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    FAQ/Walkthrough by cludski

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    Walkthrough for Genso Suikoden 3
    Written by vyse2001, a.k.a cludski and B.Chard
    First Started on 08/03/02
    Contact via the Suikoden Three message boards or my email address - 
    cludski77@hotmail.com or xxchardy2xx@hotmail.com
    This document Copyright 2002 C.Pinnock and B.Chard
    First Submitted on 08/04/02
    Last submitted on 08/17/02
    Version 0.15
    i) Copyright info and version info
    ii) introduction
    iii) getting started
    iv) Hugo's chapter 1
    v) Geddoe's chapter 1
    vi) Chris' chapter 1
    vii) Next updates
    viii) disclaimer
    Welcome ladies and gentlemen to cludski's (and B's) walkthrough to 
    the recently released Genso Suikoden Three on Playstation 2.  Third 
    in the highly acclaimed series, I simply could not wait to get my 
    hands on this masterpiece of gaming bliss. Thus I present to you this 
    walkthrough to help those whom are struggling to find their way 
    through this game. I have virtually no knowledge of the Japanese 
    language, and this guide is by no means a translation, it is more a 
    step by step guide on where to go to complete this game, and is thus 
    mostly spoiler free. First of all we need to get set up....
    Getting started:
    Find yourself 1 Japanese Playstation 2, 
    one copy of game, 
    one slot on memory card, 
    comfy chair (preferably with cushions), 
    and Cheese and crackers (personal taste). 
    Watch intro movie, orgasm, press start. Select New Game. First option 
    is to upload Suikoden 2 and Suikogaiden 2 data, I have neither of 
    these in Japanese and therefore I am unaware of the effects of doing 
    so. The option select is already on no for uploading the data, so 
    simply press circle to proceed. The next screen is for naming your 
    hero. The third option is to name him in Romanji, which I imagine 
    most of you people who cant read a lick of Japanese will be doing. I 
    personally called my hero Luffie. After this you are taken to the 
    trinity trite character select screen, where to begin with you will 
    have a choice of three characters. These are Hugo, (the young looking 
    one with blondish black hair), Geddoe (the one with the eye patch), 
    and Chris (woman with lots of silvery hair). You can watch a little 
    intro for each character before you decide which one you are going to 
    pick to use to start off with. I started off with Hugo. 
    Hugo Chapter 1: 
    After watching Hugo tearing across the terrain on his horse along 
    with his companions Sergeant Joe (the duck), and Fuba (the giant 
    bird), we see them entering the village. A few comments are made 
    about Hugo always being out on his horse riding, and how he believes 
    himself to be the fastest in the land. Conversation soon turns to 
    food and our prospective hero heads into the Karayan village.  
    The village of Karaya: 
    We start off in the house of the village tribes leader, Lucia, who is 
    also Hugo's mother. After a small amount of talk Lucia requests that 
    Hugo come and see her after he has eaten. Sergeant jokes that he may 
    be in trouble or something. Finally in control we return to go and 
    see Lucia but learn that she is at Lulus house. This is our first 
    destination. Several choices are now at hand for Hugo. He can either 
    go straight to Lulu's house or have a look around the village shops. 
    I chose the latter. There are several types of shops in Suikoden. The 
    first is the item shop; this is represented by a little bottle 
    usually outside the door of the item store. When talking to the 
    storeowner, the first option is to buy and the second is to sell, the 
    third is for rare finds and the forth is to exit the menu. I suggest 
    Picking up one hp restorative. When the correct item is highlighted a 
    little 100hp sign will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the 
    screen, this is the item you want. After buying your potion, you can 
    check out the blacksmiths. A hammer sign represents this, and in this 
    shop you can sharpen your weapons to make them stronger. The first 
    option is to sharpen the weapon, the second is to cancel. After 
    choosing sharpen you can then choose which character we open to 
    sharpen. The level of the weapon and how much it will cost to sharpen 
    it to the next level is displayed on the bottom right. At the moment 
    Hugo will not have enough money to sharpen any of his parties 
    weapons. It is best now to proceed to Lulu's house. This can be found 
    very near the entrance to the village on the left hand side. As you 
    approach it an event will begin. You will see a large man shining a 
    suit of armour. He talks about how this armour is very important to 
    him, and belonged to a noble warrior long ago. Sooner or later Lucia 
    turns up and you are entrusted on a mission to deliver a document to 
    the senate at Bine del Zex that indicates that the tribe is willing 
    to begin a peace treaty. The man carrying the armour will also ask u 
    to deliver a small pentagram looking object to the light fellow house 
    in Bine del Zex. The trip is about a weeks worth (sergeant comments 
    to bring plenty of clean underwear), and you are also to take a 
    little boy with funky red hair called Lulu. After this scene, the 
    villagers show you out of the village and there are big hugs all 
    around. The companions set off on their errand.
