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    Dictionary FAQ by Rashidi

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    Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
    Dictionary FAQ
    Version 1.5
    An FAQ compiled by Rashidi
    E-Mail: rashidi@aol.com or johnmarkisch@hotmail.com
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    Table of Contents
    I.    Version History
    II.   Political Bodies/Places
    III.  People
    IV.   Races
    V.    Miscellaneous
    VI.   Frequently Asked Questions
    I. Version History
    Version 1.5 (9/27/05)
    Credit goes to DarkElf99 for filling in the rest of the blanks, as well 
    as correcting a few typos.
    Added Urssa Cave Temple to the Political Bodies/Places section.
    Added Ansala, Balbados, Boyd, Count Mattalun, Eleanor Duran, Folstar 
    Rood, Gant Basner XIII, Gossam, Irisa Pahm, Izak, Osman, Palmira Armes, 
    Puffy, Rigel, Santa, and Santa, Mercantilean to the People section.
    Added Beegul, Demonoid, and Houndfolk to the Races section.
    Added Corsair, Electronegativity, Ionization Energy, Melting Point, 
    Mercury, Silver, Squall, Toer Foundation, and Tria to the Miscellaneous 
    Version 1.4 (9/26/05)
    Added most of the inventors that were missing.  This isn't 100% 
    complete yet, but it's close.
    Version 1.3 (7/19/05)
    Added Aqua, and Evia to the People section.
    Added Oreas to the Miscellaneous section.
    Yep, quite a dynamic update.  If anybody has any of the inventors I'm 
    missing it would be greatly appreciated if someone sent them to me.
    Version 1.2 (1/22/05)
    Added more end of game references.
    Version 1.1 (12/23/04)
    Added more of the end game references.  I still haven't beaten the game 
    yet, but I'm close.  Other than the inventors, I might have all the 
    references, save for maybe five that I haven't gotten yet in the story.
    Version 1.0 (12/20/04)
    Around 95% of entries added.  Missing only a few inventors, as well as 
    end of the game references (I haven't beaten the game yet).
    Version 0.1 (10/17/04)
    Began compilation of the Dictionary FAQ.
    II. Political Bodies/Places
    4D Space (Universe)
    Aire Hills (Place Name)
    Airyglyph (City)
    Airyglyph Aqueducts (Place Name)
    Airyglyph Castle (Facility)
    Airyglyph, Military Superpower (Country)
    Aldian Empire (Nation State)
    Aldian Empire (Part 2) (Nation State)
    Alpha Sector (Sector)
    Ancient Kingdom of Aquor (Country)
    Ancient Ruins of Mosel (Facility)
    Aquatic Garden, Surferio (Facility) 
    Aquios (City) 
    Arakh (Planet)
    Arias (City) 
    Arkives (City)
    Barr Caves (Place Name)
    Bequerel Mine (Place Name)
    Bequerel Mountain Path (Place Name)
    Castle Aquaria (Facility)
    Continent of Gaitt (Place Name)
    Continent of Greeton (Place Name)
    Daemonium (Universe)
    Dragon Road (Nickname) 
    Duggus Forest (Place Name) 
    Earth (Planet)
    Edifice (Planet)
    Elicoor (Star) 
    Elicoor II (Planet)
    Emergency Shelter (Facility)
    Estoch System (Planetary System)
    Eta Sector (Sector)
    Evacuation Facility (Facility)
    Expel (Planet) 
    Federation Station #5 (Facility)
    Federation Station #8 (Facility)
    Federation Station #9 (Facility)
    Federation Station #16 (Facility)
    Federation Station #17 (Facility)
    Federation Station #17 (Part 2) (Facility)
    Federation Station #18 (Facility)
    Federation Station #20 (Facility)
    Federation Station #31 (Facility)
    Federation Station #36 (Facility)
    Federation Station #42 (Facility)
    Firewall (World)
    Fourth-Dimensional Space (Universe)
    Gamma Sector (Sector)
    Gemity (City)
    Granah Hills (Place Name)
    Gravitic Warp Space (Nickname)
    Greeton, Technological Superpower (Country)
    Hyda IV (Planet) 
    Irisa Fields (Place Name) 
    Iruba (City)
    Kaddan (Facility) 
    Kappa Sector (Sector) 
    Kingdom of Airyglyph (Country) 
    Kingdom of Aquaria (Country)
    Kingdom of Aquor (Country)
    Kingdom of Greeton (Country)
    Kirlsa (City)
    Kirlsa Caverns (Place Name) 
    Kirlsa Hills (Place Name)
    Kirlsa Training Facility (Facility)
    Klaus III (Planet)
    Klaus IV (Planet)
    Lambda Sector (Sector)
    Lesonia (Planet)
    Lost City (City) 
    Luna (Moon)
    Maze of Tribulations (Facility) 
    Milokeenia (Planet)
    Moonbase (Facility)
    Moonbase (Part 2) (Facility)
    Moonbase (Part 3) (Facility)
    Moonlit Bridge (Facility)
    Mosel Dunes (Place Name)
    Mountain of the Gods (Place Name)
    Mountains of Barr (Place Name)
    Palmira Plains (Place Name)
    Pangalactic Federation (Government or Force)
    Passage from Parch to Plenty (Place Name)
    Pesotto Forest (Place Name)
    Peterny (City) 
    Remote Station #6 (Facility)
    Remote Station #7 (Facility)
    Rezerb (Planet)
    Roak (Planet)
    Ruins of Barr (Place Name)
    Ruins of Coffir (Facility)
    Runological Weapon Research Facility (Facility) 
    Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria (Country)
    Sanmite Republic (Country) 
    Sanmite Steppe (Place Name) 
    Sealed Cavern (Place Name) 
    Shrine of Kaddan (Facility)
    Sol System (Planetary System)
    Spacetime Station (Facility)
    Sphere 211 (Facility)
    Spiral Tower (Universe) 
    Styx (Planet) 
    Styx (Part 2) (Planet)
    Surferio (City)
    Terran Alliance (Government or Force)
    Tetragenesis (Planet and Group of Artificial Satellites)
    Theta Sector (Sector)
    Traum Mountains (Place Name)
    Urssa Cave Temple (Facility) 
    Urssa Lava Caves (Place Name)
    Vanguard III (Planet)
    Vendeen (Planet)
    Vendeen (Part 2) (Planet)
    Vendeen (Part 3) (Planet)
    Whipple (City)
    Zeta Sector (Sector)
    4D Space (Universe)
    See Fourth-Dimensional Space.
    Aire Hills (Place Name)
    Both Airyglyph and Aquaria claim sovereignty over this hilly region, 
    which lies between Kirlsa and Arias.  Each country wants this vast land 
    for different reasons-the Kingdom of Airyglyph for growing crops, since 
    it never freezes, and the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria for the wealth of 
    resources hidden underneath its soil.
    Airyglyph (City)
    The capital city of the military superpower of Airyglyph.  Airyglyph's 
    land is surrounded by 2,000 meter-high mountains.  Due to its high 
    elevation, natural resources such as grain and animals are extremely 
    difficult to come by.
    In the past, its finances were covered by large-scale resource mining, 
    the domestication of livestock, and other means, but there have been 
    reports that Airyglyph's mines are nearing depletion.
    Airyglyph Aqueducts (Place Name)
    A system of gigantic ice caves that sprawl throughout underground 
    Airyglyph.  The Airyglyph Aqueducts are so vast that neither the spies 
    from the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, who use them like a highway, nor 
    the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Airyglyph, who live immediately above 
    them, are aware of their true size.
    Airyglyph Castle (Facility)
    The royal palace of the military superpower of Airyglyph.  Airyglyph 
    Castle was carved out of a mountainside, and resembles a fort more than 
    a traditional castle.  It is said, however, that the castle was not 
    built in this unusual fashion for defensive purposes, but rather 
    because there was not enough flat land to build on.
    Airyglyph, Military Superpower (Country)
    See the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
    Aldian Empire (Nation State)
    A gigantic military empire that controls a total of seven sectors, 
    centered on the Nu, Xi, Omicron, and Psi sectors, it is the only force 
    equal in power to the Pangalactic Federation.  First contact occurred 
    in SD 710.
    The Aldian Empire attempts to colonize surrounding star systems by 
    force, and is therefore incompatible with the multiple state philosophy 
    of the Pangalactic Federation.  This is why the two forces have been in 
    a state of constant warfare since first contact, over sixty years ago.  
    The state of the Aldian Empire's home world and the total number of 
    Aldians are unknown at this time.
    Aldian Empire (Part 2) (Nation State)
    The Aldians were wiped out when an Executioner attack destroyed their 
    home world, and the planets that had been under their control gained 
    However, none of the former subjects of the Aldian Empire have the 
    power to stand up to the Executioners, with their empire-smashing 
    strength, and the Executioners are currently massacring the empire's 
    ex-subjects far and wide.
    Alpha Sector (Sector)
    The sector of the Milky Way galaxy that lies along a straight line that 
    passes from the origin points in the galactic and universal spatial 
    coordinate systems, and is used as a standard of reference for 
    delineating all sectors.
    Ancient Kingdom of Aquor (Country)
    See the Kingdom of Aquor.
    Ancient Ruins of Mosel (Facility)
    Mysterious, old ruins located in the Mosel Dunes.  According to the 
    scriptures of the Church of Apris, the sun god Apris and three moon 
    goddesses flew off into the sky from these ruins.  The scriptures also 
    state that the eight children of these gods, who are also gods in their 
    own right, gather together here.
    According to those living in the Sanmite Republic, these ruins mark the 
    beginning and end of all.
    In other words, they believe that this is the place where all gods 
    appear on this world, and the place from which all gods leave this 
    Aquatic Garden, Surferio (Facility)
    A great ruin found underground between Surferio and Irisa Fields.
    It was seemingly built in the early years of the Ancient Kingdom of 
    Aquor, which makes it not as ancient as most people would think.  It 
    still stands, with no hope of repair, after being destroyed in the war 
    between Aquor and Greeton.
    Aquios (City)
    A major city located in the center of the northern region of the 
    continent of Gaitt, Aquios is not only the capital of the Sacred 
    Kingdom of Aquaria, but also a holy site of the Church of Apris.
    Despite the dazzling beauty of the clear blue lake that surrounds this 
    city, the runological force gathered there is greater than anywhere 
    else on the continent of Gaitt.
    Arakh (Planet)
    Called Frozen Arakh, as its surface is covered with nitrogen ice, it is 
    the seventh planet of the Estoch System, which is located near 
    Federation Station #17.
    Arakh's axial tilt is 87.6', it is 7.6 AUs from its parent star, and 
    its surface gravity is 1.4 G.
    The thin atmosphere of this nearly uninhabitable planet is mostly 
    comprised of helium gas.
    In spite of the harsh environment, a mining station has been 
    established on Arakh since mass quantities of precious metals can be 
    excavated from beneath the thick ice.
    Arias (City)
    A town in the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria that les closest to the 
    neighboring Kingdom of Airyglyph.
    It has managed to withstand several fierce attacks by the Airyglyph 
    military in the past, thanks to its garrison, which is skillfully led 
    by Clair Lasbard, and its runological corps.  However, many of the 
    town's runologist defenders have been injured in the repeated battles, 
    and it is rumored within the Kingdom of Aquaria that the fall of this 
    town is imminent.
    Arkives (City)
    A city in 4D space--one of the satellite cities where many of the 
    inhabitants of the 4D universe live.  Spacetime Station ties all of the 
    major cities together.
    The inhabitants of the Eternal Sphere find the psychological makeup of 
    the 4D beings that live in this peculiar city to be curious creatures--
    they make sense in some ways, but not in others.
    Barr Caves (Place Name)
    Innumerous caves that are scattered about the Mountains of Barr.
    Only one of these mountain caves is the legendary Dragon Road, which 
    leads to the Urssa Lava Caves.
    Bequerel Mine (Place Name)
    One of the Kingdom of Airyglyph's mines.
    In the time of the first king, this mine mass-produced enough copper to 
    support the kingdom's finances, but excessive mining over a long period 
    has depleted all the copper ore except for remnants very deep in the 
    To make matters worse, fifteen years ago, many flying dragons made this 
    mine their home, preventing all but the most foolhardy from ever 
    visiting the place.
    Bequerel Mountain Path (Place Name)
    A mountain path between the Kirlsa Caverns and the village of Arias 
    that is also a second road connecting Airyglyph and Aquaria.
    However, since this path between the kingdoms is much more roundabout 
    than the usual roads, as well as precipitous, this route is hardly 
    Castle Aquaria (Facility)
    The castle where the queen of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria dwells, a 
    holy site for the Church of Apris, and the most advanced runology 
    laboratory on the planet.  Many religious people and scholars flock to 
    this castle to research its rich history and traditions.
    Continent of Gaitt (Place Name)
    A continent in the southern hemisphere of Elicoor II, Gaitt is divided 
    into three regions.  The mountainous southern region is ruled by the 
    military superpower of Airyglyph, the plains in the northeast are ruled 
    by the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, and the hilly region to the northwest 
    is ruled by the Sanmite Republic.
    Continent of Greeton (Place Name)
    A huge continent located to the east of the continent of Gaitt, Greeton 
    alone accounts for 40% of the entire land surface area of Elicoor II.
    However, there are only two landmasses on Elicoor II that are large 
    enough to be called continents-Gaitt and Greeton.  Elicoor II's 
    northern hemisphere has a number of island chains, but no continents.
    Daemonium (Universe)
    This well-known parallel universe is the home of demons and other 
    entities that are fundamentally different from the inhabitants of this 
    Unlike this universe, where souls reside in matter, in the Daemonium, 
    spirits are able to act by taking physical form.
    Dragon Road (Nickname)
    The only road that leads to the Urssa Lava Caves, which are located in 
    the northernmost region of Airyglyph.  There is a legend that Airyglyph 
    I, the first king of the Kingdom of Airyglyph, climbed this road in 
    order to negotiate with the air dragons.  This was done to enlist their 
    aid against evil demons.
    Duggus Forest (Nickname)
    A forest located in the middle of the Sanmite Steppe in which many 
    medicinal herbs and flowers grow.
    Recently, a band of thieves that calls itself the Moonshadow Clan has 
    been using this forest as a base of operations, while growing in 
    Earth (Planet)
    The third planet of the Sol System.
    Do you need to know any more than that?
    Edifice (Planet)
    The presence of two races has been confirmed on this underdeveloped 
    planet.  One is a marine race known as the Edifians, and the other is a 
    race of Humans that is very similar to the Earthling race.
    Since Edifice is an underdeveloped planet, there have not been any 
    detailed investigations, but the existence of an advanced ancient 
    civilization has been conjectured due to the so-called "Gift" they left 
    behind as a legacy.
    Elicoor (Planet)
    The primary of the Elicoor system has an effective temperature of 5,290 
    K, a radius of 5.920 x 10(8squared)m, and an absolute visual magnitude 
    of 5.74.
    According to the mythology of the natives of Elicoor II, this star is 
    an incarnation of Apris, the Sun God.
    Elicoor II (Planet) 
    Other than the fact that most of its atmosphere is composed of neon and 
    other noble gases, the second planet in the Elicoor system has an 
    atmospheric composition that is similar to that of Earth.
    Elicoor II has an axial tilt of 32.6', is 0.8 AUs from its parent star, 
    and has a surface gravity of 0.9 G.  The planet's technology level is 
    estimated to be equivalent to 17th century Earth.
    Although this planet is registered in the Galactic Atlas as an 
    underdeveloped planet, since its people are constantly at war, no data 
    is available for the total population of sentient life forms.
    Emergency Shelter (Facility) 
    See Evacuation Facility.
    Estoch System (Planetary System)
    Located in Sector Lambda, the Estoch System includes seven planets and 
    countless asteroids in orbit around the primary.
    This system began developing at a sudden and dramatic pace when a vein 
    of dielectric bauxite-a component of superconducting aluminum-was found 
    on the outermost of the seven planets.
    However, since it is located in a border zone close to the Aldian 
    Empire, and because the dielectric bauxite has already been tapped out 
    by the large numbers of miners working in this system, it is now almost 
    entirely deserted.
    Eta Sector (Sector)
    The sector of the Milky Way galaxy that includes Tetragenesis and 
    Remote Stations #3 and #4.
    Evacuation Facility (Facility)
    In an emergency, any of the transporters located throughout Iruba can 
    be used to go to the Evacuation Facility. (To evacuate...duh.)
    Although there are several emergency evacuation facilities of this 
    nature located in civilized cities around the Pangalactic Federation, 
    this is the first time such a system was ever used on Hyda IV or 
    anywhere in the Hyda system.
    Expel (Planet)
    A planet located in the Arkula System of Sector Theta that has an 
    atmospheric composition and surface gravity approximately identical to 
    those of Earth.
    This naturally beautiful world is currently enjoying a period of 
    stability, but at one point in its past the high density of Energy 
    Stones distributed throughout its atmosphere polluted the entire 
    This mysterious pollution, which began in 366 SD, continued for several 
    years, and affected the psyches of many of the planet's wild animals, 
    causing them to ferociously attack the native Expelians.
    However, in 371 SD, Dr. Neuyman succeeded in developing his Neuyman 
    Purifier, a device that was able to remove this pollution.
    This cleaner worked wonderfully, removing most of the pollution by the 
    very next year, and thereby eliminating almost all of the negative 
    influence of the Energy Stones.  Recognizing the value of this 
    technology, Expel was invited to join the Pangalactic Federation at the 
    end of the same year.
    Because Expel is one of the few planets that generate Energy Stones-a 
    necessity in the creation of Quadratic Keys-the planet is an extremely 
    influential voice within the Pangalactic Federation.  The current Prime 
    Minister of Expel is Ms. Eleanor T. Kross (age 36).
    Federation Station #5 (Facility)
    See Moonbase.
    Federation Station #8 (Facility)
    A Pangalactic Federation space station located in the Alpha Sector.
    Since there were few powerful hostile forces in the surrounding 
    sectors, this base was accustomed to peace and is thought not to have 
    been combat ready.
    Although it may be true that no one could have successfully defended 
    the base against the attack by the Executioners, there is no doubt that 
    the base's commander, Lieutenant General Vaughn, was responsible for 
    the unexpectedly rapid defeat of the base.
    Federation Station #9 (Facility)
    A Pangalactic Federation Base located in the Alpha Sector.  It was the 
    first military base attacked and destroyed by the Executioners.
    Federation Station #16 (Facility)
    A station that suffered serious damage when attacked during the 
    invasion by the Aldian Empire at the time Federation Station #17 was 
    destroyed.  This base was reclaimed from the hands of the Aldian Empire 
    by Commodore Wittcomb, hero of the Pangalactic military.
    Federation Station #17 (Facility)
    A Pangalactic Federation base that used to orbit the planet Rahva III.
    As the closest military base to the territory of the Aldian Empire, it 
    suffered endless and devastating attacks by the Aldian forces.
    Seven years ago, in 765 SD, it was brutally attacked by a fleet of the 
    Aldian Empire.  Damage sustained in the attack caused the Creation 
    Engine inside the base to malfunction, completely annihilating it.
    Federation Station #17 (Part 2) (Facility)
    A Pangalactic Federation base where Maria lived as a young child.
    Seven years ago, this facility was vaporized by a Creation Engine that 
    malfunctioned during a vicious attack by the Aldian Empire.
    A swarm of asteroids routed from deep space smashed into this base.
    The small number of ships comprising the base's defense fleet were 
    unable to alter the course of so many chunks of ice.
    Federation Station #18 (Facility)
    A station that suffered serious damage when attacked during the 
    invasion by the Aldian Empire at the time Federation Station #17 was 
    destroyed.  It was reclaimed from the Aldian Empire by General Reed 
    (who was a lieutenant general at the time), a famous military leader of 
    the Pangalactic Federation.
    Federation Station #20 (Facility)
    A Pangalactic Federation space station located in the Alpha Sector that 
    had the unfortunate fate of having to take on responsibility for 
    defending the entire region after the sudden annihilation of Federation 
    Station #8, which was torn to shreds like so much paper.
    Federation Station #31 (Facility)
    A doomed station easily destroyed by the Executioners, along with 
    Federation Station #9, Federation Station #36, and Federation Station 
    Federation Station #36 (Facility)
    A defeated station easily destroyed by the Executioners, along with 
    Federation Station #9, Federation Station #31, and Federation Station 
    Federation Station #42 (Facility)
    A pitiful station easily destroyed by the Executioners, along with 
    Federation Station #9, Federation Station #31, and Federation Station 
    Firewall (World)
    A powerful security zone created to protect the data of Luther 
    Lansfeld, president of Sphere and lead developer of the Eternal Sphere.
    This security zone includes powerful defensive barriers to prevent the 
    entry of hackers and viruses backed by governments, so only the best 
    programs can break through.
    Fourth-Dimensional Space (Universe)
    The universe where the 4D beings, who are thought to have created the 
    universe of Fayt and friends, live.
    No information is available on this universe.
    According to the research of Dr. Leingod and his team of scientists, 
    the relic on the planet Styx known as the Time Gate is actually an 
    entrance to this 4D space.
    Gamma Sector (Sector)
    The sector of the Milky Way galaxy that is home to the Vendeeni, the 
    most scientifically advanced civilization in the galaxy.  It is also 
    home to a large number of neutral powers that use the Vendeeni as a 
    Planets in this sector are able to maintain their independence because 
    the area is far away from the Pangalactic Federation's center of 
    government, no active anti-Federation power uses the area as a base of 
    operations, and most of all, it is near the border of the Aldian 
    Empire, the Pangalactic Federation's primary rival.
    Gemity (City)
    A city existing for the amusement of the non-working class that makes 
    up the majority of the 4D universe's population.
    It was developed and is operated by Sphere, the same company that 
    developed the Eternal Sphere.  Within Gemity, it is possible to fully 
    experience the virtual universe of the Eternal Sphere as if you are 
    there.  In other words, it's just like an amusement park.
    Granah Hills (Place Name)
    A region noted for its deep gorges connecting Kirlsa with the Kirlsa 
    Training Facility.  It is the only part of the Kingdom of Airyglyph to 
    grow crops.
    In actuality, however, the areas flat enough to use for agriculture are 
    no wider than a soldier's shield.
    Gravitic Warp Space (Nickname)
    Space that is surrounded by a gravitic warp field, and which is 
    compressed much more than ordinary space.  See gravitic warp field.
    Greeton, Technological Superpower (Country)
    See the Kingdom of Greeton.
    Hyda IV (Planet)
    The fourth planet of the Kappa Sector's Hyda System, Hyda IV has an 
    atmospheric composition that closely resembles that of Earth, other 
    than a slightly higher level of argon.
    It has an axial tilt of 34.6', orbits 1.4 AUs away from its sun, and 
    has a surface gravity of 0.9 G.
    Since the entire planet is blessed with natural beauty and a lack of 
    dangerous organisms, it is extremely popular as a health resort.
    The equatorial regions, where temperatures are mild and humidity is 
    low, provide an excellent climate for mammalian races, especially 
    The planet constantly plays hot to over one hundred thousand tourists.
    Although it has no native sentient life forms, immigrants from other 
    planets and resort employees have settled here, bringing the planet's 
    total estimated population to approximately 120,000.
    Irisa Fields (Place Name) 
    A pleasantly breezy expanse of plains that lies between Peterny and 
    Merchants, runologists, and devout followers of the Church of Apris 
    pass through this region every day on the way to the holy land of 
    Iruba (City)
    The 14th Recreational Zone of Hyda IV, Iruba's huge, pristine beach and 
    tropical forest park help to make it the most popular of Hyda IV's 
    twenty-four recreational zones.
