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    Cameo FAQ by Shadow_StarWolf

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    |Star Ocean: Till the End of Time |
    |Cameo Guide                      |
    |-by Shadow_StarWolf              |
    |a.k.a. - WolfoxOkamichan         |
    |e-mail - wolfox_okami@hotmail.com|
    WARNING: The game is developed by tri-Ace and published by Square-Enix. This 
    guide is owned by me, though. Editing, paid distribution, unauthorized posting
    in the website, and plagiarizing are clearly offenses. Ask permission to me
    first through e-mail if there things to be edited, or if you wish to put this
    FAQ in a site.
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. The Cameos
    IV. The 'Debatable' Cameos
    V. Credits
      I. Introduction
    Welcome to my first FAQ ever created! It's all about Cameos in this big
    (well... not-so-big) list of recognizable names, sightings of familiar
    characters, and lots more! This guide will tell you all about the different
    appearances of familiar tri-Ace games (mainly Star Ocean series and Valkyrie
    Profile), and even a few rumored non-tri-Ace cameo appearances!
    I'll keep this introduction short so that you can go on ahead with the list!
    Oh, and a bit of a warning, though. THERE ARE SMALL SPOILERS UP AHEAD! Please
    consider that before reading, just in case you don't want to be spoiled.
    Take note of these things, too:
       - SO: Star Ocean, basically all of the series
       - SO1: Star Ocean 1
       - SO2: Star Ocean 2, a.k.a. Star Ocean: The Second Story
       - VP: Valkyrie Profile
       - SO3: Star Ocean 3, a.k.a. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
      II. Version History
    (Sept. 15, 2005) - The first version of the FAQ is done! Many things to add 
    up in the list, as well as in the debatable parts.
    (Oct. 8, 2005)  - Yeah, that's a big gap from my previous update, and the
    sad thing is that there's only about 4 updates... Yeah, I need more!
    (Nov. 12, 2005) - Updated again. Some few items...
      III. The Cameos
    01. "Come to my side, my noble Einherjar!"
    Obviouly, in the post-game part, you'll face two VERY familiar tri-Ace 
    characters... Hint: It's from a Norse-themed PS1 game... It's Valkyrie
    Profile! You'll face Lenneth Valkyrie and Freya in the game, but be warned,
    they're in their chibi form, yet they're deadly in battle!
    You can find Lenneth in Sphere 211 and Freya in Crosell's Dwelling.
    02. Oh! Look mommy, angels!
    Another obvious cameo in this game are the known post-game bosses in Star 
    Ocean and Valkyrie Profile... Gabriel and Iseria Queen (here it's Ethereal
    Queen). Laugh or praise them as you see their "3D" look, with matching
    jet-pack wings and deadly halos of doom.
    You can meet Gabriel in Maze of Tribulations and Ethereal Queen in Sphere 211.
    03. Claude is in the game!
    If you are able to net Fayt's 3P card, or get enough Battle Trophies to 
    utilize 3P costumes, you can change our hero's look... that specific Hero of
    Light with yellow hair! Yes, a pseudo-Claude costume for Fayt awaits those who
    can unlock those sweets!
    04. Gyoro and Ururun are famous, aren't they?
    These two dragons of Ashton in Star Ocean: The Second Story are quite
    famous... I never knew they had such big fanbase... *waves Ururun flag*
    Ahem... Anyway, Maria will mention about two powerful dragons in Expel that
    are more powerful than Crosell, and I am sure you know them... If that's not
    enough, if you can unlock 4P costumes, specifically Albel's, you can see that
    he has tattoos of a red and blue dragon... Hmm...
    05. Farleen likes anime!
    If you go to the "piano room", the one beside Tynave and Farleen's room, and
    check the bookcase, it will mention "Go to the Light" and "Heart to Heart",
    the intro and outro of the anime "Star Ocean EX", respectively. I can't wait
    to hear Farleen to sing!
