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    Original Creation FAQ by durias42

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    Original Creation FAQ
    Version 0.71
    By Roger Pope
    August 15, 2006
    For quite some time there have been some rather thorough, albeit very 
    disjointed resources for Item Creation.  A I e x wrote a very comprehensive 
    guide giving all of the essential details about the various creatable items, 
    including information such as who can make them, and what the base price and 
    difficulty of the items are.  This document, however, lacks any item 
    descriptions.  To fill this void is Demonkaze's Item Refining FAQ, which gives 
    details about the factors on all items. There is one last tool, the Item 
    Creation Calculator (www.crashedweb.com/so3), which is very useful for giving 
    guidelines on what prices to aim for when doing item creation.  
    The purpose of this document is to tie all of these functions together.  This 
    document should provide the easiest way to create all useful items.  It is not 
    intended to be a 100% thorough handbook for item creation, as roughly 3/4 of 
    all creatable items are practically worthless.  If you wish to create an item 
    which I deem worthless, please consult A I e x's Item Creation FAQ and/or the 
    Item Creation Calculator.
    Throughout this guide I will try to use a standard format looking something 
    like this:
    Item Name: Immediate Stat Bonus
    >Various Factors
    >The item may have 
    Team: Bill, Bo, Bob 
    W% Cost / YY(ZZ)% Success
    Prices: 111 222 333 444 555 666
    Comments: Discussion of the usefulness and various applications of the item
    The item name and bonuses are should be obvious.  The bit about factors may not
    make immediate sense, but it should be made clear in the item refining section. 
    The team is a list of characters I feel you should use to create and item.
    W% cost is just a showing of how much this team modifies the base price of an 
    item.  YY% Success is how difficult an item is to create without the use of the 
    invention enhancement item, whereas (ZZ)% cost is the difficulty with the 
    enhancement item.  All enhancement items function automatically by being in 
    your inventory, and should never be sold under any circumstance.  The prices 
    are the list of values that will create the desired item.  You must strictly 
    adhere to these exact values.  If I give the value of 456, and you see the 
    value of 457, the value of 457 will generate a different item than the one 
    given by 456.
    Getting Started:
    Item creation is available as soon as you reach Peterny, which will probably be 
    about 7-10 hours in for the average player new play.  Once you reach Peterny, 
    you must go to the inventor's guild, and join.  The guild is on the south side 
    of the street west of the central plaza.  Once you join, you now can use the 
    workshops scattered across the land.  Nearly every city has a workshop and even 
    some dungeons have workshops.  In order to do any item creation (also known as 
    inventing) you need to have at least one line open and the specific invention 
    style unlocked.  To unlock lines and invention types, go to "Expand Workshop 
    Facilities" and purchase whichever upgrade the workshop you are at requires.  
    This is a one-time investment, but every workshop has its own facilities.
    There are also NPC inventors.  These inventors have only a single invention 
    skill, unlike your characters, which have all 8.  Each inventor becomes 
    available at different points during the story, and you will get a notification 
    if a new inventor becomes available.  In order to recruit an inventor, you need 
    to give them a specific item, or set amount of cash.  This guide will say when 
    inventors become available and what the requirements of recruitment are.  NPC 
    inventors, once recruited, need to be assigned to a workshop in a town.  This 
    is a rather trivial assignment so don't worry where they are, because you can 
    always bring an inventor to your current location.  The one caveat about 
    inventor placement is that you can never use an NPC inventor in a dungeon 
    workshop.  All item creation you wish to do in dungeon workshops (there won't 
    be much, if any) must be done by your party members.
    Original Creation:
    This is where items are first created.  To create an item, you need only the 
    Fol required for the creation itself.  No materials are necessary.
    The item to be created corresponds with the value shown in the rightmost box 
    when you select original creation.  Repeatedly selecting "Original Creation" 
    will generate a new number, which will correspond to a different item.  Once 
    you have found the desired value, press the square button ("Start Lines") to 
    begin the crating process.  Upon doing so you will see two bars, a Quality bar 
    and a Time Bar.  The Quality bar is a relative scale of how well your 
    characters are performing with respect to their optimal skill, this meter 
    decreases after each creation attempt; in other words, you have much less 
    chance of creating an item after a few attempts than you do at the first 
    attempt.  You should never let this bar run out under any circumstance.  Not 
    only is it a waste of money to attempt creation with a low relative skill, but 
    any successes seen prior to the bar running out will be voided.  The time bar 
    is a measure of how long each creation attempt takes; when the bar is full, the 
    attempt has been made.
    Once the attempt is complete, you will see the inventors' reactions.  If the 
    reaction was a happy reaction, then the creation attempt was successful.  If 
    the reaction was unhappy, then the attempt was unsuccessful.  To collect 
    successfully created items, press the X button ("Direction") and you will be 
    prompted with question, "Request item submission?"  Choose yes.  Note that for 
    some inventors, it can be difficult to determine is initially difficult what 
    face corresponds to the happy reaction and the sad reaction, thus you may want 
    to do a quick trial run with a cheap item so you know which is which before you 
    do any serious item creation with a given team.  If you press the O button, you 
    can cancel the creation process, but any successes will be voided, thus there 
    is no reason to ever use it.
    Each inventor has a skill level, time and cost modifiers, and a set list of 
    items they can create.  These items will generally have difficulties exceeding 
    the skill of that specific character, thus you should add high skilled 
    companions to join in the creation process; these companions need not be able 
    to create the item in question by themselves.  In addition, each item has a 
    specific base value.  The number seen when you select original creation is one 
    of 11 possible values, based on the following formula:
    {b + b*(t - 5%)}
    {b + b*(t - 4%)} ...
    {b + b*(t + 4%)}
    {b + b*(t + 5%)}
    where "b" is the base value and "t" is the sum of all cost modifiers of each 
    team member.  After this formula has been applied, the number is rounded to the 
    nearest whole number, with 0.5 rounding up.
    Through the use of this formula, and careful selection of inventors to 
    eliminate similarly priced items, it is possible to choose exactly the item you 
    desire for nearly all items.
    Specify Plan:
    This is also referred to a "Refining."  What this does is modifies (generally 
    improving) an item "factor".  A factor of an item is what you see in the factor 
    list when you examine an item through the item menu, or in the tan box if 
    you're about to equip an item.  The first item you can get with a factor on it 
    is the clone generator.  If you examine a clone generator in the item menu, you 
    will see:
    Cures incap (100% Percent Break) (1)
    The number in parentheses after the description of the factor gives the number 
    of outcomes that can occur if you refine the item.  If an item factor has no 
    number after of it, the factor cannot in any way be refined.
