -
    013      1       C: Safety Jewel
    014      2       -
    015      3       -
    016      2       D: ***TRAPPING CARD EX 7***
    017      4       A: Synthesis Materials
    018      7       C: Alert Jewel  D: INT SEED+
    019      3       A: Treasure Jewel
    020      5       -
    021      6       A: Synthesis Materials  B: Synthesis Materials
    022      8       -
    023      2       A: Treasure Jewel
    024      1       -
    025      4       -
    026      3       -
    027      5       B: Synthesis Materials  C: Treasure Jewel
    028      1       B: Synthesis Materials
    029      7       -
    030      4       B: ***PROPHECY BOOK 4***
    031      2       B: Synthesis Materials
    032      5       C: Synthesis Materials
    033      3       C: Synthesis Materials
    034      7       -
    035      5       -
    036      6       -
    037      4       D: Synthesis Materials
    038      7       C: Synthesis Materials
    039      8       C: Synthesis Materials
    040      3       -
    041      8       -
    042      2       B: Treasure Jewel
    043      6       -
    044      5       -
    045      4       B: Alert Jewel  D: Synthesis Materials
    046      1       -
    047      7       B: INT SEED+
    048      6       -
    049      2       B: Synthesis Materials  D: Alert Jewel
    050      1       C: ***TRAPPING CARD EX 8***
    051      3       D: Synthesis Materials
    052      7       C: Synthesis Materials  D: Synthesis Materials
    053      5       -
    054      5       -
    055      7       -
    056      6       -
    057      7       -
    058      4       -
    059      1       B: Synthesis Materials  D: Synthesis Materials
    060      8       -
    061      6       D: Synthesis Materials
    062      3       -
    063      2       -
    064      4       -
    065      1       -
    066      8       E: Synthesis Materials
    067      7       -
    068      2       -
    069      8       -
    070      3       C: Synthesis Materials
    071      2       C: Treasure Jewel
    072      3       -
    073      5       A: Treasure Jewel  B: Safety Jewel
    074      3       -
    075      1       C: Synthesis Materials
    076      8       -
    077      4       -
    078      6       E: Alert Jewel
    079      7       -
    080      8       D: Synthesis Materials
    081      4       E: Synthesis Materials
    082      6       -
    083      3       -
    084      1       -
    085      2       A: Synthesis Materials  B: Alert Jewel C: ***PROPHECY BOOK 
                     3*** D: Synthesis Materials
    086      7       A: Safety Jewel  C: INT SEED+
    087      4       -
    088      5       -
    089      6       -
    090      1       C: Safety Jewel
    091      5       A: Alert Jewel
    092      7       D: Synthesis Materials
    093      8       -
    094      6       -
    095      2       C: Synthesis Materials
    096      3       -
    097      2       -
    098      8       -
    099      4       -
    100      3       C: Alert Jewel
    101      5       B: Synthesis Materials  C: STR SEED+
    102      7       A: GOLD GRAIL  C: Treasure Jewel
    103      7       B: Alert Jewel  D: INT SEED+
    104      5       B: Synthesis Materials
    105      1       A: High Grade Earth Spirit  C: Synthesis Materials
    106      2       B: VALIANT MAIL  C: MAG SEED+
    107      1       B: CON SEED+
    108      2       B: SOUTHERN CROSS
    109      6       B: ***TRAPPING CARD EX 17***
    110      8       E: DEX SEED+
    111      4       A: DRAGON LEATHER  B: Treasure Jewel  D: DEF SEED+
    112      1       B: Synthesis Materials  C: Treasure Jewel
    113      6       A: Treasure Jewel  C: Synthesis Materials  D: Alert Jewel
    114      5       A: STR SEED+  B: ISERIAL BLAST  C: STAR GUARD
    115      7       -
    116      8       B: Treasure Jewel  C: Alert Jewel
    117      3       E: AGL SEED+
    118      6       A: Alert Jewel  B: SERAPHIC GARB  C: AGL SEED+
    119      2       A: High Grade Earth Spirit  C: MAG SEED+
    120      8       A: DRAGON LEATHER  B: Safety Jewel
    121      3       -
    122      5       A: STR SEED+  B: VALIANT MAIL
    123      6       C: Alert Jewel
    124      8       D: DEX SEED+
    125      4       A: Alert Jewel  E: DEF SEED+
    126      7       A: DREAM COMBO  D: INT SEED+
    127      3       A: DRAGON LEATHER  C: AGL SEED+
    128      7       B: Treasure Jewel  C: Safety Jewel  D: VALIANT MAIL
    129      4       D: DEF SEED+
    130      8       B: Synthesis Materials  C: Treasure Jewel
    131      5       A: High Grade Earth Spirit  B: STR SEED+  C: Treasure Jewel
