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    FAQ/Walkthrough (JIS) by FoxSpiritShadow

    Version: 0.15 | Updated: 10/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Suikoden III FAQ v 0.15
    1.	Introduction
    a.	Review
    b.	Controls
    c.	History of the Game
    d.	Basic Strategies
    e.	The Original Water Margin Tale
    2.	Walkthrough
    Chapter 1: Sparks to a Flame
    3.	Gameplay Strategies
    a. Help! I'm Stuck!
    4.	108 Stars of Destiny Guide
    5.	The Castle!
    6.	Item List
    7.	Armor List
    8.	Rune List
    9.	Secrets and Sidequests
    10.Thanks, Legal Stuff, Updates
    1.	Introduction
    Hello and welcome to FoxSpiritShadow's Mighty Suikoden III FAQ o' Doom. 
    Inside here you will find as much gameplay-related information as I can 
    possibly stuff into a rich text file. There will be excitement and popcorn 
    and people being loud in the theater, but I managed to get rid of the sticky 
    gum, so, um yeah. I'm not a native English speaker, but I have been studying 
    for years so my English should be okay for the purposes of this FAQ. If 
    you have corrections or suggestions to make or questions to ask cause I 
    wasn't clear enough, well, that's what e-mail addresses are for and mine 
    is: foxspiritshadow@yahoo.co.uk. As for the FAQ, there  are spoilers in The 
    Castle, Walkthrough, 108 Stars of Destiny, Secrets and Sidequests and the 
    Help! I'm Stuck! of Gameplay Strategies sections. All  else is 100% spoiler 
    free. I try not to spoil anything, but it's hard if I have to warn you about a story 
    event or depending on the order you choose to view the scenarios. 
    This FAQ incidentally is for the Japanese version of Suikoden III. I want it to
    aid players who still have the import or only have the import and do not speak
    Japanese natively. This means there might be some differences in the 
    translated version and I'm not very privy to what they are, so keep that in mind.
    While everything should be the same, I can't guarantee it. Of course, the 
    gameplay should all pretty much be the same. 
    Suikoden III is Konami's newest installment in a series that takes some 
    of its material from a Chinese legend of the same name (well in Japanese 
    that is) and concerns collecting an entourage of 108 Stars of Destiny in 
    order to overthrow some corrupt political movements going on. III finds 
    the first time the series is in 3D and makes a number of improvements to 
    the formula. This FAQ is mainly to help out people who can't understand 
    Japanese too well and are lost in recruiting characters or other parts of 
    the game. If you're looking for plot-related translation information, please 
    refer to my in-depth FAQ, which I hope will be accepted by Mr. GameFAQs 
    editor, whoever he is. Updates will be posted at the bottom of the FAQ. 
    You can always find updates to this FAQ at the one and only GameFAQs (I 
    expect you know the URL :P). If you'd like to have it for your site, please 
    e-mail me and ask. With that out of the way, let's get going, shall we?
    d. Basic Strategies
    Suikoden III has a heavily modified version of the battle system from the first
    two games. While you might think Konami's Buddy System for organizing 
    the characters is a simple new innovation, it actually changes much of the 
    strategy inherent in battles. Here are some basic strategies and things to 
    note that people do not always exactly notice when playing around with S3's
    awesome battle system. Please keep this in mind if my specific strategies 
    don't seem to be getting you anywhere:
    -Unless its an item that works on an enemy or one that works on each party
    member, only the two people in a buddy unit  can use items on each other. 
    This means you should give a thought to how characters can take care of 
    each other overall in your team. Do you want somebody with a wind rune or
    water rune to be able to take care of the entire party and back him or her up
    with another character's defensive earth rune abilities? Or do you want to set
    a slot for each character to have curative items? You have three such slots, 
    thus its a good idea to priotize who you want healing who. Usually the person
    in the back should do so. They will usually follow behind and so be less 
    vulnerable to attack, the front character will then usually attack while you heal 
    them and it means the back character usually won't get killed before they can
    heal. On the other hand, if you decide to put the front character as the one who
    will use curative items, they should probably be a character who has high 
    defense or is wearing armor that is not weak to piercing so you don't get any
    nasty surprises. In these cases, its best to pair them with a character who has
    the tendency to stay behind if not commanded to attack, that way you'll get to
    heal them before they get themselves in trouble. Otherwise you could waste
    some time trying to heal them as they run into danger.
