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    Japanese/English Changes FAQ by Ammo

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    Star Ocean - Till the End of Time
    Japanese to English Name Changes F.A.Q.
    by Allison L (Ammo) ~ allison@ammosart.com
    (If you wish to contact me, please add "SO3" or something similar 
    in your subject heading).
    1.  Intro Info
    2.  Characters
    -- Playable
    -- NPCs
    -- Bosses
    -- Bonus Dungeon Bosses
    -- Creators
    3.  Locations
    -- Beginning
    -- Vanguard III
    -- Elicoor II
    -- Back to Space
    -- FD Space
    -- Bonus Dungeons
    4.  Skills and Spells (Skills added 9/6)
    -- Attack Skills
    -- Support Skills
    -- Tactical Skills
    -- Fayt/Fate's Battle Skills
    -- Cliff's Battle Skills
    -- Maria's Battle Skills
    -- Souffle/Peppita's Battle Skills
    -- Nel's Battle Skills
    -- Roger's Battle Skills
    -- Arbel/Albel's Battle Skills
    -- Mirage's Battle Skills
    -- Sophia's Battle Skills
    -- Adlai/Adrai's Battle Skills
    -- Spells
    -Spells that have been changed
    -Spells that have not been changed at all
    5.  Misc
    6.  End Credits
    1.  Intro Info: 
    -- Hi, welcome to my first attempt at a (completed) faq.  
    This is designed to work in conjunction with EChang's excellent faqs, 
    which were based on the Japanese version(s) of Star Ocean - TTEoT.  
    The Location names were originally displayed in English in the Japanese 
    games, and most of the main character's names have been shown in English 
    on the Japanese website, as well as other promotional pictures and items.  
    Supporting characters names are Edward's own spellings, and taken directly 
    from his faqs with his permission.  This should assist anyone that may 
    find themselves a tad bit confused when trying to use those faqs, or for 
    those just curious in general.
    -- Due to the nature of some of these names, there are potential spoilers 
    about.  Please be aware of this!
    -- Some changes are very minor, some are rather odd.  In the case of the 
    bosses and NPCs, I included every one listed in EChang's walkthrough, mainly 
    to attempt to keep confusion to a minimum.  Many of these names are left 
    unchanged, or are very similar.  If in the case you meet a boss twice, I 
    listed them only at the first instance, as by the second or so time you should 
    know the correct name.  Many ship and town names are similar, but the Engish 
    version tends to be a bit formal, and adds a 'grander' sound to some by adding 
    such fancy, longer additions as "Diplomatic Flagship" and whatnot.
    -- Obviously, not every character in the game is included.  I only used those 
    mentioned in Edward's faqs.
    v.1.3 - 9-13-04 - Added in all the spells, and also Sophia and Adray's
    specific Battle Skills.  Also added all the creators, and added one or two 
    more J to E NPC and Misc. name changes.
    v.1.2 - 9-6-04 - Added in battle skills for all characters (with the exception
    of Sophia and Adray - they'll be included in the next update with all Spells), 
    as well as Active, Support and Tactical skills.  All spells to be included next,
    including character-specific and shared ones.  Creators will also be added soon.
    v.1 - 9-2-04 - Started faq, including character, location, and misc. names.
    Moving on...