    06. So that's what Sulfur Dioxide mean!
    If you've been reading books in Whipple (Mayor's House) and a certain house in
    Arias, you can read about the story of "Sulfur Dioxide"... What does that have
    to do as a cameo? Well, if I remember in Chemistry, the symbol for
    "Sulfur Dioxide" is SO2... SO2... SO2... STAR OCEAN 2!
    The book features the names of the 12 Wise Men, in Japanese names, of course.
    A more indepth look in the book -- it's a story about Cyril (Lucifer) in his
    attempts to overthrow the leader of the Ten Wise Men. It is shown here that
    Lucifer had already defeated the eight, and only Indalecio (Gabriel) was the
    one remaining. It was unknown who was victorious.
    07. INDIGO BALL!!!
    Again in that house in Arias, there are odd book pieces there... Star Ocean,
    Sulphur Dioxide, Profile of Battle Maiden, The Indigo Ball... Aren't they
    familiar? It's like, um... Star Ocean, Star Ocean 2 (Star Ocean: The Second
    Story), Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean: Blue Sphere...
    08. Tear into pieces!
    Some battle skills are from the old ones, like Mirror Slice, which has a NO 
    BLOCK feature, by the way, and Air Slash. Also, spells like Laser Beams and
    Explosion are from the old ones too?
    Laser Beams was originally Ray, Explosion was Explode, Sirroco was Spicule, 
    Earth Glaive was Earth Grave, Gremlins was Gremlin Lair, Crush was Press,
    AND MANY, MANY MORE! Check the Translation FAQ for the other faimiliar
    09. Mysteries of Expel
    Looking at the dictionary entries, you can see the entry of Expel. It was 
    purified with "Energy Stones" by the "Neuyman Purifier" of Dr. Neuyman,
    currently being led by "Eleanor T. Kross." The stones were the ones Leon was
    looking for in SO2, remember? Neuyman Purifier... Isn't that Neuman, by any
    chance, as in Precis Neuman? And Eleanor... Kross... Cross... Cross Castle?
    Rumors are spreading that this Eleanor is Celine's daughter, but it's a
    Added info! It seems some Expellians have developed long ears! It seems
    Rena did "grow and prosper"! And speaking of marriage, certain Expellians
    are required to be DNA-checked to prevent showing up their Felinefolk
    10. Mothership!
    Herle is the first mothership you'll board... Say, isn't Herle... Herlie?
    That's the port in Cross Continent in SO2, right? Oh, and another one is
    Calnus... That's Ronixis's ship in SO2!
    11. Fear my sword of Doom!
    It's the return of Levantine! Yep, that sword is Fayt's supposed final sword.
    There's also Divine Avenger, which is actually a translation of another SO
    weapon. Oh, and Laventine appeared in SO2 and in VP. The Divine Avenger's
    original name is Dive Sword Farewell.
    12. Puffy, the SO Player Slayer
    This little inventor brat is your usual annoyance in post-game SO dungeons.
    Yeah, she keeps on dropping monsters for your heroes to fight... and that you
    usually have to help her. Finally, though, she becomes useful as she's an
    inventor for you to command!
    13. Bunnies! =:3
    Come here, Barney! ^_^ Ahem... Here, we have the Bunnies once more. These
    little cuties are SO's mascot, and here, you can see them in Sophia's Crush
    Symbology, and likewise, in the races. However, unlike SO2, the race here is
    damned to be untolerable... If you really need that Blade for a certain
    inventor... Oh, and I just had my imagination - seeing Albel in Bunny Shoes
    is something...!
    I have to add them bunnies at your Memory Card! Battle Trophy data features
    a bunny wielding a sword and shield, and your saved game data features a
    bunny holding a CD. In PS (Star Ocean: The Second Story), you have a mini
    Tamagotchi buuny! At first, you have an egg. As you progress in SO2, you'll
    see the egg hatch and turn into the furry critter!