    Unlike with original creation, the success of refinement does not directly 
    depend upon the skill of the inventors.  It does, however, indirectly depend on 
    the skill of the inventors because like with original creation, no success can 
    occur if the quality bar runs out.  The better the crafters are, the less the 
    quality bar will decay per attempt, thus you are more likely to succeed if you 
    wish to do something else whilst refining (because the chances of failure due 
    to quality decay are less).  When refining, it is generally best to strike some 
    kind of balance in your inventors such that you have high skill but low cost 
    and time.  Suggestions for specific inventors are listed in each invention 
    Refining requires invention materials in addition to money, thus this is where 
    you use the Smithy, Crafting, Alchemy etc. Materials.  It is possible to obtain 
    an infinite amount of materials during the normal portion of the game, but it 
    requires farming of specific monsters for their dropped items or disintegrating 
    blocks in certain dungeons (through use of an item acquired about halfway 
    through the game).  Suggestions on where to obtain materials are given in each 
    respective category.  After the normal game (i.e. the post game) a shop is 
    available where you can purchase all but Synthesis materials.
    One last thing to keep in mind is that while many negative factors can be 
    removed, no positive factor may be removed from an item in the case that you do 
    not want it.  It is sometimes possible to get rid of undesired factors through 
    synthesis trickery, but not always.  See below for more detail.
    Synthesis is an invention operation unlike any other.  What synthesis does is 
    transfer factors from one item and adds them to a weapon of your choosing.  
    Synthesis applies only to weapons, so please don't send me any emails asking 
    how to synthesize factors to armor or accessories. The actual mechanics of 
    synthesis are difficult to explain, so I'll use an example to illustrate.  
    Let's say you have Sword A with these factors:
    Sword A:
    >+5 ATT
    >+10 ATT
    Now, let's say you have Sword B with the following factors:
    Sword B:
    >+20 ATT
    >+50 ATT
    > 50% Chance of Breaking
    >+100 ATT
    If you wanted to transfer the +100 ATT factor onto Sword A, you would need to 
    select Sword A as the "Item to Synthesize" and Sword B as the "Item to be 
    Synthesized" then you would have to let the synthesis to run for 4 iterations.  
    The result would destroy Sword B, and Sword A would look like this:
    Sword A:
    >+5 ATT
    >+10 ATT
    >+20 ATT
    >+50 ATT
    > 50% Chance of Breaking
    >+100 ATT
    Unfortunately, it still has the chance of breaking.  Synthesis always runs in 
    succession from first to last, thus there is no way you could transfer the +100 
    ATT factor without transferring the chance of breaking.  You can still avoid 
    adding the chance of breaking however, by letting the synthesis run for only 
    two iterations and requesting the item before the job is complete.  The result 
    would look like this:
    Sword A:
    >+5 ATT
    >+10 ATT
    >+20 ATT
    >+50 ATT
    Sword A now has the first two factors of Sword B without the negative third 
    Synthesis requires Synthesis materials, which are in finite supply during the 
    normal game.  You are highly unlikely to exhaust all the materials in the game, 
    however, because there are over 50 available during the normal game if you know 
    where to look (many of these are in the Sphere Corporation, see a Sphere 211 
    FAQ for more detail), and you'll probably use less than 10 synthesis materials 
    during the normal game, if any at all.  Post game it is possible to obtain 
    infinite materials, but it can be somewhat difficult and tedious.  There is a 
    monster post game that drops the materials very rarely, and Santa's Boots and 
    Grab Bag may randomly give you synthesis materials if you stay at an inn.
    Two last things to keep in mind about synthesis.  First is that it never fails, 
    thus you should always use a team of Maria, Sophia, and Mirage once they're all 
    available, because they each lower the cost by a bit.  Second is that any item 
    can hold no more than 8 factors total, and factors generally cannot be removed.
    Inventors - Playable Characters:
    Each playable character has all invention skills and has various pros and cons 
    to each.  I'll go through each:
    Fayt (No Modifiers)
    Cooking 16	Blacksmith 29
    Alchemy 14	Writing 34
    Craft 20	Engineering 25
    Compounding 30	Synthesis 12
    Fayt is a very solid inventor.  He is among the best Blacksmiths, Writers, 
    Engineers and Compounders.  He will be doing a lot of inventing for you through 
    the entire game and likely post-game as well.
    Cliff (Time +5%)
    Cooking 9	Blacksmith 31
    Alchemy 5	Writing 7
    Craft 2		Engineering 36
    Compounding 10	Synthesis 14
    Cliff is one of the best Blacksmiths and Engineers.  He's not much good for 
    anything else though.
    Nel (Time -5%)
    Cooking 30	Blacksmith 25
    Alchemy 20	Writing 14
    Craft 15		Engineering 5
    Compounding 10	Synthesis 10
    Nel is useful for inventing early in the game but gets outclassed rather 
    Roger (Time +5%)
    Cooking 2	Blacksmith 23
    Alchemy 6	Writing 4
    Craft 35		Engineering 20
    Compounding 6	Synthesis 10
    Roger is excellent for crafting and engineering in the beginning of the game. 
    He's the only completely avoidable optional character.  To recruit him, be sure 
    you thoroughly explore the Duggus Woods before fighting the Mudman boss.  After 
    your business is completed, view an event with him in Suferio.  Don't worry.  
    If you don't like roger, viewing the first event in Suferio with him does not 
    make him a permanent character, only temporary until the end of disc 1.
    Maria (Cost -10%)
    Cooking 19	Blacksmith 4
    Alchemy 22	Writing 22
    Craft 10		Engineering 20
    Compounding 25	Synthesis 15
    Maria is good mostly for her cost reduction, although her engineering, writing, 
    and compounding skills are suitable until you have better.
    Albel (Cost +5%)
    Cooking 16	Blacksmith 30
    Alchemy 15	Writing 4
    Craft 12		Engineering 16
    Compounding 16	Synthesis 15
    Albel is an optional character, and there isn't much need for you to ever use 
    Albel for inventing.  He's good at Blacksmithing, but not much better than 
    Fayt.  For the purposes of this guide, I'll just give directions on how to 
    craft with Fayt, even if Albel is in your party.
    Sophia (Cost -5%)
    Cooking 43	Blacksmith 6
    Alchemy 36	Writing 15
    Craft 33		Engineering 3
    Compounding 15	Synthesis 25
    Sophia is one of the best Alchemists and Crafters, plus she has cost reduction.
    Peppita (Time -10%, Cost +10%)
    Cooking 6	Blacksmith 5
    Alchemy 12	Writing 6
    Craft 40		Engineering 15
    Compounding 11	Synthesis 20
    Peppita is one of the best crafters in the game, but since she is optional, I 
    shall assume you don't have her.  She does have one very special property, that 
    she is one of only two characters capable of making the Philosophers stone
    (required for recruiting the best alchemist in the game).  If you have the NPC 
    inventor Misty Lear and the Alchemist's stone, you should definitely craft the 
    Philosophers stone during the temporary window when she is always in your party 
    on disc 2.
    Adray (Time -25%, Cost +30%)
    Cooking 20	Blacksmith 27
    Alchemy 4	Writing 11
    Craft 3		Engineering 7
    Compounding 5	Synthesis 15
    Adray is fast... and expensive.  Because he's fast, you'll want him on any 
    refining team where the cost additional cost is not  prohibitive, even though 
    his skills are mostly mediocre.  The first opportunity you have to recruit 
    Adray is once your return to Aquios from the Bequerel Mine.  You'll meet him in 
    the throne room, but it's possible to avoid him completely during this 
    timeframe.  Later in the game, Adray will join you, whether you like it or not.