    Amur Plains:
    Rather than use a free reaming world map like in previous Suikodens, 
    Genso Suikoden Three uses a point and click style where u click on 
    your path to reach your destination, but there are various forests 
    and plains on that path that you must cross through first to get to 
    your destination. The end result is far more effective than the usual 
    world map used and actually makes things more rewarding. The first 
    area to get across is just a short stretch of grass.  In this area 
    you will encounter enemies in the form of random battles. All the 
    battles here are very easy and require no strategy. The small blue 
    crystal that you see is for saving, I suggest that you do this. 
    Simply walk up to the crystal and press circle. The fist option is to 
    save, the second is to cancel. If you are saving over a previously 
    saved file you will need to make sure you overwrite it by pressing up 
    after pressing circle for the first time. To exit the Amur Plains, 
    simply follow the path to exit them (yes its that simple).  
    A Brief Explanation Of The Battle System: 
    To start with there will be three icons at the top of the screen to 
    choose from, the first is to fight, the second is to run, and the 
    third is to Auto. What this does is to make everyone attack for the 
    turn so you can concentrate on reaching your next location rather 
    than tediously entering commands to defeat a few highly weak bunny 
    rabbits. If you choose run, there is a chance you will escape, you 
    will not however receive any money, skill points (see later) or 
    Brass Castle:
    After traversing the Green Plains we reach Brass Castle. There will 
    be a scene as you walk towards it. After the scene I suggest you make 
    use of the save cone on your right.  After entering the castles main 
    compound you will see some more shops. These are the rune masters 
    (represented by the orb), the armourers (... the armour), and the 
    skills shop (... the book). Skills are new to the Suikoden series. Each 
    character comes with various skills that can be upgraded at the skill 
    shop via the use of skill points earned in battle. These skills are 
    very important in strengthening your character and can have 
    devastating effects when the right combination of skills is equipped. 
    At this point there is still no point in visiting any of them, as 
    money will still be tight. Half way through the compound you will 
    enter the main castle where there will be a scene where Lulu bumps 
    into a small knight clad boy whom is accompanied by some fierce 
    looking warriors. The little boy apologizes and is bustled onwards. 
    Hugo notes that Chris' surname (one of the knights) is the same as 
    that of the warrior's house to whom he is meant to deliver the 
    pentagram looking thing. Afterwards carry on walking through until 
    you reach another save point on your right, save then move onto the 
    Zexen Forest:
    Upon entering the forest you will soon reach two paths. At this 
    juncture there will be a sparkling bit of grass. Whenever you see one 
    of these go up to it and press circle, as you will harvest a herb or 
    some other item. Both paths hold a herb but I suggest taking the left 
    path, as it is more linear and easier to navigate. There will have 
    been a distinct increase in the strength of the enemies here compared 
    to those on the Amur Plains. Always try to eliminate the ladybugs 
    first as the have a group attack that is quite damaging. The little 
    green holly berries are nothing to worry about. Always remember to 
    keep your health above half to be sure of making it through the next 
    battle. You should have acquired many potions through battles on the 
    Amur plains. If not, now might be a good time to back track and pick 
    up a few more. You levels should increase fairly rapidly until about 
    level 14 or 15, this is a good level to reach your destination at. 