    (All changes are listed in Japanese first, then English, and so will appear as:
    Japanese name - English name)
    -- Playable
    Fate Linegod - Fayt Leingod
    Sophia Esteed (No change)
    Cliff Fitter - Cliff Fittir
    Maria Traitor - Maria Traydor
    Nel Zelpher (No change)
    Arbel Nox - Albel Nox
    Souffle Rosetti - Peppita Rosetti
    Roger S. Huxley (No change)
    Mirage Coast - Mirage Koas
    Adlai Lasbird - Adray Lasbard
    -- NPCs
    Nokia - Niklas
    Walter - Woltar
    Tainev - Tynave
    Farin - Farleen
    Claire - Clair
    Welch Vineyard (No change)
    Amina - Ameena
    Ladel - Ruddle
    Lumina - Rumina
    Dion (No change)
    Elena (No change)
    Flood - Flad
    Brea - Blair
    -- BOSSES
    Norton (No change)
    Larva Crab - Giant Crab
    Earth Pluto - Earth Smasher
    Shelby (No change)
    Tsukikage Leader - Moonshadow Clan Chief
    Mudman (No change)
    Cockatrice (No change)
    Demetrio (No change)
    Floating Knight - Flying Knight
    Crystal Cerberus (No change)
    Bandein Soldier(s) - Vendeeni Soldiers
    Schweimer (No change)
    Robin Wind (No change)
    Crosel - Crosell
    Biwig (No change)
    Daibensha (Speaker) - The Proclaimer
    Azazel - Azazer
    Belial and Beelzebub - Berial and Belzeber
    Shikkousha (Executioner) - Enforcer
    Danzaisha - Convictor
    Inferior Eye - Lesser Eye
    Dark Armor (No change)
    Crystal Statue (No change)
    Dark Eye (No change)
    Chimera (No change)
    Stone Golem (No change)
    Gau - Battlecopter
    Imitative Brea - Pseudo Blair
    Lucifer - Luther
    -- Bonus Dungeon Bosses
    Sculpture Ruler - Sculptere Lord
    Serios Vox - Mighty Vox
    Gabriel Celeste - Gabriel Celesta
    Zolt - Zorto
    Romero (No change)
    Fabnir - Forbnil
    Hodge-Podge (Now, Hodge Podge)
    Returned Norton - Norton Redux
    Enraged Crosel - Enraged Crosell
    Shadow Dragon (No change)
    Revenge-seeking Shelby - Vengeful Shelby
    Frenzied Biwig (No change)
    Monjara Green - Green Mojara
    Archdemon - Arch Demon
    Angered Azazel and Furious Beelzebub - Angry Azazer, Raging Belzeber
    Reckless Belial - Furious Berial
    Super Brea - Super Blair
    Lenneth (No change, thank goodness)
    Iseria Queen - Ethereal Queen
    Freya (No change)
    -- Creators
    Damda Muda - Damda Mooda
    Milenia - Milenya
    Mayu (No change)
    Eliza (No change)
    Gratz - Grats
    Star Anise - Stanice
    Gossam (No change)
    Macwell - Mackwell
    Rigel (No change)
    Misty Lia - Misty Lear
    Raias - Lias
    Invention King Dejison (No change)
    The Killer Chef (No change)
    Cornelius (No change)
    Barbatos - Balbados
    Michel - Mishell
    Gusto (No change)
    Vanilla (No change)
    Anthler - Ansala
    Puffy (No change)
    Aqua and Evia (No change)
    Meryl (No change)
    Count Nopperin - Count Noppen
    Boyd (No change)
    Chiriko - Chilico
    Sage Oseman - Osman the Sage
    Fortuneteller Ruid - Louise the Diviner
    Isaac - Izak
    -- Beginning
    Grand Tear - Grantier
    Emergancy Shelter - Evacuation Facility
    Helre (No real change, perhaps just being a bit specific - 
    "Transport Ship" Helre)
    -- Vanguard III
    Pesotto Forest (No change)
    Whipple Village (No change - now goofy in two languages instead of one)
    Coffer Ruins - Ruins of Coffir
    Norton's House - Norton's Hideout
    -- Elicoor II
    Eagle - (Simple add-on .."The Cutter" Eagle)
    Underground Waterway - Airyglyph Aqueducts
    Airyglyph - Royal City of Airyglyph
    Traum Mountains (No change)
    Cirlsour - Mining Town of Kirsla
    Cirlsour Cave - Kirsla Caverns