    Mirage (Time -5%, Cost -5%)
    Cooking 26	Blacksmith 17
    Alchemy 18	Writing 16
    Craft 30	Engineering 31
    Compounding 27	Synthesis 22
    Mirage is good at quite a few things, but her biggest asset is her time and 
    cost reductions.  You will get Mirage during an event very late in the game and 
    there is no way to recruit her earlier.
    Smithing creates weapons and armor for characters.  You can also refine any 
    factor on an item already on a weapon / armor, be it innate to the item or 
    added via synthesis.
    Smithing Enhancement Item:
    Smithy Hammer - Found in Flad's House in Arkives.  You must return to Arkives 
    after visiting Gemity for the first time to acquire this item because Flad's 
    mother initially blocks you out of the house.
    Smithing NPCs:
    Grats - 25 Skill - 10,000 Fol to recruit
    No Modifiers
    Found in Bequerel Copper Refinery.
    Grats is becomes available before you have the opportunity to meet him.  He's 
    only useful for crafting one item, which you won't use unless you recruit and 
    use Adray early.  Otherwise he's of little practical use, since Fayt and Cliff 
    are both better, and Nel is just as good.
    Lias - 36 Skill - 28, 000 Fol to recruit
    Cost +20%
    Found in Airyglyph Tavern
    Lias is available as soon as you return from the Shrine of Kaddan.  He can 
    useful for a couple things, like making a robe for Adray and helping with a 
    gauntlet for Cliff, but I generally ignore him altogether.
    Gusto - 60 Skill - 60, 000 Fol to recruit
    Time -15%
    Found in southern Peterny
    Gusto available after completing the Urssa Lava Caves, but sadly you don't have 
    the opportunity to recruit him until a decent way into disc 2.  He is THE man 
    when it comes to smithing.  He can make nearly all of the useful weapons and 
    armor and he's easy to get.
    Boyd - 95 Skill - Bent Mystic blade to Recruit
    Time +50%
    Found in Arias general store
    Boyd has the highest skill of any smith but the most ridiculous requirement to 
    recruit.  The only way to get the bent mystic blade is to win 100 point in the 
    Bunny Races, which will take 4-6 hours betting Perfecta, or 10 hours with a 
    turbo controller betting on normal races.  Boyd simply isn't worthwhile if you 
    don't have a turbo controller, as nearly every item of interest is creatable by 
    Weapons for Fayt:
    Searing Sword: ATT +150 / Hit +20
    >Emits Balls of fire when attacking
    ] Team: Fayt, Cliff, Nel
    ] 0% Cost / 45(65)% Success
    ] Prices: 3800 3840 3880 3920 3960 4000 4040 4080 4120 4160
    Comments: This is one of the best weapons you can make immediately when you 
    join the inventor's guild.  It's less powerful than the Holy Sword in 
    Airyglyph, but you'll probably spend less on this, and it feel a little less 
    overpowered to use this weapon than getting the Airyglyph weapons early. 
    Veinslay: ATT +900 / Hit +35
    ] Team: Gusto, Cliff, Fayt
    ] 0% Cost / 20(40)% Success
    ] Prices: 380 384 388 392 396 400 404 408 412 416 420 
    Note: All Prices overlap with Paladin's Helm.
    Comments:  This is Fayt's best factor free weapon.  There is a very good chance 
    you will load this guy up with +30% ATT/DEF factors, which give Fayt the best 
    possible defense in the game.
    Weapons for Cliff / Mirage
    Damask Gauntlets: ATT +190 / Hit +23
    ] Team: Fayt, Cliff, Nel
    ] 0% Cost / 35(55)% Success
    ] Prices: 1378 1392 1407 1421 1436 1450 1465 1479 1494 1508 1523 
    Comments: This is a very good weapon for Cliff to use for most of Disc 1.  It's 
    not nearly as expensive as the "Damask Gauntlet" sold in Airyglyph (behold the 
    power of pluralizing), and they're almost as good.
    Gatling Gauntlets: ATT +250 / Hit +27
    ] Team1: Fayt, Cliff, Nel
    ] 0% Cost / 15(35)% Success
    ] Prices: 3990 4032 4074 4116 4158 4242 4284 4326 4368 4410
    ]] Team 2: Fayt, Cliff, Lias
    ]] 20% Cost / 26(46)% Success
    ]] Prices: 4830 4872 4914 4956 4998 5040 5082 5124 5166 5208 5250
    Comments: These are even better than the "Damask Gauntlet", but significantly 
    harder to make than the Damask Gauntlets.
    Mythril Gauntlets: ATT +1000 / Hit +38
    ] Team: Gusto, Cliff, Fayt
    ] 0% Cost / 20(40)% Success
    ] Prices: 428 432 441 450 459 464 468 473
    Comments: This is like Cliff and Mirage's equivalent to the Veinslay.
    Weapons for Nel
    Flare Baselards: +130 ATT / Hit +30
    >Emits Balls of Fire when attacking.
    ] Team: Nel, Fayt, Cliff
    ] 0% Cost / 35(55)% Success
    ] Prices: 2902 2933 2963 2994 3024 3055 3086 3116 3147 3177 3208
    Comments: This is pretty much the only useful weapon you can invent for Nel.  
    It's weaker than the Osprey Dagger in Airyglyph, so you should use it pretty 
    much like Fayt's Searing Sword.  Also she has an almost useful weapon with high 
    base ATT, but unfortunately the ice blades come packed with Water-Based damage.
    Weapons For Roger
    Shark Helm: ATT +350 / HIT +25 
    ] Team: Roger, Fayt, Cliff
    ] 0% Cost/ 33(53)% Success
    ] Prices: 552 558 564 569 575 581 587 592 598 604 
    Comment: Weaker than the Airyglyph weapon, but much cheaper and no backtracking 
    needed.  Looks pretty cool when worn by Roger.
    Paladin's Helm: ATT +1200 / HIT +40
    ] Team: Gusto, Cliff, Fayt
    ] 0% Cost / 20(40)% Success
    ] Prices: 380 384 388 392 396 400 404 408 412 416 420 
    Note: All Prices overlap with Veinslay.
    Comments: Best weapon for Roger during the main game.  It has a hilarious 
    description, "May not look good on short people." But in truth it makes roger 
    look pretty slick running around in silver armor, even if it does clash with 
    his green shirt.
    Weapons For Adray:
    Demon Slayer: ATT +450 / HIT +20 / INT +30
    ] Team1: Fayt, Cliff, Adray
    ] 30% Cost / 17(37)% Success
    ] Prices: 3750 3780 3810 3840 3870 3900 3930 3960 3990 4020 4050
    ]] Team2: Lias, Cliff, Adray
    ]] 50% Cost / 24(44)% Success
    ]] Prices: 4350 4380 4410 4440 4470 4500 4530 4560 4590 4620 4650
    Comments:  This is a very powerful weapon for Adray and Albel, with very high 
    ATT for when you can first get it.  This is the definitive weapon to be using 
    if you want Adray to act in a purely magical capacity, as it is his only weapon 
    that has all at factor slots free and has an INT boost to match.  Adray's 
    Immortal has better stats than this, but unfortunately comes with a Balls of 
    Lightning factor.