    14. Ratix and Leon are not alone anymore...
    Yes, we can see the cat-tail people and Fellpool! Unlike the previous SO's,
    you can see a bunch of them here! You can even have a detailed explanation in
    the dictionary! Oh, and there are more than just the Felinefolk... We have the
    Velbaysians (a race of circus people!), Houndfolk, Lycanthropes... many more!
    To count them off, you only have three Earthlings in your party! They are
    Sophia, Maria, and Fayt. We have a Velbaysian named Peppita! We have three
    Elicoorians, with Nel, Albel, and Adray as humans, and Roger as a Menodix.
    Finally, we have two Klausians named Mirage and Cliff.
    The CEO of Sphere must be playing his PS1... I mean, Luther actually had to
    create a program that enables him to equip the "handwings" of Cyril, a Wise
    Man in SO2. And in the Urssa Cave Temple, Luther RESEMBLES Cyril, in
    everything! Oh, and for a bit of information, Luther's Japanese name is
    "Lucifer" and Cyril's Japanese name is "Lucifer"... Hey!
    16. Come Filia let us purge this world...
    You know Filia... right? She's the angel Indalecio summons in SO2 during
    Divine Trial. Well, Fayt is... well... let's just say he has her phone number.
    Kidding! Fayt's manifestations has an image of an angel... and that angel
    looks like Filia! You can see her in that Vendeeni Battleship destruction FMV
    and in Divine Blade.
    17. Ernest was Here
    This is a small... yeah, small information. Maria mentions a certain man named
    "Ernest" in some part of the game... Wait, is he really that famous, that he
    actually reached the peak of his career?
    18. So Midgard is a "Planet" afterall...
    Midgard, not Midgar, for those FFVII people, is the "planet", or setting, of
    Valkyrie Profile. And look, it's a planet! Hmm... Maybe Freya and Lenneth got
    teleported in Elicoor when Blair was doing random things... Anyway, Cliff
    mentions a girl named Ally from Midgard... Is it possible that this "Ally"
    is actually "Alia"?
    19. Luther is obsessed in his PS1 games, I tell you!
    Not only because he insisted in becoming Cyril thanks to those handwings, but
    he also named his big video game the Eternal Sphere. That Eternal Sphere
    happens to be the strongest sword in SO2... I think he wasn't able to
    acquire it!
    20. Sakuraba likes his music...
    Confidence in the Domination, The True Nature of All, and Incarnation of the
    Devil are used as songs in VP. Incarnation of the Devil is used in SO2 as
    well. And that post-game dungeon song Mission to Deep Space is used in all SO
    21. Work that body! Work that body!
    Yay! Bitter Dance has an entry here! Anyway... According to the people of SO3
    Boards, this is the remixed version of the boss battle in SO1. Oh, but Chopped
    Beans is better... that is if you visit the SO3 boards more often.
    22. Queen Aquaria likes to play Valkyrie Profile
    Another music remix... Is it me, or does the credits tune in VP has a similar
    melody in the Castle Aquaria music? Try replaying VP... I did. It has that
    the same "uprise" tune in it.
    23. Stab the Notion
    And yet another music sounds familiar! Cutting Edge of Notion sounds
    familiar with SO2's Stab the Sword of Justice. According to some other
    members, it is also similar to the fight tune in SO1.
    24. Ruddle'd
    Did you know that Ruddle's always losing his path in the SO series? Here, in
    SO3, he even gets lost in different planets! Here, he is accompanied by an
    annoying brat named Rumina as well!
    25. Of Sticks and Streams
    The Gate in planet Styx... It is the same as the Gate in planet Stream of SO1.
    So... what does Styx have to do with Stream...?
    26. The Kennys
    Sophia mentions something about "Ken Sr. and Jr." who were great people of
    the old Federation days. Does that ring a bell to you? Well, that Ken
    is probably a shortened version of Kenny... Ronixis Kenny and Claude
    27. Monalisa Smile
    Hmm... Did Lenneth asked for a painting? There's a painting in Aquios that
    describes an "Armored Maiden". When you look at it, you'll vaguely see a
    Valkyrie... Lenneth ;3
    28. Woltar's a Hidden Character in SO1!
    Yes he is! I am telling the truth! I'm serious!