    -Why should I use magic spells when they are so dangerous, you ask? 
    Because they are often the best way to start eliminating a threat early in the
    game and that's when you won't have too many diffences against getting 
    party members by magic spells. In order to minimize that danger, its a good
    idea to keep characters defending while you cast the spell. That way, most 
    of them won't get hit. Another idea is to devote all your skill points to raising
    that spellcasters proficiency in the spell early on and give it to fast characters
    as that will keep the spell coming out before your party members can get into
    positions that will put them in danger. In order to develop the ability to cast 
    spells without putting your allies in danger, you should concentrate on the 
    more general magic skills instead of rune or elemental based ones: that 
    seems to keep them on the track to automatically grow into that skill sooner on.
    -Never seem to have enough inventory? Try to do the lottery and buy lots of 
    tickets only when you are doing things like recruiting stars or trading for money
    or other things that don't need too much inventory. Don't immediately accept
    what townspeople say they will give you, wait until later when you will have a 
    place to store it. Keep around the same area for a while so you can redeem 
    your lottery tickets and get rid of dead weight. Replace weaker healing items
    in your equipped slots with stronger ones. Just common sense, I thought I'd 
    sling it out there just in case you hadn't thought of any this. Also, when you go
    searching for treasure bosses, make sure you have enough to get everything,
    you'll usually need at least half your inventory open to get it all. Remember,
    sometimes when you go back the boss will have changed or regenerated, so
    you can't always come back later to get the treasures you missed.  
    2.	Walkthrough
    A.	Chapter 1: Sparks to a Flame
    Insert DVD into PS2. Get comfy. Turn on PS2. Flip out at gorgeous anime intro, 
    be sure to pick up your jaw off the floor as you'll need it later. See that 
    nice art screen? Select start. Okay, so here's the Japanese and my job starts.
    When you select a new game you will be given an option to load past Suikoden 
    save data. The menu screen says Suikoden II or Suikogaiden Vol. 2 data (or 
    was it the manual? I keep forgetting). For now, you'll need a Japanese version 
    of Suikoden II or Suikogaiden in order to load that data, I'll check later 
    to see if other Suikoden Japanese game saves work and what the possible 
    difference is. If you don't have any of that, don't worry. If you do, you 
    need to have the data on your PS2 memory card that you use for PS2 saves, 
    copied from your PS1 memory card. So be sure to do that in advance. If you 
    do, move the cursor up the first option that says はい and choose the second 
    option, which the cursor is on by default, that says いいえ。
    Alright, alright, I'll be serious now. The second screen you'll come to 
    should look familiar if you've played a lot of RPGs. If you can't read Japanese 
    then on the left side there is a menu of three option for characters. The 
    top is hiragana, the second one is katakana and the third is romaji. Choose 
    the third to get an English alphabet to decide the name for the Flame Hero 
    in English, or enter goobledegook for the Japanese options. My personal 
    favorites チンチン、ミスタドリラ、しょう(my name) and たつひと。
    So if you want to keep it Japanese, find those characters somehow and input 
    them. I believe O is input and X is erase last character. Trust me, チンチン
     is the most manly and wonderful name out of my suggestions, all other 
    characters in the game will look up to you with a new sense of respect if you 
    name the Flame Hero this!
    Next you'll be taken to Trinity Sight System Character Select Screen. Relax, 
    its not that complicated. Here you can choose which character's story you 
    would like to see. Keep in mind that once you choose them and save within 
    that story, you cannot go back to the Trinity Sight without having a separate 
    save there, and will fall into a black hole of oblivion from which you'll 
    be cursed to eat endless meals of curry and clam chowder. So, the bottom 
    option is to save and the top (I believe O button) is to choose a chapter 
    (選ぶ). In the beginning, you'll see a short clip for Geddoe, Chris or Hugo, 
    and then can choose which first chapter you'd like to play. These are small 
    slices so you can decide who looks the best to you.