    Weapons for Albel:
    Demon Slayer: See details on Adray's Demon Slayer
    Claw of Judgement: ATT +900 / HIT + 45
    ] Team: Fayt, Cliff, Gusto
    ] 0% Cost / 20(40)% Success
    ] Prices: 5890 5952 6014 6076 6138 6200 6262 6324 6386 6448 6510
    Comments:  Albel's best inventible weapon.
    Weapons for Peppita, Sophia and Maria:
    These characters have not been forgotten.  Maria's weapons are invented (and 
    refined!) through engineering rather than smithing.  Sophia's best weapon, the 
    Adept Staff, is not invented, but rather purchased.  Peppita has one good 
    weapon that can be created for her, the Damask Cape, which unfortunately 
    requires Boyd.
    Heavy armor:
    Mythril Plate: DEF +55
    >DEF +5(1)
    ] Team: Fayt, Nel, Cliff
    ] 0% Cost / 25(45)% Success
    ] Prices: 133 134 136 137 139 140 141 143 144 146 147 
    Comments:  Rather good armor that is available early and very inexpensive.
    Astral Armor: DEF +140
    >DEF +20(1)
    >Immunity to petrification
    >Immunity to freezing
    >Immunity to Spells 30%
    ] Team: Fayt, Cliff, Gusto
    ] 0% Cost / 21(41)% Success
    ] Prices: 4304 4349 4394 4439 4485 4530 4575 4621 4666 4711 4757 
    Comments:  This is the best armor in the normal game.  It requires a little bit 
    of refinement to make the DEF better than the best purchasable armor, but it's 
    definitely worth it.
    Light Armor (cloaks):
    Cloak: DEF +1
    >DEF +5 (1)
    ] Team: Grats, Cliff, Fayt
    ] 0% Cost / 75(95)% Success
    ] Prices: 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74
    Comments:  This really weak armor is one of the few pieces of armor that Adray 
    can equip on disc 1.  You should probably refine it, so it'll give a net DEF of 
    41 rather than 6.
    Elven Cloak: Def +4
    >DEF +5 (1)
    >Adds wind defense (Absorption)
    Team: Lias, Cliff, Fayt
    20% Cost / 66(86)%
    Prices: 3818 3851 3884 3918 3951 3984 4017 4050 4084 4117 4150
    Comments:  This is barely useful.  If you're using Adray, you no doubt already 
    have a refined Cloak before you could possibly make this.  The only reason you 
    might want to make this is because there is a rather difficult boss that relies 
    primarily on wind based attacks shortly after Lias becomes available. 
    Medium Armor:
    No particularly useful medium grade armor can be invented.  The inventible 
    armor here is usually much too difficult or is weak compared to the buyable 
    armor.  Some people like the Elemental Leather, which gives elemental 
    protection, but I don't think the hit to DEF is worth it.
    Crafting is meant for creating equippable accessories. Some accessories have 
    attributes that make them ideal to wear as accessories, whereas others are best 
    utilized through synthesis.
    Crafting Enhancement Item:
    Cherubic Bust - Found behind a tree in the northeast region of the field 
    between Arias and Peterny.  Available as soon as you are allowed to take the 
    east exit out of Arias.
    Stanice - 20 Skill - Limited-Edition Doll to recruit
    -30% Time / -20% Cost
    Found in Suferio Inn
    Stanice is available as soon as you enter Aquaria for the first time.  Her 
    recruitment item is found in the Duggus woods in a green chest that boulders 
    are toppling over.  You must walk by this chest to complete Duggus Woods so 
    hopefully you picked it up.  Stanice is the best person to have on your team 
    when refining.  She has amazing cost and time reduction, and her skill is half 
    decent.  You never want to refine an accessory without her.
    Balbados - 37 Skill - Antique Jewelry to recruit
    -40% Time / +50% Cost
    Found in Southwest Mosel Dunes
    Balbados is available as soon as you return to Airyglyph after being told to.  
    His recruitment item is rather a pain to acquire.  You need to take a visit to 
    the Kirlsa Caves and ride the hauler once you get the Ring of Disintegration.  
    Use any hauler, and take the first left, then the next right, then stop as soon 
    as possible.  In this area is a chest behind some disintegratible debris.  
    Balbados has a very respectable crafting skill, but he's a pain to actually 
    require since getting both his recruitment item and recruit him usually require 
    detours.  That being said, he's usually worth it, if for no reason other than 
    his amazing speed.  Putting him, Stanice and Adray on a line make any refining 
    go by nearly instantaneously, if you can afford it.  He's also handy for 
    creating a few items.
    <NOTE> I really dislike putting Balbados and Chilico in the same party.  For
    some reason, under my personal (perhaps flawed) observation, having both
    characters on the same line biases the number generator such that it really
    hard to get useful items crafted by either.
    Aqua & Evia - 49 Skill - 20,000 Fol to recruit
    +10% Cost
    Found in Peterny Temple
    Aqua and Evia are available shortly after arriving at Gemity.  They are good 
    for they're high skill.
    Chilico - 60 Skill - 85,000 Fol to recruit
    -10% Cost / +60% Time
    Found in Suferio Item Shop
    Chilico is available after your second visit to the Shrine of Kaddan.  She is 
    the sole creator of many of the best craftable items.  She is also extremely 
    slow.  Her high skill and cost reduction in no way justify her slow speed.
    Useful Items:
    Brooch of Footwork
    >10% increase in ATK/HIT
    Team: Fayt, Nel, Stanice
    -20% Cost / 35(55)% Success
    Prices: 129 131 133 134 136 138 139 141 143 145
    A handy item to have.  Just about the only accessory that provides a boost to 
    HIT, making it especially useful on the higher difficulty when enemies parry.
    Ring of Mental Power
    >3% MP recovery at intervals during battle (1)
    ]Team1: Chilico, Aqua & Evia, Balbados
    ]+50% Cost / 66(86)% Success
    ]Prices: 319, 321, 328, 330, 339, 341
    ]] -20% Cost / 43(63)% Success
    ]]Prices: 165 172 174 176 183 185 187
    All prices overlap with the Earring of Accuracy unfortunately.  This refines to 
    give 6% MP recovery at intervals.  Two of these factors, equipped or synthed to 
    a weapon will give 12% MP recovery, but that's as far as it stacks.  If you're
    having trouble getting the proper numbers to pop up, try using the other team.