    Iruba is popular with a wide range of visitors from all generations, 
    including families, couples, and a large number of celebrities from 
    various fields.
    Kaddan (Facility) 
    See Shrine of Kaddan.
    Kappa Sector (Sector)
    The sector of the Milky Way galaxy that includes both Hyda System and 
    Remote Station #7.  Approximately 40% of it is under the control of the 
    Pangalactic Federation.
    Kingdom of Airyglyph (Country)
    A military nation ruling the mountainous southern regions of the 
    continent of Gaitt, which is located in the southern hemisphere of the 
    planet of Elicoor II.
    Seeking to establish a unified rule over the entire continent, the 
    prowess of its three armies strikes fear into the hearts of those 
    living in neighboring lands.  These three armies include a cavalry 
    brigade (the Storm Brigade), heavy cavalry (the Black Brigade), and an 
    air assault brigade (the Dragon Brigade).
    Kingdom of Aquaria (Country)
    A theocratic kingdom located on the continent of Gaitt, on the planet 
    Elicoor II, the Kingdom of Aquaria refers to itself as a "Sacred 
    The Church of Apris, which has many followers throughout the continent, 
    was born in this kingdom.  Ever since the Torastic Religious War that 
    occurred seven hundred years ago, an unbroken line of royalty dating 
    back to the age of this kingdom's predecessor, the Sacred Kingdom of 
    Aquor, has ruled the land.
    Perhaps due to the recent incursions of the Kingdom of Airyglyph, the 
    current ruler of this country, Aquaria XXVII, is allocating a 
    tremendous amount of resources to research into runology.
    Kingdom of Aquor (Country)
    An ancient kingdom that ruled most of the continent of Gaitt over a 
    period from 700 to 320 years ago.
    Aquor-often seen as the predecessor of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria-
    was eventually destroyed by an invasion from the Kingdom of Greeton.
    Kingdom of Greeton (Country)
    Located on the continent of Greeton on Elicoor II, Greeton is well 
    known for its technological sophistication.  Most of the population of 
    Greeton is comprised of humanoids known as Rockfolk, and is rumored to 
    possess a relatively high level of mechanical technology.  However, 
    details about Greeton are scarce as it closed itself off to outsiders 
    centuries ago.
    Kirlsa (City)
    The town in the Kingdom of Airyglyph that lies closest to the border 
    with the neighboring Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
    The number of soldiers stationed here rose sharply after the war 
    started, and its atmosphere is growing increasingly tense.
    It is governed by Count Woltar and the Storm Brigade, which reports 
    directly to him.
    Kirlsa Caverns (Place Name)
    A gigantic tunnel through a mountain range connecting Kirlsa and the 
    Bequerel Mountain Path.
    These artificial caverns were built over the course of ten years, in 
    order to make it easier to access the Bequerel Mountain Path, which 
    contains many veins of ore.  Domesticated Hauler Beasts allow large 
    shipments of materials to be transported through the caverns.
    Kirlsa Hills (Place Name)
    A barren, hilly region between Kirlsa and Arias that contains rich 
    mineral deposits.  Sovereignty over this region is a point of dispute 
    between Airyglyph and Aquaria, and there is still no precise boundary 
    between the two kingdoms in this area.
    Kirlsa Training Facility (Facility)
    An ancient, abandoned fort south of Kirlsa converted by the Airyglyph 
    military into a garrison for the Black Brigade.
    Hundreds of innocent men and women, especially believers of the Church 
    of Apris living within the territory of Airyglyph, have been executed 
    here in order to serve as an example.
    Klaus III (Planet)
    The third planet of the Klaus System, Klaus III has no seasons due to 
    its axial tilt of 0.4', is 1.2 AUs away from its parent star, and has a 
    gravity of 2.4 G.
    Its atmosphere has only two-thirds of Earth's oxygen in terms of 
    density.  The oxygen is replaced by additional nitrogen.
    It is thought that the severity of this environment--low oxygen density 
    and heavy gravity--is responsible for giving the Klausians their 
    incredible physical capabilities.
    Klaus IV (Planet)
    The fourth planet in Klaus System, Klaus IV has an atmospheric 
    composition that is almost completely made up of carbon dioxide.
    Klaus IV has an axial tilt of 11.2', is 1.8 AUs from its parent star, 
    and has a gravity of 0.6 G.
    Although it used to be sterile and devoid of any life forms, as the 
    population of Klaus III increased, colonization proceeded, and now one 
    fourth of all Klausians live in habitation domes constructed on this 
    The atmospheric composition and gravity of the areas underneath the 
    habitation domes are adjusted to resemble that of Klaus III, and 
    therefore life is possible underneath the domes without any noticeable 
    difference.  The total number of Klausians living in the galaxy at 
    present is estimated at around twelve billion.
    Lambda Sector (Sector)
    The sector of the Milky Way galaxy that is the closest Pangalactic 
    Federation controlled sector to the territory of the Aldian Empire.
    Federation Station #17 was located here until it was destroyed in an 
    attack by the Aldian Empire seven years ago.
    Lesonia (Planet)
    A planet located in the Gamma Sector.
    Gravitational anomalies abound in the region surrounding Lesonia. It 
    used to boast a huge sphere of influence thanks to the warp tunnels 
    that used these anomalies for faster-than-light travel.
    Unfortunately, this method of travel is one-way only, and only leads to 
    specific destinations, so when warp technology was developed, the power 
    of this planet dwindled rapidly.
    (As of the present date of 772 SD, only a few useful two-way routes 
    have been discovered.)
    Lost City (City)
    One of the seven major cities in 4D space.
    The Lost City is actually only of moderate size, but its top-class 
    system of authority allows it to easily concentrate its capabilities.  
    This puts its city voice in various matters on par with the other major 
    At present, it is concentrating its efforts in the information and 
    entertainment fields.
    Luna (Moon)
    The moon of the third planet of the Sol System, Earth.  In this day and 
    age, when people speak of Luna, they are often referring to Moonbase, 
    which was built in orbit around Luna.
    Maze of Tribulations (Facility)
    A hellish maze that seems to have been designed by a mischievous god.
    Milokeenia (Planet) 
    An uninhabited planet in the Theta Sector.
    The former inhabitants of this planet had a well-developed 
    civilization, and the ruins of a gigantic, dome-shaped structure can be 
    found on the planet.
    This dome is famous as the place where the amazing OPA known as 
    Creation Energy was discovered.  This event drastically changed the 
    course of the Pangalactic Federation's history.
    When the ruins remaining on this planet were examined and analyzed, it 
    was discovered that the collapse of a ruin triggers the release of a 
    tremendous amount of energy equivalent to magnitude 1 from inside.  
    Therefore, it is generally believed that the civilization was destroyed 
    by Creation Energy running amok as it was being researched.
    Moonbase (Facility)
    The widely used nickname of Federation Station #5, which was built in 
    orbit around the moon Luna, in the Sol System.
    Moonbase (Part 2) (Facility)
    The space station containing the research lab where Fayt's parents, the 
    Leingods, and Sophia's father, Dr. Esteed, used to work.
    This place holds the key to the secrets hidden in the genes of Fayt and 
    Moonbase (Part 3) (Facility)
    The space station containing the research lab where Fayt's parents, the 
    Leingods, Sophia's father, Dr. Esteed, and Maria's foster mother, Dr. 
    Traydor, developed the three powers aimed at fighting back against the 
    4D beings: Alteration, Destruction, and Connection.
    This is why this base was directly attacked by the Proclaimers, who 
    specialize in thorough destruction.
    Moonlit Bridge (Facility) 
    A gigantic bridge connecting the city of Aquios with the Irisa Fields.
    You'd think there would be a story behind the name of this bridge, but 
    there really isn't.
    Mosel Dunes (Place Name)
    A parched desert region located in the eastern part of the Sanmite 
    Republic in which a constant wind blows from the east.
    Ordinarily, a tall and windy mountain range the likes of the Mosel 
    Dunes will have an arid climate, but this is not always the case on the 
    continent of Gaitt.
    For instance, the water flowing around Surferio and Aquios never dries 
    up for some unknown reason.
    Mountain of the Gods (Place Name)
    A mountain beyond Duggus Forest and one of the few remaining locations 
    where Palmira's Flower can still be found within the Sacred Kingdom of 
    The fact that Ameena and her friends can so easily travel there would 
    seem to indicate that there is a back road to the peak known only to a 
    few people.
    The mountain itself is considerably distant from human habitations, so 
    Nel cannot be blamed for not knowing of this back road.
    Mountains of Barr (Place Name)
    A gigantic mountain range located in the northern region of the Kingdom 
    of Airyglyph.
    These mountains lead to the legendary Dragon Road, which Airyglyph I is 
    said to have climbed.
    Palmira Plains (Place Name)
    Fertile plains between Arias and Peterny that are cut in half by a 
    river that runs east to west.
    Every several years, the river overflows and causes flooding but this 
    process also has the effect of naturally replacing the soil, and 
    thereby maintaining the richness of the land.
    Pangalactic Federation (Government or Force)
    Established by the third planet of the Sol System in 12 SD, the 
    Pangalactic Federation was the first multi-planetary alliance-based 
    Originally known as the Terran Alliance when it was founded, as it 
    grew, its named was changed to the Pangalactic Federation.
    Currently, several hundred races of sentient life forms belong to this 
    Passage from Parch to Plenty (Place Name)
    A passage leading to the Mosel Dunes region in western Surferio.
    Only those who can breathe underwater or fly can travel to the 
    hinterlands of the Republic of Sanmite without passing through this 
    Pesotto Forest (Place Name) 
    The forest region where Fayt crash-landed in his escape pod.
    This is a very secluded region, even for the underdeveloped planet of 
    Vanguard III, and there is little reason to visit it.  Only a few local 
    inhabitants ever do.
    Peterny (City)
    A city and commercial hub connecting the royal city Aquios of the 
    Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria with the three surrounding kingdoms.
    Unlike Aquios, with its decidedly religious bent, this town is an 
    advanced center of commerce, and acts almost as a second capital of the 
    Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
    Peterny is the commercial heart of the whole continent of Gaitt.
    Remote Station #6 (Facility)
    A Pangalactic Federation base located on the borderline between the 
    Gamma and Lambda sectors that is home to eight battle-class ships (with 
    the most powerful and honored ship of them all, the Aquaelie as the 
    mothership), thirty-five combat explorers and research explorers, and 
    twenty-five transport ships.
    More ships are stationed here than in typical space stations in order 
    to counter the hostile Aldian Empire.  The current commander of this 
    base is Commodore Wittcomb, the most famous hero of the Pangalactic 
    Remote Station #7 (Facility)
    A Pangalactic Federation base orbiting Hyda III that patrols and 
    protects approximately half of the Kappa Sector (including Hyda System 
    itself), as well as part of the Iota Sector.
    This base includes three battle-class ships, with the GFAS1144 Argyll 
    acting as the mothership, ten combat explorers, and twelve research 
    explorers/transport ships.  This base's fleet is smaller because there 
    are no powers in the region that are hostile to the Pangalactic 
    General Birmingham (male, age 54) is the current base commander.
    Rezerb (Planet)
    A planet located in the Zeta Sector that is not a member of the 
    Pangalactic Federation.
    Rezerb oppresses the people of surrounding planets through military 
    force and has even been designated as a sponsor of terrorism by 
    Pangalactic Federation.  Sergeant Brooklund is the current Prime 
    Minister of this planet.
    Roak (Planet) 
    A planet in the Theta Sector which is relatively close to the Sol 
    The blood of the Felinefolk who live on this planet can be processed 
    and used to manufacture a material that is able to absorb nearly 100% 
    of all light wavelengths between 240 and 780 nm.  This caused Roak to 
    get pulled into a war between the Terran Alliance and Lesonia in the 
    middle of the 4th century SD.
    Estimates of the number of Felinefolk that were abducted from Roak and 
    taken to Lesonia during this period vary from several hundred thousand 
    to several million.
    In 446 SD, Roak signed an alliance with Earth.
    In 450 SD, Roak joined the Pangalactic Federation.
    ...Or so we are told.
    Ruins of Barr (Place Name)
    A complex of ruins located deep within the Mountains of Barr.
    It is said that a very long time ago, humans and dragons used to live 
    there together in harmony.
    Ruins of Coffir (Facility)
    Ancient, abandoned ruins located near the village of Whipple.  The 
    locals believe that these are the ruins of the tombs of aristocrats 
    that used to rule this area in the distant past.
    Runological Weapon Research Facility (Facility)
    The Runological Weapon Research Facility of the Sacred Kingdom of 
    Aquaria is led by Dr. Elena Frahm and her protector Dion.
    It is truly unfortunate that the war with the Kingdom of Airyglyph has 
    added the word "Weapon" between "Runological" and "Research Facility".
    Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria (Country)
    See the Kingdom of Aquaria.
    Sanmite Republic (Country)
    A nation located on the continent of Gaitt, on the planet Elicoor II, 
    the Sanmite Republic was created by humanoids in order to resist the 
    three surrounding nations.
    The policies of this nation are decided through discussions among the 
    representatives of all of its various tribes.
    Sanmite Steppe (Place Name) 
    A semi-arid grass-covered plain between the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria 
    and the Sanmite Republic, the Sanmite Steppe is surrounded by mountains 
    that cause the altitude to vary dramatically within the region.
    Around the time the Kingdom of Airyglyph invaded the Kingdom of 
    Aquaria, armed bands of thieves began infesting the forested areas near 
    this region.
    Sealed Cavern (Place Name)
    A secret, underground passageway connecting Castle Aquaria and the 
    Shrine of Kaddan.
    Very few people know of this passageway, even in the Kingdom of 
    Shrine of Kaddan (Facility) 
    A shrine located near Aquios, Kaddan is counted as one of the holy 
    sites of the Church of Apris, and the structure on its top floor is 
    said to be one of the most ancient pieces of architecture still 
    remaining on the continent of Gaitt.
    Since it is forbidden for anyone other than the unbroken line of Holy 
    Mothers to enter the shrine, nobody knows who made the shrine, or their 
    reasons for doing so.
    One thing that is certain, however, is that powerful runology was used 
    at the time of construction, and this has protected the shrine from 
    major wind and rain damage over the millennia.
    Sol System (Planetary System)
    A planetary system centered on the primary Sol that comprises a 
    countless number of planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and other 
    astronomical bodies.
    This system, which can be thought of as the center of the Pangalactic 
    Federation, includes many huge cities, located on planets such as Earth 
    and Mars, as well as on moons such as Luna, Phobos, Deimos, Io, and 
    Spacetime Station (Facility)
    A place where inhabitants of 4D space utilize spatial conjuncture 
    technology, which is the preferred mode of travel in this universe.
    At first glance, the technology resembles the transporters used in the 
    Milky Way, but in actuality, the two systems are completely different.  
    Transporters simultaneously delete and create matter at two separate 
    locations to mimic transportation, but within such a station, spatial 
    conjunctions that lead to other locations are actually formed.
    To prevent crime, however, use of this Spacetime Station is restricted 
    by requiring governmental approval for each specific destination 
    coordinate.  The system does not allow anyone to freely travel anywhere 
    they want.
    Sphere 211 (Facility)
    The headquarters of the gigantic company Sphere, which controls almost 
    all of the Lost City.
    Sphere 211 sports countless defense systems and private guard units, 
    under the pretext of protection from terrorism.
    Spiral Tower (Universe)
    A special space where Luther's data is stored.
    It is ordinarily protected by countless powerful defense programs, 
    which have been arranged in such a way as to guard its precious data 
    against attacks from other cities in 4D space.
    At present, it is protected by additional programs as well.  These 
    additional programs have been set to operate at their fastest possible 
    processing speeds, and as a result, the entire space itself is 
    extremely unstable.
    Styx (Planet)
    A mysterious planet that has been declared a prohibited zone under 
    Federation law, together with the region of space surrounding it for 
    five light years in all directions.   While the space surrounding this 
    planet is outside the borders of the Pangalactic Federation, it is said 
    that countless Federation battle-class ships are stationed in the area.
    Despite the lack of information, rumors among the general population 
    abound, including whispers that the planet is the entrance to the 
    Daemonium, or that an ancient, extremely powerful civilization sleeps 
    there in stasis--but these are mere guesses.
    Styx (Part 2) (Planet)
    A mysterious planet containing the remains of an extremely ancient 
    One of the ruins on this planet is a mysterious device known as the 
    Time Gate.
    Although it is thought that the Time Gate is a time machine, and that 
    it enables travel through time, very few details are known about this 
    Surferio (City)
    The former capital of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, a kingdom which 
    pre-dates both the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria and the military 
    superpower of Airyglyph.
    According to historical texts, in a war 300 years ago, Sirvia I, the 
    future queen, released the power of the Sacred Orb to strike back 
    against the Mechanized Corps of the technological superpower of 
    Greeton.  The Corps was occupying Surferio at the time and as a result, 
    the city sank below the sea, along with the occupying forces.
    At present, the city is located in territory belonging to the Sanmite 
    Republic, and it is said that many humanoids who are suited to life 
    underwater dwell there.
    Terran Alliance (Government or Force)
    The first multi-planetary alliance government, established by the third 
    planet of the Sol System in 12 SD.
    This government currently goes by the name "Pangalactic Federation," 
    but its activities and principles have changed little since the time of 
    the Terran Alliance.  At some time in the past, it was also known as 
    the Earth Federation.
    Tetragenesis (Planet and Group of Artificial Satellites)
    The fourth planet of the primary star Genesis, located in the Eta 
    Sector, Tetragenesis used to be the thriving home of many sentient life 
    forms, but a series of solar flares have recently turned it into a dead 
    world on which nothing can live.
    Theta Sector (Sector)
    The sector of the Milky Way galaxy that includes the Sol System and 
    Arkula System.
    Theta sector is the center of the Pangalactic Federation, physically, 
    politically, and also historically.  Many important Pangalactic 
    Federation facilities are located within this sector, including Remote 
    Stations #1 and #2.
    Traum Mountains (Place Name)
    The snowbound, mountainous region between the royal city of Airyglyph 
    and the town of Kirlsa.
    The jagged cliffs and mountain walls of this area make for a great deal 
    of variation in altitude.
    Urssa Cave Temple (Facility)
    Ruins found beneath the Urssa Lava Caves.
    It is rumored that ones who enter here are never seen again.
    But since no one has actually gone in yet...
    Urssa Lava Caves (Place Name)
    A complex of torrid caves in which air dragons congregate.  The air 
    dragons gain power as they age, and are under the leadership of 
    Crosell, who is known as the Lord of Air Dragons.
    It would be no exaggeration to say that every last soldier in the 
    Kingdom of Airyglyph dreams of the day when they can sign a contract 
    with one of the air dragons living in this cave complex.
    The Dragon Brigade in the Kingdom of Airyglyph boasts a large number of 
    knights who ride air dragons, but as of yet, only two people have 
    succeeded in taming one of the air dragons living in the Urssa Lava 
    Caves--King Airyglyph XIII and Duke Vox (the commander of the Dragon 
    Vanguard III (Planet) 
    The third planet of the Vanguard System, which has an atmospheric 
    composition and surface gravity that are very close to those of Earth.
    Vanguard III has an axial tilt of 35.0', is 1.2 AUs away from its 
    parent star, and has a surface gravity of 0.72 G.  It is registered in 
    the Galactic Atlas as having a technological level equivalent to 16th 
    century Earth, so it is considered to be an underdeveloped planet.
    Its soil is russet colored due to the high percentage of hematite in 
    the soil, and almost all of the population has settled in the forested 
    regions that dot coasts and other areas.
    The total population of sentient life forms is approximately 200 
    Vendeen (Planet)
    A single-planet nation located in the Vendeeni System.  First contact 
    was made in 710 SD.
    Although the Vendeeni possess little power, the sophistication of their 
    science exceeds that of the Pangalactic Federation and Aldian Empire.  
    This has allowed the Vendeen to maintain its neutrality despite the 
    delicate balance of power in the region.
    The Vendeeni are not hostile to the Pangalactic Federation, but on the 
    other hand, they are not particularly friendly either.
    Vendeen (Part 2) (Planet)
    For unknown reasons, the Vendeeni attacked Hyda IV with devastating 
    force and kidnapped Professor Leingod--the most distinguished scientist 
    of the Pangalactic Federation--and have now mobilized another attack 
    force in order to secure the person of Fayt.
    Although they are powerful enough to field an attack force, it is very 
    odd that the Vendeeni, who are vastly inferior in overall military 
    power, would perpetrate such a rash act.
    Vendeen (Part 3) (Planet)
    The Vendeeni, masters of space-time theory, have become aware of the 
    fact that their universe was created by the inhabitants of 4D space.
    Not only that, they have also come to understand that symbology 
    possesses the ability to rewrite the language that describes the 
    universe, thereby destroying the axioms the order of their world is 
    based on.
    The Vendeeni feared not the Pangalactic Federation, nor the Aldian 
    Empire, but rather the 4D beings who created them.
    If the 4D beings destroy civilizations that have gone too far, then the 
    Vendeeni see no option than to stop the progress of civilization 
    Unfortunately, the ignorant Pangalactic Federation have already gone 
    past the point of no return.
    Even worse, they have gone so far as to rebel against the 4D beings who 
    created the universe.
    If the Creator is selective when deciding who to destroy, then the 
    Vendeeni reason that all they need to do is hide from the Creator's 
    The Vendeeni see this as difficult, but not impossible.  However, if 
    the Creator is angry at the entire universe, and if the destruction is 
    to be indiscriminate, then this is a different story altogether.
    The Vendeeni, who see their own path to salvation, view the research of 
    Dr. Leingod as unforgivable, since it may result in the destruction of 
    the entire galaxy.
    Whipple (City)
    The village Fayt first arrived at after crash-landing on Vanguard III.
    Comprised of farmers and fieldworkers, this village possesses no 
    particular industry.
    Zeta Sector (Sector) 
    A neutral sector of the Milky Way galaxy, outside the control of the 
    Pangalactic Federation.
    Klaus and Rezerb systems are located in this sector.