    In Geddoe's clip there are 3 shadowy figures, one apologizes for not being 
    able to follow him any longer and it is a somewhat bittersweet farewell 
    between the three mystery characters. One of them says, that he would like 
    to believe that people could the truth inside them for just a little longer. 
    In Chris's clip, after the parade, Chris is lamenting the ornamental aspect 
    of the parade and generally regretting the burdens of a hero. Salome (the 
    guy with the funky brown haircut and serious look on his face) reassures 
    her and tells her about the price of being a hero. Chris is also grieving 
    what looks like the death of people important to her, referring to a funeral. 
    In Hugo's clip, after he arrives at the village, the characters simply 
    exchange various lighthearted banter, with Sergeant Joe already showing 
    what a dic..I mean duck, he is. There are references to Hugo's tendency 
    to wake up early and go riding, and his aspiring to be a great rider.
    After one of these short clips is done, you'll return to the Trinity Sight 
    screen. If you haven't seen the other clips, you won't be able to see the 
    other character's first chapter, so you'll need to select them and view 
    them first if you want a selection of everyone's first chapter. Otherwise, 
    simply hit the circle button again on the character that you just viewed 
    and presumably want to play. This won't make the character the main character 
    or anything and isn't too important a decision so don't worry about it.
    Chapter 1: Sparks to a Flame
    The game will now open on the city of Bine Del Zecks with the mercenaries 
    out of money and in a bad mood with their rusty skills when Ace goes to 
    finds Geddoe. He says that an order from the main unit has asked them to 
    search out the rumor of the Flame Hero appearing in the Grasslands and find 
    out whether if it is true or not. The choice in the conversation you'll 
    have here doesn't seem to have much affect on anything, as eventually you'll 
    have to agree to do it. But if you choose the bottom option, you'll be refusing 
    each time and you can make Ace squirm a bit. >:) The top option is to accept.
    Once the next cutscene is over, which is where the group talks it over and 
    Ace comes up with the solution to ask around Ikuse Village and go into the 
    Grasslands itself, you'll have control. This part is the very edge of Bine 
    Del Zecks city. If you walk straight left, you'll hit the business district, 
    with an armor and rune shop, as well as appraiser who can look at items 
    that have ? in their names to see what they are, in which case, they'll 
    become usable later on in the game. The armor and rune shops are fairly 
    self explanatory. In the armor shop, the top option is to buy, the second 
    is to sell and the third is to see the rare finds that they put on display 
    for time to time. Same goes for item shops. Check this often as it changes 
    often and certain items will disappear after a while. Some of the most rare, 
    cool and needed items show up here, so don't ignore it, or you'll be sorry. 
    On this viewpoint, Geddoe's won't have very much use for the armor in the 
    shop, as most of it lowers your stats. So I'd save your money for better 
    things. In the rune shop, the first option is to attach runes, the second 
    is disattach them from characters and the third is buy them. As you walk 
    down the street, you can either turn up to the smith and lottery shop, or 
    continue down the street until you reach the first residence avenue. In 
    the residence avenue, you'll find Chris's house and a special hidden alley 
    that you can go down, it's the first alley to your right, just walk in. 
    Be sure to climb the latter and look inside, this is a place you'll want 
    to be checking every once in a while as it opens up a sidequest in Hugo's 
    viewpoint. If you're just itching to save money, you should forge the 
    character's weapons to higher levels in the smithery. Check the gameplay 
    details section for details on how the lottery works. The rest of the town, 
    explore at your leisure, you'll find lots of people, a market, a couple 
    of Stars of Destiny and when you exit there will be a cut scene where the 
    characters talk about their pasts and reasons for becoming a mercenary, 
    in which it is assumed that Geddoe has the darkest past and learned that 
    Ace was born in Bine Del Zecks. 