    Halfway across the left hand path you will get a cut scene between a 
    knight clad in blue armour and a little short midget. These two are 
    Fred captain of the Maxmillian knights, and Rico his squire. He asks 
    whether you have heard word of the fire hero, either response will 
    end with his departure. Continue on through the forest to finally 
    reach your destination.
    Bine Del Zex:
    After all that work your party has finally reached its destination. 
    Make use of the save cone before entering the town and then proceed 
    onwards. You will get a cut scene as you enter the town. Your first 
    impression is likely to be, oh my god this place is huge. This is 
    where the aid of the map is important. By pressing start you can 
    toggle the map on and off. Grey buildings represent buildings you 
    can't go inside, red buildings, ones you can. The first objective is 
    to deliver the pendant item entrusted to you. The Light fellow 
    household is found on the West side of the city, you can't miss it; 
    it is heavily covered by flowers and trees. After this its time to 
    visit city hall to deliver the peace treaty. The guard talks about 
    how the hall is in session, and that you will have to come back 
    another day, sergeant doesn't see the point in arguing. The team 
    should now go to the inn and rest and save. The next day return to 
    city hall, yet again you will not be allowed inside, return to the 
    inn and rest again. Pass two more days doing the same sequence and 
    eventually you will be allowed inside. There you deliver the peace 
    agreement, but there appears to be a degree of scepticism on the 
    Zexen side. Afterwards return to the inn again, you will get a scene 
    at night where two large looking members of Chris' squad come to look 
    for you, (one looks a bit like Solon Jhee). You escape through the 
    window and take the only route through the city. You will now face 
    your first boss battle.
    BOSS: Zexen knight platoon
    First of all the fact that Fuba is no longer in your party will make 
    things more difficult from the start. Also Lulu's defence is so weak 
    that he will be dead in three hits. His attack is also too weak to do 
    effective damage. The best role for him is therefore as a damage 
    soaker; have him continuously heal himself so as to draw attention 
    away from your two main attackers, Hugo and the Sergeant. Have these 
    two attack each soldier in turn until all four are defeated. If all 
    has gone well all three party members will be alive at the end of the 
    battle causing their levels to zoom up to level 20. This will make 
    the next fight against the same type of enemies much easier.  
    After defeating another Knight platoon, you will get to the city 
    gate; here the two soldiers who you spied from your window before 
    escaping out of it meet you. Choose the second option to view a cool 
    little scene with Fuba and escape the city. Once out of the city, 
    save and heal up. The heroes decide the best course of action is 
    simply to return to Karaya village and report what happened. Go 
    through Zexen forest, the enemies will be of the same easy standard 
    as before. This time take the right path, at the beginning there will 
    be a corpse; check it to receive an item. Continue through the forest 
    like before to reach Brass castle. 
    Yet again save before doing anything else. Fuba will depart to make 
    the group less conspicuous, leaving you back with your party of 
    three. In the main castle there will be a scene where you are 
    discovered. Our heroes hide in the chimney to escape their pursuers, 
    and are then emptied into the sewers. The sewers are a completely 
    linear dungeon, simply continue straight ahead. There will however be 
    a distinct increase in the toughness of enemies here, especially the 
    yellow spiders. Make sure all characters are fully healed after each 
    battle to ensure success in the next. You will exit the sewers on the 
    other side of Brass castle, save, and then head back to the Amur 
    Heading through the amur plains the heroes will note as the sun is 
    setting that there is an awful lot of smoke coming from the direction 
    of Karaya. After saving and exiting the plains you will reach the 
    village, slaughtered troops lie on the floor as houses are ablaze. 
    Lulu runs ahead, screaming for vengeance, the rest of the party 
    follow. Lulu draws his knife, and runs towards the nearest knight, 
    quicker than a flash she draws her sword and runs him through, he 
    falls to the floor, dead. Hugo runs up, clutches him, he has failed 
    in his duty to protect him, fire in his eyes he gets ready to die 
    fighting the knight who felled his friend. The Sergeant holds him 
    back, and the rest of the knights leave without incident. The next 
    day in the early mist, the heroes pay their respects to their fallen 
    comrade. This marks the end of Hugo's first chapter.
