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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Elaine V.

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    Genso Suikoden III Guide - Version 1.00 (COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH, at long 
    Written by Elaine V. (C. E. Van Epps) 
    elainenara@yahoo.com, October 2002.
    With significant contributions on the American version made by Bryan B. and 
    Copyright C. E. Van Epps, 2002.
    Last Update: November 12, 2002.
    ***********LEGAL DISCLAIMER - PLEASE READ!**********
    This FAQ is for personal use only, and is not to be sold or reintergrated 
    into any other guides for this game or any other game.  DO NOT POST this 
    FAQ or any part of it anywhere.  This FAQ is authorized for posting ONLY on 
    the following websites.  If this FAQ is being hosted ANYWHERE else, please 
    notify me immediately via the above email address.
    GameFAQs: www.gamefaqs.com
    IGN: www.ign.com
    PSXCodex: www.psxcodex.com 
    You may ask for permission to post this guide via the email at the top of 
    this guide, but the odds are against me granting such permission unless I'm 
    familiar with you and/or your site.  If permission is granted, the only 
    conditions this guide can be posted under are if I get full credit for my 
    work and this FAQ is posted in its entirety with this disclaimer.  This FAQ 
    is owned and copyrighted by me, C. E. Van Epps, 2002.  The game Genso 
    Suikoden III is copyright Konami, 2002.  All other copyrights and 
    trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically 
    mentioned herein. 
    ***************End LEGAL DISCLAIMER*****************
    This FAQ is based primarily on the Japanese version of Suikoden III, though 
    information is slowly being added/adjusted in for the United States 
    version.  I make no guarrantees on how accurate it will be for the United 
    States release on October 23rd, but Konami hasn't had a history of changing 
    the Suikoden games TOO terribly between the Japanese and U.S. versions, 
    other than taking out a miniquest in Suikoden I and making a lot of really 
    funny programming errors while localizing II.  (Ah, EcDohl...)
    I have encoded this FAQ in Shift-JIS format, so that I can show you the 
    original Japanese for names and suchlike.  To read the Japanese properly, 
    you will need to have Japanese language support for your browser.  Since 
    this is a text document, you will need to force the browser to recognize it 
    (For IE -- Go to view, then Encoding, then select Japanese Shift-JIS; for 
    Netscape 7.0 and above, go to View, Character Coding, then select Japanese 
    Shift-JIS.) If you're playing the Japanese version without knowledge of 
    katakana/hiragana, you're absolutely crazy.  This is an *RPG*; it behooves 
    you to actually be able to read some of the text!  All translations/ 
    spellings of the names are my own, unless noted otherwise, and as noted 
    above, may not be the same for the U.S. release.  
    I have made a deliberate effort to make this guide as spoiler-free as 
    possible.  My philosophy on FAQ writing is that one should be as blatant as 
    they possibly can on what you should do to progress through the game, and 
    avoid writing the pivotal moments of the storyline.  End of disk I for 
    Final Fantasy VII, anyone?  <g>  As a result, if you're scrounging in here 
    looking for the identity of the main villains, or just who this Flame 
    Champion guy is (no, NOT McDohl, nor is the Flame Champion in any way 
    related to the McDohl line), you won't really find that here. Obviously, 
    that task was definitely harder in some areas than others. In areas that I 
    MUST include spoilers for thoroughness's sake, I will include offsets.  I 
    apologize ahead of time to those of you on slow modems, since I end up with 
    quite a bit of blank space in this guide as a result.
    *********EMAIL RULES - IMPORTANT!****************************************
    If you wish to make any contributions/corrections to this guide, please, 
    please email me at the above address -- I want to make the information in 
    here as correct as possible.  I will very happily stick your name at the 
    bottom as a contributor.  Just please follow a few simple rules:
    1) If you want to be recognized, PLEASE give me a name to refer to you by!  
    If you don't, I'll have to guess at what to call you.  For example, if 
    you're emailing from your mother's email address with the identifier, "Jane 
    Robertson" and your name is really Mike Robertson and you don't sign.... 
    well, your mom's going to get all the credit.  I also reserve the right to 
    edit your contribution for grammar and spoiler deletion, but I will 
    otherwise use your material as is.
    2) I will ONLY read mail with the label "Suikoden III" or some other 
    derivation (GSIII, etc.) somewhere in the subject line.  If you can, I'd 
    love for an additional identifier (questions, corrections, contribution) in 
    the subject line as well.  Everything else gets deleted.  Sorry.
    3) If something in the guide isn't clear, let me know and I'll email you 
    back and update this guide in turn to be clearer.  If, however, you want 
    some information that is ALREADY in the guide and your email doesn't 
    indicate that you haven't at least looked in the guide for it -- well, your 
    email is going to get ignored.
    4) Don't email me on Americanization name corrections.  I'm still picking 
    at them and I've got the two guys up top to help me on everything else I 
    miss.  :>
    5) If you just want to send warm fuzzies, warm fuzzies are ALWAYS ALWAYS 
    ALWAYS acceptable!
    This is my first walkthrough that I've written for a game, so I do hope you 
    enjoy it.  I had a blast writing it, even though it took me a month and 
    change, since I was exploring/translating everything.  My final official 
    game time for my first playthrough as a result was 120 hours.  I guarrantee 
    you'll get through much faster; I daresay a fourth of that time was the 
    added time from having/wanting to translate everything I was reading, and 
    another fourth was spent writing down all the skills/weapon names on each 
    character.  The game itself is actually about 50-70 hours of solid 
    playtime; vastly longer than the original first two Suikodens, which could 
    be defeated easily under 15 and 20 hours, respectively, with all the stars 
    in tow.
    And now, without further ado, the (present and future) contents of this fun 
    fun guide!
    1) Frequently Asked Questions**
    2) General Miscellaneous Gameplay Junk*
    3) Walkthrough - Complete for locations of 108 Stars through to end of the  
        Chris -- Chapter 1
        Geddoe -- Chapter 1
        Hugo -- Chapter 1
        Thomas -- Chapter 1
        Chris - Chapter 2
        Hugo - Chapter 2
        Thomas - Chapter 2 (Fin)
        Geddoe - Chapter 2
        Hugo - Chapter 3
        Geddoe - Chapter 3
        Chris - Chapter 3    
        The Turning Point - SPOILER!
        Chapter 4
        Chapter 5
    4) Characters - where you can get them, when, under what conditions, their 
    strengths, their dreams. CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!*
        A. General Character Information*
        B. Profile (Investigation Information from Kidd)*
    5) Abilities*
        A. Skill Progression List*
        B. Runes*
    6) Locations in the game*
       A. Shops - what they sell*
       B. Other stuff in towns*
       C. The Castle*
    7) Trading Guide*
    8) Weapons - the anal-retentive guide to weapon strengths/names*
    9) Stuff*
        A. Armor*
        B. Items*
        C. Key Items*
    10) Combo Moves*
    11) Duel Battles*
    12) Secrets and Omake
        A. Doggie Quest
        B. Bonus from getting all 108 Stars - *MAJOR* SPOILER - Read at your    
        own risk!
    13) Spoiler FAQs**
    14) Theatrical Information*
    15) Version Notes
    16) Credits
    * Indicates that this is in progress.
    ** Indicates that this will always be in progress, whether I like it or not.
    Section 1 - Frequently Asked Questions - non-spoilers.
    Q1) Can I load my data from a previous Suikoden game?
    A1) Absolutely.  If you have save data from Suikoden II (as late of a 
    save as possible; after you've defeated the final boss), transfer that data 
    over to your PlayStation II card from your PlayStation I.  When you start a 
    new Suikoden III game, you will get a prompt asking if you have any 
    Suikoden II data that you want to use.  I BELIEVE that you have to have 
    your data saved after the last boss.  You do not need all 108 stars on 
    either game to get the bonuses.
    Q2) What do I get for doing so?
    A2) Not that much.  Two special theater scripts (you still have to find 
    them, but they're now unlocked), three characters get a level boost, and 
    you get to use your heroes' names.  That's it.
    Q3) Who is that Masked Man?
    A3) It's a sekrit.  I'm a meaniehead like that.  And the answer to that is 
    not available in the spoiler FAQ.  My friend and I both figured out who he 
    was by Chapter 2 of Geddoe's scenario.  You will find out for sure who he 
    is at the end of Chapter 4.  You can be patient until then.  :)
    Q4) Who is that really cool blonde guy with the swords all in Black?
    A4) Another sekrit.  You'll find out for sure in Chris's Chapter 3.  You 
    can find out who he is earlier in Hugo's Chapter 2 if you meet a certain 
    condition described in that section of the walkthrough.  Again, don't look 
    in the spoiler FAQ for the answer to this.
    Q5) What does it mean when a star appears next to a person's portrait after 
    A5) It means that they killed an enemy during that battle.  Two stars = 2 
    enemies slayed, 3 stars = 3 enemies, and so forth.  These enemies count 
    towards your kill counter.  A boss still counts as only one star, unless 
    he's a multipart boss.
    Q6) Is there a castle?  Does this game have a cookoff?
    A6) Yes.  The castle is very much a trademark of the Genso Suikoden series. 
     However, the cool cook-off game from Suikoden II is no longer there.  Sigh.
    Q7) Do I have to play through the Chapters in any set order?
    A7) No.  The order listed below in the Table of Contents is only the order 
    that I initially went through the game.  In future playthroughs, I will do 
    up what I think is an 'ideal' order, giving you an optimal order.  You can 
    play the initial nine chapters (Thomas's may or not be necessary for 
    finishing the game) in any order that you so desire, be it straight through 
    as one character, or cycling through all the chapter 1's, chapter 2's, etc. 
     I HIGHLY recommend the latter over the former, as this enables you to 
    experience the Trinity Sight system to maximum effect.  This is not three 
    games in one - it is one game.  <g>
    Q8) What do those little dots next to the character's level mean on the 
    status screen?
    A8) Those stand for spell slots for that particular character.  The top row 
    is level 1 spells (the weakest), going on down to level 4 spells (usually 
    the strongest).
    Q9) Does the kill counter do anything special?
    A9) It looks pretty cool.  If you get 999 on all of your characters, you 
    unlock the route to Gregminister.  (I am VERY much kidding on everything 
    previous to this sentence.  That cool-looking bit was true, though.)
    Q10) Where's Budehuc Castle?
    A10) That's Lake Castle.
    Q11) What do the little blue squares next to each character's profile in 
    the menu represent?
    A11) They represent the number of spell points a character has remaining if 
    they're bright.  Darkened ones represent use spells.  Uppermost line = 
    level 1 spells, and so forth down to the most powerful, level 4.
    Q0) This is becoming an increasingly standard question for FAQs today... 
    but did you just make these questions up? 
    A0) Actually, no, except for this one.  :D  I prowled around on the 
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) message boards and analyzed which questions 
    seemed to pop up the most persistently.
    Section 2 - General Miscellaneous Gameplay Junk
    Enemies, as has been the case since the beginning of the Suikoden series, 
    show up randomly when you're in a fighting area.  During the course of the 
    game, you will face four sorts of enemies (in addition to bosses):
    1) Regular enemies -- normal enemies that you run into on a field area.
    2) Event enemies -- These are enemies that you only encounter during 
    various events.  Examples are the soldiers from the various areas of the 
    game -- Zexen, Karaya, the Lizard Clan, and the Harmonians.
    3) Area boss enemies -- These are enemies that you run into every once in a 
     while.  For example, in Chris's chapter 1, the Father Hiiragis (the plant 
    monsters) are her designated Area Boss enemy in Zexen Forest.  These 
    enemies are accompanied by normal boss music, and they give out boss-level 
    gold and experience if you win.
    4) Treasure bosses -- These are sub-bosses that guard the silver treasure 
    chests in many of the dungeon areas.  To get the chest, you have to defeat 
    the boss, and to reget the boss, you have to open the chest.  See below for 
    more details.
    Treasure in Suikoden III is handled in a fairly creative way to account for 
    the fact that you will be visiting many places over and over in the 
    numerous scenarios.  There are six ways, generally speaking, that you can 
    get treasures.
    1) Kill regular enemies and hope you get lucky.
    2) Win various scenario battles.  You will often get special armor and 
    items from winning a boss fight or a field battle.
    3) Talk to various people in towns.  They'll often just give you free stuff 
    because you're so cool.  It makes up for the fact that the shopkeepers 
    4) Gather herbs in the forests and mountains.  There are certain little 
    plants that you can gather medicine from.  When you can get stuff from 
    them, little sparklies will rise upwards from them.
    5) Loot corpses.  Note that you cannot do this during the first two 
    chapters of Chris's scenarios, nor can you do this during Thomas's.  Chris 
    is too goody-goody to graverob, and Thomas is a wimp.  :>  After Chris has 
    been out in the world for a bit, though, she gets over how unnoble it is.
    6) Battle treasure bosses.  I strictly define treasure bosses as the side 
    bosses who guard grey treasure chests.  After a certain amount of time in a 
    scenario (I think about two hours, but I haven't verified this precisely
    yet), they will reset, and they reset guarranteed after each chapter 
    The first time you battle a treasure boss in a particular spot, you get 
    around 15-18 items (usually they're special/rare in some fashion).  Any 
    subsequent times will result in a random pool of runes, medicines, and 
    armor, and lots of cash.  In general, you will NOT get any rare items in 
    later battlings.  I found a couple of exceptions to this, however, after I 
    opened up the route to the final area.  I'll reverify on the next play 
    Note that you can come back later and get any items out of the chest that 
    you don't get when you open the chest, but any items that are tossed aside 
    WILL be lost permanently.  You have to get all the items out of the chest 
    in order to reset it during any given chapter.
    Section 3 - Walkthrough
    This walkthrough is set up in a very straightforward fashion.  Each chapter 
    begins (or will begin with) a listing of the guarranteed recruits for each 
    chapter, followed by any visiting characters, and then optional recruits, 
    followed by the walkthrough for that chapter.  Later versions will include 
    items that you can get beginning in that section, plus any statute of 
    limitations on said items (can you not get them after a certain point?)
    Optional Recruits will all eventually have a () marking, indicating which 
    chapter in this walkthrough you can find them.  For example, (G3) = Geddoe, 
    Chapter 3.
    Chris - Chapter 1
    Guarranteed Recruits:
    Chris, Salome, Roland, Borus, Louis
    Visiting Recruits:
    Optional Recruits:
    Vinay Del Zexay
    1) Chris (クリス) - level 20, White Wind Rune
    After the prologue, you'll be dropped you off by your house in Vine Del 
    Zecks.  All you need to do to continue the storyline is go in the gate and 
    go to bed, but why not take advantage of this opportunity to explore the 
    town?  There are several characters that you can capitalize on your fame 
    1) Inside the inn, a little girl in x clothing will walk downstairs.  Talk 
    to her to get Script #2.
    2) The old lady listening to Nei, Shabon, and Toppu will give you a 
    Medicinal Herb Seed.
    3) On the northernmost screen of Vinay del Zexay will be a middle-aged 
    bearded guy.  Talk to him to get Recipe #12 for Lettuce.
    When you get up in the morning, you'll get the rest of your party, and 
    prepare to head off to Brass Castle:
    2) Salome (サロメ) - level 22, Water Rune
    3) Roland (ロラン) - level 19, Ootaka Rune
    4) Borus (ボルス) - level 20, Fire Sword Rune
    5) Louis (ルイス) - SUPPORT
    Go to the blacksmith, pump up all of your characters' weapons to level 7 
    (you start off with 200,000 G -- you can afford it!), then take a quick 
    jaunt through the Zexen Forest.
    Zexen Forest
    This area is pathetically easy, save for the occasional battle with the 
    Father Hiiragis, the designated area subboss (ひいらぎとうさん).  There are 
    three little plants in this area where you can harvest medicinal herbs 
    (you'll recognize them by the sparkles surrounding them).  Press the circle 
    button against them, and voila -- herbs.
    It's not too hard to kill the Father Hiiragis, but you have to be 
    methodical about it.  If you used the default pairings of Salome and Chris, 
    and Roland and Borus, this will be easy.  Have Salome attack one of the 
    three roots -- the shokushu.  For some reason he has the strongest attack, 
    and can do up to 300 points of damage this early in the game with his 
    weapon on the little buggers.  Have Borus and Chris use their Medicine A's 
    on themselves and their respective buddies if they have any hitpoint loss.  
    Be careful: the tentacles hit for as many as 90 HPs at once.  If Borus and 
    Roland's HP are both ever full, have Roland use his Ootaka rune to attack 
    everything; otherwise, have him attack regularly.
    Brass Castle
    Take advantage of the Save Point conveniently located at the entrance of 
    the castle.  Once you go through the gates, a short cut scene will play. 
    After this concludes other stuff, you find yourself in your bedroom. Louis 
    notes that you can explore if you don't want to hit the sack immediately, 
    so what should you do before bedtime?  Explore!!
    Down the southern staircase outside of your room, there's a Fighting Skill 
    Training Area and a vault.  Take a moment to dump off some of the excess 
    potions you probably have from the forest.
    There's not much else.  Go out to the courtyard (head south down the main 
    corridor), and you'll run into a big gathering of people.  Salome informs 
    you that there's a Grasslander envoy, and then you turn to face one of the 
    Lizardmen, Dupa (デゥパ), talking to the master of diplomacy, Borus.
    Three guesses how this turns out, folks.  ^_^  Chris interjects into their 
    arguement, telling both sides to cool it.  However...that doesn't happen, 
    and you find yourself preparing to battle the Grasslanders in a matter of 
    days on the Amur Plains.  Have some fun exploring the shops -- nothing 
    that great here compared to what you already have, but windowshopping is 
    still fun.
    Go back to your room and talk to Louis to end the area.
    Strategy Battle #1 - Grasslanders and Zexen Troops
    Your first battle versus the Grasslander Clans!  The way to survive (note - 
    SURVIVE, not win) is simple -- keep Chris alive and retreat like crazy when 
    you get the chance.  Doing this is the tricky part.  Hold Chris's position 
    for the first round, and have Roland's and the other party attack one of 
    the tribeleaders.  After you do this, Lucia and Beecham show up with their 
    troops, forcing you to retreat.  Move Chris's unit to the spot that opens 
    up just beyond them to complete your escape.
    Grasslands - Amur Plains
    Save, fight enemies.  Not much else to do here.  Salome will stop you if 
    you try to go back west, so just continue eastwards.
    Karaya Village
    As soon as you enter, Salome rides off ahead to scout out the fire at 
    Karaya Village, leaving you only with... Louis.  Yay.