    III. People
    Fayt Leingod
    Fayt Leingod (Part 2)
    Sophia Esteed
    Sophia Esteed (Part 2) 
    Maria Traydor
    Maria Traydor (Part 2) 
    Cliff Fittir
    Cliff Fittir (Part 2)
    Nel Zelpher
    Nel Zelpher (Part 2)
    Roger S. Huxley
    Peppita Rossetti
    Adray Lasbard
    Albel Nox
    Albel Nox (Part 2)
    Mirage Koas
    Mirage Koas (Part 2)
    Albel the Wicked (Nickname)
    Admiral Hermes
    Aire Duxis
    Airyglyph I
    Airyglyph XIII
    Airyglyph XIII (Part 2)
    Ameena Leffeld
    Aquaria I
    Aquaria XXVII
    Arzei Bohnleid
    Astor Wolfricht
    Aznor S. T. Huxley
    Blair Lansfeld
    Blair Lansfeld (Part 2)
    Brigadier General Schilling
    Clair Lasbard
    Clive Esteed
    Commodore Wittcomb
    Count Mattalun
    Count Noppen
    Count Woltar
    Count Woltar (Part 2)
    Crestia Dyne
    Crosell (Dragon Name)
    Damda Mooda
    Demetrio (Part 2)
    Dion Landers
    Dirna Hamilton
    Duke Vox
    Dulcinea Rossetti
    Elayne Rossetti
    Eleanor Duran
    Elena Frahm
    Flad Garrand
    Folstar Rood
    Forte G. Huxley
    Gant Basner XIII
    Glou Nox
    Gonnella (Stage Name)
    Gregory von Dermein III
    Guild Master
    Irisa Pahm
    Jessie Traydor
    Julee Garrand
    Kyoko Esteed
    Leiria Zeit
    Luther Lansfeld 
    Magistrate Lasselle
    Misty Lear
    Nevelle Zelpher
    Norton (Part 2)
    Oddeye (Dragon Name)
    Oreas Rumac
    Palmira Armes
    Piccolotto Rossetti
    Professor Trillas Bachtein
    Quantestorie (Stage Name)
    Richard Traydor
    Robert Leingod
    Romeria Zin Emurille
    Ronaldo Dyne
    Ruddle Crispin
    Rumina G. Dogin
    Ryoko Leingod
    Santa, Mercantilean
    Sergeant Brooklund
    Shar Zeit
    Shelby the Heavy-Handed (Nickname)
    Sirvia I
    Solon Solute
    Tempest (Dragon Name)
    The Killer Chef
    The Snake of Valeria
    Ursus (Stage Name)
    Welch Vineyard
    Fayt Leingod
    An ordinary human student born on Earth who is studying in the 
    Symbological Sciences Department of Bachtein Science University.
    Fayt enjoys physical activity more than studying, and was given an 
    award for his performance at the Universal Basketball competition.
    Both of his parents worked and were almost never home from the time he 
    was an infant, but this did not leave any particular emotional scars, 
    and he grew up normally.  Undoubtedly, his childhood friend Sophia had 
    a soothing effect on his personality.
    Fayt himself also seems aware of this fact.
    Fayt Leingod (Part 2)
    In order to save the universe from the descending hand of judgment of 
    the 4D beings, Fayt's parents and their fellow researcher Dr. Clive 
    Esteed gave Fayt the power of Destruction.
    Things have sure changed since that vacation on Hyda IV.
    Sophia Esteed
    A human girl born on Earth who is enrolled in the Spacetime Department 
    of Bachtein High School.  Unlike most young girls of the present age, 
    she excels in various household tasks such as cleaning and sewing.  
    There is a simple reason for this.  Her parents are both busy with 
    work, and she has had to take care of the chores around the house by 
    herself from an early age.
    Incidentally, her father, Dr. Clive Esteed, works at the same research 
    lab as Fayt's parents, and her house is close to Fayt's house, so the 
    two families have had a close relationship for a long time.
    Sophia Esteed (Part 2)
    In order to save the universe from the descending hand of judgment of 
    the 4D beings, just as Fayt and Maria were given a power, Sophia was as 
    Surely it couldn't have been that much of a surprise to her!
    Maria Traydor
    A young and beautiful human girl born on Earth who is the leader of the 
    anti-Federation organization Quark--a group most active in the Klaus 
    She claims that she was modified with Symbological genetics into some 
    sort of biological weapon by both Dr. Leingods, Robert and Ryoko.
    Furthermore, she says that Fayt is also such a weapon.
    It is true that both Fayt and Maria possess latent powers that are 
    clearly more than just symbology or qigong, but at this moment, there 
    is no way to prove that these mysterious powers are the result of the 
    scientists' experiments, as she claims.
    Regardless, many people believe her earnest words, and although she is 
    an Earthling, her impeccable integrity led the anti-Federation 
    organization Quark to make her their leader.
    Maria Traydor (Part 2)
    In order to save the universe from the descending hand of judgment of 
    the 4D beings, Maria was given the power of Alteration by the Leingods 
    and their fellow researcher, Dr. Clive Esteed.
    Maria knows the reason why, about the struggle of Dr. Leingod and his 
    team, and about her own mission as well, but all of this is little 
    comfort for her.
    The fact remains that Maria's body was modified without her consent.
    Cliff Fittir
    A Klausian from Klaus III.
    A member of the anti-Federation organization Quark, which was founded 
    by Klausians, Cliff rescued Fayt for an unknown reason.
    He still hasn't explained how he found Fayt, or even why he was looking 
    for him in the first place.
    Cliff Fittir (Part 2)
    Although he relinquished the post to Maria, Cliff used to be the leader 
    of the anti-Federation organization, Quark, and is also the 
    organization's founder.
    Considering that he organized Quark, Cliff must be quite intelligent 
    and charismatic, but at first glance, he only looks like a thug.
    Nel Zelpher
    A runologist working for the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria who has 
    infiltrated the Kingdom of Airyglyph in order to gather information as 
    a spy.
    Having learned of the importance of the peculiar technology owned by 
    Fayt, she felt that Fayt is the person prophesied in ancient Aquarian 
    texts, and decided to make contact with him regardless of any danger 
    this might entail.
    Nel Zelpher (Part 2)
    The leader of the Secret Legion detachment of the personal guard nit 
    that reports directly to Aquaria XXVII.  This group mainly conducts 
    intelligence gathering activities.
    A master of the art of fighting with short swords that have runology 
    instilled within their blades, she is said to be a top-class fighter 
    within the kingdom, in spite of the fact that she has not yet finished 
    her training.
    She is one of the citizens of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria who is most 
    trusted by the Queen, and she travels the continent gathering 
    information for the Queen, who never leaves the court.
    Roger S. Huxley
    A young Menodix boy who lives in the Lost City of Surferio.
    This major problem child travels around with two bad influences named 
    Dribe and Melt, and plays life-threatening games with Lucien, Lezard, 
    and Vellion, all as part of a so-called Real Man Contest.
    It would be a good idea to keep an eye on this one, as he is always 
    buying trouble with his rude words.
    Peppita Rossetti
    A dancing girl of the nomadic race of Velbaysians who wander space, 
    without any permanent home.
    Since her father is unknown, and her mother Elayne is already dead, she 
    stays with the Rossetti Troupe, which is led by her uncle Piccolotto.
    She has the same genius for dancing that her mother possessed, and has 
    already mastered many different dances at a young age, earning the 
    admiration of the other members of the troupe.
    Adray Lasbard
    Although not as active as before, he used to be part of the Crimson 
    Blade.  Together with Nevelle Zelpher, he supported the growth and 
    prosperity of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
    He conquered the colossal shark 'Nikson,' using on his bare hands.
    He soared into the sky, to fight intensely with the Dragon Brigade.
    Covered in glowing light, he would appear in the western sky only to 
    disappear, zigzagging his way to the other end of the skies.
    It would take ages to tell all that is rumored about him.
    Although he has great knowledge and makes good use of symbology, he 
    hates deskwork, as he has a hard time sitting still.
    Knowing this, people around him never make him do that kind of work.
    By the way...
    Although a lot of people find it hard to believe, he really IS the 
    biological father of Clair Lasbard.
    Albel Nox
    The captain of the Black Brigade, one of the three military forces of 
    the Kingdom of Airyglyph.  His nickname is Albel the Wicked.
    He is an excellent combatant specializing in the katana, a special kind 
    of sword, and in one-on-one combat, he is said to possess skills 
    comparable to Duke Vox, the captain of the Dragon Brigade.
    Albel Nox (Part 2)
    During Albel's Accession of the Flame ceremony, which occurred when he 
    was fifteen years old, he failed to take his place among the knights of 
    the Dragon Brigade when he was unable to release his own individual 
    feelings and commune with the spirit of the air dragon.
    He should have died for his hubris as the dragons breathed their fury 
    upon him, but his father Glou Nox shielded him with his own body and 
    bore the brunt of the flames, saving his life (although Albel did lose 
    his left arm in this incident).
    Mirage Koas
    A Klausian woman born on Klaus IV, and Cliff's partner in Quark.
    She may be low-key, but she is dependable and gets the mission 
    Mirage trusts Cliff's skills, and will faithfully follow any command, 
    no matter how crazy it may sound.
    Seeing Mirage and Cliff in action might give one the wrong impression.  
    Klausians are not particularly chauvinistic.  Mirage just happens to 
    have an extremely unpretentious personality.
    Mirage Koas (Part 2)
    A Klausian woman who possesses all the excellent physical 
    characteristics of her people, and through mastery of the arts of the 
    Jinju school of Taijutsu, has achieved perfect control over "spirit", 
    "technique", and "body".
    Cliff is also a student of the same school, and the two have been known 
    to spar together.
    Incidentally, the results of their 1,036 matches is: 982 wins, 11 
    losses, and 43 ties.  It might be best not to say to whom the wins and 
    losses belong.
    Albel the Wicked (Nickname)
    See Albel Nox.
    Admiral Hermes
    A space fleet admiral of the Pangalactic Federation who attained his 
    current position by continuously and reliably performing all missions 
    assigned to him rather than by any standout natural ability.  Hermes is 
    an average admiral, and doesn't fair particularly well or poorly when 
    compared to previous space fleet admirals.
    Nevertheless, Admiral Hermes is fated to be remembered by history for 
    his role in the struggle against the Executioners--even if that role 
    ends up being the last admiral of the Pangalactic Federation.
    Aire Duxis
    An employee of Sphere and member of the Eternal Sphere development 
    team, Aire manages the Eternal Sphere's various parameters among other 
    Airyglyph I
    He gambled his life by climbing the Dragon Road, and became the first 
    person to ever succeed in completing the Accession of the Flame 
    After this success, Airyglyph I formed a covenant with the air dragons, 
    drove out all of the monsters that lived in the area, and built the 
    Kingdom of Airyglyph 289 years ago.
    Airyglyph XIII
    The young militaristic king who rules the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
    The Kingdom of Airyglyph was formerly poor, never possessing a powerful 
    military in comparison to its three neighbors on the continent of 
    Gaitt.  But thanks to the uncompromising merit-based system of the 
    current king, Airyglyph XIII, the knight brigades, which used to be 
    nothing more than clubs for the nobles to fraternize in, have been 
    rebuilt into formidable military units.
    The reformation spearheaded by Airyglyph XIII has led to the Kingdom of 
    Airyglyph possessing enough force to overwhelm the other three 
    kingdoms, all in a brief period of time.
    For this naturally ambitious king, the invasion of the Sacred Kingdom 
    of Aquaria is merely the first step in the path to the complete 
    unification of the continent of Gaitt through conquest, if you believe 
    the rumors.
    Airyglyph XIII (Part 2)
    Airyglyph XIII was originally born to a relatively minor family within 
    Airyglyph, and was as far away from the throne as twelfth in line.
    However, as the result of many plots and multiple accidents, as well as 
    a number of coincidences, he eventually attained the crown.
    The biggest mistake of those who lifted Airyglyph XIII to the throne 
    was that they underestimated his latent ambition and resourcefulness.
    The first royal decrees issued by Airyglyph XIII after his ascension to 
    the throne called for the banishment of those nobles who had promoted 
    his rise, and the appointment of those who had been languishing in 
    obscure posts.
    Of course, those nobles who realized what was happening fought back 
    with all their might, but Airyglyph XIII had already made meticulous 
    preparations before the coronation, so it was already too late.
    When he was still young, and before he considered becoming king, 
    Airyglyph XIII studied abroad in Aquios, where it is said he fell in 
    love with a certain woman.  When the possibility of attaining the crown 
    arose, however, they say this led to the breakup of the relationship.
    Ameena Leffeld
    A somewhat sickly girl who lives in Peterny.
    Ameena resembles the missing Sophia very closely, and if her coloring 
    were a little healthier, she would most likely be almost 
    indistinguishable from Fayt's childhood friend.
    Having lost all of her relatives in the long war, she now supports 
    herself from day to day by selling the flowers that she used to grow as 
    a hobby.
    Ameena is one of the unfortunate victims of the war between Airyglyph 
    and Aquaria.
    Although retired at present, Ansala used to be the best or second best 
    practitioner of runology in the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
    This lonely man poured too much of himself into his work to ever marry, 
    and in spite of the fact that he has already retired, he can still be 
    seen wandering the halls of Castle Aquaria, alternately gladdening and 
    annoying the inhabitants thereof.
    Ansala's skills are unquestioned, and his record is excellent, making 
    him a difficult individual for the current runologists to simply brush 
    A beautiful girl with one of the most hopelessly doting fathers in the 
    world, a man named Evia.
    Aqua may look as lovely as a doll, but her words pack a powerful bite.
    Of course, if you ask her father Evia, Aqua's questionable word choice 
    is just one more aspect of her overwhelming cuteness.
    Aquaria I
    The first queen of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, now thought by many to 
    be the precursor to the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
    She was also the first Holy Mother.
    Aquaria I is said to have received six runes and one magic sword from 
    the Emissary of Apris, messenger of the goddess Apris.  Her eyes were 
    also opened to the flows of runology.
    Aquaria XXVII
    The queen of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, as well as the Holy Mother 
    of the Church of Apris, the most widespread religion on the continent 
    of Gaitt.
    Aquaria XXVII reigns over the entire populace of the Sacred Kingdom of 
    Aquaria with her overwhelming charisma and powerful spiritual 
    Although queens are central figures in the royal dynasty, only rarely 
    do they possess a runological force as powerful as that of Aquaria 
    In the long history of Aquaria, only three queens have also 
    simultaneously held the post of Holy Mother: Sirvia I, the Queen of 
    Freedom, from ten generations ago, Aquaria XXIV, the Queen of Light, 
    from four generations ago, and Aquaria XXVII.
    Arzei Bohnleid
    The name Airyglyph XIII went by before ascending the throne.
    See Airyglyph XIII.
    Astor Wolfricht
    An officer of the Secret Legion, the special unit led by Nel Zelpher of 
    the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
    Astor is fairly high in the ranks of the Secret Legion, and possesses 
    above average skills in leadership, combat prowess, and politics, as 
    well as considerable charisma.  The combined antics of Tynave and 
    Farleen have been a constant source of headaches for Astor, however, 
    leaving him a bit glum.
    Head of security for Sphere, the de facto power in charge of the Lost 
    Arrogant and drunk on his own power, Azazer is not very popular.
    Aznor S. T. Huxley
    The mayor of the group of humanoids who live above the Lost City of 
    Aznor is extremely bad at remembering faces, and can only match names 
    to faces for those who are in his immediate circle.
    (How did this guy get to be the mayor, anyway?)
    Of course, he is blissfully unaware of this failing.
    An old man of the Menodix race, members of which primarily reside in 
    the vicinity of Surferio.
    Although Balbados had the courage to make a go of it in a foreign land, 
    and put his best efforts into running a business in a human town, he 
    has failed to achieve his dreams and currently ekes out a meager 
    existence.  Balbados makes a living day to day on crowded thoroughfares 
    by selling silver items that he creates with his naturally dexterous 
    One of the top managers of Sphere, the real power in the Lost City.  
    Belzeber is the son of the previous owner and founder of Sphere.
    He comes from a wealthy family, and doesn't even care about Sphere or 
    the Eternal Sphere.  His primary motivation is deep hatred of the 
    current owner for having usurped what he saw as rightfully his, so he 
    is plotting the owner's downfall.
    One of the top managers of Sphere, the real power in the Lost City.  
    Berial is also the general director of the Eternal Sphere project.
    Berial sometimes directly interferes in the Eternal Sphere in order to 
    prevent stagnation of the game universe.
    According to reports, he has created characters with powerful 
    parameters, switched the homelands of certain people, and removed bugs 
    in a certain time control loop program.
    One of the commanders of the Vendeeni forces engaged in conflict with 
    the Pangalactic Federation's military in Federation space.  Led the 
    battleship Dasvanu to many victorious battles.
    Biwig's string of victories came to an end, however, when he entered 
    battle against Commodore Wittcomb, leader of the strongest military 
    unit in the Pangalactic Federation.
    Blair Lansfeld
    A friend of the boy Flad and supposed expert on the Eternal Sphere.
    Blair Lansfeld (Part 2) 
    An engineer employed by Sphere, the de facto authority in the Lost 
    City.  Blair is in charge of developing and maintaining the Milky Way 
    part of the Eternal Sphere, as the current head of the "Apris" project 
    She became team leader at a young age after the three previous project 
    managers quit one after the other.
    A male Demonoid, which is a cross between a human and a demon.  Boyd 
    possesses the brute strength and symbological powers of a demon, as 
    well as the flexibility and stability of a human soul.  But in spite of 
    these advantages Boyd needs to work for a living, just as everyone else 
    Brigadier General Schilling
    A man who plotted the assassination of Cliff while he was still Quark's 
    leader.  He planned this in order to wipe out the organization, which 
    he saw as a nuisance to the Federation.
    This extremely self-centered man considered his own actions to be 
    absolutely correct and beyond reproach.  Commanding the Battleship 
    Invisible, Schilling almost succeeded in assassinating Cliff, but due 
    to an extraordinary twist of fate, Maria, who was also onboard the 
    Diplo at the time, used her powers to literally delete the Invisible 
    from this universe.
    Of course, even if Schilling had succeeded in this assassination 
    attempt, rather than a triumphant hero's welcome, a military tribunal 
    and the death penalty were all that awaited his return.
    A Bubbleheart woman who left her homeland in the Sanmite Republic in 
    order to find work.
    Chilico may be cute and tiny, but that is simply a racial 
    characteristic.  She's actually quite old.
    And quite married.
    Clair Lasbard
    The captain of the runological corps that reports directly to Aquaria 
    XXVII, and long-time friend of Nel.
    Clair also currently serves as commander of the Aquarian army position 
    near Arias.
    Clair and Nel are together known as the double-edged Crimson Blade and 
    are charged with doing the dirty work for Aquaria XXVII, also known as 
    the Holy Mother.  The two are famous in surrounding lands.
    Clive Esteed
    Sophia's father, a human born on Earth.
    The leader in space-time theory, Dr. Esteed specializes in research 
    into the 4D wall that one encounters when using symbology to transport 
    through space, as well as research into the space-time disturbances 
    that occur when you attempt to pass through this 4D wall.
    Commodore Wittcomb
    Commander-in-Chief of the Federation forces near Vendeeni space.
    As a heroic veteran of countless victories against the Aldian Empire, 
    Commodore Wittcomb is well-respected by officers and soldiers alike, 
    and has the reputation for possessing the best analytical skills and 
    judgment in the Federation.
    Commodore Wittcomb's flagship is the Battleship Aquaelie.
    A mysterious individual who, although he appears to be human at first 
    glance, most definitely is not.
    Although his speech, actions, and other characteristics mark him as a 
    humanoid, Cornelius resembles no race living anywhere else in the 
    continent of Gaitt.
    One must wonder what use Cornelius might find for his trademark 
    dilapidated bat umbrella.
    One thing is certain--he can't be using it to keep the rain off his 
    Count Mattalun
    A mysterious ghost haunting the area underneath the Ancient Ruins of 
    As a nobleman of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, it is unknown why he 
    haunts such an odd location (Spite? Obsession? Or did he simply lose a 
    bet?).  He himself may not even remember the reason.
    Count Noppen
    A member of the nobility of the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
    Although it is unknown how this gentlemen managed to survive the 
    revolution of Airyglyph XIII, he does retain his nobility.
    Perhaps the Count has some skill in the arts, or perhaps he is a 
    preeminent warrior, or scholar.
    It is also possible that the king kept him around simply because he's 
    an amusing old chap.
    Count Woltar
    The captain of the Storm Brigade and the lord of Kirlsa, Woltar is a 
    loyal man who has served Airyglyph XIII longer than anyone else.
    He supported Airyglyph XIII's reformation along with Albel's father, 
    Glou Nox.
    Count Woltar (Part 2)
    The man who took the life of Nevelle Zelpher, the father of Nel, and 
    the previous leader of the Crimson Blade.
    Woltar knew that Nevelle's true objective was to buy time for his own 
    people to escape, and that he was already prepared to die to meet this 
    When one considers Woltar's skill with a blade, it is evident that 
    Woltar could have captured the exhausted man without taking his life.
    However, even if Nevelle was to be captured, there is no doubt that all 
    that awaited him was torture most cruel.  This man, as a spy, would not 
    be allowed to simply die.  Woltar paid his deepest respect to this man, 
    who faced his own death with a steady and unflinching gaze.
    Crestia Dyne
    The real name of Sirvia I, Queen of Freedom.
    See Sirvia I.
    Crosell (Dragon Name)
    A seven hundred year old air dragon who lives in the Urssa Lava Caves, 
    and who is sometimes referred to as the Lord of Air Dragons.
    Actually, several members of the Dragon Brigade have attempted to 
    perform the Accession of the Flame with Crosell, but in every case, the 
    challenger has been found lacking.
    Damda Mooda
    A sybarite who is more than meets the eye.
    While chopping wood in the mountains with his buddies, Damda learned a 
    method of cooking that he decided to make his own, referring to it by 
    the absurd name of Damda Casserole.  He then started his own restaurant 
    in an attempt to sell this cuisine, failed miserably, and went bankrupt 
    in the blink of an eye.
    Perhaps the tragic end to Damda's story should come as no surprise.  
    Anyone can bang together a casserole out of vegetables, mushrooms, and 
    whatever flavorings are at hand.
    An elderly scholar who was permanently sidetracked after becoming 
    enamored with the intricate workings of the Mechanized Corps, while 
    conducting research in the city of Surferio.
    This troubled individual, who likes to refer to himself as "Dejison, 
    the Invention King", has applied for patents to countless useless 
    inventions, which he derives by following a feckless and scattergun 
    approach to inventing.
    A soldier in the Dragon Brigade, serving under Vox.
    Although Demetrio comes from a respectable house and possesses a 
    reasonable level of military prowess and knowledge, eh excels in no 
    particular area.
    He earned his position as second-in-command of the Dragon Brigade 
    through an unswerving loyalty to Vox, rather than due to any 
    suitability for the job.
    Demetrio managed to attain his current post through a calculating 
    veneer of tractability, more than anything else.
    Demetrio (Part 2)
    Most of Demetrio's missions involved doing dirty work for Vox, 
    including killing non-combatants and eliminating prisoners who know too 
    He probably did these things to further his own career, or to save his 
    own neck, but unfortunately for him, fate decreed that he would be 
    nothing more than a lapdog for Vox until the very end.
    Dion Landers
    The young assistant of Elena Frahm, head of the Runological Weapon 
    Research Facility of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
    Unlike his boss Elena, Dion is a dependable and hard-working person, 
    and is highly skilled at applying existing technology in order to build 
    On the other hand, Dion lacks creativity, and suffers from an inability 
    to do more than build according to preexisting models.
    Dirna Hamilton
    An assistant programmer working on the Eternal Sphere development team 
    at Sphere, responsible for effect processing in battles and other 
    Has a rocky love relationship with Solon, who also works at Sphere.
    A humanoid living in Surferio, Dribe has no particularly notable 
    skills, but has a highly simplistic and predictable directness when it 
    comes to his likes and dislikes.
    He is somewhat of a coward, and is afraid of the dark.
    Duke Vox
    The uncle of Airyglyph XIII, the current King of Airyglyph, as well as 
    the captain of the Dragon Brigade, Airyglyph's aerial assault unit.
    Having survived Airyglyph XIII's major reformation, Vox certainly 
    possesses considerable skills, but since he disdains the pride and 
    honor of knights, and will do absolutely anything to win, he does not 
    get along very well with people who put the pride of a warrior first, 
    such as the captain of the Storm Brigade.
    Incidentally, Vox does not get along with Albel (the captain of the 
    Black Brigade) either, but this seems to be simply a case of two strong 
    personalities butting heads.