    Geddoe Chapter 1:
    Bine Del Zexse
    After watching the prologue where Geddoe and two other people chat. 
    Geddoes chapter will begin at a pub where some mercenaries will talk 
    and Ace will go to Geddoe's room to wake him up and from there you 
    get control of Geddoe. Take Geddoe downstairs and the other 
    mercenaries will exchange some words. When you get outside you can 
    control your party around the city and go into shops. I suggest you 
    visit the item shop (picture of bottle) and by a restorative potion.
     After you've looked around the city go to the gate that is at the 
    top of the ramp and you will see the characters chat again before 
    entering it.
    A bit north you will find a save point which you should use and then 
    continue to head north to exit the city. You're destination from here 
    will eventually take you to Harmonia, but before you are to 
    investigate the grasslands to see if the fire hero reappeared there. 
    You will now be on the world map for the first time and you will want 
    to head to the only available destination to the east which is Zexen 
    Zexen Forest
    Whilst travelling through here you will encounter enemies through 
    random battles. Battles are quite simple. The first icon is to 
    control your characters manually, the second is to run and the third 
    is auto attack. Select fight and more icons will appear. The first is 
    to do a normal attack, the second is to defend, the third is to use 
    your runes (magic/special attacks), the fourth is to use an item your 
    characters might have equipped to them and I'm not to sure about the 
    last one. Since the battles are easy it would be wise to use auto or 
    just do normal attacks. For winning battles you get money (p) exp 
    points and skill points. You can use money to purchase items and 
    equipment or sharpening your swords. When you get 999 exp pts you 
    will get a level up and skill points are used to increase your rune 
    On the first area follow the path to the next area. In the next area 
    walk down a bit and head to your right to find a man dead. Press 
    circle to pick up an item off him then head back. Walking down a bit 
    further will trigger a scene where a man and a young girl will speak 
    to Geddoe. It doesn't matter how you reply because he runs off 
    whatever you answer. At the fork head either way because you will end 
    up in the same place. If you go right (the way I go) you'll come 
    across a herb that you can pick up then continue to follow the path. 
    When you get to the point where both paths meet up you will find 
    another herb. After this follow the path down to reach the world map.
     Once again you're on the world map so head to the nearest location, 
    Fort Brass.
    Fort Brass
    The first thing to do here is to save your game then head on along 
    the path to enter the town. The only thing to do here at the moment 
    is to use the shops to get the latest equipment and upgrade your 
    weapons. After you have finished your business in here head back out 
    to the world map and head to the Yaza plains.
    Yaza Plains
    Not here long but if you want you can stay and level up for a bit 
    otherwise just head straight up. On the world map go to the only 
    other available destination.
    Great Cavern
    Upon entering you will see an event where Geddoe and the other 
    mercenaries meet with the lizard type inhabitants, but after a brief 
    chat they're allowed to enter. The cavern is the home of the lizards 
    and there are some shops around here. The shop in the bottom left is 
    an inn, the one in the bottom right is where you will be going a bit 
    later, the middle right is a weapon/armour shop. I advise you to 
    upgrade Geddoe's and Ace's weapons and then buy the most armour you 
    can with the rest of the money. The middle left is an item shop, top 
    left is a skill shop and top right is a trade shop. To progress 
    further speak with the green lizard near the right ramp and follow 
    him up to the north door.  Geddoe will go in and speak with some man 
    and then update the rest of the party. Remember the door in the 
    bottom right? Head there now to continue. In the next area follow the 
    lizards to engage in your first boss battle.
    Three Lizards
    Use Geddoe's level three thunder rune and attack with everyone else. 
    When Geddoe finally casts the thunder spell the lizards will fall. 
    For winning this battle you should get at least one level up.
    The green lizard from before will now join you temporarily. Continue 
    down the path and into the next area. Head through the left door here 
    and continue to follow the path outside. The lizards you fought 
    earlier have just been killed by Chris and the rest of the platoon. 