    Exploring the fire, Chris's eyes stray upon a set of armor, throwing you 
    into an incredibly cool (but sad) cut scene.  This kind of spoils Hugo's 
    first chapter, but ah well...
    Afterwards, Salome and Roland will rejoin your party.  You then get in a 
    battle with several of the Karaya Villagers.  Ride ahead to the rock at the 
    edge of the village...where you come upon a lot of other bodies.
    Once you examine them, you will return to Brass Castle, back to your room.  
    Go to the neighboring room just down the hall.  Salome and Roland are 
    talking to Borus.  When you're done there, go to the west end of the 
    castle's main hallway to talk with Leo and Percival.  Run out and meet 
    Borus, then head back through the Zexen Forest.  The enemies have changed, 
    but they're not too much stronger: they just give out MUCH better 
    experience now!  Halfway in, you'll run up to a knight, Fred, and a girl 
    carrying a ton of stuff, Rico, his loyal squire, and get involved in a 
    short scenario.  Afterwards, continue on your journey...
    Return to Vinay del Zexay
    Head to the town hall.  Wait through the cut scene with the Council, then 
    head back to Chris's house to end the chapter.
    Geddoe - Chapter 1
    Guarranteed Recruits:
    Geddoe, Ace, Queen, Joker, Jacques, Aila
    Visiting Characters:
    Optional Recruits:
    Mike (G2) (Nadir shows up in this chapter, but it's impossible to recruit 
    him with Geddoe's fixed party.)
    The Chapter opens with Ace yakking it up with Joker and Queen at the local 
    bar.  Jacques sits at the bar itself, downing some sake.
    You then turn to Geddoe in his inn room in Vinay del Zexay, and now you get 
    to see your party...
    6) Geddoe (ゲド) - Level 20, Lightning Rune
    7) Ace (エース) - Level 19,
    8) Queen (クイーン) - Level 19,
    9) Joker (ジョーカー) - Level 22, Fire Rune
    10) Jacques (ジャック) - Level 18, Ootaka Rune
    It costs Geddoe 750p to use the Inn (150 per person), but Geddoe can go for 
    broke at the lottery.  Unfortunately, you can't enter the town hall, being 
    the riffraff that you are, to get skill training.  Sooo... head out of 
    town.  Go through the Zexen Forest.  This time, when you go by the corpse, 
    you can search it and get Recipe #2.
    Continue down into Zexen Forest.  You'll run into Fred and Rico of the 
    Maximilian Knights.  Other than that, it's as uneventful as the first time 
    through.  Take a quick stop at Brass Castle to get some skill training in.  
    You may also want to take a detour to the far east side of the castle, 
    where you'll find a Kouekisho (交易所), or trading place, to trade some 
    Yaza Plains (ヤザ平原)
    An arbitrary area to go through.  This is a good thing; you'll be going 
    through it MANY MORE TIMES over the course of the game.
    Daikuudou (大空洞) - Great Hollow
    Home of the Lizardmen.   As soon as you arrive, a horde of Lizardmen come 
    out to greet you -- with spears.  The leader, Shiba (シバ) is won over by 
    Geddoe's persuasive powers, and lets you enter the clan cavern.  Talk to 
    and follow Shiba to the north entrance, then go in to talk to Zepon.  Go 
    back downstairs to the SE exit on the first floor, then fight the 
    Lizardmen.  Shiba will call them off after a round, and then join you.  
    11) Shiba (シバ) - Level 26 - Warrior Rune
    Follow the cave to its conclusion.  You'll then end up in a story battle 
    which will end after your characters are nicely sliced and diced.  Then go 
    back up to Zepon's room.
    Fun Items:
    1) Enter the second room on the ground floor and talk to the Lizard 
    standing around to get a Grape Seed (ブドウのタネ).
    2) Talk to the Lizard in front of the NW opening on the second floor to get 
    Old Book #3.
    3) Talk to the second Lizard guarding the North Second Floor gate to get 
    the Komorehi Rune(こもれ日の封印球)
    4) Talk to the man wandering in the NE room on the second floor to get the 
    Iron Hammer (アイアンハンマー), which enables you to build up your weapons to 
    level 9.  DON'T do this yet, though -- it's much better if you wait to grab 
    it in Thomas's scenario -- that way, you can recruit Pegi during Thomas's 
    scenario.  Pegi has no special support skills, so he's rather pointless to 
    recruit in any other scenario to act as your Support character.  If you do, 
    though, don't worry.
    Amur Plains
    Still short, still a great source of experience.
    Karaya Village
    Fun Items:
    Medicine D, second house, from the Duck.
    Antidote, from the girl wandering around initially from the third house.
    2nd house -- inn (1000 potch)
    3rd house - item shop.
    4th house - Blacksmith (to level 5).
    As soon as you arrive in the village, you get to do battle with Aila.  Once 
    you beat her and finish exploring the town, go to the northeasternmost hut. 
     Geddoe, Queen, and Jacques will leave you, leaving you only with Ace and 
    Joker.  Go back to the front of the town, where you'll encounter a strange 
    woman.  Follow Aila to the plains, then follow her around to where the 
    woman is.  After meeting the woman's accomplaces, Aila will join you back 
    to the village.
    12) Aila (アイラ) - Level 23 - Earth and Shield Runes
    At this point, you'll switch back to Geddoe and Queen.  You will be tossed 
    into a decision; either fight Borus, or run past him.  He's a difficult 
    boss (I had Geddoe and Queen with level 8 weapons, level 28), and you don't 
    get any rewards besides a bunch of gold and experience, but why not go for 
    the bragging rights?  Karaya Village burns to the ground, and Aila joins 
    your party for good.
    Queen suggests that you go to Caleria, to the southeast.
    So...let's take a sidequest to those OTHER interesting places on the map -- 
    Budehuc Castle, for one!
    Mt. Hei-Tou (Mountain at the Head of the Plains)
    If you go all the way east to the final fork in this area (there's a 
    savepoint there) and turn north, you'll find a corpse.  Search it to get 
    the Yellow Kennel (黄色の犬小屋).   Go back west one screen from the 
    savepoint to the first fork, then follow it north, then left.  That corpse 
    has Recipe #14.  Go north and take either fork; they rejoin at yet another 
    corpse, this one with Recipe #5.  Finally, go north and fight the Blue 
    Crab, your first optional treasure boss which you'll get to fight many 
    times again to get its loot in later chapters.  :>
    Special Prizes: Old Book #12
    Budehuc Castle
    In the castle, there are a ton of services:
    Mut (マト)(B1): Vault.
    Juan (ジョアン) (West Outdoors): Weapon Skill Training
    Piccolo (ピッコロ) (Entrance Field Outdoors, Tent): Fortunetelling.
    Martha (マーサ) (Entrance Field Outdoors, Booth): Lottery
    Sebastian (セバスチャン) (Entrance Field Outdoors, Inn): Inn
    Eike (アイク) (2F): Library
    Once you leave the castle, you will open up Thomas's path on the TSS.  
    Also, you will now be able to recruit characters for your party at will.
    Back to the Main Storyline - Mountain Road
    A fairly straightforward area.  Going right at the first fork will take you 
    to a medicinal plant.  North at the second fork will take you to another 
    medicinal plant.  Save at the save point, then have a quickie boss battle 
    with the Twin Snake.  Have Joker and Geddoe cast spells to take out its 
    extra heads (one of them, in typical RPG fashion, heals the main body) 
    during the first round, then just beat it until it falls.  Then get a whole 
    BUNCH of treasure, again.  This spot will also become a treasure boss 
    The southern fork from the boss leads to Caleria.  North leads to another 
    fork (south from there on that screen leads to a corpse with Recipe #7), 
    but going north from there will only lead to a deadend (for this scenario).
    Enter the town, then head to the north area, where Ace'll leave your party 
    for a while.  After that, head to the inn to rest up to end the chapter.
    Before you end, it is possible to recruit Mike here.  Read Geddoe's Chapter 
    2 to find out how to do so.
    マイク(Mike) - Trader Shop
    Hugo - Chapter 1
    Guarranteed Recruits:
    Hugo, Sgt. Joe, Hubert
    Visiting Characters:
    Lulu, Melville, Alanis, Elliot
    Optional Recruits:
    The chapter begins with Hugo talking with Sgt. Joe and Lulu.  Your initial 
    party is as follows:
    13) - Hugo (ヒューゴ) - level 12 - Wind Rune
    14) - Sgt. Joe (ジョー軍曹) - level 15, Water Rune
    15) - Hubert (フーバー)  - level 11 - I REFUSE to transliterate this as 
    Fubar, as it is in the American version.  Any military folks should 
    understand why.  Bright Wind Rune.
    (16) - Lulu (ルル) - level 10, Wind Sword Rune
    Enter your house, which you're immediately outside of.  You'll find out 
    that you need to go to Lulu's home, which is the first house on the left as 
    you enter the village.  Lucia will tell you there that you need to make a 
    trip to Vinay del Zexay.  Jimba will also give you an item - the 
    Lightfellow family pendant.
    You can make a quick jaunt up to Duck Village through the Northern Amuru 
    Plains and take advantage of getting some fun stuffs.  You cannot recruit 
    anyone there yet, but you can get some decent stuff from the ducks there:
    Old Book #5 - Woman by the northeasternmost house on the north side of the 
    Ahiruchan (あひるちゃん) (Rubber Ducky) - Duck in the south part of town 
    dangling his feet off the dock.  Good for onsen (bathhouse) fun!
    Vinay del Zexay
    Go to Brass Castle through the (regular) Amur Plains.  You'll run into 
    Chris and her companions.  Have fun through the scenario, then continue 
    your way onward through the Zexen Woods and to Vinay del Zexay, straight to 
    the town hall.  Hubert leaves your party while you explore the town -- 
    apparently a griffin will scare off the townsfolk.  There you'll find that 
    you have to wait for two or three days for the Council to meet you -- 
    typical bureaucrats, so explore around town in the marketplace to kill some 
    time.  You can go into the inn and just mess around for two days or so, if 
    you so choose, but there is a subquest that is a bit more enjoyable than 
    that.  :D
    Sidequest - Treasure Hunt!
    Guillaume (ギョーム) and Melville will be involved in a heated argument in 
    the marketplace just northwest of the Vinay del Zexay Inn.  After it ends, 
    head over by the rune shop to get involved in a short scenario, and then 
    follow Elliot and Alanis down the alleyway.  Climb up the ladder (it'll be 
    in the middle against the northern building), then go through the window.  
    Select the first option to get inside.  When you're done, go to the main 
    gate.  Head to the North Cavern.
    16*) - Melville (メルヴィル) - Level 6
    17*) - Alanis (アラニス) - Level 5, Fire Rune
    18*) - Elliot (エリオット) - SUPPORT (Guest only in this scenario.)
    During the early parts of this cave, be sure to protect Melville and Alanis 
    long enough for them to get some levels.  Afterwards, pair them together 
    for their special attack.  This cave, like the other ones to this point, is 
    fairly straightforward.  Be sure to make use of the save point!
    After the save, your party will be separated in half.  Have Hugo cast Sleep 
    during his battle and pick off the enemies one at a time.  Melville will be 
    involved in a duel battle (you remember those from Suikoden I and II, 
    right?).  It's impossible to win -- Guillaume does not lose hit points, 
    period.  So don't bother and just enjoy the cut scene.
    Return to Vinay del Zexay and Karaya Village
    Once you win, head back to town.  After saying farewell to the young 
    aspiring knights, pop by Town Hall, then go to the inn for the night (yeah, 
    you have to pay), then go BACK to the Town Hall.  Deliver Lucia's message 
    to the bureaucrat.  Go back to the inn.  Leo and Percival will attempt to 
    capture you.  Fight your way towards the city gate, using Hugo's Sleep 
    (level 1 Wind) spell to keep your enemies at bay.  Note that the battle 
    with Leo and Percival is a story battle, so after a couple of rounds (or if 
    you die, presumably), the battle'll end.
    When this is over, go straight through Zexen Forest to Brass Castle.  When 
    you get to the castle, make sure you stay at the inn inside the castle.  
    This will be your last chance for an inn for a while.  Proceed as you 
    normally would through the castle... you'll get a storyline sidetrack into 
    the sewers (another straightforward area).  Go straight back to Karaya 
    Village to finish the scenario.
    Thomas - Chapter 1
    Guarranteed Recruits:
    Thomas, Cecile, Eike, Martha, Piccolo, Juan, Mut, Sebastien
    Visiting Characters:
    Optional Recruits:
    Jeanne, Kathy, Kidd, Scott, Mio, Mel, Kenji, Twaikin, Belle, Karirikamaru 
    Z, Toppu, Nei, Shabon, Dominic, Gorou, Shizu, Augustine (T2), Gordon (T2), 
    Ernie (C3)
    Thomas's scenario starts out with him arriving at the castle.  Meet with 
    Cecile, then go inside to meet Sebastian and the rest of the castle staff. 
     You'll spend the night in your own room.  Sebastien will then charge you 
    with the task of speaking with them all individually.  Their locations are 
    as follows:
    Eike: Library, second floor (only room right of the stairwell).
    Martha: Out in her lottery booth on the front lawn.
    Piccolo: Tent on the front lawn.
    Cecile: Guarding the castle gate.
    Juan: By the skill shop, on the cliff region west of the front lawn.
    Mut: Basement 1.
    Go back to in front of the grand stairwell.  Sebastien will give you a 
    letter (書簡) that needs to be taken back to Brass Castle.  Cecile will 
    join you.
    19) Thomas (トーマス) - Level 1
    20) Cecile (セシル) - Level 1
    Head through the Yaza Plains and get some experience; considering your 
    non-existent levels, you'll need it.  Go into Brass Castle and gaze it in 
    wonder.  You'll want to go up to the Knight's Parlor on the second floor 
    and talk to Salome.  Deliver the letter, then go back to Budehuc Castle.  
    Cecile will leave you to guard the gate.  Go back up to your bedroom 
    (furthest room on the left corridor on the second floor, then head outside. 
     Your next task will be to find a child, curiously enough also named 
    Thomas.  Piccolo will join your party for this task, as will Cecile.
    21) Piccolo (ピッコロ) - Level 8, Lightning Rune and ?
    You'll need to visit the inn, the library, the graveyard area in the 
    Basement, and the elevator shaft on the first floor (in any order you so 
    please).  After that, go to the weapon training area and talk to Juan.  
    He'll join your party.
    22) Juan (ジョアン) - level 7, Slumber Rune
    23) Martha (マーサー)- SUPPORT
    24) Sebastien - SUPPORT
    25) Eike (アイク)- SUPPORT
    26) Mut - SUPPORT
    Mt. Heitou 平頭山
    Go all the way east.  You'll encounter the lost little boy Thomas, along 
    with a boar, who is kind of a pathetic excuse for a boss.  Kill it, rescue
    boy, head home.
    If you try to go to the Blue Crab that you fought originally in Geddoe's 
    scenario, you'll run away like a pansy.  Thomas, luckily, recognizes that 
    he's a total weakling.
    Recruit Season!
    Once you get back to the castle, head up to your room and save.  Go down 
    and talk to Cecile and Piccolo (maybe Martha as well).  Go back into the 
    house and let a scenario play out.  When that ends, head back to your room. 
     After that scenario, you're free to explore the world!  One new area 
    appears that wasn't previously explorable in the earlier three scenarios: 
    Iksay Village.  If you ever want to recruit any characters, go on ahead 
    talk to Sebastian in the inn.  He'll add them in for you.  Note that you 
    can only add in characters that you've recruited during a Thomas chapter 
    during Thomas's chapters. 
    My route:
    Brass Castle
    30) In the area outside the castle before the west drawbridge are Scott
     (スコット) and his parrot, Warrenhight (ワーレンハイト). Get him an antler 
    from the Trader in Duck Village or Vinay del Zexay (cheaper from the 
    latter) to recruit him.  Choose the second choice (arigatou) instead of 
    whining about how you're getting stiffed.
    27) Jeanne: Talk to her in her shop and she'll join.  Cool, ne?
    35) Belle: Get her a Screw and she'll join.  You can find the Screw out on 
    the Amur Plains off of the evil sadistic white bunny creatures.
    36) Karakirumaru Z - Will join with Belle.
    Karaya Village 
    Just a pile of rubble.  Really.  I think the only reason this is here is 
    for kicks.  I'd love to find out otherwise, though.
    Northern Amur Plains
    28) You'll encounter Kathy (キャシィー), a rancher, with a ton of horses.  
    Count 'em up (I had 19, but this may be variable) and report the number to 
    her.  The first question she'll ask is if there's less than 15, 15, or more 
    than 15, and then she'll zoom in as to a specific number.  Tell her about 
    the castle and she'll join.
    Duck Village:
    29) Kidd (キッド) - This is a rather funny scenario.  Talk to him in the 
    northeasternmost house.  Investigate the cabinet and window, then talk to 
    him again.  Go outside, talk to Howard the Duck (someone was bored with 
    their puns...), then go through the inn to talk to the villager by the big 
    wheel in front of the appraisal/item shop.  Finally, talk to the villager 
    in the trader's shop and get the memo, then go back to Kidd.  I'll let you 
    figure out who the "killer" was, but don't sweat too much about it -- 
    you'll get it wrong anyways. :)  When the mystery is solved, invite him to 
    the castle.  Kidd is Konami's tribute to a character, which, while 
    virtually unknown in the US, is insanely popular in Japan, Conan Edogawa, 
    from the Meitantei (Famous Detective) Conan anime series.  Conan is 
    basically Japan's answer to Encyclopedia Brown.
    Hortez VII - Located behind the inn.  Tell him about the castle and he'll 
    wander off.  This is necessary to get him later in the game.
    Iksay Village:
    The girl in the item shop will give you a Blue Gate rune.
    31) Mio (ミオ) - Talk to them in the top floor of the inn, and Mio will 
    join.  Tuta says he will later - and he will, in chapter 4, after you go 
    track him down.  Put Mio in your party ASAP, as she has awesome Healing 
    abilities (B+).
    32) Mel (メル) -- Talk to her and she'll join.  (Level 32)
    Yaza Plains:
    33) Kenji - Select the second choice both times, and he'll join. (Level 13 
    - Gymnastics Rune?) 