    Bangle of Accuracy 
    >+10% ATK increase (1)
    >ATK +5 (1)
    Team: Maria, Fayt, Stanice
    -20% Cost / 30(50)% Success
    Prices: 167 169 171 173 178 180 182 184 189
    The +10% ATK Factor can refine up to +30% ATT, which is very useful.  The +5 
    ATK factor copies itself, so if you full refine this, it can have +35 ATT.  If 
    you do refine, however, make sure you refine the 10% ATT factor first, because 
    it can become difficult to refine if you have several +5 ATT factors.
    Blue Talisman
    >No HP damage 10% of the time (1)
    :: Red Talisman 
    :: >No MP damage 10% of the time (1)
    ] Team1: Maria, Fayt, Stanice
    ] -30% Cost / 30(50)% Success
    ] Prices: 172 177 179 187 192 195
    ]] Team2: Balbados, Sophia, Aqua & Evia
    ]] +55% Cost / 99(119)% Success
    ]] Prices: 390 393 395 398 400 403 406 408 411 413 416
    Both of these items have the exact same creators and base price, and they also 
    overlap with the useless Yellow Talisman.  They refine up to 30% of their 
    respective damage preventions.
    Bangle of Intellect
    >+10% INT increase (1)
    >10% INT increase (1)
    ] Team1: Maria, Fayt, Stanice
    ] -30% Cost / 30(50)% Success
    ] Prices: 198 201 213 216 219 222 225 (all values overlap with Ring of Healing)
    ] Note: All prices overlap with Ring of Healing
    ]] Team: Aqua & Evia, Mirage, Fayt
    ]] +5% Cost / 79(99)% Success
    ]] Prices: 303 306 309 312 315 318 321 324 327
    Both factors refine up to 30% for a net boost of 60%.  This is a really nice 
    accessory for Sophia and Adray, and should left in accessory form rather than 
    synthed onto a weapon, because it's much better to fill up one accessory slot 
    with two factors than two factor slots on a weapon.
    Lunar Talisman
    >+10% Max HP increase (1)
    :: Star Talisman
    :: >+10% Max MP increase (1)
    ] Team: Aqua & Evia, Chilico, Sophia
    ] -5% Cost / 72(92)% Success
    ] Prices: 298 301 304 307 310 314 317 320
    These refine up to 20%.
    Blazing Pendant
    >Recover HP of 1/20 dmg from fire attacks (2)
    ] Team: Chilico, Aqua & Evia, Sophia
    ] -5% Cost / 112(132)% Success
    ] Prices: 342 346 350 353 357 361 365 369 372 376380
    This accessory is not meant to be synthesized onto a weapon.  It comes with
    Recover HP of 1/20 dmg from fire attacks.  When you refine it, evolves in a
    succession of:
    Recover HP of 1/20 dmg from fire attacks
    Recover HP of 1/20 dmg from water attacks
    Recover HP of 1/20 dmg from earth attacks
    Recover HP of 1/20 dmg from wind attacks
    Recover MP of 1/10 dmg from fire attacks
    Recover MP of 1/10 dmg from water attacks
    Recover MP of 1/10 dmg from earth attacks
    Recover MP of 1/10 dmg from wind attacks
    Now... the next stage in each evolution can occur in two ways, it can either 
    change the existing stage into the next, or it can add the next stage without 
    changing it.  Put in simpler words, you could refine it 7 times and depending 
    on how your luck went, you could end up with all 8 factors, or you might end up
    with just "Recover MP of 1/10 dmg from wind attacks".  Depending on your level 
    of patience (with saving and resetting), you want at most HP recovery from all 
    4 elements, or at least HP recovery from Earth and Wind.  As has been mentioned
    several times, Earth and Wind are essential for getting the no damage trophies 
    vs. Lenneth and Freya.  Just a note, it must be Recover HP in order to null the
    damage, because with recover MP, the damage is still dealt, you just gain MP 
    while being hurt.
    Battle Bonus Ring
    >+1 Battle Bonus Gauge increase (1)
    ] Team: Sophia, Balbados, Chilico
    ] +35% Cost / 50(70)% Success
    ] Prices: 650 655 660 665 670 675 680 685 690 695 700
    Refines up to +5 Gauge increase.  Makes the bonus gauge fill faster.  This 
    function is mimicked by the tri-emblem, but it can be handy until you get one.
    Ring of Erudition
    >+10% EXP acquisition (1)
    ] Team: Sophia, Aqua & Evia, Chilico
    ] -5% Cost / 92% Success
    ] Prices: 602 608 614 621 627 634 640
    ]] Team: Balbados, Aqua & Evia, Chilico
    ]] +50% Cost / 76(96)% Success
    ]] Prices: 928, 934, 941, 947, 954, 960, 966, 973, 979, 986, 992
    XP increase affects all party members.  Refines up to 20%.  Five refined rings 
    may be synthed to a weapon for 100% XP increase, or 5 may be worn in accessory 
    Ring of Animosity
    >-1 Fury use (1)
    ] Team: Chilico, Mirage, Fayt
    ] -15% Cost / 40(60)% Success
    ] Prices: 560 567 574 581 588 595 602 609 616 623 630
    Refines up to -3 Fury Use.  It may not sound like much, but if you use it in
    conjuction with low fury skills, it can effectively give you 20-30 more fury
    than you would otherwise have.
    Aqua Ring
    >+30% damage for water-based spells (1)
    >Adds water defense (1/2 damage) (0)
    :: Earth Ring
    :: >+30% damage for earth-based spells (1)
    :: >Adds earth defense (1/2 damage) (0)
    Flare Ring
    >+30% damage for fire-based spells (1)
    >Adds fire defense (1/2 damage) (0)
    :: Wind Ring
    :: >+30% damage for wind-based spells (1)
    :: >Adds wind defense (1/2 damage) (0)
    ] Team: Maria, Fayt, Roger
    ] -10% Cost / 25(45)% Success
    ] Prices: 765 774 783 792 801 810 819 828 837 846 855
    ]] Team: Sophia, Aqua & Evia, Chilico
    ]] -5% Cost / 102(122)% Success
    ]] Prices: 810 819 828 837 846 855 864 873 882 891 900
    All 4 of these rings are identical, so you'll just have to keep trying until 
    you get the one you want.  The +30% damage factor refines up to +50%, and it 
    applies only to spells.  Elemental based physical skills are not affected by 
    Ring of Haste
    >+5% Movement Rate (1)
    ] Team: Sophia, Aqua & Evia, Chilico
    ] -5% Cost / 82(102)% Success
    ] Prices: 990 1001 1012 1023 1034 1045 1056 1067 1078 1089 1100
    Refines up to +30% Movement rate.  Is very expensive to refine.
    Star Necklace
    >1/2 casting time (0)
    ] Team: Chilico, Sophia, Aqua & Evia
    ] -5% Cost / 62(82)% Success
    ] Prices: 3690 3731 3772 3813 3854 3895 3936 3977 4018 4059 4100
    Lessens the amount of time required to "summon" a spell (the period when the 
    energy globe is growing).  Decent factor for Sophia and Adray, but copied by 
    the victory trophy.