    At the world map, go the only way you can go, into the forest! On the first 
    screen, you just need to continue right, there's nothing here. On the second 
    screen, walk up and push through the foliage near the beginning to find 
    a dead guy. Push O button to be dishonorable and rob him of his corpse, 
    after a while, the treasure will regenerate for other characters to pillage, 
    so no need to feel hesitation. Go back to where you came from, and continue 
    on. You should come to a fork soon, on both paths there is an herb to pick, 
    so treasure-wise it doesn't matter which you take. I guess its quicker to 
    the take the lower path and then backtrack to the upper and out of the forest 
    if you want both. 
    However, if this is your first time in the forest, the character to first 
    cross the forest will go into a story event where you meet Fred and his 
    sidekick, whose name I have temporarily forgotten. They'll ask you if you've 
    seen or heard of a trail of the Flame Hero. Choose the top option to tell 
    him he went to the north and the bottom to deny you know anything about 
    it. After that, the overeager and rude Fred will continue on his way with 
    sidekick fatso scurrying to catch up. I believe this event will only appear 
    if you use the bridge on the lower path, but I'm not certain. Continue on 
    and out west side of the forest, being aware that the branch you'll meet 
    only lops back to the east side. 
    Here you can choose your path.
    3.	Gameplay Strategies
    A. Help! I'm Stuck!
    Q. It's Thomas's Chapter, I saved the boy in the mountains, now what do 
    I do? 
    A: Talk to three of the NPCs with character portraits and then an event 
    will occur wherein the butler will tell you about the castle's expenses 
    and the danger of foreclosure. After this, you'll decide to declare the 
    place a free city for both the Grasslands and Zexen merchants to come and 
    open up shop and all sorts of places will open the world map. On the world 
    map, visit every town you can and get as many Stars of Destiny as you can. 
    Once you've visited every town and gotten over 5 Stars with support abilities, 
    a cutscene will occur and you'll search for the librarian to end the chapter. 
    Q. Why can't I get past this one army battle with Chris's units?
    A: Run. Retreat. Get the hell out of there. All there is to it, really.
    Q: I can't defeat the Six Knights of High Honor in Geddoe's first chapter 
    at Karaya Clan Village!
    A: Choose the second option before this, then you won't have to fight them 
    and the cutscene is much cooler.
    Q: I hate the Man in the Mask, oh yes I do!
    A: Don't worry, you're not alone, so do I.
    Q: Any characters return for this one from past Suikodens?
    A: Yep, you'll have to excuse my memory for the time being, but Star Dragon 
    Sword, Luc, Yuber, Futch, Apple, the little boy who wanted to be a doctor 
    in S2, Lilly, Sasarai, Lucia, Nash from Suikogaiden and the robot all return. 
    I have a hunch that Jowy might be Jack, but right now its just a hunch from 
    a couple of hints I've gotten on his story. I'm not sure yet. But Jack sure 
    is an awesome character, ain't he? Dowaikin the dwarf is also from dwarf 
    town in Toran, way back from the first game, but I'm not sure if he was 
    in any of the other games. 
    4.	108 Stars of Destiny
    Notes: I'm not sure of some stuff yet and I'm doing this from memory, so 
    some of it might be a little sketchy. Especially the noble in Bine Del Zecks' 
    name, which I can't remember for the life of me. I'll update ASAP. If I 
    say tell them about the castle, it always means to choose the first option 
    of a dialogue choice.
    Character: Mel
    Seen in: Ikuse village, outside a house near the path to the windmills.
    Chapter/Viewpoint: 1st appearance in Thomas's first chapter after you rescue 
    the child from the mountains.
    Joining Condition: Just talk to her.
    Rating: ***** 
    In the beginning of Thomas's quest she is a very strong character with a 
    high level and a very powerful special attack. She'll make things a lot 
    easier for the time being. 