    Great Hollow 
    34) Twaikin (トワイキン) - Find him in the cave areas beneath the main cave 
    area.  Cover for him by selecting the first choice when the lizard comes 
    and he'll be recruited. (Level 14)
    North Cavern - The only thing of interest here is the Majisshin boss, which 
    is easily defeated.  When you win, you'll get the Castle Kennel and a whole 
    bunch of other good stuff.
    Vinay del Zexay
    As you enter, you'll see a pair of people running off to the east...Shabon 
    being chased by Guillaume!  Go down to the market area and talk to Nei.  
    Then go to in front of the town hall.  You'll find yourself in a duel 
    battle.  Unlike the last battle versus Guillaume, this one is actually 
    To find out what phrases Guillaume says and to get general information on 
    duel battles, please see section #11, DUEL BATTLES, towards the end of this 
    37) Toppo (トッポ) - level 13 - Earth Rune
    38) Nei (ネイ) - level 15 - Bard Rune
    39) Shabon (シャボン) - level 10 - Wind Rune
    40) Dominic (ドミニク): Armor shop owner.  Buy the Mogura Armor for 40000 
    potch, and he's yours.  You should barely be able to squeak this purchase 
    during Thomas's chapter 1 if you're just playing through regularly.  If you 
    work the trading posts, purchasing the armor should be no trouble.
    Zexen Forest
    41) Gorou (ゴロウ)- Talk to him in the Zexen Woods (northernmost area) while 
    bringing along a character with the Appraisal ability (if you followed my 
    advice about bringing along Mio, she's perfect for the task), select the 
    top choice twice, and he's yours.
    Onward with the scenario.  Go back to the castle, check out all the 
    newbies, then go inside.   Look around for Eike, then attempt to leave the 
    castle.  Shizu will arrive and attempt to unjam the elevator.  Sleep for 
    the evening in your bedroom.  Go back down to the first floor.  Shizu will 
    join your cause:
    42) Shizu - SUPPORT
    Then take the elevator down to the bottommost floor.  Early on in this 
    cave, you'll split apart from Juan and Piccolo.  Take this opportunity to 
    go BACK upstairs and grab two new members for your party.  You'll also want 
    to bring Mio as your support; she has the best Healing skill out of your 
    present party members (a B+).  Follow the cave to its conclusion, and 
    re-get Eike.  This will end the scenario.
    Chris - Chapter 2
    Guarranteed Recruits:
    Percival, Leo, Nash
    Visiting Characters:
    Optional Recruits:
    Watari, among others
    Vinay del Zexay
    No one important is in the town now if you're following the order of this 
    scenario, so just bail and head to the gate.  You might want to check out 
    the goods in the Trader shop, though.  Go with Borus and Louis to perhaps 
    stop by Budehuc Castle.  Enter the castle, head up to talk to Salome.
    Go to your room, then head to the parlor.  After this scenario, by talking 
    to Salome, you can recruit people into your party. Take this chance to add 
    in Percival and Leo.
    43) Percival (パーシヴァル) - level 26.  Water Rune (R).
    44) Leo (レオ) - level 26.  No Rune.
    I personally took this opportunity to go back to the North Cavern to kill 
    the Chimera at its end.  50+,000 potch for the win, along with the Mother 
    Earth rune, old book #11, Medal set #5, Script #3, and lots of other fun 
    After you've had fun kicking monsters' butts, go talk to Salome to start 
    your battle...
    Assault on the Great Cave of the Lizard Clan
    Your battle, this time, is winnable -- just exercise common sense and keep 
    Chris's team in reserve, since the losing condition is her death.  To win, 
    kill five of the opposing teams.  You start off with a map of three or so 
    Lizard Clan/Karaya Clan battalions versus Chris's, Roland's, and Leo's 
    units.  Move Roland's and Leo's troops forward to take out the two early 
    troops.  When Percival's and Borus's units make their sneak attack, sneak 
    around in a pincer formation to cut off Lucia's reinforcements.  As long as 
    you keep careful track of your units, this battle should be no problem.
    Once the map battle ends, you'll move in to attack with your strongest five 
    (in other words -- everyone but Salome).  You'll fight two teams of six 
    Lizards, then you'll face Shiba.
    After that, you'll in all likelihood find yourself in a Duel Battle with 
    Lucia (DUEL BATTLE #2 -- see section #11)
    After this battle, you'll return to Brass Castle.  Go outside to the west 
    gate and talk to Salome.  Head into the forest.   After you get back to the 
    castle, head to the west gate and talk to Percival.
    Iksay Village
    If you were sneaky enough to go to Iksay before talking to Percival, you 
    can get Watari here for 100000 potch.  If not, you have to wait until the 
    end of this scenario.  Talk to the villagers, then head north and look out 
    at the fields by the windmill.  Nash will talk to you for a 
    bit, then join you.  After you kill some enemies, you'll get Percival and 
    an opportunity to save (hint - if they give you a save point...)
    45) Watari (ワタル) - level 36.  Anger Rune.
    46) Nash (ナッシュ) - level 35.  Water Rune.
    After that, you'll find yourself in yet another duel battle, this time with 
    Jimba.  (Duel Battle #3 - See section #11)
    Once you win, enjoy the kick ass cut scene.  :>  Once this ends, all of the 
    knights rejoin you, and Nash takes off to wherever.  Take your party on 
    over to Mt. Hei-Tou, keel the crab for cash like you did during Chapter 1 
    for Geddoe, then go back to Brass Castle, up to your bedroom.  You'll be 
    flung into another scenario.  :>
    The first time you're forced into a scenario choice, with Salome, has no 
    apparent effect.  The second time, with Nash, will result in slightly 
    differing effects: 
    Decision #1
    。。。そうだな。  (1 ー She goes.)
    誰が行くと。。。。(2 - She argues.)
    Decision #2
    そうかもしれないな。。。(She agrees.)
    でも、やはり。。。(She argues.)
    Decision #3
    やはり、わたしは離れるわけには。。。(She argues.)
    そうだな、心を決めよう。(She agrees)
    If you choose all three 'she argues' choices, Nash will head off for the 
    evening.  You'll have the opportunity to do any final shopping trips, etc. 
    that you may want at this point; to start the final segment of the 
    scenario, go to Nash right outside of the east main castle entrance (as 
    opposed to the East Gate), in the northwestern part of the area with the 
    item, armor, and blacksmith shops, then go back to your room.  If you ever 
    choose an 'agree' argument, you'll go into this chapters' final segment 
    automatically.  Chris will change her clothes, and they will cut through 
    the sewers to head east.
    Hugo - Chapter 2
    Guarranteed Recruits:
    Visiting Characters:
    Lily, Reed, Samus
    Optional Recruits:
    Unknown, but probably quite a few from the above scenarios.
    Go to Duck Village, then chat with Rhett and Wilder as you go in.  Head 
    further in the town to the crowd of ducks surrounding the girl wearing a 
    feathered hat.  Have fun egging her on in the conversation that will follow 
    -- it's a loop.  After it ends, go into the inn.
    You'll get:
    47*) Lilly Pendragon (リリィ): Level 24, Fire Sword Rune.  She's Gustav's 
    daughter from Suikoden II -- you know, the cute kid that gets kidnapped by 
    48*) Reed (リード): Level 26, No Rune
    49*) Samus (サムス): Level 25, Wind Rune
    Go into the tunnel area that opens up.  It, as usual, is fantastically 
    straightforward.  The first fork you meet will throw you into a short 
    scenario with Sarah, the man in the white coat, the man in black (MIB), and 
    the Masked Man.
    1 - 1/2 No effect.  Lilly interrupts and says they're all bad men.
    2 - 1 --> Goes into battle.
    2 - 2 --> Goes on to option 3.
    3 - 1 --> Run like heck.
    3 - 2 --> Go into battle.
    If you do choose to go into battle, you will find yourself fighting the Man 
    in Black -- and boy, is he tough.  <g>
    Here is the strategy provided by Ryan Hann (slightly edited to keep the Man 
    in Black's identity a sekrit):
    I had all 6 characters, Hugo, Lilly, Sgt. Joe, Fubar (Hubert), Samus, and 
    Reed, all at level 34 and they all had level 10 weapons. Both of these 
    tasks are easily accomplished in the Ancient Highway. If necessary, you 
    could easily level your characters beyond 34 there, and they drop a lot of 
    money, so you can go and get your weapons upgraded. 
    For the battle against the MIB himself, I had Hugo mounted on Fubar and the 
    others' placement really doesn't matter that much. I started out with 
    Hugo/Fubar team going and attacking the MIB.  He counterattacked, leaving 
    both in critical. Next round I suggest healing those to with Sgt. Joe's 
    water rune, as they are the most critical people in this fight, with each 
    hit doing 250+ damage twice in a row, first Fubar's flying attack and then 
    Hugo's knife slash. It is a good idea to also start with Lilly's combo with 
    her two guards, as in if Lilly survives, she will be berserked. By the end 
    of the battle, Lilly and her two guards were dead (in a single combo by the 
    Man in Black). It may take some doing, but with this strategy he is easily 
    For winning, you will get 20000 potch, the Golden Medallion, a nifty 
    cutscene, and you will learn the Man in Black's identity earlier than you 
    normally would have.  
    You'll see Lucia's and Chris's battle from the other scenario.  Enter in.  
    After you deliver the bad news about Lulu to Luce, go up to the second 
    floor where everyone else is.  (Note -- before you do this, you might want 
    to go back downstairs and talk to Anne at the inn -- she's the person who 
    let's you get 
    Go back down to talk to and re-get Lilly and the others.  Go outside of the 
    cave and go all the way south to pick up Jimba, then go back in to the main 
    hall area in front of the inn and talk to Lucia.  Go outside.  This ends 
    the scenario.
    Thomas - Chapter 2
    Guarranteed Recruits:
    Visiting Characters:
    Apple, Caesar
    Optional Recruits:
    At least Augustine and Gordon; probably other characters from chapter 1 as 
    Go outside to Martha and Piccolo.  You'll have a reprise of the Geddoe 
    scenario that opened up, then go back to your bedroom. Sleep, then hang 
    out.  Chris will arrive.  Go to Iksay village, and meet the folks there 
    searching for the castle from the Zexen Council.  It doesn't matter what 
    you answer; the councillor and his companions will go to the castle no 
    matter what.
    Take this moment to go gathering some extra allies/cash.  Take your band of 
    favorite folks and head back into the North Cavern you may have visited if 
    you followed this guide closely.  There's nothing there except for the 
    normal random treasure/cash, but it WILL kill lots of time -- long enough 
    for Gordon in Iksay Village to stock the Rose in his Rare Finds.  Go back 
    there and pick it up, then take it to Augustine in Vinay del Zexay.  Choose 
    the second choice and he'll join your party:
    50) Augustine (オーギュスタン): Level 23, Red Rose Rune.
    You may notice that he babbles a lot about 'soul'.  Go back to your castle, 
    dump off all your allies, including your support, then take Augustine to 
    meet Gordon.  Gordon will be so impressed with his extreme style that he'll 
    join you.  
    51) Gordon (ゴードン): Support
    Go back to the castle, talk to Sebastien, then head to the front of the 
    main building.  Go back to your bedroom to talk with Mut. When you're done 
    there, go outside to the front gate, then go to the front of the main 
    building when that's done.  After that, go out in front of the inn.  You'll 
    find two new people, or more accurately, one new person and one VERY 
    familiar person.
    Caesar (シーザー) and Apple(アップル) 
    Go back up to the main area. After that, visit Cecile at the main gate, 
    Sebastian and Eike in the Library, and Mat, Piccolo, and Martha at the end 
    of the hallway on the first floor (in front of the infirmary room).  Go 
    back to your room, sleep, and then go down to talk to Caesar to begin the 
    battle to defend the castle from the Zexen forces.  He'll give you a 
    mysterious package, giving you instructions to open it in your time of 
    greatest need.
    Winning Condition:特定ターンまで生き残る -- Survive until a specific turn (but 
    of course, they don't tell you what that turn IS.)
    Losing Condition:  味方が全滅 -- Your allies are annihilated.
    Basically, just hold your ground.  After two turns, Lily and Hugo's units 
    will show up, escaping with Caesar and Apple.  Send them to the far 
    northeastern spot to finish the battle.  This battle is pleasantly simple.  
    Once it concludes, you will get the Counter Ring.  
    Go to the front gate to talk to Cecile.  Go back to the front of the castle 
    building to go talk to Leo and Percival.  Go back to your bedroom, then go 
    to sleep.  When you wake up, go down the stairs, talk to Sebastian, then go 
    to the end of the hallway that leads to the bar to talk to Mut.  Go back 
    upstairs to the library to talk to Eike.  Return towards your bedroom, talk 
    to Cecile, then go in for the night.  Go outside, enjoy the scene, then 
    rename your castle to whatever you please.   Return to the bedroom. 
    You'll get involved in another battle.  Again, hold your ground -- I think 
    it takes about three turns.  When the battle ends, you'll get the Sure-Kill 
    (Hissatsu) rune.  
    Your party will then consist of the following during the enemy assault:  
    Thomas, Cecile, Juan, Piccolo, and Mat and Sebastien as guests.  Take a 
    moment to duck in the inn to grab two other people for your party -- I 
    recommend Mel and Twaikin.  Fight the party of four knights on the 
    stairwell, then continue to the castle.  Fight off the remaining enemies.  
    Even if you get close to losing, you'll find yourself 'saved' -- you just 
    won't get the items after battle.
    This ends the chapter.
    Geddoe - Chapter 2
    Guarranteed Recruits:
    Visiting Characters:
    Optional Recruits:
    Mike, Pegi, Edge
    Begin the chapter by going to get Mike, if you haven't already.  Note that 
    you MUST have visited Budehuc Castle; otherwise he will not be there.
    52) Mike (マイク) - SUPPORT
    To recruit Mike successfully, you must win 20000 potch in a game of cards.  
    The object of the game is to have your cards total to as high as possible 
    in the ones place.  In plain English, each card has a value equivalent to 
    its face value, with the exception of an Ace (which has a value of 1).  
    When you play, you'll have a choice between three cards, and you will see 
    the dealer's one.  Then the dealer deals you one more card.  You can choose 
    to have one more card dealt, or stay on your present card.
    My strategy is a bit different than most, I think.  What I try do is go as 
    small above the dealer as possible
    Go back to the bar in the inn at Kariya and get Aida and Ace.  Go outside 
    to the staircase in the western part of town, get the bag from the vendor, 
    then head back in front of the inn to get everyone else.  You'll see a 
    brief scenario involving Sasarai (who briefly showed up in a battle in 
    Suikoden II) and Albert, the fellow in the white coat who was with Sarah 
    earlier.  Your party decides to head north to Le Buque.
    Head back through the mountain path.  You'll encounter a straightforward 
    treasure boss, Rock Golem.  The only things he has going for him are high 
    defense and high hit points.  Watch your own HPs and you should have no 
    Take a moment (okay, a couple of hours) to make some worthwhile detours.  
    If you haven't done so already, go back to the Great Hollow and get Pegi 
    with the Iron Hammer.
    53) Pegi (ペギィ) - SUPPORT
    Go back to Mt. Hei-Tou and the North Cavern, beat up the boss enemies (Blue 
    Crab and the Chimera) there, get loads of cash and treasure, then head on 
    to Le Buque.  As soon as you enter, you'll fight Franz and his fellow 
    Mushitsukai (Bug Users).  The weiiird fellow in the mask is called the 神官将
    (しんかんしょう), which I'm translating as the Bishop.  You'll get a chance 
    to ask his name, but he'll pretty much ignore your request. When this is 
    done, you'll get to explore the village.
    Go to the west side of the village.  Talk to the fellow there with the big 
    sword. Choose the first choice to pay him 1000 potch and get into a dual 
    with him.  (DUEL BATTLE #4 - see section #11)
    Afterwards, Edge will join your party, with a very familiar blade to 
    longtime Suikoden fans in tow.
    54) Edge (エッジ) - level 42, Lightning Rune
    Go to the east side of the village.  Aila will spot Sara heading into the 
    far west house, and she'll run after her.  Let her go for the moment, then 
    go to the boy dangling his feet off the side of the pathway and get the 
    Herbal Seed.  Go into the back of the inn and talk to the boy on the chair 
    to get Book #4.  Then talk to one of the folks near Iku to obtain some sort 
    of kennel.  Go towards the western house to listen to a brief description 
    of their plans, then go back to where you found Iku before.  Iku will pull 
    you inside to her place, and you'll be faced with a decision.  I chose to 
    have Geddoe listen to her story -- Joker, Jacques, and Ace all went 
    outside.  Iku will join your party as a guest.  Head south to listen to 
    more of the story on the Harmonian situation, then take a quick peek in the 
    far western house.  Go out of town.
    セナイ山(Senai Mountain)
    Follow the path -- even with all the bridge crossovers, it's very simple.  
    On the third screen, you'll see the General and Sarah come out of the east 
    tunnel and head north.  Since there's nothing down the east tunnel, save 
    for a poor view of the mountains, head north after them.
    You won't run into them, but you'll run into....Duke.  
    You'll have three choices.  I chose the first and got into a battle with 
    him and his three companions, Elaine, Nicolas, and Gau.  Just use Aila's 
    1st Level Shield Spell to Anger your party and pummel them one at a time.  
    I recommend going for Elaine first, since she can heal the enemy party.
    After that will be an even tougher fight versus the General and Sarah.  GO 
    AFTER THE GENERAL.  His Rune can wipe you out, especially if your hit 
    points are low from the last fight.  Have Aila heal everyone right away 
    with her 2nd level Shield Spell.  When you win, the General will use his 
    magic to send you back outside of the altar room area.  Go on back to the 
    entrance; you won't have any enemies to fight.
    Return down the mountain.  You'll face a final, fascinating scenario to end 
    this chapter regarding the Hero of the Flames...
    Hugo - Chapter 3
    Guarranteed Recruits:
    Hallec, Mua
    Visiting Characters:
    Optional Recruits:
    Sanae Y(amamoto), Guillaume, Maime, Wan Fu, Emily
    Start out the chapter by taking a detour to Mt. Hei-Tou and defeating the 
    Blue Cra...yeah, you know the routine by now, eh?  Once you've done that, 
    head to Budehuc Castle to the front of the main building.  You'll get in 
    a slight spat with the Councillor.  If you try and go inside afterwards to 
    speak to Thomas, Sebastian will chase you away at the grand staircase.  