    Dulcinea Rossetti
    Wife of Piccolotto, the Rossetti Troupe's chief, and troupe diva (ex-
    Dulcinea was a close childhood friend of Elayne, the mother of Peppita.
    When Elayne met an untimely death, Dulcinea took the orphaned Peppita 
    in without giving the matter a second though, and raised her as her own 
    One could say she showered Peppita with more affection than she would 
    have had the girl been her real daughter.  She may have a nasty way 
    with words, but Dulcinea is actually a kind, open-minded woman with an 
    all-encompassing personality.
    The last queen of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, this woman was also the 
    mother of Airyglyph I, who founded the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
    Elayne Rossetti
    A beautiful Velbaysian dancing woman who supported the Rossetti Troupe 
    when it was first formed.
    After founding the Rossetti Troupe with Piccolotto and Dulcinea, Elayne 
    contributed immensely to the Troupe's growth.
    Elayne later fell in love with a certain person and gave birth to 
    Peppita, but unfortunately the child's father left her out of the fear 
    of being caught up in a scandal involving the traveling circus.
    Afterwards, Elayne raised Peppita alone, but lost her life in an 
    accident one month before her daughter's fifth birthday. 
    Eleanor Duran
    An employee of Sphere and one of the original developers of the Eternal 
    Sphere, Eleanor mainly programmed physics calculation routines used in 
    armed conflict.
    During the development of the Eternal Sphere, this strong woman had a 
    conflict with Daguon Zeber, the previous owner of Sphere.  After Daguon 
    attempted to destroy her using various underhanded methods, Eleanor 
    took him to court and won a lawsuit against him.
    Elena Frahm
    The woman in charge of the Runological Weapon Research Facility of the 
    Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
    Elena is carefree and careless, and people say that without her 
    assistant Dion, she wouldn't even be able to handle her own day-to-day 
    tasks, let alone manage the entire facility.
    On the other hand, she is also without doubt an ingenious runologist 
    with many novel, inspired ideas.
    Elena's knowledge may be strangely uneven, but in the areas where she 
    is proficient, she exhibits genius that is second to none.
    As a larger-than-life woman with no interest whatsoever in the 
    positions and titles people hold, Elena has been known to refer to 
    Airyglyph XIII, the king of the Kingdom of Airyglyph himself, as 
    "Arzy", in spite of his lofty position on the continent of Gaitt.
    A young girl living in the town of Aquios who is quite fond of her 
    Eliza had dreamt of someday studying runology at Castle Aquaria, until 
    the loss of both her parents in the war forced her to give it up.  Her 
    brother was too young to live on his own, and she couldn't bear to 
    leave him.  However, even though Eliza gave up on studying under a 
    mentor, she still continues to study runology on her own.
    A long-haired man of refined tastes who used to work in Castle Aquaria 
    several years back.
    Worried about leaving his daughter Aqua at home by herself all day, 
    Evia repeatedly skipped work or went home early.  The problem grew so 
    severe that he was eventually fired, in spite of his high status within 
    the castle.
    But rather than regretting this turn of events, Evia was actually 
    pleased to have more time to spend with his daughter.
    An enlisted member of the Secret Legion unit of the Sacred Kingdom of 
    Farleen is always under a great deal of strain, as she works directly 
    for Nel, the leader of the Secret Legion.
    Her easy-going personality belies superb political judgment and 
    unsurpassed leadership skills.
    This is not to say that those around her believe and act upon what she 
    Flad Garrand
    A boy living in the town of Arkives in 4D space.
    This devoted game fanatic is completely addicted to the multiplayer 
    game Eternal Sphere, which was developed by Sphere.
    Incidentally, Flad's character Major Alex is a noted flying ace who 
    shot down a total of 574 combat ships in the third Tetragenesis War.
    The time he must have spent to achieve this may explain why his mother 
    is constantly telling him to stop playing games and study.
    Folstar Rood
    An ex-programmer who used to work on the Eternal Sphere development 
    team at Sphere.
    Folstar's work was of unacceptable quality, he failed to meet 
    deadlines, and he was irresponsible.  He thought that all he had to do 
    was show up and spend eight hours a day at the company.  
    Unsurprisingly, the areas he programmed were always full of major bugs.  
    As a result, he was fired almost immediately.
    Folstar himself still believes to this day that he was the victim of a 
    power struggle at the company.
    Forte G. Huxley
    A Menodix woman living in Surferio.  One of many who fit the mold of a 
    strong-willed woman who loves to cook.  Forte may be one of the people 
    with the fewest worries of anyone in this universe.
    Gant Basner XIII
    A man whose old and honorable family has presided over the Bunny Race 
    for generations.
    Unfortunately, people have been grumbling behind closed doors--no, even 
    quite openly--about his skills as an MC, with complaints such as "what 
    sloppy hosting," "let's hear some commentary," and "what a boring 
    speaker!" This has tarnished the good name of the Basner family.  It's 
    difficult to say whether or not Gant's ancestors did any better of a 
    job.  His horrible commentary skills just might run in the family.
    Glou Nox
    The father of Albel Nox, captain of the Black Brigade, and the previous 
    captain of the Dragon Brigade.
    Wielding the Sword of the Crimson Scourge, a royal treasure, this man 
    supported the reformation of Airyglyph XIII.
    Tragically, Glou Nox sacrificed his life to spare his son during 
    Albel's failed Accession of the Flame ceremony, burning to death in the 
    dragons' fiery breath.
    Gonnella (Stage Name)
    A Velbaysian harlequin and member of the Rossetti Troupe, Gonnella is 
    the most dexterous member of the troupe, as well as the member who 
    knows the most tricks.
    However, due to his frivolous and irresponsible nature, he never seems 
    interested in any responsibility greater than a warm-up act, despite 
    his knowledge and natural ability.
    While Gossam is actually a rather skilled doctor, he sends all of his 
    patients home with medicine, no matter how seriously ill they may be.
    The only reason no one has yet filed a complaint against Gossam is that 
    the medicine he prescribes actually does a miraculous job of curing his 
    A master swordsman who wielded his sword on battlefields long before 
    Fayt was born.
    Having been forced to retire from the regular army, this lifelong 
    warrior fought on as a mercenary until requests for his services dried 
    up, he then continued fighting anyway as a volunteer soldier.
    Unfortunately, by the time the latest war began, Grats exceeded the age 
    restrictions of every unit, and was finally forced to retire 
    Regardless, Grats still wants to fight, and wanders aimlessly around 
    the outskirts of the town of Kirlsa, looking for any trouble he can 
    Gregory von Dermein III
    An honorable man that has earned numerous military honors on the 
    battlefield, Gregory is unskilled in social interactions.  He got along 
    particularly poorly with Duke Vox, the captain of the Dragon Brigade, 
    and was soon demoted to the rank of common solider and sent packing to 
    the remote Kirlsa Caverns.
    However, the unsympathetic response of those around him would seem to 
    indicate that many other people had trouble dealing with him as well.
    Guild Master
    Respected elder of the Craftsman's Guild located in Peterny.
    At first glance, he looks like some kind of strange humanoid, but the 
    Guild Master is a bona fide human.
    No one knows the shocking secret of his real name.  Thing is, nobody 
    has ever bothered to ask.
    A gifted blacksmith who used to live in the town of Kirlsa, and who 
    specializes in forging swords.
    After the output of Bequerel Mine and other mines around Kirlsa trailed 
    off dramatically, Gusto set off on an adventure to find better mines to 
    excavate on his own.
    Gusto is the only person who actually competes with dragons for the 
    control of mineral resources in all of Elicoor.
    Irisa Pahm
    An employee of Sphere and one of the original developers of the Eternal 
    Sphere, Irisa was mainly responsible for world configuration.
    After the Eternal Sphere development project was completed, Irisa left 
    maintenance responsibilities to the younger developers, and retired 
    after a lifetime of service to the company.
    A humanoid robot created by the technological superpower Greeton that 
    supposedly destroyed the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor.
    Whether there was a mistake in the robot's blueprint, or whether those 
    who repaired it were at fault is uncertain, but this machine, which 
    used to be a merciless killing machine, is now but a mere appliance. 
    This robot's official name is "Izak Type B-Mech".
    Jessie Traydor
    A human woman born on Expel who raised Maria as her own daughter.
    Jessie worked as a lab worker in the field of Symbological genetics on 
    Federation Station #17 along with her husband, who was a Federation 
    Before getting married, while on Moonbase, Jessie used to work on the 
    staff of the Leingod Research Lab, where she met Fayt.
    (Of course Fayt has no memory of this time.)
    Julee Garrand
    A completely ordinary person who lives in the town of Arkives, in 4D 
    As a mother overly obsessed with education, Julee is so concerned with 
    insuring that her son leads a happy life, she tries to force many 
    things on him that he has no interest in whatsoever.
    Julee is attempting to find meaning and somehow redeem the many 
    disappointments of her own life by pouring all of her energy into her 
    Kyoko Esteed
    Sophia's mother, born on Earth's satellite, Luna.
    Kyoko has been friends with Fayt's mother Ryoko since the two were in 
    Incidentally, Kyoko herself is not an academician, but rather an 
    excellent but otherwise quite ordinary surgeon.
    A longstanding member of the anti-Federation group Quark, currently 
    acting as a security guard on the Diplo.  He has the bad habit of 
    boring people with old yams whenever he drinks.
    Lieber tends to be the victim of this unfortunate character trait more 
    often than anyone else.
    (Steeg is usually smart enough to make his getaway before it's too 
    Leiria Zeit
    A programmer on the Eternal Sphere development team at Sphere, 
    responsible for developing and maintaining flag progress management 
    components for use during critical events, and ordinary system 
    components for use during non-critical periods.
    Unlike her older sister Shar, Leiria is rather unassertive, and is 
    always getting pushed around at work.
    A young humanoid living in the town of Surferio.
    Lezard is smart, but he is a bit contrary and his thoughts are always 
    taking him in unconstructive directions.
    He'd actually be pretty handsome if he'd take off those glasses.
    A human refugee on the continent of Gaitt, who hails from an island 
    nation located to the far north.
    Lias is a man of many talents, excelling at horsemanship, 
    swordsmanship, and archer.  This leads many to believe he must have 
    been a man of high standing in his own country.
    When questioned about his past, however, Lias always responds with 
    little more than a sad smile, revealing nothing.
    A member of the anti-Federation group Quark, and brother of another 
    Quark member by the name of Steeg.
    Also known as "Lieber the Quick-Draw" and "Steeg the Sharpshooter", the 
    two brothers like to refer to themselves collectively as "the Binary 
    Star Lazeria", but unfortunately, neither the Pangalactic Federation 
    nor the fellow members of Quark refer to them by this nickname.
    Incidentally, "Lazeria" is the name of a city on Klaus IV, and the home 
    town of Lieber, Steeg, and Marietta.
    A cranky old woman with extremely prominent frown lines permanently 
    etched upon her forehead.
    Although she led the Craftman's Guild over a period of four years, her 
    cantankerous personality led even her flesh and blood to abandon her, 
    and nowadays she lives a solitary existence.
    In her heyday, Louise had her own special program on the compact 
    communicator, in which she would show off her soothsaying talents.
    A humanoid boy living in the town of Surferio, along with his younger 
    brother Lezard, who bears little resemblance to him.
    Lucien is going through a rebellious stage.
    Luther Lansfeld
    The software engineering genius who developed the core simulation 
    routines for universe construction based on multiple time axes, which 
    allowed the Eternal Sphere to grow into the tremendous hit it is today.
    Luther is also the owner of Sphere, the company that acts as the de 
    facto ruling body of the Lost City.
    He deserves most of the credit for turning Sphere into the juggernaut 
    that it is today.
    An ingenious alchemist who graduated second in his class from the 
    runological school located inside Aquaria, which he attended as a 
    foreign exchange student.
    Mackwell is extremely fussy about his time's value, and always carries 
    a schedule with each day's tasks listed down to the second.
    Acting alone, this gifted alchemist and scholar derived a unification 
    theory that ties channeled force and magnetism, while working with Dion 
    in Dr. Elena's research lab.  This theory is what finally allowed the 
    development of the Thunder Arrow to proceed.
    Unfortunately, after this breakthrough, Mackwell grew fed up with Dr. 
    Elena's unstructured and carefree working style, and quit the research 
    In lieu of a retirement package, Mackwell made off with one of Elena's 
    books, and still travels with it to this day.
    Magistrate Lasselle
    A functionary who assists the Queen of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria in 
    both political and military matters.
    Of all the many clergy members in Aquaria, Lasselle is the most 
    knowledgeable when it comes to the obligations and responsibilities of 
    those in authority.  His habit of trying to shape the complicated 
    reality into his idealistic worldview gives him fits at times.
    A member of the anti-Federation group Quark.
    Marietta happened to see Quark in action as a student, and was so 
    impressed with the work of the woman Mirage that she decided to quit 
    school and join the organization.  She currently operates the controls 
    of the Diplo, and is the type of person that never gives much thought 
    to the future.
    A girl living in the Kirlsa Training Facility who, along with her 
    mother, takes care of the soldiers of the Black Brigade.
    Mayu wears her heart on her sleeve, and tires of things easily, perhaps 
    because her live involves day after day of nothing but repetitive 
    chores around the training facility.
    Even though she often dreams of blowing up and venting her anger at her 
    tiresome existence, she's basically a harmless girl.
    A young Vanguardian girl living in the village of Whipple.  This 
    kindhearted child found Fayt collapsed on the ground outside the town, 
    and nursed him back to health.
    A humanoid living in the town of Surferio descended from an ancient and 
    honored clan with the power to read the stars.
    He sometimes speaks in a formal, stilted manner that belies the fact 
    that he is still just a child.  Perhaps this is because he has read so 
    many texts written in ancient tongues.
    A girl who studied the mechanical arts in the technological superpower 
    of Greeton.
    Meryl had to return to her homeland with her parents after only a few 
    years of study.  Yet even so, her time spent growing up in Greeton's 
    mechanically advanced society from an early age had a major impact on 
    her life.  In spite of her young age, Meryl may actually know more 
    about machines than anyone else currently living on the continent of 
    On a side note, there are humans living in Greeton as well, and 
    Aquarians living in Greeton face no discrimination in their everyday 
    However, since the two nations have had no formal relations for 
    centuries, such intrepid individuals must face the double jeopardy of 
    entering and exiting Greeton illegally.
    A trueborn noble and head of one of the top two houses of the Kingdom 
    of Airyglyph.
    Recently, however, Milenya has expressed objections to the war with the 
    Kingdom of Aquaria, and this earned her the wrath of the powerful 
    warmonger Duke Vox.  Vox had her branded as a rebel and subjected to 
    house arrest.
    Unsurprisingly, not even Vox dared to execute the head of a noble house 
    with such a long and distinguished heritage.  But even a punishment as 
    light as house arrest must be difficult to endure for a woman who has 
    known nothing but luxury since birth.
    A cheeky young boy living in the city of Aquios, Mishell seems to think 
    of himself as an adult.
    He loves to read books, and carries around tomes that are difficult 
    enough to make an adult's head spin.  Perhaps his tendency to memorize 
    entire chapters without really understanding the ideas expressed within 
    is evidence that, gifted as he may be, Mishell is after all, still a 
    Misty Lear
    A beautiful young woman with a mysteriously timeless presence.
    Misty Lear is a superb alchemist, and since her appearance has not 
    changed in decades, it is rumored that perhaps she has perfected an 
    elixir or eternal youth.  The truth of the matter, however, is simply 
    that the most talented alchemist of her clan always takes the name 
    Nevelle Zelpher
    The former Crimson Blade, Nel's father, and wielder of the Blades of 
    Ryusen, a royal treasure of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
    He has been missing-in-action for several years since a mission to 
    infiltrate the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
    All of the responsibilities that used to belong to Nevelle are 
    currently being carried out by his daughter, Nel.
    A Vanguardian boy living in the village of Whipple.
    Niklas lost both his parents when they were disintegrated by a man 
    named Norton, a stranger who suddenly appeared in the village.
    He ekes out a living in the village with his younger sister Meena.
    A mysterious, oddly dressed individual who suddenly appeared in the 
    village of Whipple.
    Some people say Norton possesses a strange power he uses to cause his 
    enemies to vanish, one after another.
    Norton has taken up with some young bullies from Whipple and is 
    currently living in the Ruins of Coffir.
    Norton (Part 2)
    A Rezerbian felon sentenced by a court on Rezerb to 687 years on a 
    prison planet in the Beta Sector.  He attempted to escape en route by 
    sabotaging the engine of the escort ship that was taking him to the 
    prison planet, and was eventually forced to live on Vanguard III after 
    the ship proved impossible to repair.
    Oddeye (Dragon Name)
    A baron class air dragon and partner to Airyglyph XIII, Oddeye's name 
    refers to the fact that his eyes are of two different colors.
    Since, as the king, Airyglyph XIII himself rarely stands on the field 
    of battle, this pitiable creature has almost no role to play.
    Incidentally, air dragons of the class achieved by Oddeye and Crosell 
    boast an intellect that surpasses even that of humans, are masters of 
    multiple languages, and wield a magic that is based on their language.
    Oreas Rumac
    A graphic artist working on the Eternal Sphere development team for 
    Sphere, designs and plans dungeon layouts among other tasks.
    A priest who preaches the ways of the gods to the people of the town of 
    Osman loves proverbs, precepts, and other "nice little turns of 
    phrase", and has written and published several such works of his own.
    But for some reason, perhaps related to the complexity of his 
    philosophies, his works are not terribly popular.
    Palmira Armes
    An employee of Sphere and one of the original developers of the Eternal 
    Sphere, Palmira was an incredibly skilled graphic artist.
    After the completion of the Eternal Sphere development project, Palmira 
    quit the company and married a man she had been dating since both were 
    students.  She now leads a happy life as a homemaker.
    She does continue drawing pictures as a hobby, however, and her fingers 
    are often covered with paint stains.
    Piccolotto Rossetti
    The chief of the Rossetti Troupe, a circus group that roams the galaxy.
    While single-handedly managing the troupe, this hard-working man also 
    puts on an animal trainer act.
    Piccolotto has adopted and lovingly raised Peppita, the daughter of his 
    kid sister who died at a tragically young age.
    Professor Trillas Bachtein
    The man who first succeeded in creating a subspace warp near Earth in 
    2087 AD.  Practical application of this technology enabled humanity to 
    take its first steps out of the Sol System.
    The universe has never been the same since.
    A stiff-haired girl who follows Fayt and his companions around, saying, 
    "No more, five years before! No more, seven years before!" as if it 
    were some sort of key phrase, for no apparent reason.
    This odd phrase may make perfect sense to those who understand its 
    context, but it means nothing at all to Fayt.  It's almost as if a 
    desire for revenge is filling her with rage and makes her pick fights.
    Quantestorie (Stage Name)
    An Alphalian troubadour in the Rossetti Troupe.
    From the Island of Flowers, which is located in Earth's Aegean Sea.
    Although he grew up on Earth, he never lost his people's characteristic 
    speech mannerisms.
    Quantestorie possesses the scary ability to soberly recite line after 
    line of poems and other turgid material.
    Richard Traydor
    A military serviceman working on Federation Station #17, and the man 
    who raised Maria as his own daughter.
    He perished when the base's creation engine malfunctioned during an 
    attack by the forces of the Aldian Empire.
    A young noblewoman of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria who loves nothing 
    better than to stare off into space and dine on fine food.
    Rigel is incredibly picky when it comes to the food she eats.  She 
    somehow became an excellent chef herself in the process of hounding her 
    family's resident chef morning, noon, and night to ensure that her 
    meals are prepared according to her exacting standards.
    Robert Leingod
    A human born on Earth, and the father of Fayt.
    Dr. Leingod is the Pangalactic Federation's authority on symbology, is 
    an excellent genomorphist, and has published many groundbreaking papers 
    since he was a student.
    Although he is still young, he is already thought to possess the most 
    brilliant mind of the century.
    Romeria Zin Emurille
    The personal name of Aquaria XXVII.
    See Aquaria XXVII.
    Ronaldo Dyne
    The older brother of Sirvia I, the Queen of Freedom, and a leading 
    figure in the Aquarian Freedom War.
    Ronaldo is said to have received the Sacred Tablet of the Ten Precepts 
    from Elena, Goddess of Light, after the Kingdom of Aquaria was founded.
    Ruddle Crispin
    A young traveler (and sometimes a traveling salesman trainee) who has 
    traveled extensively but is actually incredibly poor with directions.  
    Ruddle makes his latest appearance with his friend Rumina, a girl he 
    met during his wanderings.
    It's anyone's guess whether he simply likes adventure or whether he is 
    traveling in search of a particular goal.
    Whatever the case may be, his natural ability to get lost has gotten 
    him into more than one hundred scrapes throughout his life.
    Incidentally, he claims to have never had a girlfriend.
    Rumina G. Dogin
    The daughter, heir, and right-hand of Chairman Goldburn, the legendary 
    Casino King who went from rags-to-riches by taking the money he won in 
    a gambling parlor and using it to start in immensely lucrative casino.
    Rumina is in the middle of setting up her own business on this 
    unobserved world, completely ignoring Federation laws in the process.
    Although she may look cute on the outside, underneath her clothes she 
    is brimming with self-defense weaponry, and has even been referred to 
    as a "walking armory" (Commentary provided by her friend "R").
    However, Rumina is a proponent of peaceful solution to conflict and 
    seeks to avoid using her weaponry, if only because ammunition is 
    Sometimes she breaks the law, and sometimes she ignores it altogether.
    Ryoko Leingod
    Born on Earth's satellite Luna, Ryoko is the beloved wife of Dr. Robert 
    Leingod and Fayt's mother.
    Robert was not the only member of the Leingod household who was an 
    active researcher, Ryoko also published many papers as a student, and 
    showed great promise as a genomorphist.
    However, after marrying Dr. Leingod, Ryoko disappeared from academia 
    and devoted herself to supporting her husband's research.
    It is said that the majority of Dr. Leingod's research would not have 
    been completed as quickly without her.  Many members of academia regret 
    the loss of this beautiful muse.
    "Santa the Mercantilean" is a superhero from the planet Mercantil.
    Money is faster than anyone!  Money is stronger than the married man!
    I'll buy tall buildings in a single payment!
    A hero?  Or a heroine?  Hmm...
    Santa, Mercantilean
    See Santa.
    A knight who served Duke Vox, former captain of Dragon Brigade, since 
    Schweimer is a fine soldier who is trusted by his men, but as a result 
    of idolizing Duke Vox, he tends to be blind to what is going on around 
    In order to respect the unfulfilled wishes of the fallen Duke Vox, 
    Schweimer attempted to derail the peace process by assassinating 
    Aquaria XXVII, but thanks to Fayt and his companions, this 
    assassination attempt ended in failure.
    Sergeant Brooklund
    The current military leader of Rezerb.
    A master of guerrilla tactics and terrorism, Brooklund overthrew his 
    corrupt superiors in a revolution ten years ago, and thereby attained 
    his current position.
    Shar Zeit
    A member of the Eternal Sphere development team who works at Sphere, 
    Shar is in charge of scenario settings and progress management, and 
    happens to be the sister of Leiria, a programmer at Sphere.
    Second-in-command of the Black Brigade's heavy cavalry, pride of the 
    Kingdom of Airyglyph.  The men of the brigade like Shelby better than 
    the captain, Albel, because of his honest, hearty personality.
    Shelby's nickname is "Shelby the Heavy-Handed."