    Boots of Prowess
    > +5% ATT/DEF (1)
    ] Team: Chilico, Sophia, Aqua & Evia
    ] -5% Cost / 43(63)% Success
    ] Prices: 2232 2257 2282 2306 2331 2356 2381 2406 2430 2455 2480
    Also known simply as BoP.  Refines up to +30%.  Is very expensive to refine.  
    This is pretty much the definitive synthesis item.  This is the best item for 
    raising defense.  Use of 9 or 10 BoP (through synthesis) is enough to make 
    Fayt, Mirage and Cliff invulnerable to even the strongest enemies on the Galaxy 
    and Universe difficulties.  Other characters still get a lot of use out of 
    these because of the hefty boost to ATT and DEF.
    Ankh of Dismissal
    > Disintegrates enemy (No EXP awarded) (1)
    ] Team: Chilico, Sophia, Aqua & Evia
    ] -5% Cost / 92(112)% Success
    ] Prices: 258 263 266 269 272 274 277 280 
    Refinement of this allows you to gain XP from killed enemies, but is of little
    worth doing so.  This is only particularly useful in one section of the post-
    game, where you are forced to fight 10 semi-consecutive battles against some
    wisps which are very good at killing your party before you realize what has
    Alchemy creates a number of useful items that are used in synthesis.  No 
    alchemy item can be used directly without synthesis.
    Alchemy Enhancement Item:
    Alchemist Stone - Found in the western Mosel Dunes in a green chest.
    Eliza - 4 Skill - 10,000 Fol to recruit
    -30% Time
    Found in East Aquios
    Eliza becomes available upon your first entry to Aquios.  She is the only 
    character besides Peppita who can create the philosopher's stone.  She has good 
    time reduction without any addition to cost, so if you're going to refine an 
    alchemy product directly, you may want her on the team.  I personally prefer to 
    synth alchemy items directly to weapons then refine afterwards.
    Mackwell - 31 Skill - Book of Prophecies 1 to recruit
    Time: +40%
    Found in Castle Aquaria Library
    Mackwell becomes available shortly after completing the Bequerel Mine.  His 
    recruitment item is found in Kaddan, behind a cracked wall before the first 
    save point.  Mackwell is only useful if you want to do synthesis on disc 1, 
    which really isn't very necessary.  However, neither his recruitment item nor 
    his personal location require a serious detour, so you might as well get him.
    Misty Lear - 50 Skill - Spirit Stone to recruit
    No Modifiers
    Found in northern section of Mountains of Barr
    Misty becomes available after completion of Kaddan.  Her recruitment item is 
    very close to where she is; it is on the east side of the Ruins of Barr.  You 
    might want to recruit her immediately after getting the Spirit Stone lest you 
    forget to recruit her, it's only a 2-4 min detour.  
    Ansala - 99 Skill - Philosopher's Stone to Recruit
    -20% Time
    Found in Castle Aquaria, East Corridor, Third room on left
    Ansala is available shortly after arriving at Gemity.  He is a very good
    alchemist, necessary for many of the nicest alchemy items.
    He is also useful for generating a lot of cash, because he can make 
    lots of expensive items risk free, which you can immediately sell. 
    Philosopher's Stone
    ] Team1: Peppita, Sophia, Misty Lear
    ] +5% Cost / 0(18)% Success
    ] Prices: 11, 12, 13, 14
    ]] Team2: Eliza, Sophia, Misty Lear
    ]] -5% Cost / 0(10)% Success
    ]] Prices: 11, 12, 13, 14
    This is useful for one thing and one thing only, to recruit Ansala.  If you 
    don't need anything that Ansala makes exclusively and don't care for the money 
    making applications, then don't bother.  If you don't plan on taking Peppita 
    permanently, hopefully you will have gotten the alchemist stone and recruited 
    Misty Lear before she temporarily joins you on disc 2.  There is a huge 
    difference between 18% success and 10% success.  It is possible with the Eliza 
    team, as I've done it myself, but it can be the difference between spending 5 
    min on one item vs. 60 min on one item.  I've heard of people spending over two 
    hours trying to make this item without success.
    >DEF +10 (1)
    ] Team: Fayt, Maria, Nel
    ] -10% Cost / 31(51)% Success
    ] Prices: 136 138 139 141 142 144 146 147 149 150 152
    The DEF factor duplicates when refined.  This is pretty much only useful for 
    giving the armor impaired Adray some defense on disc one.  Note: All prices 
    overlap with the Ruby.
    >INT +50
    ] Team: Fayt, Maria, Nel
    ] -10% Cost / 31(51)% Success
    ] Prices: 170 172 174 176 178 180 182 184 186 188 190
    This is useful if you want to bolster Adray INT early on.  The INT +50 factor 
    can't be refined so you'll need a synthesis material for each factor you want 
    to add.
    Air Gem
    >Adds wind-based damage
    :: Earth Gem
    :: >Adds earth-based damage
    Fire Gem
    >Adds fire-based damage
    :: Water Gem
    :: >Adds water-based damage
    ] Team: Fayt, Maria, Mackwell
    ] -10% Cost / 33(53)% Success
    ] Prices: 298 301 305 308 312 315 319 322 326 329 333
    ]] Team2: Sophia, Mackwell, Misty Lear
    ]] -5% Cost / 77(97)% Success
    ]] Prices: 315 319 322 326 329 333 336 340 343 347 350
    All gems overlap in price.  These aren't very useful in general, but have some 
    decent special case uses (I'll let you figure out whatever they may be).
    Brownie Stone
    >Raises normal attack decision by 1 (1)
    ] Team: Mackwell, Maria, Misty Lear
    ] -10% Cost / 33(53)% Cost
    ] Prices: 893 903 914 924 935 945 956 966 977 987 998
    Refines to "Raises normal attack decision by 2".  One of the most obtuse 
    definitions for a factor.  What each additional "attack decision" does is adds 
    50% of the previous damage to the total damage from NORMAL NON-BATTLE SKILL 
    attacks. If your attack was going to do 1000 damage, the with one additional 
    attack decisions, you would do 1000 and 500 damage.  If you had two additional 
    attack decisions, it would do 1000, 500 and 250 damage.  This is incredibly 
    useful for Albel who has an extremely good short minor attack.  This factor is 
    on both Tri-Emblem and Victory Trophy, and thus becomes obsolete very quickly 
    in the post-game.
    >DEF +50 (1)
    ] Team: Mackwell, Maria, Nel
    ] -10% Cost / 13(33)% Success
    ] Prices: 1097 1109 1122 1135 1148 1161 1174 1187 1200 1213 1226
    The DEF factor duplicates upon refinement.  This isn't the most useful of 
    items, but it could come in handy depending on your goals.
    Shell Sapphire
    > Freezing (Attack effect)
    ] Team: Ansala, Misty Lear, Sophia
    ] -5% Cost / 95(115)% Success
    ] Prices: 2070 2093 2116 2139 2162 2185 2208 2231 2254 2277 2300
    This is an incredibly useful factor.  Freezing resembles paralysis in that a 
    frozen enemy (or companion!) cannot do anything while frozen; they can't move, 
    attack, defend, etc.  A frozen enemy may be "shatter killed", which is an 
    instant death regardless of HP/MP, by striking it with a weapon that does not 
    have the freezing property.  This is usually a companion with a different 
    weapon, but you can weapon swap if necessary.  Some freezable enemies have a 
    shatter resistance, thus attacking it while frozen may not always result in 
    death, but any enemy that can be frozen can be shattered.