    Personality: She claims the puppet on her hand is real and not a puppet, 
    and punishes it by hitting against a wall over and over again when it says 
    perverted things about her, always suspecting others of wanting to be with 
    Mel because she's supposedly really pretty. Very weird girl. Attacks with 
    her puppet in battle and is a good character to put in plays. The wolf puppet's 
    name is Bracky.
    Kidd Investigation 1 ? How does she eat meals with the puppet like that?
    Kidd Investigation 2 - It seems that when she is alone in a room, she becomes 
    very quiet and Bracky doesn't talk. 
    Star: ?
    Character: Bartz
    Seen in: Ikuse village, first on the walkway to the windmill and later standing
    near the burnt windmill
    Chapter/Viewpoint: Actually, you can get him any time after the razing of Ikuse
    and with any character. That happens in Chris's 3rd chapter, BTW.
    Rating: ***1/2
    Neat guy and I liked his personality, he's very laid back and has the same type
    of style I do. But he actually isn't too useful, as the things he grows probably 
    won't help you too much. However, its always nice to deck out your castle with a
    Joining Condition: Since he really has nothing left in Ikuse, give the man some
    inspiration by buying grapes (not grape seeds) and giving them to him. You 
    should find them in trading houses as a trading item. Once you've got them, go
    back to him and a cutscene will commence and now you have Bartz. You can 
    find grapes usually at Bin Del Zecks, trade city of Zexen proper!
    Personality: Bartz has an awesome character design and his good attitude
    and nice way of looking things can't help but be effective. If only everyone 
    looked that cheerful after their beautiful crops had been burnt down.
    Character: Mike
    Seen in: Karelia, go inside the trade shop, he's the man in the corner.
    Chapter/Viewpoint:  Chapter 1/2, Geddoe.
    Rating: ****
    The gambling game is super good for making quick money and his support skill 
    is nice.
    Joining Condition: He'll say he wants to test your luck and gamble with 
    you, playing "Kabu." Choose the first option and you'll need to win 20000 
    pochi in order for him to join. The game is played as follows, three cards 
    will be drawn from a deck and you will see dealer's card as well. Choose 
    one of the three cards and then enter the money you want to bet at the top 
    of the screen. From here on, one more card will be drawn, if you want to 
    draw a third card, choose the first option, if you don't, choose the second. 
    You want to try and get as close to 9 as you can when you add all your cards. 
    If the cards add up over 9 then the 10 becomes a zero and its recounted. 
    So for instance, if you had a 7, 4, and 5 it adds up to 16 and your score 
    is 6. In the instance that somebody does not get a 9, the higher score wins, 
    unless you have a help draw. A help draw is a rare combination, like shippon, 
    which is an ace and a 4 that increase your gambled money by a certain amount. 
    You can see all the help draws by pressing the square button to hide and 
    show the list. If you lose, he'll ask if you want to play again. The top 
    option is to play, the second is to hear the rules and the third is to quit. 
    If you win, he'll ask if you want to double or nothing and bet on that for 
    another game or take your earnings. The top option is to double or nothing 
    and the bottom option is to take earnings. 
    Personality: Somewhat mysterious, Geddoe wonders about him...
    Character: Edge
    Seen in: Rubic, near the rune shop and Scholar House standing next to a 
    Chapter/Viewpoint: Chapter 2, Geddoe
    Joining Condition: Talk to him and he'll offer to duel with you for 1000 
    pochi. If you win, you get him and the Star Dragon Sword, though at first 
    he promises the Star Dragon Sword. Be sure to have relatively good armor 
    for the time on Geddoe and be around level 35 to make it easy for you. Choose 
    the first option in the dialogue.
    Personality: Connected to Flik and Viktor? He received the sword from 
    somebody important and seems to be in some sort of training. A pretty impudent 
    rascal if you ask me. He and the Star Dragon Sword are constantly arguing 
    about who is the master of who, just like usual.
    Rating: ? Haven't tested him out yet.
    Character: Meimi
    Seen In: Duck Village, inside the item/appraiser shop on the second floor. 