    Unfortunately, Shelby does have the bad habit of attempting to solve 
    every problem through military force.
    Shelby the Heavy-Handed (Nickname)
    See Shelby.
    Sirvia I
    A heroine who stood against the oppression of Greeton when that 
    technological superpower attacked and destroyed the Kingdom of Aquor.
    It is a matter of historical record that Sirvia I annihilated the 
    forces of the Kingdom of Greeton by releasing the power of the Sacred 
    Orb, which she'd received from the Emissary of Apris, upon the land of 
    Solon Solute
    A member of the Eternal Sphere development team who works at Sphere, 
    this graphic artist designs people, monsters, and various other 
    Solon is also an amazing gamer and programmer, and is often put in 
    charge of discovering and fixing bugs.  In other words, Solon is very 
    useful to all of the company's departments.
    Solon and the programmer Dirna are an on again, off again couple.
    A woman of the Featherfolk, a race that boasts large wings extending 
    from their backs.
    Perhaps because she is extremely light, even for a Featherfolk, Stanice 
    enjoys taking long "walks" in the clouds, flying from place to place.
    Nightfall often catches up to Stanice during her outings, and she is 
    forced to wait for daybreak all alone, up in the treetops.
    A member of the anti-Federation organization Quark and brother of 
    another Quark member by the name of Lieber.
    Also known as "Lieber the Quick-Draw" and "Steeg the Sharpshooter", the 
    two brothers like to refer to themselves collectively as "the Binary 
    Star Lazeria".
    Steeg hasn't entirely forgiven Lieber, who he suspects of cheating when 
    the brothers used rock-paper-scissors to decide whose group name idea 
    would be used.  Steeg had wanted the brothers' group name to be "the 
    Two-Headed Dragon".
    Tempest (Dragon Name)
    The air dragon ridden by Duke Vox, commander of the Dragon Brigade.
    The Killer Chef
    A humanoid of the Drowglynn race, members of which mainly reside in the 
    Sanmite Republic.
    Conversations with this man (or woman?) never seem to go anywhere.
    Even so, the Chef's conversational abilities are actually vastly 
    superior to those of the typical Drowglynn.  This is because the Chef 
    is so interested in the human race, he's actually taken it upon himself 
    to learn how to cook.
    The thought processes of Drowglynns are, for the most part, entirely 
    foreign to the human mind.  In fact, it is said that not even the gods 
    themselves are capable of perfectly translating the language of this 
    bizarre race.
    The Snake of Valeria
    A wicked Mechateer who led the unmatched Mechanized Corps in an 
    invasion of what would later become Aquarian territory, destroying the 
    Ancient Kingdom of Aquor.
    This person possessed extremely advanced technology for manipulating 
    mechs, and was also referred to as the Mech master.
    It is said that Sirvia I used the power of the Sacred Orb received from 
    the Emissary of Apris to destroy the Snake of Valeria.
    An enlisted member of the Secret Legion, a special unit working for the 
    Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, and led by Nel Zelpher.
    Tynave is a top-rate hand-to-hand fighter, even compared to other 
    members of the Secret Legion, and can even double for the legion's 
    leader Nel in a pinch.
    Although Tynave has never been formally trained, she is one of those 
    rare individuals who have succeeded in training themselves to be 
    extremely proficient in the military arts.
    Ursus (Stage Name)
    A huge Rondo Lukian strongman and member of the Rossetti Troupe.
    Ursus is from a rare Rondo Lukian bloodline of giants who are even 
    larger than the average Rondo Lukian, and shows off his prodigious 
    strength by easily ripping iron chains, bars, and other items apart.
    Although he rarely speaks of his own accord, Ursus is actually pretty 
    talkative for a member of his clan.
    A young Retail Rabbit living in the Urssa Lava Caves for an unknown 
    reason.  This eccentric character is interested in manufacturing as 
    well as sales, unlike most Retail Rabbits.
    One characteristic he does share with the others is an obnoxious 
    fixation on money.
    It is possible that Vanilla may be making a living by selling to the 
    But when you think about it, what would a dragon want, anyway?
    A young, strong, and kind humanoid living in the town of Surferio.
    Vellion is not the best around when it comes to studies, but he is 
    always ready with a smile.
    One would think he would be popular with such a positive personality, 
    but unfortunately, he surrounds himself with negative influences.
    Welch Vineyard
    A young woman who runs the Craftsman's Guild in Peterny.
    This working woman is smart, good-looking, has a good personality, and 
    even the Guild Master who leads the Craftsman's Guild is no match for 
    IV. Races
    4D Being (Race)
    Air Dragon (Dragon Species)
    Aldian (Race)
    Aldian (Part 2) (Race)
    Alphalian (Race)
    Beegul (Insectoid Type)
    Blue Dolphin (Race)
    Bubblehearts (Faerie Race)
    Bunnymen (??? Type)
    Convictor (Computational Type)
    Demonoid (Race)
    Dragon (Race Category)
    Drowglynn (Faerie Race)
    Earthling (Race)
    Edifian (Race) 
    Elicoorian (Race) 
    Enforcer (Computational Type)
    Executioners (??? Type)
    Executioners (Part 2) (Race Category)
    Expelian (Race) 
    Featherfolk (Race)
    Felinefolk (Race) 
    Flau (Faerie Race)
    Fourth-Dimensional Being (Race)
    Fourth-Dimensional Being (Part 2) (Race)
    Foxtail (Race) 
    Greem (Race) 
    Hauler (Turtle Species)
    Hauler Beast (Turtle Species)
    Highlander (Race)
    Houndfolk (Race)
    Human (Race)
    Humanoid (Race Category)
    Klausian (Race) 
    Lezonian (Race)
    Lousyd (Race)
    Lum (Horse Type) 
    Lycanthrope (Race) 
    Menodix (Race)
    Molefolk (Race) 
    Proclaimer (Computational Type)
    Retail Rabbit (Race)
    Rezerbian (Race)
    Rockfolk (Race)
    Rondo Lukian (Race) 
    Tetrageniot (Race)
    Ur-Felinefolk (Race) 
    Vanguardian (Race) 
    Velbaysian (Race) 
    Vendeeni (Race) 
    Winged Dragon (Dragon Species)
    4D Being (Race)
    See Fourth-Dimensional Being.
    Air Dragon (Dragon Species)
    A type of dragon that has extremely large wings and a body size more 
    compact than that of other dragons.  This allows them to soar through 
    the skies faster than any other dragon on Elicoor II.
    Air Dragons have a relatively short lifespan for a dragon race, and 
    mostly live only two to three centuries, although some rare individuals 
    have been known to live for almost 1000 years.
    Aldian (Race)
    A sentient race living in the Aldian Empire, the primary rival of the 
    Pangalactic Federation.
    Not only have the Pangalactic Federation and the Aldian Empire been in 
    a constant state of war ever since first contact, since Aldian 
    battleships self-destruct without fail after losing a battle, 
    absolutely no information is available about this civilization.
    Aldian (Part 2) (Race)
    The Aldians were actually part of a single organism that was entirely 
    dependent upon its home planet from birth.
    The organism had multiple bodies, all of which could act independently, 
    but which were controlled by a single mind located on the Aldian home 
    This explains why the Aldian placed such a small value on individual 
    life forms.
    The idea of individual bodies, each imbued with a separate spirit, was 
    completely incomprehensible to this entity.
    Alphalian (Race)
    A race of Humans living on the planet Elda III, which is blessed with 
    natural beauty and an abundance of water.  Alphalians are friendly to 
    everyone they come into contact with, and it takes a great deal to 
    anger one enough to do harm to anyone.
    Of course this assumes one can stand their more irritating traits.
    Those who cannot feel as if every move they make is a gigantic hammer, 
    pounding away at their skull.
    The reason people get away with repeating the old adage, "Striking an 
    Alphalian isn't a crime, it's a natural reaction" is that the 
    Alphalians have such an unusually contentious conversational style, 
    coupled with a narcissistic need to be the center of attention.
    Beegul (Insectoid Type)
    A race descended from insects, standing around 80 centimeters tall.
    Since Beeguls have an exoskeleton, their skin is extremely hard--so 
    hard, in fact, that it can easily reflect the thrust of a dull sword.  
    They can fly freely through the air with the two sets of two membranous 
    wings they sport on their backs.
    In general, they suffer from poor eyesight, but since they are so 
    extremely powerful and make such excellent warriors, they are sought 
    out as mercenaries by various nations.  Beeguls are pitch black in 
    color and are relatively easy to recognize due to the large horns on 
    their head.
    Blue Dolphin (Race)
    A marine race that lives in the city of Orba, which lies underneath an 
    ocean on the planet Expel.
    As it is readily apparent, Blue Dolphins are descended from dolphins, 
    but the race actually evolved the ability to live on land due to 
    planetary pollution caused by the Energy Stone in 366 SD.
    However, the Blue Dolphins have a rough time living on land because 
    their skin dries easily, and they can never stray too far from water.
    Bubblehearts (Faerie Race)
    A mysterious race of fairies that stand about 50 centimeters tall and 
    live in the Sanmite Republic.
    Bubblehearts are able to float and move freely about through the air 
    thanks to the power of the gem necklaces they wear.
    Sadly, most of their legs have completely atrophied, and now lack the 
    ability to support their own weight.
    If these extremely rare fairies live nearby, hide in the shadows and 
    watch them on a windy day.  Their struggles not to get blown away is 
    good for a laugh.
    Bunnymen (??? Type)
    A race of mammals that resemble rotund rabbits and have somehow spread 
    throughout the galaxy.
    Bunnymen are extremely friendly, and possess the odd ability to appear 
    anywhere, at any time, when called with a special sound.
    Extremely swift-footed and reasonably strong, they are prized as beasts 
    of burden on some planets. 
    Convictor (Computational Type)
    An upgraded, more powerful Executioner based on an improved Enforcer 
    Convictors are not very large, but since Luther himself reprogrammed 
    the Executioners, they possess greatly improved capabilities in every 
    However, these Executioners require a tremendous amount of data to 
    exist, and releasing too many of them into the Eternal Sphere at the 
    same time might cause serious problems in the structure of the universe 
    itself.  This is why the use of these Executioners has been restricted.
    Demonoid (Race)
    An extremely rare hybrid species resulting from the combination of 
    humans and demons.
    In extremely rare cases, a child is born to human and demon parents, as 
    a result of a contract (or even love).  The children of these unholy 
    unions are referred to as Demonoids.
    Dragon (Race Category)
    Many organisms have been referred to as "dragons" since days of old, 
    but in general, this term is used to describe huge reptiles with 
    collarbones or shoulder blades that have evolved into wings.
    Most "dragons" are little more than gigantic lizards, but some boast a 
    high level of intelligence, as well as the ability to use a unique type 
    of magic known as "dragon lore magic".
    These highly intelligent dragons are extremely fond of precious metals 
    such as gold and silver, and enjoy resting on heaping piles of the 
    Note, however, that this does not reflect any particular greed on their 
    part.  The dragons use the high heat conductivity of the metal to lower 
    their body temperature.
    Many dragons use a unique internal organ commonly referred to as the 
    "breath sack" to generate methane and other combustible gases from 
    materials such as the rotting corpses of other animals.
    The combustive gas created in this fashion is concentrated within the 
    mouth, and gradually accumulates in a hollow at the bottom of the 
    nostril.  Dragons utilize their famous "fire breath" weapon by 
    expelling this gas at high pressure, while rubbing their sharp teeth 
    together to generate sparks and thereby ignite the gas.
    Drowglynn (Faerie Race)
    A mischief-loving race that lives in the Sanmite Republic.  Drowglynns 
    enjoy stealing things and causing injuries, so they are not liked by 
    other races.
    On the other hand, nobody despises them because few Drowglynn 
    companions die due to accident or disease.  It is theorized that by 
    creating their own misfortune, the Drowglynn deplete the bad luck 
    around them, thereby protecting themselves from more serious 
    The power of the Drowglynn is truly mystifying.
    Earthling (Race)
    The type of human originating on Earth, the third planet of the Sol 
    Edifian (Race)
    An unusual marine race that lives on the underdeveloped planet Edifice.
    Edifians live in a number of cities built on the ocean bed, and are 
    strongly suspicious of those races that live on dry land.  Edifians are 
    not very enthusiastic about contact with outsiders, so very little is 
    known about them.
    Elicoorian (Race)
    Humans living on Elicoor II, primarily found in the Sacred Kingdom of 
    Aquaria and the military superpower of Airyglyph.
    Although Elicoorians look exactly like Earthlings at first glance, they 
    are a completely different race.
    The most distinguishing characteristic of Elicoorians is a special 
    ability of their eyes--they are able to visually recognize fluctuations 
    in Symbological force.
    The precision with which an individual can discern Symbological 
    fluctuations depends on their genetic makeup.  Holy Mothers, who have 
    the greatest concentration of this power, are able to see the workings 
    of symbols in every living or non-living bodies or activity within 
    their field of vision.
    This is why the Elicoorians possess symbological technology that 
    greatly exceeds their general level of civilization.
    Enforcer (Computational Type)
    A type of Executioner that specializes in destruction.
    Apparently, an Enforcer isn't a single, specific type of Executioner, 
    but rather one of a group of Executioners that has been given a 
    specific mission to perform.
    Enforcers come in an incredible range of sizes, with lengths ranging 
    from several meters to several thousand kilometers.
    Executioners (??? Type)
    A mysterious life form that refers to itself as an "instrument of the 
    Creator's condemnation".
    Executioners represent an unknown power that has suddenly declared war 
    upon Earth, broadcasting the message that Terran civilization has 
    trespassed upon the realm of the Creator Himself.
    At present, little is known about the Executioners, but there is no 
    doubt that they do possess a high enough level of technology to back up 
    their claim to godhood.
    Executioners (Part 2) (Race Category)
    The Executioners are a type of anti-bug destruction program sent into 
    the Eternal Sphere by the 4D beings in order to fix major problems that 
    have occurred in the ordered structure of the Milky Way data.
    Many of the 4D beings who created the Executioners refer to them by 
    nicknames such as "patches" or "worms".
    Expelian (Race)
    A hybrid species resulting from the combination of humans living on the 
    planet Expel with the native Felinefolk.
    The Expelian race's difference from most other sentient races is in its 
    development as a result of a hybridization process involving a number 
    of different sentient life forms over a long period of time.
    Due to their origins, members of the race have an extremely wide 
    variety of distinguishing characteristics.  Only some have tails, and 
    there are many types of ear shapes, eye, and coloration patterns.
    Incidentally, the children of two Expelian parents with the same 
    recessive gene in the 12th chromosome are known to revert to the 
    ancestral Felinefolk form, so on the planet Expel, a DNA analysis is 
    legally required before marriage.
    Another noteworthy characteristic of the Expelians is that in extremely 
    rare cases, individuals are born with a powerful natural Symbological 
    These types of Expelians possess an advanced Symbological structure 
    inside their very DNA, and this enables them to use symbology without 
    resorting to inscribing symbols on their bodies.
    These special Expelians often have a distinguishing characteristic--
    long ears.
    Featherfolk (Race)
    A race of people with large wings on their backs, descended from birds.
    The process of evolution has split the humerus bone of the Featherfolk 
    in two, allowing this remarkable race to possess both wings and arms.
    Featherfolk are extremely light, and can use the wings on their backs 
    to fly for a short period of time.
    Felinefolk (Race)
    A race descended from feline animals, particularly cats and lions.  
    Felinefolk have tails that extend from their posteriors, and are 
    extremely curious.
    They have exceptionally strong senses of smell and hearing, as well as 
    powerful night vision.
    Flau (Faerie Race)
    An adorable, 30 centimeter tall race that has large wings growing from 
    their backs.
    The Flau generally have cheerful personalities, and spend their lives 
    flitting around flower gardens and licking the nectar off flowers.
    For whatever reason, this race is known to have an unusually high 
    percentage of women, and beautiful women at that.
    The Flau are also known as "fairies" and area mischievous race.
    Fourth-Dimensional Being (Race)
    A mysterious race that lives in a different universe, known as 4D 
    All information concerning this race is enshrouded in mystery, 
    including its characteristics and the sophistication of its 
    Fourth-Dimensional Being (Part 2) (Race)
    A sentient race living in 4D Space that created the Eternal Sphere--the 
    universe where Fayt and his companions live.
    The Fourth-Dimensional Beings' civilization is extremely sophisticated, 
    and they believe that any labor which combines productivity and 
    consumption must be restricted and held to a bare minimum in order to 
    maintain their world.  In fact, labor itself is prohibited to all but 
    members of a privileged class.
    Foxtail (Race) 
    A sentient race descended from foxes with multiple large tails 
    extending from their posteriors that have the strange characteristic of 
    growing one new tail each century.
    Foxtails are born with powerful Symbological ability that allows them 
    to take any form at will.
    Strangely enough, they cannot change their tails, which remain as a 
    dead giveaway to an alert observer.
    Greem (Race)
    A frog-like race that has taken up residence in Surferio. 
    Greems can breathe through either lungs or gills, so they can live on 
    land as well as underwater.
    To be more precise, they need to live both on land as well as 
    underwater and cannot survive with access to only one of the other 
    environment.  Greem skin dries in the air, and Greem bodies are too 
    fragile to withstand a high level of water pressure for long.  
    Therefore, Greems must live near clear and shallow bodies of water.
    Hauler (Turtle Species)
    See Hauler Beast.
    Hauler Beast (Turtle Species)
    Resembling gigantic land turtles, Haulers are domesticated in the 
    Kingdom of Airyglyph for their ability to transport goods.
    Hauler beasts are very curious, and do not fear fire, which makes them 
    ideal animals to use for bearing goods.
    Hauler beasts are cowardly and relatively well-mannered creatures, but 
    they are large and powerful, so they must be handled with care.
    Highlander (Race)
    A type of Felinefolk descended from tigers, known for extreme 
    belligerence and a love of solitude. 
    Houndfolk (Race)
    A half-human, half-beast race that lives in the Sanmite Republic.
    Houndfolk live in a strict hierarchy of dominance, and will completely 
    subjugate their will to any person they recognize as being socially 
    superior, obeying the superior's every command.
    Life-threatening commands are no exception.
    Actually, not only are life-threatening commands not an exception, the 
    more dangerous a command, the more the command's recipient feels that 
    he is being trusted by his superior, and the more likely that he will 
    faithfully carry it out.
    On the other hand, the Houndfolk are also known for treating those they 
    see as socially inferior in an extremely cold manner.  This social 
    structure makes the Houndfolk a strange and difficult race to deal 
    Human (Race)
    Bipedal organisms that have evolved from monkeys and other anthropoid 
    Earthlings, who originally founded the Pangalactic Federation, are one 
    example of this race.
    Humanoid (Race Category)
    Refers to sentient races other than humans, the race that comprises the 
    vast majority of sentient beings.
    Note that races that resemble humans very closely in appearance, but 
    which are separate from the human race itself, are not always referred 
    to as humanoid races.
    Klausian (Race)
    A sentient race that lives on Klaus III and IV.
    This race possesses excellent motor reflexes and hand-eye coordination, 
    and it is said that the average Klausian can easily surpass a top 
    Earthling in every aspect of physical capability.
    Klausians respect self-reliance, and regardless of the fact that more 
    than a century has passed since first contact was made with this race, 
    they still do not belong to the Pangalactic Federation, or to any other 
    multi-planetary government for that matter.
    Klausians are also known for having an external appearance that very 
    closely resembles that of Earthlings.  If they didn't have three 
    distinguishing green lines around their necks, they would resemble 
    Earthlings with extremely good physiques.
    Lezonian (Race)
    A sentient race of humanoids living on the planet Lezonia.
    The Lezonians boasted a gigantic sphere of influence in the middle of 
    the 4th century SD, and waged a number of major space wars with the 
    Pangalactic Federation (then known as the Terran Alliance).
    Of all the known races still living today, Lezonians are one of the 
    first to have succeeded in developing faster-than-light travel.
    Lousyd (Race)
    A sentient race of half-human, half-fish people living in the Sanmite 
    The Lousyds are the unfortunate (?) result of plankton in waters 
    infused with a powerful runological force evolving at a highly 
    accelerated rate.
    For whatever reason, Lousyds hate Orichalcums, and when one is brought 
    too near, they emit a strange noise and try to run away.
    Perhaps Orichalcums react in some way to the runological force stored 
    inside the Lousyd's body, or cause a resonance effect.  This phenomenon 
    remains a mystery--mainly because no one has ever attempted to find the 
    reason for it.
    Lum (Horse Type)
    An equine mammal that inhabits many regions of Elicoor II.
    Lums are used in the Kingdom of Airyglyph as mounts due to their innate 
    speed and power, but due to their volatile nature, they only see wide 
    use in battle and security functions.
    Since Lum horns were once prized for their effectiveness as a virility 
    enhancer, the wild Lum was nearly over-hunted to extinction.
    Lycanthrope (Race)
    An extremely rare race of individuals in which ordinary human cells and 
    Beastfolk cells that have been transformed by a special virus coexist 
    in the same body.  The human and Beastfolk cells in a Lycanthrope's 
    body will expand or contract when the heart rate exceeds a certain 
    As a result, the Lycanthrope's external appearance will appear to 
    undergo a transformation.
    Although there are some exceptions, a Lycanthrope's body will become 
    more solid and powerful when the Beastfolk cells are in the expanded 
    There are many different Lycanthrope bloodlines, including those 
    related to wolves, bears, tigers, dogs, rats, boars, and other animals.  
    It should be noted that the legends about Lycanthropes transforming 
    after viewing the full moon, or about the Lycanthrope's invulnerability 
    to all weapons save those made of silver, are nothing more than 
    The legend of the full moon probably stems from an incident where a 
    Lycanthrope saw the moon and became excited for whatever reason, 
    triggering the expansion of the Lycanthrope's Beastfolk cells and 
    accompanying physical transformation.
    Menodix (Race)
    A cheerful race living in the Sanmite Republic which is descended from 
    raccoons.  They may not be very tall, but they boast dexterous fingers 
    and a high level of adaptability to new circumstances.
    Compared to other races, Menodixes have an excellent sense of smell.  
    Their downfall is that they are very curious and easily excitable, 
    characteristics which more often than not will act together to offset 
    the Menodixes' positive characteristics.
    Strangely enough, Menodixes have an excellent ear for music, and there 
    are many eminent Menodix troubadours.  Unfortunately, thanks to the 
    innate Menodix personality, almost no one is aware of this fact.
    Molefolk (Race)
    A race descended from moles, and which lives in places such as the 
    Mosel Dunes, Molefolk have extremely large palms with sharp claws that 
    resemble shovels.
    They are almost completely blind, but boast powerful senses of smell 
    and hearing.
    Since they primarily live underground their eyes are sensitive to light 
    and they must always wear special darkened contact lenses when they 
    venture out onto the surface (these contact lenses are made out of 
    materials such as colored crystal or crystal glass).
    Proclaimer (Computational Type)
    A type of Executioner that proclaims destruction.
    Proclaimers are shaped like human females and unlike the Enforcers, 
    which exist only to destroy, these Executioners are also capable of 
    intelligent action.
    These Executioners were sent directly to Moonbase, the "source of all 
    evil", in order to board and annihilate the facility.
    Retail Rabbit (Race)
    A rabbit-like race from the Sanmite Republic.
    As the name of this race suggests, Retail Rabbits will sell absolutely 
    anything they can get their hands on.
    "Anything" has been known to include a Retail Rabbit's very life.