    Don't try to sneak around from the bottom and go up the elevator -- you CAN 
    do that and get to Thomas's bedroom, but Thomas isn't there.  Go back 
    outside and talk to Cecile, then go back up in front of the main building 
    to talk to both Thomas and Cecile.  Go to the inn, and either pay or not 
    pay -- it's totally up to you (for what it's worth, I made Stingy 
    Sebastian's day by giving him a whole 300 potch.)
    Go back outside to the gate.  You'll see the scene with Hugo from back in 
    Chapter 2 of Thomas's scenario.  Go back up to the main building.  I 
    suspect either choice is fine, but go with the first.  Go and gab with the 
    guards at the gate, then go back to Thomas and everyone else again.  Try to 
    go through the gate, then go back up to the main building to talk to Caesar 
    and Apple.  Pass by Thomas on the way down the stairs, then go back to the 
    inn.  After you rest up, go outside.  You'll be thrown in the war area that 
    you saw before, though you won't have to get 
    You'll go through the Yaza Plains, fighting tons of enemies.  Caesar and 
    Apple will bail, noting that they're headed to Duck Village.  Go back to 
    the Great Hollow.  At that point, Lilly, Reed, and Samus will 
    ALSO bail, heading for Brass Castle.  Follow them.
    As you head into the castle, you'll see a HUGE guy, Hallec, with a 
    semi-sleazy looking fellow, Mua.  When Leo and company come out, choose the 
    first choice to fight them.  After that, they'll join your party:
    55) Hallec (ハレック) - Level 34, Gekirin Rune
    56) Mua (ムーア) - Level 35, Thunder Sword Rune
    Head over to Duck Village.  If you've gathered a certain number of 
    characters, if you go behind the inn, you'll see Sanae Y.  Help the duck 
    and she'll join you (choice three, choice one is what I did - others may 
    57) Sanae Y (サナエ・Y) - level 37
    From there, go back into the tunnel.  You'll find Guillaume being his 
    greedy self, poking at the door with his spear trying to get the treasure 
    room to open.  Approach him and get into a duel battle! (DUEL BATTLE #5 - 
    See section #11)
    After you beat him, choose the second choice (tell him you're searching for 
    a shopkeeper), and he'll join up.
    58) Guillaume (ギョーム) - SUPPORT
    Go to the Great Hollow, all the way to the northeast area of the 
    first floor.  Talk to Apple, then talk to Luce.  Go east into the forest -- 
    once you talk to Anne to add in the new members of your party!  Hang around 
    in there, then go back to Duck Village to talk to Maime.  She'll join your 
    group if you have the Crab Rice Bowl, thanks to Hallec lugging around his 
    favorite foods.
    59) Maime (メイミ) - SUPPORT 
    Continue on to Chisha Village.  Just head straight east through the forest 
    and you'll have no problems.  When you arrive, soldiers will be attacking 
    the village.  Fight your way through the three battles, then talk to Chris. 
     You can either choose to attack her or ask her questions.  I would 
    recommend the latter just because you'll get a bit more story.
    After she goes away, explore the village.  Talk to Sena, then talk to the 
    guy by the cow behind her to get the Medal (勲章) Set #2.  Buy the best 
    armor you can for Hugo (he'll need it momentarily for sure, trust me).  In 
    the basement of the item/armor shop is Wan Fu.  Pay 3000 potch to get him 
    to join. 
    60) Wan Fu (ワン・フー) -- No Rune, level 40
    In the next room, you'll see a girl who looks strangely close to a 
    character you met in Suikoden I.  Agree to arm wrestle her.  If your 
    party's combined strength statistic totals over 600, she will join you 
    (need to reverify this still):
    61) Emily (エミリー) -- Anger Rune, level 36
    Go out of town.   You'll run into Caesar, Apple, Albert (the guy in the 
    white coat), and the man in the black coat.  You'll fight the man in the 
    black coat, whose name I'm keeping a secret to prevent against good quality 
    plot spoiling.  :>  He will beat you no matter what you do, so don't bother 
    trying to fight back.  Once you wake up, go back outside and talk to 
    Caesar, Apple, Joe, and Sena about the upcoming assault.
    You'll now face Sasarai.  He's a rather conservative fighter, just from the 
    brief battle I had with him. (DUEL BATTLE #6 - See Section #11)
    After another scenario, you'll be back at the inn.  Save, then go outside 
    and talk to everyone.  You'll prepare to head to the meeting place with the
    Fire Hero.  You'll get to choose your party members; if you change your 
    mind later, go back to Luce in front of the inn to rechoose them.
    The Waiting Place for the Hero of the Flames
    Go straight into the cave.  At the first fork (screen #2), go right to pick 
    up Old Book #9, then head back to the left route.  Don't take the 
    lefternmost route (screen #3) yet to where the dot is -- go up to get Old 
    Book #1 on the right fork of screen #4, then go left on screen #4 to a save 
    point and an optional boss.  Go back to screen #3 and down the left route 
    to the dot to teleport to a new location, leaving the rest of your party 
    behind.  You'll meet some familiar faces there...
    Geddoe - Chapter 3
    Guarranteed Recruits:
    Visiting Characters:
    Optional Recruits:
    You'll start off the chapter at Brass Castle. Go all the way through to the 
    West Gate to talk to Percival.  Head to Vinay del Zexay, taking a possible 
    detour into the North Cavern to fight the Stone Golem for experience.  Head 
    to the inn, then pay for a night's stay.  Go into the North Cavern -- at 
    the bottom of the second pit, you'll encounter Duke and his minions.  
    You'll then go to a duel battle with him (DUEL BATTLE #7 - See section #11)
    Go all the way to the back of the cave.  When you come back out, head to 
    Budehuc Castle.  Enter, recount memories from Thomas's second scenario, 
    then skulk upstairs into the library to talk with Eike.  Go down the 
    stairs.  You'll get a short scenario where you'll learn a bit more about 
    Geddoe... and get an upgrade to his abilities.  Go out to the gate.  Fight 
    a couple of battles, then wait through a brief scenario between Geddoe and 
    one of his old friends.  Finally, Geddoe reveals the location of the 
    Waiting Place for the Hero of the Flames.
    Go there.  Follow the previous directions to grab some extra fun stuff 
    (since the books are no longer available).  The optional boss for Geddoe's 
    scenario in the Waiting Place is the Empuusa.  If you choose to fight the 
    Empuusa, DO NOT USE OFFENSIVE MAGIC.  She's totally immune to it, and 
    besides, she has an attack that randomly silences you.  Throw up defensive 
    spells and she shouldn't be so bad, so as long as you watch your hit 
    points.  Go back to the dot on the third screen...
    Chris - Chapter 3
    Guarranteed Recruits:
    Fred, Rico, Yun
    Visiting Characters:
    Wilder, Rhett, Yumii, Yuiri
    Optional Recruits:
    Bartz, Annie, Hortez VII, Estella, Roddie
    You'll start off the chapter in Duck Village.  Right off the bat, Fred and 
    Rico will run towards you.  Choose the second choice, then the first (we're 
    searching for the Hero of the Flames), then the second.  (Ayup.)
    62) Fred (フレッド)- Thunder Blade Rune, level 28
    63) Rico (リコ) - Water Rune, level 26
    Talk to Rhett and Wilder, then go talk to the Village Chief (he's the duck 
    in front of the Trader's Shop).  Leave town, and the routes through Kuput 
    Forest and to Caleria will open.
    64*) Wilder (ワオルダー) No Rune, Level 42
    65*) Rhett (レット) - No Rune, Level 40
    Slip through Kuput and go to Chisha Village.  As you go forward, you'll run 
    into Yun and Yumii, who will ask for your name.  Your three choices:
    待っていた? (Pardon?)
    クリスだけど。。。(It's Chris...?)
    シュトルテハイム・ラインバッハ三世 (Schtolteheim Reinbach III)
    I, naturally, chose the third.  :>  It, as usual with the SRIII references, 
    doesn't really matter -- Yun and Yumii will entreat your help irregardless 
    of how you treat them in Chisha Village.  After that, go talk to Sana at 
    the bottom of the hill.  The Mushitsukai will arrive.  Slip into the inn 
    and save.  Choose the first choice to go into battle with Franz and Ruby 
    and another rider/bug pair.  After that, pick up a Grape from the trader 
    shop try to leave the village.  
    At this point, I went out of town and picked up some stray characters --
    66) Bartz (バーツ)  - SUPPORT
    Pick him up in Ekusu Village.  Hand him the Grape you got in Chisha 
    Village.  When you're picking him up, go to the leftern part of the area in 
    front of the windmill and talk to one of the women there to pick up Recipe 
    67) Annie (アーニー) - SUPPORT
    Go around to the west side of Brass Castle (since you can't cut straight 
    through) and go to the Magic Skills shop.  Go into the back and talk to the 
    girl in the scholarly garb.  You have to answer 5 questions to recruit her, 
    and you have to answer them in 10 seconds.  I already know that these will 
    be different for the American version, but the Japanese ones were fairly 
    straightforward, as you can see:
    1) とかげはびっくりすると何をする?  What surprises a lizard? (#3 - Nothing)
    2) Which clan doesn't have a nose?  (Answer - #1 - Duck)
    3) What color blood do you have inside your body?  (Answer - #2 - Blue)
    4) Which of the following is not a bird's call #2
    5) Which of these isn't an instrument?  (#2)
    6) (Brass Band - #3)
    7) Which of these is not a type of armor? (#1) 
    8) Which of these isn't a type of bug?  (#3) 
    9) Paper is made from what?  (#3 - Trees)
    10) What's the Karayan mount?  (#1)
    11) Which of the following is a Lizardman?  (#2 - Shiva)
    12) Which of these skills returns magic?  (#2 - Reflect)
    13) Where did the Fire Hero... - #3 - Left
    14) Duck Village Chief (not #3)
    15) Which of these grows from a tree?  (ざくろ ー pomegranate - 2) 
    16) What's the Kanji for 'tai'? (not #3)
    Go to Caleria, then talk to Hortez VII who's wandering around in the far 
    northern screen -- you can't miss him.  While you're there, pop in the 
    blacksmith's and talk to the boy there to get the Tomato seed, then talk to 
    the man clapping his hands outside to get the Copper Hammer, which when 
    given to Pegi will allow you to raise your weapons to level 12.  Go back to 
    Duck Village, then talk to Hortez VII.  Choose the final choice to finally 
    get him to go to your castle.
    68) Hortez VII - SUPPORT
    Go back to Chisha Village and go down the hill to talk to Yun and Yumii.  
    You eventually have to agree to their request for help, so just do so to 
    begin with and get it over with.  Leave Chisha back for Duck Village.  At 
    this time, Rico and Fred will leave you to guard Chisha Village, and Rhett 
    and Wilder will rejoin you.  Go through the Forest
    69) Yun(ユン) - GUEST ONLY
    70*) Yumii(ユミィ) - level 37, Ootaka and Earth Runes
    Duck Village
    Go to the inn.  Caesar and Apple will pop out, and join your party.  Rhett 
    and Wilder will rejoin your party.  Head back to Chisha.  There, you'll get 
    involved in a battle:
    Battle at Chisha Village
    Before this battle begins, you would do well to rearrange your party a 
    touch.  I only had seven characters to move around (excluding support) -- 
    Rhett, Rico, Wilder, Fred, Yumii, Nash, and Chris.  Shades of Final Fantasy 
    VI in the multi-party battle versus Kefka at the beginning of the game...
    Your parties look as follows (more characters may be addable from the list 
    of recruits)
    Support: Yun
    Support: Caesar
    Support: Sena
    To win this battle, you need to keep your party alive for a few turns. You 
    lose if Chris's unit is defeated or if the enemies capture any of the 
    recovery points. Your best strategy is one of cautious killing.  The battle 
    begins with you fielding your three parties and four Harmonian units -- 
    three groups of three and one 'controlled' by Dios of four.  During Enemy 
    Phase #3, Sasarai's Unit will arrive.  Don't even try to fight Sasarai's 
    unit -- he'll keep casting healing spells. When this happens, spread out 
    your units.  After round #4, Franz and another Mushitsukai unit will 
    arrive.  No worries, though -- Sena will take care of the both of them.  
    After Player Round #5, Hugo and company will arrive.
    Kuput Forest
    After you win in Chisha, you need to head to Alma Kinan Village.  Go down 
    the repeating fork that you saw in Kuput Forest earlier (you can't miss it 
    -- you'll get into an automatic scenario in front of it.)  You'll 
    eventually run into the man in black.  Yuiri will join your party, but just 
    for this fight, for now:
    71*) Yuiri - level 42 - Wind and ? Rune.
    Alma Kinan Village
    Talk to the duck in the center of town to get the Orange Kennel, then the 
    girl in the item shop to get a Melon Seed.  Pick up Recipe 10 from the lady 
    in the inn (middle building).  Go into the fourth building, then outside 
    and north to the altar.  Go back to the fourth building.  Choose to rest 
    when you talk to Rico, then head outside when night falls.
    After a moderately length scenario, you'll be in battle with the man in 
    black, the Bishop, and Sarah.  This fight IS winnable if you're at 
    least level 42 or so as Chris with your skills trained to the max, and you 
    get a goodly bit of gold and experience for doing so -- just realize that 
    you MUST finish off the general first.  Sarah generally doesn't cast any 
    healing spells after the initial one, and she's easy enough to pick off 
    later in the fight, but the Bishop can easily finish you off in one 
    blow if your hit points are even slightly off of max.  In the morning after 
    the battle, return to the altar.  Nash will be waiting there.  Head to the 
    front gate and receive the map to the Waiting Place from Yuiri.
    Before you head over there, though, go back in Alma and talk to the fellow 
    on the broom in front of the inn, Roddie.  Ask him to become your 
    companion, but he'll hem and haw and say not for now.  Go into the inn and 
    talk to Estella, who will ask for information about Goldia Village.  Go to 
    the altar and talk to the girl there, then go back to Estella.  She and 
    Roddie will both become allies:
    72) Estella (エステラ) - level 45, Rage Rune
    73) Roddie (ロディ) - level 40, Hotaru and Nurikabe Runes
    Go to the Waiting Place for the Hero of the Flames...
    The Turning Point - SPOILER WARNING!
    During this section, you will choose who you wish to be your main character 
    for the remainder of the game - Hugo, Chris, or Geddoe.  That character 
    will be picked for a bonus that will be blatantly obvious when you get to 
    this point in the game.  If you choose Geddoe for this bonus, his previous 
    bonus will be bestowed upon Hugo.  A bit of a power loss, in some senses, 
    but no worries.
    Choose well.  I chose Chris.  If you choose a different character, your 
    mileage will vary for the remainder of this walkthrough.
    You will then get to reorder your characters (see below section) and save.  
    SAVE IN A DIFFERENT SPOT than your current save.  I cannot stress this 
    enough.  This is the major turning point for the game.  You WILL want to 
    come back to this point later and probably play through the other 
    scenarios, instead of going through the entire game again.  All of your 
    money from the previous areas will be pooled together, so odds are very 
    strong that you'll have 999999 potch if you've bothered at all to fight 
    treasure bosses.
    Chapter 4
    Reorder your characters.  No matter who your lead character is, I STRONGLY 
    recommend that you pair Chris with one of the other characters.  You can 
    step out here from talking with Sana to gain some levels - if you're under 
    41st, you must.  When you return and say you're ready for the trail, you'll 
    find yourself fighting two bosses in succession.
    Fire Dragon
    This guy has 5000 HP.  If your characters are high level (>43), you can 
    assume a more conservative strategy.  Have Geddoe cast his strongest 
    Lightning spell during the first round, while having Chris and Hugo thwack 
    the beast with their weapons.  Afterwards, keep everyone's HPs as high as 
    possible -- the dragon's fire attack will hurt Hugo and Chris, but Geddoe 
    ought to be far enough away to not be affected.  Have Geddoe NOT use his 
    Lightning Rune spells.  This guy should go down in three or four rounds.
    For winning, you will get the Ryuuin Kouro 龍印香炉, or the Dragon Censer, 
    which restores 50 HP to all your party members.  Whee!
    Sarah, the MIB (Man in Black), the Bishop, and three Chimeras
    This fight, luckily, does not need to be won, but if you want the 
    experience and bragging rights, go for it.  Just a note, though -- if your 
    characters aren't at least at level 43, don't bother -- they'll wipe the 
    floor with you. Have Geddoe use his multi-enemy lightning spells to kill 
    off the Chimeras as quickly as possible.  Kill the Bishop, then go after 
    Sarah and the MIB.  Hugo will probably go after killing whatever -- let 
    him.  You may want to have Chris attack during the second round, if only to 
    separate her from Geddoe so that they both won't get taken out in an attack.
    When I fought them, Geddoe was the only survivor with just a scant few hit 
    points.  Go figure!
    Chisha Village
    After the battle, you'll wake up in Chisha Village.  Go on outside to the 
    village gate.  The Harmonian Army will attack.  Go talk to Sena to recruit 
    party members for your party.
    If you're playing as Hugo, you will have the opportunity to avoid this 
    battle altogether.  Just choose choice #3 when talking with Caesar.  He'll 
    join you, and then you can head to Duck Village.
    Note that whatever you choose, Jimba, Anne, and Luce are available to you 
    now if you talk to Sena.  They will not be for Chris and Geddoe.
    Only if you're playing as Chris will you have the opportunity to organize 
    your units.  You will, however, always have the opportunity to organize 
    your main party from that allies gathered by your present main character. 
    Talking to Salome will allow you to arrange them.  You will at LEAST have 
    the following as Chris:
    Borus, Leo, Percival, Nash, Roland, Rico, Fred
    And for SUPPORT:
    Battle - Grasslands
    VICTORY -- Defeat all of the enemies.
    FAILURE -- If your fellow units number less than 5.
    You start off with five units in round #1 - Beecham, Dupa, Shiba, Lucia, 
    and Bazba each carrying two of their warriors in tow.  These units will all 
    be on autopilot.  The ONLY worthwhile unit out of these is Lucia, and only 
    because she can whip up a single enemy, killing them, most every turn she 
    attacks.  The first five enemy units that arrive are three nameless groups 
    of four, followed by the MIB's (with three Harmonian soldiers) and Albert's.
    Round two is where your units arrive.  After this, you can control all of 
    your allied units.  With Salome as commander, you will be able to move six 
    of them.  Your opponents, with Albert commanding, can move eight at a time.
    In the enemy phase of round three, four more Harmonian units arrive -- #6, 
    Sasarai, #7, Dios, and two more full units of four.
    At the beginning of round 4, Geddoe will field a unit that shows up, 
    consisting of Jacques, Queen, Ace, Geddoe, and Joker as support.  In the 
    enemy phase, the Bishop shows up with his own unit, plus two.