    Becquerel Mountain Path - Bequerel Mountain Path
    Alias - Riverfront Village of Arias
    Aire/Cirlsour Hills - Aire/Kirlsa Hills
    Grana Hill - Granah Hills
    Cirlsour Ruins - Kirlsa Training Facility
    Palmira Plains (No change)
    Peterny - (No big change, "Trading Town of" Peterny)
    Sunmight Plains - Sanmite Steppe
    Douglas Forest - Duggus Forest
    Iris Plains - Irisa Fields
    Sealand - Sacred City of Aquios
    Becquerel Mine - Bequerel Mine
    Immortality Way - Sealed Cavern
    Shrine of Canan - Shrine of Kaddan
    Sir Felious - Lost City of Surferio
    The Grace and Thirst Corridor - Passage from Parch to Plenty
    Mosel Sandhill - Mosel Dunes
    Ancient Ruins of Mosel (No change)
    Bar Mountains/Cave/Ruins - Mountains/Cave/Ruins of Barr
    Urza Lava Cave - Urssa Lava Caves
    -- Back to Space
    Diplo (No huge change, but now fancier - "Diplomatic Flagship" Diplo)
    Aquaelie (Now new and improved, with more "Battleship" added)
    Moonbase (No change)
    Planet Stream - Planet Styx
    -- FD Space
    Recorder - Arkives
    Gemity City (Dropped "City", so now just Gemity)
    Sphere Corporation - Sphere Company
    Firewall (No change)
    Spiral Tower (No change)
    -- Bonus Dungeons
    Sir Felious Underwater Garden - Aquatic Gardens of Surferio
    Cave of Trials - Maze of Tribulations
    4.  SKILLS and SPELLS
    -- Active Basic Battle Skills
    Critical - Critical Hit
    Get Item - Loot Item
    HP Damage up, and MP Damage Up - Increase HP (or MP) Damage
    Stamina Up - Increase Stamina
    Double Up - Increase HP/MP Damage
    Charge, Aerial, Stun, Drain, and Fear are not changed
    -- Support Battle Skills
    Guardless - No Guard
    Common Attack/Support Spell - Common Attack/Support Symbols
    Retro Heal - Standby Healing
    Guts Extension - Max Fury
    Critical HP/Critical MP - Critical Hit HP/MP
    Quick Charge - Quick Symbol
    MP Extend - Increase MP
    First Aid and Lucky Star are not changed
    -- Tactical Battle Skills
    Training - Combat Training
    Aura Select - Select Anti-Attack Aura
    Balance - Convert Damage
    Enemy Search - Scan Enemy
    Berserk, taunt, and Cure condition are not changed
    -- Fate/Fayt's Battle Skills
    Blade Reactor - Blade of Fury
    Blaze Sword - Blazing Sword
    Reflect Strike - Side Kick
    Icicle Edge - Ice Blade
    Shotgun Bolt - Shotgun Blast
    Lightning Bind - Lightning Blade
    Vertical Airraid - Air Raid
    Strayer Void - Dimension Door
    Divine Weapon - Divine Blade
    Iserial Blast - Ethereal Blast
    -- Cliff's Battle Skills
    Might Discharge - Sphere of Might
    Might Hammer - Hammer of Might
    Current Knuckle - Electric Fists
    Burst Tackle - Fiery Tackle
    Aerial Raid - Aerial Assault
    Flash Chariot - Fists of Fury
    Bean Bagger - Uppercut
    Acrobat Locus (No change)
    Infinity Arts - Infinity Kick
    Max Extension - Max Shockwave
    -- Maria's Battle Skills
    Aiming Device (No change)
    Pluto Horn - Scatter Burst
    Magnetic Field (No change)
    Pulse Emission - Pulse Beast
    Crescent Locus (No change)
    Trident Arts - Triple Kick
    Laser Emission - Laser Blast
    Gravity Bullet (No change)
    Burst Emission - Energy Burst
    Radiation Device - Radiation Bots
    -- Souffle/Peppita's Battle Skills
    Beyond Lure - Magic Hook
    Frozen Dagger - Frozen Daggers
    Shining Dance - Power Dance
    Dokyuun Blast - Instanto Blast
    Panic Dance (No change)
    Papapa Splash - Kaboom
    Prismic Dance - Healing Dance
    Fairy Arts - Faerie Friend
    Magical Dance (No change)
    Dream Combo - Dream Hammer