    Retail Rabbits immediately invest any money earned by purchasing new 
    items to sell.
    To a Retail Rabbit, business is like a game that ties society together. 
    Rezerbian (Race)
    A sentient race living on the planet Rezerb, in the Zeta Sector.
    Rezerbians resemble leeches in that they live by sucking fluids from 
    other organisms.
    Rezerbians are highly susceptible to damage by short wavelengths of 
    light such as ultraviolet, and without the special suits that they 
    always wear, their skin would burn to a crisp after several hours of 
    exposure to sunlight.
    On the other hand, Rezerbians possess excellent regenerative abilities, 
    and it has been said that they can fully recover from the loss of all 
    four limbs after six months.
    Rockfolk (Race)
    Stone-based organisms that evolved based on a special mineral called 
    Even though they are composed of rocks, Rockfolk are independent and 
    highly intelligent creatures.
    They can be primarily found in the Greeton region, but since the 
    Kingdom of Greeton has shut itself off from the rest of the world, they 
    are a rare sight.
    Certain Rockfolk, known as Mechateers, posses the special ability to 
    manipulate metallic, humanoid fighting machines.  Mechateers are highly 
    respected members of Rockfolk society.
    Rondo Lukian (Race)
    A sentient race living on the snowbound planet of Rondo Lukia.  Rondo 
    Lukians worship a god of destruction, and believe that the universe can 
    only be saved by begging this god for mercy.
    The Rondo Lukians attempted to conquer the galaxy at one point, and 
    went to war with their neighbors, but they were thwarted in this 
    ambition by an alliance between three planets.
    The Rondo Lukians were occupied by their conquerors for some time after 
    the war, but thanks to the support of negotiators from the planet Fwee, 
    they eventually regained their independence and joined the Pangalactic 
    Tetrageniot (Race)
    A race that lives in a group of four artificial satellites that orbit 
    the planet Tetragenesis, in the Eta Sector.
    The Tetrageniots have a strict social structure, and the society is run 
    by four noble houses, one in each satellite.  Decisions for all 
    Tetrageniots are made at councils that are convened from court nobles 
    of all four houses.
    The most distinguishing characteristic of the Tetrageniots is without 
    doubt the third eye in the middle of their forehead.
    Tetrageniots make some the best gunners around.  Since they are able to 
    see things with a total of three eyes, their spatial perception is 
    superior to most other races.
    Ur-Felinefolk (Race) 
    Those Felinefolk who retain most of the external features of the 
    animals from which they descended.
    Vanguardian (Race)
    A race living on the underdeveloped third planet of the Vanguard 
    Due to their planet's low gravity, Vanguardians only possess 70% of the 
    physical strength of Earthlings.
    Since Vanguard III is an underdeveloped planet a detailed survey has 
    not been conducted, but the race living on the planet is thought to 
    fall into the human category.
    Other than their pointy ears, Vanguardians appear to have no 
    particularly interesting or unique characteristics.
    Velbaysian (Race)
    A nomadic race without a single specific home, that wanders throughout 
    the universe in clan-based groups.
    Velbaysians possess a highly acute nervous system that makes them 
    extremely talented in feats that require precise movements, such as 
    acrobatics and magic tricks.  They are also well known for their 
    extraordinary explosive muscle power, which regularly amazes members of 
    other races.
    However, Velbaysians are not very good at eliminating lactic acid from 
    their muscle fibers, so they cannot use their superior abilities for 
    Vendeeni (Race)
    A sentient race living on the planet Vendeen.  First contact with the 
    Vendeeni occurred in the year 710 SD.  The Vendeeni are descended from 
    a shark-like cartilaginous fish, and their skin is very pale from the 
    back down to the waist.
    Although the Vendeeni are one of the few races with technology rivaling 
    that of the Pangalactic Federation and the Aldian Empire, they rarely 
    interact with outsiders and much of Vendeeni technology is still 
    shrouded in mystery.
    Winged Dragon (Dragon Species)
    Winged dragon is a general term that refers to any type of dragon with 
    wings that can fly.  On Elicoor II, this term is mainly used to refer 
    to the planet's brass dragons.
    Usually, all flying dragons are referred to as winged dragons, but in 
    the Kingdom of Airyglyph, a distinction is made between the vitally 
    important air dragons and other flying dragons.  Therefore air dragons 
    are not referred to as winged dragons in this kingdom.
    V. Miscellaneous
    Absolute Visual Magnitude (Scientific Term)
    Accession of the Flame (Other)
    Aire (Myth/Tradition)
    Alterable Space (Scientific Term)
    Alteration (Technology Name) 
    Alteration (Part 2) (Technology Name)
    Antimatter Torpedo (Weapon) 
    Apris (Myth/Tradition)
    Arrow of Apris (Myth/Tradition)
    Astronomical Unit (AU) (Scientific Term)
    Atmospheric Composition (Scientific Term)
    Battle Simulator (Technology Name) 
    Battle-Class Ship (Ship)
    Battleship (Ship) 
    Battleship Aquaelie (Ship)
    Black Brigade (Organization)
    Blades of Ryusen (Weapon) 
    Calnus (Ship)
    Celestial Ship (Other)
    Channeled Force (Scientific Term)
    Church of Apris (Organization) 
    Combat Explorer (Ship) 
    Communicator (Technology Name) 
    Connection (Technology Name) 
    Copper (Other) 
    Copper Ore (Other) 
    Copper Pyrite (Other)
    Corsair (Ship)
    Craftsman's Guild (Organization)
    Creation Cannon (Weapon) 
    Creation Energy (Scientific Term)
    Creation Engine (Scientific Term)
    Crimson Blade (Organization)
    Crimson Scourge (Weapon)
    Cutter (Ship) 
    Dasvanu (Ship) 
    Destruction (Technology Name) 
    Destruction (Part 2) (Technology Name)
    Diplo (Ship)
    Diplomatic Flagship (Technology Name)
    Dirna (Myth/Tradition)
    Disrupter Cannon (Weapon) 
    Disrupter Gun (Weapon) 
    Disrupter Rifle (Weapon)
    DNA (Scientific Term)
    Dragon Brigade (Organization) 
    Dragon Runes (Language)
    Eagle (Ship)
    Electric Current (Scientific Term)
    Electromagnetic Shield (EMS) (Technology Name)
    Electronegativity (Scientific Term) 
    Elena (Myth/Tradition) 
    Emissary of Apris (Myth/Tradition)
    Energy Magnitude (Scientific Term)
    Energy Stone (Other)
    Erinia (Myth/Tradition)
    Escape Pod (Other)
    Eternal Sphere (Technology Name)
    Folstar (Myth/Tradition)
    Force Field (Technology Name)
    Genomorphist (Other)
    Genomorphy (Scientific Term)
    Gravitic Communication (Scientific Term)
    Gravitic Communicator (Technology Name)
    Gravitic Warp (Scientific Term) 
    Gravitic Warp Core (Technology Name)
    Gravitic Warp Engine (Technology Name)
    Gravitic Warp Field (Technology Name)
    Graviton (Scientific Term)
    Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (Scientific Term)
    Helre (Ship) 
    Holy Mother (Myth/Tradition)
    ID (Technology Name) 
    Ikelos' Book of Prophecies (Myth/Tradition) 
    Incapacitator (Weapon) 
    Independence (Ship)
    Intervention Device (ID) (Technology Name)
    Invisible (Ship)
    Ionization Energy (Scientific Term)
    Irisa (Myth/Tradition)
    Iron (Other) 
    Leiria (Myth/Tradition)
    Magnitude (Scientific Term) 
    Maiden of Irisa (Myth/Tradition) 
    Mech Master (Other) 
    Mechanized Corps (Organization) 
    Mechateer (Organization)
    Melting Point (Scientific Term)
    Mercury (Other)
    Moonshadow Clan (Organization)
    Neuyman Purifier (Technology Name)
    OPA (Other)
    Orb (Myth/Tradition)
    Oreas (Myth/Tradition)
    Palmira (Myth/Tradition)
    Palmira's Flower (Other) 
    Palmira's Wishing Charm (Myth/Tradition) 
    Phase Cannon (Weapon)
    Phase Gun (Weapon)
    Planet Class (Scientific Term) 
    Pod (Other)
    Qigong (Scientific Term)
    Quad Scanner (Technology Name)
    Quadratic Key (Technology Name)
    Quadrium Sphere (Technology Name)
    Quantum Torpedo (Weapon)
    Quark (Organization)
    Quark (Part 2) (Organization)
    Quicksilver (Ship)
    Radiant (Ship)
    Radish (Ship)
    Reduction (Scientific Term)
    Replicator (Technology Name)
    Research Explorer (Ship)
    Rossetti Troupe (Organization) 
    Rune (Scientific Term)
    Runological Force (Scientific Term)
    Runological Weapon (Weapon) 
    Runologist (Other)
    Runology (Scientific Term)
    Sacred Orb (Myth/Tradition)
    Sacred Orb (Part 2) (Myth/Tradition)
    Sacred Tablet of the Ten Precepts (Myth/Tradition)
    Scanner (Technology Name) 
    SD (Other)
    Secret Legion (Organization) 
    Sector (Other)
    Security Service (Organization)
    Shar (Myth/Tradition)
    Shield (Weapon)
    Shield Legion (Organization)
    Silver (Other)
    Solon (Myth/Tradition)
    Space Station (Technology Name) 
    Space-Time Discontinuity Effect (Scientific Term)
    Space-Time Displacement Shield (Technology Name)
    Sphere (Organization)
    Squall (Other)
    Station (Technology Name) 
    Sterling (Ship)
    Storm Brigade (Organization)
    Subspace Warp (Scientific Term) 
    Superconducting Aluminum (Other)
    Sword of the Crimson Scourge (Weapon)
    Symbol (Scientific Term)
    Symbological Force (Scientific Term)
    Symbological Genetics (Scientific Term) 
    Symbologist (Other)
    Symbology (Scientific Term)
    The Darkest Night (Other)
    Thermostat (Technology Name) 
    Thunder Arrow (Weapon)
    Time Gate (Weapon) 
    Time Paradox (Scientific Term)
    Toer Foundation (Organization)
    Transport Jammer (Technology Name) 
    Transport Ship (Ship)
    Transporter (Technology Name)
    Tria (Other)
    Underdeveloped Planet (Other) 
    Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact (UP3) (Other)
    Uninstaller (Technology Name)
    Vile Wind (Other)
    Volume Resistivity (Scientific Term) 
    Warp Engine Core (Technology Name)
    Warp Speed (Scientific Term) 
    Wishing Charm (Myth/Tradition) 
    Wreath of Erinia (Myth/Tradition)
    Absolute Visual Magnitude (Scientific Term)
    Unlike the usual visual magnitude system, which compares the apparent 
    brightness of stars as viewed from a specific planet, this unit was 
    created to compare the actual brightness of stars.
    This unit gives the brightness of a star when viewed from a specific 
    distance of ten parsecs (32.6 light years).
    Accession of the Flame (Other)
    A ceremony in the military superpower of Airyglyph that marks a 
    covenant with the air dragons that are such a vitally important part of 
    the Glyphian military.  The ceremony is essentially a proposal from 
    knight to dragon to join forces and fight together.
    Attempting a covenant with a powerful air dragon is an extremely 
    dangerous act, and the success rate of such ceremonies is said to be 
    less than 30%.
    Of course, the more powerful the partner, the more dangerous the fight 
    needed to complete this ceremony.  It is not uncommon for knights with 
    the hubris of exaggerating their own prowess to pay with their lives.
    Aire (Myth/Tradition)
    One of the major gods of the Church of Apris, and the god of the land.
    Aire is said to be a giant--the largest of the gods--who wields a 
    gigantic battle axe.
    Alterable Space (Scientific Term)
    When matter exists in three-dimensional space, space warps in direct 
    proportion to the amount of energy in that matter, and that matter 
    begins moving in a direction described by a curved, or geodesic line.
    This phenomenon appears to observers as gravity, and acts as if a force 
    were being exerted in the surrounding area. "Alterable space" (or 
    "altspace" for short) is a term referring to this type of three-
    dimensional universe.
    People tend to think that the mass in matter warps space and creates 
    gravity, but in reality, it is the energy in the matter that actually 
    warps space, thereby giving the appearance of what we refer to as 
    The theory of alterable space was a historical scientific breakthrough, 
    and led to a major revolution that resulted in the recent gravity-based 
    technologies such as Gravitic warp, all of which depend upon total 
    control over altspace.
    Alteration (Technology Name)
    A mysterious power given to Maria by the research team of Dr. Leingod, 
    Fayt's father.
    Alteration (Part 2) (Technology Name)
    A power given to Maria for use in the battle against the 4D beings.  
    The power of alteration can be used to convert any material data in the 
    Eternal Sphere, thereby stabilizing it in 4D space.
    On the other hand, this power can also potentially be used to change 
    the existential values of material in the Eternal Sphere, rendering its 
    very existence unstable.
    Antimatter Torpedo (Weapon)
    A weapon used before the quantum torpedo was perfected, consisting of a 
    gigantic railgun that shoots a torpedo filled with both matter and 
    antimatter deuterium through subspace.
    The torpedo returns to ordinary space a set period of time after 
    launch, and creates an explosive force directed against its target when 
    the antimatter and matter come together.
    Apris (Myth/Tradition)
    The central god of the Church of Apris, the most widely followed 
    religion on the continent of Gaitt.  The star Elicoor is said to be the 
    physical manifestation of Apris.  The teachings say now that Apris has 
    set his own body on fire and became Elicoor, he can no longer return to 
    the ground, but by sending the Emissary of Apris, he is still able to 
    lead the people.
    Arrow of Apris (Myth/Tradition) 
    According to Ikelos' Book of Prophecies, handed down from ancient times 
    in the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, when chaos strikes the holy land, an 
    arrow will shoot down from the heavens.
    Astronomical Unit (AU) (Scientific Term)
    A distance unit defined on Earth during the pre-SD era as the average 
    distance from Earth to its star, Sol.
    When converted to metric measurements, this works out to around 149.6 
    million kilometers.
    Since many of the life forms encountered in the galaxy have lived on 
    planets at approximately the same distance from their own stars, this 
    unit still enjoys widespread use, even in the SD era.
    Atmospheric Composition (Scientific Term)
    A description of what kinds of molecules are present in a planet's 
    atmosphere, as well as their ratios.
    Planets with an atmospheric composition that supports humanoid life, in 
    particular those with an oxygen density that is neither too high nor 
    too low, are referred to as E-class planets (the "E" stands for 
    Battle Simulator (Technology Name)
    A battle simulation system with the latest holographic technology, 
    allowing the user to enjoy a wide variety of different fights with 
    simulated opponents in virtual space.  The system provides deep sensory 
    feedback, not only of the traditional visual and auditory type, but 
    olfactory and tactile as well, resulting in a fighting experience that 
    is essentially indistinguishable from the real thing.
    Battle-Class Ship (Ship)
    The latest model of battle spaceship, used as the backbone of the 
    Pangalactic Federation military.
    Since battleships are built out of carbonic neotide, which as extremely 
    high light beam absorption characteristics, they boast stealth 
    characteristics that are dramatically superior to those of other ship 
    Battleships are approximately 300 meters long, sport a variety of 
    armaments such as creation cannons, phase cannons, and quantum 
    torpedoes, and are extremely versatile.
    Also, battleships are designed with the capability to simultaneously 
    fire out of multiple gun ports, for overwhelming firepower that goes 
    beyond what one would ordinarily believe possible.
    Battleships are also fully equipped from a defense standpoint, and are 
    able to block up to 2.94 x 10-8% units of energy by using a sympathetic 
    vibration effect between two onboard space-time displacement shields.  
    These high-quality shields are manufactured by Ostin Manufacturing, 
    which as the best reputation of any manufacturer in the Pangalactic 
    Battleship (Ship) 
    See Battle-Class Ship.
    Battleship Aquaelie (Ship)
    Commodore Wittcomb's beloved flagship, from which he has successfully 
    engaged in battle for the more than ten years since he was assigned 
    control of Remote Station #6.
    Although the Aquaelie is an old model, it has been retrofitted a number 
    of times, and performs as well as any newer ship.
    With the ingenious Commodore Wittcomb at its helm, the Aquaelie has 
    become known as one of the Federation's most powerful battleships.
    Black Brigade (Organization)
    One of the three military branches of the Kingdom of Airyglyph, 
    comprised of heavily armored knights that move across the battlefield 
    wielding huge swords much taller than themselves, encased in sturdy 
    black armor.
    The Black Brigade is said to be the most destructive force on the 
    continent of Gaitt, inspiring awe in allies and terror in foes.
    Albel Nox, otherwise known as Albel the Wicked, master of the katana 
    and general commander of the forces invading Aquaria, is the current 
    captain of this brigade.
    Blades of Ryusen (Weapon)
    A pair of twin swords forged from concentrated runological essences 
    during the reign of Aquaria XXIV, the Queen of Light.
    These twin swords were lost when Nevelle Zelpher, who was the previous 
    Crimson Blade, died on a mission.
    Calnus (Ship)
    A small ship based on the Aquaelie, used to transport small numbers of 
    passengers down to planets.
    Although the Calnus possesses neither especially strong weaponry nor 
    powerful shields, it does have the offensive capability to take on an 
    enemy as powerful as a combat ship.
    Celestial Ship (Other)
    The name Elicoorians gave to the Vendeeni ships after seeing them for 
    the first time.
    To the inhabitants of an underdeveloped planet like Elicoor, spaceships 
    and other such objects must appear to be associated with the gods.
    Channeled Force (Scientific Term)
    A force created by changing the form of runological force in such a way 
    that extremely tiny electrons move back and forth between material 
    objects in a special kind of flow.
    Storage and transport of this force is relatively easy, and it enables 
    even those who cannot use runology on their own to wield runological 
    power in the form of a runological weapon.
    In other words, it's the Elicoorian term for electricity.
    Church of Apris (Organization)
    A polytheistic religion honoring Apris, the Sun God, as its central and 
    most powerful god.  Almost all inhabitants of the Sacred Kingdom of 
    Aquaria, and roughly half of the humans living on Elicoor II adhere to 
    the worship of Apris.
    According to the Church of Apris, when upheaval is at hand in the 
    world, a prophet of Apris, the Sun God, descends from the heavens to 
    search for the age's most powerful wielder of runological power 
    (usually a woman), and elevates this person to the status of Holy 
    Of course, with the current invasion by the military superpower of 
    Airyglyph, it is believed that the prophet of Apris, the Sun God, has 
    descended in our age.  This time, the Holy Mother is thought to be 
    Aquaria XXVII, who is also queen of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
    Combat Explorer (Ship)
    A large vessel of approximately one kilometer in length built to 
    explore uncharted regions of space outside the Pangalactic Federation's 
    sphere of influence.
    These ships often embark on extended voyages of several months to 
    several years at a time, so are designed to operate independently and 
    handle any task alone, including combat.
    Communicator (Technology Name)
    The standard communications device in use throughout the Pangalactic 
    Federation.  This device is capable of both Gravitic communication over 
    a distance of one astronomical unit, as well as the translation of 
    unknown languages through voice pattern analysis.
    Communicators can also be used to send distress signals over a distance 
    of approximately one light year.
    Connection (Technology Name)
    A power given to Sophia for the fight against the 4D beings, that is 
    capable of penetrating the barrier between 4D space and the Eternal 
    Since this ability was researched and created in a short period of time 
    after the others were complete, it doesn't always work perfectly.
    Copper (Other)
    A metallic element with an atomic number of 29, an atomic mass of 
    63.546, a melting point of 1,084.5 degrees centigrade, and a density of 
    8.96 g/c3.
    Although there are other substances that conduct electricity better 
    than copper, all of them are much more expensive, or more complicated 
    to produce, so copper is treasured as a material for conducting 
    electric current on almost all civilized planets, including Earth.
    Copper Ore (Other) 
    See Copper Pyrite.
    Copper Pyrite (Other)
    A sulfide ore created from copper and iron with a brass or yellow 
    luster that often causes it to be mistaken for gold.  When copper 
    pyrite is reduced once, the crude copper generated can be electrolyzed 
    in order to easily extract pure copper.
    Corsair (Ship)
    Of the large space ships used in the Milky Way, this type is designed 
    with extra emphasis on maneuverability.  Although corsairs cannot turn 
    as sharply as battle-class ships, they are very good at accelerating 
    and decelerating.
    They are much larger than battleships, but since they can sport large 
    creation engines, they are slightly faster when traveling at their 
    maximum warp speed.
    Craftsman's Guild (Organization)
    A government-run guild in the town of Peterny, created with the goal of 
    improving technology by protecting talented craftsmen and engineers, 
    and by promoting friendly competition between the same.
    Basically, this honored organization acts to place work orders and to 
    protect engineers.
    Creation Cannon (Weapon)
    The creation energy-based cannons used by ships in the Pangalactic 
    Federation military.
    Since these guns use creation energy as an energy source, they are far 
    more destructive than the antimatter cannons that used to be the 
    mainstay of ship-to-ship weaponry.
    However, creation cannons are far more difficult to control.  In 732 
    SD, the time-space displacement shield inside the battleship Tilgrem's 
    primary cannon malfunctioned, resulting in an explosion that 
    annihilated an entire planet from this universe!
    For this reason, Federation law stipulates extremely severe 
    restrictions regarding the use of creation cannons.
    Creation Energy (Scientific Term)
    Research on this completely new type of energy system began after a 
    discovery in the second half of the 4th century SD, and practical 
    applications based on the system first appeared in the first half of 
    the 8th century SD.
    This system, which was discovered in an ancient ruin on the planet 
    Milokeenia, describes a system wherein part of the energy that exists 
    in imaginary number space is drawn into three-dimensional space.  
    Theoretically, this type of system could produce an essentially 
    infinite amount of energy.
    Of course, since no type of material or electromagnetic shield can 
    withstand the tremendous amounts of energy created by this system, the 
    use of creation energy is strictly limited to special areas of space 
    surrounded by space-time displacement shields.
    Creation Engine (Technology Name) 
    A device that can generate creation energy.
    See Creation Energy.
    Crimson Blade (Organization)
    A title given to those individuals most trusted by the queen of 
    Aquaria.  A person with this title may not be hampered in any way by 
    anyone but the queen herself, and can issue orders with the authority 
    of the queen.
    Crimson Scourge (Weapon)
    A legendary magic sword and one of the hidden treasures of the gods 
    from the age of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, Crimson Scourge is said 
    to have the ability to cut the sky itself.
    However, it chooses its own master, and it is said that if someone 
    unworthy touches it, they will be driven insane as punishment.
    Cutter (Ship)
    A ship designed purely for maneuverability with superb acceleration, 
    deceleration, and turn radius characteristics.
    The major drawback of a Cutter is that the interior is almost entirely 
    taken up by the Gravitic warp engine and creation engine, so there's 
    not much room left for living in space.
    Dasvanu (Ship)
    The ship belonging to Biwig, the supreme commander of the planet 
    The Dasvanu was constructed with extremely advanced technology that 
    even surpasses that of the Pangalactic Federation and the Aldian 
    Empire, and boasts offensive and defensive capabilities that rank among 
    the best in the galaxy.
    Destruction (Technology Name) 
    A mysterious power given to Fayt by the team of Dr. Leingod, Fayt's 
    Destruction (Part 2) (Technology Name)
    A power given to Fayt for use in the battle against the 4D beings.  The 
    power of destruction applies the physical laws of the Eternal Sphere in 
    order to manipulate the space surrounding the user, even when it is 
    used in 4D space.