    For those of you who've lost track, that makes 12 enemy units total, eight 
    allied (unless you got rid of the enemy's some or lost some of your own.)
    #5 - nothing special.
    #6 - nothing special.  Two more units show up.
    From henceforth, more and more units will gather in the northeast corner of 
    the screen.  Just fall victim to fate and go down to five units.  Kill off 
    Geddoe's unit while Duke's around for some fun.
    Duck Village
    Talk to Apple to rearrange your party.  Go inside the inn and watch the 
    scene, then go outside to try to leave the village.  Go back inside the 
    inn.  After that, Salome will tell you to prepare for another battle.  Use 
    the second option to move Leo into Chris's units, and then go forth.
    Go into the inn.  Try to leave the village.  Afterwards, talk to Caesar and 
    Apple to organize your regular unit of six, then go off into battle.
    Battle at Duck Village
    VICTORY -- defeat all enemies
    FAILURE -- all allies are defeated.
    The battle will begin with two Duck Clan units, Lucia & Beecham's combined 
    unit of four, and finally Dupa's and Shiba's units of three.  Your enemies 
    are four full Harmonian units, Sarah's unit, and the MIB's unit.
    During the enemy phase of round two, Franz's and Le Buque's units will show 
    up.  During round four, Sarah will summon some additional units.  Last 
    until around round five.
    The rules will change when Chris's and Salome's units show up in round 
    five.  The remaining units will retreat.
    If you are playing Hugo's or Geddoe's scenario, the scenario battle will 
    end, and you will switch to an assault upon Sarah and her allies.  You will 
    fight three battles:
    Harmonian Soldiers * 5
    Harmonian Soldiers * 5
    Harmonian Soldiers * 5 + Sarah
    If you are playing Chris's Scenario, you continue on with the battle:
    VICTORY -- Survive until a certain turn.
    FAILURE -- Chris's unit is defeated.
    Survive for two turns and all the Harmonian units will suddenly retreat.
    Brass Castle
    You cannot go out east, so head up to the conference room.  Have a nice 
    conversation with the various leaders therein.  If you're playing as Hugo, 
    go out the far East gate to talk to Sgt. Joe. If you're playing as Chris, 
    go back to your room afterwards, and change out of your travelling clothes 
    into your oh-so comfy armor.  If you're playing as Geddoe, after the first 
    conference, go back to just outside the west courtyard area and talk to 
    your team just east of the Magic Skills Shop.
    Go back to the conference room to talk to Salome to regather your party 
    members.  Head outside to the East Gate.
    The first choice will cause your character to assume the name that you 
    chose for your Fire Hero at the beginning of the game.  The second will let 
    you continue using your previous name.  Hopefully you went with a good 
    unisex name, if you're playing Chris as your main character!
    You must then prepare for battle.  When you talk to Caesar, the second 
    option will allow you to rearrange your units.  Your defaults are as 
    Shiva          Fred          Roland
    Borus          Jacques       Dupa
    Queen          ------        Hubert
    Hero A         Hero B        ------
    SUP: Caesar    SUP: Apple    SUP: Beecham
    Leo            Bazba
    Ace            Percival
    Sgt. Joe       --------
    Hero C         Lucia
    SUP: Salome    SUP: Joker
    Who goes in the Hero defaults is dependent on whose scenario you're in:
    Scenario:    Chris        Geddoe       Hugo
    Hero A:      Chris        Geddoe       Hugo
    Hero B:      Geddoe        Chris       Geddoe
    Hero C:      Hugo           Hugo       Chris
    Battle of Brass Castle
    Victory: Wait for a specific turn.
    Failure: If the recovery point is captured, or if the Rune Holder's unit is 
    You face 12 enemy units at the start of the battle, but that quickly goes 
    down to a mere seven.  Pick off the enemies for five turns or so.  A very 
    easy battle.  :>
    Afterwards, Lilly, Reed, and Samus will join your party for good, as will a 
    ton of other characters.  Almost all of the characters from previous 
    scenarios will join you, with the exception of those from Thomas's (for 
    74) Lucia - level 46, Fire Rune
    75) Beecham - level 42, Water Rune
    76) Dupa - level 47, Anger Rune
    77) Bazba - level 44, Cyclone Rune
    78) Jimba - level 33 - No Rune
    79) Luce - SUPPORT
    80) Caesar - SUPPORT
    81) Apple - SUPPORT
    82) Anne - SUPPORT
    When you go outside, you will have the full world map available - a 
    composite of all the areas you've been to to this point.
    The Castle
    Go on inside.  Afterwards, Thomas will escort you to your (formerly his) 
    room.  Have fun reexploring the castle.  :>  Note that you now have pretty 
    much everyone you collected from Thomas's chapter at your disposal now, too!
    Explore, rearrange stuff, enjoy your (massively) expanded vault, if you 
    didn't notice it while you were in Brass Castle, filled with your parties' 
    inventories and vaults from the previous chapters.  Go out the main gate to 
    recruit Jefferson:
    83) Jefferson - SUPPORT
    Now go outside and grab some more spare stuffs:
    Iksay Village
      - Talk to the fellow in front of the house on the left to get a Tomato 
      - Talk to the man en route to the windmill to get Recipe #9.
    Chisha Village
      - Bring Mio with you as your support.  Go down to the basement beneath 
    the inn, into the second room.  (Note -- this is the room next to the room 
    you woke up in in this chapter)  There, you'll find Tuta tending a patient. 
    Talk to him, and he'll join.
    84) Tuta(トウタ) - SUPPORT
    Duck Village
      - Talk to the little girl in the Skill/Rune shop.  She'll give you a 
    Thunder Rune.
      - If you bring Sgt. Joe, he'll bop Rhett and Wilder and get them to join 
    your party for good.
    64) Rhett
    65) Wilder
    Brass Castle
      - Go into the mess hall.  In the right part of the first room, you'll see 
    a skinny little kid with glasses, Arthur.  Choose the second option to show 
    him the passageway to the sewers.  When you get out, ask him to join up, 
    and he will.
    85) Arthur (アーサー) - SUPPORT
    Mt. Hentou
    - Go up the first fork and after that, go left.  Go to the far left side of 
    the screen and talk to the wittle cutesy puppy.  AWWW!  Kuroku (クロク) 
    stands there, shivering.  Choose the first option, and he'll dash to your 
    castle.  AWWW!  Once you get him, you can begin the oh so cute Doggie 
    Quest! (See 12A for further details.  All other dogs are not mentioned in 
    the body of this main guide.)
    86) Kuroku (クロク) - Level 5, No Rune.
    Mountain Road
    - As you begin to ascend Mountain Road, a voice calls to you from behind.  
    Voila!  Viki appears out of nowhere, showing up just as always.  Choose the 
    second choice to have her join up at the castle.  Choose the first choice 
    to teleport back with her (you'll understand momentarily why doing so is a 
    good thing.)
    87) Viki (ビッキー) - Level 52, Teleport Rune
    Go to talk to Anne, then have Vicki join your party.  Go to where Viki 
    would be (right next to the elevator on the first floor by the mirror) and 
    teleport back to the Mountain Road.  You'll now encounter ANOTHER, much 
    younger Viki, who will also join your party and give you the renowned 
    Blinking Mirror, which will allow you to return to the castle from anywhere 
    on the World Map:
    88) Young Vicki (ビッキー) - Level 50, Teleport Rune
    Now go back to the Mountain Road one final time.  You will pass by Futch en 
    route to Caleria (south immediately from the treasure boss).  Choose the 
    first choice, and he'll fly you back down to Caleria and explain what's 
    going on, amid Chris suffering from an extreme bit of air sickness.  :>  
    Sharon, a young girl, is missing.  You'll then move to town, and see a girl 
    walk north.  Follow her and talk to her in the corner.  She'll dash off.  
    Head to the gate.  When you're done chatting, she, Futch, and Bright will 
    join your cause:
    89) Futch - 47 - Lightning Rune
    90) Sharon - 40 - Wind Rune
    91) Bright - 42 - Wide Flame Rune
    Finally, go on around and pick up Nadir, if you haven't already, in 
    Caleria.  Remember, you need a party of three men, two females, and one 
    child.  (For the record, I used Salome, Borus, and Jacques; Chris and 
    Queen; and finally Roddie.)  Note that your support character DOES NOT 
    COUNT toward this total.
    92) Nadir (ナディール) - SUPPORT
    Great Hollow
    As you enter, you'll see a certain person running towards the great 
    tunnels.  Follow that person.  When you get to the gate -- you'll find the 
    MIB, Albert, the Bishop, and Sarah.  The Bishop will open the gate, using 
    his rune.  You can follow them inside, but I suggest a temporary retreat 
    out the far end to...
    Duck Village
    Go inside the skill/rune shop on the left.  On the bottom floor, all the 
    way to the left (she'll be sitting to the left of the skill duck), talk to 
    the teenage girl seated at the table.  When you do, she will give you the 
    Silver Hammer, enabling you to boost your weapon level to 15.  Whoopie!
    After that, teleport back to...
    The Castle
    When you arrive back at the castle, Cecile will squeal at you excitedly.  
    Go to the gathering hall on the first hall, and you'll learn about the 
    upcoming gathering.  This scenario is totally optional, I believe -- it 
    only happens if you come back from the Sindar Ruins.  In any case, giveyour 
    shiny Silver Hammer to Peggi for some weapon-honing fun.  It is DEFINITELY 
    worth your while to get your favorite six characters up to level 15 in 
    their chosen weapon.  You will need it badly for the upcoming area.
    My recommended party for the upcoming area is Hubert/Aila, Futch, Bright, 
    Viki, and Watari.  If you're using Chris or Ged, use Aila.  Pair off Futch 
    and Bright.  Pair off Aila with Viki/Watari, and pair off Chris or Ged with 
    your spare bow user your additional bow-user.  If you're using Hugo, pair 
    him off with Hubert.  Give Viki the Pale Gate Rune and the Shield Rune.  
    Here are my recommended orderings, depending on who your main character is:
    Hugo			Chris			Geddoe	
    Hubert		Aila			Aila	
    Futch			Futch			Futch
    Bright		Bright		Bright
    Watari		Watari		Watari
    Viki			Viki			Viki
    Duck Village
    Go inside the skill/rune shop on the left.  On the bottom floor, all the 
    way to the left (she'll be sitting to the left of the skill duck), talk to 
    the teenage girl seated at the table.  When you do, she will give you the 
    Silver Hammer, enabling you to boost your weapon level to 15.  Whoopie!
    Sindar Ruins
    Sigh.  The area designers had a slight bit of fun, but I wish they'd had 
    puzzles in this like Suikoden II's ruins.  This area, though mazelike, is 
    fairly straightforward thanks to the automaps.  Most of the treasure in 
    this area you can skip, but you will want to get one piece - Old Book #4.  
    It's found on the body on the FAR SE corner of the SE screen.  To get 
    there, turn left from the starting point, go straight ahead, then head 
    southeasterly on the second screen.  You'll eventually hit it.
    When you're ready to head to the boss, go right from the entrance save 
    point, then right at the next intersection, then on the third screen head 
    towards the northwest corner.  At the end of that northwesterly corridor  
    you'll hit a save point.  Save.
    Sarah will approach you.  She will, of course, be irked that you followed, 
    and fight you.  Sarah will summon two Chimeras and two floating golem 
    thingies.  Just target Sarah to win; if you do so, this fight will be over 
    When you beat her, head a few screens north.  You'll get into another boss 
    Icicles & Frost Dragon
    This boss is probably the second hardest (if not the hardest) in the game, 
    just from sheer damage-dealing ability, if you're not cheap and get rid of 
    the icicles the easy way.
    Hard strategy for non-cheaters-- keep hit points high by casting full party 
    healing spells via Shield runes (not Water runes, as the group water spell 
    is level 3 for the regular rune, and you're not likely to have that many 
    level 3 spells at all), focus your attack on the Dragon, and try to keep 
    the icicles down to as few as possible.  If you've been using the best 
    armor that you get out of the silver treasure chests on your characters, 
    you should have not that many problems.  Note that the icicles will keep 
    regenerating until the Dragon is killed, and that the icicles have 2499 HP 
    apiece.  Bleh.  Your best bet, therefore, is to take out the frontmost 
    icicle, then move your melee fighters in to whack on the dragon as rapidly 
    as possible.  
    The easy strategy -- use the level 1 spell on Viki's Pale Gate (should be 
    Blue Gate - silly translators) Rune.  This will eliminate all, or at the 
    very least most, of the icicles.  Pound at the dragon, recast level 1 spell 
    as necessary.
    When you win, you'll get a Flowing Rune, which gives you the ability to 
    cast resurrection spells if you have a level 4 spot. (yay!)
    At this point, Caesar, Apple, Lucia, Geddoe, and Hugo will all show up.  
    You'll flash ahead to Sarah, who's investigating the Rune, and watch as she 
    rushes to the Bishop, who is now unmasked.  If you haven't figured out who 
    he is by now (guys, it's not really that hard considering what rune he 
    uses, if you've played any of the previous Suikodens), it'll be spelled out 
    in plain English.  Just because I'm mean (or nice to those of you who hate 
    spoilers), I'm going to keep referring to him as the Bishop for the 
    remainder of the guide.  Go north.  After the scenario, the chapter ends.  
    If you're playing as Chris, they reveal a bit more during this scenario.
    Chapter 5
    You'll start off in your bedroom.  Go downstairs, save at the save sphere 
    beneath the stairs, then go back upstairs to the treasure room.  I had put 
    a Great Statue (which you can recognize by the S at the end of its name) on 
    the centermost spot inside a while before, and when I went in, there was 
    Billy, at long, bloody last:
    100) Billy - SUPPORT
    To get him to join your party, you must beat Billy in a card game.  I have 
    yet to find a decent strategy - except play all your high cards first to 
    try to win the higher suit cards.  Win once, and he's yours.  Lose, and 
    he'll scamper off with the Great Statue in the room, and you'll lose it for 
    good.  He'll come back if you stick another one in the room.
    If you need a Great Statue, all you need to do is go to fight one of the 
    many treasure bosses in the lands.  They randomly leave Great Statues 
    inside of the treasure boxes.  I would recommend the Sindar Ruins or Mt. 
    Senai as locations to go to first -- the best treasure in the game comes 
    out of those two boxes.
    Talk to Sebastien and say that you're tired.  An exceptionally cool scene 
    in Harmonia will play out, probably freaking out some longtime Suikoden 
    fans with the revelations therein.  Afterwards, go out to the front gate.  
    You'll see a battered Franz.  Take him inside.  Cecile will join your 
    party.  Go on inside again.
    While in the main room, Franz will explain how the people of Le Buque want 
    their freedom.  Geddoe will volunteer to investigate the matter.  So, 
    you're back to Geddoe's standard party of Ace, Aila, Queen, Jacques, and 
    Joker... and Viki has decided that she wants to sleep, so you don't get a 
    free ride to Le Buque at all.  Blehhh.
    Geddoe's Sidequest
    Head back to... you guessed it, Le Buque.  As you go on the Mountain Road, 
    you'll have to fight the Twin Neck monster, which is your standard THM 
    (three-headed monster) boss, fire/ice head variety.  Have Geddoe and Joker 
    zap him with their runes to get rid of the heads (two level 3 spells from 
    each of them should do it), then have your remaining party members pummel 
    the body.  You'll get (or I got) a Rage Rune from the treasure chest as 
    your reward, along with the other usual good stuffs.
    When you reach the end of the northern branch of the mountain road, Franz 
    will give you further information on the Le Buque situation. Enter the 
    town, go through another short scenario, go forward some more, get into yet 
    another small conversation, then run by the inn quickly and save.  Go in 
    front of the building next to the inn.  Franz will go inside, leaving you 
    behind.  Follow him in, then after that scenario, head to Senai Mountain.
    Go all the way to the back.  You'll reach Iku, but she's guarded by a 
    barrier created by <drum roll> Sarah and the General.  After you talk to 
    him for a bit, you'll battle him, Sarah, and five other enemies: 3 Mirages, 
    two Salamanders.
    Boss Fight:
    Shield your allies with Aila.  Have Joker cast the fastest Fire spell he 
    can before Queen scampers out and die with the enemies.  If you have Geddoe 
    cast his level 3 lightning spell from his True Rune, you'll wipe out the 
    General and Sarah and finish the battle, no problem.  You will get the Wind 
    Ring as a result of winning.
    Afterwards, the Bishop will seal Geddoe's ability to use his rune.  Talk to 
    the Le Buque Villagers for an item shop and to heal up; you'll need it.  
    Head south, and you'll find yourself having to battle through Ghost Armors 
    and Mirages to get out of the cave.  Normal battle tactics should be 
    sufficiently effective.  The important thing it is to keep all of your 
    party members' HPs high, because you will not have a healing break between 
    any of them.
    Battle 1 - 4 Mirages, 2 Ghost Armors
    Battle 2 - 3 Mirages, 3 Ghost Armors.
    Battle 3 - 1 Salamander, 2 Ghost Armors, 3 Mirages
    Afterwards, you'll be given a list of three choices.
    1) We mustn't escape.
    2) Go back to the room to rest up again.
    3) Ditch the Villagers.
    You can choose the second choice once.  I would advise doing so, as you 
    lose nothing by doing so, and everything (like hit and magic points) to 
    gain.  If you choose that or the first choice, you will have to fight one 
    more battle (Five Mirages, One Ghost Armor), and then you will be left with 
    choice one and choice three.
    If you choose the third choice four times, you will ditch Franz and leave 
    him to fend against the enemies himself, thus ending the subchapter and 
    forgoing the opportunity to gain seven Stars of Destiny - PERMANENTLY.  
    This is therefore a very stupid choice to make!
    If you choose the first choice, you will continue fighting on:
    4) Two Mirages, Four Ghost Armors.
    After that, you have to choose again.  Choose the first choice.  You will 
    get saved unexpectedly.  <g>
    93) Duke (デューク) - Level 55, Lightning Rune
    94) Nicolas (ニコル) - Level 56, No Rune
    95) Gau (ガウ) - Level 54, Mikiri Rune
    96) Elaine (エレーン) - Level 54, Fire and Water Runes
    Go on back to Le Buque.  Talk to the rest of the townfolk, and you'll 
    garner allies.  Note that this will only happen if you choose to hang 
    around and fight the enemies.