    Rainbow Diamond
    >DEF +100 (1)
    >Recover HP of 1/20 dmg from fire attacks (2)
    >Recover HP of 1/20 dmg from earth attacks (2)
    ] Team: Ansala, Misty Lear, Sophia
    ] -5% Cost / 90(110)% Success
    ] Prices: 2803 2834 2864 2895 2926 2957 2988 3018 3049 3080
    The DEF factor duplicates upon refinement.  The Recover factors refine 
    according to the specifications described in the Blazing pendant details.  This 
    is generally much inferior to Boots of Prowess as far as raising DEF is 
    concerned, but it can have some special case uses.
    Dark Crystal
    >INT +500 (1)
    >Chaos (Attack effect)
    ] Team: Ansala, Misty Lear, Sophia
    ] -5% Cost / 90(110)% Success
    ] Prices: 3330 3367 3404 3441 3478 3515 3552 3589 3626 3663 3700
    This is the most important item when it comes to improving your mages.  The INT 
    +500 factor refines to INT +1000.
    >ATK +500 (1)
    >Survive on Fury when incap (50% success)
    ] Team1: Misty Lear, Maria, Mackwell
    ] -10 % Cost / 5(25)% Success
    ] Prices: 4845 4902 4959 5016 5073 5130 5187 5244 5301 5358 5415
    ]] Team2: Misty Lear, Mackwell, Sophia
    ]] -5% Cost / 19(39)% Success
    ]] Prices: 5130 5187 5244 5301 5358 5415 5472 5529 5586 5643 5700
    ]]] Team3: Ansala, Misty Lear, Sophia
    ]]] -5% Cost / 87(107)% Success
    ]]] Prices: 5130 5187 5244 5301 5358 5415 5472 5529 5586 5643 5700
    This is the great grand daddy of item creation.  It can made before the end of 
    the first disc.  It's very handy for acquiring battle trophies, but it will 
    destroy any sense of challenge in the normal game.  Use this only if you seek a 
    quick run through of the normal game.  Beginning with the post-game, however, 
    it is more or less expected that you have Orichalcum enhanced weapons.  The 
    Survive on fury factor can be nice, but it's up to personal judgment to 
    determine whether or not it will help you.  I'm in the camp that thinks it's a 
    waste of a factor slot, because most attacks that kill you are multi-striking, 
    but some people put orichalcum on their final post game weapons for the sole 
    purpose of the survive on fury factor.
    Celestial Homunculus
    >Shoots balls of light when defending (0)
    >Emits balls of light when attacking (0)
    >50% probability of breaking (2)
    ] Team: Ansala, Misty Lear, Sophia
    ] -5% Cost / 105(125)% Success
    ] Prices: 9270 9373 9476 9579 9682 9785 9888 9991 10094 10197 10300
    These are useful only for selling, as they are the main cash crop.  When making 
    these, remember that you can only hold 20 of each item, thus if you make more 
    than 20, you are only losing development money.  I personally like to do two 
    batches of 10, as you tend to start failing between 13 and 16 homunculi.  Also, 
    there is nothing remotely in this price range, so if you see something that's 
    in the 9000-10000 range in alchemy, don't worry about whether or not the 
    numbers are exactly alike.
    Everything made through compounding is single use.  For the most part, I
    feel that store bought items are good enough in most situations and that
    compounding is a frivilous use of time.  Nonetheless, here are the items
    which could be useful.
    Compounding Enhancement Item:
    Multi-Flask - Found in a chest just north of the eastern exit in Arias.
    Milenya - 19 Skill - 3200 Fol to recruit
    -20% Cost
    Found in Arias Temple
    Milenya is available as soon you join the crafting guild.  Nothing fancy
    about her, but she's good for early compounding
    Gossam - 9 Skill - Potion of Youth (Fake) to recruit
    +20% Cost
    Found in northern Peterny
    Gossam becomes avalable shortly after your first fight with Albel. He
    has no merit as a compounder and is useful only for completion sake.
    Louise the Diviner - 98 Skill - 90,000 Fol to recruit
    +30% Time
    Found in house in Suferio
    Louise becomes available after your second visit to Kaddan.
    Puffy - 57 Skill - Experimental Remedy to recruit
    -40% time
    Found on 5th floor of Maze of Tribulations
    Puffy joins the guild shortly after arriving at Gemity, but remains
    unrecruitable until after completing the game and gaining access to
    the Maze of Tribulations.  She can still invent items on her own,
    however, so if you wish to get some of her good items, you can
    sometimes wait for her to make them.  Her Recruitment item is found
    on the second floor of the Maze of Tribulations.  It's one of the
    many chests uncovered by disintigrating a certain box.  That
    statement may sound apocalyptic, but trust me, it'll make sense as
    soon as you see it.
    Useful Items:
    Potion of Youth (Fake)
    ] Team: Fayt, Maria, Cliff
    ] -10% Cost / 0(20)% Success
    ] Prices: 4 5
    This has no use other than recruiting Gossam, who is not valuable at all as a
    compounder.  For completion's sake only.
    Fruity Potion
    >50% HP recovery (1)
    ] Team 1: Fayt, Cliff, Nel
    ] 0% Cost / 30(50)% Success
    ] Prices: 12 13 14 (Only 14 is without overlap)
    ]] Team 2: Fayt, Maria, Milenya
    ]] -30% Cost / 54(74)% Success
    ]] Prices: 8 9 10 (only 10 is without overlap)
    This is an excellent item to make in the beginning of the game.  Easy to 
    make, great results.  If you wish to refine these, the first refinment will 
    boost the recovery to 70%, after which point it could either turn to 90% or 
    drop to 10%.
    Syrupy Potion
    >30% HP/MP recovery (2)
    ] Team: Fayt, Maria, Milenya
    ] -30% Cost / 34(54)% Success
    ] Prices: 13 14 15 (all prices overlap; 13 has least overlap)
    This item refines to either 50% recovery or 70% recovery. 50% Recovery turns to 
    either 70% Recovery or 90% Recovery.  70% Recovery only improves to 90% 
    recovery.  90% Recovery improves to either 100% recovery, or tacks on another 
    30% Recovery.  It's probably not worth refining beyond 70%, however.
    Medicine Bottle
    >Poison immunity during battle (1)
    ] Team: Fayt, Maria, Milenya
    ] -30% Cost / 69(89)% Success
    ] Prices: 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 (all prices overlap)
    The effect of the medicine bottle lasts the entire duration of the fight you 
    use it in, making it excellent for bosses that inflict status ailments.  Each 
    refinment adds an additional immunity, however the existing immunities stay, 
    making it somewhat more difficult to obtain the latter immunities.  The 
    refinment proceeds as: Poison -> Paralysis -> Petrification -> Freezing -> 
    Might Tablets
    >20% ATK increase during battle (1)
    ] Team 1: Fayt, Nel, Cliff
    ] 0% Cost / 46(66)% Success
    ] Prices: {86 87 88 89 90} 91 92 93 94 95 {Braced items have overlap}
    The effect lasts for the entire battle.  Refines to +40% increase.  Excellent 
    for bosses.