    If this power were to be used inside the Eternal Sphere itself, it 
    could actually alter the physical laws of that universe.
    Diplo (Ship)
    A large ship used by the anti-Federation organization Quark as its 
    flagship.  Although the Diplo looks like an ordinary diplomatic 
    flagship from the outside, it has been extensively modified with 
    diverted military parts.
    Although it would be no match for a regular battle-class ship of the 
    Pangalactic Federation, it does boast firepower and defensive 
    capabilities that are vastly superior to those of typical spaceships.
    Although the Diplo is officially registered to Cliff, Cliff has 
    preferred to use the Eagle ever since the organization obtained it, and 
    these days Maria always commands the Diplo.
    Diplomatic Flagship (Technology Name) 
    One of the classes of large space ships used in the Milky Way.
    Diplomatic transports are built more sturdily than most ships, and 
    possess some offensive capabilities, but are not very powerful--at 
    least in theory.
    Dirna (Myth/Tradition)
    A goddess of fire and one of the primary goddesses of the Church of 
    Dirna has two forms, one of fury and one of wisdom.  Legend has it that 
    when she takes the form of fury, she uses a magic staff endowed with 
    the power of ancient dragons, and when she takes the form of wisdom, 
    she wields a bow that shoots dazzling beams of runological light.
    Disrupter Cannon (Weapon)
    The main cannons used on Vendeeni ships.
    Since the Vendeeni never exchange technology with outsiders, no details 
    are yet known about the systems they employ, but it is apparent that 
    disrupter cannons achieve their tremendous output by somehow 
    interfering with space-time.
    Disrupter Gun (Weapon)
    A type of personal weapon used by Vendeeni soldiers that has the 
    ability to obliterate its target by firing micro-particles from its 
    barrel at high speed.
    Since the disrupter rifle, which is a laser weapon, is no match alone 
    for mechanized weapons equipped with reflective armor, Vendeeni 
    soldiers are also equipped with this projectile weapon.
    Disrupter Rifle (Weapon)
    A personal weapon used by the Vendeeni that vaporizes its target in an 
    instant with a high-powered laser.
    This gun is also capable of shrinking its bore and concentrating its 
    energy in a single point, in order to increase its piercing power.
    However, since this gun is not useful in all situations, most Vendeeni 
    soldiers also carry disrupter guns for self-defense.
    DNA (Scientific Term)
    A double strand of base proteins located in the nucleus of a cell, 
    arranged in a spiral shape.  DNA is an abbreviation of 
    "deoxyribonucleic acid".
    DNA strands include four types of base proteins, namely adenine, 
    guanine, cytosine, and thymine.  The genetic information that describes 
    an organism is encoded in the combinations of these four bases.
    Some religions hold that DNA is a program encoded into us by the gods.
    Dragon Brigade (Organization)
    One of the three military branches of the Kingdom of Airyglyph, made up 
    of flying knights mounted on air dragons.
    This small, elite mobile force mainly conducts surprise attacks and 
    assaults on enemy encampments, as well as scouting missions that take 
    advantage of their ability to fly.
    The three branches of the Airyglyph military (Storm Brigade, Black 
    Brigade, and Dragon Brigade) are officially equal in rank.  But due to 
    the nature of the missions assigned to the Dragon Brigade, its captain 
    is authorized to issue royal commands.  So it would be no exaggeration 
    to say that the Dragon Brigade's captain is also the commander-in-chief 
    of the Airyglyph military.
    Duke Vox, who is also commander-in-chief of the Peacekeeping Force, is 
    the current captain of this brigade.
    Dragon Runes (Language)
    A language mainly used by dragons, and written using phonetic symbols 
    so that Elicoorians can understand it.
    Since dragons actually have almost no cultural tradition of written 
    languages, and those who have reached a certain age can speak many 
    different tongues, most people have never heard of Dragon Runes.
    Eagle (Ship)
    Cliff and his companions' ship.  The Eagle is small, yet boasts a 
    powerful Gravitic warp engine and light body that, in combination, make 
    it one of the most maneuverable ships in the galaxy.
    Since priority was given to maneuverability in the ship's design, it 
    possesses no major weaponry, but it is fast enough to shake off any 
    unskilled pursuers in the blink of an eye.
    The Eagle actually belongs to Quark, rather than to Cliff personally.
    Electric Current (Scientific Term)
    The movement of free-flowing electrons that are not attached to any 
    atoms.  Electrons are one of the building blocks of matter, along with 
    protons and neutrons.
    In general, an electric current flows from positively to negatively 
    charged areas, but the electrons themselves actually flow in the 
    negative to positive direction.
    This may sound like two completely different phenomena, but in 
    actuality, they are one and the same.
    Electricity has always been defined as flowing in that direction in 
    terms of electronic designs, but the electrons physically flow in the 
    opposite direction.
    Electromagnetic Shield (EMS) (Technology Name)
    A shield system that utilizes powerful radiation to form layers of 
    gravitons in any desired location.
    This system uses the phenomenon whereby energy that is continuously fed 
    into a certain closed space creates matter and gravitons to be formed, 
    in order to create an antigravity field as well as a physical force 
    When this type of shield is used in a battle situation, this frequency 
    of the radiation used to generate the shield is randomly changed with 
    each deployment.  This prevents the enemy from matching the frequency 
    of the shield and disabling it.
    It takes a tremendous amount of energy to deploy this kind of shield, 
    so energy for this purpose must be stored somewhere in advance.  Of 
    course, there are limits to the space available, so it is not wise to 
    deploy a shield that is more powerful (and which requires more space) 
    than necessary.
    In combat, the timing at which the shield must be activated is 
    unpredictable, so a number of thin energy fields are deployed outside 
    the shield proper, and the shield is only activated when the fields are 
    Electronegativity (Scientific Term)
    A measurement of how powerfully a substance attracts electrons.
    The larger this value, the better that substance is at attracting 
    See also Ionization Energy.
    Elena (Myth/Tradition)
    The goddess of light, and one of the primary goddesses of the Church of 
    Elena has wings of pure white growing out of her back, and spins songs 
    with her wooden sword to inspire warriors.
    Emissary of Apris (Myth/Tradition) 
    A prophet born from the divine breath of Apris, the primary god of the 
    Church of Apris.  The Emissary of Apris is charged with acting as the 
    voice of Apris.
    It is said that at each turning point in history, the gods have 
    bestowed their secrets upon the Holy Mother, and led her along the true 
    Energy Magnitude (Scientific Term)
    A unit created to express huge amounts of energy on the universal 
    scale, with magnitude 1 defined as the average total amount of energy 
    emitted by a star approximately the same size as Sol in one microsecond 
    (millionth of a second).
    In this notation, the amount of energy expressed goes up by a factor of 
    one thousand with each magnitude, so the energy indicated by magnitude 
    9 is one septillion (10 24) times the amount of energy indicated by 
    magnitude 1.
    Energy Stone (Other)
    An extremely rare ore that is primarily mined on planets such as Expel, 
    and which is used as the raw material in the creation of Quadratic 
    Keys, a catalyst necessary to activate a Quadrium Sphere.
    Erinia (Myth/Tradition)
    One of the primary goddesses of the Church of Apris, and the second 
    eldest sister of three moon goddesses married to Apris, the Sun God.
    Escape Pod (Other)
    A small pod used for escape in an emergency situation.
    Federal law requires all ships in the Pangalactic Federation to carry 
    more than enough pods to carry the maximum number of crew and 
    Each pod is just large enough to hold one adult, and includes a small 
    Gravitic warp engine in addition to the life support equipment.  An 
    average adult male humanoid could survive inside a pod for 
    approximately one week.
    Pods are also capable of entering a planet's atmosphere, and when a 
    swift rescue seems hopeless, it will automatically search for and land 
    on the nearest planet that can sustain life.
    Eternal Sphere (Technology Name)
    A virtual universe created by the 4D beings that does not actually 
    exist in reality.
    The Eternal Sphere is the universe of Fayt and everyone he knows.
    Folstar (Myth/Tradition)
    A primary god of the Church of Apris that is the master of the 
    Frigidly handsome, Folstar is said to cleave the silver thread that 
    binds the soul to the body with a long sword he holds in his hand.
    Force Field (Technology Name)
    An artificially created energy field.  As of the current year of 772 
    SD, force fields are used for a diverse range of applications, from 
    shields on spaceships to simulation games for children.
    Genomorphist (Other)
    Researchers in the field of genomorphy.
    The division between person of religion, who guide the hearts of their 
    flock in the name of gods, and persons of science, who attempt to 
    research absolute truth, was born of human language and continues even 
    now that we have taken to living in outer space.
    Genomorphy (Scientific Term)
    A prohibited field of science in which a target organism is freely 
    created through the research and direct manipulation of the genetic 
    information of living organisms.
    This field, which intrudes upon the domain of the gods, has been 
    declared heresy by certain types of religious people and philosophers, 
    and researchers have even been persecuted in the past.  Still, this is 
    one field that humanity cannot avoid on the path to the summit of 
    evolution--or so some scientists believe.
    Fayt's father Dr. Leingod is a famous genomorphist who is well known 
    throughout the galaxy, and who specializes in the study of Genomorphy 
    from the standpoint of symbological science.
    Gravitic Communication (Scientific Term)
    An extremely long-distance, high-speed communication system used 
    primarily between stars.
    This system simultaneously uses an altspace warping effect to create 
    signals and a Gravitic warp to enable communication at a speed that 
    would have been unthinkable before the SD era.
    Gravitic Communicator (Technology Name) 
    A device for conducting gravitic communication.
    See Gravitic Communication.
    Gravitic Warp (Scientific Term)
    A new warp theory developed by Dr. Krupp in 537 SD, which enabled 
    travel at speeds that greatly exceed those previously possible via 
    subspace warp.
    The system works by controlling the gravitational dimension that 
    ordinarily propagates through altspace and using it to directly warp 
    space in front of the ship, compressing it in such a way as to 
    effectively enable extremely high-speed travel through three-
    dimensional space.
    Almost all large vessels nowadays utilize gravitic warp systems.
    Gravitic Warp Core (Technology Name)
    The gravitic warp core is the heart of a gravitic warp engine, and 
    includes the creation engine that acts as an energy source for the 
    gravitic warp, as well as the surrounding space-time displacement 
    shield.  Any accident that might occur while this core system is 
    operating could spell instant disaster, so this system is always 
    located in the safest possible location on a ship.
    Gravitic Warp Engine (Technology Name) 
    A device which allows vessels to enter Gravitic Warp.
    See Gravitic Warp.
    Gravitic Warp Field (Technology Name)
    A special field that is projected in the direction of travel via 
    gravitic warp.
    The space inside this field is compressed to a much greater degree than 
    ordinary space, so ships and other objects traveling through the field 
    can exceed the speed of light relative to ordinary space.
    Graviton (Scientific Term)
    This particle was theoretically derived from the need to explain the 
    warping effect of an object's mass on space-time, it is perceived as a 
    latent energy that has no effect outside the particle.
    The existence of this particle was postulated in order to explain the 
    actual phenomenon whereby the mass of an object will warp space-time, 
    before the nature and effect of alterable space (altspace) were 
    After physicists came to understand altspace, it became apparent that 
    rather than mass creating the force of gravity, the existence of matter 
    warps space-time in such a way that the apparent force of gravity 
    results, and this effectively disproves the existence of "gravity" 
    Regardless, the graviton still survives as one of the tools used to 
    help explain the extremely confusing effects of altspace.
    Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (Scientific Term)
    One of the core principles of quantum mechanics that states that "the 
    momentum and coordinate of any subatomic particle cannot both be known 
    at the same time".
    In other words, if you measure the location, the act of measurement 
    itself will actually change the momentum of that subatomic particle.  
    Conversely, if you measure the momentum, then there will be no way to 
    simultaneously measure the location.
    This does not mean that you cannot know the coordinate or momentum of a 
    particle before you measure it, but rather that particles are made up 
    of a combination of a wide variety of possibilities, and really have no 
    specific location or momentum.  There is no way to know the results 
    until you actually take a measurement.
    This physics theory is so powerful it even has philosophical 
    ramifications, and is no less important nowadays in the SD era than it 
    was in the era before space travel.
    Helre (Ship)
    A Federation transport ship based at Remote Station #7 with the 
    official name of GFSS-12372 Helre.
    Incidentally, in the military classification system of the Pangalactic 
    Federation, ships with serial numbers in the one thousand range are 
    battle-class ships, those in the two to five thousand range are combat 
    explorers, those in the six to nine thousand range are research 
    explorers, and those in the ten thousand range are transport ships.
    Holy Mother (Myth/Tradition)
    According to the Church of Apris, the Holy Mother is a person sent by 
    Apris, the Sun God, with a highly sophisticated knowledge of runology, 
    as well as the power to command the secrets of the gods.
    The Holy Mother also possesses the special ability to deeply perceive 
    the flow of runological force with the naked eye.
    ID (Technology Name)
    An abbreviation of "Intervention Device."
    Ikelos' Book of Prophecies (Myth/Tradition)
    A book of prophecies written by Aquaria I, the first Holy Mother.  This 
    book contains a total of 777 chapters in 13 sections.
    The following prophesy is recorded in the 15th chapter of the 10th 
    "There shall be Chaos in the holy land.
    From this Chaos shall spread grave Misfortune, and Misfortune shall 
    give birth to a new War.
    Amidst this War shall the Arrow of Apris be shot down from the Heavens.
    The Arrow shall rend the Land from the Heavens, and create still more 
    Be at ease, for peace awaits, and calm and tranquility shall rule in 
    the end."
    While Aquaria XXVII believes that the Arrow of Apris described in this 
    book is actually the Eagle, there is no way to confirm if her theory is 
    Incapacitator (Weapon)
    An anti-personnel weapon used to capture Fayt and companions when they 
    attempted to escape.
    This machine is only used to capture organisms alive, and lacks the 
    ability to inflict casualties.
    Independence (Ship)
    One of the battle-class ships of the Pangalactic Federation.
    This ship was able to destroy one Executioner by predicting its 
    movements and hitting it with all of the ship's quantum torpedoes in an 
    incredibly lucky volley.
    Thus the Independence was awarded a somewhat pyrrhic Award of 
    Outstanding Achievement for giving hope to the military forces of the 
    Pangalactic Federation.
    Of course, the Independence was destroyed immediately after this 
    Intervention Device (Technology Name)
    A special tool created by the employees of Sphere in order to manage 
    the data of the Eternal Sphere.
    By using this tool, it is possible to remove the restrictions placed on 
    characters inside the Eternal Sphere, so that they may perform actions 
    that are ordinarily impossible.
    This tool is generally referred to by its abbreviation, "ID".
    Invisible (Ship) 
    A battle-class ship of the Pangalactic Federation that was literally 
    erased by the awakened power of Maria during a battle with the Diplo.
    Brigadier General Schilling was in command.
    The official explanation for this incident is that the ship was 
    destroyed in an accident involving a new type of mine while engaged in 
    battle with the Aldian Empire.
    Ionization Energy (Scientific Term)
    A measurement of how readily metallic elements dissolve into metal ions 
    in a solvent.
    The lower the ionization energy of a material, the harder it is to 
    dissolve, and the easier it is to precipitate as a solid.
    See Electronegativity.
    Irisa (Myth/Tradition)
    This major goddess of the Church of Apris is the eldest of three 
    sisters represented by the moons.  These three goddesses are also the 
    wives of Apris, the Sun God.
    Elicoor II has three moons of various sizes, named Irisa, Erinia, and 
    Palmira, and the Church teaches that these moons are the triplet wives 
    of Apris, the Sun God.
    Usually when a planet such as Elicoor II has multiple large moons, the 
    ebb and flow of the tides has a major effect, but in the case of 
    Elicoor II, the gravitational effects of the two smaller moons are 
    precisely offset by the gravity of the largest moon, Irisa, 
    and in an arrangement so rare as to be miraculous, the three moons 
    revolve around the planet in a synchronized orbit such that the center 
    of the gravity of the three is located inside the planet itself.
    Iron (Other)
    A metallic element with an atomic number of 26, an atomic mass of 
    55.845, a melting point of 1,536 degrees centigrade, and a density of 
    7.874 g/c3.
    This is a relatively common metal that is found throughout the 
    universe, and which has contributed to the advancement of a large 
    number of civilizations.
    Leiria (Myth/Tradition)
    One of the primary goddess of the Church of Apris.
    This gentle goddess tags along with her older sister Shar, Goddess of 
    Water.  It is said that Leiria winds time with her staff, thereby 
    allowing history to move forward.
    Magnitude (Scientific Term) 
    See Energy Magnitude.
    Maiden of Irisa (Myth/Tradition)
    A perennial that represents Irisa, goddess of moon and wind, it is also 
    used as a charm to pray for a safe journey.
    The Maiden of Irisa produces highly nutritious fruits with plenty of 
    moisture all year round that have wetted the throats of many a 
    Can there be any doubt that it is a true gift from the goddess?
    Mech Master (Other)
    The title given to Mechateers in the technological superpower of 
    Greeton who are especially skilled at controlling mechs.
    One could count the number of great Mechateers given this title during 
    the long history of Greeton on the fingers of both hands.
    Mechanized Corps (Organization)
    A special unit of the technological superpower of Greeton comprised of 
    steel, humanoid, motorized machines that are manipulated by a man known 
    as the Mechateer.  These units were responsible for the downfall of the 
    Ancient Kingdom of Aquor.
    It is said that the bodies of these machines were impervious to damage 
    by arrow or blade, and that their arms thundered as they shot fort 
    gouts of flames.
    Mechateer (Organization)
    A person in the technological superpower of Greeton who can freely 
    control mechanical soldiers.
    Exceptionally gifted Mechateers are given the title Mech Master, and 
    are venerated even more highly than kings.
    Melting Point (Scientific Term)
    The temperature at which a substance goes through a state change from 
    solid to liquid.
    The most well-known example of a melting point is that of pure ice, 
    which melts at zero degrees Celsius at standard atmospheric pressure.
    Mercury (Other)
    A metallic element with the atomic number of 80, mercury has an atomic 
    mass of 200.59, a melting point of -38.842 degrees centigrade, and a 
    density of 13.546 g/c^3.  Mercury is used inside the latest runological 
    weapons.  When materials such as silver that have a higher level of 
    electronegativity than mercury are dissolved in a solvent and used as 
    conductive material, those materials separate after electricity is 
    channeled through them.  This is why the internals of the Thunder Arrow 
    cannot be constructed with metals such as gold or silver. 
    Moonshadow Clan (Organization)
    An armed band of thieves that has recently made its base in Duggus 
    Forest, to the west of the town of Peterny.  The Moonshadow Clan preys 
    upon merchants passing by on the road, robbing them of all the money 
    and valuables they can get their hands on.
    Neuyman Purifier (Technology Name)
    A device developed by Dr. Neuyman in 371 SD that repairs the physical 
    and mental distortion that the interaction with special particles 
    generated by purified energy stones causes in organisms.
    This purifier makes use of a special phenomenon called Kurtz 
    adsorption, which removes the Symbological particles that are the cause 
    of the biological pollution, thereby cleansing the target creature.
    OPA (Other)
    An abbreviation of "out of place artifact", which is an object that is 
    far too technologically advanced for the age and place in which it was 
    OPAs usually turn out to be merely exaggerations based on faulty 
    analysis, or underrated evaluations of alien cultures stemming from the 
    arrogance of their discoverers.  But in some cases, such as the Time 
    Gate that exists on the planet Styx, or the creation energy that was 
    discovered on the planet Milokeenia, the OPA's presence cannot be so 
    easily explained away.
    Orb (Myth/Tradition) 
    See Sacred Orb.
    Oreas (Myth/Tradition)
    The god of darkness, and one of the primary gods of the Church of 
    This sharp-eyed god of few words is said to wield a dagger steeped in 
    the purest black.
    Palmira (Myth/Tradition) 
    A primary goddess of the Church of Apris and the youngest of the three 
    moon goddess sisters married to Apris, the Sun God.
    Palmira's Flower (Other)
    A beautiful, sweetly fragrant flower that represents the primary 
    goddess Palmira, one of the three moon goddesses.
    Individual flowers have short life spans, but they tend to grow in 
    clusters, and they have no specific blooming season, so they seem to 
    always be blooming in a wild profusion as one flower after another 
    opens its petals randomly.
    This is why places where this flower blooms are thought to be "the 
    closest places to Heaven on Elicoor".
    In the language of flowers, this flower means "eternal beauty".
    Palmira's Wishing Charm (Myth/Tradition)
    One of the most commonly used charms in the region around Peterny, 
    created by tying together Palmira's Flowers in a single long thread.  
    It is thought that if someone succeeds in tying together 1000 flowers 
    without breaking the thread, then that person's wish will be granted.
    There has been a sharp increase lately in the number of people in the 
    town of Peterny using this charm to wish a swift end to the war, and 
    one can even buy thick and strong threads especially created for use in 
    such charms.
    Phase Cannon (Weapon)
    A large-scale phase gun used on ships.
    These cannons used to be the mainstay of ship-to-ship weaponry on 
    Federation ships, but after more powerful antimatter cannons and 
    creation cannons were developed, they fell out of favor.
    However, as phase cannons require less energy than antimatter cannons 
    and creation cannons, and can fire rapidly, they are still used as 
    secondary weapons on many ships.
    Phase Gun (Weapon)
    A widely used personal weapon in the Pangalactic Federation, Phase Guns 
    fire a powerful beam of energy that destroys the molecular cohesion of 
    the target's matter through phase magnification.
    It is possible to control the power output of the beam by adjusting its 
    focus setting.  A stun mode is available for knocking human-sized 
    animals unconscious, as well as a vaporization mode that will 
    completely vaporize an object the size of an automobile.
    Planet Class (Scientific Term)
    Planet class is a classification of a planet's size into either S, M, 
    or L.
    Planets with a solid crust, but no atmosphere, are S class planets.
    Planets with both a solid crust and an atmosphere are M class planets.
    Gas planets without a solid crust are categorized as L class planets.  
    There are variations in size depending on how far a planet is from its 
    parent star, but in general, S class planets are smallest, followed by 
    M class, then L class.
    According to this system, Earth would be categorized as an M class 
    Pod (Other)
    See Escape Pod.
    Qigong (Scientific Term) 
    A technique of freely manipulating the spiritual energy that flows 
    through one's body through physical training.
    Quad Scanner (Technology Name)
    A hand-held, palm-sized scanner that is capable of measuring any and 
    all known types of sound waves, light, electromagnetic radiation, 
    gravity waves, and other variables.
    Since this scanner is also capable of emitting a variety of different 
    wavelengths, it can handle nearly any biological, geological, 
    environmental or other surveying task by itself.
    Quadratic Key (Technology Name)
    A special material created by purifying energy stone to an extremely 
    high degree, and molding it to a specific structure.
    This material amplifies a certain type of energy, and by combining a 
    quadratic key with a quadratic sphere, it is possible to derive even 
    more energy than that which can be derived from antimatter reactions.
    This material also has a symbological effect on the physical structure 
    and psyche of living organisms, so it must be handled with extreme 
    Quadrium Sphere (Technology Name)
    A material created by collecting symbological essences and combining 
    them with a quadratic key in a device that can generate energy in 
    excess of that created in antimatter reactions.
    The creation energy reaction generates an even higher amount of energy, 
    but it requires a certain amount of energy to kick-star.  Antimatter 
    reactors are widely used as an energy source for this purpose.