    This battle is hard for this part in the game but no need to worry as 
    there's no way to win it.
    After the battle Chris and the rest of the soldiers leave and then 
    the green lizard. Don't waste healing potions on yourself, instead go 
    to the inn and rest there. Now go to the north room and after the 
    event you'll be back on the world map.
    You're next destination is Karaya village but if you want you can 
    head to Fort brass again, whatever you choose to do head east after.
    Amur Plains 
    Get fights here to level up a bit then head to the next area. Use the 
    save point in the next area and then continue east to get to the 
    world map again and then head to Karaya Village.
    Karaya Village
    As you enter a girl with a bow will attack you, as you can expect 
    this is a boss battle.
    Karayan Women and henchman
    Follow the normal routine. Level three thunder with Geddoe and attack 
    with everyone else. The thunder should wipe out all of the enemies. 
    For winning this battle you get a helmet and a load of experience 
    The first thing to do here is to shop around upgrading your skills 
    and weapons. After you've finished shopping head to the house in the 
    south and your party will split up. In control of Ace and Joker head 
    back to the entrance to see an event involving the girl you fought 
    earlier and then you will be back on the world map. On the world map 
    head back to the Amur plains.   
    Amur Plains
    The girl from Karaya will be searching for the mysterious girl 
    (sarah) she saw a moment ago so the first thing to do here is to save 
    your game then go where the girl went which is just off the main path 
    to the north. Joker and Ace will have a chat with her then she will 
    run off again. The scene now switches back to Geddoe who is speaking 
    with the man you met earlier in Karayan Village. A villager running 
    in with some urgent news for the man will cut the chat short. Queen 
    will come in after to let Geddoe know and both of them will go 
     Back with Joker and Ace and they have caught up with the karayan 
    girl who has also caught up with the sarah. Joker will come to the 
    rescue and Ace will drag the Karayan girl away. After their next chat 
    Joker will point out smoke rising from the direction of Karaya and so 
    u should head back to Karaya using the save point as you go.
    Karaya Village
    When you get back here you'll once again be with Geddoe and Queen and 
    the situation is now clear, the village is under attack and here you 
    will get a choice, make sure to use the bottom one to avoid the fight 
    with that mean looking dude. If you choose the top one you will have 
    a very hard boss battle and I'm not sure whether you can win it or 
    not (as I've always gone with the second option). Geddoe and Queen 
    will attempt to run and you'll see a cool cut scene. Geddoe and Queen 
    will come to a stop at a top of a hill where you are joined by the 
    rest of your members. After this event you'll be back on the world 
    map with some new places to visit. First go east to the mountain 
    Mountain Pass
    The first thing to do here is to save your game then head up the path 
    and when you reach the fork head left (right leads to a dead end) 
    into the next screen. Here head up the long path until you reach the 
    next fork and head right. Follow the path in the next screen and save 
    your game before exiting that area. When you walk down a bit you will 
    see your next boss so make sure everyone's healed before you approach 
    Boss: Giant Tortoise
    This boss has three parts to it, two heads and a main body. With 
    Geddoe do his level 3 thunder spell, with Joker do his level 3 fire 
    rune (make sure no ones near when you use it) and then with the 
    Karayan girl do one of here stat boosting spells. If you get low on 
    hp have the Karayan girl use her heal all spell. Make sure you kill 
    the right head first as this is the one that can heal, then the left 
    head, then finally the body.
    After the battle open the chest to get a load of goodies and then 
    head down the path by the man. In the next area follow the path down 
    to exit the mountain pass. On the world map head east.
    The first thing to do around here is shop. Buy new equipment, upgrade 
    weapons, assign/buy runes etc. After you've finished shopping go 
    through the entrance in the north. After walking forward Ace will 
    leave the party so head back to the inn and the party will have 
    drinks there before some men enter. Watch the event and chapter 1 
    will end and you will be taken back to the trinity trite selection.
    Trinity Trite Selection
    Once back here select Chris to play her chapter 1.