    97) Franz - Level 52, Lightning Rune
    98) Iku - SUPPORT
    99) Ruby - Level 50, Radiant Wings Rune
    Chris's Sidequest
    You'll now resume play as Chris.  Head back to Brass Castle with Roland, 
    Borus, Louis, and Salome.  Go all the way to out the main castle eastern 
    gate.  Yumii will rejoin your party as a guest.  Roland and Salome will 
    leave. Head to Kuput forest.  Halfway through at the intersection point, 
    your party will stop.  You'll encounter Sarah, and get into another battle 
    with her and three Empusa.  Unlike a lot of other Sarah battles, you WILL 
    need to defeat all of the enemies.  As usual, knock out Sarah first, then 
    go for the small(er) fry.  If you lose this fight, you won't have to 
    restart, but you will lose the opportunity to pick up the prize for winning 
    - the Drain Rune.  Regardless of the result of this battle, Chris's 
    abilities will be diminished by Sarah's magic afterwards.
    Hugo's Sidequest
    You'll start off the scenario with Hugo in your party.  Leave the castle, 
    wave by to Cecile, then explore for a bit.  When you come back, a soldier 
    from Brass Castle will be lying at Cecile's feet.
    Skip on out over to Iksay Village.  If you go by the Item Store, you may 
    find the Golden Hammer.  If not, keep revisiting every so often until it 
    comes in. 
    Take a detour to Vinay del Zexay.  Go into the alleyway where the ladder is 
    on the southernmost map area, where you climbed up before to Elliot's, 
    Melville's, and Alanis's secret hideout.  Talk to Elliot and Melville, and 
    they'll join your party.  Note that this option will only be available IF 
    you've gotten Billy.
    16) Melville
    18) Elliot
    Go on to Brass Castle and go all the way through to the East Gate.
    You will find yourself fighting a series of Harmonian soldiers:
    1) 5 Harmonian Soldiers
    2) 5 Harmonian Soldiers
    3) 5 Harmonian Soldiers 
    After the third fight, you will get the Hunter Rune, and Hugo will have his 
    abilities reduced by the Bishop.  In typical RPG Cliche fashion, 
    Hugo will ask what the Bishop's intents are, and the Bishop will explain, 
    then promptly scamper off.
    You'll then have to conduct a battle fielding seven units at the castle.
    Battle at Brass Castle - 2
    Winning Condition: Defeat the Man in Black's Unit.
    Losing Condition: The Rune Bearers' Units are defeated.
    There are nine enemy units, and the lot of them look ridiculously strong 
    with monsters created from the Man in Black's Rune. The truth is, they 
    aren't.  Your allies, if they're pumped up to their 50's like they should 
    be, will usually aim for the unit leader and demolish the enemy Man in 
    Black will take the offensive, but it seems that there's a limit to the 
    damage you can deal to him - namely, that you can only take down his HP to 
    In round three, Apple and Thomas will enter in with their own units from 
    the west.  Round four, Geddoe's unit will arrive from the southeast.  In 
    round five, Sasarai's unit will come in from the northeast.  In round six, 
    Sasarai's unit will switch sides.  When this happens, you can defeat the 
    Man in Black, if through no other method than putting Sasarai's annoying 
    lightning bolts to use for yourself for once.  :>
    You will get the Flowing Rune once you win.  You will also get Yuiri and 
    Yumii for good after this battle.
    70) Yumii
    71) Yuiri
    Your Castle - Back to Normal
    Now that you're once again controlling...well, you know, it's a good time 
    to go recruiting any leftover characters that you have yet to have gotten.  
    This is your ABSOLUTE LAST CHANCE if you want to gather all the stars and 
    have them count.  I ran around, talked to Watari, and finally realized... 
    it's usually a good thing to talk to characters after you've recruited them 
    at various points in the game.  <grunts>  Anyways, I'm sure you've all been 
    wondering how to get:
    101) Ayame - Located in the North Cavern.  I talked to Watari, and drug him 
    along to visit Ayame in the North Cavern.  She will meet you at the end of 
    the cave, where you would normally meet the treasure boss, in a duel battle 
    (DUEL BATTLE #8 - see section #10).
    Her level appears to be variable, based on your main character, since her 
    level was REALLY high when I got her.  :D
    17) Alanis - Located in the Great Hollow if you bring along Melville and 
    Elliot.  She'll be standing in front of the waterfall all the way to the 
    back of the first floor in the main hall.
    102) Landis - level 42, Drain Rune.  Located in Kuput Forest if you have an 
    open spot in your party.  I found him in the centermost area -- the one 
    with the crossroads to Alma Kinan and Chisha Village to the north, and Duck 
    Village to the south.  Just run away from a bunch of battles and he'll 
    eventually show up at the beginning of the battle in your party.  Note, 
    though, that according to the Konami, you only have about a 10% chance of 
    getting him during a given battle, though frankly it feels like a LOT less. 
     Bleh.  When you get him, feel free to run away again -- once he's in your 
    party, he'll STAY in your party.
    Build up levels, max out your weapons, then go into the main hall.  After 
    another brief scenario, you'll prepare to send your units into battle.
    103) Sasarai - level 57, (True Earth) and Flowing Runes
    104) Dios - SUPPORT
    After this plays the great rallying scenario.  Some of you may be slightly 
    worried -- you don't have all 108 stars!  Don't worry -- if you have all 
    104 listed above, you will get the remaining four stars at this point.  You 
    won't get a 'so and so joined your party!' message, but you'll see their 
    names on the Stone Tablet after this scene.  If you've played the previous 
    Suikodens, you all know something REALLY GOOD happens here when you have 
    all the stars.  Section 12B lists what that bonus is.  I wouldn't go down 
    and look yet, though -- it will be obvious soon enough.
    Final Battle
    Winning Condition - Defeat the Man in Black's unit.
    Losing Condition - Uh, mess up and lose your ally's units.  I forget the 
    specific losing condition.
    For this final battle, you'll field ten units.  Note that you only get to 
    move seven per turn, however.
    Round 1: The 12 enemy units will appear.  Note that the Man in Black only 
    gets to move six of his units.  Ha!
    Round 3 - (Enemy Phase) - Sarah talks to the Bishop.  His unit leaves, and 
    he leaves the matter 'to her'.  From this point forward, the rounds sort of 
    merge together.  If the enemy's junk units fall below a certain point, 
    Sarah will summon more - up to a certain point.  Even worse, if you attack 
    her unit, she'll heal her allies.  The most efficient plan is to initially 
    split your units, conquering the enemy on both sides.  Send the right side 
    up to claim the healing point (the northeasternmost spot) as soon as you 
    can, so you can recover your hit points.
    When you win, you will obtain the Wind Cap.
    Final Sindar Ruins
    You will be split up into multiple teams to complete this area.  You will 
    control each of the main three characters in an order dependent on what 
    their (cough) bonuses were.  Note that once you choose a particular 
    character to join a hero, you cannot reuse them until all three heroes 
    (Hugo, Geddoe, and Chris) remeet.  You can, however, interchange them in 
    this area by talking to Caesar.
    Your leader order is as follows:
    If your main character is     : Hugo       Chris       Geddoe
    1st party (vs. Man in Black)  : Geddoe     Geddoe      Hugo
    2nd party (vs. Sarah)         : Chris      Hugo        Chris
    And the final fight-free path : Hugo       Chris       Geddoe
    You are probably hankering to barge in with the ultimate party and beat up 
    the Man in Black, the Bishop, et al.  Resist the temptation for the moment. 
     If you briefly enter Route 1 with Party 1 and Route 2 with Party 2 with 
    certain people, you can get a special scenario.  Note that you only get one 
    chance to fire off this special scenario.  Party 3 (your main main 
    character) does NOT get this special scenario - presumably because they get 
    to hog the ending.
    If Hugo leads: Bring Sgt. Joe and Fubar
    If Chris leads: Bring Roland, Borus, Leo, Percival, Salome, and Luis as 
    If Geddoe leads: Bring Queen, Ace, Jacques, Aila, and Joker.
    When you're done with that, prepare your party for the REAL fight ahead.  
    These are my recommended parties:
    Party 1: Bright/Futch, Viki, Nicolas, Twaikin + Hero
    Party 2: Franz/Ruby, Viki (young), Fred, Watari + Hero
    Party 3: Whoever you want -- it doesn't matter!
    Be sure and equip both Vikis with Pale Gate Runes and Shield Runes.  If you 
    have only one Pale Gate Rune, give it to your Party 2.  If your main 
    character is Hugo for either of these fights, replace the rider pair with 
    Hubert and Sgt. Joe.
    Route 1 - Right Fork
    Luckily, all the routes in this area straightforward.  The first area 
    requires you to go down the right fork.  At its conclusion, you'll 
    encounter the Man in Black.  Fight him to get one of your former 
    enhancements back.
    - Man in Black
    - Fire Horse
    - 3 Skeletons
    First, kill off the small fry.  The Man in Black is insanely strong in this 
    fight -- he can kill off your allies in a single blow, or injure you badly 
    enough that one of his allies can go in for the kill.  Thus, the best 
    offense is a ridiculously strong defense, as illustrated in the above 
    recommended party.  <g>
    My party for this first fight was Geddoe (my required Hero for when I went 
    through as Chris), Nicolas, Twaikin, Bright, Futch, and Viki (Young) 
    equipped with the Shield Rune.  If you can keep everyone healthy, with 
    Futch and Bright pounding on the Man in Black and Nicolas just hanging 
    around as the resident tank, you should get out of this fight mostly alive. 
     You will get the Reflect Ring for winning.
    Route 2 - Left Fork
    After this, you will switch to party two.  Gather your next five favorite 
    party members, then move on in.  When I went in as Hugo, I wound up brining 
    Hubert and Sgt. Joe -- bringing them will result in a special touching 
    scenario.  I suspect there are other such scenarios for Chris and Geedoe.
    Your enemies this time will be:
    Water Ra Beasts * 2
    Empuusa * 2
    This fight is considerably easier than the Man in Black fight.  Team up 
    Hugo with Hubert, and have the two of them pummel Sarah while the rest of 
    your team takes out the other four enemies.  Sarah should go down in two or 
    three rounds if she doesn't evade Hugo's attacks and use her trademark 
    healing spells, and when she's gone the rest will rapidly follow.  You will 
    get Hugo's old abilities back, plus gain a Flowing Rune.
    Final Route - Upper Central Path
    You'll cut to a scene with Thomas briefly, then you'll get to continue on 
    your mission to restore your abilities with your true main character.  
    They'll luck out -- all that person has to do is walk through her area, 
    save at the save point, talk a bit, then raise his or her right hand.  No 
    boss fight for that lucky one!  Afterwards, Hugo and Geddoe will catch up 
    to you.
    You now can choose between any of your characters.  Personally, I made my 
    party Sasarai, Geddoe, Hugo, Hubert, and Viki (young), in addition to 
    Chris.  Hugo and Hubert are virtually unstoppable together; Viki and 
    Sasarai provide awesome support via their healing runes and support runes, 
    and Chris and Geddoe are pretty good at pummeling stuff.
    Go through the final door and go forward.  You will encounter the Sacred 
    General.  He will transport your main character into another dimension, 
    where he/she will have to fight two battles versus three Guardian Eyes.  
    They will prove to be utterly no problem AND awesome sources of last minute 
    Afterwards, you will be given a choice.  The first chance will allow you to 
    retreat and resave your game/heal up/go back outside of the dungeon and 
    mess around.  The second will thrust you into the traditional style final 
    boss staple of the Suikoden series, an enormous multi-part Runic Beast:
    Final Boss
    Main Body - 11000 HP
    Earth Orb - 3500 HP
    Fire Orb - 3000 HP
    Lightning Orb - 3000 HP
    Water Orb - 4000 HP
    This boss, as you can glean from the above HP values, is really five parts: 
    an Earth Orb (for defense and offensive), a Water Orb (for healing), a Fire 
    Orb and a Lightning Orb (for offense), and the main body -- an avian Wind 
    creature.  Initially, however, you can only do melee attacks on the Fire 
    and Lightning Orbs; not particularly convenient, given that the Water Orb 
    is cheerfully healing one of the other orbs or itself, and the Earth Orb is 
    cheerfully neutralizing your magic.
    If you can survive the first rounds of this fight, you're pretty much set 
    for winning in full.  Cast a group healing spell (using the Water or Shield 
    Runes) every turn you can with whoever can cast a healing spell the 
    fastest; you will always need it, trust me.  First, attack the Lightning 
    orb.  When you finally kill it off, you'll be able to do melee attacks on 
    the Water Orb, thus preventing the continual resurrection of the other 
    orbs.  From there, kill the Fire orb, then the Earth Orb, and by that time 
    you should be able to finish off the avian main body fairly quickly.
    After this, sit back and enjoy the ending.  You have DEFINITELY earned it.  
    There is one significant change if you get all 108 stars in time, and that 
    you can find out if you go on to section 12B... boy, is it goooood.
    Section 4 - The Grand Recruit List
    This list is the order in which I initially gathered the 108 Stars of 
    Destiny during my first run through the game, and where their gathering 
    conditions are noted.  Your order (and gathering chapters) will definitely 
    These names are gradually being updated to the American versions, for the 
    ease of American players.  All characters are noted first by the American 
    version (if I know it -- you guys are still working your way through the 
    names), then by their Japanese name, then by what that name was in Japan 
    transliterated, unless the American and Japanese names are identical.  If 
    they are, only an * will follow the Japanese writing.
    A (G) will follow any character who is a guarranteed recruit during that 
    chapter.  An (O) will follow any optional character.  A tilda (~) after a 
    name indicates the character first appears during this chapter, but does 
    not actually join until later.  Note that any character who only appears as 
    a guest character in your party in a chapter is NOT listed in the chapter 
    they showed up in, and are instead deferred to the chapter they actually 
    join your party.  
    Chris - Chapter 1
    1) Chris (クリス)* (G)
    2) Salome (サロメ)* (G)
    3) Roland (ロラン) - Loran (G)
    4) Borus (ボルス)* (G)
    5) Louis (ルイス) - Luis (G)
    Geddoe - Chapter 1
    6) Geddoe (ゲド) - Ged, Gedo (G)
    7) Ace (アース)* (G)
    8) Queen (クイーン)* (G)
    9) Joker (ジョーカー)* (G)
    10) Jacques (ジャック) - Jack (G)
    11) Shiba (シバ)* (V-4)
    12) Aila (アイラ)- Aira (G)
    Hugo - Chapter 1
    13) Hugo (ヒューゴ)* (G)
    14) Sgt. Joe (ジョ軍曹) - Joe-Gunsou (G)
    15) Fubar (フーバー)- Hoover/Hubert (G)
    --) Lulu (V)
    16) Melville (メルヴィル)* (O-V) 3-5
    17) Alanis (アラニス)* (O-V) 3-5
    18) Elliot (エリオット)* (O-V) 3-5
    Thomas - Chapter 1 
    19) Thomas (トーマス) - Thomas/Tomas (G)
    20) Cecile (セシル) - Cecille (G)
    21) Piccolo (ピッコロ)* (G)
    22) Juan (ジョアン) - Joan/Johan (G)
    23) Martha (マーサ)* (G)
    24) Sebastian (セバスチャン)* (G)
    25) Eike (アイク) - Ike (G)
    26) Muto (ムト) - Mut, Mutt (G)
    27) Jeanne (O)
    28) Kathy (キャシィー) - Cassie (O)
    29) Kidd (キッド)* (O)
    30) Scott (O)
    31) Mio (O)
    32) Mel (O)
    33) Kenji (O)
    34) Twaikin (O)
    35) Belle (ベル) - Bell (O)
    36) Karirikumaru Z (O)
    37) Toppu (トッポ)* (O)
    38) Nei (ネイ)* (O)
    39) Shabon (シャボン)* (O)
    40) Dominic (O)
    41) Gorou (O)
    42) Shizu (G)
    Chris - Chapter 2
    43) Percival (パーシヴァル)* (G)
    44) Leo (レオ)* (G)
    45) Nash (ナッシュ)* (G)
    46) Watari (ワタリ) (O)
    Hugo - Chapter 2
    47) Lilly(りりィ)* (V-4)
    48) Reed * (V-4)
    49) Samus * (V-4)
    Thomas - Chapter 2
    50) Augustine (O)*
    51) Gordon (O)*
    Geddoe - Chapter 2
    52) Mike (O)*
    53) Peggi (O)*
    54) Edge (O)*
    Hugo - Chapter 3
    55) Hallec (ハレーク) - Hareck (G)
    56) Mua (G)*
    57) Sanae Y (O)*
    58) Guillaume (O)*
    59) Maime (O) - Meimi
    60) Wan Fu (O)*
    61) Emily (O)*
    Geddoe - Chapter 3
    Chris - Chapter 3
    62) Fred (G)*
    63) Rico (G)*
    64) Wilder (V-O 4)*
    65) Rhett (V-O 4)*
    66) Bartz (O)*
    67) Ernie - Annie (O)
    68) Hortez VII (O)
    69) Yun (G)
    70) Yumii  (V-5)
    71) Yuiri  (V-5)
    72) Estella (O)
    73) Roddie (O)
    Chapter 4
    74) Lucia (ルシア)* (G)
    75) Beecham (G)*
    76) Dupa (デュパ)* (G)
    77) Bazba (バズバ) - Bazuba (G)
    78) Jimba (ジンバ)* (G)
    79) Luce (ルース) - Ruth (G)
    80) Caesar (シーザー)* (G)
    81) Apple * (G)
    82) Anne (アンヌ) - Annu (G)
    83) Jefferson (O)
    84) Tuta (O)
    85) Arthur (O)
    86) Kurok (O)
    87) Viki (ビッキー)* (O)
    88) Viki (Young) (ビッキー)* (O)
    89) Futch (O)*
    90) Sharon (O)*
    91) Bright (O)*
    92) Nadir (O)*
    Chapter 5
    93) Duke (O)
    94) Nicolas (ニコル)  - Nikol (O)
    95) Gau (ガウ)* (O)
    96) Elaine (エレーン)* (O)
    97) Franz (フランツ)* (O)
    98) Iku (イク)* (O)
    99) Ruby (ルビ)* (O)
    100) Billy (ビリー)* (O)
    101) Ayame (アヤメ)* (O)
    102) Landis (ランディス)* (O)
    103) Sasarai (ササライ)* (G)
    104) Deos (ディオス) (G) - Dios
    105-108) Secret Characters (O/G)
    Section 4A - General Character Information
    Reminder - This section is ALL SPOILERS.