    ...What? You don't believe me?
    ...Okay, well, maybe not. If you check the bookcase in his room, you'll see
    titles, and some of them are called "Seven Star" and "War God". These
    books are found in SO1 and are called Secret Skills. They teach the characters
    in that game Killer Moves.
    29. KRATOS!
    Nope, I meant Cratos! Sorry! If you check out any information about Roak in
    the Dictionary, or anybody saying anything about Roak, you might hear the
    name "Cratos". It is actually Ratix's hometown. And this Ratix is the hero
    of SO1.
    30. Leon's Book
    Leon's handywork in Writing paid off! You see, in Hyda, Sophia offers Fayt a
    book authored by a certain "Dr. Leon". Any possibilities that this is the
    Leon D.S. Gestee we all know and love (or hate)?
    Well, that's out of my memory bank! If you feel like there's more, e-mail me
    by checking up on the header of this FAQ!
      IV. The 'Debatable' Cameos
    This section is about the "probable" cameos of Non-tri-Ace games... It's
    unofficial, and that many won't agree that these are cameos at all. I'm not
    saying that these are... I only placed them here so that the people might not
    jump into conclusions quickly. AGAIN, I'm not saying that these things are
    official... I just find them funny to post.
    01. Fantasy Ocean
    Some "costumes" have that "feeling" of a certain Square-Enix (Square side)
    characters... We have Rinoa, Aya, Squall, Sephiroth, and others...
    02. AERITH!!!
    I find this funny. We have Ameena, a girl selling flowers with a dress
    resembling Aerith's of Final Fantasy 7, who is also a girl selling flowers.
    They both die in surprise... Aerith is the "apple of the eyes" of Cloud, FF7's
    hero, while Ameena is a look-a-like of Fayt's childhood friend... Hmm... They
    both begin in A's...
    03. Kupo kupo!
    Peppita's Fairy Friend move summons a big fairy... Wait, that fairy is
    identical to a big moogle... For a better picture, there's a big resemblance
    between Peppita's fairy and FF7's Cait Sith's moogle doll!
    04. Squalls
    If you read all of the headlines in Hyda IV, and then attempt to do some
    research in the dictionary entry afterwards, you'll come across the entry
    called Squall. The entry explains the meaning of the squalls... a typical
    squall. However, it is finished with the line "Speaking of squalls...
    Nevermind." Hmm... Leonheart?
    05. A Proof that Tales and SO are similar!
    Remember that books cameo (no. 07)? Well, Star Ocean is labeled as "Tales
    of Star Ocean". Is it possible that tri-Ace (a part of Team Wolf) added
    this to tell the whole world to stop the Tales of Symphonia vs. Star
    Ocean: Till the End of Time war?
    06. Ponding Pandemonium
    According to a source, there's a speculation that the theme in Shrine of
    Kaddan resembles FFIX's Pandemonium. Actually, the melody does sound
    like one. My only thought is that "this" melody has been used in other
    RPG's areas with similar tunes.
    I'll look for more funny stuff in the boards. Until then, these should suffice
      V. Credits
    Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ.
    Thanks to the people at the Star Ocean 3 boards. I don't remember all of your
    names, but rest assured, you guys/gals inspired me to make this one.
    Hopefully, you can help me out to finalize this FAQ!
    Thanks to Velari for editing this FAQ!
    Thanks to my PS2 for allowing me to play this game!
    Thanks to those who e-mailed me for more stuff! Sorry, for I can't remember
    your names, but thanks again for sending those info!
    Thanks to tri-Ace for developing SO games, and Enix (now Square-Enix) for
    publishing them!
    Thanks to my parents for bringing up!
    Thanks to the Lord for making things possible!
    And thanks to... YOU, reader, for reading this guide!
    | THE END |

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