    I think you need a character who can climb ladders to get to her, I don't 
    Chapter/Viewpoint: Chapter 1,2,3 Hugo; Thomas Chapter 1,2
    Joining Condition: Its easiest to get her to join in Chapter 3 of Hugo's 
    viewpoint. If you tell her about the Kupt Forest, she may go wandering there 
    beforehand, so its best just to find the food she is researching. You'll 
    get your first chance to get the hands on this food after you meet Hareck 
    in Bras Castle, the beast man from an outside area who has come to search 
    for the Flame Hero. He'll have the food equipped on him when he joins. Take 
    it off him and give it to her, and she'll join you. Simple as that really. 
    Otherwise, you may have to find the item dropped by enemies in Kupt Forest 
    which is accessible in the same Hugo chapter. I'm not sure if enemies drop 
    them, but Meimi seems to think they will. Kupt Forest is the forest right 
    outside to the right of Duck Village. In Hugo's chapter you'll open it up 
    once you go to the Lizard Clan after getting Hareck and the knight from 
    the Free Union at Bras Castle.
    Ranking: *****
    Awesome because she opens the restaurant for you and makes it easier to 
    find food items with her support ability.
    Character: Nadir
    Seen in: The second floor of the inn in Karelia.
    Chapter/Viewpoint: Chapter 3, Hugo; Chapter 1,2,3 Geddoe
    Joining Condition: Bring a party of 3 guys, 2 girls and one kid and he'll 
    Character: Gordon
    Seen in: The item shop owner in Ikuse Village.
    Chapter/Viewpoint: Chapter 1,2 Thomas
    Joining Condition: Bring Olgyudan (the blond man with the black feather 
    hat and elegant look and mustache) in your party with JUST HIM and THOMAS. 
    NO WOMEN. That's the earliest character I know of who is elegant enough 
    to make Gordon join you. He'll make an item shop in your castle.
    Character: Olgyudan
    Seen in: Bine Del Zecks
    Chapter/Viewpoint: All, but Thomas seems to be the best to recruit him
    Joining Condition: I believe he'll react to Thomas the very first time you 
    see him and talk to him. He will have lost his precious rose brooch! Time 
    to replace it for him. Go to Ikuse Village and buy it at the item shop for 
    6000 pochi from Gordon's rare finds. Return to Bine Del Zecks and give it 
    to Olgyudan to watch the incredibly amusing scene and get him.
    Ranking: ***
    Pretty hard to hit if you up his quickness, weapon guard and evade skills, 
    but also has a really inconvenient and nasty special attack. Nonetheless, 
    he's one of the most fun to use battle members. Mostly a fighter. 
    Character: Kidd
    Seen in: Duck Village
    Chapter/Viewpoint: Chapter 1,2,3 Hugo; Chapter 1,2 Thomas, best bet 
    is go in Thomas's Chapter 1.
    Joining Condition: After you save the kid from the mountain and start trying 
    to attract Star of Destiny to rescue Byude Hyuke Castle from financial ruin, 
    go to the Duck Village. Thomas will be able to spark an event wherein you 
    solve *shock* a murder mystery! First of all, offer to be his assistant, 
    which is the first option. Second, offer when the cutscene about when Kidd 
    on the scene of the crime ends, go around the room and make sure you look 
    at the window, the body and the dresser in the opposite corner. Just walking 
    to those places (behind wear Kidd is standing next to the body to look at 
    the body) to see them. Now talk to Kidd and then go outside, talk to the 
    maid duck between the inn and the room of the deceased duck. Talk to the 
    duck by the windmill and then talk to one of the ducks in one of the shops 
    wandering around, I forgot which. Once you do that, you'll get a scrap of 
    paper from the duck in the shop I believe. Bring this to Kidd and he will 
    solve the murder. Before he does though, he'll ask you who you think it 
    is. My memory is sketchy but I believe the first option is to say the maid 
    did it, the second is to say Kidd did it, the third is to say he committed 
    suicide and the fourth is to confess to the murder yourself. I believe you 
    can answer anything you want, but I choose the third option, suicide. It 
    turns out the duck just needed to be woken up because he was doing an 
    extremely painful-looking form of yoga. Er, yeah. Tell Kidd about the 
    castle and he'll join. This is an especially funny event because of the 
    parody on Meitantei Conan or Famous Detective Conan, a long-running 
    Japanese anime/manga about a super-skilled boy detective, and 
    because Kidd gives everybody a lecture about not to jump to conclusions 
    when he was the first to say it was a murder 
    in the first place! This is played out like the "moral of the story" cartoon 
    endings everyday. Classy stuff, Konami.