    American Name/Transliteration
    Possible Chapters:
    Initial Level:
    Rune Slots:
    Weapon Type:
    How to get said character:
    Section 4B - Character Profiles
    Name/Transliteration/American Name
    Section 5 - Abilities
    5A -  Abilities
    5B - Skills
    Section 6 - Game Locations
    Location Name:
    Chapters Available:
    Vinay del Zexay (ビネ・デル・ゼクセ)*
    Zexen Forest 
    Brass Castle (ブラス城)
    Amur Plains 
    North Amur Plains
    Karaya Clan (カラヤクラン)*
    (24 Total)
    Section 6A - Town Shops
    Karaya Village
    Armor Shop
    Section 6A - Town Shops
    Section 6C - The Castle
    The castle, as any Suikoden fan is well aware, is a section upon itself.
    Initial Areas:
    Fortune Telling Tent - Piccolo
    Piccolo fortells your future, for 10, 50, or 100 potch.  Cheap way to get 
    information, but mostly useless.
    Lottery - Martha
    Inn - Sebastian
    Until chapter 4, Sebastian runs both the inn and provides you with the 
    opportunity to change your characters.  After chapter 4, he only does the 
    inn part.  In Thomas's chapters 1 and 2, he's free, but he charges the 
    characters in the other chapters.  After chapter 4, he is free for all your 
    Weapon Skills - Juan
    Library - Eike
    Vault - Muto
    The only place in the world, other than in Brass Castle, where you can 
    store your loot.  For the initial three chapters, you can only store 30 
    items in here.  When you start chapter 4, your vault size expands to ~150 
    items.  (need to reverify this)
    Add-on activities
    Section 7 - Trading for Fun and Profit
    Section 8 - Weapons
    This section is the designated area to prove that I am truly a nitpick.  
    Exactly like the previous two Suikoden games, to get better weapons, you 
    need to visit a Blacksmith in one of the various towns or in the castle.  
    All you need to do to improve your weapon is cough up some gold, and voila 
    -- powered up weapon.  The following lists the names and powers of each 
    character's weapons, listed roughly by weapon type.  All people listed as 
    'Other' are at the bottom of this listing.
    Weapon Names/Upgrade Costs
    Initial Level/New Level - Cost
    1/2 - 100
    2/3 - 300
    3/4 - 600
    4/5 - 1500
    5/6 - 2700
    6/7 - 3500
    7/8 - 4500
    8/9 - 7000
    9/10 - 11000
    10/11 - 18000
    11/12 - 27000
    12/13 - 32000
    13/14 - 43000
    14/15 - 52000
    15/16 - 60000
    Regular Weapons
    One-Handed Sword 片手剣(かたしゅけん)
    2 -18
    3 - 29
    4 - 41
    --Name Change
    5 - 60
    6 - 70
    7 - 80
    8 - 90
    9 - 100
    10 - 110
    --Name Change
    11 - 135
    12 - 144
    13 - 153
    14 - 162
    15 - 171
    16 - 180
    マニョーリャ(Magnolia) - Level 9
    スラガン(Slagan) - Level 8
    クロン・スラガン(Klon Slagan)
    ツヴァイ (Tsuvai) - Level 5
    大ナイトハート(Great Knightheart)  - Level 7
    超ナイトハート(Super Knightheart)
    ムンダキ(Mundaki) - Level 9
    スト(Sto) - Level 2
    父ゆずりの剣(Father's Bequeathed Blade) - Level 3
    宝の剣(Treasure Sword)
    思い出の剣(Rememberance Sword)
    信頼の剣(しんらいのけん, Trusty Blade) - Level 9
    ゲーケンヴィルト(Gekkenvilt) - Level 7
    ルーナ・クレシエ (Lunar Clasher) - Level 5
    ルーナ・ジェーナ(Lunar Jena)
    ブレッザ(Blazer) - Level 6
    シンティッラ (Shintilla) - Level 6
    Bow 弓(ゆみ)
    4 - 43
    5 - 55
    6 - 67
    --Name Change
    7 - 92
    8 - 106
    9 - 119
    10 - 133
    11 - 146
    12 - 160
    --Name Change
    13 - 195
    14 - 203
    15 - 212
    16 - 220
    ダタール(Data'al) - Level 5
    ダナ・ダタール (Dana Data'al)
    ラタ・ダタール (Lata Data'al)
    ヘビーボウガン (Heavy Bowgun) - Level 4
    アイアンボウガン (Iron Bowgun)
    ナイトボウ (Knight Bow) - Level 5
    ムーンボウ(Moon Bow)
    エルフィンボウ(Elven Bow)
    ユカ・シィル(Yuka Seal) - Level 12
    クーラ・シィル(Kula Seal)
    Claw 爪(つめ)
    2 - 14
    3 - 23
    4 - 33
    5 - 43
    --Name Change
    6 - 65
    7 - 72
    8 - 79
    9 - 86
    10 - 93
    11 - 100
    --Name Change
    12 - 125
    13 - 131
    14 - 138
    15 - 144
    16 - 150
    タイガークロー(Tiger Claw) -  Level 9
    ダラゴンクロー(Dragon Claw)
    鉄(Iron) - Level 5
    黒金(Black Gold)
    眠 (Min - Sleep) - Level 2
    春眠(Harumin - Spring Slumber)
    長夜(Chuuyu - Long Night)
    腕を大きく (Mighty) - Level 4
    元気良く体操(Genki yoku taisou - Healthy Gymnastics!)
    ソナタ(Sonata) - Level 4
    リズム(Rhythm) - Level 4
    Concealed Blade 手裹剣(てほうけん)
    3 - 26
    4 - 36
    --Name Change
    5 - 51
    6 - 61
    7 - 71
    8 - 82
    9 - 92
    10 - 102
    --Name Change
    11 - 120
    12 - 130
    13 - 140
    14 - 150
    15 - 160
    16 - 170
    春北風(Shunbakufuu or Harukitakaze - Spring North Wind) - Level 7
    春挨風(しゅんあいふう - Spring Opening Wind)
    ゲラーデ(Gelade) - Level 9
    ソロ(Solo) - Level 3
    青狼(Blue Wolf) - Level 8
    天狼(Heavenly Wolf)
    Staff Pattern  杖(つえ)
    1 - 3
    2 - 11
    3- 19
    4 - 26
    5 - 32
    --Name Change
    6 - 45
    7 - 52
    8 - 59
    9 - 66
    10 - 73
    11 - 80
    --Name Change
    12 - 93
    13 - 100
    14 - 107
    15 - 113
    16 - 120
    ウッドワンド(Wide Wand) - level 2
    オークワンド(Big Wand)
    サファイアワンド(Sapphire Wand)
    ノバワンド (Nova Wand) - level 1
    スーパーノバ(Super Nova)
    ハイパーノバ(Hyper Nova)
    バード・ロード(Bard Rod) - level 6
    エア・ロッド(Air Rod)
    わわわワンド(Wawawa Wand) - Level 6
    うわわわワンド(Uwawawa Wand)
    Viki (Young)
    D5ワンド(D5 Wand) - Level 12
    Magic 魔法(まほう)
    7 - 88
    8 - 98
    9 - 107
    10 -117
    11 - 127
    --Name Change
    12 - 151
    13 - 161
    14 - 171
    15 - 180
    16 - 190
    ルビィリングII(Ruby Ring II) - Level 7
    ---ルビィリングIV(Ruby Ring IV)
    守護者の眼(しゅごしゃのめ, Eye of the Guardian) - Level 14
    Spear 槍(やり)
    1 - 7
    2 - 19 
    3 - 30
    --Name Change
    4 - 55
    5 - 68
    6 - 81
    7 - 94
    8 - 107
    9 - 120
    --Name Change
    10 - 145
    11 - 158
    12 - 170
    ガードスピア(Guard Spear) - Level 1
    ガーディアン (Guardian)
    ガードエンジェル(Guard Angel)
    シグルト(Sigult) - Level 11
    Axe 斧(おの)
    7 - 95
    --Name Change
    8 -121
    9 - 135
    10 - 149
    11 - 162
    12 - 176
    13 - 190
    --Name Change
    14 - 218
    15 - 234
    16 - 250
    シュナーベル(Shunabel) - Level 7
    我が兄弟(My Brethren) - Level 9
    我が親なる兄弟 (My Parental Brethren)
    無絡弐(Muraku II) - Level 13
    Futch: Two Handed Sword 両手剣(りょうしゅけん)
    12 - 158
    13 - 169
    14 - 179
    15 - 190
    Edge: Star Dragon Sword 星辰剣(せいしんけん)
    星辰剣(Star Dragon Sword)
    11 - 160
    12 - 190
    13 - 203
    14 - 215
    15 - 228
    16 - 240
    Lucia: Whip ムチ
    ウラヌ・ガロ(Uranu Garo)
    9 - 107
    10 - 117
    11 - 127
    ウラヌ・ガロル(Uranu Garoru)
    12 - 151
    13 - 161
    14 - 171
    15 - 180
    16 - 190
    Landis: Scythe 大がま(おおがま)
    大凶(Daikyou, Misfortune) 
    10 - 147
    11 - 160
    大殺凶(Daisakkyou, Malefic Death)
    12 - 190
    Wan Fu: Pole 棒(ぼう)
    降魔杖(こまじょう - Rain Staff)
    9 - 100
    10 - 110
    破魔杖(はまじょう - Rend Staff)
    11 - 135
    12 - 144
    Ace: Sai サイ
    5 - 53
    6 - 75
    7 - 87
    8 - 99
    9 - 111
    10 - 123
    11 - 135
    12 - 158
    13 - 169
    14 - 179
    15 - 190
    16 - 200
    Other その他
    Note - the Duck Group includes some non-avian characters whose weapon 
    patterns matched the Duck Group's.
    Duck Group 
    5 - 65
    --Name Change
    6 - 95
    7 - 108
    8 - 121
    9 - 134
    10 - 147
    11 - 160
    --Name Change
    12 - 190
    13 - 203
    14 - 215
    15 - 228
    16 - 240
    Sgt. Joe
    プラジュリ(Plajuri) - Level 5
    ラティプラジュリ(Ratty Plajuri)
    ミステプラジュリ(Misute Plajuri)
    エレキハンマー (Elec Hammer) - Level 7
    サンダーハンマー(Thunder Hammer)
    二振り (Two Swings) - Level 8
    大振り(Great Swing)
    アリラ・アワ(Alira Awa) - Level 10
    ヒタ・アワ(Hita Awa)
    マカナン (Makanan) - Level 9
    ルアンマカン(Luan Makan)
    Lizard Group
    11 - 162
    12 - 176
    13 - 190
    --Name Change
    14 - 218
    15 - 234
    16 - 250
    ユ・アヌラ・ナハ(Yu Anula Naha) - Level 11
    シンディ・アヌラ(Shindi Anula)
    ユ・ラナ・ナハ(Yu Rana Naha) - Level 12
    ユ・アルマ・ナハ(Yu Alma Naha)
    エラム・ロウ(Elam Ro) - Level 11
    Young Folks
    3 - 33
    4 - 41
    -- Name Change
    5 - 60
    6 - 70
    7 - 80
    8 - 90
    9 - 100
    10 - 110
    --Name Change
    11 - 135
    12 - 144
    13 - 153
    14 - 162
    15 - 171
    16 - 180
    クワン (Quan) - Level 3
    オーロ(Auro) - Level 7
    Odd Blades
    5 - 58
    --Name Change
    6 - 80
    7 - 92
    8 - 104
    9 - 116
    10 - 128
    11 - 140
    --Name Change
    12 - 162
    13 - 174
    14 - 186
    15 - 198
    16 - 210
    クロウ(Crow) - Level 5
    ワイルド・ギース(Wild Geese)
    Sanae Y(amamoto)
    長なぎなた・桜丸(Long Naginata - Sakuramaru) - Level 7
    大なぎなた・桜丸(Great Naginata - Sakuramaru)
    ハンマー (Hammer)
    6 - 81
    7 - 95
    アイアンハンマー(Iron Hammer)
    8 - 121
    9 - 135
    10 - 149
    11 - 162
    12 - 176
    13 - 190
    おしおきハンマー(Revenge Hammer)
    14 - 218
    15 - 234
    16 - 250
    レッツト (Rettsuto) 
    5 - 55
    6 - 78
    7 - 88
    8 - 98
    9  - 107
    10 - 117
    11 - 127
    12 - 151
    13 - 161
    14 - 171
    15 - 180
    16 - 190
    メイス (Mace)
    6 - 67
    ブレスドメイス(Blessed Mace)
    7 - 92
    8 - 106
    9 - 119
    10 - 133
    11 - 146
    12 - 160
    古い剣(Old Sword)
    1 - 3
    2 - 8
    3 - 14
    4 - 22
    手入れされた剣 (Hand-me-down Sword)
    5 - 40
    6 - 50
    7 - 60
    8 - 75
    9 - 90
    10 - 105
    城主の剣(Liege's Sword)
    11 - 155
    12 - 168
    ブランキーII (Blanky II)
    8 - 79
    9 - 86
    10 - 93
    11- 100
    ブランキーIII (Blanky III)
    12 - 125
    Not yet added - Elaine, Duke
    Section 9 - Stuff
    Name (Jpn)    Translation      Price   Strength    Location
    Name (Jpn)    Translation      Price   Strength    Location
    Section 10 - Combos
    Ace and Joker
    Melville and Alanis
    Thomas and Cecile
    Duke and Elaine
    Franz and Ruby (Rider)
    Hugo and Hubert (Rider)
    Bright and Futch (Rider)
    Viki and Viki (Young)
    Ayame and Watari
    Percival and Borus
    Fred and Rico
    Belle and Gadget Z
    Toppo, Nei, and Shabon (Bard Attack)
    Chris, Borus, and Leo (Knights on Horseback only)
    Chris, Borus, and Percival (Knights on Horseback only)
    Chris, Leo, and Percival (Knights on Horseback only)
    Lily, Samus, and Reed (Tinto Attack)
    Bright, Futch, and Sharon (Dragon Attack)
    Sanae, Sharon, and Emily (Pretty Girl Attack)
    Duke, Elaine, Nicolas, Gau
    Ace, Geddoe, Jacques, Joker, and Queen.
    All the Dogs.
    Section 11 - Duel Battle Guide
    The Duel Battle System, one of the mainstays of the Suikoden series, is in 
    truth an elaborate game of janken, better known in the U.S. as "Rock, 
    Paper, Scissors".  You and your opponent both have three options as for 
    moves - from left to right, attack, defend, and critical.  The fun part of 
    the Duel Battle is in the lines your opponents yell out beforehand: if it 
    is a true Duel Battle, that line will give you an idea of what their next 
    attack is.  This section lists out the lines yelled out by the opponents in 
    all the winnable Duel Battles in the game.  The only two that aren't 
    winnable are Melville vs. Guillaume in chapter 1, and the MIB vs. Hugo in 
    chapter 3.
    In short, this is what you should do:
    If your opponent 
    is preparing to:   You should:
    Attack (攻撃)      Deathblow  (massive damage, but you sometimes
                                   sometimes receive some in return.)
    Defend (防御)      Attack (only get a little damage through,
                                   but it's totally safe.)
    Deathblow (必殺)   Defend (this way, you have a fair shot of 
                                   countering their attack.)
    These statements below are listed by what your opponent is about to do.  
    For example, if Guillaume yells "いたいいたい! お返しです!" during the 
    recruit battle for the Bards, then you should do a critical attack. They 
    are almost certain to not go very far probably for the English version, but 
    I still thought it was a good idea to scribble them down for posterity's 
    sake.  :>  The English versions are gradually being added here, as well.
    Duel Battle #1 - Thomas vs. Guillaume (Recruit Battle for Bards)
    いたいいたい!!お返しです!  (That hurts, that hurts!  Here's my counter!)
    お兄ちゃんだって攻撃くらいしますよ!(Attack me just so, brat!)
    おやおや、お見合いですか?お兄ちゃんはかまいませんよ。(Yeesh, aren't you going to 
    face me?  Pah, you're of no import, after all.)
    ふんっ。お兄ちゃんもマネしますよ!!  (So...the little boy is a copycat, as 
    いたいいたい!こりゃいたい! (OW!! OW!! THAT REALLY HURTS!)
    ふふふーーん。今度はそっちの番ですよ?  (Hrm... this time is your go?)
    きぃぃぃぃ!!!憤重に!!憤重に!!(Yahhhh!  I'm pissed!  I'm pissed!) 
    必殺!!!炎のファイヤー!!!(Sure-kill technique!  Hono-o no FIRE!!)
    必殺!!!大海オーシャン!!!(Sure-kill technique!  Daikai OCEAN!!)
    (Ed. - Guillaume mixes in both English and Japanese in a nice bit of 
    redundancy.  He yells, literally, "Fire of the Flames!  Great Ocean Ocean!" 
     And so forth.) 
    Opener: "Ho ho ho. I don't look kindly upon pests who interfere."  
    Defend: "Ho ho ho. Did you think I would only defend?" 
    Defend: "I'll take a page from your book." 
    Defend: "Ooouuuuch! I better stop to catch my breath!" 
    Defend: "Ouch! The pain!" 
    Defend: "Hmmph. Your turn." 
    Defend: "Careful, careful, careful..." 
    Attack: "Snap out of it. There's no turning back now." 
    Attack: "All this staring at each other. Like a prelude to marriage. But I 
    suppose I don't mind..." 
    Attack: "Ho ho ho! I am simply too strong!" 
    Attack: "Ho ho ho! Your life is mine!" 
    Attack: "Coward!" 
    Attack: "Don't expect me to spare you." 
    Attack: "I warned you that I don't like those who interfere!"  
    Deathblow: "Deathblow attack!!! Furious flame!!!" 
    Deathblow: "Deathblow attack!!! Hellish heat!!!" 
    Deathblow: "Deathblow attack!!! Ominous oceans!!!" 
    Duel Battle #2 - Chris vs. Lucia (Scenario)
    同胞の無念、ここで晴らす。白き乙女よ、これが受けきれるか?  (I shall wipe the 
    resentment of my countrymen here!  Maiden of White, will this be your loss?)
    牛角といったところか。これはどうだ? (It seems as if we've reached an impasse.  
    Now what?)
    おや、 険がにぶったかい?遠慮せずに打ち込んできな。 (Gads, has your sword become 
    dull?  Don't restrain yourself on my account.)
    Cowering like a little girl.  How about you take this?)