    132      7       -
    133      6       C: AGL SEED+
    134      7       B: INT SEED+
    135      4       A: MUGEN SOUHAZAN  B: DEF SEED+
    136      8       A: SERAPHIC GARB  D: DEX SEED+
    137      4       B: Treasure Jewel  C: Synthesis Materials  E: Safety Jewel
    138      6       B: Alert Jewel
    139      8       A: Safety Jewel  E: Synthesis Materials
    140      2       B: Synthesis Materials C: ***TRAPPING CARD EX 18***
    141      6       B: Treasure Jewel D: ***TRAPPING CARD EX 19***
    142      7       A: SERAPHIC GARB B: High Grade Earth Spirit  C: Safety Jewel
    143      1       A: CON SEED+
    144      5       A: Synthesis Materials  C: Alert Jewel
    145      2       D: MAG SEED+
    146      3       B: Alert Jewel  C: Synthesis Materials  E: AGL SEED+
    147      4       B: Synthesis Materials
    148      5       B: STR SEED+
    149      2       A: Alert Jewel  C: Synthesis Materials
    150      8       A: MAX EXTENSION  B: DEX SEED+  E: Alert Jewel
    151      1       D: Safety Jewel
    152      7       B: Synthesis Materials
    153      3       A: Safety Jewel  B: Synthesis Materials
    154      6       -
    155      8       C: DEX SEED+
    156      2       D: ***EMOTION TORRENT***
    157      5       A: STR SEED+  C: Safety Jewel
    158      4       B: Safety Jewel  E: High Grade Earth Spirit
    159      1       A: CON SEED+
    160      6       C: Alert Jewel  D: AGL SEED+
    161      8       C: DEX SEED+
    162      5       A: Synthesis Materials  C: STR SEED+
    163      7       B: Alert Jewel  D: INT SEED+
    164      4       B: Alert Jewel  C: DEF SEED+
    165      2       B: Synthesis Materials  D: MAG SEED+
    166      6       B: AGL SEED+  E: STAR GUARD
    167      8       A: Safety Jewel  B: DEX SEED+  C: Treasure Jewel  D: High
                     Grade Earth Spirit
    168      4       B: DEF SEED+
    169      3       D: FUUJIN SEIRAIHA
    170      5       A: STR SEED+
    171      2       -
    172      3       C: Treasure Jewel  D: High Grade Water Spirit
    173      6       A: ***TRAPPING CARD EX 20*** D: Synthesis Materials
    174      1       D: Alert Jewel
    175      4       A: Safety Jewel  D: Treasure Jewel
    176      8       A: DEX SEED+  B: Synthesis Materials  E: Synthesis Materials
    177      1       C: Treasure Jewel  D: CON SEED+
    178      3       C: ***CANNON BLAZE*** D: AGL SEED+
    179      8       A: CRYSTAL GRAIL  C: DEX SEED+
    180      5       B: Safety Jewel  C: Alert Jewel
    181      7       C: INT SEED+
    182      4       D: DEF SEED+
    183      1       C: Safety Jewel
    184      8       E: Synthesis Materials
    185      3       A: High Grade Fire Spirit
    186      7       A: Treasure Jewel  B: INT SEED+
    187      6       A: Alert Jewel  C: RADIATION DEVICE  D: Treasure Jewel
    188      1       C: ***TRAPPING CARD EX 21***
    189      8       C: DEX SEED+  E: Safety Jewel
    190      7       A: Synthesis Materials  C: Safety Jewel  
                     D: Synthesis Materials
    191      2       D: Synthesis Materials
    192      4       B: DEF SEED+
    193      6       B: Alert Jewel  C: AGL SEED+
    194      2       A: MAG SEED+
    195      3       D: Safety Jewel
    196      1       B: Alert Jewel
    197      5       B: Synthesis Materials
    198      4       B: DEF SEED+
    199      8       E: ***TRAPPING CARD EX 22***
    200      2       B: Alert Jewel
    201      4       B: DEF SEED+  C: Synthesis Materials
    202      6       B: AGL SEED+  C: STAR FALL  D: Treasure Jewel
    203      3       A: High Grade Wind Spirit  C: Synthesis Materials
                     D: Synthesis Materials  E: Alert Jewel
    204      1       C: Synthesis Materials  D: CON SEED+
    205      5       A: STR SEED+  B: ***PROPHECY BOOK 6***
    206      7       B: INT SEED+
    207      1       A: Treasure Jewel  D: Safety Jewel
    208      3       A: High Grade Star Spirit  D: Alert Jewel  E: AGL SEED+
    209      2       B: GREMLIN LAIR
    210      5       A: STR SEED+  C: METEOR SWARM
    211      -       Star Fairy, COUNTER AURA BOOK (RING WAVE)**
    **These treasures on floor 211 can be retrieved on your first visit to
    Sphere 211.
    5. CREDITS
    Thanks go to:
    tri-Ace and Enix for the best RPG I have ever played.
    This FAQ Copyright 2004 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
    including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
    permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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