    -- Nel's Battle Skills
    Shisentou - Shock Wave
    Kagebarai - Shadow Wave
    Touga - Ice Daggers
    Fuka - Poison Cloud
    Fuujin - Whirlwind
    Kokuyousen - Flying Guillotine
    Raikouha - Lightning Chain
    Kyoumensatsu - Mirror Slice
    Uraouka Sakkou - Divine Wrath
    Fuujin Seiraiha - Splitting Sky
    -- Roger's Battle Skills
    Heat Axe - Fiery Axe
    Heat Whip - Whirling Heat
    Tareru Mine - Land Mines
    Last Ditch - Flying Torpedo
    Ex Arm - Piercing Claw
    Stream Attack - Fiery Fury
    Cannon Shield - Shield and Cannon
    Jeek Beam - Raging Helmet
    Tri Fauna - Bug Triad
    Star Fall (No change)
    -- Arbel/Albel's Battle Skills
    Kuuhazan - Air Slash
    Shouretsuha - Shockwave Swirl
    Kikoushou - Palm of Destruction
    Mashouseki - Aura Wall
    Souhazan - Double Slash
    Makousen - Vampire Flash
    Goumashou - Hand of Doom
    Kouryuuh - Dragon Roar
    Mugen Kuuhazan - Air Slash of Fury
    Mugen Souhazan - Double Slash of Fury
    -- Mirage's Battle Skills
    Might Discharge - Sphere of Might
    Might Hammer - Hammer of Might
    Current Knuckle - Electric Fists
    Aerial Raid - Aerial Assault
    Crescent Locus (No change)
    Trident Arts - Triple Kick
    Acrobat Locus (No change)
    Festive Avenger - Avenger Charge
    Infinity Arts - Infinity Kick
    Cannon Blaze - Blazing Cannon
    -- Sophia's Battle Skills
    Blood Scylla (No change)
    Gremlin Lair - Gremlins
    Meteo Swarm - Meteor Swarm
    -- Adlai/Adray's Battle Skills
    Fatal Fury - Chaos Tide
    Titan Fist (No change)
    Water Gate - Sea Gate
    Spicule - Sirocco
    Emotion Torrent (No change)
    -- Spells
    These are all the Symbology/Runology (originally Heraldry)
    spells in the game.  Most are not character specific, and
    several characters can use any given spell.  Please refer to
    EChang's faq as to who can learn what.  For the most, the bulk
    of these are used by Sophia and Adray, although they do have a
    few specific Battle Skills of their own (listed above).
    -Spells that have been changed:
    Ice Needle - Ice Needles
    Earth Grave - Earth Glaive
    Raise Dead - Restoration
    Ifrit Sword - Efreet
    Growth - Power Up
    Press - Crush
    Fairy Light - Faerie Light
    Dark Circle - Dark Sphere
    Ray - Laser Beams
    Thunderstruck - Lightning Strike
    -Spells that are not changed at all:
    Healing, Antidote, Firebolt, Silence, Acid Rain,
    Lightning Blast, Protection, Cure Condition, 
    Thunder Flare, Deep Freeze, Reflection, Rock Rain,
    Gravitation, Explosion, Angel Feather, Southern Cross
    5.  MISC.
    Battle Collection - Battle Trophies
    Bandein - Vendeen
    Heraldry - Symbology or Runology
    Torokko - Hauler Beast
    Iris Maiden Flower - Maiden of Irisa
    Tsukikage - Moonshadow Clan
    Machinery - Engineering
    6.  End Credits:
    Thanks to...
    tri-Ace and Enix for this wacky-mad-fun-great game, as well to 
    Square-Enix for bringing it to the US.
    Edward Chang for letting me use his translated names for the faq.
    My various homies, and darling.
    The gang in #starocean for their zaniness and humor, compilation 
    assistance, and Special thanks to Brandoserge for his help with 
    DUGGUS(all caps) Forest.
    This FAQ is copyright 2004 to Allison L - please do not redistribute 
    this in electronic/print/whatever form of media without my permission, 
    or repercussions shall be dire.  Or at least I'll be sad.
    Thanks, and have a nice day.
    ~ Allison L, http://ammosart.com 
    ~ fin ~

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