    ここで終わらせよう。。精霊たちよ。。。力を。。。!!!(This shall be the end!  
    Spirits of the dead!  Your power!)
    ふん。。。そうやってちぢこまっているがいい!!! (Heh...retreating's your only 
    カラヤの皆。。力をかしてくれ。。!!(People of Karaya!  Lend me your strength!)
    Duel Battle #3 - Chris vs. Jimba (Scenario)
    やるね、次はおれの番だな。(Do it.  Next time is my turn.)
    情重だな。まぁ、おれはなんでもかまわないが。 (Prudent, eh...)
    いてててて。。。おてんばだな。お仕置が必要だ。 (Ow ow ow ow, you tomboy.  Face 
    my revenge!)
    (Yeesh, that's fine.  Is it so bad to take a little break here?)
    (C'mon, hit me! [I'm so tempted to translate this like the line from The 
    Matrix -- stop trying to hit me and hit me!])
    遊んでる場合でもないか。本気でいくぜ? (This isn't playtime.  Aren't you going 
    to come at me for real?)
    おいおい。。派手にいこうぜ.(Sheesh.  Get over here and go at it for real!)
    Duel Battle #4 - Geddoe vs. Edge (Recruiting Battle)
    びびるなよ (Don't get scared on me.)
    調子にのるなよ。(Don't let that last move go to your head!)
    どうも調子が悪い。(I don't know why, but this is a bad trend.)
    あせる必要はないか。(Is it necessary to be getting impatient?)
    いい守りだ。(Nice defense.)
    さっさと終わらせるか。(Will this be ended quickly?)
    いい腕だな。だが、こいつはどうかな?  (I've got strong arms.  How about you, 
    Duel Battle #5 - Hugo vs. Guillaume (Recruiting Battle)
    (Ohohohoho.  You think you can protect yourself?)
    Duel Battle #6 - Hugo vs. Sasarai (Scenario)
    Duel Battle #7 - Geddoe vs. Duke (Scenario)
    全開で行くぜ。。!(Go full throttle!)
    (Heh.  You're going to do that?  You annoy me.  Don't move!)
    Duel Battle #8 - Watari vs. Ayame (Recruiting Battle)
    次のはお返し。(Next is my counterattack.)
    守ってるだけじゃね。。(Only blocking, eh...)
    動きが丸見えよ。(I can see your moves all around me.)
    長丁場は嫌い。(I hate drawn-out dramas.)
    守るってのはこうじゃない? (You're defending yourself THIS way?)
    腕は落ちてないようだね。(You're as strong as you used to be.)
    久しぶりだね。どの低度腕をあげた?(Long time no see...to what extent have you 
    kept up your strength?)
    。。。考えてることは同じね。。(You thought the same thing as me...)
    受け取れ、再会のあいさつだ。(Have a round of reunion greetings.)
    。。。お休み、ワタリ. (Rest well, Watari.)
    Duel Battle #9 - Bonus Battle (See Section 12B to learn the names)
    『次はこっちの番だ。』"My turn next."
    『いつまでそうしてるつもりだい?』 "What sort of thing are you probably going 
    to do?"
    『では、こっちから行くよ。』"Let's go from here."
    『お互い慎重だね。。』 "We're both being prudent."
    『。。消し飛べ。』 Lit. "Disappear and fly off."
    Section 12 - Secrets and Omake
    12A. Doggy Quest
    Much the same as those pesky squirrels in Suikoden II, the dogs in Suikoden 
    III, save for the first one, Kuroku, are all non-stars.  To find the dogs, 
    all you need to do is find them in the order given and select the first 
    choice.  No taking of the previous ones needed.  The first three dogs are 
    relatively obvious finds, but the fourth one is a bugger to locate, and the 
    fifth one is mostly hidden.  Hence, I've endeavoured to be as blunt with 
    their locations as possible.  If for some reason these aren't blunt enough, 
    email me and I'll see if I can figure out a way to make it even more blunt. 
    Kuroku: Located on Mt. Hei-Tou.  Turn north as soon as you can, and search 
    on the left side of your screen.  You'll find the doggie there.  Yay!
    When you get Kuroku, another spot on the Trinity Sight screen opens up -- 
    albeit a really tiny spot.  Go to your castle, then talk to Koruku, who's 
    happily mosying about at his doghouse outside of the bar.  Talk to him, and 
    you get to run around your castle and talk to your doggie friends!  Fun 
    fun!  Wan wan!
    Koichi: Located in the North Cavern.  Go into the second cave screen (I 
    can't remember which right off hand), and he'll be hidden behind the second 
    set of barrels, or the first set of barrels on the right, depending on your 
    reckoning.  If you walk slowly through the area, you should have no problem 
    spotting his head.
    Konnie:  Located in the Great Hollow.  Go into the main hall (the 
    big room with two stories and the waterfall), then go down into the tunnel 
    where you went during Geddoe's Chapter 1 with Shiva.  When the path splits 
    into two other caverns, go into the right one.  Konnie will be there in 
    plain sight.
    Kosenji: Located in Senai Mountain.  This one, as noted above, is a real 
    bugger to find.  Go to the big intersection where you saw the Bishop and 
    Sarah in Geddoe's Chapter, then turn right and go to the outside cliff 
    area.  Go all the way to the edge, and move down along the edge, clicking 
    the circle button.  Eventually, you'll locate the dog -- he WON'T be 
    visible at alluntil you get to the exact right spot and click there, and 
    then you'll get a screen shift so you can see him -- dangling off the side 
    of the cliff.
    Kugurou: Located in the first Sindar Ruins.  Go to the area just beyond the 
    sealed door that the Bishop opens in Chapter 4 with the save point, then 
    turn left, then turn left immediately again to the dead end.  In the upper 
    part of your screen, you should see a tail sticking out of the right side 
    of the wall to your north.  Click on it, and there's Kugurou.
    12B. Bonus For Getting All 108 Stars
    Okay.  I'll assume from henceforth that you're supposed to be reading here. 
     If you're not, sorry.  You're about to spoiled.
    The Bonus Scenario centers around the Masked Man (aka the Bishop) 
    and his activities in a more flattering light. It commences when you finish 
    the game with all 108 stars -- literally finish, by killing the final boss 
    et al, by sitting through everything save the credit roll, which is now 
    saved for after this scenario ends.  Instead of showing FIN on the final 
    screen, you press the Circle button to continue on to the Masked Man 
    This scenario is primarily story-based -- as such, you don't really have to 
    worry too much about losing a fight.  All the same, to prevent the truly 
    major spoilers, I have noted only areas where you control the Sacred 
    General DOING something.  Any area which is only talking is only mentioned 
    by location.  And no, I still don't mention his name in here.
    Note -- the battles you will fight here are typically the battles you LOST 
    to the Bishop originally during the course of the game.  So it may be 
    totally possible that you have to fight more battles here if you lost to 
    those so-called 'optional battles' earlier in the game.  This is purely 
    speculation on my part -- I have no data to confirm one way or the other as 
    of yet, but it does make some sense.  Anyone who can confirm one way or the 
    Here, incidentally, are the weapon listings for the three characters in 
    this scenario:
    Bishop - MAGIC type weapon
    守護者の眼(しゅごしゃのめ, Eye of the Guardian) - Level 12
    Sarah (セラ, Sera) - STAFF type weapon
    エリュージョン(Illusion) - Level 10
    Man in Black - OTHER type
    キングクリムソン (King Crimson)
    13 - 169
    14 - 179
    The scene opens on Magician's Island from Suikoden I, with Leknaat.   After 
    that, you get the opportunity to save, since you don't get that immediately 
    after the listing of the 108 Stars of Destiny future activities, for 
    whatever strange logic Konami's programmers were using.
    The Great Hollow 大空洞
    This scenario starts with the full party of four - Albert, the Man in 
    Black, Sarah, and the Bishop.  Albert and the Man in Black, however, leave 
    within a few moments of actual control.
    My advice is to separate Sarah and the Bishop, if only because you 
    get to have the two of them deal out more spells that way.  Trust me, 
    you'll want to have fun with the Bishop's Rune.  ^_^
    You'll fight two pathetically easy battles -- the first, four or six Lizard 
    clansman, should only warrant a single simple spell.  The second, versus 
    Geddoe and Company with Shiva in tow, warrant a nice, big spell from the 
    Bishop, just because you can do the overkill.  <g>
    After this, you can save.
    Karaya Clan カラヤクラン
    Fight four Karayan soldiers with the Man in Black.  USE his runes -- you 
    know you've wanted to for the longest time after the regular beatings he 
    gave to you with them during the course of the game.
    Afterwards, you'll encounter a Karayan Soldier trying to act brave in 
    protecting a small girl against the General's wrath.  You have two possible 
    1) きみを、生かしておくわけにはいかない。。。
    2) 。。。。。
    Choice #1 = Death of Karayan Soldier.  The general's mean.
    Choice #2 = Spare the Karayan Soldier.  The general's feeling a bit 
    Afterwards, you'll battle three Zexen soldiers with your full party.
    Old Tunnel 太古の行路 
    Short scenario, then as the Man in Black you will get to fight Hugo et al 
    from Hugo's Chapter 2 if you didn't defeat him then.  Just attack them one 
    by one and they'll go down fast.  You'll want to take care of the griffin 
    first, then Sgt. Joe, Hugo, and then the rest of them.
    Crystal Valley - Circle Palace
    クリスタールバレー: 円の宮殿
    Scenario Only
    Le Buque ルビーク
    Go further inside the building you start in, train up your magic skills for 
    fun and giggles, then go outside.  You'll come upon Geddoe's group again -- 
    this time wiggling through the scene from Geddoe's Chapter II.  Afterwards, 
    you'll control Sarah.  Head north and talk to Franz.  Go back to the far 
    left house that you came out of originally.
    Alma Kinan アルマ・キナン
    Possible fight vs. Rico, Chris, Nash, Yumi, Yuiri, and Fred.
    Caleria カレリア
    When you get a chance, try to leave, then talk to Mike in the Trader Shop, 
    talk to Hortez VII standing in the northern part of town, then go back 
    upstairs of the inn and go up against the table -- roughly where Nadir 
    would've been.
    The Slumber Place of the Fire Hero
    You could fight the enemies in here if you so desired, but there's not much 
    point, unless you want to see what the Bishop does when he wins a boss 
    fight.  (Hugo does a backflip, Chris and Geddoe both wave their swords 
    around...<g>) Head straight to the dot.  You will go into a scenario, and a 
    possible fight vs. Chris, Ged, and Hugo.
    Old Tunnel 太古の行路 
    Enter the Sindar Ruins.  Head to the Save Point where you originally faced 
    Sarah in Chapter 4 (go right from the rightmost path at the beginning, then 
    continue straight on, for those of you who forgot the way.)  After that, 
    you will have only scenario afterwards.
    Crystal Valley - Circle Palace
    クリスタールバレー: 円の宮殿
    Scenario only.  This is extending the scene you saw at the beginning of 
    Chapter 5.  Nice little shocker here.
    Le Buque ルビーク
    Senai Mountain セナイ山
    Brass Castle ブラス城
    The above three are scenario-only areas.
    Ceremonial Ruins - 儀式の遺跡
    There will be a brief duel battle between two characters.  The statements 
    are listed above in section #11
    The scenario is entirely scenario after this point, so by all means, enjoy. 
    I do not want to spoil the ending on this one...!
    Section 13 - SEMI-SPOILER FAQs!
    Q1) Can other characters/pairings besides Hugo/ Hubert, Franz/ Ruby, or 
    Futch/ Bright be a ride-on pairing?
    A1) No.  Only those precise pairings will give you a ride-on duo, so you 
    won't have any ride-on pairs besides Hugo/ Hubert until chapter 4.  :/
    Q2) Which characters are in this game?
    A2) I will tell you who ISN'T: McDohl, the Hero from Suikoden II, Jowy, 
    Nanami, Flik, Pesmerga, Viktor, Hix, or Tengaar, among others.  They are 
    unavailable as bonuses in any form, like McDohl was in Suikoden II if you 
    loaded in Suikoden I data.  Move on.  You can survive their loss.
    Q3) Why can't I recruit any characters yet as such and such character?
    A3) To be able to recruit free characters that are not auto-recruits, you 
    need to have visited Budehuc Castle AS THAT CHARACTER.  Until then, you 
    have no place to send your characters to, so thus you can't recruit anyone.
    Q4) Can I avoid such and such character's death?
    A4) If a character dies a story death, they should die their story death 
    and stay dead.  No rezzes allowed in Suikoden III.  If they die on the 
    battlefield, however, that's a mistake that you should revert to your last 
    save to rectify.
    Section 14 - Theatrical History
    The theater is one of the more unique features available to the player of 
    Suikoden III.  After you get the character Nadir in Caleria, you can talk 
    to him in your castle.  You can then choose most any of your 108 stars to 
    play a role in the play, to varying degrees of success.  In other words, 
    Oscar-level performances to abject incompetency.
    The scripts you can find, plus their associated numbers, are as follows:
    1) The Little Match Girl -- BEGIN WITH THIS.
    2) The Little Boy who Cried Wolf
    3) Romeo and Juliet
    4) William Tell
    5) (Bonus Script - Suikoden I)
    6) (Bonus Script - Suikoden II) 
    After a set amount of time, you receive money from Nadir based upon the 
    quality of your performance.  The purpose of this guide is to 'crack' the 
    code, so to speak, of which characters in which role get the audience 
    excited enough to toss more money at you.  :)
    Section 14 - FAQ History:
    2002/11/12 - 1.00!!!!  (Complete, baby!  Yeah!)
     - Added in more fun and excitement from Hugo's POV.  YES!
     - Since Chapter 5 does not significantly differ for any of the             
       characters, this walkthrough is now considered COMPLETE.
     - Broke down, got the full Japanese guide, started doublechecking myself   
       on information.
     - Corrected even more names.
    2002/11/04 - 0.94 (Unreleased)
     - Did a lot of nitpick revisions.  
     - Added in other characters as folks you can 'gather' during other         
     - Added in more stuff from email inquiries.
    2002/10/28 - 0.93 
     - Completed most Geddoe stuffs -- integrated this into main Chapter 4      
       guide.  Will have Chapter 5 for next version of the guide.
     - Took out my translation of the instruction booklet; the folks in the     
       States have one that covers everything in the Japanese instruction       
       booklet to the best of my knowledge, so -- best to use my time and energy
       elsewhere, methinks.  :D
     - Wrote up beginnings for Theatrical History -- section #14.
     - Stuck in a lot of FAQ questions.
     - Began updating guide for the American version of Suikoden III.  Altered  
       a lot of names to match the American versions, so those of you who       
       wondered where Buddy Hook Castle is need no longer worry.  Dang, who at  
       Konami came up with the "Byuddehyukke" name?
     --- In particular, changed the "Sacred General" translation to the Bishop.
    2002/10/22 - 0.92 
     - Got final two stars; got all five dogs.  Woof!  Wrote up Doggie Quest    
       for the Omake section.  
     - Completed 108 Star Bonus section for Omake as well.  
     - Added in some stuff from various email commentaries.
     - Removed all references to (most of the) villain's true names.  Knowing   
       the man in the coat's name doesn't really spoil anything. 
     - Added in nearly complete weapon name/power listing.  
    2002/10/11 - 0.90 
     - Finished up final editing for initial release.  
     - Figured out where the final two stars are.
    2002/10/03 - 0.80 
     - Finished the game -- finally -- at 1:30 AM.  WHEE!  Still need to go     
       through again and see if I can figure out how to pick up those last two  
       stars - and to go through the alternate chapter 4/5 scenarios!
    2002/09/25 - 0.6 
     - Began formal instruction booklet translation.
    2002/09/23 - 0.5 
     - Began editing process for final cut.
    2002/09/07 - 0.3 
     - Prepared basic version for mass consumption.
    2002/08/16 - 0.1 
     - Began playing through -- set up Excel Worksheet for character skill      
       progression, organized basic layout of guide.
    Section 15 - Credits:
    My brother and Bryan B., whose input on this guide has been invaluable for 
    getting rid of some of the creaks, and contributed all the pure American 
    information in this guide.  Without their help, I could NOT have made this 
    guide as accessible to everyone else back Stateside.  Give these gents a 
    round of applause, folks.
    Kawakita Yoriko, one of my fellow teachers, who helped me with some of the
    Japanese, especially the colloquial stuff, that I couldn't figure out.
    Shaldin(?), the creator of the Japanese website
    http://dream-c.vis.ne.jp/gensui/, for miscellaneous information on the
    Konami, for continuing to develop such a fantastic RPG series, and for 
    producing several extremely excellent (but sadly for you US folks 
    Japanese-only!) guides for Gensou Suikoden III, which I drew from in 
    certain sections.
    You, for reading all of this!
    My computer, for cooperating so very nicely as I wrote up this guide.
    And miscellaneous advice/suggestions from:
    Mac2000 - Emily's recruiting condition.
    The Wanderer - Name stuff.
    Okami Stormson - Various Unites, additional information on the bonus 
    scenarios in the Ceremonial Place at the end of the game, various bath 
    scenes, race info.
    Ryan Hann - For the boss strategy listed in Hugo's chapter 2.  Man, was I 
    happy to see that.  <G>
    ***********LEGAL DISCLAIMER - PLEASE READ!**********
    This FAQ is for personal use only, and is not to be sold or reintergrated 
    into any other guides for this game or any other game.  DO NOT POST this 
    FAQ or any part of it anywhere.  This FAQ is authorized for posting ONLY on 
    the following websites.  If this FAQ is being hosted ANYWHERE else, please 
    notify me immediately via the above email address.
    GameFAQs: www.gamefaqs.com
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    You may ask for permission to post this guide via the email at the top of 
    this guide, but the odds are against me granting such permission unless I'm 
    familiar with you and/or your site.  If permission is granted, the only 
    conditions this guide can be posted under are if I get full credit for my 
    work and this FAQ is posted in its entirety with this disclaimer.  This FAQ 
    is owned and copyrighted by me, C. E. Van Epps, 2002.  Also, permission for 
    this guide only applies to THIS guide, and may not necessarily mean that 
    you will get the right to post any future guides.  The game Genso Suikoden 
    III is copyright Konami, 2002.  All other copyrights and trademarks are 
    acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.
    The latest version of this guide will always be posted on www.gamefaqs.com. 
     It is the responsibility of the other websites listed above to update 
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    ***************End LEGAL DISCLAIMER*****************
    **FIN - Until Suikoden IV...**

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