    Ranking: ***** if you like story, ** if you don't 
    Some people don't care about the Stars of Destiny, I do. I want to know 
    everything I can about the characters and Kidd can investigate for you 
    (that's what Kidd Investigation is in my list here, all the different stuff 
    he digs up for you). He can also help you find characters you're lost about 
    and don't know how to find, but they're not that hard, so its not all that 
    useful. His appraise skill isn't terribly high otherwise.
    Character: Kathy
    Seen in: Amul Plain, North, just walk to where the trees are and you'll 
    see a bunch of horses in Thomas's quest
    Viewpoint/Chapter: Chapter 1 Thomas
    Joining Condition: Count her horses, which have been scattered due to a 
    stampede of wild stallions. It may be random, but if not, I counted 19. 
    Choose the second option I believe (again, sketchy memory, I'll check 
    later)either way tell her there are more than 15 horses that she thought 
    she had and then choose 19. Tell her about the castle and she'll join. 
    Character: Randis
    Seen in: Kupt Forest, between Alum Kinan and Duck Village.
    Ranking: ****1/2 What can I say, the guy is a NICE fighter. Not the best,
    but worth having both for the comedic relief in the theater house and
    as quite a nice overall party member, plus he has one of the most unique
    weapons and attacks in the game.
    Viewpoint/Chapter: Chapter 3 Chris
    Joining Condition: Simply have five characters in the forest and fight
    there. All of a sudden he'll just pop up in your party. I think it might help
    to try it when you have the Alum Kinan girls with you in Chris's chapter,
    because that's where I've ALWAYS run into him, but that may be just me.
    It may take a while to get him, but sooner or later he's going to come out
    in battle if you just keep on trudging, its very random, so have a little patience.
    One note is that for some reason I don't think you can get him in Chapter 4,
    only 3 or 5. I'm not sure why that is, but it seems to be the case. So if you have
    no luck in Chapter 4, try 5.
    Personality: What a morbid guy! I love that smile on his face. Go into the very 
    basement of your castle once you've got him and you'll see him wandering around
    near the back if you follow the cave farther in. You can have a short conversation
    with him there. He sure is a strange and weird guy. As an added plus, make sure
    to put this guy in your plays! He is hilarious as certain characters and makes some
    of the most inspired and funny comments out of all the characters, especially do it
    with a character who is supposed to be innocent and nice, I think your sides may
    split he's so hilariously evil.
    Thanks to the following people:
    Noah Glenn, for catching an incredibly embarassing typo, you rock man!
    My hands, for putting up with my typing and playing.
    You, for reading.
    Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is copyright 2002 a FoxSpiritShadow creation. Steal it and I'll 
    tell Konami on you. If you want it, just ask me. Don't copy or spread it 
    around without permission. It is a work in progress and I'd rather not spread 
    stupidity throughout the Internet if I can keep it check. :) 
    October 29th, 2002
    -First update in a long time! We're talking V 0.15 now! Yippee!
    -Spruced up and updated the introduction a bit.
    -Added in some general gameplay strategies in d of part 1, the intro.
    -Corrected some stuff, and a very embarassing typo.
    -Added a few more characters.
    July 16th, 2002
    -First update, everything is new, new, spaaaarkling new! V 0.1 baby!
    -Watch out, weird stuff and inconsistency everywhere, will be updating to 
    correct it frequently and organize the FAQ. But its something for now, heh?

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