    Resurrection Elixir
    >Cures incap & restores up to 60% of HP/MP (2)
    ] Team 1: Fayt, Cliff, Nel
    ] 0% Cost / 48(68)% Success
    ] Prices: 133 134 136 137 139 140 141 143
    ]] Team 2: Fayt, Maria, Milenya
    ]] -30% Cost / 72(92)%
    ]] Prices: 91 92 93 94 95 97 98 101 104
    ]]] Team 3: Fayt, Mirage, Louise
    ]]] -5% Cost / 153(173)% Success
    ]]] Prices: 126 127 129 130 132 133 134 136 139
    Very good item to make, useful throughout the entire game.  This item can 
    refine to 90% restoration or even 100% restoration.
    Resurrection Mist
    >Cures incap & restores up to 30% of HP/MP (Pty) (2)
    ] Team 1: Fayt, Cliff, Nel
    ] 0% Cost / 40(60)% Success
    ] Prices: {200 202 204 206 208 210 212} 214 216 218 221
    ]] Team 2: Fayt, Maria, Milenya
    ]] -30% Cost / 64(84)% Success
    ]] Prices: {137 139 141 143 145 147 149} 151 153 155 158
    All prices overlap with Witch Tablets.  Braced prices have an additional 
    overlap.  Handy item to have in the beginning ove the game.  Loses its luster 
    later when an identical item (Analeptic) is on sale.  Can refine to 50% party 
    recovery or 100% solo recovery.  50% Party recovery refines to 70% Party 
    recovery or 100% Solo recovery.
    Witch Tablets
    >30% HP recovery (Whole party) (0)
    ] Team 1: Fayt, Maria, Milenya
    ] -30% Cost / 4(24)% Success
    ] Prices: {137 139 141 143 145 147 149} 151 153 155 158
    ]] Team 2: Fayt, Mirage, Louise
    ]] -5% Cost / 85(105)% Success
    ]] Prices: 189 191 193 195 197 {200 202} 204 206 208 210
    All prices overlap with Resurrection Mist.  Braced prices have an additional 
    overlap.  Handy item, although a little too difficult to practically make early 
    on, and a little lackluster (although not worthless) when it feasible to make 
    Verdurous Potion - 100% HP recovery (0)
    ] Team: Louise, Mirage, Fayt (or Puffy)
    ] -5% Cost / 65(85)% Success
    ] Prices: 279 282 285 288 291 295 298 301 304 307 310
    Very handy item to have (obviously).  Once puffy joins your team, you can 
    replace Fayt on the line for no change in cost, and lot of added skill and 
    Super Potion
    >Petrifies an enemy (2)
    ] Team: Adray, Mirage, Puffy
    ] +25% Cost / 88 (108)% Success
    ] Prices: 362 365 368 371 374 387 390 393
    The team setup is for speed, not for skill.  The super potion is not very 
    useful for itself, but there are a few high HP enemies that can be petrified 
    that are useful damage battle trophies and various experimentation.  In 
    particular, the Red Dragons on Floors 208+ in Sphere 211 are particularly 
    useful for this application.
    Cinderella Tablets
    >10% off shop prices (1)
    ] Team: Louise. Fayt, Mirage
    ] -5% Cost / 56(76)% Success
    ] Prices: 901 911 921 931 941 951 961 971 981 991 1001
    Refines to 30% off, but is very expensive to do so.  These are only worthwhile 
    if you're going to buy merchandise from Santa (who's wares cost in the 
    millions) or if you have the urge to clear the inventor of some peddler.
    Roe Tablets
    >30 sec invincibility in battle (No attacks)
    ] Team: Fayt, Louise, Mirage
    ] -5% Cost / 56(76)% Success
    ] Prices: 2754 2785 2815 2846 2876 2907 2938 2968 2999 3029 3060 
    Nothing else is remotely in this price range, so feel free to select any value 
    over 2000.  These are not especially useful, but they can come in handy in the 
    few situations where using a stun bomb isn't enough to prevent your untimely 
    Endorphin Boost - Prices: 22 23
    :Tears of Aphrodite - Prices: 33 34 35
    ::Pheramone Enhancer - Prices: 45 46 47 48 49
    :::Tears of Venus - Prices: 70 71 72 73 74 75
    ::::Tears of Ishtar - Prices: 108 109 110 111 112
    Note: The above items all use Fayt, Louise and Adray in the team and all have 
    negligible difficulty.  They all serve the same purpose, to lessen the 
    relationships between Fayt and other characters (in the interest of 
    manipulating endings).
    Molotov Stun Bomb-R1
    >HP damage to enemy (1)
    >Stuns enemy (0)
    >Reduces DEF of enemy by 30% (0)
    ::Umai-bo Stun Bomb-R3
    ::>MP damage to enemy (1)
    ::>Stuns enemy (0)
    ::>Reduces DEF of enemy by 30% (0)
    Team: Puffy, Louise, Mirage
    -5% Cost / 142(162)% Success
    Prices: 111 113 114 115 116 117 119 120 121
    These powerful stun bombs can only be player made in the post game after 
    recruiting Puffy.  If you are lucky, Puffy might patent some before you 
    complete the game.
    Durian Stun Bomb-R4
    >MP damage to enemies (Huge area) (0)
    >Stuns enemy (0)
    >Reduces DEF of all enemies by 30% (0)
    ::Grabbag Stun Bomb-R2
    ::>HP damage to enemies (Huge area) (0)
    ::>Stuns enemy (0)
    ::>Reduces DEF of all enemies by 30% (0)
    Team: Puffy, Louise, Mirage
    -5% Cost / 142(162)% Success
    Prices: 658 665 673 680 687 694 702 709 716 724 731
    These powerful stun bombs can only be player made in the post game after
    recruiting Puffy.  If you are lucky, Puffy might patent some before you 
    complete the game.
    Thanks to Terrance of GameFAQs for telling me about the cost manipulation 
    Thanks to Trepie for his awesome cost manipulation spreadsheet.
    Information on where to find antique Jewelry is from vexis58's Kirlsa Cavern 
    Hauler Guide.
    Most Raw information related to item names, cost and difficulty come directly 
    for Aiex's Item Creation FAQ.
    Much of the math and paperwork were made easier using the Item creation
    Most Factor information comes from DemonFayt's Item Refining FAQ.  
    Terms of Use:
    This document is intended for personal non-profit use and at present time is to 
    be hosted and distributed exclusively by GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com).  No part 
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    before you may host this.  This guide is not to be the focal point of someone 
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    your document and I will determine whether or not you may include it your 
    Copyright 2005, 2006 Roger Pope

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