    Quantum Torpedo (Weapon)
    An anti-ship weapon that slips quietly through subspace, then uses a 
    gravitic warp drive to strike its target at faster-than-light speeds.
    This torpedo emits creation energy at the instant It reaches its target 
    coordinates, thereby offering more stealth and destructive power than 
    the older antimatter torpedo technology.
    Quark (Organization)
    One of the anti-Federation organizations that is based on Klaus III.
    Quark has expanded its reach greatly in recent years, and is now so 
    large that neither the Pangalactic Federation nor the Klausian 
    government can afford to ignore it.
    Apparently, Quark's new leader has changed recently, and the new 
    leader's charisma has been drawing in many Klausians who until recently 
    has followed a policy of non-interference with respect to the 
    Quark (Part 2) (Organization)
    There is no doubt that the Federation's system of government allows it 
    to easily attain the approval of the masses.
    However, there are many people in the Milky Way galaxy who do not 
    desire to live under such a system.
    Neutral parties are drawn into the Pangalactic Congress where they are 
    denounced, and then the federal will is imposed as the will of the 
    "sweeping majority".
    The will of those who are too weak militarily or economically to stand 
    up to the Federation is suppressed as a "minority opinion".  This is a 
    facet of that bloated giant known as the Pangalactic Federation that 
    many cannot abide.
    Quark is an organization that aims at using mediation to bring together 
    forces that desire independence or true autonomy from the Federation, 
    in order to win complete self-rule.
    Quicksilver (Ship)
    One of the battle-class ships of the Pangalactic Federation.
    Acted as a shield for the Independence after its space-time 
    displacement shield failed, and was finally destroyed in a barrage of 
    Executioner fire.
    Radiant (Ship)
    One of the battle-class ships of the Pangalactic Federation.
    This ship took a hit in the engine section during a battle with the 
    Executioners, and was eventually destroyed in an explosion of creation 
    Unlike most of the other ships, the Radiant was not destroyed 
    instantaneously.  In a way, this may have been unfortunate for the 
    Radish (Ship)
    The transport ship on which Maria escaped from Federation Station #17 
    as a child.
    Unfortunately, the forces of the Aldian Empire that destroyed 
    Federation Station #17 pursued and destroyed this ship as well.
    The Radish acquired its name in an incident many years before the ship 
    was cooked in the above-mentioned altercation with the Aldian Empire.
    Tasked with bringing aid to a famine-struck planet in the Lambda 
    sector, the crew packed the ship with food--primarily radishes, as 
    radish soup is nutritious and easy to prepare.
    Unfortunately, packing regulations were ignored in the rush to leave 
    port, and soon after their departure, the substandard cargo containers 
    began to break open.  The crew fought a week long holding mission 
    against a sea of radishes spilling forth from the cargo bays.
    In the chaos, stray radishes managed to find their way into hundreds of 
    crevices, and even into the maintenance tunnels between the walls.  
    Weeks after the mission was complete, radishes were still turning up 
    throughout the ship.
    Worst of all, as time passed they ripened, creating an unbearable 
    stench.  Unable to ignore the pleas of his crew, the captain put into 
    Remote Station #7 for maintenance.  To his dismay, the maintenance 
    chief recommended a full refit.
    Two weeks later when the refit was complete, the captain rechristened 
    the ship "Radish" in an uncharacteristic display of humor, most likely 
    developed during his long vacation on Hyda III.
    Reduction (Scientific Term)
    Reduction refers to any one of the following three physical processes: 
    1. Taking oxygen away from a certain substance
    2. Combining a certain substance with hydrogen
    3. A certain atom receiving an electron
    In general, however, the term is almost always used in reference to the 
    first of the three definitions.
    Replicator (Technology Name)
    A device that generates matter by configuring basic materials according 
    to molecular templates stored in a database.
    In other words, as long as the original data exists, this machine can 
    be used to create any object whatsoever.
    There are many specialized replicators that are optimized for different 
    purposes and which have different interface specifications, such as 
    food and machine replicators.
    Research Explorer (Ship)
    A large ship of approximately one kilometer in length, built to explore 
    unknown yet relatively safe regions of space.
    Research explorers often travel long distances over several months to 
    several years, and are designed with the ability to operate 
    Rossetti Troupe (Organization) 
    A wandering space circus troupe led by the Velbaysian, Piccolotto 
    This troupe is too small to be very famous, but it is a reasonably 
    talented troupe as small circus troupes go.
    Rune (Scientific Term) 
    A specially shaped design that is required for runology to work.
    It is possible to use runology as long as one of these designs is 
    nearby, be that on the floor, on a wall, or elsewhere.
    However, the effective runological power decreases by a factor of four 
    with the distance between the rune and the runologist.  So other than a 
    few extremely rare, highly trained individuals, almost all runologists 
    have some number of runes inscribed upon their bodies that they use 
    when practicing their art.
    Runological Force (Scientific Term)
    The force generated when runology is used.
    The strength of the runological force created will depend to a large 
    extent upon the level of the runological invocation and the strength of 
    the runologist's psyche, as well as upon the runologist's experience 
    and purity of bloodline.
    The purity of a runologist's bloodline is determined by their ancestral 
    connection to the Holy Mother, Aquaria I.  The more concentrated the 
    blood of Aquaria I is in a runologist's veins, the more qualified that 
    runologist will be.
    Runological Weapon (Weapon)
    A weapon of the Kingdom of Aquaria in which runological force has been 
    converted into channeled force and stored, so that an untrained person 
    can use the runology anywhere, at any time.
    Runologist (Other)
    One who serves the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria by utilizing a technique 
    known as runology.
    Since only a very small number of people are initiated into the art of 
    runology, the ability to use these techniques alone marks a person as 
    an important individual.
    Although some runologists do not serve Aquaria, these few exceptions to 
    the rule are almost all people who have absconded from the kingdom 
    themselves, students of teachers who have done so, or retirees.
    Runology (Scientific Term)
    A secret art that may only be taught to selected members of the royal 
    house of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.  The technique of runology, 
    which is practiced by inscribing certain patterns known as runes on the 
    body, and by combining special incantations and sigils, is able to 
    effect a variety of different phenomena.
    Although the relationship between runology and that which is referred 
    to as symbology in the Pangalactic Federation is unclear at present, it 
    would seem that they are fundamentally similar.
    Sacred Orb (Myth/Tradition) 
    A royal treasure of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, hidden and sealed in 
    the Shrine of Kaddan.
    It is infused with a powerful runological force, and is said to gush 
    forth sacred water from within.
    Sacred Orb (Part 2) (Myth/Tradition)
    A mysterious sphere that glows with a silvery sheen, hidden and sealed 
    in the Shrine of Kaddan.
    When the orb is scanned with a quad scanner, no matching data can be 
    found, so at present there is no way to be certain whether it is made 
    of metal or some type of ore.
    Strangely, its internal structure seems to be always shifting--its 
    light reflection coefficient and its density changing constantly over 
    Sacred Tablet of the Ten Precepts (Myth/Tradition)
    A tablet of ten precepts that must be strictly adhered to, which Saint 
    Ronaldo Dyne is said to have received from Elena, Goddess of Light in 
    the Shrine of Kaddan.
    Whether or not this tablet is truly from the goddess Elena, the 
    precepts inscribed upon it seem too insightful to have been written 
    during a feudal age.
    Scanner (Technology Name)
    See Quad Scanner.
    SD (Other)
    A system of dates established in 2087 AD on Earth, the third planet of 
    the Sol System, and the standard date system in use in the Pangalactic 
    This system commemorates the year Professor Trillas Bachtein developed 
    his faster-than-light subspace warp system, which enabled interstellar 
    On March 7th, four years after Earthlings first traveled faster than 
    light through interstellar space, the Terran government of the time 
    established this system of dates, with 2087 AD designated as the first 
    year, in honor of this great achievement.
    Secret Legion (Organization)
    A secret Aquarian unit led by the Crimson Blade Nel Zelpher, primarily 
    responsible for gathering information in the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
    The Legion of the Void, which operates in the Kingdom of Greeton, and 
    the Spectral Legion, which operates in the Sanmite Republic, both 
    report into the Secret Legion's command structure.
    Sector (Other)
    One of 25 equal partitions of the Milky Way galaxy, defined so that the 
    general galactic location of a star or other object can be quickly 
    (Since the Milky Way is shaped like a whirlpool, there are only six 
    sectors on the periphery.)
    Each sector is shaped like a perfect hexagon when viewed from the 
    bottom, and extends up into a hexagon-shaped pillar.  These 
    interlocking sectors neatly partition the entire galaxy.
    The sector that includes the center of the Milky Way is called the Zero 
    Sector.  The central point of the Zero Sector lies along a straight 
    line that connects to the point at the center of the universe, or the 
    point from which all galaxies are expanding.
    Other sectors are drawn in a whirlpool fashion radiating out from this 
    line starting with the Alpha Sector, then the Beta Sector, and so on.
    The center of the galaxy is much thicker than the surrounding areas, so 
    the seven sectors from Zero to Zeta are also divided vertically, unlike 
    the other sectors.  In this case, the sectors above and below the 
    central sectors have either a + (plus) or a - (minus) affixed to the 
    end of each sector name, in order to differentiate them from the 
    central sectors.
    If these sectors are also included, the entire Milky Way is divided 
    into a total of 39 sectors.
    Shar (Myth/Tradition)
    One of the primary goddesses of the Church of Apris.
    The most dispassionate member of the pantheon, Shar wields a frozen 
    blade of infinite forms.
    Security Service (Organization)
    A quasi-police organization that maintains the security of 4D space day 
    and night.
    Although all the members of this organization possess some martial 
    abilities, they can hardly be expected to stand up against opponents 
    who shoot strange "things" out of their hands, or who can use "real" 
    Shield (Weapon) 
    See electromagnetic shield (EMS) or space-time displacement shield.
    Shield Legion (Organization)
    A military unit of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria commanded by Clair 
    Lasbard that was originally charged with the defense of Aquios.
    Now that the Kingdom of Airyglyph has been invaded, however, the Shield 
    Legion has been dispatched to the town of Arias.
    The Demon Hunter Legion, which was previously charged with the defense 
    of Arias, and the Chain Legion, which is in charge of Peterny's 
    defense, both report directly to the Shield Legion.
    Silver (Other)
    A metallic element with the atomic number of 47, silver has an atomic 
    mass of 107.8682, a melting point of 961.93 degrees centigrade, and a 
    density of 10.50 g/c^3. Of all the metallic elements that ordinarily 
    exist in nature, silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity 
    at room temperature, but unfortunately, it is much rarer than copper. 
    Solon (Myth/Tradition)
    God of clouds and one of the primary gods of the Church of Apris.
    This most agile of the gods wields a two-handed mist enshrouded blade.
    Space Station (Technology Name)
    A facility of the Pangalactic Federation built to serve as a base for 
    military defense or the mining of resources.  As of the current year of 
    772 SD, the Pangalactic Federation possesses a total of 43 space 
    stations and nine remote stations.
    Remote stations are those that have been set up as staging bases for 
    reconnaissance into unexplored regions of space.  Not all remote 
    stations are located in frontier regions.
    Space-Time Discontinuity Effect (Scientific Term)
    Assume that person A has traveled three seconds back in time.  For 
    three seconds, the person A before the time travel (A1) and the person 
    A coming back from three seconds in the future (A2) will exist 
    simultaneously, overlapping in time.
    If, after three seconds pass, A1 travels back into the past, then no 
    problem will occur.  But if A2 should prevent this from happening 
    somehow, what would happen?
    This Space-Time Discontinuity Effect has been proposed as one possible 
    answer to the question.
    According to Professor J.D. Wormer, who published this theory, the 
    simultaneous existence of identical matter in the same space-time puts 
    a tremendous strain on that space, so if a situation occurs whereby a 
    person travels to the past and prevents his own movement through time, 
    then as a result, person A will be infinitely duplicated, and three-
    dimensional space will contract into the singularity caused by the 
    infinite mass created.
    In the same paper, Professor J.D. Wormer also predicts that if this 
    type of phenomenon were to occur in the future, then the amount of mass 
    in three-dimensional space would shrink to zero, and the dimensions 
    themselves would revert to nothingness.
    Space-Time Displacement Shield (Technology Name)
    A completely new type of force field that began to be researched when 
    creation energy was first discovered.
    Unlike previous energy fields comprised of electromagnetic radiation, 
    this field blocks energy in the fourth dimension by actually 
    interfering with space-time itself, preventing it from conveying the 
    In other words, whereas previous shields could only block the target 
    enemy type, space-time displacement shields actually reflect the energy 
    into another dimension.
    This is why this new type of shield can block magnitudes more energy 
    than previously utilized shields such as electromagnetic shields.
    Sphere (Organization)
    A huge conglomerate located in the Lost City, which is one of the 
    central cities of the 4D universe.
    Sphere is a gigantic corporation, and it indirectly controls almost all 
    of the Lost City through its economic influence.
    In other words, this company is able to legally manipulate the world 
    though its control over the information and entertainment that is fed 
    to the masses.
    Squall (Other)
    A sudden torrential rain shower accompanied by powerful winds, mainly 
    occurring in tropical regions.
    Speaking of squalls... Oh, never mind.
    Station (Technology Name) 
    See Spacetime Station.
    Sterling (Ship)
    One of the battle-class ships of the Pangalactic Federation.
    The Sterling met the unfortunate fate of being instantly turned into a 
    ball of fire by the Executioners, setting the stage for the events that 
    would follow.
    Storm Brigade (Organization)
    A cavalry brigade and one of the three military branches of the Kingdom 
    of Airyglyph.  The Storm Brigade rides around the battlefield on 
    lighting-quick animals called lums, taking advantage of the animals' 
    running speed by charging and disrupting enemy formations.
    The current captain of this brigade is Count Woltar, Lord of Kirlsa, 
    who is also Commander of the Glyphian Defense Corps.
    In the Kingdom of Airyglyph, the appellation "knight" carries with it 
    strong connotations of personal valor, and soldiers assigned to any of 
    the three brigades (Storm Brigade, Black Brigade, or Dragon Brigade) 
    are always given this title. 
    Subspace Warp (Scientific Term)
    A technology developed by Professor Trillas Bachtein in the year 2087 
    AD, and used by Earth as its first faster-than-light method of travel 
    between the stars.
    While the ship actually travels slower than lightspeed, by wrapping the 
    ship in multiple layers of subspace it is possible to sent the ship to 
    locations faster than light can travel in ordinary space.
    This war technology was in widespread use before the development of 
    gravitic warp navigation, but nowadays, it is only used by small 
    vessels with less powerful engines.
    Superconducting Aluminum (Other)
    A special aluminum compound that has almost zero volume resistivity 
    when electric current is applied under certain conditions.
    The dielectric bauxite that is used to form this material is extremely 
    rare.  In fact, it is nearly as rare as energy stones.
    A full ten percent of the galaxy's dielectric bauxite is located in the 
    Tetragenesis System.
    Sword of the Crimson Scourge (Weapon)
    See Crimson Scourge.
    Symbol (Scientific Term)
    A specially shaped pattern that is necessary for using symbology.
    Other than certain races that have symbols inscribed upon the DNA 
    inside their bodies, those who use the talent known as symbology must 
    use complicated invocations and markings, as well as specific symbols 
    written somewhere nearby for each technique.
    This is why many symbologists actually inscribe the symbols somewhere 
    upon their own body.
    Symbological Force (Scientific Term)
    A force generated when symbology is used.
    The strength of the symbological force will depend to a large extent 
    upon the level of the symbological invocation, the strength of the 
    symbologist's psyche, and more than anything, upon the symbologist's 
    experience and natural ability.
    Symbological Genetics (Scientific Term)
    See Genomorphy.
    Symbologist (Other)
    One who has mastered the special technology of symbology.
    Symbology (Scientific Term)
    A technology discovered in 346 SD on the planet Roak whereby certain 
    phenomena can be induced through the combination of the three aspects 
    of invocation, marking, and mental power near an inscription of a 
    special type of design called a symbol.  This technology was known as 
    heraldry in the past.
    The Darkest Night (Other)
    A mysterious night on Elicoor II when all of the stars disappeared from 
    the sky.
    Incidentally, this phenomenon occurred at the exact time that Luther 
    entered the Eternal Sphere.
    Perhaps it was a result of a data processing bug temporarily affecting 
    the Eternal Sphere when the Uninstaller was activated.
    Thermostat (Technology Name)
    This is a device that controls temperature and humidity around the 
    wearer by absorbing the surrounding air and adjusting it so that the 
    wearer is not affected by the external environment.
    Of course, there are limits to the system's capabilities, as it is only 
    designed to insure that the wearer is able to breathe.  Its 
    specifications do not cover environments colder than 30 degrees below 
    zero centigrade, or hotter than 70 degrees centigrade.
    Some models exist that offer complete atmospheric control, including 
    oxygen generation, temperature, and air pressure control.  However, 
    most people use fully enclosed suits for such demanding environments, 
    other than a small few who prefer to use a thermostat as a matter of 
    personal preference.
    Thunder Arrow (Weapon)
    A new type of runological weapon designed by Dion's team, based on the 
    channeled force theory published by Dr. Frahm.
    According to Dr. Frahm's theory by sending huge amounts of channeled 
    force through countless gigantic rings inside the device, it is 
    possible to control the movement of positive particles, which are then 
    shot at great speed in the enemy's direction.
    This weapon is a crystallization of Dr. Frahm's own theories, and even 
    Dion and the other runologists responsible for building the device do 
    not completely understand how it works.
    Time Gate (Other)
    A relic that can be used to travel through time, said to be located on 
    the planet Styx.
    The Time Gate has an artificial intelligence inside that acts as a sort 
    of judge.  Only those approved by the judge may use the portal to 
    travel through time.
    The current science of the Pangalactic Federation cannot tell us who 
    created this device, when it was created, or what its purpose might be.  
    The science that allows the relic to enable time travel, and the method 
    used to resolve time paradoxes are also completely unknown at this 
    Time Paradox (Scientific Term)
    A problem that can occur as a result of travel in time, either to the 
    past or to the future.  The most famous time paradox is the Grandfather 
    Paradox, which asks "what would happen if you went back in time and 
    killed your grandfather--would you still exist?"
    In 114 SD, Professor J.D. Wormer published his paper on the space-time 
    discontinuity effect, in which he postulated that even without a major 
    paradox such as the one described above, if a single speck of dust, or 
    even a single electron were to travel in time, it would have a major 
    effect on the present.
    Toer Foundation (Organization)
    A Terran organization that discovered records concerning creation 
    energy on the planet Milokeenia, and eventually succeeded in developing 
    practical applications after a long research project.
    The application of this so-called creation energy had a revolutionary 
    impact on the galaxy's energy situation.  To this date, there is no 
    explanation of why an OPA technology would be located on Milokeenia.
    Transport Jammer (Technology Name)
    A machine that emits special gravity waves in the area around it, in 
    order to jam transportation by affecting the generation of quanta that 
    occurs during the transportation process.
    When transportation is attempted when a machine of this nature is in 
    operation, although the matter inside the transporter will be 
    disintegrated as always, nothing will appear at the destination.  In 
    this case, the matter transported is lost.
    Therefore all transporters in use nowadays come equipped with a system 
    to detect gravity waves at the destination, and will not attempt to 
    transport into the field of effect of a transport jammer.
    Transport Ship (Ship)
    A ship with the primary mission of transporting goods and personnel.
    Although transport ships are equipped with a reasonable space-time 
    displacement shield, they only possess a token level of firepower.
    Of course, this is only natural as they were not built to engage in 
    ship battles in the first place.
    Transporter (Technology Name)
    A system developed in 207 SD that can disintegrate an object in one 
    place, send an exact replica to any other place, and reintegrate it at 
    the quantum level.
    In the past, it was believed that Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle 
    would prevent any transportation system of this nature from working, 
    but the development of this technology has allowed a sort of pseudo-
    transportation system to be implemented.
    Tria (Unknown)
    An extremely multifaceted god with a wide variety of aspects, ranging 
    from irresponsible lout to uptight square, workaholic to lazy bum, 
    sickly to healthy, even bespectacled to possessing 20/20 vision.  
    Although sometimes Tria's mischief goes too far and he causes a big 
    mess, kindly watching over him and keeping him out of trouble can only 
    be good for your karma.
    Underdeveloped Planet (Other)
    A planet with a level of technology low enough to entitle it to 
    protection under the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact (UP3).
    The UP3 defines three planetary classifications, namely underdeveloped 
    planet, monitored planet, and developed planet.  A monitored planet is 
    one where contact is only allowed with a number of representatives of 
    that planet's civilization, and an underdeveloped planet is one where 
    no contact with that planet's civilization is allowed whatsoever.
    Emergency situations where lives are at stake are an exception to this 
    rule, however, and secondary contact (contact where natives are not 
    made aware of the fact that someone from a developed planet is present) 
    is allowed.
    Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact (UP3) (Other)
    A treaty aimed at protecting planets with civilizations that are not 
    yet fully developed.  Federation laws strictly prohibit contact with 
    such civilizations.
    The reason for this is because contact with higher civilizations often 
    greatly influences the path of history of underdeveloped worlds.  All 
    citizens and groups belonging to the Pangalactic Federation are 
    required to adhere to this treaty, unless there is a clear and present 
    danger to a person's life.
    This treaty is one of the most important sets of rules in the 
    Pangalactic Federation, and delineates how citizens must act in 
    emergency situations.
    Of course, in certain quarters, this treaty is thought to exist in name 
    Uninstaller (Technology Name)
    A symbological program that deletes Executioners from inside the 
    Eternal Sphere.
    By executing this program at the Time Gate, it is possible to stop the 
    activities of the Enforcers and Proclaimers.
    Vile Wind (Other)
    Malevolent pulsating waves that have afflicted Elicoor II ever since 
    Luther entered the Eternal Sphere.
    These pulsating waves affect the psyches and bodies of living 
    organisms, warping them so much that many wild animals have been driven 
    berserk as a result.
    This phenomenon appears to be related to the biological pollution 
    caused by Quadratic Keys earlier in the history of the Pangalactic 
    Federation, but unfortunately, there is no way to verify this.
    Volume Resistivity (Scientific Term)
    A measurement of the difficulty of running a current through a certain 
    The larger the value, the more difficult it is to run electricity 
    through the substance.
    Warp Engine Core (Technology Name) 
    See Gravitic Warp Core.
    Warp Speed (Scientific Term)
    One method of expressing faster-than-light speeds.  This unit 
    represents the relative distance traveled in normal space during a set 
    amount of time.
    This unit does not refer to actual speed at all, but rather to the 
    distance between the measured start coordinate and measured end 
    coordinate in normal space.
    When the actual distance an object has moved at warp speed is measured, 
    it is always 2N-1 times the distance traveled by light in normal space.
    Wishing Charm (Myth/Tradition) 
    See Palmira's Wishing Charm.
    Wreath of Erinia (Myth/Tradition)
    A wreath created by weaving the yupa flowers that represent Erinia, 
    Goddess of Moon and Thunder, in order to drive away misfortune and 
    prevent evil.
    The practice of making this wreath before a battle in order to receive 
    the protection of Erinia, the goddess of war, is still very much alive 
    in the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
    VI. Frequently Asked Questions
    If you have any questions about the game story, or suggestions for the 
    dictionary FAQ, please e-mail me.  Please realize that until otherwise 
    noted, I have not beaten the game yet, so please don't spoil the end 
    for me.

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