    Chris Chapter 1
    If you haven't already seen her prologue you'll see it now. Chris 
    will ride down a street full of people then after, when she's sitting 
    down she speaks to her friend there. If you just watched the prologue 
    select Chris again to begin chapter 1.
    Bine Del Zexse
    After watching the event you'll get to control Chris in the town walk 
    to the left to get a choice, choose the top one and Chris will rest 
    and you'll then see another event involving Chris and some of her 
    men. Once In control of Chris (and her fast horse) use the save point 
    then exit into the world map. Your destination is Fort Brass so first 
    thing to do is head to Zexen Forest.
    Zexen Forest
    The random encounters here are extremely easy seeing as most of your 
    party are on horses. Follow the path into the next screen and keep 
    going until you reach the fork. Here head left into the next screen. 
    Follow the path around collecting the herb on the way and then when 
    the two paths meet up there is another herb to get. From here follow 
    the paths to exit the forest. On the world map head to Fort Brass.
    Fort Brass
    Use the save point as soon as you enter then keep going forward to 
    enter the town. You'll see a lengthy event here and you'll see a 
    familiar face, (and event) Hugo! After the event you'll be in one of 
    the rooms with the little boy. Head out and go right and down the 
    stairs. Go through the large double doors and then walk towards the 
    screen. You'll be outside again and if you head right you'll see 
    another event. After head back to the small boy and then choose the 
    top option. You'll now see another event with Chris and the others 
    outside. Soon Chris and the others will be informed about the lizards 
    and now you'll be taken into a war battle.
    This war can't be won so the best thing to do is keep using auto. The 
    objective of this battle is to get Chris to the circle that appears 
    on the right, once your enemies overwhelm you, when you do the battle 
    will end.
    Chris and the others retreat and a conversation follows, the party 
    decide to go to the village of the attackers, Karaya Village.
    Amur Plains
    You will now be in Amur plains and on your horses again. Use the save 
    point which is by where you start then try to level your characters 
    up by 2 or 3 levels then head out the area. Back on the world map 
    head to Karaya Village.
    Karaya Village
    Once in control of Chris head into the now burning village and watch 
    the event involving Hugo. When you get control again organize your 
    party and head down for a boss fight.
    Karayan Soldiers
    This is quite simple if you took my advice earlier and levelled up a 
    bit. With Chris use her rune, with the blonde man use his rune that 
    affects a group of enemies and with the purple haired person use the 
    bow rune. Keep attacking and using these strategies to win this 
    battle. You will fight another battle after this one and then Chris 
    will notice that there are lots of dead people and then you will 
    leave Karaya automatically.
    Fort Brass
    Back in Fort Brass you will see another event and then will be in 
    control of Chris again in her room. Head into one of the inn doors 
    next to you to meet up with the rest of the party. Head down the 
    hallway to see Precival and another soldier then head back to the 
    entrance of the town. You'll meet up with one of the soldiers so 
    after that exit the town.
    Zexen Forest
    Just passing through so head through to get back to the world map.
    Bine Del Zexse
    Back in the town you can get more supplies or upgrade your weapons 
    but then head to the church. Watch the event there then you'll be 
    taken back to the meeting room from the beginning. After the meeting 
    head back to Chris' house. The next event marks the end of the 
    Trinity Trite Selection 
    0.1 - 08/04/02 - This is the first version, its all a little rough 
    around the edges, a little imprecise in places, and there is not much 
    here. Expect corrections within a few days, and a full update soon. 
    0.2 -08/17/02 - Added Geddoe chapter 1 walkthrough and Chris chapter 
    1 walkthrough
    Written by Chardas
    First started on 14/8/02
    Contact by email address- xxchardy2xx@hotmail.com
    Next update will contain a castle faq and further walkthrough
     This walkthrough is joint Copyright C.Pinnock and B.Chard 2002, (as 
    it is a joint effort where both members have put in equal effort) and 
    may only be distributed (at the moment) on http://www.gamefaqs.com/ 
    and other already approved sites. If anyone wishes to use this on 
    their website the must contact me (cludski77@hotmail.com) first and 
    ask for my permission, and finally give myself and B.Chard full 

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